Yesterday in the news, I saw a very recent picture of former world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist, George Foreman. He was looking really well and I thanked God once again for his life. I think he’s a good example of a man blessed by God.

Big George, as he is called, appears to be in excellent health at 69. In fact, in October last year, he challenged actor and film maker, Steven Seagal (who has a martial arts background), to a 10-round no-holds barred fight in Las Vegas. Haha! He has a very impressive boxing record, retiring in 1997 (after 76 wins, 66 of them knockouts, and 5 losses) and retains the record of having the oldest retirement age in the sport (48). However, most of his net worth of $300 million does not come from boxing.

Big George is an accomplished author although he dropped out of school in the ninth grade (at the age of 15). He has written five popular books on his life, healthy food recipes and motivation like George Foreman’s Guide to Life: How to Get Up Off the Canvas When Life Knocks You published in 2003 by Simon & Schuster. He certainly knows about that having fought and been defeated by such boxing greats as Muhammad Ali (Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1974 and Evander Holyfield in 1991. He has also co-authored five books, including his 2007 God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir, written with Ken Abraham and published by Thomas Nelson.

Big George, who was dubbed hostile by the press during his boxing career, is now a TV personality. Ironically, he even starred as a retired actor in a comedy show named George on ABC that aired briefly between 1993 and 1994. He has so many credits from appearances and roles he has played in TV shows, his current gig being the reality TV show, Better Late than Never, on NBC. In it, he and four other celebrities tour some cities without the trappings of wealth in a manner reminiscent of the 2007 movie, Bucket List, which starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

George Foreman with his title belts

But the highlight of Big George’s story for me is his spiritual turnaround in 1977. He had just been beaten by Jimmy Young in a bout at Puerto Rico and became so ill after the fight from a combination of exhaustion and heatstroke that he nearly died. He believes he found himself in hell and God heeded his pleas and pulled him back. Thereafter, he became a born again Christian and started preaching on the streets. He was subsequently ordained a gospel minister and for a decade, he stayed away from boxing and focused on ministry. He has been pastoring a pentecostal church, Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, in his hime town, Houston, since 1980. He also runs the George Foreman Youth and Community Center there.

Big George has gone down the road of most celebrities in his married life: he’s been married five times. But he hasn’t been impoverished by the payment of alimony and costly divorce settlements. Furthermore, he has not been sunk by other vices that plague many people living in the public glare like gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse and run-ins with the law.

Rather, his entrepreneurial spirit has had him making money from endorsements, notably the Salton Inc. grill named after him from which he is said to have earned nearly $200 million, both from his initial 45 percent of profit from sales after expenses, millions of dollars for TV appearances and a reported $137.5million payout to use his name forever. It has been dubbed one of the most lucrative deals in sporting history, perhaps second only to Michael Jordan’s Nike endorsement in 1984. Big George also earns a tidy bit from his many speaking engagements.

Another thing that has endeared Big George to me is his patriotic stance and open support for President Donald Trump when many celebrities and athletes are doing the opposite. I feel disgusted by the level of insults heaped on Trump by some US citizens and the leftist, mainstream media; the disrespect shown to the American flag, people in uniform and the paranoia over Trump’s desire to make America great again. #MAGA

In spite of his shortcomings and he does have many, Trump deserves better treatment by virtue of the office he occupies. Besides, he’s delivering on his campaign promises, reducing unemployment for all races and improving the US economy. But the media have whipped some segments of the American public into such a frenzy that they not only hate Trump, they go after anyone who voices support for him, as though everyone should be on the same side of the political spectrum. (Note that Big George is a Democrat.)

So, I am glad that Big George is courageous enough to open state his views in the prevailing circumstances. For instance, in August 2017, Big George condemned the NFL athletes kneeling when the US national anthem was played and commended Trump’s work as president. According to a Washington Times report, Big George said, “I love the United States.” Way to go, pastor! He also said of Trump: “He’s a good president. A lot of people don’t like him, but evidently more do.” In that report, Big George recalled with gratitude how Trump’s promotion of the 1991 fight between him and Holyfield pulled him out of bankruptcy.

And yesterday, he praised Trump’s posthumous pardon of boxing’s first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson, who was wrongly convicted by an all-white jury in 1913. (The charge was transporting a woman across state lines for “immoral purposes” contrary to the Mann Act. Wow!) This pardon had been campaigned for by different prominent people like Senator John McCain and actor-director, Sylvester Stallone, over a long period but previous presidents, including America’s first black president, Barack Obama, failed to grant it.

Big George stays away from the histrionics regarding race in America. As he once said, “I’m not a black man or a white man or anything else. All I’ve ever been was an American.” What an admirable thing to say! And in spite of his many marriages, he maintains a close relationship with his 12 children declaring that, “You may have an ex-wife or an ex-husband, but you can never have ex-children.”

God in the picture can really make a lot of difference in a person’s life as Big George testifies in his Christian broadcast appearances. It is not usually when we are riding the crest of success that we seek God but when we are in dire straits. This was Big George’s experience too and, to the glory of God, he has maintained his faith and service to God even with the success that has come his way.

To wrap up this post, here are some inspirational quotes from George Foreman’s extensive reservoir:

“Filling a need is not merely good business; it’s a basic attitude towards life. If you see a need, do whatever you can to meet that need.”

“I tell my kids … you’re not going to be the tallest, fastest, prettiest … but you can be the nicest human being that someone has ever met in their life. And I just want to leave that legacy that being nice is a treasure.”

“So many of us have … peolple we really care about, and the only time we show affection is when they are gone. I have preached at funerals and you see loved ones who didn’t even say hello to dear ones when they were alive. Give them hugs, kisses while they are alive and need it.”

“In boxing, I had a lot of fear. Fear was good. But for the first time, in the bout with Muhammad Ali, I didn’t have any fear. … No fear at all. No nervousness. And I lost.”
(Ali was the first boxer to defeat Foreman.)

“You have to keep your goal in mind and never lose sight of it. I envisioned myself winning the heavyweight title for ten years before I actually captured it.”

“I don’t even think about a retirement program because I’m working for the Lord, for the Almighty. And even though the Lord’s pay isn’t very high, his retirement program is, you might say, out of this world.”

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Hope you enjoyed this post. What aspect of George Foreman’s story impressed you?

Which other retired athlete have you been inspired by following his or her life? Care to share what it is about them that has motivated you? 


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  • Wow! Edith, it’s so refreshing to see you’ve written a tribute to George Foreman, recognizing and praising Him for being a godly man in priority before his boxing career. So often we hear about Mike Tyson instead, and I still cannot believe his fights are still being promoted, as I feel he should have been banned forever from boxing after assaulting another competitor in such a rash, evil display of aggression. I believe George Forenan would be so honored to read your blog post! Like you, I am thankful that there are some celebrities who do want to make America great again with God at the center. President Trump is by far not perfect, but what gives me hope is that he has accepted Christ, and now has the Holy Spirit to guide him in the areas where he needs to grow… which are many (Aren’t there many for us all?). But What Trump IS doing so very right, is inviting God back into America, which is the only way it could ever become great again! There are many, many disrespectful Americans here. It’s embarrassing. But there are also many of us who love our country as it once was, and what it was founded on… GOD! May God bless you, Edith, along with George Foreman, Donald Trump, and Nigeria; in Jesus’ name… and… May God bless America! Thank you for writing this great piece! Love you, beautiful one! ❤️️

    • Edith Ohaja

      Delighted to hear from you, Angela! God bless you and your family too, my dear. May He grant wisdom to your president and help him overcame every challenge in his way to making America honour God, stay safe and be prosperous in Jesus’ name. ?

    • Ugwu comfort

      Waw! This story of George foreman is really inspiring expecially when he said (i just want to leave that legacy that being nice is a treasure) this really cut my attention actually it always good to be nice and us seeing it as a treasure to keep and always act on it, someone needs to be nice because it is necessary not because you have to do it for some reason.
      “Also he made mention of you have to keep your goal in mind and never lose sight of it”. even while failing many times he keeps to himself to keep striving for more chances to win, which he later accomplished it,it actually a good faith, effort, and encouragement never to give up even when you think there is no hope to keep pushing,one have to stand still focus and push harder and further till you win cause life is by stages at the appointed time one will definitely scale through.

  • Ishiwu victor c

    Life is in stages: the stage of hardship/challenges, ministrations and victory. The story of George Foreman is an inspirational story to learn from. One may ask, “Why am i suffering hardship? Why can’t God change my story?” But I tell u everything happens for a reason, the reason best known to God and it’s only ur faith that helps u to acknowledge that reason because what consumes ur mind controls ur life. Fear can never lead us to our destination but rather the grace of God which is the grace to prosper.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Very true, Victor! But we need to know that prosperity in God’s eyes is not just having money but wholeness of body, soul and spirit so that we can be useful to God and our fellow human beings.

  • Sunday Ezekwesiri Daniel

    Nice piece ma. George Foreman has seen both sides of life but his faith in God is preferable. I love his quotes especially the one that stated that being nice is a treasure. Bless u ma.

  • Nwabueze Sylvia

    Interesting story MA….. Foreman George has experienced both sides of life, he has a strong faith in God. Being nice is really a treasure

  • Inspiring story…..George foreman has seen it all. But his faith in God kept him going. It’s good to have faith In our creator and everything will work out in its own time and place.

    • Olusola Esther

      This story of George Foreman is very inspiring. Honesty is always good in all our life endeavors.

  • Nwankwo gift

    You know experience sometimes helps us shape our decisions. Big George is one person I really like cos he is outspoken and he sure doesn’t follow the crowd. While other celebrities are against Trump, he sees his good side. Men like him are what the world needs now.

  • Okwor Donald

    Experience is a very big tool which tends to direct humans on paths which are moral. Experience in fact has led many people to a changed life. The story of George Foreman is very inspiring. Six divorces and his money still intact? God has planted something big in him to impact on the lives of people. Maybe like Saul(Paul) God uses experiences to draw us closer to him and fulfill our purpose.

  • Matthew Nwachukwu

    this is all I need at present …..something that will uplift my spirit ”motivation” but I doubt if faithfulness to God is the key to his success

  • Indeed George Foreman is a man with foresight and an excellent spirit. Others see Trump as a failure and an unpatriotic leader, but him (George Foreman) sees Trump’s good works and Trump’s fighting spirit to make America a place for all races.

    I really admire his decision of continuously being on track with God irrespective of the low material outcome or means of living as he said. He believes that God has done enough for him to stay connected to God.

  • Ngwoke Peter Chinaza

    The life of Big George is the kind we can really learn something from. It’s always good to be God-fearing in life. Thanks so much, ma.

  • Experience is the best teacher. Kudos to George for his bravery in taking the right path in life.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail.

    George is a very successful man but note that his end days are out of this world because God is involved.

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    Wow.. George’s life is indeed a story to learn from. No matter what happens, you can be the best. Just make up your mind.

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    God can use anyone for his work..whether big or small.. George foreman in the story would never had thought God would pick him for his ministerial work..he was faced with two options God &his occupation coupled with the fame ..but he made the right choice which he would never regret.


    This is a soft news format!!! I can recognise some of the requirements therein, but i must say, it’s a nice peice and i especially love the growth of George both financially and spiritually.

  • Onyejekwe favour kosisor

    George, even as a ninth grade drop out at age fifteen, has changed history. Strong and healthy even in old age. He is multi talented and still has his feet rooted in Christ. What great deal of determination.

  • chantal

    Being nice pays and determination no matter what

  • Giving up is never an answer to any problem.God bless you ma for sharing this

  • Okoye Uchechukwu Joyce

    Ive never really had such a deep insight into the life of this great legend( thanks so much for that) and i’m so glad to know he did it all with God by his side.God truly never abandons us

  • Ukaegbu Osinachi

    Big George is really an inspiration to me now,Thank you very much ma.It has also taught me to include God in all that i do regardless of how insignificant it might seem

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Sometimes, just knowing that people we see as mentors had challenges and surpassed them is all the encouragement we need and brings to mind that God takes us however we come. truly inspiring, well done ma. i for one am motivated.

  • Okechukwu Obiora

    This post inspired me. I was thinking of how great I can be if I work harder and God by my side. Thank you ma for this post.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Big George’s story is an inspiring one, I have come to know that it is never too late for God to change one’s life.

  • Nkpozi miracle

    I’m inspired by his faith, the way he still believes in God and preaches the gospel despite his marital problems.

  • Ewa ifeoma

    With God by your side you can do all things. Thank you MA for this post.

  • There are so many stages in life. Big George Foreman is reallly walking in God’s ways. This is a truly a story to learn from.

  • Eze Bethrand Chinemerem

    I really envy so many things about this guy, starting from the way he placed God first over his career, his level of patriotism, the various works he has written and so on.
    I’m really touched and believe from his story that I can do better.
    Thanks, Ma, for this post.

  • Ogbodo Hope Chizoba

    It is good to be a patriotic citizen of your country no matter what other people around you may feel about you. Thank you Ma

  • Obeto Clinton

    Of all the posts I have read so far on this blog, this is the most interesting because this man made me believe in myself, to take courage and serve God truthfully. God has really blessed Big George.

  • Orakwue kosiso Nkechinyelu

    The creator (GOD) has his awesome ways of appointing his ministers. It is really a thing of joy that George Foreman ascribes much respect to his Creditor in his life activity. That is why I say ‘he with God is majority’. George Foreman, a man worthy to be emulated…

  • ibekwe Vincent C.

    George Foreman is worthy of emulation. In as much as he is a rich man but he still acknowledges God. So interesting that his wealth didn’t vanish when he chose to be a born again. He’s not just a celebrity but also an ambassador of Christ.
    It is also interesting to know that fear is one of the necessities for success.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    This man should be an example to the youths of this present generation. We need to stand with honesty in everything we do in the society

  • joyce

    This is inspiring even with his fame and past life, he still turned back to God and is preaching the gospel.

  • George Foreman is really a legend for youths to emulate. the place that impressed me is where he had no fear for Ali but he lost the game. even when you think that your faith is strong enough but your prayers are not answered. just continue praying your time is coming don’t give up. thank you ma for this

  • Nnaukwu Emeka John

    Chaiiii! This post is too emotional. God’s way is so different from the ways of man. Despite his fame, the big George humbly accepted the call into ministry. May the Lord Jesus Christ who has called him continue to be his strength in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  • Alex

    God uses so many people to spread the Gospel just as he did with George in 1977.George never discriminated himself from the whites, and he strongly supported Donald Trump while others condemned him. This is a good thing to do

  • Chigbu Pamela Chinwoke

    This post is really inspirational.Big George Foreman was God fearing which led him to the right path of life. Experience is indeed the best teacher

  • Big George has really achieved a lot. with a huge net worth, it is hard to see him believing and serving God the way he does unlike some men in our society today. we thank God for him.

  • ojima faith

    George is a man that really loves integrity and his choice to follow Jesus is the best part l love

  • Chinalurum mbaegbu

    12 children! Thats quite a foreman’s type if i must say, is way out of this world, failure never pulled him down and there he found christ.

  • Agbo Onyekachi Obumneme

    Forman is a man to be admired. It is good that he did not allow his fame to tamper with his spirituality. I also thing he should do something about his marriage life.

  • Ngwu Ifebuche Celestina

    Thank God for Mr George who in spit of all his Worth, integrity and influence. served God with all humility, unlike some men in our society today, George’s behaviour is worthy of emulation

  • Abaraonye Chidinma B

    This is really a story that touches the heart ,because I am really touched by this. God knows how to get people to serve Him. No matter how fast we run, when God arrest somebody, the person will have no choice than to surrender. If God had not waited for him on his sick bed, who knows if would have served God all his life.
    I see Big George as one who never gives up. Just imagine how he tried for ten years to become the world heavyweight man… It is really a lesson to us.

  • This story is quite inspiring. Being in d Lord is d best thing one should long for in dz world… If you have God, you have everything. George Foreman’s life is worth emulating, he is indeed a Legend. I luv this story!!!!!

  • Anekwe Paschaline

    Nice story. This goes a long way to show that not everything we have will last forever and we never know what God is planning for us. From a fighter to a pastor, what a transformation

    • Ikechukwu Favour Mmesoma

      Fame and riches are not enough excuses not to serve God. Big lesson from the life of George Foreman. Thank you ma for sharing this story with us.

  • Obi Chukwunonso

    one of my favorite quotes of Big George is, “I get up every morning looking for an adventure”. these words push me daily and get me going.

  • Ekwuagana Fabian Ikechukwu

    George Foreman is the definition of a strong man, his faith kept him moving, even when things seemed bad. Kudos sir, you are a muse.

  • Onyinyechi

    His life is really good one to lean from, he is a man that stand on what he believed to be truth, he don’t compromise for people to like him,he believed in himself,a courageous man indeed

  • George Foreman is a very iconic man and the story of his life is the type that motivates a person. His personality is worthy of emulation and I celebrate him.

  • Its never late in life.once we find out our mistake and work towards correcting it,we see self excelling in life. Always be focused iand keep your goal in mind,work towards it and rule your is faced lots of challenge, setbacks and lapses but one can overcome it with God in his side. his experience is of a converted man who can actually say”in deed am saved by his grace”.it’s God that converted and his conversion brought peace to his life. His indeed a success and teacher to people who will learn from him and follow his footsteps.

  • Victor Ogbuagu C.

    This is really an interesting life story. But as i have always believed that a wise man is that which have seen and experienced the two phase of life. I thank the Lord for his steadfast love in George’s life.

  • I like him because has been knocked out several times and still he rose fearlessly to fight. He never allowed his defeat to darkly cloud his vision of becoming a victor. I appreciate his exceptional view about life, the love he has for his country and his willingness to speak the truth, even in the midst of falsehood. Also, I like the fact that he sees goodness, beauty and hope in everyone, even in Donald Trump, the president. I greatly thank the Lord for showing him mercy at the point of death and giving him a second chance.

  • George Foreman’s life depicts bravery. After he survived the death scare, he has gone on to worship God in true faith.

  • Ugwu Kingsley ejiofor

    This is really a story that touches the heart, God knows how to get people to serve Him. No matter how fast we run, when God arrest somebody, the person will have no choice than to surrender. I see Big George as one who never gives up. Just imagine how he tried for ten years to become the world heavyweight man… It is really a lesson to us.

  • Emmanuel Steve Sunny

    George Foreman like many other former athletes around the world today continue to be an inspiration with his remarkable story. One of the things that strikes me most is not his many winnings and title belts or mind boggling net worth. It is simply that he is nice and has a strong faith in the Lord which he is not ashamed to profess, which is rare to find nowadays.

  • Mbam Patrick chinonyelum.

    Wow! What a great write-up about George Foreman.who was able to combine his career and more especially God. He never surrenders, but always determined to achieve something great with the help of God.really nice !

  • Chukwuma Emenike Wilfred

    This is really a great story about this brave man George Foreman. Truly,God has his divine ways of effecting positive changes in our life. George Foreman is really a great and blessed man who now involves God in his activities and has made God his primus inter Perez in everything he does. Thanks ma,this really a great story I must say.


    God can use anyone,anybody tremendously to propagate his work.the story of George encourages we the youth never to give up.never say never.we should never give up until our last attempt and never make our last attempt in life until we succeed.

  • Okoli Ezinne Juliet

    He is really a blessed man
    When God says yes in your life no Jupiter( man) can say no
    Really inspired
    Thank you ma

  • Ellanora

    To be great in life one falls and rise that doesn’t mean one have to give up, determination is the key to greatness. George is a man whose foot steps should be followed.

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Amazing! He is a wise man as he didn’t put his eggs in one basket. By this I mean that he didn’t invest all of his time, strength and energy in boxing. He did other things. He is a caring man. Nowadays, most family men do not care about their ex-wives’ children. Also, the fact that he is supporting Donald Trump simply explains how different he is from most celebrities. He is a living testimony.

  • we should follow the way of George such that after he retired in boxing, he never stop believing and trusting God. i am grateful to God for all the post he has given to us through you, may He lead you to the end.

  • This is what I always tell people,”no matter what you have achieved in life and you don’t cherish God, time shall come when you will look up in heaven to honour the creator of heaven and earth”.no matter what you have achieved in life, don’t forget the story of Nebuchadnezzer king of babylon.

  • Awelle

    this is a wonderful one. I’ve never heard of Big George before and I never knew who he was but from this tribute i can see he is a wonderful man. I never knew that leaving aside my regular fictional novels would be a breath of fresh air.

  • Ngene Bob Charles

    Now this is a story that everybody should be reading. George Foreman’s tale is an inspiration to people who are almost at the brink of giving up on their dreams. It is also a wake up call to everyone who does not believe in second chances

    Everybody has a chance at redemption, all you have to do is to permit the Lord to pull you back from Hell and take you to the haven you belong to

  • this is a very good story especially for our young youths whom haven’t seen anything in the world but are planning on giving up with out giving it a first try i love the fact that he doesn’t give up on GOD and his leaders

  • Ugwuja Deborah Tochukwu

    Woah! George Foreman is an Olympic gold medalist, former heavy weight boxing champion, father and now Pastor. Only God can give grace and redemption. This is a really inspiring story. May God continue to make him great and may he be an inspiration to others.

  • Happiness Saturday

    We should try to follow the decision George made. After all the hard times he passed through, he still stands for God by doing his will.


    God can use anybody at any age.George freeman life is an example for youth to follow.A fervent,devoted,committed hardworking and godly fellow.A life well spent.The youth of this generation should embrace God at their youthful age and work very hard to achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    God has so many ways of calling us back to himself. It doesn’t matter what you have done in your past life. George foreman is a living testimony, even thou he was a greate achiever in the world of boxing and won several tournaments. But God visited him like he did to Paul on his way to Damascus. Today the former boxing champion George foreman a minister of God spreading the good news.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    God has so many ways of calling us back to himself. It doesn’t matter what you have done in your past life. Gorge foreman is a living testimony. he was a great achiever in the world of boxing and won several tournaments, but God visited him. Today former boxing champion George foreman is now a true minister of God spreading the good news.

  • Nwanze Josephine Chidera

    I admire his courage of not giving up even when he was defeated. We as youth and adults should also learn not to accept defeat, instead we should rise to our feet and move ahead. Sometimes, failure may try to you out but do not fall to its defeat, get to feet and fight it. Because in Christ we live and have our being. And anyone in Christ has every thing. So, we should strive to walk with God in our prime and He will surely assure us of success.

  • Nwalutum Chisom Doreen

    This is really challenging
    Failure is really jxt a stepping stone to soar
    Determination also brings great achievement

  • Okonkwo Goodness chiamaka

    Wow George foreman is an Olympics gold medalist and a former heavyweight boxer, so happy to read this article about his life history.There’s something i noticed right from my childhood God will never forsake he’s children expect if you don’t worship him with all sincerity but if you do surely he must crown your efforts with success

  • George foreman is an amazing personality, a heavy weight boxing champion not just that God arrested him he is doing well winning souls for christ more Grace to him as he continues his purpose on earth.

  • Ugwu Chizoba Janet

    One thing I admire about Big George is his attitude towards things and this could be seen from his view about Trump.

  • Anosike Chinaza Blessing

    I really love all of his quotes especially the one about being neither white nor black. If everyone thinks like this, the world would be way better… I admire George’s courage n the fear of God in him.

  • Ikedichi blessing henry

    From knocking people down to knocking the word of God into souls, really a way to go for “the hitman”foreman .a rugged fighter in his hay days and a vibrant man of God.the glory of the latter is greater then the former endevouers

  • Ukaga Arthur Jachimike

    George Foreman really looks like a nice man from the way he has been portrayed. I personally like the fact that he is in support of President Donald Trump, who looks towards the betterment of America. George Foreman’s change to Christianity is also another eye-opener as it shows us how God is willing to give sinners second chances.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    George foreman is synonymous to the biblical Saul. He had an encounter with God and his life changed. God is always there to turn our heart to him. You are a greatman: George foreman. This is a nice work ma.

  • Adeke Chukwuka

    Big George is a man that holds a very high optimistic spirit irrespective of fears. As humans, we are prone to fears but our ability to overcome it indicates our courage and power over it.

  • There is a mention of vision where George said he saw himself win the heavyweight ten years before he did it. Surely he would not have rested on his laurels (not that there was the title to rest on). He has had to work hard to get to where he is today. Same can be said of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Ibrahimovich. Bottom line is this: hard work is what successful people do.

  • Eze Vivian

    One thing I love about Foreman story is the fact that God came into his life and he took that path with his boxing career. You know when God speaks through you, your voice is heard and it goes farther than you can imagine. That makes you an icon and you have a blessing kept for you up there for all the good you do.

  • Da Silva

    As a rich world Champion, Christ tuned him into a believer, poured wisdom in him and that made him active and he’s inspiring lives. Wow. An Icon

  • Epuechi Chinwendu Almira

    There are times of challenges/ hardship, victory and success in everyone’s life but what matters is how we persevere during those times. George Foreman has experienced the both sides of life but his faith in God and attitude to situations is what kept him going.

  • Egenti Blossom Mmesoma

    I like this story because it proves that when you think that God has given up on you then he uplifts you again.

  • Ajibe Chinonye

    What a strong and wise man he is,truly he has been blessed by God but one thing I admire is his persistence and willingness to serve God despite his reputation ND achievement.And God is truly a merciful father,so quick to forgive and to bring us back to his bossom….

  • Through this post, we’re made to understand that success is nothing without God the author of success. In spite of the fame and good health, it’s wouldn’t have been beneficial to him if he hadn’t met God.


    I love his belief in working for your success without fear..he said, “you have ex-wife but you can’t have ex-children..he creates time for his children ..and his love for God is challenging.

  • Okoilu olawole ebenezer

    Cool story. “Filling a need is not merely good business; it’s a basic attitude towards life. If you see a need, do whatever you can to meet that need”. This quote really got to me. He’s blessed indeed

  • Ezidimma odinakachukwu oluchukwu

    Although George foreman had ex-wife but never had ex-children….this is so impressive. His faith as a believer and also the way he supported Donald Trump when others were doing the reverse is a courageous something. Again even though he dropped out of school he still wrote books. All these by Gods grace. I bless the name of the lord for the life of George foreman.

  • One thing clear is that God has come for the sinners not actually for the righteous and when he is in need of a man; he makes a way….George as a great man wouldn’t have been beaten by Ali but God actually want it to be the reason for his soul to be captured.

  • Sugbaza Benjamin victor

    This is what happens when u put God as the driver of your life. I so much luv this piece

  • God can use anyone for his work..whether big or small no matter what or who you’re are.. George foreman in the story would never had thought God would pick him for his ministerial work..he was faced with two options God &his occupation coupled with the fame ..but he made the right choice which he would never regret.this is very inspirational

  • Helen.Onugwu

    I am inspired, it’s so reviving to see you’ve composed a tribute to George Foreman, perceiving and commending him for being a godly man…thank you

  • Ezinne Obialor

    May God bless you, MA, alongside George Foreman, Donald Trump, and children of God everywhere….unlike Obama who promoted gay right and helped Buhari to defeat Jonathan,Trump is different

  • Dominion Eze

    The life of George Foreman is an inspiring story to gain from.
    George foreman has seen everything. However, his confidence in God is his strength

  • Maryrose Ugwu

    The story of George Foreman is extremely motivating. God has planted something significant in him ….if God can use George Foreman despite his marital failures,then he can use anybody


    WOW!! George Foreman is a man with prescience and a phenomenal soul. I truly respect his choice of health living, godliness and political affiliations, but I feel sad about that fact that he couldn’t live with any of his wife

  • Ezema Maryjane

    The story is touching, like George it is good we acknowledge God in all we do be he keeps changing the lives of people. I admired the way he put God first, finished his vocation, his level of patriotism,and moral choice.

  • Abugu faith Chinecherem

    Big George is truly a blessed man, he is a great man. Am glad because I learnt a lot from his story especially the part he said “you might not be the tallest, finest, fastest, but you can be the nicest human being someone has ever met. The quote is very simple but wonderful like I love the quote. Thank you Ma for this post and may God bless you. You probably don’t know what that quote has added to my life today. Once again thank you.

  • Nnamani Sylvia onyedikachi

    George is a great man man indeed I was drawn by his patriotism to his country,his love for his children though from different mothers and the words of wisdom and mostly his contends in doing the work of God even if he doesn’t pay well I am inspired by his story. Truly

  • Maduabuchi ebube precious

    Once God is in control of your life everything goes smoothly without stress


    you have to keep goal in mind and never loose sight as in the case of Big George.

  • Ugwoke Somto Promise

    Having confirmed that this is really a true life story, I must say that I’m proud of George foreman for his miraculous turn around. In today’s modern language trend, he deserves some accolades. It takes only the grace of God for a man to make such a tremendous change for the better. George foreman is truly a blessed man.

  • Obikeguna ebele

    It takes only the grace of God for a man to make such a tremendous change for the better. I believe this should serve as a wake up call to everyone who does not believe in second chances, such a lovely piece

  • Achugwo Larissa

    This post is very inspiring. Foreman’s story is evidence of the wonders God can work in your life if you put him first in everything you do, and the joy derived from serving Him (God)

  • Nwoye Chiamaka Favour

    It’s nice to see that someone who has tasted both sides of life decides to go in the way of the lord. His love for God is overwhelming also is the love for his nation and it’s leader. This should serve as a lesson to both old and young. Big ups Aunty Edith and big George!

  • Cynthia Ugwuoke

    What an inspirational post!….life is not just all about being rich,being powerful or being popular’s about being humble and being confident in God!


    Sir your words are quite encouraging, the joy of Lord is your strength.your integrity is imperative in our society. thanks for your words.

  • George has proved beyond reasonable doubt that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. It’s really amazing how the words of the prophet Isaiah comes to play in his life. Isaiah 40:31
    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall walk and not faint. His truly a mentor worth emulation in his quest for God.

  • Atijegbe Faith Onaefe

    George foreman’s story is one to learn from. The fact that he fulfilled his promise to God by becoming his messenger, is something thing a lot of people have to learn today.

  • Eze martins Tochukwu

    Life offer us both the good and the bad side of it just to propell us to make essential use of them and to learn from them too. God is the solution to every problem, we face in life,one with God is majority. That is the story of George foreman,it is an inspiring one.

  • Anulika Iwoba

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the “fist men”
    But George Foreman’s story, now that’s something!
    It’s most interesting to find that as a high school dropout, he’s authored books!!
    Good standard and legacy for young people.

  • Ebere

    Wow!Ma,am really inspired and motivated…. truly with God by your side you can achieve many things,all you need to do is to believe and trust him.God bless you ma!

  • Ebere

    Wow!Ma,am really inspired and motivated….truly with God by your side you can achieve so many things in life,all you need to do is to believe and have faith in him.God bless you Ma

  • Lilian

    “you are not going to be the tallest, fastest, pretties but you can be the nicest human being that someone has ever met in their life” this part of the story inspires me. I see big George as an inspiration to people.

  • Wow! We really do have a wonderful God. He is able to lift anyone from grass to grace. This story has inspired me to change my ways and always look up to God

  • Another great call, God works in mysterious ways and Mr Foreman’s humility is amazing. I was greatly inspired
    What a great piece

  • Catherine Anokwuru

    This story is just proof that whenever you run to God he is ever ready to take you in. Very inspiring.

  • Onyekachi confidence chimamaka

    Just like one of your post on guilty or fully pardoned. Thank God for mercy that brought him out of hell.and today he has reconciled all his errors and now great in all aspect of life

  • Egenti chidimma Jennifer

    This is really inspirational.. His ability to learn from every of his challenges is worth emulating. I like the fact that God is his number 1..his story is a must read for youths

  • Richards Orighomisan Mercy

    Wow, indeed one with God is Majority. As my pastor would always say, the realm of the spirit is very legalistic when you honour God, heaven will most definitely honour you. It is so inspIrving to know that a man of great prestige like George Foreman would abandon his career for a decade, to focus on the sheep God has given him. And we can all see that God didn’t let him down. For those out there, you can gain the whole world, but without God you are heading no where. Awesome tribute ma’am, keep up the good work.

  • Ogbuagu chinenye

    I am really inspired by this post, it shows that anybody can be reconciled to christ and serve him, i like the fact that George helps to motivate people through his books

  • Ozukwe Miriam chisom

    Nice write up ma. All we have to know as humans is that in everything we do we should always remember that there is a living one up there who has our life all plan out. George foreman is really a legend to emulate.

  • Igboamalu oluchukwu vivian

    God can work wonders through different People at any point in time at times we can be too busy for even matters that concern God we dedicate most of our time to worldy things and tend to forget God before he created us he has made plans for us and knows the future and what it holds…we should never forget that…it was really inspiring ma

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    What really marvels me is that no matter which path you are taking, no matter how big or small you are when God wants to use you you cant escape from it. George foreman must not have envisioned himself in the direction he is today. What a mughty God we serve.

  • Abah Okpe Gabriel

    This is a reminder to us all that our Heavenly Father is always there with open arms ready to welcome us when we change our ways and turn to him, nice one MA, God bless u

  • Andeshi Monica

    this is a very wonderful and inspiring piece,its the direct opposite of what i normally see boxers and wrestlers to be, Big George surly deserves some accolades, if not for any other thing but for the fact that he is rooted in Christ. A minister for that matter! Well done Ma

  • George foreman is a very dedicated child of God, he abandoned his career and wealth just to have the full concentration of serving God fully. This post teaches us that money is not everything put God first in whatever you do in life.

  • This post is inspiring He made God his no 1, he abandoned his career just to focus on what God has destined for him. Nice work ma

  • Nnamani Ruth nnenna

    Wow.. His story is an awesome and inspiring one.. Sometimes it’s hard to discover God’s plan for us but then when we do, life becomes easy

  • Omeje Cynthia

    This post is inspiring God can take us anywhere in life and we also have to work hard to achieve Gods plan for us.

  • Onyia Queendalene Ngozi

    God can really use anybody no matter the age. George’s life story for me should be dedicated to those who think they can never achieve anything in life. The story is really an inspirational one.


    I am so encouraged by the life story of George foreman.the story reminds me of Proverbs 3:6 that says:
    In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight..What a blessed man!!!

  • Gods will

    That is the Lord’s doing. When God wants to favour someone, he doesn’t look at your weakness or your background. I envy his favour.

  • Kelly Tiffany

    Wow, this was a really refreshing tribute. It has touched me in many ways and I have been encouraged. I am grateful, ma.

  • Big George foreman is indeed a great man owning to all his achievement and his sense of humour.l luv his believe in leaving a legacy and that being nice is a treasure.

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    George Foreman is an epitome of good courage. His faith in God kept him striving even when life proved very difficult.

  • collins kelechi

    Wow!! God can really use people in various amazing ways like George foreman for instance who thought he could achieve nothing but later ended up being more great than he could ever dream of. But always keep on acknowledging God in all your paths and he would make you great

  • Thomas Rebecca

    George’s life is indeed a testimony. I’m persuaded that when one recieves Jesus into his life; there must be a turn around

  • This story is indeed inspiring.George is someone that stands out, he stands on what he says. He is an example to those who fail once and give up. George never gave up, coupled with the fact that he drop out of school didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams and making it in life. To crown it all up he is a believer.

  • George foreman has seen or come to realize the fact that without God he is empty. It is often said that experience is the best teacher. I really like George foreman because he don’t follow the crowd to do what other celebrities are doing against there president trump. George always see the good side of trump, he is a good citizen of USA. I also love his quote especially the one that stated that ” you have to keep your goal in mind and never loss sight of it. I envision myself winning the heavyweight title for ten years before I actually captured it.” It keeps me going with me goals and dreams in life.

  • A successful man is not one that makes money through illegal means but is one that makes money through the help of god success is not all about money making money that will last.
    Most young people nowadays seem to want to make money the fast way and the forget everything about god they are looking for the easy way out .
    So they involve themselves in things like yahoo, stealing and evil things like that.
    People should learn that in life there are two stages the stage of hard work and stage of bountiful ripping you cannot reap bountifully if you do not work.

  • Experience they say is the best teacher. George foreman saw many faces of life..Although he was a ninth grade drop out at the age of fifteen, he still struggled to be successful. Hard work pays indeed. I have been encouraged by this post to strive harder in all my endeavours . Thank you very much ma. God bless.

  • Chibuike Udeh

    This man never gave up on God. A true model for all youths. A model 4 me especially


    A man filled with devotion,courage, drive and determination.we the youth should drag and emulate the good things from this man.Be open to God using us.

  • To be sincere, before this post I don’t know this great man (maybe because am not a fan of boxing).

    But I am really pleased a man like George foreman, that has almost everything, still respects and love God with all he Has. This makes him my admirer.

    Thank you Aunty Edith for this insight.

  • Nwachukwu chidinma

    George foreman is indeed a great man owing to all achievement and his sense of humor . His faith in God kept him striving even when life proved very difficult .

  • Oringanje Chinonso

    Life is full of surprises, but faith in God keeps one going; for Big George, God kept him going.

  • Chibuzor Marvelous

    Big man George is an epitome of success and God’s guidance. he is a man filled with devotion, courage, drive and determination. We the youth should drag and emulate the good things from this man We should allow God to use us.God being in our life together with hardwork drives failure.

  • Michael Ebuka Ogidi

    “When the son of man sets you free, you are free indeed”, congratulations George foreman, you have been counted among the saints.

  • Isaac Nwanneka Oyiridiya

    This story is almost like faith and fame can be friends. I admire George foreman for being aable to stand for the gospel amidst all his achievements.
    When it comes to the area of being vversatile, Foreman was exceedingly versatile:an author, boxer, pastor and even a father etc.
    This sstory gives me the strength to do more

  • Nnamani Oluoma Esther

    It is not everyday that you see a boxer becoming born again. After reading this, i realized that t he nature of what you do shouldn’t determine who you really are. George Foreman did not let the life of being a celebrity boxer over cloud his values. For him to give his life to Christ, I think God still has a lot on store for him. I am still going to do a research on Big George Foreman. I love this man

  • Ezeh Blessing

    Wow! What an inspiration I have got from reading this tribute about Big George Foreman. First, is putting God first in all that I do. Second is conquering my fears, third is the courage to stand and defend the truth in spite of all odd and lastly, keep a goal in mind and never lose sight of it. I am really blessed aunty Edith for this wonderful post. More inspiration to you ma.

  • Oma

    You have to keep your goal in mind and never loose sight of it. This particular point struck me. That means i should always refresh my goal so as to maintain the right direction and call myself back if am doing it wrong.
    Am inspired.

  • Chidinma Obasi

    This piece is really a challenging one because it will motivate the heart that thinks that all hope is lost when there is no one to help. One thing is sure, when we strive to get the best, it will surely come to us.

  • egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    God never forsake his people. We should remember God always even in our riches because he is the one that blessed us. We must have a good communication with our maker and shouldn’t allow pride to hinder us from fellowshipping with our maker.

  • ologhofor sampson

    Thanks ma for this motivational piece. The story of big George Foreman is inspiring, as much as he dropped out of the school at the age of 15, he never allowed his poor educational background to affect his dreams, his potentials. that’s a very great one.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    This is an exceptional piece. It’s refreshing that God is still picking his people from whatever phase of life they may be going through. To think a famous boxer would become a priest is quite encouraging. Thank God for the life of George Foreman.

  • Chineme Njoku

    No matter who you are, your history, your achievements, God can still give you more victory and additional blessings. This man is highly favored and this is the kind of blessings anyone would really want. Bless him

  • Madueke ugochukwu

    Wow this is wonderful … No matter what bad deeds weve done God is still ready to forgive and accept us back ..and keep us in the right track …

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    Nothing beats the place of God in a man’s life, and who ever his hand is on will never cease to amaze people, I’m glad he ended up like this as most of the popular ones who ply his line of trade end up miserably ,may God keep him, bless you Ma

  • Euphemia Nwele

    What a long read!
    But it’s worth it. I have heard about George Forman before but haven’t taken out time to know who he is, thanks to you, I have an insight.
    A life without God is already a failed life. I admire the fact that he could maintain a healthy relationship with his 12 kids.

  • Akuma Victor

    The gift of a man they say maketh way for him but in George Foreman’s case, it wont be out of place to state that the gifts of a man maketh way for him. A good boxer and a devoted Christian, why won’t God take care of him. I pray God helps us to always make out time for him no matter the work we do and how tight our schedules are.

  • Chinenye Lucy

    Talk about someone worthy of emulation. With all his wealth and fame, Foreman is living a very exemplary life. He has a healthy relationship with his children, he’s a Christian and is very clear on his political views. In as much as it was a long article, it was worth it. It goes to show that you can never be too rich to have time for God, and Foreman is an example.

  • Kat

    George Foreman is indeed an example of God’s unending mercy. The part where he was so grateful for God’s kindness to him that he started preaching on the streets is so amazing. He even pastors a church! Now that’s what I call a complete turnaround?. That’s probably why he looks so healthy and robust even at 69. He is so saturated in God that he practically glows. I think he’s a blessed man I could learn a good deal from. Thanks for sharing, aunty.

  • There are several challenges one faces as Christian and they are known as stages on life, one either comes out victorious or weak. The story of George Foreman is a piece that has enlightened me more. No matter what a Christian goes through, the grace of God which is the grace to prosper is always there. Thank you, ma!

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    If you have not experienced both sides of life, you will hardly know that God exists. Am happy for George foreman who tested the two sides of the world and decided to follow the right path which is accepting Jesus.

  • agbo jude

    Being nice is a treasure, what a nice quote from George foreman, though he has tested both side of life he still keep up his faith in God, and it latter pays, will not forget this his quote.

  • Duruji Veralin Ogochukwu

    Great write-up! love that George Foreman later encountered God and it is evident he didn’t regret doing that. His patriotism for his country is worthy of emulate and i a also like the quote which talked about showing love to people while they are alive. if we all could imbibe that idea into our dealings with people the rates of suicide and depression will be reduced and the world would be a better place.

  • Ogbonna blessing

    Interesting story MA….. Foreman George has experienced both sides of life, he has a strong faith in God. Being nice is really a treasure

  • Melekwe Anthony E

    “I want to tell everyone there is really a living God” BIG GEORGE

    If men “wen don make am fit” acknowledge God, why would a literature student say there is no God.

    I rejoice with big George on this one

  • Ugwuda mathew

    Experience has thought me to always say “Our God is Great. The story of Big George today has strengthened me more. His faith in God is a motivation for anyone who comes across this story.

  • Henry

    I only heard the name George Foreman, didn’t watch any of his fights though but just happened to love the name. From what you said, I can say he dares to be different from others (adding from his support for Trump, though of the other camp). He looks great for 68, which quickly reminds me of somewhere in the Bible that said ‘..God will renew our strength like the Eagle..’
    I can imagine what he would have been told and what he experienced in those years he took time for Ministry but he still held on, that’s worth emulating.
    His life prior to salvation is common amongst sports men and celebrities. Why? Fame does come with a lot, only the determined can hold still.
    I Love all his quotes you posted especially #5. Thank you.

  • Agugbua chisom

    I haven’t actually watched any of George Freeman’s show but I have heard the name once or twice. It is nice to actually get a view of who he is and what he does. His faith in God is very inspiring and it has really touched me. Nice piece

  • Personally am inspired by the second quote he gave to his children. Your height, weight, strength should now be what people will know you for but the size of your heart. It pays to be nice. It makes one feel good about him/herself. I am glad that someone with such huge accomplishment knows God. Glory to God. It has rekindled my faith to trust God the more.

  • Michael onyedinma

    He is a good father,raising his kids with strong moral standard “I tell my kids … you’re not going to be the tallest, fastest, prettiest … but you can be the nicest human being that someone has ever met in their life. And I just want to leave that legacy that being nice is a treasure.”

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    I’ve heard of George Foreman the few times my parents talk about boxing in the house,I’ve never tried to know about his life after retirement, but from this post about him,I can see that he only retired and not tired and that is what happens when God is in charge in ones life.
    He is still very strong physically and spiritually, indeed God’s pay is way out of the world.

  • Chisom nwalutum

    Foreman is really a legend, even when you think that your faith is strong enough but your prayers are not answered. just continue praying your time is coming don’t give up.

  • George Foreman is an inspiration. Reading this post really inspired regarding after life. Surely we will die and account for our deeds. Lets make it right now and avoid being a victim of circumstance. Thank you so much Mama for putting thia story along.

  • Nwosu chinwendu favour

    George, is really a courageous man who fought fearlessly, even when he was knocked out he still managed to get up. He is a source of inspiration to his generation.

  • Chimezie Goodness Adimchinobi

    In summary,George foreman’s secret is God.Despite dropping out of school he forged ahead and today he is being can only be God (the hope of a common man) thanks ma’am for the piece.

  • Onovoh Adaeze Jennifer

    Look at how handsome and strong he is looking at his age. Indeed,his love for God is paving ways for him.

  • Ojimadu kingsley

    He story Is inspirational, in whatever he did he put the Lord first, when one humbles himself before the Lord, be shall be lifted by the almighty that is the case of George foreman. He is a inspiration to all.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    Should I call it a tribute to a great man. He’s looks quite strong in the picture, though. Posed as though he wants to punch my screen. Lols.

  • Ugwoke Benedeth

    Despite being great George Foreman still maintain a good relationship with God and I believe that we all can learn that from him and stop pursing only for our earthly needs, rather we should blend it by seeking God’s will too.

  • Dike Gerald

    I like especially the fact that he is able to balance his career with the service of God. His career is the type that many find hard to engage in while being a good christian. His words are quite encouraging, inspirational especially his words to his children.

  • Ochekwu Caroline Ene

    Thanks a lot MA for this inspirational story of George foreman, am really blessed by the story. It really hard to find an american athletic who is so close to God as George is, his life should be an example to young upcoming athletes. Am really glad by the fact that he is also carrying his children along especially after the second chance God has given to him. I am really moved with the love he has for his country and also the president Donald Trump(who most people despise) am really surprise with the fact to know that he is a born again, l really bless God for his life. There are lots of lessons to learn from this post and am really glad I came in contact with these story of George foreman.

  • Ezema Uchechukwu

    10 years a baptist Church Pastor, A Boxer, Wow inspiring story. Challenges in Life are to prepare us for the Future. George Foreman is an example to Youths out there who desire to do great things for God.

  • Egbo Paul Uchenna

    It’s so amazing how ones life changes because of just one encounter. Big ups to the great legend for living a life worth emulation.

  • Azeta uyi

    Big George story is very inspiring.reading this post really inspired me and I learnt that giving up is never the answer to any of our problems.

  • Levi Ifeanyi

    It is always good to know your dream in life.
    Always be focused and keep it in mind,work towards it and rule your world. Challenge, setbacks and lapses will come up but one can overcome it with God on his side.

  • Wow! So touching but once God is in control of your life everything goes smoothly without stress.
    Thanks for this article.
    I’ve bookmarked this page for more articles like this and I hope it keeps coming.

  • Nwatu Vera Chisom

    I really enjoyed reading every bits of this piece. I love the quotes which states something about having to keep your goal in mind and never lose sight of it so you can accomplish it that goal, because whenever you remember your aim for doing something you become more eager to perfect it and not willing to stop half way.

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    Inspirational biography, George foreman is really one of a kind, A boxer and a preacher. What I love most is what he said, “You may have an ex-wife or an ex-husband, but you can never have ex-children.” Only a wise man can say that. Thanks for sharing this, ma.

  • John Adoyi

    The legacy of Big George is one that is worth emulating. He is living a very inspiring life.

  • Ajah Ugochi Agnes

    What a beautiful tribute to George Foremanl. This is an inspirational piece. Despite his fame, he never neglects his creator. We are called to emulate him as well as serve God in our fame.

  • Ndukwe Akwara

    George is a faithful fellow,and God rewards the faithful.what a nice post am inspired.

  • Ndukwe Akwara

    He is really an awesome man, I’m inspired.

  • Chilaka Vivian

    It’s so beautiful on how God can transform a man’s life from meaningless to being useful to His kingdom.such is George’s life in God’s hand.

  • What a life touching story I pray some of us learn from this experience of his

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    I like the fact that even though George Foreman was a good boxer he still had fears and believed that he needed God.He had faith and God replaced his fears with Faith.Prosperity is not all about physicality or materialism but about the wellbeing of ones soul

  • Amarachi Juliet

    For a man like him who has been through a lot and chooses to stay with God, it’s a blessing. Foreman’s character is sure worthy of emulation!

  • Ibeh Lorretta Chiamaka

    George Foreman is indeed a faithfull man. He has seen both sides of life yet his faith in God never faded. It’s good to always have faith in God no matter the situation.

  • Ezeh Loveth chinemerem

    George foreman has experience both side of life but his faith in God is so strong. It is good to always trust and believe in God.

  • I like his courageous stands for the lord, for being American and not only for black or white race and also his declaration that”you may have an ex-wife or an ex- husband , but you can never have ex-children”.

  • Ntiwunka Chiamaka

    Filling a need is not merely a good business, it is a basic attitude towards life. If you see a need, do whatever you can to meet that need

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    What I love so much about George are his quotes. They inspire me greatly. It pays to serve the Lord. It never goes unrewarded.

  • Obiora Miracle onyinyechi

    The life of Big George is the kind we can really learn something from. It’s always good to be God-fearing in life. Thanks so much, ma.

  • I enjoyed this post, especially the part where he said fear is good, at times over confidence is what makes us loose.

  • Ugwu Doris c

    Standing by God fetch you a lot of things and perfect things without your knowledge. George is someone who teaches life experience and truth about life.

  • Udop Reyner Ivor

    George Foreman saw it all but his faith in God didn’t waver. Let your faith be steadfast in God and watch things work for you at the right time.

  • Nwoke uchenna

    Sometimes, just knowing that people we see as mentors had challenges and surpassed them is all the encouragement we need and brings to mind that God takes us however we come. truly inspiring, well done ma. i for one am motivated.

    Thank you ma’am

  • Ebeyi Emmanuel

    George is a man that really loves integrity and his choice to follow Jesus is the best part l love

  • Akpan Sarah Precious

    Big George is really worthy of emulation, I’m inspired greatly. Serving God is just the best, and it pays.
    Thank you ma for this

  • Foreman is a man of courageous and God fearing who dedicated his time for God and work to achieve his aim in life.
    “Ex-wife,ex-husband but their is nothing like ex-children” Despite many failure in marriages, he never abandon his children which he take responsibility of them. Like He told his children “nice is a treasure” I love this quote,Wish I also learn. Thank you ma.

  • Ekeh Maryann C

    Wow! George Foreman despite being a democrat still stood up for Trump. His life is worth emulating

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    “Nothing good comes without determination and hardwork”-is an Igbo proverb. I remember reading Anthony Joshua’s grass-to-grace story in Nigeria, and I learnt a big lesson in my life. Coupled with George Foreman’s inspiring life story and his huge turn-around with God,is really something worth commending. Obviously,God never disappoints His people, from this testimony, it’s enough proof about God changing situations.

  • Nnaji Esther uchechukwu

    I really admire his willingness to serve God.and for the fact that he didn’t abandoned his children that means he is really a man of integrity and discipline and also a father that the children will be proud of.indeed George is someone who teaches life experience and truth about life


    With this such accolades he still serve God, not so with most of our so called celebrities

  • Nwokedi Fortune Odinakachi

    “George Foreman’s life” Maintaining a good relationship with God no matter the circumstance is really very important. The balance: your goal and your relationship! Thanks for sharing ma.

  • Ibrahim Mariam

    Serving God is indeed never a waste of time everything around us happens for reason that is why faith is required to keep pushing us.

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    When God arrest us, we become different.. everything about us changes… We overcome obstacles of life… And most importantly he found his purpose in life.

  • Phillips faith

    Nice one,
    The story of George Foreman is very inspiring. Well as we all know that experience sometimes helps us to sharpen and mind our decisions and actions. Experience has led many people to a changed life which am sure they dont regret .

  • Eze Goodness Mmesoma

    God blesses people truely not only by the work of our hands .In everything we do we should put God first.

  • Thanks ma for this motivational piece I like the fact that he is datermined to be someone in future without minding his poor background and I love the fact that he puts God over everything he does

  • Akpom Chinazor Kamdilichukwu

    The story of Big George Freeman is an example to all. Sometimes problems come our way just to realize how important God is.

  • Nwawulu Arinze

    Serving God is indeed never a waste of time everything around us happens for reason that is why faith is required to keep pushing us to reach where God wants us to be

  • Odey- Oko Victor

    Serving God is a thing of the heart, no matter the social status you attain in life, you should always give thanks to God and serve him with no strings attached.

  • Williams Blessing Ngozi

    Serving God is Indeed never a waste of time.we should dedicate our heart and soul to God and experience his abundant love, peace, serenity and innermost joy towards us.

  • Boton Chiamaka Maryann

    Truly,with God by your side you can achieve anything no matter how hard it seems. God is too good to fail his people

  • Chukwu Joy Chioma

    The part where he said “so many of us have people we really care about, and the only time we show affection is when they are gone”hits different and is actually so true.

  • Adimorah perpetual

    This is really inspiring,we should serve God with everything we have because he is the one who gave us Everything and we are nothing without him

  • Igboka chidimma

    What an inspiring story. That is to say in life God has a purpose for us which can only be achieved when we come closer to him.

  • Victor Izuchukwu

    The life of George is that which is worthy of emulation.Thanks for sharing ma

  • Ibaro Harrison Chidalu

    With all his achievements, and misfortunes as well, he didn’t loose the sight of God. Thanks for this piece madam!

  • Big George’s life is really inspiring…. What touched me was the part where I read that he started preaching on the streets; God is indeed great!… This post has really broadened my knowledge I didn’t even know who Big George was.

  • Nwafor Cynthia Chinenyenwa

    With faith you can move mountains. always acknowledge God in all that you do because once God is in control, everything falls in place

  • Ossai Joy Adanne

    George Foreman is a man with an excellent spirit.maintaining a good relationship with God always no matter the situation.

  • Omeje Chinenye Martha.

    I have learnt that being nice is a treasure.

  • Njepuome Nmesoma .O.

    We should always put God first in anything we do for it is very rewarding.
    George Foreman’s life story is truly an inspiring one worthy of emulation.

  • Ezema Johnmartins Kelechi

    God has a way of drawing people close to himself despite that person’s profession. Maybe if not for the illness, he wouldn’t have been spreading the gospel message. But just like Paul, the eagerness and the spirit to do more of it has taken over his former self.

  • Nkan David

    What a turn around in George Foreman’s life. Sincerely speaking, never have I seen anyone who accepted Christ, and then regretted thereafter…Truly speaking, we serve a living God and he will always sustain us no matter the circumstances life places us, and I so much love the humility exhibited in the life of George Freeman

  • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

    This is a story of inspiration to the future generation and present inclusive. God is indeed a key to success, Big George change of life is only God’s handwork


    Love The place where he said that fear is good, when faces with an issue or problem or anything at all and you see not nervous then you might end up not achieving what you have put your mind to achieve but once the tension and you are nervous about the whole that means you might actually get it right

  • Nnochiri Chinecherem Nnabuike

    The story of George Foreman is an inspirational story. It’s reminds us that no matter the challenges life has made us go through, we shouldn’t give up. We should continue the hard work believing and trusting that God will answer us.

  • David Nneka

    I learnt that the Lord never fails anyone who put their trust in him, and it evident in George Foreman’s life.

  • Nwikwu chidera judith

    I really admire his dedication to God. Only God can give him all these graces.

  • Duru Gift Onyinyechi

    The life of George Foreman is one of the many testimonies of people who has received Christ with their whole heart. Following Christ instantly transforms one’s life. Big George is also an example to people who think they can’t achieve bigger things due to their background. Thank you ma for this.

  • Nweze Somto Maryann

    Having faith and serving God with your whole soul and body changes a lot in your life and he makes your life perfect and progressive. This story teaches a lot.

  • Uwadiegwu Mercy Amarachi

    This story is Inspiring. God can use a man, whether big or small, old and young at any point in time . Look at the life of Big George. Would he ever believe that, he will one day be used by God. He choose to leave his Carrier and follow God. There is a lot of benefits when your in Christ. If your in Christ, I don’t think you will lack anything.

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    This story is really inspiring , I never knew of George foreman until today on this post. Thank you ma!

  • Ama Mitchelle Chisom

    There is definitely not a man who God cannot call,it’s amazing how God can choose and bless anybody.


    I learnt a lot from George Foreman, it is necessary to involve God in whatever we do, wherever we are and whatever achievements we have in life.

  • This shows that anyone can serve God. God in the picture can really make a lot of difference in a person’s life. This is so inspiring

  • Onuzulike Chukwuebuka Prosper

    No matter the challenges life has made us go through, we shouldn’t give up. George Foreman life is an evidence to this

  • Ubabunike David Ogochukwu

    i just want to leave that legacy that being nice is a treasure, very attractive statement, we should be nice for no reason zero charges

  • Udo Faithful Uche

    Wow… Really the story of George Foreman is very inspiring. It’s so good of you ma to write a tribute to him.

    Truely there is no body God can’t reach out to. That’s a highlight for me too ma. And his quote about niceness been a treasure… I really want to live by that.

  • Idoko Charles Edicha

    When get closer to God, things become much easier for you, you view things differently and you have peace of mind.

  • Iheme Akunna

    morale of the story is that if you really wanna succeed in this life, don’t expect anything to come easy else, you will never value it. Secondly, his entrepreneurial spirit has had him making money from endorsements unlike other celebrities who fizzle out and end in bankruptcy. In all his change around life for kingdom business was a wow I must commend.

  • Pearl Azuoma

    Foreman’s meet with God was my most anticipated part of the story when I started reading. I think God for his life.


    morale of the story is that if you really wanna succeed in this life, don’t expect anything to come easy else. In all his change around life for kingdom business was a wow I must commend.

  • Failure to accomplish something doesn’t make you less fortunate. If George felt like being a failure by dropping out of school ,he wouldn’t have become this successful. We need to have faith in God.

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