Here’s a short short for your delight. I dedicated this story to UNN’s first-year students whose matriculation held last month. In the spirit of the story below, your sex notwithstanding, my advice to all young people in school is, “Don’t be an Nkiru, be a Chike.” May the Lord see you through your studies with distinction in Jesus’ name.


Nkiru sauntered into the Faculty of Arts quadrangle. She knew that Chike’s morning lectures will not be over in another half hour. So she found a space on one of the concrete benches where students of the faculty were browsing and chatting between lectures.

Being a familiar face as she was there every week day, she received some admiring glances, smiles and greetings from some guys. After sitting and crossing her legs like she was appearing on a TV show, she brought out her phone and began to check the numerous messages she’d received on WhatsApp and Facebook in the ten minutes it took her to walk from her faculty to Arts. She was really big on social media being a wannabe actor. She was also a gossip queen having the goods on some of the hotshots in Nollywood.

By the time she was through, she brought out her tiny vanity case to touch up her makeup before Chike walked out of class. She was just about to apply more mascara to her lashes when someone decided to squeeze in beside her on the already-crowded bench. The mascara got in her left eye and the tears made her makeup run. But rather than apologise, the offending guy found the whole matter funny.

As he was guffawing, Nkiru lashed out and raked her nails on his face. She barely missed his eyes and the scratches, initially creamy white, began to redden. The young man couldn’t believe what had just happened. Neither could the other students there. And then he started bleeding and everyone came to assist him. Everyone except Nkiru, that is, who had slipped away in the confusion, dabbing her left eye with a handkerchief.

She decided to call Chike and postpone their lunch date for a half-hour to enable her dash to her hostel and fix her looks. Unbeknownst to her, Chike had watched the entire drama and had come to the conclusion he had been on the brink of for so long. The relationship with Nkiru was a mistake and needed to end.

As if the embarrassment of hanging around his faculty when she should be attending her own lectures was not enough, she could draw blood from another human being without flinching. He needed to be equally brutal in calling the attachment off so that she wouldn’t try to reestablish contact ever again. Although he wasn’t immediately sure how he was going to pull that off, he would start by switching off his phone which she had been calling incessantly.

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

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Do you think Chike is being unfair to Nkiru or has he taken the right decision? If you were in his shoes, how would you handle the situation?image

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

117 thoughts on “THE LOOMING BREAKUP

  1. Personally, I’m not so sure about the part where he decides to be brutal, but he definitely needed to give the babe a wake-up call.

  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!|

  3. 265918 982394Youre so proper. Im there with you. Your weblog is surely worth a read if anyone comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive obtained a entire new view of this. I didnt realise that this problem was so crucial and so universal. You totally put it in perspective for me. 601433

  4. So anxious about what will happen. But anyway i believe that Chike will break up with her. nice one

  5. acually nkiru did wat was wrong but d guy called 4 it by not being polite enough 2 say sorry some guys are jst annoying bt she would have contolled herself and jst left the scene.chike is nt meant to conclude on a break up untill he listens to what she had to say probably she might have had a previous encounter with the guy.

  6. very violent girl, but the guy deserved it he should have apologized. it is very painful when the mascara brush enters into one’s eye

  7. Classic. We really need to understand the importance of treating others right; We’re being watched 90% of the time. well-deserved outcome.

  8. That girl is arrogant. what kind of relationship is he having with her in the first place.

  9. That girl is arrogant. What kind of relationship was he having with her in the first place.

  10. Lol.. I think he needs to sit her down and talk to her.. Letting her know her flaws and where she needs to change.. I think by doing that she would change and the relationship would blossom

  11. but why will u spoil my make up and laugh at me..i didnt find it funny..if he apologized, what ever happened after that may not have happened.

  12. wat insolence that guy need to be flogged and as for the boifrnd he aint ready for a relationship yet….well as for chika babe its good to control ur anger.

  13. instead of the guy to apologize he thought it was funny,anyway she needs to control her anger…..

  14. still trying to balance this story. many girls this days, cherish their makeup more than anything else. shouldn’t it be understandable?

  15. females should be mindful of their conduct wherever they are, you never can tell who might be observing you.

  16. What ever happened to apology and forgiveness, what of patience, honestly people need to learn, the girl was too mean to revenge, she would have just told him what he did, and the other guy would have taken a chill pill and told her as well, I think if he did the relationship would have glowed

  17. Nkiru is such a haughty girl, who could have injured a person just because he laughed at her instead of apologizing. i think that was too far. Thank God chike decided to break up with her, it shows he cherishes his life than the relationship.

  18. Did she just do that???? She inflicted injury on someone and showed no sign of remorse just in the name of looking good and having a lunch date??? Chike should pls run for his life without looking back ooo ooo.

    • Lol! I’m laughing at the way you put it but you’re right. The girl needs manners. The boy who offended her too!

  19. we should detach ourselves from people that do not impact our lives positively

  20. Being harsh and haughty never does anyone good. It is very important to build positive character because we do not know what we might lose tomorrow because of bad character.

  21. He must have seen something good in her before going into a relationship with her, though her reactions and attitude aren’t good he still could have talked sense into her in stead of just breaking up with her by switching his phone off.

  22. Girls and their issues! we are a necessary evil tho. I think there is always a better way to handle issues like this, instead of making decisions we might regret later

  23. i believe when we offend someone, is right for us to say am sorry other than laughing. had it being he told her sorry for what he did it wouldn’t have resulted to the slap. as for chike he does not have any reason whatsoever for not picking the call or trying to think otherwise because the guy in question made a mistake after all she has been coming to look for him.

  24. I don’t like to be brutal necessarily but the girl really needed to be brought back down to earth. I applaud your ability to write from the perspective of a young person. It gives your stories a relatable touch.

  25. How people flare up at the slightest mistakes make me wonder a lot… If she could do such a thing without the slightest form of remorse, she’s mean oo..
    But wait, couldn’t a simple ‘sorry’ have just saved the whole drama? People should learn the power in the word ‘sorry’.
    Well, maybe if it’s the first time noticing, I guess Chike shouldn’t be in sure a hurry to quit unless of course there are other reasons to that.

  26. Honestly, you shouldnt match fire with fire. There are better ways of approach things, especially from a calmer position. He was wrong to not apologize but her reaction was too violent. He was right to break up with her though, she obviously has unresolved issues in my opinion. Better save that sorry.

  27. Loool…funny piece guys should learn a lesson from this because there are many “chickas” around…looool. thank u ma

  28. Seriously I support the guy.I wouldn’t want to date someone like that.she can harm me because of any little thing.

  29. The guy should have apologised. That’s the right thing to do.but instead he found it funny. But seriously that does not put the lady’s reaction right. She is violent and no body will want a violent person as a friend.

  30. lol that serves her right (Nkiru) next time she would know how to control her anger she’s lucky that she didn’t blind the boy if not she would go in for it. As for chike this is really a golden opportunity so grab it while you can.

  31. Forgiveness is a virtue, we should learn to forgive people and not retaliate at every slight instance.

  32. What Nkiru did is very painful, she is callous , she has no heart, she dashed out as if nothing happened to the guy, i mean it is a mistake, no one is above mistakes and no one is perfect.

  33. Lol…from the description of nkiru,she was a stone hearted lioness,a fighter and would probably do anything to get things going her way.
    No man wants a woman like that…I think I stand with chike on this.

  34. For me what nkiru did was not proper and immature. She shouldn’t have take her anger that far.we should always try as much as possible to curtail the way we react to some kind of issue. Chike breaking up with her won’t have being the best solution.They can still be possible way to solve their issues. Wonderful post ma.

  35. Nkiru has an uncontrollable temper and thats a deal breaker. Although the guy should have apologized but since he didn’t she should have ignored him and maybe leave for somewhere else if that would ease her temper. She is aiming to become a public figure and this might just ruin it. She just got a negative publicity.

  36. Nkiru is too quick in taking action but what the guy did is not good, he should have apologize. Chike breaking up with her is not the best solution, he should get to know her better and help control her angry issue.

  37. She deserves whatever she gets. There is time for everything but she is neglecting her studies. This story is very necessary in the life of some students. Good manners are very important.

  38. Well.. I actually hate it when someone spoil my makeup.. But Nkiru over reacted sha.. As a young lady you should always learn how to let go of some things sha. Interesting story?

  39. Humility and self control…
    The guy couldn’t humble himself to apologise for his misdeeds got a payback from Nkiru who couldnt control her temper,now because of lack of self control she would loose her relationship and this is also one of the reasons some people have missed their goodlucks .

  40. The guy should have apologized after causing a little pain to her unknowingly. The girl is violent, she doesn’t even know how to control her anger. She really needs that breakup Chike planned.

  41. he made the right choice, she was becoming unbearable, I believe he did not break up with her due to her actions but for some other reasons best known to him, like her leaving her lectures just to wait for him.

  42. Am not surprised Nkiru reacted that way because most girls of this current dispensation would definitely behave that way. Thank God Chike has decided to cut ties with her, which is the right decision to make!

    • We should have something like an enlightenment for young people on relationships to guide them so as not to fall victim of circumstance or mislead that will cause emotional breakdown or frustration for life

  43. Some girls have turned into beast just to protect how they look, smh! It is important that we be like chike and cut any tie we have with beasts in human form

  44. As human being , we have to learn how to forgive. Their is no benefit in taking revenge.

    • Nkiru need some help psychologically.
      Anyway if you ask me, I’ll say that the guy that almost caused her her eye is to be blamed.It would have taken nothing out of him to say “sorry”.He actually paid the price for been nasty.
      Chike shouldn’t give up on the babe simply because of the scenario or what have you.
      He should try to advise and couch her into the very kind of person he wants.
      But if at the end of the day,she doesn’t change for good then he would takes to his heel.

  45. Some girls are just so pathetic in character. They feel the world is in their hands. Chike is doing the right thing by breaking up with her.

  46. She met the gentle type of guy that’s why she was able to leave untouched. Had it been it was the brutal type even her make up will not be able to restructure her face. Most girls carry themselves like goddess but they forget that everything is “vanity upon vanity”.

  47. attitude as they say is like bad Belle…it can’t be hidden for long, the whole scene also helped chike to know what he was putting himself into and to free himself from future problems that he may have encountered in the course of his relationship with Nkiru

  48. Nkiru is funny just like some other girls are. You want the best guy in the world but you are full of attitudes that will chase him away, that will cause issues among yourselves and you still want such relationship is go on. Nkiru is not nice at all and wasn’t fair to the guy, may God help her.

  49. Any body that does not impact in you positively should be cut off ..ladies should change and behave rightly where ever you find yourself or in character

  50. Some students forget why they are in school, they get carried away by pleasures and certain distractions, neglecting their book. I hope the breakup opens Nkiru’s eyes to see for she is truly blinded by worldliness.

  51. people find it difficult to say I’m sorry maybe because of their ego. But Nkiru should have controlled her emotions. Chike on the other hand is wrong to conclude within himself that it’s over without hearing from his girlfriends, that doesn’t show that he loves her because if he does he would have done otherwise. We should always try and do what is right, you never can tell who is watching.

  52. The likes of nkiru can never be a wife material. she is those ladies that are more interested in their looks, I think breaking up with nkiru is the best decision chike took, I pray may God help him find a virtuous woman that will take care of him.

  53. I support Chike’s decision of breaking up with Nkiru because it is obvious she is a violent person and no one deserves to be with such a toxic person who does not have shame, self respect or atom of sympathy in her. Chike may even become her next victim.

  54. Nkiru’s actions were bad but then i think Chike should have spoken to her first before jumping to conclusions. Also seeing that she could miss her lectures for him shows how much effect he has on her. If he could use that influence well he would probably be able to help her change her negative attitudes.

  55. I don’t think the best thing is for Chike to call it quits. I don’t support the idea of scratching someone and drawing blood in the process but that fellow should have apologized when he pushed her instead of laughing. I know how it feels to get mascara in your eyes and it’s not funny at all ?

  56. Although the guy who was injured by Nkiru made a mistake by just seating abruptly without asking for an adjustment to sit and then started laughing when Nkiru got the mascara into her eye, Nkiru should have controlled her anger and hurt and should not have retaliated.
    Also, because she loved Chike so much, she neglected her studies. Even when we love, we should learn to love ourselves first, because it isn’t vanity, it is sanity.

  57. Nkiru’s reaction went to far although Shouldn’t have scratched him that bad. But the other guy in question also should have apologized, his reaction caused her action in turn. And I think chike made a hasty decision to have called it quit with just that. Men are not infallible

  58. Chike doesn’t have to give up on her, though what she did was not good. Let him confront her and reprimand her for her actions.

  59. hmmm Chike obviously was not just in for a relationship BECAUSE what happened is not enough reason to just leave someone. it was just an opportunity for him to do what could have been in his mind before now which is breaking up with poor nneka. don’t forget the ignorant young man who pushed nneka while trying to apply her mascara without even apologizing! i wont say he deserved what he got but then people react differently to different things. he was just very unlucky to have met one who almost scratched out his eyes. lol.

  60. I don’t think I will totally condemn Nkiru because she was offended, but she went too far in her reaction, not caring if the other person was badly hurt. I guess Chike must have seen bad traits that made him want out in the first place.

  61. Hmmm… For Chike to just conclude that he needs to breakup with Nneka, for me shows he have had it in his mind before hand for some reason or the other and not necessarily because of that single act which she did out of anger even though she went too far

  62. It seems Chike is a coward though. Why switching off his phone? What if he misses more important calls during the time his phone was off. Why not just fix a date and get it over with her? I don’t think it will be easy though unless he doesn’t love her from the start, but it’s the surest way.

  63. Some people walk around carrying weapons in the name of nails…lol.
    But seriously,how can someone draw blood from a fellow human,the mere thought of it give me goosebumps,that girl needs help.

  64. Anty Nkiru remembers to carry her vanity case to school, remembers to revenge but have forgotten why her parents sent her to school. Odiegwu really!

    That boy that smeared her makeup deserved to be taught a lesson anyways but Nkiru was too extra.

    However, on the part of Chike, the breakup was ideal because we should always look out for how our partners treat other people.

    But I was expecting him to call her to order before calling off the relationship. Except he has been looking for a way to quit the relationship.

  65. Waw! This is so interesting.
    It is a typical example of what use to happen with lovers nowadays.
    Some guys judges ladies on little mistake they do without making them understand that what they did was bad or giving them a fair hearing.
    Nkeiru’s actions wasn’t a good one but Chike would have make her to understand and advice her on her hot temperness.
    Thank you Ma.

  66. Well personally i think he’s over reacting except he has been looking for reasons to break up this one is definitely unnecessary.
    I mean we all have a right to our own side of a story,at least we should be given a benefit of doubt,what if she acted on impulse? What if sh e has terrible uncontrollable anger issues? What if the guy was actuallly wrong?
    Communication is the key.speak,listen,understand then judge.

  67. Chike is not harsh ooooo, he made the right decision. It’s not love for a girl to skip classes all in the name of love. I also think Chike has been looking for something to come up to end it. He’s justified…
    Thanks Ma’am for sharing.

  68. Nkiru overreacted ,but i think chike should hear her out and know why she behaved like that in a public place. Breaking up might not really be a good idea if he still loves her . Nkriru stands to be corrected

  69. Okay… First of, the girl skipping classes all the time to see Chike that is bad but the fact that he just decided to break up with her over that incident is not worth it. For crying out loud the guy wasn’t even sorry for almost making her blind.

  70. Amen!(to your prayer above).
    It’s one thing Iadies fail to understand – that no matter how beautiful you are, your character is what makes you attractive to men, especially for marriage… Anger in one’s life must be controlled in other for one to excel.

  71. hmm… the guy was supposed to have apologised instead of laughing although this doesn’t justify Nkiru’s behaviour. she was way out of line. I also think if chike wants to breakup with her he should do so but not because of this one incident. that would mean he didn’t love her from the beginnng

  72. This whole drama is just so funny, rude Chike and rude Nkiru. Sorry still remains the simplest word but very hard to say, had it been he apologized immediately to Nkiru, he wouldn’t have received the mark of life Nkiru gave to him. LoL.. Nice writeup ma

  73. So sad shes my name sake,chike’s decision to break up with Nkiru was a nice because of her rude,nonchalant attitude towards lectures,though the guy was wrong but she shouldnt have taken it to the extreme .

  74. We should be careful with our behavior outside because u may not know who is watching you. I support Chike’s decision because he had a good reason for his actions. The guy who offended Nkiru should have said sorry instead of laughing at the situation and I believe the laughter got her really upset. Nkiru should have also controlled her anger instead of being violent to the extent of even drawing blood.

  75. Chike took the wisest decision….
    That nkiru girl lacks anger control pills,how can she retaliate so badly without pity or regret.
    Such a person is not worth keeping as a friend.

  76. We girls really have to learn how to control ourselves especially when we are outside. Should stop washing our dirty linen outside. But for me i think chike should still make her understand what she did before breaking up.

  77. I don’t think Nkiru should be condemned just because she has temper issues. The victim was at fault for laughing at her and we all know that it pains severely when someone is laughing at us mockingly. Chike can also help her learn to control herself if he loves her but if he doesn’t want to continue with the relationship, fine.

  78. I think Nkiru had every right to be angry, too bad she took it too far. Some people are good at creating annoying circumstances for others and then end up laughing about. Her action was bad but the blame should be shared.

    As for Chike, I believe he must have had other reasons apart from that particular incident that made him make such decision.

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