Sochi gave special care to cleaning her room at Emekuku, Owerri that Saturday morning. It had been three weeks since her NYSC passing out parade and she was back at the lodge where she spent her undergraduate days. She had sublet it to another girl while she did her service in Ibadan.

Why did she not remain in Ibadan or go on to Lagos? She wanted to be close to her widowed mum at Mbieri. She had no job yet, but she was hopeful that something would turn up soon. Agric. Extension workers were needed to help the federal and state governments build the capacity of local farmers for more efficient cultivation and storage practices and to boost livestock farming. In the meantime, she had begged her landlady to permit her the use of the small portion of land at the right side of the compound to run a nursery where she would tend and sell flowering plants. “But I may not have to do that if everything goes well today,” she dreamed.

She put up new yellow cotton blinds on the wooden windows, spread a new mauve-coloured bed sheet on her 8-spring mattress. She wore one of her Sunday outfits- an Ankara caftan with matching scarf and borrowed two extra plastic chairs from her landlady for her prospective visitors.

She was really looking forward to the meeting that lay ahead. It could change everything for her. And for her struggling mum, a pretty trader with three children to cater for.

Presently, she heard a car pull up in front of their compound. The house was a single row of rooms and hers was at the far right end, so she could see the SUV that arrived. She came to the front corridor that ran the length of the rooms and caught the attention of her pastor as he alighted from the passenger side. The driver was a slight, bespectacled man, to whom Sochi took an instant dislike. She found her strong initial reaction to him curious. He stood at about an inch or two less than 5 ft. (which wasn’t the issue as she was only 5 ft. 2” herself).

But she beamed a welcoming smile, went to receive the gentlemen and carry her pastor’s Bible. She curtseyed and shook hands with the pastor, who introduced her to the fellow with him.

“This is Dr. Onwuegbule, the brother I told you about. Doc, meet my beloved daughter in the Lord, Sister Sochima.”

Sochi shook hands with the doctor and they said, “Pleased to meet you,” to each other. She then invited the guests to her room, where she presented them with crackers, digestives and malt drinks.

After a short prayer in which Pastor Iweka asked God to prosper their visit, the short doctor dominated the conversation while they ate. He talked about his medical school days in Scotland and his residency training in Ireland. He spoke of his ministry with the Salvation Army in the UK and in Nigeria. He underscored the importance of his work as an eye surgeon and described how busy he was as a consultant with his own practice.

Pastor Iweka was forced to listen to what Sochi felt pretty sure he had heard many times before since he had said the dear doctor was his close friend. Once she realised he wasn’t going to ask to know more about her, Sochi feigned interest and inserted well-timed questions that kept the garrulous doctor going for the better part of three hours. Not once did he address the purpose of his visit. Did he, perhaps, reckon it was settled, Sochi wondered.


When Pastor Iweka reminded him he would be driving back to Aba that day, Dr. Onwuegbule stood up to leave, gave Sochi his card and by sheer insistence, obtained a promise from her that she would come to see him soon at Aba.
While he was trying to extract that promise, he took a closer look at a cork board on the wall where Sochi pinned cards and pictures. He took an old 5 × 7 portrait picture of her from the board and although she wailed that she loved that picture so much and had no other copy of it, he absolutely refused to pin it back. Even her offer to find him another picture could not dissuade him. He said it was the best depiction of her and he absolutely must have it. That was the same reason she loved the picture. Taken when she was in SS 1, it was a slightly profile view that captured her beautiful smile and doe eyes. The light was also perfect and showed off her chocolate brown skin resplendently.

In addition, Dr. Onwuegbule took a scripture card based on Proverbs 17: 22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine” (NIV). He said he needed it to cheer up one of his patients. Sochi told him that he could share that verse with the patient but he countered that it was more effective in graphic form.

“Don’t I know it?” Sochi muttered, because she had chronic rhinitis and regular bouts of malaria for which she got the card to remind herself of the importance of joy in healing.


It’s been five weeks since that fateful Saturday and Sochi has been dodging Pastor Iweka to date. She hasn’t gone to Aba and she doesn’t want to tell the man of God what she thinks of his eye surgeon friend.

She knew the pastor meant well when he invited the doctor. He was concerned about her; he wanted to “settle” her, as they say. But Sochi feels she would rather remain single and unemployed than marry such a “selfish and conceited” person. To her, the guy is completely tone deaf! All that matters to him is what he wants, how he feels, everything else is trampled on.

As an introvert, Sochi doesn’t mind someone doing most of the talking, but she feels crushed when that person won’t listen to the little she has to say and completely disregards her words. That is not how she plans to live out her days.

She figures that she is not as naive as her eyes make folks think, but she has no stomach for fighting and she feels the good doctor needs someone that will stand up to him and put him in his place.

Besides, he had driven all the way from Aba in his 2015 Ford Expedition SUV (he mentioned the particulars in his endless talk) to see a jobless sister and he didn’t buy even a loaf of bread for her! Sochi marked that omission as very significant.

She feels that what matters in life is not people’s titles or status but their ability to show kindness, compassion and be considerate of others. She sees the doctor as uncaring and the “loss” of her favourite picture to him as a precursor of many other losses if she marries him. In her view, saying “I do” to such an insensitive man would be a surrender to servitude.

-The end-

© Edith Ugochi Ohaja

Credit for picture in featured image: Nicholas Githiri on Pexels

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. I’d like us to chat about it.

***Do you think Sochi is reading too much into what happened on that Saturday?

***If you were in her shoes, what would you do?

***Kindly advise her as a Christian.

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  • Emma Jnr

    I really enjoyed this story. I, like Sochi, dislike people who act like the said Doctor, not to talk of having to spend the rest of my life with such person. I started disliking the guy when he insisted on taking the picture. For Christ sake, he only got to meet her for just some hours. Who does that? I was pissed off by that –very selfish.

    • Me too! All that self-praise is off-putting and the picture thing cut deep.

      • Igboka Valentine chidera

        First impression matters, Sochi did the right thing. A relationship with that kind of person will always end badly at the long run

      • Nwachinemere Oham

        As an introvert, I believe her initial reaction is very natural. If I were in her shoes, I would have done the exact same thing or even worse. As a Christian, I believe she should work harder and pray harder. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

      • Chukwude Olachi

        She is so just like me, like I don’t have a lot to say still you wouldn’t even lemme talk, it is kinda annoying when people talk about themselves all the time and don’t listen to other people. In my opinion she made the right decision by not going to see the doctor and she should talk to her pastor about it

    • Onovo Veronica chizoba

      That is a nice story, ma. I think the doctor needs to be tutored on the need to listen to others as he talks.

      • Ndukwe chinecherem diamond

        I really enjoyed this story. I, like Sochi, dislike people who act like the said Doctor. Sochi really knows what she want and she stood of it . She was not ready to condescend so low because of jux title (doctor)

      • Amachaghi Goodness Akuchukwu

        The doctor lost it with Sochi the moment he displayed his insensitive and self conceited nature.

  • Sochi

    Good afternoon ma. I think the guy was just carried away or felt he didn’t deserve her,so he had to mention those qualifications or better still the guy is a narcissist.Whicheverway I think she should be honest and tell the pastor what she thinks about the guy.As for not visiting him,she did the right thing.She can’t just pack her bags and visit him in Aba just because he came to her house once. If he is serious,he should try getting her number from the pastor to ask her why she is behaving that way or better still visit her again and try to know her better.My opinion though.

  • Leonard Patience

    I’ll make sure I collect my picture back from him, but his mission? ABORTED!

    • ???

      You no go show mercy?

    • Kooyon Abigail

      Exactly oh
      No play oh. You’ll keep it

      • Queen Leyii Idamkue

        Am glad reading this article, motivated that Sochima knew what she wanted in Life despite the circumstances she’s facing.

        Lots of girls use marriage as an escape means to survive not minding how challenges may result.

        Someday God will match Sochi with her destined partner that sees life in the same direction with her.

        • Nice prayer. I pray it for all my young friends and other singles searching for spouses in Jesus’ name.

          • I understand that first impressions matters when you meet people for the first time but then, Sochi should understand that the doctor was just trying to impress her and he is not aware of the kind of person she is but then, he should talk less of himself and listen more from her.
            I also like the fact that Sochi knows her wants and preferences despite her life challenges.

  • Blessing Amarachi Azoribe

    Nice piece that has kept me on suspense to know how it’s going to end. Thank you ma’am for sharing. Am not Sochi but the man got disqualified by trying to show dominance when he collected those things despite her plea, Omo I see in him someone that would not allow his wife voice out her feelings

  • Kelechi

    It’s good to see that she knows what she wants and recognises what she doesn’t. He is not emotionally intelligent at all.

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    She even let him have the picture.
    Omo you’ll put it back oh

  • oforgu ifeanyi Augustine

    Life should be a field of kindness , may God help us as we consider each other..?️

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    Omo, she would really lose more if she accepted him, it’s really a “no” oh, I no do?

  • The man got disqualified for trying to show dominance when he collected those things despite her plea, he is someone that would not allow his wife voice out her feelings which is not right.

  • Linda Buchner

    I also enjoyed the story and the comments that followed. I believe the doctor made several serious errors that
    day with Sochi. He spoke only of himself and spent hours doing so and then to take her photo, was very unkind. While this was only one visit, I think the doctor gave Sochi a rather sad view of who he is as a person.
    Thank you, Edith for sharing your story. The young lady pictured in the photo is very beautiful and if she is
    Sochi, I pray she holds on to what her heart is telling her.

  • Okpala, Chukwuebuka

    A popular maxim says, “first impression matters a lot”. Also, it’s better to marry late than marry wrong. Sochi is right in her decision over Dr. Onwuegbule’s attitude and first approach.

  • Jackie

    It was a case of a man with inferiority complex. He had been rejected by so many that he wanted to cling to something of Sochi’s so as to keep a hold on her, so to speak. The more she expressed her love for the picture the more he clung to it. I believe that beneath that facade could have been a good man who craved love and acceptance. Who would bell the cat?

    The story didn’t say that Sochi had a relative or a friend in Aba, so I was surprised that the Pastor raised no objections to the doctor’s invitation to Sochi to visit him

    • You made some nice points. You may be right about the doctor’s craving to be loved but he was bullish about it, wasn’t he?
      On the other point, some pastors in churches that have branches in many places with parsonages often assume that brethren going there will report to the parsonage in the city visited. Cheers!

  • Goodness Ouebube Nwaneji

    Sochi is decisive young lady. She paid attention to those little details which helped her come to the conclusion that the man wasn’t what she wanted.

  • Nancy Njoku

    The man didn’t make a good impression at all and that made Sochi’s hatred for him to grow more.

  • Otum chiamaka

    1.The doctor is full of himself and centers so much on his achievements. He is not even willing to change because he feels that Sochi is just a local girl from a poor family.

    2. Sochi’s character here has taught me that your background is not enough reason to enter into any relationship that will cause you pain and regret in the future simply because you want to make ends meet. Rather, you should know what you want as a person and don’t be willing to compromise.

  • Onyekachi Amarachi

    I really enjoyed the story, i feel the doctor didn’t really understand the purpose of that visit. It was meant to be an opportunity for them to get to know each other and not just for him to babble.

  • Mma Eze

    Sochi did the right thing, first impression matters. Some young girls wouldn’t even notice the red flags; as long as the guy has money, there’s no problem.

  • Okorie Divinefavour

    Taking cognisance of the tiniest detail matters a lot.

  • Okoro kosiso Mary

    What you can manage, tolerate or want matters a lot in whatever you do in life

  • Itodo Amarachukwu Grace

    1. I don’t think Sochi read more meaning into what happened. First impression matters, which the Dr. overlooked. From this story we can see that he is actually a self-centered man who would always like to be in the light while overshadowing the rest.

    2. If I were in her shoes, I could have done same. She was actually rational and never allowed the wealth of the Dr. get into her. She weighed and discovered that the cons would be much if she ends up with the Dr. She thought about the future and finally arrived at the right conclusion.

    3. As a Christian, I would advice her to put God first in all she does and keep trusting in Him. He never comes late or comes too early. He alone knows what is best for us and will settle us at the right time if we keep trusting in Him.

  • Nwosuocha Winnie Chidiebube

    Well the doctor is wrong for just focusing on himself and that he should learn to listen to others and Sochi’s character has taught me that your background is not enough reason to enter into any relationship that will cause you pain and regret in the future.

  • Ebi osinachi mercy

    Imagine this man, so full of himself,
    That picture she should have collected it, no matter what ….
    But I like her.. she never let his wealth get to her, it’s not easy to say no to that in this our generation.

  • Aniaku Oluchi Victory

    What an interesting story. I can just imagine if I was sochi 🤣🤣🤣 I might have probably not put him in his place but he will certainly not take that picture. What do I know he wants to use the picture for seeing that he was so insistent? Also maybe because I’m not so much of an introvert, I feel she needed not to have avoided the pastor. She should have told him her observations and resolutions

  • Ashamole Victory

    Very interesting story ma, I think it’s just Dr Onwuegbule’s nature to be selfish and full of himself. He might not actually know he offends people by doing so, I think Sochi should talk to him OR the Pastor about what she thinks.

  • Okeke Tochukwu Patricia

    I don’t think Sochi is reading too much into the surgeon’s actions. It is wise to take notice of minor attributes in a person which others may easily not notice, after all “first impression matters”.

    If I were to be in Sochi’s shoes I would have probably acted the same way after the visit but being an outspoken person, I would definitely discuss my observations with my pastor in calm manners with hope that words get to his friend so he doesn’t repeat such mistakes with other people and stand writing off bad impressions about himself.

    I advise that she be open to a second friendly visit with the surgeon and try enlightening him on his manner of holding conversations which is one sided and see where it goes.

  • Akamadu Oluoma Francisca

    I really enjoyed the story. You are good with your pen, ma’am.

  • Wonodi Success

    Taking notice of even the tiniest details helps a lot.

  • Wow! The story is very interesting.And actually Sochi is a very intelligent lady.I see her as someone who is opinionated and not carried away by a man’s success,she knows what she wants and she is willing to wait no matter how long it takes and i believe that’s the best decision she has made.

  • Mbakwe Rebecca Turning point

    I really enjoyed the story and if I were Sochi, I’ll make sure I collect my picture from him and also tell pastor Iweka that it’s a NO and also give him reasons why I don’t really like his friend

  • Ihediwa peace Akunnaya

    The fact that Sochi knows her ground and stood by it,worth emulating.

  • oboni veronica

    Thank you ma, for me I think there a lot this story is trying to pass across most especially to the youth.
    1.As young man or woman before going into marriage there are some factors you must consider in the person before marrying such person and that is what the character in the story did.
    Most young people today just go into marriage without considering these factors and at the end of the day they end up in regrets

  • Treasure Emone

    I liked the fact Sochi noticed those details about him. I personally dislike when people keep talking about themselves without trying to know more about the other person.

  • Bibian

    I love the fact that Sochi is an observant woman and not obsessed with getting married. I also love the fact that she didn’t like what she hates.
    It’s great that she aborted the proposed mission between her and the man but she needs to tell her pastor her stance. That needs courage too anyway.

  • Chidimma Miracle

    Yeap I support sochi’s stand, I’m proud of women like that who know their value and do not allow any man trample on it because he’s a man. Anyway I would have snatched my picture back

  • Chimdalu Onah

    Nice story ma. I learnt that it shouldn’t always be about us, we have to consider others and give them a listening ear.

  • Chidera peace

    That was very selfish of the eye surgeon, Sochi is a nice girl for tolerating all that,can never be me.

  • Okoro Gift

    I really do not like people with so much self praise. Like how do u meet someone for the first time and take their pictures as a collateral to come see you. If I were Sochi I would forget about the picture

  • Okoro Charity Oluchukwu

    Sochi is God fearing lady by her attitude towards traveling to Aba. Girls of this century will just see a man on social media and pack their loads to live with them without been married which is very bad. As a Christian emulate Sochi, try to be yourself no matter the pressure you might be facing.
    Thanks ma for sharing.

  • Peace Agada

    The reasons why sochi doesn’t want to commit to the eye doctor is valid, for in your words”…what matters in life is not people’s titles or statues but the ability to show kindness, Compassion and be considerate to others” . The fact that he insisted on taking her favourite picture shows that he is highly insensitive and stiff necked. Sochi will find it hard to cope with such a partner.

    If I must say ma’am, the way you subtle include your messages and lessons in the stories you tell is highly commendable, I’ve picked a lot from this category.

  • Yahsown Dabere

    If I was Tochi, I bet I would have followed her decision.

  • Benjamin Glory

    The man truly needs someone that can stand up to him and put him in his place and since Sochi is not that brave, it’s all good as she stayed away, and surely her Mr. right will come.

  • Agwubuo Ebube

    The man is just a show off, And Sochi’s calm attitude towards him is better

  • Okwor Uchenna Sonia

    Actually what Sochi did is actually the right thing, for those are the little things that matters in every marriage or relationship.
    As a Christian I would suggest Sochi should detach herself entirely from him as her heart doesn’t even accept him in the first place.

  • Okereke victoria chigemezu

    Very interesting story.

  • Ezenwa Miracle Joy

    Firstly Sochi was caught up in a surprise of the pastor’s visit with his eye surgeon friend. Then the surgeon friend could not comport himself and hear her out. Showing off his titles and status, where he schooled and the rest without even asking her a thing of her self. How bad! This is a path no one should tread upon, the path of pride. At the end of the days, Sochi decided to rather reminding me that doing with the eye surgeon. Thank you so much for this piece.

  • Jane Odoh

    The doctor did not do well, collecting a lady stuff on 1st visit does not speak well of you

  • As a Christian, I would advice her to put God first in everything and keep trusting in him.

    • Abosi Delight

      Very interesting story… I don’t like how girls that have come off age are expected to “settle”. The pressure at that age is just too much.

  • Onyia Amarachukwu Maryann

    I would advice she forgets about her picture and don’t visit the doctor

  • Udaya Blessing Ngozi

    This is the act of most men out there, they are too full of their selves that they do not consider what other people want. Kachi did well by avoiding him because ones happiness matters a lot.

  • The man didn’t make a good impression which prompted Sochi to be irritated further more.

  • Utazi Ogochukwu Immaculata

    The doctor was wrong for collecting Sochi’s stuff

  • Utazi Ogochukwu Immaculata

    The story is very interesting,but we should not allow our introvert life to deny us of our right.

  • Onyenekwe Ihechi Prince

    Sochi did very well in being a detailed examiner. That is the best she could do for herself, because if she agrees into Pastor Iweka’s settlement with Dr. Onwuegbule, she would be doomed. She would not enjoy fulfillment. Doc’s first impression was a bad one. Such a wonderful story, Ma.


    I think the story is actually nice and the so called Doctor didn’t quite the purpose of the visit.In a way he seemed to raised his standards repeatedly saying all his achievements and this I believed bored the Sochi.

  • Mboutidem Godwin Samuel

    I don’t think she overreacted.
    If I were in her shoes, I will do more than this.
    I will advise her just as she did, to stay away from the man.

  • Nwachukwu Rejoice

    This work is amazing I love Sochi I swear
    Ma this story is amazing

  • Onuoha Augusta

    Little things matters, always pay close attention to it

  • umeaku obianuju

    Good afternoon ma. Sochi’s type is rare, some young girls would have been blinded by Dr onwuegbule’s profession. She stood her ground not to marry him

  • Oluka Faith Chikodili

    I feel the doctor must be rich but does not want to show off ,which is why he did not buy anything while coming.

    Moreover, he did not know the purpose of the pastor asking him to accompany him to visit Sochi.

    The story was interesting, ma
    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’ve completely missed the point of the story. Someone who doesn’t want to show off does not spend hours talking about himself.
      Besides, you think a prominent and busy man like the doctor travelled such a distance without knowing the purpose of the trip? Maybe you should read the story again.

  • Braide kenneth victor

    His narcissistic tendency ruined everything, first impression matters a lot. Sochi felt marginalized with him asserting dominance by collecting her photo with no regards to her and it all went down hill from there.

  • Okolo Elizabeth chisom

    Always put God first I everything and try to voice out opinions sometimes instead of habouring it inside..

  • Never say “I do”to anyone whose life is not aligning to yours because of status and title. Unhappy life is usually short lived

  • Rosemary

    Sochi let go of the picture??? Hmm it can never be me!!! Uncle give it back to me in peace or I collect it in pieces…see wahala o

  • Akalugwu Ruth Chigozie

    She was actually rational about her action
    I’d have done same if i was in her shoes though.

  • Okolie-Ekwuazi Zutem Nonyelum

    The doctor guy is such a narcissist and not the perfect gentle man for Sochi. The part of expecting a lady to visit you especially at the early stage of dating shows a high level of insensitivity and immaturity. If you’re interested in a lady and you value her so much, woo her, chase after her and not the other way round.
    Nice read though…

  • Amadi Doris Nmesoma

    The doctor is so full of himself. First impression matters, this shows what he will do, if Sochi settles with.

  • Glory Odogwu Chikaodinaka

    From the on set, I feel Sochi already disliked the doctor, so no amount of talking would have changed that if her mind was bent.
    I also felt Sochi would have reconsidered if he was the opposite of what he displayed .

  • Madukwem Ebube Sharon Oghenetegiri

    I feel like Sochi is correct in the sense that, the doctor is selfish and primarily concerned about himself. He did not even show interest in getting to know more about her.

  • Oshen uke Gift

    People who are mostly concerned about themselves and showing off their achievements are annoying and do not listen to others, it is not advisable to get in to relationship with such people. You cannot just change people, so it’s better not to start a relationship with them at all. I support Sochi in every aspect.

  • Oke Sharon Munachimso

    It is said that first impression matters a lot and sochi was obviously not impressed by the doctor’s first impression and I won’t blame her for doing that because if i was in her shoe I wouldn’t even allow him to take my precious picture away because of his own selfish interest. He didn’t even want to consider her opinion on the picture. I would say that sochi did an excellent job by avoiding the selfish and proud doctor.

  • Anita Ilechie

    I don’t think Sochima read too much, actually she’s right. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who only thinks about what he wants, achieved and not listen to my needs and achievement.
    As the bible put it, can two work together except they agree? Bith parties need to agree to work with each other for life.

  • Ezeagu Chidinma Annastacia

    Nice story ma,I was really looking forward to how it’ll end. I think of the doctor as a narcissist who only talks about himself and what he feels. He didn’t give Sochi or even the pastor,a chance to talk about things. I understand why Sochi disliked him and if I were in her shoes I would do same too. First impression matters and he clearly messed up this first time.

  • Elias Ozioma Favour

    The doctor is self centered and doesn’t have a listening ear.. It’s good Sochi didn’t succumb to him.

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    First impression matters. As a man that wants to marry, try to create a good impression in the mind of the lady you wish to marry.

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    Pride goes before the fall of a man.

  • Will ifeanyi

    Know what you want in life and stand by it

  • Melody Duruigbo

    The man is prideful. He didn’t bother to make a good impression of himself

  • Wisdom Ugosinachi Miracle

    First impression matters alot.

  • Uduma precious

    This story although is short is captivating
    a) I learnt that admidst what one is going through wr shouldn’t succumb to something that on a normal day we wouldn’t engage ourselves in.
    b) In life before we engage in anything we should take notice of everything around us just because you are lacking in something doesn’t mean you should just jump into something.

  • Chukwumezie Udochukwu Emmanuel

    This is a beautiful and educating story. It seems so real.

  • Bibian

    Every little thing matters in courtship. Sochi should leave the relationship if she’s not happy with the man. Because it’s likely that he would do the very same things in marriage.

  • Odoabuchi Joy Ngozika

    If I were in Sochi’s shoes, I would not consider the man

  • Stanley

    It’s a nice thing she knows what she wants in a man.

  • Chukwuebuka Adikankwu

    Always pay attention to every single detail.

  • Chukwuebuka Joseph Uzochukwu

    This overt obsession with one’s self has such a foul smell.
    Sochi should be thankful that she was privy to this egocentrism before their relationship had a label.

  • Oluchi Chinecherem

    Love and marriage should be based on mutual feelings and respect, not on external pressures or expectations from others.

  • Ozioko Glory Oluchi

    Sochi has many the right decision. The doctor’s attitudes are red flags that must not be ignore. I agree with Sochi,”what matters in life is not people’s titles or status but their ability to show kindness, compassion and be considerate of others. “

  • I like how Sochi keeps to her principles without a change. It shows she knows what she wants.

  • Miracle Ogbonna

    Many people are like the Doctor, they don’t seem to care about other people around them, always so self centered and it irks a lot. Always self opinioned. That picture he took was the height of it all, wish I was there, I would have given him a piece of my mind.

  • Adeeyo Stephen

    Wow, what a nice story!
    Sochi made the right decision by knowing what she wants and what she doesn’t want.
    Many youths today are confused, they are easily moved by material things and sweet talks.
    Different people have different characters either good or bad, just like the doctor, but the ability to choose wisely without considering physical quality that doesn’t really matter is the real definition of wisdom.

  • Nwaneri chinenye Priscilla

    I love Sochi’s reaction towards the doctor, she did the right thing by not contacting the guy afterwards . First impression really matters. I pray that youths in search of their spouse won’t make mistake doing so. Thank you ma for this wonderful story.

  • Nwabuisi chinonso peace

    The doctor really is conceited and gave the impression of someone who only thinks about himself. He kept on praising himself and talking about all his achievements, he didn’t even allow Sochi or the Pastor to talk. I like that Sochi did not contact him afterwards, such a selfish person shouldn’t even be considered as a future spouse. I respect the fact that she knows what is good for her as a person and what is not.

    • Eleke Jane Somadina

      It’s good she died anything that would have sprang up between them. It seems he only thinks of himself and, of course, he’s a proud fellow.

      Sochi is really a disciplined girl. She didn’t allow her background or current situation influence her decision about the relationship. She knows her value and maintained her worth. Some girls would have used the man as a poverty alleviation scheme 😂.

  • Onyishi Henry Kelechi

    The story highlights Sochi’s strong sense of self-worth and her refusal to marry someone who lacks compassion and consideration. It emphasizes the importance of kindness and empathy in a relationship, suggesting that status or titles should not overshadow these qualities. Sochi’s determination to stand up for herself and her values serves as a powerful lesson in maintaining one’s self-respect and not settling for less.

  • Obasi Precious Perpetual

    Sochi knows the kind of man she want for herself, she actually wants a man who will give her opportunity to express the little she have to say.

  • Okegbe oluchi tonia

    It’s obvious the doctor had other intention,he should have placed a good impression,gave Sochi a card,inviting her to his hospital and taking her picture with him even after she refused,then he uses his patients as excuse.i understood Sochi she was uncomfortable around him because the man just kept on talking about himself,he was just thinking about himself.

  • Tricia Ogbuehi

    Although Sochi is right about the fact that the doctor is self conceited, I feel she’s being a little bit entitled by expecting a lot from him but she made the right decision of rejecting/ avoiding him because I found it quite creepy that the doctor took a picture of her from when she was in “Ss1” home even though she insisted on him not taking it or giving him another instead.

  • Amos marvelous obianuju

    This is an interesting story, it is best to remain single than be with someone that’s full of them selves.


    Wow! nice piece ma, Sochi made the right choice, she was not moved by material things , unlike Many youths out there.

  • Okoye Paul Ketachukwu

    Despite the Dr. being her pastor’s friend, Sochi knew what she wanted and that kind of person wasn’t for her. Insisting that he’ll take her picture when it’s only their first time of meeting and not giving her back the scripture card pissed her off being an introvert too. She’ll not pour out her heart to someone who’s not willing to listen.

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