In the first part of this story, successful singer Jane Diwa is desperate to become an actor to take away some of the spotlight from her rival, Teri Banba, who has authored a book. She makes a shady arrangement with a movie producer/director to be cast in the lead role of a movie in a fortnight even though she has no acting experience. Let’s see how their collaboration plays out.


For all his bluffing, Judah was inwardly worried. Shooting for “Nightmare”, the movie he had cast Jane Diwa as the heroine was starting that night and she was nowhere to be seen. She had exceeded his expectations in learning her lines and playing her part during the strenuous rehearsals giving him hope that she might actually earn the title “actor”. But she said she needed to get into town two days back and hadn’t returned since then. To compound his agitation, all attempts to reach her via her cell phone had been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Jane had followed an expatriate boyfriend to Lagos to cool off. As far as she was concerned, Judah was a taskmaster and a tyrant. She had borne his harshness because of her initial excitement about getting a chance to act but after a few days, she began to lose interest. Then she had a couple of altercations with Judah about how to interpret her part in a particular scene and got miffed enough to take a break. So when Matt Dillinger, her roving structural engineer swain called, she didn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to go for a tryst in faraway Lagos.

By 5 p.m., Jane’s line finally connected and Judah heaved a sigh of relief.

“Babe, where you dey now?”*

“Ole boy, I dey chill* somewhere.”

“You’ll have enough time to chill when we wrap up shooting which starts in a couple of hours. Hurry and get back here so that the wardrobe and makeup guys can work on you.”

“I’m afraid you have to postpone that thing?”

“I beg your pardon! Do you know the cost implications of that?”

“Fine, you guys should start without me.”

“What are you talking about? You’re the leading lady.”

“Ehen?* Shoot the scenes I’m not in.”

“Listen, young lady, everything has been scheduled and I won’t let you disrupt that schedule. You either carry your sorry ar#e back here or you can kiss the role and your entire dream of an acting career goodbye.”

“Hey, f#&k you! What makes you think you can threaten me? I ‘ll be there as soon as I can.”

“F#&k you too! I’ve laid the cards on the table for you. I don’t really care what you do.”

Knowing that Jane would probably not make it, Judah called Tina Chimdi, the girl originally cast for the role. She was beside herself with joy. Since she was a student in Abuja where the picture was to be shot, she arrived in ninety minutes and picked up from where she stopped.

Shooting was delayed for three hours because Tina had come with a lawyer to sign a contract. Apparently, she had anticipated Judah’s falling out with Jane and having suffered firsthand his callousness, got a lawyer to draw up a juicy contract for the time she would be called back. Not wanting to lose a day or more and considering that the girl had great potential, Judah, on behalf of his production company, signed her on for five pictures on the whole after a perusal of the contract by his lawyer.

Jane, on her part, was having a terrible time getting a flight back to Abuja due to the short notice. She cursed and cursed because she had had an easier time when she was flying out and blamed herself for not making it a return ticket then. After two days without success, she decided to do the journey by road and wondered why she didn’t try that after her first failed attempt at buying a plane ticket.

By the time she arrived The Tourist Hotel, where the cast and crew of “The Nightmare” were camped, she was in for a shock. Judah had ordered the security men to bar her from entering the premises. After several futile attempts, she travelled back to her station in Port Harcourt. Since Judah was refusing to pick her calls, she released a story to the media that they did a business transaction and he defrauded her of a million Naira. She, however, would not say what the nature of the business was.

Tina was now set to be the next big actor as she was initially promised by Judah. But she wasn’t taking anything for granted. She was working very hard on her craft and praying night and day that in every area of her life, no one will succeed in snatching any of her blessings on a whim or by stealth.
-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016



“Babe, where you dey now?” is pidgin English for “Babe, where are you?” The “now” is often used to indicate concern and not in the sense of time.
*”Ole boy, I dey chill …”. Ole boy is a pidgin English term for addressing a friend or acquaintance. “I dey chill” translates “I am relaxing”.
*”Ehen?” means “And so?” or “So what?”

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  1. Good read! I liked it, but it ended too fast, I would have liked to know how Judah would respond to Jane’s claim of being defrauded. I understand though, being a short story. But Ma, maybe you’ll considering making these stories longer.

    • The singer was kicked out and the talented girl who had worked so hard for the role was restored with a juicy contract.

  2. she should have been contented with her career as a singer; imagine losing that huge amount of money. anyway, nice one

  3. Jane is just consumed with lust and uncontrolled desire for things she does not need. she is confused and decided to risk Judah’s image as a revenge. whatever we are doing we should check first before involving ourselves in any act..

    • You’re right about Jane. But I’m not sure prolonging the story would be a good idea. Jane got her just desserts and Tina was restored to the role she was qualified and had worked so hard for. What more could we ask for?

  4. Opportunity the say, comes but ones. Jane flopped her lines. When you want something that is important, work hard till the end. Powerful story, morally.

  5. it is very obvious that Jane misused the opportunity that came to her. had it be she is a serious human being, she would have handled the opportunity that came to her the right way

  6. This is exactly what is happening in our society.
    this is why I love celebrities who are not controversial.
    great story, I really enjoyed it and I hope singer Jane Diwa will change and quit trying to be what she’s not.

  7. Delay is dangerous they say. Jane Diwa wasn’t a serious type so she was replaced by Tina. It’s good to be serious and have passion with what ever you do. God used her (Jane) to bless Tina with a job sha! Very interesting post.

  8. So interesting , I learnt we have to take everything serious even though it is in our possession just like Jane who after securing the lead role feels she’s now indispensable , but I would like to know how Judah reacted to the allegation

    • I don’t think that Judah would care much because he had got what he wanted. All he would do, I guess, would be to deny and ask Jane to elaborate like the press was already doing, and that she would probably keep avoiding to do. You are super blessed in Jesus’ name.

  9. That serves her right., u are given a chance to act but all you can do is throw it to the dogs.Meanwhile someone is working hard and praying day and night to be star and you think you can snatch that from her. Stupid gal

  10. Bless you ma. You can see someone that is passionate with what she’s doing. Its so obvious Tina knows what she’s doing that’s why she was able to offer her best and her best was worth it, congratulations to her.

  11. Wonderful. What a story. i guess this is the literal definition of opportunity comes but once. Jane missed an opportunity to add one more skill to her portfolio. Tina for her part refused to be beaten twice before ‘wising-up’. when you get an opportunity, grab it with both hands.

  12. Non chalant attitude towards everything in life leads to one downfall. Jane refused to be serious with life and take everything for granted. She fails to focus on her talent and tries to drift but her non chalant attitude doesn’t allow her go forward in whatever she wants to do. Also, Tina who was good at acting got back her role which she worked hard for. One thing to learn about this life is nothing good comes easy, you have to work hard to become good in whatever you are doing.

  13. Interesting! she has lost everything, she didn’t consider whether or not it was her talent but she wanted fame by all means. Who would she blame of course nobody but herself. finally she ended up being famous as an actress who couldn’t play her role

  14. I knew Jane could not do it, acting requires a lot of skills and training and she is not prepared for it because if she is she would n’t leave the camp for any reason because success requires great sacrifice. Am happy that Tina later took what is rightfully hers.

  15. A very beautiful story that strongly hints on hard work , being goal oriented and pursuing your dreams relentlessly.Am so happy for Tina.For Jane , well such is life.

  16. There is a saying that “destiny can only be delayed but not denied”. At first Tina’s role was taken from her, but as God would have it, she got everything back. As I believe, “whatever will be, will be”. And from the story, I learned that if we trust in the lord, we shall possess all of our possessions.

  17. As a Christian we can never be robbed of our right, just like Tina got what’s rightly supposed to be hers.

  18. Whatever is meant to be will always be, if we trust in God whatever is supposed to ours, will be ours. Even if it is delayed, it cannot be denied

  19. The righteous shall always possess their possession. Just like in the case of Tina and Jane, even if at first Jane bought Tina’s position in the long run it still came back to Tina. I believe that as Christian believing in God, no one can collect whats supposed to be ours.

  20. in life what you expect doesn’t work out the way you want, sometimes, it works out in different ways we can’t imagine with God, hard work, and patience everything is possible. Destiny can be delayed but not be destroyed. God’s time is the best.

  21. I thought she would shamelessly give details of the kind of transaction she had with Judah. People want things but can’t bring themselves to doing all it takes to achieve the desire result. Jane is not worthy of emulation as a celebrity. Thank goodness, her silliness paid off to Tina in the end.

  22. I officially hate Jane. She is one of those who believe that money is everything. Lol she lost in the end didn’t she? And by the time the media she involved is through with the whole situation she would be more disgraced than anything. But then God’s time is the best. Once he says something is urs, it is. Tina was meant to play that role and God gave it back to her.

  23. And I warned this girl o! Jane I warned you.
    See where desperation landed you today. You lost a whooping million naira, didn’t get to partake in the movie and I’m sure the media you involved will definitely charge you too. Serves you right baby girl. I hope you learn from this!

    Tina serves a big God,that’s why she recovered her role without any stress. She’s smart enough to involve a legal practitioner to avoid stories that touches the heart.

    Indeed what will be will be….

  24. This is very funny. This Jane of a girl is really confused. She don’t know what to do with her life. She can’t stay one place. I like what Judah did to her. She got what she deserves.

  25. Hmmmmmm, this is food for thought, stay in where God has called you to be, that doesn’t mean you won’t stretch for greater heights but let it be borne out of hatred for smallness, backwardness and mediocrity not jealousy or competition.

  26. I must say that Jane doesn’t have a vision or a dream, she’s just a confused being who wants fame without hardwork. She isn’t determined after all. Tina knows what she wants and ensured she added in enough effort to make it work.

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