Lol! I just read Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s epiphany after banning the US president, Donald Trump, from his platform. I’ve cut out the drivel where he claims the decision was taken in the interest of public safety while liberals are doxxing conservatives on Twitter, compiling lists of those whose lives should be destroyed for supporting Trump and planning Antifa, Blm riots on the platform. Even terrorists ply their trade there, like the leader of Iran (the country that is the biggest sponsor of terrorism worldwide) who is constantly threatening the US and Israel with physical attacks.

Part of Dorsey’s statement published in a tweet thread reads as follows:

“While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I feel a ban is a failure of ours ultimately to promote healthy conversation. And a time for us to reflect on our operations and the environment around us.

“Having to take these actions fragment the public conversation. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And sets a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation.

“The check and accountability on this power has always been the fact that a service like Twitter is one small part of the larger public conversation happening across the internet. If folks do not agree with our rules and enforcement, they can simply go to another internet service.

“This concept was challenged last week when a number of foundational internet tool providers also decided not to host what they found dangerous. I do not believe this was coordinated. More likely: companies came to their own conclusions or were emboldened by the actions of others.

“Yes, we all need to look critically at inconsistencies of our policy and enforcement. Yes, we need to look at how our service might incentivize distraction and harm. Yes, we need more transparency in our moderation operations.”

Would Dorsey have expressed any remorse if Twitter’s stock prices had not tumbled after banning Trump? And is he making any definite effort to level the playing field for people with different viewpoints? I don’t think so. This is virtue signalling at best.

Till date, Twitter is continuing with banning and slapping restrictions on conservative accounts. People are forced to delete tweets that go against its preferred narrative on any issue; prevented from using some features of their accounts like likes, retweets and follows; receive temporary suspensions for posting what Twitter disapproves of, no matter how true; they are shadow banned and their accounts whittled down. Over the past week, Twitter’s practice of removing followers from conservative accounts has reached alarming levels. Some blue-check conservatives have lost hundreds of thousands of followers to reduce their reach and influence. Even my small account has gone from over 5,500 followers to below 3,800. I don’t know how much longer the haemorrhaging will take to completely wipe out my following.

In a related tweet, Twitter Public Policy condemned the shutdown of access to social media by the Ugandan government in the run-up to elections in the country as a result of the uneven censorship they practise.

“Ahead of the Ugandan election, we’re hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps.


“We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet.”

Imagine the two-facedness! A private company exercising vast dictatorial powers, up to the point of silencing the president of its own country, preaching about the danger of violating basic human rights to another country!

These tech oligarchs go in front of Congress and lie through their teeth, claiming they do not discriminate against ideas that are contrary to their political ideologies whereas they rabidly do so. The talk about public safety is hogwash when they give actual dangerous elements free rein. There are so many instances of influential liberals and Democrat politicians encouraging the rioters who burnt cities and businesses, shot people and created autonomous zones over many months last year on Twitter and raising money for their bail. None of them were banned or asked to delete their tweets.

And now they’re shutting down alternative platforms! ParIer, which Dorsey referred to its termination in the tweet that started with, “This concept was challenged last week,” was targeted for offering sanctuary to people who jettisoned Twitter and Facebook or were kicked out to deny them a voice, simple as that! On Jan. 10, investigative journalist and attorney, Glenn Greenwald, tweeted that, “Far more violence has been planned on Facebook than on Parler, including at the Capitol & many other violent protests as well.” So why haven’t Google and Apple removed its app from their stores and blocked it on their phones as they’ve done to the Parler app, which was the No. 1 downloaded app for months? Why hasn’t Facebook been pulled from its hosts in the cloud like Amazon kicked Parler out from its servers with only a 30-hour, rather than a 30-day notice, and possibly intimidating all its vendors and support services to drop it as well?

It appears these tech giants are even putting pressure on domain registration authorities to deregister existing social media that do not bend the knee to them, like Gab. Reasonable people on both sides of the political divide are mad at them for acting like tyrants and it’s translating into huge financial losses, at least for Facebook and Twitter. In just two days of trading after Trump was banned from them, the two social media lost a combined $51.2b of their market value.

Just like Congress, all the social media and other companies did not allow investigations by law enforcement to determine who was responsible for the riots at the Capitol Hill before punishing Trump and branding his supporters domestic terrorists. Not one property has been destroyed or person killed by Trump supporters since Biden was declared winner or even when one of them was attacked or murdered over the years. And suddenly, they’ve learnt to organise and execute an “insurrection”?

Already, it has been discovered that paid agitators and anarchists, like John Sullivan (founder of Insurgence USA), helped to instigate the riots. His own YouTube videos posted after the event (and being used as evidence against him in court) show him saying, “We accomplished this sh*t!” and asking people to set fires during the riot. There’s also a video of him and photojournalist, Jade Sacker, triumphantly saying, “We did it!” givng the impression that there was a plan to orchestrate the breach/violence and blame Trump and his supporters. Moreover, the timeline of events on Jan. 6 shows that the chaos at the Capitol started while Trump was still speaking.


And for the icing on the cake, Project Veritas, headed by James O’Keefe, has released its exposé on Dorsey telling his workers that censorship is for the long haul.

“EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Insider Records CEO Jack Dorsey Laying Out Roadmap for Future Political Censorship … ‘We Are Focused on One Account [President Trump] Right Now, But This is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account’”

So, until they get off their high horse and start treating their subscribers. fairly, the likes of Jack Dorsey deserve whatever they get from the discerning public.


Here’s the thread of Dorsey’s ruminations on his ban.of Trump

Twitter Public Policy tweet on Uganda

Project Veritas’ exposé on Jack Dorsey

“Facebook and Twitter, the two largest social media platforms to permanently ban President Donald Trump for his role in last week’s Capitol riots, saw $51.2 billion in combined market value erased over the last two trading sessions.”

Glenn Greenwald’s tweet on the termination of Parler by tech giants

Left-wing activist, John Sullivan, charged for role in Jan. 6 Capitol riots

Sullivan’s videos used as evidence against him

Jade Sacker’s video

Another leftist arrested for role in Capitol Hill riot

“(CNN) – Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control …”

“The legacy media has spent the last week repeating the nonsense that Trump supporters travelled to Washington D.C. last week in a coordinated attempt to overthrow the government. It’s a lie.” An analysis

“Parler could be offline for weeks, months or even permanently if it can’t find a server willing to risk the ire of the Silicon Valley”

“Parler CEO accuses tech giants of co-ordinated attacks to kill competition”

Co-ordinated clampdown on Parler

Videos of Democrats calling for violence that are still active on Twitter

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    It was as clear as day that the tech companies had targeted Trump. Banning the president from social media platforms is something unheard of. There is no proof that he instigated violence.

    The ban goes against everything democracy stands for. Also, silencing accounts of conservatives and deleting their tweets is also a clear move of tyranny, which shouldn’t be. This goes to show that they know exactly what they are doing and aim to achieve.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Twitter’s banning of Trump is uncalled for. Banning him is like giving someone a cake with the right hand and collecting it right back with the left. You can’t give someone a platform to freely share his opinions and you collect that same rights from him

    Everyone, including the president, is entitled to their opinions. Social media was created for people to share their opinions. It makes no sense denying him(Trump) that right.
    Honestly, I think it is insultive to ban Trump for his opinion considering his status. And this means that Twitter is acting like a government of its own where it dictates what can be said and not said. This is not supposed to be their function. Their function should be just being a platform where views are shared.

    While I disagree with some of Trump’s tweets, I still find the ban uncalled for.

    • You’re right. The tech giants have been allowed to accumulate power and now they’re using it recklessly. This was inevitable because as the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    They have always been looking for an opportunity and when it presented itself, they took it. Some things Trump said might have been instigating but that’s not on him alone. Why should the ban seem specifically targeted at him and his supporters? Indeed, Jack Dorsey wasn’t sorry for what he did, only sorry, it earned him losses. Looking at the general sphere, they might have tried acquiring Parler and were unable, what better way than to force its head down, a market strategy aimed at completely and permanently eliminating competitors. Soon the war of sell or leave would get to Jack Vs Mark.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda


  • Ifunanya Obiaga

    I saw it as hypocrisy and hate from jack knowing he was being sentimental and purposely putting trump as target and hanging him out to dry. The accusations against him was too much, he wasn’t even given a chance to justify himself and most pro trump believed everything they saw about him online.

  • Obi Chisom Vanessa

    I also saw this as high hypocrisy due to the fact that firstly, social media should be a free ground for everyone and actual proof that there’s no privacy in social media as our tweets are being monitored.
    Secondly, blaming Trump for tyranny was wrong- his tweets couldn’t truly be seen as instigation of the public.
    And I believe owners of these platforms should do better and take responsibility for their actions.

  • Ochei Anthony Arinze

    I just hope that after blocking Trump’s account that Jack is now having a peace of mind, I hope he is now satisfied with his actions because I don’t see any tangible reason what so ever to block any twitter account talk more of somebody like Trump without warning him 2 to 3 times. It simply shows that Jack is a tyrant and autocratic. I blamed Trump’s government for giving them a limitless power and they now used it against him

  • Honestly, Trump has been unfairly treated in the United States. Corruption everywhere.

  • Emelife Assumpta M

    Twitter banning Trump’s account was uncalled for. I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, so is Trump. They have been looking for a way to get at Trump, and this gave them an easy access to that. The humiliation is too much, that’s unfair


    Does it mean that Trump is the only one that says things that are instigating ? I was taught that social media can be a place where one can lay their opinions freely on issues concerning them. Moreover, there was never any form of warning to Trump and why should the ban seem specifically targeted at him and his supporters? Jack Dorsey’s act is not acceptable, taking peoples power of expression is another form of violation of human right.

  • chukwuneke adaeze jennifer

    as a journalist you shouldn’t be biased or let your emotions cloud your judgment ,twitter is a social app which means everything done and said their is seen by everyone and its a platform for everyone trump was treated wrongly because he has the right to say whatever he wants and that too being the former president of the nation and also the fact that its his given human right to air his opinion ……….

    • What makes it worse is that they did this to him while he was the President and Commander-in-chief and he didn’t even contest it. Meanwhile, they were calling him a dictator. Who’s the dictator now?

  • Aṅulika Iwoba

    Lol the hypocrisy is stark.
    It stands neither as an apology, or excuse and like you said, what has been done to remedy it? Was there an immediate reversal of the ban? And has twitter become any more tolerant of divergent views?
    With every passing day, we see the grand design. To shush people and create a single narrative.
    The humiliation Donald Trump suffered in his years of serving the American people is unparalleled and incredible.

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    Expression of opinion is everyone’s entitlement. Trump said what he felt was right. I fell that the embarrassment he suffered was unfair.

  • Abasiofon Nkem

    Right to expression is very paramount.. that’s wat I know
    and if someone is not allowed to exercise that freely, then it’s bad

  • Enukora Onyedikachi Blessing

    Big techs are in on politics now, which is scary. Anybody that supports Trump in any way is suspended from any popular app. Steven Crowder a popular Christian conservative was suspended on Twitter for posting about the possible rigging of the election. Not quite long ago YouTube demonetized his channel of over 2 million subscribers because of his controversial topics on there, but later remonetized it. I love love him so much. He isn’t scared of the democrats one bit.


    Trump time as president of the united state of america can’t be forgotten for a very long time.. suffering opposition of all sort and not even completing a second tenure all because the force of darkness had joined forces to humiliate him…a banning of him from a platform which is meant for airing your views and thoughts is uncalled for. he should stand strong and let the lord be his guide..


    Trump ban from Twitter should be criticised wholly…as the president of the United States of America..there should be a level of respect attached to it…how can they just ban him on the bases of words that incite violence…he should never back down in a fair and democratic regime…he should air his thought.freely without fear or favour..


    The hypocrites don’t like transparent Trump. They banned him and some other conservatives and his supporters on their platforms but when Uganda government shutdown internet service, they became defenders of freedom and fairness. They may try to bring conservatives and shutdown Parler but God is our rock and salvation. We shall not be shaken.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprian

    Everyone on earth is entitled to his or her own opinion. Trump Is a president a country for crying out loud not just a president of united State of America but a world leader by United nations, but the evil men who wants to destroy America and the world at large does not want him to liberate america from ending up like Sodom and gomorrah. Jack reversed trump’s twitter ban because he noticed that he was losing millions of subscribers, he didn’t do it on the act of remorse which very bad. He did ask for forgiveness from a man he humiliated with his social media platform.. the least I can say is that, God will surely fight for trump, the battle is not over. The bible said that there is no rest for the wicked.. the battle just began.

  • Nwankwo Chinonyelum Gladys

    Banning Trump was uncalled for.Why would one shut down a president of a country from expressing his opinion all because you didn’t agree with his political views.Jack Dorsey infringed on Trump’s freedom of expression.Yes, he’s the owner of the app, but that doesn’t mean he should suspend accounts or reduce one’s number of followers because the person’s opinions and views didn’t match with his.

  • Every social media app have their rules and principles that guides them and Twitter CEO is right to ban Trump if he has broken the rule. After all, nobody is above the law.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Iranian leaders are threatening destruction on Israel without sanctions from Twitter. Democrat politicians are inciting violence against those who are patriotic and demand free speech, accountability, etc; even Antifa and BIm are plotting riots on Twitter without repercussions and Twitter bans Trump on mainstream media say-so, with no shred of evidence he called for any form of violence.

      Wait until you understand the ideological and cultural war going on before you talk about these matters.

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    Well I don’t do so much of Twitter but I was aware of all the drama that went on between Trump and the CEO of Twitter. I thought I knew so much about it up until now, reading through the posts and comments has enlightened me on the issue.
    God bless you ma’am

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    America claims to practice democracy, but still people are being gagged and denied opportunity of expression. This time it’s the other way round, private companies and even the press seems to be the ones stepping on democracy, making false accusations and gagging those perceived as threats to them. I think America is scared of a conservative, responsible and Christian administration.

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