The Story So Far:
Ebony, a handsome bachelor, moved to a new apartment in a different part of Enugu to avoid unwelcome female attention and the complications therefrom. However, his married neighbour (Mama Chinonso), is drop dead gorgeous and she shows him unusual kindness. Ebony contrary to his earlier protestations begins to nurse some sensual fantasies about the lady. Will Ebony snap out of his lust before it’s too late or is history about to repeat itself at his new abode?

This episode provides the answer and introduces us to a new intriguing character in the story. Read, laugh, comment, share and be blessed!



The day after our shopping excursion, Mama Chinonso, whom I’d learnt her real name was Anastasia woke me up again, this time by 6:30 a.m. If this was going to be a pattern, I’d rather she did it at closer quarters from the other side of the door, I thought.

She had on an azure skirt suit and a handbag to match. Her feet were encased in two and half-inch sandals and her makeup consisted of red lipstick and grey eyeshadow to match her shirt and sandals. Her hair was neatly pulled into some kind of braided bun.

“Whew!” I exclaimed. “You look like an air hostess.”

“Maybe I can apply while on board. I’m going to Lagos to see my husband. I’ll be away for two weeks. By then, Chinonso and her brothers will be on holidays and I’ll bring them home.”

Two weeks! I was gripped with panic. It was then I noticed the black suitcase on her welcome mat. What will I be doing till she returns in two weeks? Why in h#ll did she have to be away that long? I should offer her a ride to the airport.

“Please, don’t go!”


A horn blew and she turned. “My ride is here,” she announced, all smiles. “Here’s my key in case you need anything. I have yams which will probably rot before I return, some soup in the freezer and you can watch as much TV as you want. The subscription will expire in ten days anyhow. Bye and take good care of yourself.”

I was in a daze. She pressed the key into my right palm and moved to pick up her suitcase. I was rooted to the spot. She was waving back from the Audi that came for her before I realised I hadn’t said goodbye. I hadn’t even said thank you for the food and free cable viewing she had offered or carried her suitcase to the car.

“Idiot!” I addressed myself. “Shameless idiot! Begging a married woman to cancel her trip to see her family! Idiot, idiot,” I repeated, hitting myself on the head.

Nna men*, you’re a total f#ck-up!” I continued berating myself as I entered my flat. “Back to business! Gbado anya* on the mula*, forget about women.”

Thankfully, the families living upstairs were either stuck-up or my “good name” had preceded me. They barely responded to my greetings. After a while, I got fed up and ignored them altogether.

To say that I missed Tasia (my pet name for Anastasia, I couldn’t bring myself to call her Mama Chinonso, not while she looked so hot), to say that I missed her would be an understatement. It was worse than anything I’d ever been through. The first few days were horrible. I could hardly eat, move or sleep. I couldn’t get her out of my mind and the specifics of my thoughts were well, unprintable. I wondered if that was how it felt to be under a spell, although I wasn’t making any effort to break free.

By the fourth day, I had an unexpected visit from my younger sister, whom we call Razor due to the sharpness of her tongue. I call her CIA because she’s the most secretive person I know but you can’t hide anything from her. She’ll ferret it out somehow. I hadn’t told her my new address but she wormed it out of someone who heard it from the young man who helped me move. How she knew who to ask I cannot imagine.

Razor is seventeen months younger than me. That would place her age at 27 but she doesn’t look a day older than 16. She is a spitting image of our late dad: short, fair-complexioned with the eyes and agility of a cat. She gave up school after her O’levels, complaining that it was a waste of valuable time. But she is more knowledgeable than most people I know (she certainly knows a lot more than me) because she’s an avid reader and well travelled.

Much of Razor’s life is a mystery to me and everyone else. Her residence is a secret. She’s never in short supply of cash and fashionable clothes but she doesn’t seem to be working anywhere. I stopped prying when she made it a condition for bailing me out when I’m in the red.

Razor picked the lock of the back door and let herself in when I didn’t answer the front door after a few knocks. She took in the mess I was and assumed I was mourning because I’d lost a bundle on a Ponzi scheme. She ordered me to get a bath (yes, she does that too, giving orders and getting compliance even from her elders). Her tone brooked no argument and I knew she was crazy enough to drench me with water where I was if I didn’t move.

While I was bathing, she made some oatmeal in my kitchen and you guessed it, she ordered me to eat it when I came out. She then opened all the windows in the living room, dusted the furniture (which consists of a dog-eared black leather sofa, two arm chairs in a similar state and a centre table with a fading and cracking green formica top). When she was through, she told me to come and sit with her on the sofa.

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“Tell me why you want to kill yourself.”

“Don’t be stupid, I don’t want to kill myself.” I hesitated but I thought I might as well volunteer the information because she’ll get it out of me anyway. “I’m in love.”

She exploded with laughter.

“Don’t deceive yourself. You are too devious to be in love.”

“Is that what you think of me, your own brother?”

“I think you met a smart girl who won’t let you get under her skirt and you’re confusing your frustration for love.” She resumed her laughter.

“I think you should leave. If you have such a low opinion of me, why are you here?” I made to stand.

She held my left hand in a vise-like grip which said, “Sit, I’m not through with you.” I hate this girl. I hate that she is this strong. I’ve never been able to best her in a fight and believe me, we’ve had quite a few, even as adults. I sat back.

“Tell me all about it,” she said in a somewhat placating tone. “Who is the lucky lady?” She meant this last part as a joke but I didn’t care. I needed to talk to someone in any case to help me process my thoughts.

“She’s my neighbour and she’s married.”

“That’s a good one. Karma is a b*tch!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Think of all the girls you’ve broken their hearts. It’s your time to pay.”

“I don’t believe in karma,” I protested. “I’m a Christian.”

“Sure, you’re a Christian when it suits you, but you go around promising girls marriage and letting them down. Which commandment of the Bible tells you to do that?”

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“You’re not a good one to preach because I am far better than you. What I do is known, but you are into something deadly that no one can pinpoint.”

“Does that make you feel better, that my sins are more or, as you say, worse than yours?”

“I am a Christian and I will prove it to you.”

“Go ahead, I’m all ears!”

“Not today. Come back in one month and check my life. You will see that I am a Christian in word and action.”

“Wanna bet on it?”

“You’re on!”

5K* a piece. I’ll be watching you three weeks from now to the month. Any slip and you pay me in cash, no excuses.”

“That’s paltry. Let’s double the wager. I’m tired of the life I’m living anyhow and if you want to pay me for changing, that is fine by me.”

“Wouldn’t that be just up your alley? Wayo man! I’m out of here.” She stood and picked her purse from the centre table. “Count me out of your betting sh*t. It’s none of my business what you do with your life.” And she left the way she came.

That conversation had taken an unexpected turn. I couldn’t go back to brooding but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do: devise a means to get intimate with Tasia when she returned or become a better man as I’d boasted to Razor that I could.

To be continued
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

*”Nna men” is a mix of Igbo and Pidgin English meaning, “Old boy” or “Mate”
*”Gbado anya” is Igbo for “focus”
*”mula” is slang for money
*5K is slang for five thousand
*Wayo man means trickster in Pidgin English

Is there any of your siblings or cousins with whom you have a cat and dog relationship like Ebony and Razor’s? Care to share any of your more memorable encounters or exchanges?

Besides the lessons portrayed in the graphics, is there anything else you learned from this episode?


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • okereke chukwuemeka Matthew

    Yeah I have one, and she happens to be my elder sister. The funniest part of our case is that we re very close and yet incompatible. People always say or assume that I love her more when compared to my other siblings but I don’t understand, when she bites ehh, i would wish i never knew her. OK, let me share one of our encounters before she left for school last month. It happened that one of my uncles in the States sent her some money for her project work and she told only me about it, hoping to collect more from my parents. I never told anyone, I jst kept it between the two of us. Then it happened that she went to the bank and when she came back, she left the teller on the dining table. my Dad always being curious to know everything saw the teller, instead of going his way, read it and saw the huge sum of money written on it. He called me and questioned me because he believes that I will tell the truth. Truly, I tried so many tricks not to let the cat out of the bag but I couldn’t hold back any longer. Even at that, I spoke a half truth, jst to cover for her. Okay come and see reaction, she lambasted me to the extent that I almost thought of u know now, but I held back. Yet she continued the next day. Okay hear the saddest part. We never spoke until she left back to school. On the day she left, I had gone out only to come back and notice that two of my best T-shirts re missing. U know what, she took them and on her way she texted me that she is going to sell it or better still give it to some persons I don’t want to know. For me, I don’t think we can agree on any thing. But when she comes back again, you know what she will do, she will start calling me all sorts of pet names and will even buy me stuffs and at last, I will still fall for it.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wow! This sounds very much like what happens in most sibling relationships. Thank God for your heart that “falls for” her kind gestures. You are sooo blessed!



  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    Interesting story.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    I have one that is very annoying most times but is also an enlightenment to me. We argue, we discuss and we understand ourselves at the end of every dialogue.

    • Edith Ohaja

      That is lovely, Emmanuel! The squabbles between siblings help to remove dullness from family life as long as they are not allowed to get out of control.

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    “Shameless idiot!” This is his best description of himself so far. However, the reason for Mama Chinonso’s unholy romance with the self-proclaimed Idiot (Ebony) has, perhaps, become apparent: Her Husband is not staying around and she probably needs a man to keep her company. The young Idiot is stupidly in Love and has been prying on her. This is evident when he said, “Mama Chinonso, whom I’d learnt her real name was Anastasia”. Mama Chinonso’s attitude of giving her stranger-lover full access to her home is unreasonable and a credence to her unholy affection to Ebony. Razor’s statement on karma reminds us that whatever we do on earth has a price attached to it; whether good or bad.Ebony’s promise to change is ridiculous and perhaps humanly impossible. The story is Awesome!

    • Edith Ohaja

      I think we have a cultural problem here. Anastasia is being judged from the narrowness of our culturally-imposed restrictions on male-female interaction. This has always been a problem around here, that when a man and woman spend time together, even in public, they are assumed to be lovers. Surely, people can relate and be nice to one another without being involved in wrongdoing. Think about that. Bless you, Chinagorom!

  • Chinwe Anakwe

    Ahhhhh, I like Anastasia. ‘Mama Chinonso’ was a mouthful. One statement struck me there, the one about Faith not being a light bulb switch, I too am guilty of this.
    As for siblings fight, oh my word! I believe in the statement ‘he who runs away, lives to fight another day’, because I. CANNOT. FIGHT
    But, there have been days, oh yes! Days when I had been pushed to the wall and reacted like a cornerd viper. I think what frightens them more is my outburst. They always never expect it. But to physically fight? I have to be prepared to die that day. I don’t fight with the girls though, petty creatures. I prefer fighting with the boys, they’d never beat me and the one time one beat me, I jejely went to hide in my grandpa’s room. I cannot come and commit suicide o. But we’ve grown now, being an adult, by the time your boss works you in the office, you don’t have time to argue at home. But we sometimes have a fighting match, spice up the house, make life sweeter, as long as no-one takes it personal and starts a war. Too draining for Chinwe ?

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! I never experienced sibling fights being the oldest and going to school so fast. I matured mentally to the point my siblings just kept their distance. I did witness it between my youngest sister and brother though. Wasn’t pretty at all but they were always stopped before they could actually hurt each other. Thank you for your rich comment, Chinwe. You’re highly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • nwankwo amanda

    the lesson here is a strong one, it encourages me to understand that though God created us with sexual appetites, we owe it to him to use our organs in the right way, that is the way given in the bible.

  • Ezenwa chinaza

    we’ve got a smoke without a fire here. how can he possibly be in love with someone that went to see her family? infact nah only him waka come. I have a cousin that is so bossy but he is very loving too and always remembers that the opposite sex needs care and have to be treated gently.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Your guy sounds like a nice guy. Most people termed bossy are just determined folks who try to push others to get things done. You’re blessed in Jesus’ name.


    The story is an interesting one. Once in a while siblings, do have problems. Sometimes, they settle their case themselves and continue their life, just like me and my brother. Once he is back from school, arguments on cooking will start, especially in preparing of OKPA. He will prepare his own, adding crayfish and maggi which is not meant to be. If i correct him, he will claim that he is the elder and whatever he prepares is good.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! Somebody should tell that guy about uziza! Who cooks okpa with maggi? Gross! Siblings and their quirks, lol! Bless you, Perpetua!

  • Njoku Chiamaka Constance

    Well it’s getting interesting. Maybe Ebony will live a decent life because of the bet.

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna

    sisters at times can be a pain but they are always a blessing.

  • Anyalewechi chinaza victory

    Although he made a vow not to have anything to do with women, Anesthesia is on his way and it seems like he cant help it. Razor, though she acts crazy, is a good one indeed.

  • Izuogu Ozioma Precious

    Emotion is natural, but we need self control.

  • ebony!!! he really can’t resist tesia even when she married.


    In my own point of view, mama chinonso might not mean any harm in rendering help to ebony; that is, there is nothing attached to the kind gesture or affection that she rendered to ebony but ebony is lusting sfter her, even though he his trying to shut the door over women in his life, he isn’t showing love to her but lust.
    The issue of ebony and razor, that how it is in every home where there is a male and a female, the male tends to prove seniority over the female sex no matter the age difference between both of them. but no matter what, they are very close and step on each other’s toes; family is the best thing one can have in life. We should learn to keep our vows/promises and also show love to people without being lustful over them because God’s kind of Love is pure, see. (Gal.5vs22-26)……..nice job, ma!

  • Morgan Joy

    Th story makes you want more… Its interesting….. I dont have a sister but the story made me know how it feels to have one….. Ebony needs to snap out of his dream land.


    Ebony should go and marry than parading around mama Chinonso


    Mama Chinoso is a kind woman because not every neighbor can do what she is doing for Ebony


    That is why some ladies are so mean because when you stoop so low to cooperate with guys, they see it as a way of getting to woo you. Some Nigerian guys are stupid enough to even shamelessly walk up to a married woman and profess love to her. Ebony’s case is mere infatuation in acknowledgement of the motherly treatment he gets from her as a good neighbor. MEN will never change.



  • Chioma Ezeudu

    This Ebony guy is very serious, he needs to go and get a job. But could it be that Mama Chinoso is being a little too nice? I mean what will her husband say, if it gets to his attention that his wife left her house key to her neighbor who happens to be a cute bachelor that has a history of sleeping around with girls? not just that she left the key but gave him privileges like eating free food and watching free television. choi

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! But how is that such a big deal? The woman said the yams will likely rot before she returns and the subscription will definitely expire by then.


    The story is such an interesting one. Ebonyi needs a change in his behavour. Like brother like sister

  • iheanyi ugochi elizabeth

    most times i wonder what young and vibrant youths see in married people that attracts them. may God have mercy on our generation.


    “Too devious to be in love”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol, thats funny

  • Fidelis Favour Chiamaka

    My younger brother can be very annoying, we don’t get along well and I love frustrating him……. what I learnt from this story is that if you want to talk to someone about a problem, talk to the right person. To be honest, Razor is not in the right position to give advice to anyone

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    yea, i have one who happens to be my brother and though we are very close to each other, we have a cat and dog relationship- me wanting things my way and him wanting to have his own way but in the end, one of us gives in to the other or we reach a deal. we hate it when others butt in and our parents understand it. anyway, this story is becoming more interesting and cant wait to see if Ebuka will take a turn for better or worse.

  • IkennaPrecious

    I have a cia in my family. she’s the youngest child but mehn she gets what she wants when she wants it and it’s so annoying. but anyhow i seriously think ikem should calm down I mean this is a married woman we are talking about for Christ’s sake.

  • Opara Stella Chidindu

    My cousin is a perfect example, her own things are always different when it comes to things that invove me. After we split chores and erraands, that is when she remembers she has headache and chest pain and i can’t do anything about it cause she will remind me that she is a few months older than me, so i end up doing everything all by myself. it is very annoying. Ikem should have a second thought, for his own good because he is heading for the wrong path.

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta.

    Hahahahahah another interesting Character. Razor. I love her part in this but the fact she dropped out of school isn’t so smart.. But then she is full of life!!.. He brother is just so dumb. Why would he be in love with another man’s wife and even devise ways to lay with her? He is indeed stupid. I really hope he fails…

  • Jeremiah Chioma Juilet

    Am still suspicious of Anastasia but I cant wait to meet the kids. Imagine Chinonso like her mother…Mehn!

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    Razor is one interesting character, would love to learn more about her and her many secrets and what her backup is. Meanwhile, karma is really a b*tch on Ebony’s part.

  • Ene Kosisochukwu Zita

    First of all I will like to adduce that Anastasia (aka mama Chinonso) is actually a nice lady. Otherwise she is a talented actor. She portrayed a woman with unconditional love and a pure heart before leaving for Lagos. Secondly, Razor is a disciplinarian but Ikem is playing my kid sister-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do kinda guy. Too bad. Maybe we’ll conclude when we get to the end of the story.

  • Onyeka pamela chiamaka

    Yes I hv dat type of relationship with my elder brother. Although we do so in a joking manner. I hope things go well for Ebony

  • Chika Divine Umunnakwe

    The story is interesting and entertaining. the use of dialogue and the pace all come together to give it a beautiful story. Is suspense and creative style is welcoming. the use of vivid words and words that create picture in the mind of the readers is appealing.
    Yes! have been in a cat and dog relationship with my elder cousin. He is from my maternal home and a guy that is older than me. When i was much younger during my Junior school long vacation. I travelled to the village to spend the holiday with my maternal grandmother but i always fight with my cousin on who will pick food first at the end it would result to physical fight. i often end up the winner after each fight until the day he beat with a stick that i started crying to my father’s village . My elder brother calls me ‘radio without battery’ bcos of my act of always arguing with him at home.

    If we don’t control our flesh, it will end up controlling us and eventually lead us to destruction. When an opposite sex is being friendly and being kind to us, we should be very conscious of our thoughts and notion that can be very destructive. Many has missed there blesses because of fake imagination and feelings

  • Chika Divine Umunnakwe

    The story is interesting and entertaining. the use of dialogue and the pace all come together to give it a beautiful story. Is suspense and creative style is welcoming. the use of vivid words and words that create picture in the mind of the readers is appealing.
    Yes! have been in a cat and dog relationship with my elder cousin. He is from my maternal home and a guy that is older than me. When i was much younger during my Junior school long vacation. I travelled to the village to spend the holiday with my maternal grandmother but i always fight with my cousin on who will pick food first at the end it would result to physical fight. i often end up the winner after each fight until the day he beat with a stick that i started crying to my father’s village . My elder brother calls me ‘radio without battery’ bcos of my act of always arguing with him at home.

    If we don’t control our flesh, it will end up controlling us and eventually lead us to destruction. When an opposite sex is being friendly and being kind to us, we should be very conscious of our thoughts and notion that can be very destructive. Many have missed their blessings because of fake imagination and feelings

  • Stephen Rosemary Ibibo

    may God have mercy on our generation.even though sisters at times can be a pain, but they are always a blessing. Thank you so much Ma for the wonderful story

  • ene esther

    HAHAHAHA. She actually said he is too dubious to be in love, that’s quite funny though. But being in love with a married woman, that’s a different game. Karma is really a b#tch. I can imagine the number of girls he has played, serves him right.

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    an interesting composition yet again, the portrayal of a kid sister here is very relatable, so full of life and anxiety but a bit overly full of clumsiness and annoying spirit.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    I think Ebony has let the cat out of the Bag: He is in love with a Married Woman. The way Razor reacted is very funny. Karma is truly a bitch. It is also good He has voiced his frustration of unpleasant lifestyle and promised to change. But the question is: Ebony knows Tasia is married and He is in love with Her?

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    I don’t have a cat and dog relationship with any of my siblings, but my elder sister and my twin sister seem to always be at each other’s neck. They are best of friends but never seem to agree on anything. My elder sis will always think she’s right because she’s older but my twin sis will like to tell her that “just because you’re older than me doesn’t make you right…lol. The kind quarrel that will follow eh. I always leave the house for them because five minutes after fighting, you’ll see them together, gisting and laughing.
    Ebony o…I think you should go with the second option. Try to be a better guy like your sister challenged.

  • Osere Theresa

    I have a younger sister just like razor, that’s by the way, Karma is really a bitch, Ive learnt to think of the future before doing things to prevent the strong effect of Karma, Ebony is learning his lessons now.

    • Edith Ohaja

      On the matter of karma, it’s not in the Bible. We should fear God and do good, not be kept in line by our fear of some supposedly immutable cosmic law of retribution. Bless you!

  • Onoh, chiazo Johanness

    Whatever decisions we take in life will one day determine where we are going to.
    Obviously is karma and definitely takes its turn. He should better think it out and make the right decision and be someone her sister can boast about…be a better man

  • Catherine Ndukwe

    This young man certainly need Jesus in his life because his actions are contrary to what he is telling his younger sister. I just pray he wouldn’t land his caring married neighbour, Anastasia into trouble the way he’s crushing on her. The poor woman is just being caring and he is misinterpreting the whole gesture because of his dirty mind.

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Funny enough mine is my elder sister and we are really cat and dog’s always disagreeing on some issues that will even help me self. Thank God finally Tasia is out of sight at least now ebony will focus on other better things.

  • Udeh favour makuachukwu

    Am really cracked up with the name ‘razor ‘ She is what Ebony needed- a talk back to reality. First of all, he needs to get a job and get a little distracted. In addition to that Anastasia is just being too nice, imagine, free food and subscription. Hmmm


    Ebony’s not actually in love with mama Chinonso, just that he has not seen a lady as plainly true, sincere, honest and at the same time attractively beautiful as mama Chinonso. He Will still be the same man/nature he has been even if he succeeds in scouring her skirts.

  • Peace onoja

    Ebony’s sister is another character I love, especially her prowess of authority. Yes to the question my elder sis and I can fight for Africa while at home but she always gat my back outside the house

  • Lawrence, Ernest Enyi

    Razor’s statement on karma reminds me that whatever we do on earth has a price attached to it; whether good or bad. Ebony’s promise to change to me, is ridiculous and perhaps humanly impossible. He needs a positive mindset before doing it.The story is Awesome! Thanks Ma’am

  • Ekwuru Jill

    I cant really wait for her to come back leme see what this “wanna be” christian will do. Tho. I have a sister like that but she is not short nor fair.. lol.. well i cant really say what i learnt cos the story is not ended yet.. me i cant wait to finish it.. this is nice ma, kudos!!
    Bless you ma.

  • Mefoni Modey

    Oh! Poor him,he must be terribly hurt but there’s really nothing he can do .Anastasia is already married ? and will not leave her husband for any reason,he should engage himself with reasonable things that will distract him and also go with his second decision to become a better man by asking God for help..that way he’ll find love somewhere else and he should open his heart to it..i really enjoyed this one,thanks ma

  • Maduabuchi Ebube Deborah

    I can’t believe this……really ebony, you are now falling for this married woman, I thought you said you dnt do married women……well I won’t talk much till mama nonso comes bk……

  • Ndudu John

    We don’t know where the wave of change is coming from. Who suggested a change of lifestyle to him? I believe this will unfold in #4.

  • udeh blessing

    i wonder how Ebony will be a better christian with all this lustful thought in his head, it has gotten to the extent of giving a married woman a pet name,is he standing in the gap for the husband? the both siblings are really cat and dog. if they had the bet,Ebony will have to pay Razor,am not always by words but by action


    The story is interesting and I think ebony is changing ,i mean love is so powerful and I think he is willing to do anything to win the heart of mama chinonso that’s if he can, as for his sister, i like her, i mean she is honest and frank.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    Okay,now i am understanding a little; her husband is far away. Wow.As for Ebony, he should better stick to his change plan and become a better person.It is bad that he was fornicating, now he wants to commit adultery and take what does not belong to him. ya jidekwaya nwayo o.

  • Ajibo Lovelyn Onyedikachi

    This world is turning into something else,with a lot of misconceptions, sometimes when a lady offers help to a guy, most guys uses it as a medium or an opportunity to woo or start making advances, sometimes it might be that the girl in question wants something from the guy, sometimes when aguy and a lady are very close to each other, people might interpret it as lovers.we should try and appreciate someone kindheartedness and not using it as a medium to satisfy our devilish desires.

  • Okeke Grace Amarachi

    I’ve got one sibling that is always on my neck.but the truth is despite our inability to agree on some issues most times, she’s always at my beck and call. She loves me like her life depends on it. We argue we quarrel a times but at the end of the day we still remain friends.
    I love her though and she knows…


    Not really, but i almost had a cat and dog relationship with my immediate elder sister when i was younger until we learnt how to care and love each other that is understanding each other. what i learnt from this story is that whenever you want to talk to someone about your personal problem, do make sure you are talking to the right person.


    Yes, There is, my younger sister, well at first we don’t see eye to eye to most things, I mean she gets on my nerves all the time but as we grew up, we started understanding each other. sometimes its take time, patience and understanding for you to be on the same track with one another.

  • Joseph jennifer Ezinne

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    I know people like razor, I also like the fact that she prods ebony to do the right thing. she has challenged him now to be a better person, I hope he takes it seriously sha. wait oh, did I just read that mama chinonso dropped her keys with ebony. God, please give me good neighbours like her oh

  • Yes ma, my elder sister and I were more like cat and dog and it wasn’t funny at all..lolz.
    But as we grew, we became fond of each other. Thank u ma for the story.. God bless u richly.

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    I have a younger sister…oluchi by name,that girl can be very annoying,always challenging me and making me feel weak just cos am the quiet one and she is very loud and vibrant, I don’t know the glucose they fed her when she was little anyway we love each other so much and funny enough I think one of the ways we show that is by challenging ourselves and trying to out best each other. Although most times I win (PDP…winning party) lol

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  • Joseph Joyce

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  • izunobi stanislaus

    No wonder, Mama Chinonso has been doing this because her husband is not close to her, this is what you expect when you leave your wife and travel far away for a long time

  • Ekwe Success Chinenye

    Inasmuch as we can have sexual attractions to other people we can decide to control our urges.

  • Yeah siblings are blessings. Her visit really helped him, at least now he is thinking of becoming a better person

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    Razor reminds me of my younger sister ,you think you can hide anything from her no ,cause she just has that unique way of getting it out from you.
    Anyway ebony said he is in love or should I say he is lusting over a beautiful creature and funny enough the woman involve that is mama Nonso is not helping issues in as much as she didn’t know that her actions are turning her neighbors head.

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    It normal.. but Ebony should watch it, it seems like Razors prophecy is about to happen ooooi

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    But I think he should better realise the error of his ways and leave the woman alone rather than doing something that might destroy both their lives and happiness. After all I doubt he is ready to marry her and her kids should she break up with her husband. He should just leave her alone ohh and go find someone else

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    Great post ma

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  • Hmmm… Well I don’t blame Ebony for lusting so had for Tesia considering her niceness and caring attitude towards him and most especially her hot figure ?but I think we should all learn to control our taught especially when its going towards a bad direction

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    So he couldn’t even hide his feelings but disgrace his ancestors because a married woman wants to travel. I cringed when I read the part he asked her not to travel. SMH.

    Razor and I has something in common. In my family, no one dare hide things from me. I don’t stress myself before I get any information I want except if I’m not interested anyways.
    Ebony doesn’t strike me like one who’s truly ready to make amends.

    Until then let me get more popcorn as I proceed to search for the next episode.

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    This is getting intense.

    Yes, I’m the Razor in my siblings lives.
    Youngest, but I wield ultimate power and influence beyond measure.
    Last I visited my brother, I brandished a pestle and ordered him to tidy his apartment.

    I really like how Razor perceived the whole thing.
    Na correct karma wey don hook Ebony.
    You can’t be a player and expect life and people won’t play you.
    Nemesis has a way of catching up with defaulters and it presents its baggage in a truckload of surprise.
    Making unfulfilled promises of marriage to unsuspecting girls have earned him his attraction for a married woman who will most likely never be his.

  • Achugwo Larissa

    Okay. mama Chinonso really needs to stop. Besides the fact that ebony is attracted to her, i think she’s really egging him on. Who gives their keys to a neighbor they just met? Why didn’t she just bring the food stuff down to him? As for ebony, i’m not surprised. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

  • Mark Favour

    Christianity is not something we prove by gambling, it is a lifestyle that is inevitably obvious and unquestionable.
    We can build up philosophies and principles that restrain us from immortality, but if the God-factor is not backing us up, they all become a mirage.

  • Okibe Mercy

    Despite all the care that mama chinonso showed Ebony, she still made him understand that she has a family that she cares for, and also made him understand that all her care are or no selfish motive. You can now imagine Ebony felling in love with a woman that went to visit her family and made it clear that her family is very important to her, what a foolish assumption Ebony is making.

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    I wish the bet went on,maybe Ebony would have tried to become a Christian as he claimed.

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    The moral lesson I learnt hear is, whatever u sow you shall reap.. This story is really getting interesting..

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  • Ugwuja Deborah

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  • mary R

    Razor knows how to bring a lively topic with her brother, I really like her relationship with her brother they have a mature way of discussing his problem. But as for Ebony that claims he is a Christan. Christianity is not by mouth but actions.

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  • I like razor’s character,cos usually the males are depicted as being the strongest

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    Off to read the next one

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