The wings of this beautiful eagle are clipped
The talons that she’d used to devour are chipped
She pecks in the dirt like a chick to survive
Although she works harder than bees in a hive

She always survived poor weather for years
When waters would rise and winds would be fierce
But she suddenly welcomed the absurd idea
That fair weather was possible throughout the year

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She flew from her perch that whimsy to chase
Was caught in a gale that left her a mess
And dashed to the ground, with no means to fly
In pain and regret, but she hopes not to die

True, help’s in the offing her gashes to heal
But she must discern whose “assistance” can kill
Her current physician being as good as none
If he’s kept around, she’ll be ash in an urn

An eagle should not by bad weather be scared
She must learn to soar, be by training prepared
It’s folly to think a wand can wave storms away
Or take off in flight when you clearly should stay

Congratulations! Naija will rise again
Congratulations! We’re not crying in vain
Congratulations! The great eagle will soar
Congratulations! Naija’s dumbness is o’er

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2018

Let it be so in Jesus’ name.


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

169 thoughts on “NAIJA WILL RISE AGAIN (A POEM)

  1. Lovely poem madam, it’s pretty on point but as to Nigeria’s future, i’m quite uncertain but what i know is that we have a long way to go. Besides, we have God’s kingdom to solve our problems and it would be coming soon.

    • Yes, Wisdom, I look forward to God’s kingdom too. In the meantime, unlike some folks I don’t think Nigeria is a lost cause. It’s well with you in Jesus’ name.

    • Naija will rise again indeed and I hope when the time comes good and honest men will be there to make a change

  2. This is a nice poem. It is a special poem of encouragement to all Nigerian citizens. I also believe that God has made up His mind to wipe away the tears of Nigerians in the near future. Our people should also remember this country in their prayers. She must surely come out of the terrible situation she’s experiencing now. LONG LIVE NIGERIA!

  3. “but she hopes not to die.” Ma’am, if there’s one thing I know, its that: hope doesn’t change things- work does. Even the Bible said “faith without works is dead.” If we think Nigeria is facing her hardest times now and would rise soon, let’s think again- because more difficult times are coming. In 10 years Nigeria will be hell for those whose ONLY hope is hope- those who don’t see what’s coming and get to work (preparing for the storm ahead).
    A brilliant thing about an Eagle is that it flies towards the storm, having seen it, in order to rise above it. But 80% of our people are too blind to see. If we don’t GET TO WORK…even hell would seem like paradise.

    • I disagree with your prophecy of relentless and inescapable gloom ahead. That is a fatalistic view of life which I don’t subsvribe to. Life comprises ups and downs. If you read the poem carefully, you’ll see that it talked of work (be by training prepared to face storms). The problem the eagle in the poem had is that it was hoping for perpetual clear skies and went chasing it, rather than facing the storms with fortitude. We are already in the storm but we are not resigning to fate. We pray for God’s deliverance and we’re making plans to actualise it by his grace through the ballot. In the meantime, we are sustained by hope because as long as there is life, there are chances of a turnaround from the dire straits we’re currently in. My suggestion is that you should change your prophet if all you’re hearing is so cynical. Lol!

  4. Well written, ma. I strongly believe that Nigeria will be a great country despite the ups and down which she is experiencing. So I pray for greater success and achievements for our country.

    • Someone once prophesied that Nigeria will be a great light on the pathway to heaven, meaning that she will play a big role in the end time missionary advancement in the world. God is not likely to abandon such a country.

  5. Presently Nigeria is rated the happiest country in the world because we keep smiling even amidst tears. I think for us its an added advantage cause it shows that although we are amidst storms, we are not hopeless. We know that we are heading towards the end of the tunnel and there is light there. Nice poem, ma. I love your optimism.

    • From each stanza runs lines of hope for our dear country…
      I do believe that Nigeria will soar again. Oh yes, she will!
      Thus, I pray Heavenly Father ? into your delivering hands I commit Nigeria, guide our leaders in their decisions and also help me to be of positive influence on her through Christ our Lord. Amen
      God richly bless and keep u, Dr. Ohaja!

  6. We Nigerians have a great country and a good God..Buh just that our corrupt leaders won’t let us see what great things we are destined for. I pray that God in his infinite mercy will take control and rescue us from all evil. And surely like you said in your poem, ma, we would rise amongst nations.

  7. Yes! Naija will rise again. Such a nice poem full of hope for my dear country Nigeria. We shall rise again.

  8. Nigeria likened to an eagle! I love the idea. She will definitely fly again, she would soar beyond the world’s expectations. Nigeria will rise again.

  9. Amen. That is every Nigerian’s prayer, but we should not also forget that we have a role to play in all of this. If Nigeria would get better it has to start from us (the citizens), every decision we take even as the ruler or the ruled surely affects our country. So we must put our heads together to decide what is best for our country.

  10. Amen! This great nation Nigeria will rise again. It will become greater. And may we not fall pray of leaders who will clip our wings. Amen!

  11. Indeed Nigeria shall rise again..
    Faith n constant prayer for God’s intervention in our country’s affairs is needed by every Nigerian.
    Great Nigerian people, Great!!!!!

  12. Amen. Naija will rise again. This is a beautiful poem, ma. I am happy that irrespective of the challenges we are facing as a nation, some patriots still abound in our midst and still hope for a better future. Well done, ma

  13. Like an eagle Nigeria aims to fly high but she has got some threads on her legs, threads of violence, corruption, bribery, ethnicism and for this reason she is yet to fly.

  14. Prayer and hardwork give victory. A lot of Nigerians do these things. I pray that one day all our prayers will be answered.

  15. I believe we will rise again though it is quite uncertain but we will continue to pray for God to intervene in our country Nigeria.

  16. Yes, positivism is highly recommended in the case of Nigeria’s current situation. Although Nigeria is currently facing a lot of challenges now, i believe Nigeria will rise again like the eagle it used to be. We should never give up on our country, the giant of Africa. Thank you ma

  17. Nice poem. The situation of our country today is very discouraging, but I believe that with the right leaders and the right attitude from the followers we will regain our lost glory. Naija will definitely rise again

    • “And dashed to the ground, with no hope to fly.
      In pain and regret, but she hopes not to die”
      Those lines caught my attention and its actually true. We’re dashed to the ground with no hope to rise, but I believe we’re not going to die.
      Just like the eagle, Nigeria wish to fly higher, but our wings have been clipped with corruption, violence etc. Whether Nigeria will rise or not depends on US.

  18. The green and white colour of my land
    Can no longer hold white, it’s red
    A land where violence is celebrated
    The dining room blood is shared

    Everyone is eating, oblivious to pain
    The sacred African wall is broken
    The land where peace reigns is dilapidated
    Now it is every man for himself

    Life is no longer necessary here
    You live in dusk, gone by dawn
    Like a flower awaiting the touch of the sun
    Not knowing it awaits death

    In my land, blood is the national colour
    Today man goes to the slaughter house
    But this time he is being slaughtered
    We can no longer tell the difference

    Is there any anti-tribal medication?
    Any doctor to cure religious madness?
    We are waiting for you but not for long.
    Soon we might perish, close the slaughter house


    • We are Nigeria, we are the giants of not just Africa, but of the world and its not just for word sake, because I dont think that anyother country can ever survive the hard times we survive here. Even at at, we still smile and hope for a better Nigeria ,which am sure would not elude us.

  19. Nigeria is broken and it is so sad that there are no traces of light at the end of the tunnel. No one cares anymore. I think these are the signs of the Last days. It is well.

  20. As Nigerians, we have been toughened by many negative forces that wants to bring is down. We have overcome and are still overcoming. I believe that Nigerians are survivors and can withstand anything. With our toughened spirit, we would definitely rise again.

  21. Oh yes I enjoyed the poem aunty. I think the comparison of Nigeria to an injured eagle is simply brilliant! You could not have been more correct. Nigeria is sick. Her health is slowly failing and I fear if God doesn’t come to her rescue soon, all may be lost. My hope and that of many others is that God heals her so that she may take to the skies once again and that nothing ever brings her back down. Amen

  22. Nigeria is just like the eagle description you gave ma.
    Everything is wrong with nigeria , number of poor people is 1000 more than the rich ,
    Yet this poor people work like bees and feed like church mouse.
    I have uncles in the north that the whole weather thing is affecting badly yet they are surviving.
    Every day , every citizen affected pray earnestly that naija will rise again at least to the giant of Africa.
    I’m also saying naija will raise again.
    Thank you ma for the poem is a hope indeed.

  23. The message of this poem is similar with that of ” Nigeria will be better” – guest post
    The government is more than one man on a sit; it is a place where the government takes life decisions of generations. So yes, the influencing decisions they have to make can kill generations if they let it

    True, help’s in the offing her gashes to heal
    But she must discern whose “assistance” can kill

  24. Beautiful poem, indeed Naija will rise and soar higher than our imagination but we have to do it together!.

  25. Amen ma. Let it be so. It will be heard that Nigeria will regain it’s place as the giants of Africa. Thanks for the amazing post.

  26. Indeed Nigeria will rise again but that is with collective efforts. Nigeria will rise when the old learns to give way for the youth, when the youths realize that money is not everything and when the children understand that they have a role to play. I believe in a better Nigeria for all.

  27. I love the caption of this poem “Nigeria will rise again “… A poem written by a wonderful poet’it justs all highlights to us the crises were facing in this country and gives a sense of hope that things will eventually get better despite the tribulations. And i pray that God hear us our and give us a true picture of this country

  28. Amen o, we are all optimistic that Nigeria will rise again, there will be light at the end of the tunnel for her.

  29. I pray that Nigeria will rise again soon. Though we still have a long way to go, we will get there. Nigeria needs good leaders to properly ensure law and order and to properly direct citizens.

  30. Where will our help come from? Our help will come from the Lord who made heaven and earth. I have strong faith that no condition is permanent, it might take time and a long way, but we shall live to tell the stories of this nation Nigeria, it must be a past tense to us about all these political brouhaha and ballistic.

  31. Nice poem, I love the way Nigeria is likened to an eagle. It actually portrays the beauty and strength of Nigeria, just that some situations now just made this beautiful eagle the way it is.

  32. Amen oo! Our cries will not be in vain, because I personally want to explore the Nigeria that I will tell my children (by God’s grace) this was how terrible our situation were but not anymore by God’s grace. Amen to the last lines of this piece.

  33. I really enjoyed this poem. It is a poem of hope. I believe that Nigeria will rise again despite the tribulations we have been passing through.

  34. I pray and believe in God only
    Nigeria is a good nation but the management is very poor

  35. Of course Nigeria will rise again , in as much as the eagles wing has been cliped we still rise , even if things are not moving nigeria will still rise, even if the rich keeps getting richer I know the poor masses will still be blessed. NIGERIA WILL RISE AGAIN.

  36. We have gone through different tribulations but it is said that the darkest hours always come before Dawn. All hope is not lost, i still so much believe in the greatness of Nigeria.

  37. “If he’s kept around, she’ll be ash in an urn.” It is rather unfortunate that she is headed for destruction but we pray, from ash, she be saved.

  38. Though I had believed that Nigeria could rise again, but with current realities; the outcome of 2019 General elections and the failure of the current administration, Nigerian future is still dark. The only Person who can change the country positively from its current comatose state is Almighty God.

  39. Amen that has always been my prayer for our country to rise again from all these sufferings, pains and sorrows believing one day we are not going to be developing country but a developed one.

  40. I believe that Nigeria would rise again but we can only pray that we begin to shun tribalism, nepotism ethnic bias and see ourself as one.

    • By the special grace of God Nigeria will rise again and we’ll be the true definition of a great country. We will surely turn out to be the giant of Africa someday not by mere words but by development. LONG LIVE NIGERIA

  41. “NAIJA WILL RISE AGAIN” Yes, I believe this encouraging peom and it even sound like dictum. But ab initio, Nigeria had been facing challenges till the present day. We have the best laws but the rulers had become tyrant that they do no care for their Representatives. It is a legal fiction to say that rulers and legislative members are the true representative of the people. The way things are going, it seems their is no hope for the future. If it continues this way, Revolution might be the only way because revolution is the right of the society to defend itself against abusive tyrants. This was the idea of the great thinkers like Niccolo Machiavelli and John Milton, it can be an option.

  42. Am yet to see a nation that doesn’t undergo trials. This is a universal phase that we would pass, we would soon stand on the mountain top and scream in joy.
    Nigeria will rise

  43. We are the giants of Africa, we shall rise again, we shall rise to fall no more. God bless Nigeria!

  44. Ohh yes!! naija will rise again but by the grace of God and not by our corrupt leader’s grace. Nice work!

  45. I love the creativity in this poem,Nigeria has been likened to the eagle, we have great strength but we are subdued, we hope that someday things could be better for us and generations ahead

  46. Nigeria is one country I know that whatever that happens in the society, they always find a way to survive. It’s like the people t are affected by the government and the same time not affected by it. Nigeria the wounded eagle will someday be strong

  47. Beautiful one ma but the problem is that the people you compared to an eagle a noble bird, do they even know that they are worth it? Nigerians have to open their eyes and forget about greed and corruption

  48. Nigeria is a great country but there are things fighting against our greatness; they include corruption, ethnicity politics and non chalant behavior among the government and the governed who are not interested in developing Nigeria to take back its place in Africa and the world. We must grow past all this to be able to fly again just like the eagle.
    I believe that Nigeria will fly again and thank you ma for this inspiring poem God bless you amen.

  49. It is really an inescapable and unquestionable truth that we (Nigerians) are already in the storm, but we can never resign to the fate of continuous suffering, because there is always a time of turnaround and absolute change in any phenomenon. So with unshaken hope, work and season less prayer, the great eagle will highly soar. What an optimistic write up!

  50. I believe that Nigeria has gone through a lot amd she shall rise again because he who falls rise again. She is a great country. There are many challenges that face man but man overcomes them, so the same goes for nigeria. So I believe Nigeria shall rise again.

  51. “She pecks on the dirt like a chick to survive”
    It shows the height of Nigerian in their plight to survive. In collect sense the nation is really suffering economically we are on double edge of struggle just to have a spot in our land, nothing seems easy but not ignoring the fact that we still hope on a better day.
    “Although she works harder than bees in hive” still marks the strength we the masses invest in our daily struggle to ameliorate the present atmosphere of Nigeria. But with a big heart of courage and hope we know a day of change will come..when the those instance that militate hardship will erode away from our dear nation Nigeria.we hope in God.

  52. Even from the casual caption, I feel the power and faith behind those words. I pray that when that wind of change finally blow in our country Naija, each and every one of us Christians who steadfastly prayed for that wind of change will all be there to rejoice.

  53. I am not really a fan of poems but this one is great. Some people think Nigeria is a lost cause but it’s not just our leaders, all of us have a role to play in helping our country develop. Good one aunty Edith.

  54. Indeed Nigeria is like an eagle,tribula tribumay try to bring us down but we shall rise again,we shall rise out of corruption,killings and all atrocities in dis country.we shall rise and we shall concour, testimony shall over flow Amen.

  55. Nigeria is too blessed to continue wallowing in mediocrity. Like this poem, I also share the believe that surely Naija, our dear country shall rise and retake the mantle of greatness long lost

  56. Beautiful use of poetic devices. Nigeria still has a long way to go, and just hope alone won’t go a long way, we all have to put heads together as one and lift our nation back to it’s former glory and even higher. Long live Nigeria. Thanks ma for the insight.

  57. Wonderful one ma! I believe Nigeria can rise and even soar higher than an eagle. No matter what we are facing now, there is hope for our dear country because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  58. The younger generation of Nigerians, the under-45s, have not had the privilege of experiencing Nigeria when the country actually worked. We only heard and read about it.
    I believe in MY NIGERIA, The Giant of Africa.
    Nigeria work will surely work again but we all have a part to play.

  59. Like a flicker of light our hopes have at one point or the other been put out by the storms of corruption, insurgency, government inadequacies among others. But I do believe that Nigeria can rise from her ashes. I dare to believe in this glory and success of this beautiful motherland, this epitome of beauty. I dare us all to believe in Nigeria. She will rise again to shake the world.

  60. We are Nigeria, we are the giants of not just Africa, but of the world and its not just for word sake, because I dont think that anyother country can ever survive the hard times we survive here. Even at at, we still smile and hope for a better Nigeria ,which am sure would not elude us.

  61. Portraying Nigeria with Eagle image is a big exaggeration, But we hope God will bring us up to the level of an Eagle.
    Nice piece and a good prayer for the Country Nigeria.

  62. A lovely poem indeed, but with the ways things are going on in this beautiful county, the only thing we can do now is hope on God

  63. I believe that one day, there will be no more corruption, stealing, killing and shedding of innocent blood in this great country. The giant of Africa will be better one day.

  64. Nigeria would become a better country if we have competent leaders who will run the country in a suitable way. If this is done, the rate of bribery, corruption and killing of innocent souls will reduce. My prayer is that Nigeria will become better.

  65. Nigeria will rise again, no doubt. It will only take a little time and patience but if we still fold our hands waiting for it to rise again on its own, then it will take a little longer than it should.

  66. This poem is a wonderful prayer and I humbly say the biggest amen to that.
    Mma this is more than a poem to me. Thank you very much for that prayer of hope. More strength to your able..

  67. Nigerian will rise again depends on the leaders and the citizens who would sell their vote for 500 naria , for what they eat now and not for the suffering of next four years is irrational and this have made people physically handicapped and psychologically deranged.

  68. Lovely poem,Nigeria will raise again and when it does, it will fly like the eagle to it’s highest glory

  69. What a wonderful poem! It’s timely. It’s good news for Nigeria .Our dear country will definitely rise again ,though the present situation seems terrible and as if it’s impossible for things work out fine ,the Lord will prove why He is God. It looks as if the enemies of Nigeria are gaining ground,by in the name of Jesus Christ, their fall shall be colossal.

  70. I strongly believe that Nigeria will one day rise again, but then we should bare in mind that any change which we wish for Nigeria starts from us… So we all should work hard towards making Nigeria a better place

  71. Ohhh our country is something else with problems everywhere especially bad governance??, but it is alright. I believe it is going to get better one day. By force and by fire naija will rise again.

  72. I’ve read of many countries that rose from being a third world country to a developed country. I trust Nigeria can rise from the dump hole it is to a country that will be admired all over the world.

  73. Nigeria will be better.though the country is in a difficult moment now,corruption has become the order of the day.leaders and the lead are looking for a way to survive……
    You have given us hope ma, NAIJA WILL RISE AGAIN. As the eagle flies high no matter all urge, so will our Country Nigeria.

  74. A very beautiful one ma’am. The big question still remains, When will Nigeria rise again?. As days unfold, things are worsened. The more you look, the less you see. May God heal our land.

  75. Indeed Nigeria shall rise again.. Faith n constant prayer for God’s intervention in our country’s affairs is needed by every Nigerian. Great Nigerian people, Great!!!!!

  76. Naija will surely imerge and stand tall within God’s appointed time.It might have done one or two things God is not in favoour of but I believe he will cleanse our land

  77. The lord blessing is on route for our dear nation Nigeria. All we must do is be patience and watch his awesome power change Nigeria.

  78. Jehovah Yahweh is able and willing to turn the fortune of the nation around.he has his ministers and leaders around so, we should be prayerful and patience

  79. Our omni potent God will raise nigeria back to its giant stride.The lord will work out his wonders to ensure peace, security and safety so that we all would not be harmed but become great.

  80. Naija will grow stronger and stand tall. for our lord is able to save we the masses and the entire nation at large nice one ma.

  81. Nice poem ma,am happy concern people who care dearly for their nation exist.just as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob rescued the children of Israelite so will he do also to Nigeria.

  82. Nigeria will rise again just as dry bones can rise when the awesome power of God is associated and connected with it.

  83. I know one day Nigeria will be a better place to boast of. God should give us a leader that will turn this country around and make it to rise again so all the hardships and sufferings in this country will end. I know our prayers, will be answered one day. Thank you ma for this inspirational post.

  84. This is a nice poem. It is a special poem to all Nigerian citizens. Though the future of Nigeria is uncertain but I also believe that God has made up His mind to wipe away the tears of Nigerians in the near future. Our people should also remember this country in their prayers. She must surely come out of the terrible situation she’s experiencing now. And the best way of influencing this country positively is by changing from our negative aspect of live …let’s change from our bad habit and I believe our country will be on a better shape. LONG LIVE NIGERIA!

  85. For every season there is a time for everything , I believe that after the rain comes sunshine, by grace and faith Nigeria will rise again.
    Thanks Ma for That
    Re-awakening piece
    More grease to thy elbow.

  86. a big Amen to this. there is hope for Nigeria, i strongly believe and yes, we will rise again. We will look back at these trying times and laugh because, we will be better and stronger by then.amen.

  87. Lovely poem, it’s funny how so many of us have given up on our country, but we will rise again from the ashes.

  88. It’s seriously encouraging for me to see or meet with people who strongly believe in a better future for NIGERIA .. God bless you Ma . The peom is very balanced as it does not only speak of hope but also of work!!
    Ji si Ike na or oru ka onye nwayi gozie gi!! Amen ..

  89. Aunty this poem is indeed motivating on why to be a Nigerian .The Eagle fly’s above the cloud when in bad weather and preys on other animals to live that is a Nigeria I pray for .A Nigeria that other countries depend to survive .Amen

  90. Ameeeeeeeeeen!
    We believe Nija will rise again.
    Soon it will rise against all indescribable criminals who are seated on her throne giving ill and hopeless commands to the poor daughters and sons of the soil.

    We believe Nija will rise soon early enough to comb out those dirty criminals and psychophants who has glutonously eaten deep into her pride.

    Auntie we surely believe Nija will rise against all odds.

    What a beautiful poem from you ma’am. May God keep strengthening your goals.

  91. The present government of Nigeria should not overlook the mistakes of the past. The should bear them in mind and strive to make things work better; and of course ‘unclip the wings of the eagle’. Nice one ma.

  92. Although many mistakes have been made by the previous governments of Nigeria,I believe that things will change for the better, someday. God bless NIGERIA.

  93. Beautiful poem ma. Despite our inadequacies, failures and past government,I still believe Nigeria will rise again. We only need determination to work harder and strive for consistency

  94. Let’s keep our hope alive.
    I believe this country is heading to a better direction. Most importantly, leaders would rise, leaders that would take up this nation to a better direction.
    I believe in a better tomorrow. A better Nigeria

  95. “She always survived poor weather for years
    When waters would rise and winds would be fierce”
    How reassuring… Nigeria has always been a strong country. And she ll surely survive amidst all odds

  96. Eagle is a very strong bird that survives all weather. So definitely, she is going to sour very high, higher than ever before but that will only be when she has a good physician.

  97. We are God’s people he has not forsaken us, he never lets his people down he will surely bless us and NAIJA WILL RISE AGAIN

  98. Naija will better. We’ve always heard that. yet things keep growing worse everyday. Nonetheless, was it not said that there’s light at the end of every dark tunnel. Let’s persevere. An eagle must be by training prepared and will never take off in flight when it should stay. We’ll linger on, till things turn out right…

  99. Nigeria will be strong and will be a great country. God will uplift nigeria .Nigeria will rise again.God bless you ma.

  100. This country is full of beautiful hope and I believe as most do that it is all but a matter of time and with proper leadership and motivation, this eagle will rise. As it stands, we might be undergoing trying times with horrible leadership but hope that all things will be better. Hope!

  101. Like I said in your previous poem, Nigeria will only get better if we come together and vote out this present government. If truly we are a Democratic state.

  102. lovely poem and well said, the life of the eagle is a perfect example to emulate at all situations of life, it gives hope when you are brave and courageous enough to face you problems, there is hope for our dear country because there are still people who believe and strive like the eagle without looking back.
    Forward all the way. Weldone Ma’am,nice poem.

  103. Nigeria is really facing trying times but I believe that we will be out of it in no time. We just have to be steadfast and be united in doing things that will move the country forward. Lovely rhyme scheme ma.

  104. The life of the eagle is the perfect example to emulate at every situation in life, it gives hope to the brave and courageous people who are ready to face there challenges at all cost. There is hope for our dear country because there are still brave ones who are determined to keep the flag flying without looking back.
    Nigeria will be great again,
    Weldone ma’am
    Nice poem.

  105. No doubt, Nigeria is a country blessed by God. It’s weather, color, peoples, and natural conditions shows how much God loves this nation. But her existence has been threatened by so many challenges, which are basically human and by extension, leadership challenges.
    However, in the midst of hopelessness, there lies hope for our nation. In the midst of these challenges we have still remained strong as nation. And in perseverance and doing the right thing at the right time, Nigeria can be great again. Like the eagle, she can soar higher that she has ever imagined, only if we do first things first.

  106. I know that Nigeria will rise again, no matter the circumstances we’ve passed through, God still has a purpose for this nation

  107. One thing is Nigeria will rise again and another is the role we play in making it rise. When we perform our obligations as patriotic citizens backing it up with the requirements of Government. Nigeria our beloved country will surely rise in no time.

  108. Dead bone shall rise again, the giant of Africa shall regain it dignity, Nigeria shall rise again in strength and unity. Despite all our political and economic problems we shall triumph,we shall see the light and be courageous like the eagle that survive in bad weather. Amen

  109. Hardly will any great success be achieved without any form of challenge being faced during the process of achieving it. Challenges are bound to surface, but our strength lies in overcoming them. There is no problem in falling but the greatest problem lies in our inability to stand up each time we fall. I strongly believe Nigeria will be great again only if we believe and work towards achieving it.

  110. Nigeria just like the eagle wants to fly, but its wings has been clipped by corruption and hatred. but nevertheless, i believe that Nigeria will be better someday.

  111. Lord I thank you for the future I see! Surely Nigeria will be great again! If we can face all the chaos amidst with joy , I believe there is a clear sky filled with laughter ahead. Let us arise and work towards a greater tomorrow.

  112. “But she hopes not to die…”and I say Amen!. Nigeria i believe will one day rise again, though for now our wings just like the eagle has been clipped. Though the future of Nigeria is uncertain but I also believe that God has made up His mind to wipe away the tears of Nigerians in the near future.

  113. Where there is life, there is hope. And it is this hope that keeps us moving. It is this hope that gives us strength to keep striving. I’d say with this hope, I strongly believe Nigeria will get better someday.

  114. Using an eagle as Nigeria in this context is a beautiful one cause it fits the description and we all hope that like the eagle Nigeria would continue to rise and soar and that our sufferings will not be in vain.

  115. Nigeria will surely rise again.from the shackles of poverty,oppression,recession, myopicism,bondage.despite the state of the country we shall move forward everly and backward never.for the cankerworm and corruption eating and destroying Nigeria shall cease in God name.we shall surely rise again

  116. Nigeria will rise again, bad government, bad economy, and ugly situations can only make Nigeria strong and not crash

  117. The eagle here represent Nigeria, although the rate of suffering is very high, we must conquer and soar higher just like the eagle… Nice poem ma’am.

  118. An eagle should not by bad weather be scared”
    Notwithstanding the current situations in our country Nigeria shall one day be great.

  119. I love your positivity ma’am. It will do us good if we all have a positive mindset that Naija will rise again.

  120. In as much as this poem is lovely and I will want to believe Nigeria will rise again.
    I always hoped so and while I grew I strongly believed things will get better but I don’t know anymore. I don’t know what and what not to believe again. All I say is, God help Nigeria to rise again. Amen.

  121. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    Dr. Edith Ohaja, It is well with Nigeria but I will like to say that Nigeria will only rise if we Nigerians turn from our wicked ways. Therefore, I call on all Nigerians to please turn from their wicked ways, do the right thing and say no to corruption. Pray without work is dead. We can pray for generation to generation and the desired change or rise won’t come. May the Lord help us. Amen.

  122. Encouraging poem ma, I join my faith to yours and that of all others who still have hope for a better Nigeria and I declare that “NAIJA WILL INDEED RISE AGAIN” AMEN AND AMEN

  123. I strongly believe in my country Nigeria. I believe we are going to rise again. It may take some time but it all going to be good one day. This is a touching poem that gives hope to those who are hopeful that Nigeria will rise again. Thanks a lot Ma for this poem.

  124. Nigeria is going through a phase, and I’m sure that it would surely pass.
    There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Nigeria is going to be better, it’s going to take team effort to make the country better again, but all would be well eventually.
    I believe in my country Nigeria.

  125. Nigeria will recover from transgressors, oppressors and corrupt leaders. We will surely rise again from anarchy, depression and other social vices troubling the nation.

  126. Amen to that prayer. Nigeria will definitely come up again…. This country is a country blessed with natural resources and people. God help us in Jesus name amen

  127. We all would rise strong and tall.Nigeria would be a strong pillar would be known for what and why it was called giant of Africa.we shall definitely leave corruption, tyranny and all ills in this country.nice ma.

  128. AMEN..! I believe and I pray that Nigeria would be much better some day..I pray daily for Nigeria and I believe that at God’s own appointed time it will happen .amen

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