I want to raise a respectful objection to Pastor Kumuyi’s latest admonition on how Christians should relate with their leaders. In his Sunday sermon delivered at the Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters at Gbagada-Lagos on 2nd June, Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the church, declared that Christians must obey constituted authorities and shun violence. He then charged them inter alia:

“Don’t attack the president of the country whether in words or in the newspapers or through internet.

“Honour kings; don’t disrespect or dishonour the governors. Don’t disrespect leaders of the community and leaders in the church.

“If we are to honour the governors in the states, how much more the pastors.”

He stated that God demanded Christians to submit to the leadership in the Church, community, country and corporate organisations because, according to his anchor scripture (I Peter 2: 11-25), those in government and other leadership positions derived their authority from God. He averred that such unquestioning submission is what it means to be Christlike. (See full report via References)

My Response
Let me start by acknowledging that Kumuyi is right in calling for respect for those in authority and obedience to the laws of the land as the scriptures he quoted teach. In fact, it’s not only those in authority that deserve respect; everybody does as one of the verses he quoted shows:

“Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.” – 1 Peter 2:17 (ESV)

We cannot despise anyone if we are walking in godly love. That includes those we disagree with and those who are doing wrong.

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But does that mean we do not point out or rebuke evil whether it is in low or high places? I don’t think so! The problem is with the blanket way he used the word, “attack”, above. It is not restricted to doing physical harm (which is a no-no for the believer), but covers criticisms as well.

Leaders, in whatever capacity, are still human and fallible. They make mistakes and when they are accused for these, they may make amends. Sometimes, criticisms help to nip wrong policies in the bud or lead to the abrogation of active ones to prevent the people from suffering their negative consequences..

However, the Bible charges us to speak the truth in love and do everything decently and in order (Ephesians 4:15, 1 Corinthians 14:40). I feel we should not resort to vulgar abuse or incendiary language to make our points. That is why I have a policy of avoiding personal insults and curses in my writing or shared posts.

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There are different kinds of criticisms, some destructive, others constructive. Destructive criticism tears everyone and everything in sight down. It has no vision for correction and healing. But constructive criticism is informed by a vision of hope and progress. It points out flaws and suggests remedies. It seeks to build bridges and unify, rather than inciting division and violence. We err when we interpret the Scriptures to imply that even constructive criticism is sinful and unChristlike.

Personally, I’ve been a critic of the present government but I usually include a call for prayer and an affirmation of my faith that the troubles we are passing through today as a result of misgovernance shall, as we often say, someday “end in praise”. This is illustrated in these poems I wrote about President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB)’s administration during his first term in office.

Safe Flight, Nigeria!!

The Buck Stops Here

Governance By Trial And Error

I feel that the idea to not attack the president or governors comes from a misapplication of Paul’s admonition in our age. In Paul’s time, the Roman Empire ruled the world. It had an Emperor (His Imperial Majesty) to whom divine powers were ascribed (quite wrongly as we know). His pronouncements were adjudged sacred and disobedience attracted death. His subordinates had wide-ranging powers too which they often exercised in a manner that the life and death of the ordinary people were in their hands. This was the state of affairs in Paul’s time, according to Prof. Henry F. Burton. Governance in Rome came down to the will of the emperor and his counsellors, with the Senate wielding nominal legislative and administrative powers. (Rome in Paul’s Day)

That is not the kind of government we have here. Nigeria is running a form of democracy, at least that is what the books say. Actually, she is a republic. What does this mean? Let’s check out the meaning of a republic and a democracy to find out.

According to one encyclopaedia, “a republic is a state in which all segments of society are enfranchised and in which the state’s power is constitutionally limited. Traditionally a republic is distinguished from a true democracy in that the republic operates through a representative assembly chosen by the citizenry, while in a democracy the populace participates directly in governmental affairs.” [Republic (government)]

Another article explains that, “The republican system of government is that system in which the sovereignty of the state resides in the people. It can be described as a system in which people elect officials to represent them and take political decisions on their behalf.” (The Features of a Republican System of Government)

It is worthy of note that in a republic, the elected leaders are expected to serve the interests of all the people (because there is universal adult suffrage) and can be removed in subsequent elections when they fail to serve those interests. So the leaders in our government, from the president to elected local government officials, are our servants, not the other way round.

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Other features of a republic include the supremacy of the constitution and respect for the rule of law. Does it stand to reason then that when our servants in government disregard the constitution and flagrantly violate the rule of law, we should keep quiet? It is the right of every citizen to challenge malfeasance in government circles and demand accountability from their rulers. Exercising that right through available legal channels is not wrong at all. What is wrong is the foisting of dictatorship on the citizenry and the latter keeping silent and allowing abuse of office, oppression and injustice to go unchecked.

Human beings have a problem of deifying their leaders and oftentimes those in authority encourage it. Someone gets into a position and begins to elevate himself above others to the extent that he brooks no opposition or dissent. This breeds sycophancy which helps evil to fester and multiply.

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Christians are called to speak the truth and challenge evil, not to whitewash and condone it. The Scripture must be taken as a whole, not disparately, if we wish to do the right thing and not just play safe and push to God what He has given us the authority to do (as the following Bible verses show).

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” – Psalm 94:16

“Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?” – Psalm 94:20

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” – Ephesians 5:11

What can be more evil or worth categorising as darkness than the Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda of PMB’s administration that has seen thousands upon thousands of Nigerians killed across the length and breadth of this country?

Jesus did not submit slavishly to evil authority. He didn’t engage with arms but with words, and to deprive us of that today is to leave us bereft of any chance of effecting change or even the emotional satisfaction of adding our two cents to important national conversations. Check out the powerful rhetoric that Jesus used against the religious leaders of his day from this passage in the book of Matthew.

Matthew 23:13-29, 34
“13. But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
“14. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation..
“15. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.
“16. Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!
“17. Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?
“18. And, Whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing; but whosoever sweareth by the gift that is upon it, he is guilty.
“19. Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift?
“20. Whoso therefore shall swear by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all things thereon.
“21. And whoso shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein.
“22. And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon.

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“23. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.
“24. Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.
“25. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.
“26. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.
“27. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.
“28. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
“29. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous,

“33. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

Such powerful denunciations, similar to those made by the Old Testament prophets against kings, false prophets and evildoers in general! On one occasion, he sent what might be considered a caustic message to King Herod.

Luke 13:31-33
“31. The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee.
“32. And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.
“33. Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.”

Paul himself challenged Peter, one of the Twelve, when he erred.

Galatians 2:11-14
“11. But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was very wrong.
“12. When he first arrived, he ate with the Gentile believers, who were not circumcised. But afterward, when some friends of James came, Peter wouldn’t eat with the Gentiles anymore. He was afraid of criticism from these people who insisted on the necessity of circumcision.
13. As a result, other Jewish believers followed Peter’s hypocrisy, and even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocrisy.
“14. When I saw that they were not following the truth of the gospel message, I said to Peter in front of all the others, ‘Since you, a Jew by birth, have discarded the Jewish laws and are living like a Gentile, why are you now trying to make these Gentiles follow the Jewish traditions?”‘ – (NLT)

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Examples of Error by Christian Leaders
For those who feel that questioning our leaders is wrong, a few reminders are appropriate. I will draw these reminders from Church matters since these are closest to us as Christians.

a) Some decades ago, Deeper Life members were taught that the television is the devil’s box. According to Tunde Bakare, who was a member of the church between 1978 and 1983, that was why he left the church. In his words:

“One day, while I was ministering and a brother was interpreting, I was giving example of ‘faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God’ and I said, ‘Supposing you go to a supermarket to buy soap, you might not know what soap to buy but because you watched the advertisement of Joy soap on television, then you would look for Joy soap because you have been hearing about it.’ And my interpreter said: ‘If you have been watching the devil’s box…’

“I told him I didn’t say devil’s box but television, and he repeated the devil’s box and Brother Kumuyi was behind us. I said I didn’t say devil’s box and that the normal interpretation is amu ohun mu aworan, (the box that captures both the voice and the visuals). Anyway, he still said what he said. The following Sunday, Brother Kumuyi came up with what he called ‘Sunday Exaltation’; he said that even if you repair television, you are a child of the devil. Then I took my Bible and left.”


Many accepted that teaching without further inquiry or reflection, but today the Deeper Life Bible Church has a TV station.

b) Many Christians have been taught by prosperity preachers that it is their right to be wealthy and Christians struggle to have all the fine things of life in excess as a result, but in a Facebook live video he made in reaction to the death of world-renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn (one of the most notable prosperity preachers of this generation) had this to say about the prosperity gospel:

“… I think some have gone to the extreme with it sadly, and it’s not God’s word what is taught, and I think I’m as guilty as others. Sometimes you go a little farther than you really need to go and then God brings you back to normality and reality.

“When I was younger I was influenced by the preachers who taught whatever they taught. But as I’ve lived longer, I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute, you know this doesn’t fit totally with the Bible and it doesn’t fit with the reality.’ So what is prosperity? No lack. …

“Did Elijah the prophet have a car? No. Did not even have a bicycle. He had no lack … Did Jesus drive a car or live in a mansion? No. He had no lack. How about the apostles? None lacked among them. Today, the idea is abundance and palatial homes and cars and bank accounts. The focus is wrong … It’s so wrong.”

Hinn further said that he no longer flies private jets, and that he is not worth $40 million as has been rumoured.

“We all sadly make the mistake of thinking that, ‘Well this is what God wants,’ and God says ‘No, that’s not what I want.’ It’s time to live biblically. You know it all comes down to one thing. Do we love Jesus, yes or no? If we love Jesus then it’s all about Jesus. If we don’t love Jesus then it’s about other things.”

c) Sometime ago, internationally acclaimed TV preacher, pastor and writer, Joyce Meyer, posted a video on Instagram (attached below) in which she recanted some of her earlier views on prosperity and faith, because they “got out of balance” with what the Bible actually teaches on the subjects. Hear her:

“I’m glad for what I learned about prosperity, but it got out of balance. I’m glad for what I learned about faith, but it got out of balance.

“.. every time someone had problems it was ‘cause they didn’t have enough faith. If you got sick, you didn’t have enough faith. If your child died, you didn’t have enough faith … Well, that’s not right.

“There’s nowhere in the Bible where we’re promised that we’ll never have any trouble. I don’t care how much faith you’ve got, you’re not gonna avoid ever having trouble in your life.”

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Christlikeness ought to be the goal and desire of every believer but it does not come from picking Bible verses and applying them out of context. Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1). We must take that Word as a whole. That is why every Christian must study the Word deeply for themselves and not be spoonfed and possibly misled by their spiritual superiors.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15

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The apostles showed a lot of courage and preached even when it was in direct violation of the authorities’ commands.

Acts 5:27-29
“27. And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them,
“28. Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us.
“29. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

So must we speak against the encroaching darkness in our time!

The scriptures used in this post are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise stated.

Kindly share this post if you were blessed by it.

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Benny Hinn on the Prosperity Gospel

Joyce Meyer’s Instagram Video on Her Changed Views on Prosperity and Faith




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    Human brain is compartmentalized; such that sanity is not a holistic state of the mind. I mean, somebody may be sane in the issues of business or politics but may be insane in the issues of religion. With all due respect, W.F. Kumuyi has showed his religious insanity with his last Sunday sermon. The importance of criticism (positive) or rather ‘attack’ (as he had said), on the government or authority of any kind (the church not left out), cannot be overemphasised. I join my submission with Mr. Peter Obi’s advise to Gov. Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State on democracy day. He said and I write, “Listen to those that criticise you, they are your best advisers. Always find out why they were criticising you.” That is what it should be, and I’m sure God allows that too.
    Kumuyi and his religion should stop misleading the masses if he want posterity to be fair with him.
    Happy New Month, Aunty Edith.

    • Edith Ohaja

      That insanity jab seems harsh to me but I appreciate the point you made. Happy new month to you too!

  • Desire Adiukwu

    Destructive criticism doesn’t stir up growth and development. Mostly, people are perniciously critizing pastors who acquired private jet in our contemporary society. But the knowledge coming from this post, I pray that God will help me from destructively critizing leaders to constructively critizing them in way that will yield good results.

    Also, there is need for us to read the scriptures and pray that the Holy Spirit should interpret those words of God to us in other not to spread heresies to people. Heresies are human wisdom inspired. Living word of God is Holy Spirit inspired. I pray that the Holy spirit will help me to understand the mind of God which is instituted in the scripture. God bless Edith Ohaja for this spiritual eye opener post

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right, personal knowledge of God and His word cannot be overemphasised. May God multiply grace to you to dig deeper in His word everyday in Jesus’ name.

  • Ekwuagana Fabian Ikechukwu

    I also agree and concur with this post, I don’t believe that the wrong doing of people in high places should not be pointed out, of course any opposition to an active government or leadership of a country might be seen as opposition and attack, but it is still necessary to run a fair, just, and impartial government.
    The part i’ll always agree with pastor Kumuyi is the part of disrespecting constituted authorities by means of physical attack, just like in Nigeria where sachet water and stones are been thrown at them when they come for campaign or any other thing.
    Speaking out is our right, but violence is not the best option.

  • In my own view, I think it is good to correct our leaders when they are taking wrong path because we are human and no one is above mistake expect God and that’s what make us imperfect.

  • Chukwuemeka Ifunanya

    We as Christians should rely on the bible, not on men of God. We shouldn’t listen to them without going back to search the scriptures. I am not saying that they are all wrong but we should study the bible first, know what is written there and then come to church with our fellow brethren for edification. Let us not follow the dictates of our men of God sheepishly. God bless u!

  • Ikechukwu Odu

    Men of God like Kumuyi, exaggerate the truth on religion being the opium of the masses. These days, a critical mind will notice that most men of God are actually not concerned about the plight of the congregation but what he makes out of them (more like a business venture).
    If Kumuyi, thinks we should not cricicize erring political office holders and remind them of our social contract with them, then, I will be quick to conclude that he has been blinded by the level of wealth he has got from the sweat of his congregation that he forgets what they pass through on a daily basis to make a living.
    Religious leaders should not encourage the polgrom and rampant insecurity in our country with their comments.

    • Edith Ohaja

      That he preached this does not mean he’s fleecing his congregation. We have different ways of understanding the Bible. My concern here is that his interpretation of the verses he quoted in his sermon was overreaching. Avoid accusing a man if God of what you’re not sure of, please.

  • Onyekachi confidence

    Waking up this morning and seeing this post was fascinating ..this issue should be one that nobody should be confused about.rightly said by you ma.respect to authority is God’s command likewise speaking against evil is God’s wish and command as seen in his word” Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” – Psalm 94:1
    We are operating a system of government where citizen decides who they want as leaders in the same way we citizens have right to our opinions , right to lay complaints,correct and appreciate those in authority with love and respect

  • Olawole ebenezer

    Hmm. My pastor, as well as other leaders in my church, once said something to me- it was more like a rebuke actually. They said “never speak against a man of God. Even if he is wrong. His business Is with God.” Like… what?? I agreed to some extent but not completely. I tried to explain to them but still they didn’t listen and they end up seeing me as a “goat” instead of a sheep, which is very wrong indeed. Why on earth should one keep quiet when a “man of God” is clearly doing wrong? Its very bad.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Exactly Ma, that’s the solution to the entire issue. Christians indeed should have their own Jesus, know the word of God for themselves and not be spoonfed by their superiors. And rightly said, it is wrong, absolutely wrong to kick against constructive criticism, else how would the administration improve. The bible shouldn’t be quoted and explained out of context, we must respect our leaders in whatever sphere but we mustn’t fail to correct them(without insults, decently) when they are wrong.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Decently, yes. But the problem is that many bad rulers are offended by any reproof, no matter how mild, because they feel they are not accountable to anyone. May God deliver us from such rulers in Jesus’ name.

  • Bessong Faith A.

    Such an enlightening, eye-opening piece came at the right time as many incomplete or rather misleading messages have put so many people into the state of confusion and we often times can’t challenge the authorities behind these messages, unfortunately.
    This is indeed the best read lately. Thank you for sharing such a powerful informative message. God bless.

  • Ibe Arinzechukwu Christian

    The truth of the matter is that some of these so-called men of God are now political. They’re been give millions behind and they proclaim solidarity and support for these evil leaders. There’s nothing wrong with Christians using a constructive type of opinion. We are the light of the world and one can’t lit a candle and put it under the table. We are meant to be a lamp unto the feet of these leaders. To criticise them and correct them when they go off the track. It’s our responsibility to pray for them quite alright but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in our human effort as well.
    Jesus Christ who we are following his foot steps never feared authorities though he respected them. We are the salt of the world.

    Nigeria is a country that Christians shouldn’t keep mute to the current happenstances. Not then, not now, not later.
    God help us because Nigeria is on her path to doom.
    Thanks for this piece of objection.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I won’t go as far as saying any minister collected money from government but I think extreme and narrow interpretation of Scripture is at work here. God bless you awesomely in Jesus’ name.

  • Ibe Arinzechukwu Christian

    Barka de salah!! Happy holiday Ma

  • Awforkansi Kamsi Salita

    I personally think Pastor Kumuyi’s teaching had the ‘wrong’ words. I think that what he meant by ‘do not attack’ is that we should avoid destructive criticism. A lot of people today do not know how to call out people’s wrongs without throwing insults all over the place. Anyone can make mistakes. Constructive criticism however should be the way to tackle it. But, Pastor Kumuyi’s teaching could have been passed better.
    We should hold leaders accountable as this would make them lead better. We shouldn’t appluad their wrongs too simply because they are leaders.

  • Akarule Adaeze Goodness

    Good morning ma’am. Wonderful point of view, but I guess u also misunderstood him ma.He said do not attack not that they shouldn’t be corrected. As for the television part that story is very wrong. He never said do not watch television , he said there are certain stations that are not beneficial to a Christian that we shouldn’t watch. People tend to carry miscontruing messages about pastor Kumuyi which ends up being wrong. Thank u ma for the observation.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, unless you were in that service or have watched the full sermon online, you shouldn’t say that. The qualification you added seems the best way to put it, but are you accusing the papers of purposely removing it? Read the news report; you can do so in different media, and see if the correction thing you said is there. What was reported was a blanket discouragement of attacks in words and on the Internet and if you work with the media since this government came to power, you’ll know that every criticism is seen as an attack on them. You will do well to read the post carefully to see where I am coming from. Besides, people are not surprised because Pastor Kumuyi has never taken up this government on its failings, rather he has praised them in the face of all that we’ve seen in the past four years.
      On the television matter, I did not report a rumour. I gave the account of a respected man.of God, Tunde Bakare, who shared a personal experience on it. Your statement implies that Bakare and the countless others who have testified to this are lying. Of course, Kumuyi would have modified his teaching on the matter in.later years after seeing the indispensability of television in kingdom work in this digital age. But this incident took place in 1983 long before you were born.
      God bless you richly in Jesus’ name.

  • Eze Nathaniel Izunna

    Well, from my own ophorism, I think Kumuyi was trying to address the issue of destructive criticism, which won’t produce a fecund result rather it will lead the situation more to the state of impasse.
    Then, criticism is one of the pivotal instrument of good policy making and redress in any organization/society.
    Now referring to constructive criticism. Without the attacks from the populace the leaders won’t know their needs and lacks.

    Thus, if Kumuyi’s view is that, both destructive and constructive attack towards the present administration should be totally oblivion, then I’m also against his sermon. Because a successful society thrives with the help of constructive criticism.

    In the western countries like UK and US, they usually creat critic group, for instance ” the street outlaws, the silent majority” and the rest of them, they are all set for attacking the government when necessary.

    For me, attacking the leaders at the right time, is not only perfect but religious in nature.

  • Melekwe Anthony E

    Did Elijah the prophet have a car? No. Did not even have a bicycle. He had no lack … Did Jesus drive a car or live in a mansion? No. He had no lack. How about the apostles? None lacked among them. Today, the idea is abundance and palatial homes and cars and bank accounts. The focus is wrong … It’s so wrong.”

    I agree.
    Jesus was made poor so that that we may be rich. If we remain poor even after his death, it means his promise was a lie.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It depends on what you mean by being rich, Anthony. I’m glad I quoted Benny Hinn in detail. He says it all. Bless you!

      • Okonkwo Franklin chukwuebuka

        I think Pastor Kumuyi’s teaching had the ‘wrong’ words. I think that what he meant by ‘do not attack’ is that we should avoid destructive criticism. A lot of people today do not know how to call out people’s wrongs without throwing insults all over the place. Anyone can make mistakes. Constructive criticism however should be the way to tackle it. But, Pastor Kumuyi’s teaching could have been passed better. We should hold leaders accountable as this would make them lead better. We shouldn’t appluad their wrongs too simply because they are leaders.

    • Eya paschal uz

      Wow! Aunty, your response to this view is actually an antidote to the words of the pastor, I pray the majority of his congregation will come across this writing, most people take the Bible from one perspective, I pray the holy spirit keeps directing. The preaching was in the presence of God,I believe there was still a massage from it. Happy Pentecost aunty.

  • Edeh Chinaza Jennifer

    Truth is, constructive criticism is the essence of democracy. Democracy gives the citizens the ability to say their mind without encroaching on quarters that should be left alone. Since Christians are in Democratic societies too, why not? Why not they express themselves? Why not say their minds and make the leaders see to what they are doing, with the perception that they are being watched. You’re very correct Ma’am. Attacking them shouldn’t be by the use of Vulgar words or deeds. Constructive criticism counts. Thanks!

  • Nnachetam Favour

    We should understand that these men of God and spiritual leaders are men as well as ministers. They explain the scriptures according to their revelation and understanding and most times their explanations are not well balanced. So, we being the tutored we should search the scriptures ourselves to find out if what we were taught is the truth. Just like the Bereans in the scriptures, they listened eagerly to paul’s teachings, they search the scriptures day and night to see if what Paul said was true. We should not continue to be baby Christians (nepios). Thanks very much for this write up ma. In as much as its a response to the man of God’s assertion, you went outside the box to talk on some other spiritual matters like, prosperity and faith and you opened my eyes to some of the biblical realities to those concepts. God bless you!

    • Edith Ohaja

      That’s what this blog is meant for, my dear! I too am learning everyday. I love the Berean reminder you gave. Very important! You are lifted in Jesus’ name.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    I strongly believe that some of the ways our dear country, Nigeria can be made whole again is through.
    1. Prayer ( I mean seeking for God’s intervention )
    2. Constructive criticism not attacking the government.
    Our leaders can be put to check when we collectively criticise their evil ways and not the other way around, no doubt, sedition is not the goal here but we must understand that these men and women in the government were put there by us , they are supposed to serve us.
    Also, talking about faith,The Bible says in the book of James 2:20 and 2:26 that faith without work is dead. We may all have Faith for a better Nigeria but if we fold our hands and do nothing our faith is as good as dead..
    Of course as a child of God it is important we study the word of God in order to align what we are taught in any religious setting and what God said.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Nice comment, Stanley! The word, “attack”, as I pointed out in the post is too broad. Constructive criticism can be seen as an attack in so far as it is pointing out the failings of the government. I believe I explained my concern well in the post. You are super blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • ErnestValentine

    Only few Christians would have the courage to constructively criticize what the so-called spiritual superiors teach, thumbs up ma. I use to tell anyone that cares to know, that most of the what we have today as spiritual directors in the Christian faith are “god of men” and no longer “men of God”. I enjoin us all to beware of false knowledge which is more dangerous than ignorance. Aunty Edith, More Strength.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Kumuyi is not one of those, I believe. That I do not agree with this point he made does not mean I underrate him in anyway. But it’s true that some ministers are running their own show, not God’s show. Bless you!

      • ErnestValentine

        Never said he is one of the “gods of men”. I was just pointing out a related menance of pastors in our society.

  • obeto clinton

    I agree with you on his sermon. In as much as we have respect for our leader and everyone, we should also express our opinions and grievances in a way that it does not insult or attack anyone.

    • Edith Ohaja

      May God give us the grace to do that in union with His Spirit and see good results therefrom in Jesus’ name.

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    All i can say religion ,christianity etc can be complicated, they confuse us to the extent that we dont even know which way forward. I think constructive criticism is just the better way to address leaders on their ill doings. Am not with pst kumuyi on this.

  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    Ma, while explaining Republican system of government and democracy, you sound as if you taught government in secondary school. Lol !

    So, before now, I though it unwise to criticise a government in authority. I learnt from this post that constructive criticism is not bad, it is meant for correction not destruction. And we also need to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15)

    Thanks for educating us MA.

  • Desire Adiukwu

    Destructive criticism doesn’t stir up growth and development. Mostly, people are perniciously critizing pastors who acquired private jet in our contemporary society. But the knowledge coming from this post, I pray that God will help me from destructively critizing leaders to constructively critizing them in way that will yield good results. Also, there is need for us to read the scriptures and pray that the Holy Spirit should interpret those words of God to us in other not to spread heresies to people. Heresies are human wisdom inspired. Living word of God is Holy Spirit inspired. I pray that the Holy spirit will help me to understand the mind of God which is instituted in the scripture. God bless Edith Ohaja for this spiritual eye opener

  • Desire Adiukwu

    Ma, I believe you are right from your view. Man is not perfect in his ways because he is not God. God is infallible so can’t stand to be correct. Man is prone to making mistakes. Thus, Nigerian leaders are bound to be corrected by us when going astray. Thanks to the media for their watch dog functions. So we can air our views in a constructive manner that is void of hate speech, sedition and others. But I believe in our society, hate speech is a product of destructive criticism. It is pertinent we abstain from pernicious criticism. God bless you

  • Precious

    It’s no news that certain churches abhor certain practices and condemn such practices whether or not they are good . I stand to be corrected , but I think maybe just maybe we aren’t seeing pastor kumuyi’s statement from his own point of view. Yes he said Christians shouldn’t attack their leaders verbally, in written form whatsoever but I think he meant attack in the true sense of the word.
    We are a democratic nation and as such it’s expected that criticism will arise from time to time but such criticism shouldn’t be so frequent that it becomes a routine .
    For instance, people use the president and economic situation of Nigeria to extort Nigerians. This is rampant in the market place. I feel this is the notion pastor kumuyi was trying to correct.

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    You are such a proactive person ma’am. In a world where people view their leaders especially religious leaders as sacred cows, it takes courage and God’s grace to take a stand on issues like this. I believe in constructive criticism of any government,organization or individual. This is because it creates room for adjustment and reevaluation of policies or decisions that may be detrimental to the growth of the society. Constructively criticising the government brings the fears, grievances and aspirations of the masses into spotlight. I believe our dear pastor is only interested in his personal interest in this administration that is why he is admonishing his followers not to criticize such a government that does not have the interest of the masses at heart. Thanks for standing up for what is right while still enlightening and entertaining your readers. More ink to your pen and more inspiration from above.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen. Glory to God and a big bouquet of blessings to you in Jesus’ name. (But I don’t know why the pastor said what he did. Not sure personal interest was his motivation.)

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    Sometimes, our religious leaders speaks on a particular perspective, but because their teaching is meant to be monologue, we may no really have the opportunity to ask the very angle they are speaking from. However, I will like to say that criticism on our leaders should not be understood as “attack” on them. That is why we have public opinion so that leaders will know how to serve their subject best.

  • Bob Charles Ngene

    Why am I not surprised..Everything is always hinged on maybe a particular quotation from the Bible…The actual thing that pisses me off is that they fail to completely lift the entire chapter

    Fact is we can’t sit still and watch as evil prevails in our country…We are all expected to speak out without holding back!!!

  • Well said ma. I just hope that we don’t have misconceptions about the message being passed across. We should give our spiritual authorities the utmost respect required, but also we should be careful on how we follow thier teachings. The key to knowing whether they are right or wrong is knowing God for yourself, studying the word, yielding to the leading of the holy Spirit. By doing this we would create a balance

  • Thomas Rebecca Ina

    Sycophancy is what has kept Nigeria where it is today, when you see things going wrong.. someone doing wrong, Say it or evil would continue to multiply. I know as a Christian I have a charge to reprove Darkness. yes, we can’t use arms but we have words and for one to want to deprive me of our voice?
    God help us

    • Chimezie Goodness Adimchinobi

      From my point of view,I think we Christians today understand the bible from different angles, the way one tends to understand
      a verse differs from the others perception about that same verse.As children of God it is very very crucial for us to ask the Holy Spirit for interpretation of every bit of Gods word.Even as teachers of the bible if the Holy Spirit doesn’t interpret to you and you
      will be teaching the congregation based on what you think the scripture means you will end up poisoning their hearts.The Holy spirit is always there to break it down, they are not words of man,rather words of the spirit.Thanks ma’am for the piece.

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    Yes, giving those in authority “respect” is something we ought to do, but not when we are been oppressed by their bad government. Attacking and expressing ourselves is the only way we can be heard. I don’t see anything insulting about it. There is this Igbo adage which says ” ekwughekwu mere onu, anughi anu mere nti” meaning if we don’t talk, they won’t know and things wont be amended. So, as humans in a republican state, freedom of speech is allowed. We will keep doing our own part of the talking, until they fulfill their own part of listening, only and only then, a bad government can be corrected and amended.

  • Kat

    I think it all comes down to everyone having minds of their own and relying more on the Bible to clarify things that seem contradictory to what their religious leaders tell them. Christ didn’t have to resort to physical blows to make his stand on the misdeeds of the pharisees known. He actively preached against their wickedness. It leaves a bad taste on the tongue when a known man of God admonishes Christians not to ‘attack’ the president of the country whether in words, newspapers or the Internet. It’s so glaring that what he means is that Christians should be passive and condone whatever failure or setback this administration causes for the nation. Well he can’t possibly expect that to happen. We aren’t just mindless drones. I have no qualms about submitting to the people in power but I think there should be room for the masses to speak out against injustice and bad policies. Why then are we a democracy?. Religious leaders need to understand that whatever they preach or say has a strong effect on their followers, especially if they do not want to be seen as participants in a government where human lives mean nothing and vices are the order of the day. That’s not exactly a Christlike attribute.

  • Abaraonye Chidinma

    There is always the right way of doing things. We are Nigerians and we know ourselves. The way people speak of the present government is not encouraging. Every now and again, you hear people cursing the president, talking about his death and how God will punish him. But there could have been a better way to do it, for crying out loud, he is a human being and has his flaws. What the Bible is saying in line with Pst Kumuyi’s teaching is that as Christians, we shouldn’t join others in doing it that way, rather, we can pray for them and do the correction in a proper way.

    • Ozukwe mirian chisom

      Hmmm generally, I can’t say that everyone understands the bible or Christianity, couple with the different teachings we hear everyday from our pastors, prophets, priests and all other men of God can be confusing. I don’t really agree with what pastor kumuyi said. We are the ones who elected our leader to represent us nationwide and protect us, so if the people we are expecting to do all this for us start misusing power, that means we should all keep quiet and die in silent? No, rather we call them to order in a respectful way because the bible say we should honor and respect our leaders because they are God’s own tools. So I think the constructive criticism is the best way to go about it. I am a type of person that have a strong faith. Before any teachings contrary to my own believe will influence me, that means I have drafted away from the umbrella and shadow of God. So I urge everyone to do the right thing, be steadfast in prayers and also have a strong faith in the right teachings of God. Thank you ma for this informative and mind enlightened piece. May God always strengthen you. AMEN.

  • Amah Damian Uchechukwu

    It is good to respect our leaders but when they seems to make a mistake,we have to criticize them especially through public opinion,it is true that the scripture says that we should respect them, yes thet deserve to be respected because they are in a position,but when they are going contrary to the rule of law,we have to criticize them immediately,How can kumunyi advice us not to criticize them when only God is infallible?thanks ma for the update

  • Akuma Victor

    No one is so perfect that he cannot make mistakes. Even the best leaders of the world (if there is anyway) make mistakes let alone our so devoted hardworking leaders who will rather spend three out of four years of their tenures exploring the world. I once read a story about one of the Northern governors whose state is currently in disarray saying that he can’t stay in his state for more than two weeks at a stretch and someone is advising me to clap and praise such person because he is my leader. I so much believe this nation would have been worse than it is currently if not for a few who serve as checks to the government. It is really wrong to preach such in a congregation of that magnitude as seen in the Church’s headquarters. It will only make the congregation more complacent.

  • Ibekwe Vincent Chukwuebuka

    There is no proper leadership without criticism. Constructive criticism are necessary for a country to strive towards development and otherwise.
    Our leaders need critics so as to be up and doing, since they are not God. They are prone to mistakes and as well stand a chance to be corrected or advised.

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    Like u said ma, his call for all to respect leaders is predicated on the Bible teaching. Hence, I second that he is right and would want to add that kings or leaders are born and made by God. If this statements holds, it therefore follows that he alone installs and uninstalls leaders as can be seen in the case of David and Saul such that no matter what the masses say or do, a leader rules until God says it’s enough. However, this does not imply that the masses in respecting leaders should Jettision their right to criticisms of government which sometimes calls government back on track. There’s is always a best way of reacting to things as one of the commentators here said. Government actions should be criticized in the best reasonable way for peace sake. Their actions and decisions should be attacked and not their personality like their religion. For instance is the popular address of the president as a cow because he has a cattle farm of cows. My opinion though

  • Wenibo Modupe Glory

    No one is perfect, because they are leaders doesn’t mean they should not be corrected. Thanks ma for throwing more light on how to go about with the correction. Daddy was trying to tell us that As Christians we should not engage in destructive criticism but constructive, but failed to explain how best to go about it because leaders cannot be allowed just to do as it pleases them definitely they should be called back to order when the need arises.

  • Añulika Iwoba

    The populace’s outbursts is quite understandable.
    Considering the political arena and national state of affairs, it’s far from easy to restrain oneself from speaking so critically of situations and the key players negatively.
    The religious institutions are a huge mess and people ought to be enraged.

    However, conscious living in the light of love, places a different demand on people.
    Here, we must tame our anger and bitterness and speak in the awareness of the human nature; knowing that people make mistakes and that destructive criticism as you aptly worded it, never yields the best results.

    And sincerely, I think it’s commendable that you analysed the situation regardless of the religious personality involved.

  • Egbuonu Vivien Ambrose

    I strongly believe that most times our leaders not just the government , are harshly and unfairly judged or better still condemned for not doing something right. they expect them not to make mistakes forgetting they are just humans like us and that it is easy doing what they do. Everyone feels that they would do better than who ever is on now but it is not all easy, not as easy as we claim. But still i believe that we should be able to decipher between Buhari and a leader .

  • Mirian Ndawe

    I completely agree with you on this one ma, the fact that you are a leader doesn’t put you above mistakes….this immunity clause should be stopped. We should point out to our leaders when they are wrong in a respectful manner though.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Immunity clause precludes litigation (i.e) suing the leader while he/she is in office but it does not forbid criticism. Bless you!

  • Otinga Ifunanya Ruth

    In the African society of today, people have come to believe what the scripture says without actually doing it in the way and manner prescribed by scripture. The scripture has it that God created us to love him with all our heart, mind, strength… The African man and, by extension, the Nigerian man has only come to love God and the teachings of the scripture just with his heart and has failed to employ his mind, which is not wisdom. The admonition of Kumuyi is an example of such practices. He fails to understand that, with due respect that leaders during those period were enthroned by God, bore the spirit of God and thus, obeying them was obeying God.
    But leaders of these days are far from knowing God, their method of becoming leaders is void from having the hand of God. They are not infallible and thus must be constructively criticized. Thanks a lot Ma, this piece is apt considering our present political dispensation. May God forever reward you.

  • Abugu Faith Chinecherem

    I agree with what you said Ma. There is no way the leaders will not be attacked, if we don’t criticize the leaders and keep quiet, they will feel that they are right and that, that is what we want as well. Criticism helps the government know where they are getting it wrong and how to correct it for progress.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    I acknowledge the fact that you backed up your opinion with bible verses. Before using a Bible verse to back up a statement it is advisable that we go back to the genesis and reason for that particular verse. Which is what you did Ma. Besides there is no way the Christian masses will keep quiet and not rebuke wrong doings. We are very much affected by the actions of those in high places.

  • Precious

    I agree so much with this write up. Few days ago my friend also responded to this same message on facebook but his comment was very rash, he sounded very insulting both to the government and Pastor Kumuyi, but I didn’t get to know his reason for being so annoyed..
    But as I read through, I got to understand him better, though he didn’t criticize nicely. The truth is that the Bible didn’t ask us not to speak the truth but we should do that without hurting anyone’s feelings. I support Pastor Kumuyi when he said we should respect those in authority, the Bible says so and we should do so because but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t point out wrong things in their government when we see it.
    This post was very enlightening. God bless you, Ma…..

  • Eya paschal uz

    Wow! Aunty, you response is actually an antidote to the words of the pastor. I pray majority of his congregation will be able to harvest from this work. people mostly view the Bible from one perspective,l believe the holy spirit still directs and as the preaching was done in the presence of God, there is still something God wants to say from it. Happy Pentecost aunty.

  • Epunam obianuju

    Well, for me, I believe that no one is above mistake, and no one is also above correction. Most times when we become too scared of correcting people, most especially when they are leaders they tend to misuse the opportunity and even cause more havoc. So I believe everyone is subject to correction, but do so with love and respect.

  • Lawrence Cletus

    For a church that once encouraged political apathy, I can’t say I am suprised. I may not have watched the sermon to say much but I know that until recently, this church,and many other Pentecostal churches,reiterated the evil of having anything to do with politics.
    It may still be the same old story playing out in a different narrative here. The Kumuyi I know has always encouraged the “you are not of this world” notion where Christians are expected to have little or nothing to do with affairs of the world(politics inclusive).
    Pastor oyedepo of living faith,last Shiloh,was unapologetic with his criticism of Buhari’s administration and another revered man of God is saying a different thing. Could it be then that each said what they had to say because of ulterior motives?
    May God help us all to be properly guided.

  • Michael Ebuka Ogidi

    Constructive criticism is what we need in Nigeria, for a sustainable development. But, I must disagree with pastor Kumuyi’s philosophy on “unquestionable submission”, I think the only person we owe that unquestionable submission is God because he is “Omni scient”. Man is full of faults and must be corrected.

  • Goodness Rex

    Actually, we are to speak against evil when we see it but in love and respect. We shouldn’t be rude and vulgar in our use of words because they are still our leaders whether we like it or not

  • Agena Yimase

    . Leaders need to be criticised when they do wrong, not the destructive criticism though. Like mentioned in the story, leaders are also human and fallible. Plus the leaders are there to serve us so when we feel like they are not doing it right,we have every right to speak out, so YES TO CRITICISM!

    • Onyeka Stanley

      No one is sacred in the face of corrections and criticisms. If small Paul can criticize almighty Peter just because he feels that Peter is being hypocritical, what about our leaders and fellow brethren? The outbursts and reactions is quite understandable given the state of things in our country. But, I think the word “attack” is quite broad and involves a range of meanings. Personally, I think we should stick with constructive criticism, the problem starts brewing when the person being criticized doesn’t wants to take corrections.

  • Anorue John-Daniel Kelechi

    Mistakes are sure to come, even the Holy Father Pope Francis is sure to err in some ways. As Christians, we ought to point these flaws out and make corrections in love and not to destroy or ridicule. And leaders should be set to take all kinds of comments, good or bad.

  • yes when we respect those above us we respect GOD by extension because he is the one that put them over us to lead us, but that does not mean that we should keep quiet while the people are suffering all because we are respecting those in authority, we need to speak up. Take for instance the present situation in our country, people are suffering and dieing everyday, no food no water no jobs no good infrastructure, this is not good work of our government, in fact i am going to complain and criticize them now.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! You are very funny, Henry! Go ahead but remember to avoid coarse language. You are blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Urama Emmanuel

    We as Christian should try and know what the scripture says… One of our contemporary problem is believing in everything being preached by all this men of God without going back to verify what actually the scripture says….the truth remains that most of this so called men of God are now political, some do collect money from those wicked politician and then preach to their favour….. We should therefore try and know what the scripture says and not just following the crowds sheepshily.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I doubt that that is the case here although for less scrupulous pastors, it is possible. Bless you!

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    Even leaders make mistakes too,we should be careful when replying or talking about those above us so as not to go against our faith,but we should at the same time speak up when things arent done the right way

  • Ukpai-uma Lucy

    It is obvious that some Christians follow blindly anything said especially by their leaders in church all in the name of “it is the will of God” or ” Hahh! He is the man of God”. When God is never part of it. Just very few think outside the box. Just very few know and practically understand the scripture. And yes as Christians bearing the image of Christ, we should give constructive criticisms in expressing our feeling because we are still on earth and in flesh. So we still can get hurt. Not only comforting ourselves with worship and depending on God, our Father. Thanks

  • Cynthia Ugwuoke

    i believe With criticism comes accountability, and the good leaders there take that head on. If you put yourself out there, be prepared to be criticized and then held accountable.

  • Okoro Nneoma

    Our leaders are supposed to serve just like in the example Jesus set during the “washing of feet” ceremony, therefore, when the followers make criticisms and oppose their wrongdoings, they are to look into it and make corrections and not try to stop them because of the power and authority they possess. An eye opener. That we don’t have to take everything our leaders say hook-line and sinker, it is necessary to have a mind of your own.

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    I don’t know if am right but to start with not all that claim to be in authority are from God, even some pastors, so we should just sit and watch while things go wrong in our churches and country, even though some people might abuse the power of criticism but criticism remains the tool through which people, government leardes in general get to know that their decisions somethings or their conducts are not accepted or that they are making mistakes that they need to own assertion is that anything anybody is doing let the person do it right * ma I like the word you used constructive criticism* we can’t just sit down and watch while people deceive and oppress us with “authority” thanks for this post ma

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    Most leaders are factually not ordained by God…. By their fruits you shall know them.?
    I’m not politically inclined but I know the difference between my right hand and left hand.
    From my little knowledge of the Bible, in the book of 1samuel, King Saul was a bad leader and due to that fact, his subjects lamented to God about him and he was blotted out by God and replaced with a man after God’s heart,as the Bible described.
    We shouldn’t take the wrong doings of our leaders into our hands and fight them, but rather pray and allow God’s will to prevail.

  • Levi ifeanyi

    We should not talk bad of our leaders because they are God’s anointed. But that will not prevent us from speaking when it deems fit…that’s constructive criticism. By doing so, those in authority that is our leaders will know their flaws and correct them. So, as Christians, we should always pray for those in authority for being humans, they can be fallible.

  • Nweke Ujunwa Linda

    Do not attack leaders by Kumuyi: I believe he was preaching from Christian perspective.
    Meanwhile, attack/criticism is very natural to human Society, peaceful and constructive attack is welcomed anywhere, it helps both the ruling and ruled to balance uneven lopsided society/nation
    Then, from my own view, attacking the leaders intelligently with good constructive criticism does not make one a bad Christian.
    Come to think of a country like Nigeria, where the riche maintain their path and the poor has no hope.
    This present administration worth massive constructive attack from all nooks and crannies.

  • Grace Ugwuaneke

    Seriously……..christians should be reasonable enough not to be pushed around.for crying out loud, we can weigh things and read what the bible says and obey it. No matter how you obey the higher authorities, you are not a baby to put your hand inside fire even when you know you will get burnt.
    At the same time we have the freedom of speech, when things are going wrong in the society,it is our right to air our skin pain.

  • I stand with you on this ma
    We re all humans and are prone to making mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, we shouldn’t just believe everything said to us by our leaders/pastors and adare to them without being reasonable enough to know whether they are wrong or right… For me no one is perfect and since no one is perfect, no one is above correction aswell.

  • Nwosu Victoria

    i am going to have to agree with you on this ma. the idea is not to condemn, insult or attack those in authority. however, no one is perfect or above errors, certainly not our leaders, and we can not fold our arms and watch things go wrong in the name of not attacking our leaders. it is not just us trying to cause a change in negative actions of the government but also our right to voice out when we feel they are obviously going wrong. therefore, the idea is to voice out our opinions,with love and kindness of heart.not hate and evil intentions. great piece aunty.

  • Chukwuma Wilfred

    No one is above mistake and as such, should be corrected through well constructed and diplomatic measures (constructive criticism, just as you noted Ma). Leaders are still humans, ‘fallible’ and are also bound to mistake (just as human nature is), hence they need to be corrected using constructive criticism, which is basically aimed at correction and amendment of such mistakes. However, how can the world be a better place without such corrections? More so, I believe in every ‘attack’, what matters is the content of the speech or writing and thus, it should be correction, constructive and diplomatic construed and pray for God’s intervention (just as your write-ups incorporate). God bless you Ma for the means you addressed this issue.

    • ugwu Ozioma joy

      I actually think democracy gave/gives room for constructive criticism…I might be wrong tho,but then criticism is important…i just hope God will help us do it in more peaceful and calm way


    Wow, am blessed and overwhelmed by this post. You know the problem of Christianity these days, is that their fight of faith had generated from defending the faith to defending their churches, once you point out something wrong in a particular act, they will quote for you that the Bible said that “you should not judge”, forgetting that the men of God are still humans and are bound to mistake. The Bible said in Psalm 125:3, that the evil will not always rule the land of righteous so that the righteous will not also turn evil, if people are to adhere to such teaching of kumuyi, these evil men will keep on perpetrating evil and the righteous will thereby be tempted to do evil. Thank God that we still have sensitive and rational Christians who look before they leap.

  • Anytime i try to criticize the leaders , i find out that it of no use because some of them don’t even get to see it even if they do they don’t even change anyways. no man is perfect that’s why we should always go back to check what we are being taught esp in the church, i believe with the help of the holy spirit, we will get the right interpretation. Most times constructive criticism could be misinterpreted so we should always be careful while doing that.
    bless up ma, always opening our eyes to see and learn.

  • Ezeh Chimezie Amos

    I believe anyone in any leadership post must have prepared their mind to accept criticism. This is because everyone will not always accept your view on issues. But then, I also think that the criticism should not be done to ridicule the leader rather it should be to correct.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    Indeed just like the man of God said, respect should be given to leaders but just like you pointed out MA, constructive criticism is also very important because it helps to point out the errors or mistakes of the leaders and builds up the society. The most important points being to sieve out the words used on leaders to ensure it doesn’t not provoke violence or become insultive.

  • Ojukwu Mmesoma Favour

    I totally agree with this post. Respect should be given to everyone, both young and old; but that doesn’t stop us from criticism. Criticising those in power is not wrong, because it points out their right and wrong doings which will help them to be conscious of their actions; especially when done without being insulting or violent. Being disrespectful is one of the things a Christian should totally avoid.

  • Emmanuel Steve Sunny

    However pure Kumuyi’s intentions may have been, in respect to elected leaders, I believe that when a leader is courting, aiding or abetting evil in high and low places, the citizens who sent him there have a responsibility to point it out. Just like the Igbo’s say, when a god gets to powerful, we show it the tree from which it was carved.
    Citizens reserve the right to speak their reservations about a government with words of prayer for spiritual backup.

  • Ogidi Gift Uzoma

    One problem with we Christians is that we don’t study the word for ourselves. We just accept whatever we hear hook, line and sinker as far as a bible quotation is attached to it.
    This is wrong because as Christians we have to have a personal knowledge and relationship with God. When 90% of Christians know God personally, gullibility in the christian dorm will reduce.
    Thank you ma for this wonderful piece
    God bless you.

  • Pastor Kumuyi is right in his admonition the Bible said we should respect our leaders but the same Bible teaches us about speaking the truth. I believe that we should hold our leaders accountable for their activities especially as mass communicator but we should do so with love without forgetting that they are placed ahead of us to lead us in whatever position they acquire. Criticism is not bad it’s our manner of approach that makes it bad. May the lord help us to do the right thing at all times

  • Irawaji Itongikunyiowaji Praise

    The leadership of the day is something we should respect regardless of short comings as nothing happens without God willing it. Corrections should be made with love not to tarnish the image of the leader.


    That they are Leaders do not mean they are above mistakes and as such above chastising, criticism and correction. This is exactly what makes them feel they are not subject/ accountable to us, the led. Christians are continuously admonished to speak the truth always and since the system of government is democratic where power is of the people and not the other way round, we shouldn’t sit back and act as blind, deaf and oblivious to what’s going on presently in Nigeria. Although, like Aunty said, constructive criticism among others is better advised.


    That they are Leaders do not mean they are above mistakes and as such above chastising, criticism and correction. This is exactly what makes them feel they are not subject/ accountable to us, the led. Christians are continuously admonished to speak the truth always and since the system of government is democratic where power is of the people and not the other way round, we shouldn’t sit back and act as blind, deaf and oblivious to what’s going on presently in Nigeria. Although, like Aunty said, constructive criticism is better advised.

  • Okonkwo Goodness Chiamaka

    We should be mindful on how we talk bad about people. I concur with pastor kumuyi on this. Nigerians should please respect their leaders and admonish them in love.

  • I believe that the government and our leaders are not coded machines that are 100 percent efficient. That is why there is a system of checks and balances in order to ensure at least a certain level of efficiency. I’m totally not against the Man of God but there should be peaceful criticisms of our leaders so that they will be mindful of the fact that we the citizens are not manikins that just sit and take in whatever we are served. That is my say on this matter Aunty.

    • Oguamanam Favour Adaeze

      No one is perfect, if Christians are to criticize anyone atall, then it should be done constructively and not distructively. Thank you

  • Ijoma Chisom Jessica

    Really this is a very sensitive issue because it has to do with both a “spiritual leader and politically constituted leaders” and God demands our due respect to them, nevertheless, Jesus Christ who is our ultimate example in different passages of the Bible challenged the Jewish leaders who were both religious and political leaders but He did it with wisdom… I appreciate this post. Criticising leadership is an inevitable part of democracy the only challenge is that democracy in Nigeria is just in words. Also the entire stuff concerning Pst. Kumiyi is just a prove that Man no matter who is limited in knowledge, it takes humility to accept that one made a mistake as a preacher as seen in the case of Ma. Joyce Mayer and co. We must never fail to pray for our spiritual and political leaders, no matter what!!!

  • Euniprecious

    This write up seems to be one sided because Pastor Kumuyi seems to be siding the government, but for we christians we have to know our stand by using the word of God as our backbone because Pastors or men of God are also human they say thing based o their own perspective but that does not make them right. Some of this so called Pastor are political in disguise and and and some are not but just preaching or write based on the way they understand and the way they think thing could be done right. But in this writeup, if the governed does not criticize the government that they are part of, how can there be change and good government? , it is through criticism that the Leaders get to know their flaws and how to make a change even though many do go extra mile attacking government, so Leadership been human and fallible, need to be held accountable through criticism so citizens need to hold their feet on the so called Leaders and government to enables them represent them well although in a mature and polite manner. Thank you.

  • Immanuella Uwa

    We should not talk bad of our leaders because whether we acknowledge it or not, they are God’s anointed. That should not prevent us from speaking up when it is necessary. Do not neglect your rights to freedom of speech but do so in a Godly manner, that’s constructive criticism. By doing so,those in power know their flaws and correct them. As Christians, we should always pray for those in authority, they are humans and they are far from perfect

  • Favour Nnaemeka

    In a world where words are easily misinterpreted, I feel that Pastor Kumuyi should have constructed his speech more carefully. I personally don’t believe he actually doesn’t want people to criticize the government even with the way things currently are in the country, but if he actually meant that, then it’s a shame.
    Constructive criticism helps to keep the government on their toes and even God knows Nigeria needs that now more than ever.

  • Izuogu, Ozioma Precious

    Respecting our leaders, should be our obligation. Critizing is good but what matters is the manner that’s how we put it! Leaders are made to lead us, and we are made to respect them.

  • Seriously ma, you’re right when you said man is not perfect. I believe Pastor Kumuyi meant to admonition Christians to shun verbal abuse of the leaders, not actually to flee from correcting them whenever they err. But, supposing, we attack, or correct them and there still remains no trace of change in their affairs, what then do we do? That brings in the efficacy of prayer.

  • Ebenezer

    It’s actually right for every citizen of a society to be obligated in being obedient to the leaders in high authority, even our religious holy book charge us to do, but it’s never wrong to call to order respectful even you see that the leaders in high authority are making decision which is not expected of them, this act will help the society and also the leaders to rule legitimately, we should never forget to pray for our leaders that’s very important. Thank you

  • Ajibe Chinonye

    I think pastor kumuyi wants to pass out a message but he chose the wrong wrong words and it came out wrongly.In a country where there is constant killing, starvation,flooding,there are bounds of criticism,attacks on the government.He shouldn’t just point fingers to the people.Instead of clamoring for respect of authority,he should use his power to make a change or help the masses!!!!!

  • Okoye Chilotam Annabel

    So many realistic points in this write-up. Let me just say that the grace of God is highly required in this our christain journey so as not to be misled by the leadership of Christain community.
    Come to think of it,many times this our religious cum spiritual leaders act in the same way with political leaders. That’s why they use money meant for the church to establish universities and colleges that can only be afforded by the rich. They gone on to buy expensive ride without considering some of their members who cannot feed two times daily. The only difference between them and politicians is that they preach on the pulpit. They don’t expect you to criticize the political leaders cos they’re the same.
    I just wish they will come across this write-up so that those with good conscience will think again. We are no longer in the dark ages.

  • njoga izuchukwu

    There is need for us to read the scriptures and pray that the Holy Spirit should interpret those words of God to us in other not to spread heresies to people. Heresies are human wisdom inspired. Living word of God is Holy Spirit inspired. I pray that the Holy spirit will help me to understand the mind of God which is instituted in the scripture.
    The fact that you are a leader doesn’t put you above mistakes….this immunity clause should be stopped. We should point out to our leaders when they are wrong in a respectful manner though.

  • Ebe John Chimuanya

    With the state of affairs in Nigeria at the moment,I think the best way to get government attention is through our out cry over issues that are of national and domestic interest to the masses. Thus,I believe in constructive criticism of any government individual or organization. This is because it propels the body involved to have a rethink over his decision and see if it’s for the greater good of the people or the society. The pastor’s stand on this issue can be a two-way thing. If it is to avoid negative criticism of the government,it is good but if it is not to criticize them at all even constructively, then it’s a shame.

  • Kenneth Onah

    This is one of the major problems we face today as Christians, WRONG INTERPRETATION OF THE SCRIPTURES.
    Who says criticism is not #Christlike..? How then do people get to know of their flaws, especially as leaders?

  • Otti Augusta

    The system which we practice actually made a provision for criticisms (the constitution). So, the problem is not with criticisms but the manner in which we make those criticisms and as you rightly stated, we should not be vulgar or violent in criticizing authorities.

    I love your respons ma.

  • Okemiri Ifunanya Diana

    The truth is that we must talk about our leaders no matter what, even if they do good to us but talking about them in a negative way is bad, although sometimes when we don’t talk about something the person doing whatever that we think is wrong will continue to do it, the best thing is to collect the best of everything that you are taught and leave the evil one and also pray that the holy spirit direct you to make the right decision.

  • Ugwuda mathew

    I believe that every word that come out of the mouth of a Man of God is directed by the spirit of God. He choose the wrong words and time tho.

  • Chigbu Pamela Chinwoke

    People should learn to be respectful to those in authority whether it is related to government power,church, etc. You never know where that would lead you in the future but that does not mean that we should not publicly talk when things are done in the wrong way. Of course,we are all entitled to freedom of speech but while doing so,we should address the situation in a pleasant manner in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Happiness ChiZy

    This is an eye opener for every believer especially in Africa ..
    Africans so much idolize it’s religious leaders.. In Africa, any word that comes out of the mouth of a clergy is taken in hook and pin forgetting that anybody can interpret the Bible in any manner to suit their personal convictions….
    I must also commend the respectful manner with which you make your criticism….

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    This is so insightful. The one that threw me off balance is the devil box. Just imagine.
    So, no information and entertainment.
    Indeed, this spiritual leaders are humans and are also bound to make mistakes. The best is to sieve out what we know is right and stick to it.

    There is actually one thing that is also bothering me till today. It is a bit related to this. Why do Jehovah witness not allow blood transfusions even at the brink of death! It’s really worrisome.

    Asides that, some messages just need filtering in order not to be misled by doctrines not related in anyway to the Bible.

  • Awaka vivian

    Even has Christ has told us to obey all constituted authorities on earth,it possibly do not mean we can’t correct their mistakes,by our writings and calling out to them, but all thesame not with hate speeches.

  • Essien, Anietie Archibong

    Personally, I agree with you to an extent
    We can address our leaders (religious or political) when they go wrong, but you know Nigerians we abuse the right to “criticize “ like you said there is destructive and constructive criticism. Most Nigerians especially the uneducated use destructive criticism and are not aware of the harmful effect the cause to their readers and listens also to the person being criticized.
    Leaders are humans too, they have emotions too
    I feel his sermon focused on destructive criticism

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    I strongly agree with yiu aunty Edith. There is great difference between constructive and destructive criticism . Nigerians should learn the act of criticising constructively. Also, we as citizens also have the right to question and disagree with the government due to the type of system of government we operate. It is because if us they are there and when they fail to do the right thing,we must speak up. Lastly, church leaders too are not out of receiving constructive criticism and questions. After all, if Jesus our lord was questioned and disagreed with by many, who are they to avoid such process?

  • well, every individual is entitled to their various opinion, in this view, we should obey constituted authorities and also leaders, but should critise them on their activities. moreover, in this process, God should be first. Pastor kumuyi aired his view but with the wrong choice of word.

  • Eze chinyere

    Pointing out areas where a government/leader has done wrong is not a bad thing. What matters is the approach or manner in which we do this. After all, Nigeria practices democracy and so should give people an avenue to express their views(in decent language). Even the scripture calls us to speak against evil.
    We should also study God’s word and be conscious of false teachings.

  • Orisakwe Ezinne

    We are all humans and therefore are bound to make mistakes… Saying that we should not attack our leaders etc and should respect what ever they say is very wrong.
    Supposing his sinior pastor in the church does something he is not supposed to,or embezzles the church money, do he mean to say that he would keep quiet and let it be without asking questions?

  • Ezeh Blessing

    That nobody is perfect doesn’t mean that we should shun the bad doings of men because they are leaders. If we should fold our hands and keep quiet it will most likely make them more despotic and autocratic. For example in the bible it was because the people cried to God that He lifted the leadership of Israel from king saul to David. This write up is an eye opener to everyone on the best way of correcting the errors of our leaders constructively. I pray for more wisdom ma

  • Gabriel Chinasa

    Like the apostles we should be ready and bold to speak against evil doing no matter who is involved in the act but we should also do it with love.

  • Gabriel Chinasa

    As Christians we should be bold and ready at all times to rebuke evil action irrespective of those involved but we should do it with love.

  • Chukwuneke adaeze jennifer

    I don’t like listening to all these pastors based on my own reasons our leaders are I’ll treating us not caring about the masses and he is advising us not to attack the leaders not withstanding the fact that some of these new age pastors are into politics and uses the church to make political campaigns for their parties in which they are secretly involved in.

  • Njoku Chineme

    I believe that whatever the problem is with the government should be stated and not ignored by the people including religious leaders. For sure it is stated that we should respect those in power but when we see something going in a wrong direction, we should not ignore it ,especially Nigeria being the case study. Personally i feel
    the pastor is either trying to defend the government or trying to make peace!!!

  • Anyasor Emmanuel Gerald

    You’re a genius in the making ma!
    Before i pen down my submission to this I’d love to say that the previous teaching the deeper life bible church had on watching television was really absurd!
    Indeed, followership should be granted to leaders, but adopting a blind approach to followership is indeed out of the option!

  • Jane Anthony

    Christians most times confuse obedience with intellectual slavery. This is to say that certain Christians swallow, hook line and sinker all the teachings dished out to them by pastors and religious leaders without even questioning or rather making sure it tallies with the provisions of the Bible!

  • Abasiofon

    As christians, we should be careful of the way we criticize. Meanwhile destructive criticism does not add any value. Learn to differentiate between constructive and destructive criticism when we want to criticize. The doctrines of deeper life has never been my thing. Even though some say we misunderstand them, I say they misunderstand the way thing ought to be to an extent

  • Eunice

    In as much as we should respect our leaders, we should also call them back to order when they are going the wrong way and That should be done with love. Nice one ma

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    constructive criticism , i have learnt that one from you and will try to apply it in my reasonning , but the part that got my full attention is the story of the television (the devils box)
    you see this thing of going back to reread what the pastor has said to be sure if its in line with what God is saying , i will say that ,todays Christians,its laziness that will kill us …some of us are too lazy to even read the bible on our own not to talk of coming to read it after church services ,i must confess that am like this ma, but after reading that story ,wow, who knows how many lies i have swallowed without proper research
    i will try to always go back to my bible and my God to hear him by his voice help me God…
    thank you ma

  • Obi-keguna Ebele Princess

    it is very wrong to kick against constructive criticism just as the bible shouldn’t be quoted and explained out of context our church leaders too are not out of receiving constructive criticism Jesus was questioned and disagreed with then why should the present religious leaders be against it

  • Arthur Ukaga

    As a Christian I have a duty to respect authority, but as a citizen, I have a duty to air out my opinion to make my nation better even if it boils down to constructive or at the very least destructive criticism. I don’t believe in rolling over so that we would be treated however another person deems fit. I also don’t support the teachings of pastor Kumuyi as he generalizes the concept of criticism, opinion and physical reaction under ‘attack’.

  • Obi-eze Adaobi

    We should learn to always pray to God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we will get to know deeply what is true and what is not true.

  • Mbam Patrick c.

    Outlining areas where a leader is not doing well is not really bad, but the way you approach the corrections that’s what really matters. There is always the right way of doing things.The way people speak of the present government is not encouraging. Every now and again, you hear people cursing the should always know that the work is not quite easy. So mind the way you approach people in correcting them

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    As, Christians,God has made us watch men,if we become complacent about evil. God will demand an account from us. It’s evil to watch things go wrong as Christians. It is wrong for a man of Pastor Kumuyi’s magnitude to make such submission. That teaching is erroneous and fallacious and should be discarded. How should we not question the lopsided style of Buhari’s govt, where the three key positions in the country are headed by the core North, the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary.

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    As, Christians,God has made us watch men. However,if we become complacent about evil, God will demand an account from us. It’s evil to watch things go wrong as Christians. It’s wrong for a man of Pastor Kumuyi’s magnitude to make such submission. That teaching is erroneous and inappropriate,and should be discarded. How should we not question the lopsided style of Buhari’s govt, where the three key positions in the country are being headed by the core North, the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. How is the federal character being reflected in this kind government?

  • Daniel Chukwuemeka Madu

    Although what he said sounds a bit too extreem, I also think I understand what point he is trying to pass across. If every christain resorts to criticising and condemning every act of the government, surely they will loose focus of the real goal of looking up to the heavens where help comes from. While we as Christians must be enlightened in how the government is run, we should not all delve in the area of criticism all the time. Let the critics criticize, let the Christians pray. Thank you ma for this platform

  • Edeh Chinaza Jennifer

    It’s not right or fair to be lax when we see our leaders going the wrong way. We can correct them but let us be mindful of our choice of words and also conscious of their preferences. I stand to be corrected but I think pastor kumuyi meant no harm.

  • Igboamalu oluchi vivian

    As leaders they work under constituted authority and as such are also humans they do not see everything all at the same time so we should be supportive as those being led by praying for and obeying those leading us we should as responsible citizens encourage them for the progress of our country.

  • Chisomebi Iroezindu

    I used to be a bit confused when I come across Papa Kumuyi’s anchor scripture. Torn between obeying God’s word by not speaking against authorities and actually standing for what is right. But I’ve come to learn that scripture meant to apply a certain degree of censorship while addressing authorities but the truth should not be covered up because for the govt to do better, their faults need to be pointed out and a better society can be welcomed. Thank you ma for making this clear.

  • Happiness Chizy

    This matter always bring up so much disturbance in conversations. Personally, I don’t think we should follow religious leaders blindly, many people don’t think so though. “my pastor said we shouldn’t eat this or watch that”. If there’s no reasonable reason to do something, I won’t do it because some pastor just said so

  • Nnamani chizoba

    We need to first of all take this situation to God in prayer us as a country. We Nigerian have to learn to give respect to in authority because God placed them there

  • Ezeh Blessing

    As no body is perfect, we all have different perceptions about life and life events. Perhaps, Pastor Kumuyi didn’t mean to suggest that Christian abstain from passing correction to the leaders when they go wrong. It could be to dissuade them from any form of rebellion or physical fight against the government…

  • Nnabuihe Victoria

    I mean no offence but i want to sincerely state that a cleric should not decide the fate of the suffering and Vexed Nigerian populace by saying that they should not criticize any leader in power. Reason being that criticism is the only viable instrument of democracy the poor masses can use to rent their anger over their deplorable and devastating state of the Nigeria economy and the lively hood of the Nigerian citizens.

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    Even Christ did well to admonish and rebuke the leaders in his days for there wrongdoings. I believe he wants us to do the same. Leaders are humans and must be held accountable for their actions and services towards the masses. It’s such things as criticism that makes them know when they’re getting it right or wrong.

  • Onoyima Juliet

    I agree with you ma, i think that criticism is what points the government to the wrong that they do. Moreover it is our right to speak out, i understand the point the Man of God is trying to make, but also respect should be rightly allocated to all. At variousvarious levels we should respect people but also point them rightly to their mistakes so it doesnt happen again.

  • Nwabuike onyinyechi

    I don’t even ascribe to people attacking leaders especially men of God, I believe if a man of God come to the church and decide to miss lead the congregation, it’s up to you to believe or not and just let God handle his case. Like she said in the write up, it will be a lot better to adhere to constructive criticism which is a vision of hope and progress rather than the destructive criticism.

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Democracy equals accountability. Leaders should be held accountable not abused. We should seek to correct and not destroy with our criticisms. They may not always get it right, but the congregation and citizenry too will not get it right by trying to pull them down. Stand for the truth always.

  • Anita amadi

    Everyone is free to speak their mind. So I won’t hate the pastor for his sermon. Also remember that humans differ not just in look but thought. My opinion over an issue may not correspond with another. However, I think adhereance to that sermon will make matters worse in the country.
    Without criticism our leaders are capable of doing worse than they have done already.

  • Ezema Uchechukwu

    Very very True…In as much as we have high expectations of our Leaders, we shouldn’t always attack them because they’re human beings and are fallible. The Bible tells us that;.
    James 5:16; Elijah was a man subject to Like passions…
    I also support your opinion on Constructive Criticism. Most of the times, we need to use criticism to keep our Leaders in check

  • Ogechukwu ukwuani Cynthia

    Everyone deserves correction
    Tho Nicely
    So, i think it is good to correct our leaders when they go wrong
    because we are human and no one is above mistake expect God and that’s what make us imperfect.

  • Idam Joy Ogwu

    Constructive criticism is not totally wrong but the truth is that nobody on earth is totally perfect, we are made perfect in Christ, inasmuch as we want to constructively criticize Our leaders we have to also be on our knees praying for them, in our world today once a word leaves the mouth of the speaker people tend to pick it and twist it their own way, the Bible warns Christians to be quick to hear and slow to speak this is so because most people criticize not for the well being of others but in order to ridicule them and make a mess of them in public, let us constructively criticize because we want change and not because we want to rein the life of others, let the correction be done in love. Thank you ma for the post

  • Chukwu Stella

    there is need for us to read the scriptures and pray that the Holy Spirit should interpret those words of God to us in other not to spread heresies to people. Heresies are human wisdom inspired. Living word of God is Holy Spirit inspired. I pray that the Holy spirit will help me to understand the mind of God which is instituted in the scripture.We as Christians should rely on the bible, not on men of God. We shouldn’t listen to them without going back to search the scriptures. I am saying thatThe bible shouldn’t be quoted and explained out of context, we must respect our leaders in whatever sphere but we mustn’t fail to correct them (without insults, decently) when they are wrong.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    I am happy MA,that you deemed it fit to talk on this topic, it’s true that humans are rational creatures and can think for themselves but we find that in Africa especially Nigeria people find it hard to speak out when their Pastor or Rev. Father says something that is not right, they choose to swallow everything and anything hook line and sinker. I am happy that not as many as would have thought that giving constructive criticism was a sin would still think so. Thank God for scriptures ,for when we are about to be deceived he speaks to us. God bless you ma.


    this post is an eye opener. in our stance as Christians it is good we respect the authorities above us, but that shouldn’t mean we take everything they throw at us hook, line and sinker. even considering the state of our beloved country nigeria, we should clearly and graciously speak up when it is not in our favour. it should be term public opinion. these are the ones at the receiving end of a corrupt and ill placed government. we should therefore cautiously criticize with love, as they also are humans

  • Adebanjo Adenike Rebecca

    The way the obejection to the sermon by Pastor Kumuyi was made without words of disrespect deserves accolades. Many a time we gave taken Christianity being a “lamb” to be docile in nature. Christian innoncence should be in the sense that we use the word of God as it is written in whole and not disparily.

  • Ajah Ugochi Agnes

    Firstly, we are humans, and humans are deemed to make mistakes no matter how powerful and intelligent we are. “Sometimes, criticisms help to nip wrong policies in the bud or lead to the abrogation of active ones to prevent the people from suffering their negative consequences”. I agree with this, you hear people say “i am open to criticism”. How do people learn when they are not open to criticism? Our leaders are human, in as much as we need to respect them just as the Bible state, we need to also understand that, we help them rule us right when we speak up and tell them their fault. One should also learn to correct with love.

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    Our leaders are human, Yes, we need to respect them as the Bible states, we need to also understand that, we help them rule us right when we speak up and tell them their faults. I believe we are human and no one is above mistake except God. so in our own little way stating out the faults of our leaders without making them look bad will only make them feel loved and valued and make them want to correct their mistakes.

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    Even Jesus in the bible criticized leaders but with love.No body is above criticism as far as it is helpful.A leader should even be more open to criticism than any other person because the responsibilities they perform are too much and only helpful criticism can make them know when they are performing or not.Note,my emphasis is on helpful criticism not destructive.Thank you

  • Ndukwe Akwara

    Being a Christian does not mean that you should not call a spear a spear ,when a leader is going astray, it is the job of a child of God to call him to order but it should be done in love.

  • In as much as we are supposed to give honour to those in higher authorities, we must not submit to evil authority. We must let them know when they are derailing from the right track just like my lecturer said, we must say the truth in love. I learnt that we should always give constructive criticism and not destructive ones
    Thank you ma

  • In as much as we are supposed to give honour to those in higher authority, we must not submit to evil authority. We must let them know when they are derailing from the right track just like my lecturer said, “we must say the truth in love”.
    I learnt that we should always give constructive criticism and not destructive ones
    Thank you ma

  • In as much as we are supposed to give honour to those in higher authority, we must not submit to evil authority. We must let them know when they are derailing from the right track but in love just like my lecturer said, “we must say the truth in love”.
    I learnt that we should always give constructive criticism and not destructive ones
    Thank you ma

  • deborah sambo

    There is a great difference between correction and disrespect.
    A leader can be doing something bad and can be corrected by someone else, even a person who is lower in position than him or her, but I believe that such corrections are not to be done disrespectfully

  • Udegbulam Favour Oluchi

    I’ve always learnt how to avoid criticizing leaders, once i don’t know how a situation came about, i tend not give false remarks on it.

  • Ntiwunka Chiamaka

    In as much as we have to respect constituted authority, christians are called to speak the truth and not to condone evil.

  • Eze Esther Nzubechukwu

    Nice one
    Nobody is too big to be corrected in the right way.
    Constructive criticism should be used to correct anyone doing the wrong thing.

  • Ugwu Somtochukwu

    Thank you Ma for this post. Just as you rightly said, nobody is above mistakes. We as Christians should correct each other with love and diplomacy. We should also avoid the use of insultive words and disrespectful statements during the course of trying to get each other back on track.

  • Alaedu Chioma Gloria

    No doubt we have to honour those in higher authority but as a Christian we also call them to order when they go astray .

  • Men of God and leaders are humans too and they are prone to mistakes. If one must criticize them, it shouldn’t be done aggressively but rather privately in a respectful manner

  • Odumuko Oluchukwu Victoria

    This article is deep and insightful.
    Indeed the word of God should be read in context.

  • pastor kumuyi is speaking according to what he thinks is right. it’s true we are not meant to ridicule our leaders or the Constitution authorities but the same bible also teaches us to tell the truth, call black; black and white; white . telling citizens not to correct their leaders when they are wrong , just like telling a child not to correct their parents when they wrong . even Jesus reprimanded the constituted authorities during his time

  • Nwatu Vera Chisom

    The best way to address issues like this as Christians is to call out those in higher authority using CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM just as you stated, whether in the country or in any organization. Leaders are not allowed to misbehave just because they are above others, these people actually elected them and put them in that position so they have every right to point out their errors and mistakes.

  • David Nneka

    I believe that when we air our opinions is not to criticize the government, but to correct them so as to carry out their duty more effectively. Though sometimes some people go over board.

  • Mercy Nnenna Otisi

    Personally I believe that constant criticism is what stabilizes a society, if the flaws of the leaders and not criticized then how will they be singled out and corrected?
    Criticism of the wrong actions of these leaders is what makes way for change and progress in a society.

  • Ojobo somtochukwu praise

    No one is perfect and above correction, that including our leaders both spiritual leaders. Attacking is not necessary the right option as everyone thinks from a different perspective but at the same time not all sermons are right therefore a confrontation could be made.

  • Whenever we talk about the happenings been done in the country we are not criticizing the government, public opinion is a means whereby the government can know that the citizens are not happy about what is going on in the country. Nobody is perfect we all need to be corrected but we should also not attack our leader despite their wrong doing because two wrong can not make any right. Attack them in the sense of a violence protest because it will hurt our nation. Pastor Kumuyi has spoken on what he feels is right some might say he is right some might disagree with him. Even if we must criticize the government it should not be done in an aggressive manner. Wonderful post ma.

  • Samson Alabi

    The fact that a pastor or a man of God said so doesn’t mean we all should adhere, we all have our spiritual heads, and I see nothing wrong in pointing out the wrong that Any political leader is doing either normally or spiritually.

  • Adiele Onyedikachi

    Sometimes people follow what their leaders say without investigation or a mind of their own, people also go to the extreme a lot in their preachings. If we don’t criticize the leaders how would they know that what they are doing doesn’t sit well with us.

  • Emeka Richard chibuike

    In my View: it is also important to note that as citizens its our duties to constuctively criticise leaders sermon for only that way they know their flaws and make amendments.

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