Over the past four years, I have been challenged privately and on social media over my support for America’s President Donald J. Trump. On every occasion, I have endeavoured to explain my stand, especially when the challenge came from a fellow Christian. So it was that yesterday when a dear friend sent me the following Facebook post, I launched into another explanation, which resulted in a conversation that I have slightly expanded to form this blog. The post titled, “Trumpism and Nigerian misguided Christians,” was lifted from the Facebook wall of a certain Okechukwu Nwafor, who I presume to be a Christian and it read as follows:

“It was clear that Mr Donald Trump enjoyed fanatical support from misguided religious zealots from Nigeria. These Nigerian hypocrites masking as ambassadors of Christ suppprt Mr Trump because they believe that his mention of God sanctifies him and validates him as the best president. They believe that previous American presidents endorsed evil and anti-christian policies. Once Trump is a supporter of Christian doctrines he remains the champion of democratic principles in the eyes of Nigerian fanatical Christians.

“To these Nigerian ‘Trumpists’ satan is being persecuted by Mr Trump and therefore Trump must be sanctioned for a second term in office irrespective of how evil he is. These Trumpists believe that any Christian leader that mentions God is a warrior of divine blessing. And such a leader remains a saintly epitome of leadership.

“To them Trump must receive unquestionable support from Christendom. Nigerian Trumpists do not care about Trump’s unguarded speeches neither do they pay heed to his impetuous policies and administrative rascality. To these unreasonable Christian zealots, the mention of God by a Christian president equals an undeniable ticket to the White House.

“It is unfortunate that Nigeria breeds one of the strangest forms of zealots both in Christian and muslim religions. This poses a hydra-headed dilemma for the conduct of governance in Nigeria. This is because its ripple effect determines the trajectory of politics in Nigeria. We see this undermining democratic principles in Nigeria because once a leader masks his evil antics with fake religious postures his actions become sanctionable and gospel truth in the eyes of his adherents.

“Religion must not be allowed to obscure our sense of right judgement. Nigerian religious bigots wake up and face the reality. Your Trump is gone and gone for good.
Happy new year. Okechukwu Nwafor.”

My response:
I completely disagree with this writer. Many who describe Trump in negative terms have little idea who he is or what he stands for. I realise that the mistake of asking his supporters to go to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 is being magnified to overwhelm all the good he did and stood for. But as someone who has listened to his stance on public affairs from way before he ran for office, I can tell you he is one of the most consistent people in Washington and has fought for Christian/Conservative and democratic values.

It’s easy for someone in Nigeria to discuss speaking in Christian terms about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, prayer, support for life and religious freedom dismissively because these things are largely ubiquitous in our environment. But in the Western world, which is being described as post-Christian, it takes a lot of courage to speak like that and attracts severe backlash. No one who is seeking public approval just for the sake of it would even mention these things. In my opinion, it takes belief to speak thus. Many Christians judge others by a strait-laced standard, forgetting that we are all still imperfect and God is not constrained in who He uses for His purposes.

On the political angle, what has turned Trump into a tragic figure is that his America First agenda came at a time globalism had dug in and was racing for the finish line. In a few weeks, those cheering his sack will be experiencing buyers’ remorse when they realise how radical the agenda of the Democratic Party is and how it’s determined to trample on civil liberties in pursuit of a one-word totalitarian order.

My parley on buyers’ remorse

I have so much to say on this but I’ve been doing so on my blog and Facebook from his first run for office. Right now, I find it exhausting to repeat myself and have written this reply only out of respect for you. Search for Donald Trump on my blog and perhaps check these two posts out:


AN IMPEACHMENT CONVERSATION: Is Trump’s Acquittal a Negation of Democracy?

Someone just told me today about two prophecies by Uebert Angel that Trump would win his first run for office no matter what but his second term will depend on acceptance by Christians.

Trump re-election rejection prophecy 2020 by Prophet Uebert Angel

(The preceding prophecy from 2016 can be accessed via this url:

That acceptance was not nearly as widespread as I’d have liked it to be in the US. And so the Indian summer I wrote about in the first post cited above seems set to be over. I thank God for Nigerian Christians who had enough discernment to support Trump. Instead of upbraiding them from a misguided stance of superiority, we should all gird our loins for the days of trouble ahead and preach Christ as fervently as possible.

Happy new year once again!

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From my friend:
Thanks for the response. Personally, I’m not a Trump supporter. Apart from his Christian beliefs, I find his personality unattractive. His administration and anti-African and anti-Black stances, for me, are beyond unacceptable and he can well do without my support.

In the end, I believe we’re each allowed our freedom to our political and religious ideologies. But what worries me more than anything else is what one of my favorite authors, Brené Brown calls “Sorting”. On this, she writes that “we have geographically, politically and even spiritually sorted ourselves into like-minded groups in which we silence dissent, grow more extreme in our thinking and consume only facts that support our beliefs, making it even easier to ignore evidence that our positions are wrong. As a result, we now live in a giant feedback loop bounced back to us by the television shows we watch, the books we read, the blogs we visit online the sermons we hear and the neighborhoods we live in.” She quotes Bill Bishop thus “as people seek out the social settings they prefer – as they choose the group that makes them feel the most comfortable – the nation grows more politically segregated– and the benefit that should come with having a variety of opinions is lost to the righteousness that is the special entitlement of homogeneous groups.”

Happy New Year Doc 🎉

My response:
I’m glad you mentioned abhorrence of dissent or divergent views. That has become a major characteristic of the Democratic Party and the radical left that has hijacked it. They give no room for debate and dogmatically parrot what their influencers in the media and political establishment dish out. People are being hounded out of their stations, even students and professors in universities, because they dare to differ from the memo of the day from the leftist priesthood. Consider also the brutal censorship of Conservative voices by BigTech, including President Trump himself. Google and Apple just went after Parler, the platform Conservatives consider a freer alternative to Twitter, to prevent access to its app and thus limit traffic on it. Lawyers who defend Conservatives are threatened with disbarment, legislators who call for investigations into election fraud are threatened with expulsion from Congress. Liberalism has become the opposite of what it was meant to be- completely intolerant. How long before anyone who makes even the slightest departure from progressive ideas is “disappeared” as China does those who dare to criticise its government?

Most of the Christians I know who support Trump, American and Nigerian, don’t care for his personality. We wish he would be more delicate and more polite, etc. But you need to realise that it is his brashness and disregard of propriety that made him the kind of fighter needed to represent the right when the left had got accustomed to walking all over them without any pushback. What we consider his tasteless behaviour served its purpose to awaken the right to the lopsidedness in America with its two-tier system in almost every sphere that privileges the left and disadvantages the right.

More to the point of supporting him in the last US presidential election, there is no way a Christian could in good conscience have supported the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, over Trump. Like him or not, Trump defended religious freedom and civil liberties– the right to life, especially for the unborn; the right to pray in schools; the right to school choice (including the right to home school one’s children which many Christians prefer due to the Communist brainwashing and anti-Christian ideas like evolution and critical race theory pushed in secular educational curriculum); the right to free speech and the right to bear arms; the right to work and earn a living (which has been infringed upon lately through endless lockdowns by Democrat governors and mayors); the right to try experimental treatments and to have the medical plan of your choice, rather than paying punitive fines for not using government-mandated medical services as was the case under Obama-era Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare). Trump offered tax breaks that put money in the hands of all citizens and initiated economic policies that brought about what has been called a blue-collar boom with the creation of many small businesses, the resuscitation of manufacturing that had been outsourced to China and the like, leading to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. He made schools safer by having resource officers with conceal and carry permits, thus reducing school shootings. I could go on and on. The bottom line is that contrary to what previous politicians in office did, he actually delivered on most of his campaign promises and sought to stop the hemorrhaging of American resources to the world while the country itself deteriorated.

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Furthermore, the idea that Trump hates Blacks or Africa is MSM propaganda, with little or no bases in fact. Cherry picking his sentences, slicing and dicing his videos and giving the worst possible slant to what he says does not establish that he’s a bigot against overwhelming evidence that he’s not. For example, the opportunity zones he created via Senator Tim Scott, the First Step Act that led to the release from jail of many people who received unduly harsh prison sentences, thereby giving them a second chance at life benefited many African-Americans. He actually listened to Black leaders and pastors in the inner city to see how to improve life for African Americans, the latest being the $500b Platinum Plan aimed at increasing access to capital for Black-owned businesses. It is indisputable that as a result of Trump’s policies, Blacks and other minorities saw their lowest unemployment figures in US history during his administration.

What was the alternative offered by Biden? Here are just some examples. Government-funded abortion up to the moment of birth; lack of school choice; erosion of personal liberties- Ist and 2nd Amendments; mask and vaccine mandates; crushing lockdowns that close churches and small businesses while leaving open strip clubs, drug joints and mega corporations; the Green New Deal that will eliminate the use of fossil fuels leading to massive job losses in the oil and gas sector, limited power output with the attendant rolling black outs; subservience to China; massive spending on the global stage that does not benefit Americans themselves but line the pockets of corrupt politicians and technocrats; transgender policies that override parents in transitioning their kids from as young as 8 years, destroy women’s sports and endanger biological females who are lumped together with men pretending to be women; promoting victimhood among Blacks and other minorities while doing nothing concrete to empower them; undermining and demonising Whites by institutionalising trainings and policies purportedly aimed at combating White privilege, thereby building hatred between the races. None of the foregoing is in line with Biblical principles, so why would any Christian embrace Trump’s opponent?

On the hot topic of immigration, most American presidents before Trump, including Democrats like Clinton and Obama, spoke and acted against uncontrolled immigration- deporting illegal aliens, building holding facilities for them at the border and erecting border fencing. Everything took on new meaning when it was said and done by Trump because his political opponents and their MSM foot soldiers were stretching the truth to fit their narrative. Simply put, open borders are essential to the new world order they are trying to create and Trump was the unfortunate guy who was trying to go in the other direction.

Trump reminds me of Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, swimming against the tide of an inexorable force- colonialism for Okonkwo and globalism along with the decay of Western civilisation in Trump’s case. He won a reprieve which I hoped will be longer but we see how things have turned out. Like Nigeria’s immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, he will soon be eulogised just as effusively as he was vilified. It has started already with the Gallup poll that said he was the most admired personality in 2020. Pretty soon,the wannabe despots who are about to take over will stop hedging about their real intents and their romance with the media will sour in due course when they unleash the inevitable heavy handedness their policies are hinting at. I can assure you there will be enough repression and misery to go round. So give it two years or less and the truth about Trump will become the public knowledge that rabid media attacks have prevented it from being and his resilient, optimistic and groundbreaking outlook in the face of extreme odds will be rightfully seen as legendary.

Good night!

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    A huge part in politics is a game of identity. It’s a no brainer that Christians will support Trump. When someone is a leader in place, especially a place such as the White House, who holds your views, it’s only natural that your support is for the person.
    Choice is important and being condescending on Trump supporters isn’t right because if I don’t support someone who has my back and cares about what I believe in, who then am I to give my support?
    Like you rightly said too, the media also has played a role in portraying Donald Trump in a particular light. For example, clips of videos going viral.
    It is politics and I believe people should choose and support who they feel best agrees with their life policies.

    • I agree. Thank you for dropping by!


        Truthfully, am not a full Trump supporter, but I can perceive that Trump has very nice intentions for America just that his personality most times is unbearable. Though nobody is a perfect being. And I don’t see Trump as a core Christian and I believe that it’s the ideology of his political party that earned him much admiration from the Christian faith. My humble opinion…

  • Nedum

    What a perfect response!!
    This is called schooling!
    When someone thinks he knows something then realises he doesn’t know as much!

    • Not meant to humiliate but to explain. Many people, including those living in the US, are low-information folks and yet they publicly share commentary on vital issues that could misinform others.

      • Ejiofor Emmanuel

        Wow! You really explained a lot of things and opened my eyes to some angles concerning this issue which I hadn’t thought of before.

        To me, Trump has very good intentions for America just that his personality sometimes does not sit well with me. But he is human and every human does have flaws.

        I also can’t deny the fact that he really fought well for Christianity during his tenure and made sure that the society does not endanger the church.

        Let’s see how things will turn out in a few years.

  • Nedum

    You covered quite a lot of things!
    The African Americans that Trump has helped get out of prison isn’t talked about, the booming economy, the biggest tax cuts!
    I’m sure he should take down the post cos of the schooling

  • Agbowo Emmanuel chiagozie

    Americans will realise soon

  • Amaugo, Stephanie Chidinma

    Wow! A very long read but definitely worth it. I like how.balanced your response is. It’s sad how we “forget that we are all still imperfect and God is not constrained in who He uses for His purposes.” It’s true that he didn’t do well by telling his supporters to go to the Capitol but the attacks he’s receiving are just too much. We really need to fervently preach Christ. A lot is about to happen. Thank you, Ma, for sharing your wonderful opinion.

    • Thanks for reading, Stephanie! May we receive Godgrace to share the gospel even more than before. As the Lord Jesus said, “the fields are white with harvest.” Happy new year once again!

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    It is true all you have said, only a pity that most have failed to understand. I simply hope and pray that the consequences would not be as grave as what we face in Nigeria as a result of electorate actions geared by ignorance.

  • No matter what people say, Trump is Godsend. God used him to oppose evil that was bent on overwhelming America. I know many resent his character but from the perspective of God’s will he is the Jehu of our time and God will still raise such people because that’s what our generation needs

  • Willie Albert Zikiye

    It’s easy to throw stones at people. Nonetheless, true Christian leadership is not easy.

  • It’s just a pity that the god of this age has blinded the eyes of many that they can’t say the right thing even when they see it. God will save us ooo

  • We live in an evil world where people pursue things that are ungodly rather than following the ways of God. Most people tend to opt for leaders that would give in to their evil demand not minding the repercussion at the end. May God Almighty have mercy on His people.

  • Okoli Ezinne Juliet

    We are all imperfect, President Trump too is human and can make mistakes. But I also can’t help but say that he has done some good too. He protected rights and freedom. Humans make mistakes but it shouldn’t outweigh the good they have done. Mama, you wrote well.

  • Blessing Chris Okeke

    Good morning ma. Trump has gone, and there’s nothing we could do to salvage our wrong now. Biden is far from the “resurrection” America needs.

  • Lawrence Cletus

    Good morning ma, I think we really cannot take away the fact that religion has been used as a political card especially in Nigerian politics…..let’s say we keep Trump aside and face the situation at home; we know how our current leader was “endorsed” as the answer to our prayers. I still watch Rev. Mbaka’s sermon about Buhari with buyers’ remorse.

  • Maduabuchi Christiana

    Trump is the best president. No matter what people are saying, he is still the best.

  • Paul-kayode praise chidiebube

    It’s all media manipulation and it’s sad that many people quickly jump and conclude that trump is a bad leader, just because everyone says he is. We should learn to do our own research and not just follow the crowd or do things because the majority support it.

    • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprian

      It will be an endless misery with regrets for the American Christians who joined in the fight against Trump for no just cause. A man who was single-handedly fighting for a better America and promoting Christian values. Trump from first day in office engaged himself in meeting world leaders, preaching peaceful co-existence and fighting against terrorism, they only Americans appreciated his efforts was by humiliating him. nothing good comes easy. Trump did his best as a president, even though he had his flaws which makes him a human, because nobody is perfect. Americans will regret what they did to president trump. I still respect him for being himself. He has a strong unwavering character which makes him trump.

      • Wow, you sound even more passionate about this than me. But I couldn’t agree more with you. Before a few months when the Equality Act (HR5 bill) that puts transgender people at par with other protected classes like racial groups and criminalises “discrimination” against them is passed, and the law suits against Christian’s begin to pile up, everybody’s eyes will be open to what Trump was keeping at bay- the trampling on religious freedom by the Democrats.

  • Nzubechi Victor

    Trump was just a firm moralist.
    Americans are used to excessive freedom without regulations and that explains their hatred for him.


    what an innovating and expository one. although trump radicalness is extreme. but isn’t someone who is ruling a world power such as the United State of America, be fierce and fearless in all ramification. the problem of the society currently is bee enlightened to the extent we now extract good in a bad thing. we are been too educated to the extent we now challenge and argue on every thing whether it is immorally or bad. as Christians the values and believe this man trump has been supporting should be enough to endear him to Christians worldwide.

  • Abasiofon Nkem

    I don’t know who really gave them that perspective .. I love how neutral your response is.
    I just pray there will be no regret later and It doesn’t land like ours

  • Hmmm. It’s so unfortunate that most Christians don’t even care about defending things that are morally true instead they prefer to defend what they think is convenient for them. I just hope Americans don’t regret their actions like Nigerians.


    A leader with courage and agility and who always speak the who has continuously fought for is a shame the same so-called Christians are the ones fighting him…God save us from ignorance..

  • Nwankwo Chinonyelum Gladys

    On the Capitol issue,was it really Trump that told his supporters to go and attack or his supporters did it out of their own will based on the hate on him during his last days in office? honestly I don’t see where all these hate on Trump is coming from.He just expressed himself on how he’s feeling about Biden and so do Biden did about him but why are they taking Trump’s opinions personal, even to the extent of suspending his social media accounts, I still don’t get it.What’s Trump’s offense??

  • Though i loved Trump initially because of what I thought was truth and honesty but this past election made me believe that Trump was the worst president America ever produced…….from being anti black to his use of derogatory words.
    Trump was to America what buhari is to Nigeria. We can’t just cover his negative side with the fact that he supports the Christian.

    • My dear, there’s no evidence that Trump was anti-black or spoke in any damaging way but media propaganda. You need to understand how the media set agenda and the unethical practices that have become the norm in mainstream media reporting and punditry. Otherwise, you will be deceived into calling black white and white black.

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