Here is some encouragement in verse for whoever needs God’s help in one way or the other. As the featured scripture says, it is good to hope in God. Why? Because he is preserving us by His mercy and his steadfast love endures forever. Each new day gives us the opportunity to prove this again and again. And if there are lingering issues, we don’t run helter skelter, we hold onto God till He comes through for us. And He will!

“O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” – Psalm 107:1

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Waiting …
Waiting for the darkness to turn to light
Trusting …
Trusting that You’ll come through for me
Praying …
Praying that I cling to You without wavering
Hoping …
Hoping that I will soon see that new day
This, is my life!

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

Scriptural reference:

Lamentations 3:21-26
“21. This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.
22. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
23. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
24. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

25. The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.
26. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.”

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The scriptures used in this post are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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  • Ezenwa chinaza

    This is inspirational. thank you Ma.

  • His Mercy Endures Forever

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen. Thanks for visiting, Temitope. More grace on your ministry in Jesus’ name.

      • Otti Uzoma Augusta

        Yes I believe every darkness in my life will turn to light and I trust him to see me through.
        I pray I will be steadfast in serving him and I will definitely see his mercies and miracles manifest in my life. Aunty, thank you so much for this poem cum prayer.

  • Solomon Jr

    This is just the message I need right about now. Word! Bless you, Aunty Edith!


    God is ever faithful, he is always there to help us

  • Ibeh chiamaka

    God will never fail to fulfill his promises in our lives. Those who wait on him should not relent or waver because he will greatly reward us.


    Our creator Is ever ready to help us anytime we need him. All we have to do is obey his words, pray hard and wait patiently for his answers. We should not panic because Jesus never fails. Praise God!!!

  • Gloria

    God bless me with a miracle.

  • Okoye Ezinne

    Inspirational indeed, God never fails.

  • Agu Ginika Rebecca

    Encouraging, heart warming and confidence that things will get better and what we hope for shall come to fulfillment. trusting and relying on God for accomplishment. we should not always lose hope in life but persevere or be steadfast in God to achieve what we desired. but in doing that, we should be sincere in serving God unconditionally so that he will be closer to us in any situation we see ourselves.

  • Mbata Jemita Chiemika

    As humans, we face many adversities in life but we have to trust in God and hope for better days to come.

  • Essien Anietie Archibong

    exactly! “praying I cling to you without wavering” this poem is really my life.

  • Njoku Chiamaka Constance

    God will actually see us through if we trust Him. He knows all our problems, what he needs from us is trust and obedience

    • Edith Ohaja

      Reminds me of the song that says, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Bless you, Chiamaka!

  • juliet

    giving up is never an option

  • This is from a heart that is full of hope and assurance believing that no condition is permanent

  • Eze Levi Ifeanyi

    We should learn how to wait, trust, pray and hope onto God till he comes through for us.

  • Nnamani Esther

    This is a poem of trust and hope. Even when we feel there is no way for achieving something, there is still that hope that God would make a way

  • Mamah Daniella Chinenye

    Am so motivated by this poem. One day, the long stream of tears shall be cut off. It’s. really a comforting one…nice work

  • Ugwuoke Blessing Nnedinso

    Life is full of struggles but with these inspiring words, we can keep on till the end because the mercy of God abideth forever on his faithful.

  • Iheanyi Ugochi Elizabeth

    Waiting upon God is really the best. When you can’t do anything else, you pray, when it seems that all hope is lost, keep on trusting Him. This should be bedrock of every believer.

  • Chukwuma Chekwube Jennifer

    You have to pray and trust God that one day things will turn around for good.

  • okike ukamaka eunice

    waiting for the Lord is always the best option because he is ready to see us through in every situation and his grace is always sufficient to turn our darkness to light.

  • ukwueze oluchi benedette

    no matter my situation, i still have hope and i will patiently wait for God’s time to come because a patient dog eats the fattest bone. And i believe that i will get more than i require when the time comes.


    Always trust in GOD no matter the situation because he will surely see you through. He can change your story in a twinkle of an eye.

  • onah onyebuchi vitus

    waiting leads to trusting while trusting leads to praying and praying leads to hoping. this is what someone needs in his or her life to be successful as a believer in Christ.

  • nwokeocha precious chidubem

    i like the way your language was simple and as a reader i can easily connect to what you’re saying. i look forward to your new posts.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    it’s a wonderful peom
    it’s a poem that gives hope to life and d bible passages make it more understandable.


    The poem “this is my life” inspires a person to understand life concepts as waiting,hoping,praying,trusting is used to convey a message of a typical life style.

  • Mbagwu Henry Ugochukwu

    A poem that spurred out of hope, trying not to be overtaken by situations that seem overwhelming and clinging to God’s words on his time. Lam 3 :26 Nice.

  • ojimadu kingsley

    the poem entails the struggle which one faces in life, and believing in God to deliver us from hardship. so one can thrive and be successful in one’s endeavors.

  • Dike Gerald Osinachi

    Oh my life, l will that you be directed to God so that his care will be directed to you in response. May we trust Him that we may receive His kindness. Pursuance of salvation is the good life. Wish you persevere mum.

  • Onwusonye Promise

    I hope nothing diverts my hope from my God and your hope too. He is trustworthy. Never disappointing. It is my prayer that we wait for Him with hope. bless you, mum.

  • omenma ndidiamaka

    God is ever faithful.never give up,be patient and wait for he never forsakes his people

  • ayogu lovina chinenye

    praying and hoping is the wing that keep people flying in life as every one need hope for better days ahead ‘

  • Ugwuaneke Grace u.

    Our help comes from the lord who made heaven and earth.believing and trusting in him is the key,while perseverance is the solution

  • Bessong Faith Ada

    The Lord is also my portion. I love your poems! And I also believe that we should all cling to the Lord because only he would sustain us through the rough times.

  • Emmanuel Gerald

    The lovingkindness of our heavenly father beats all imagination, hence the need for our unwavering trust and commitment to him. HE sees, hears and feels whatever tribulation we pass through.

  • Obasi Chidinma

    This poem is written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The poem is full of hope and aspiration. The first line is aspiring for the light to shine and after the light, trusting on God for the prayers made. Hoping and praying to meet and cling to God’s compassionate love. Hoping to see that new day will be a thing of joy and encouragement.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    Prayer and faith in God are the keys to a succesful life. I thank God for this poem.

  • orji chidubem

    it is indeed a nice poem. Waiting for God’s time is the best. when we Trust in HIM, HE provides all our needs. When we pray to HIM, he answers. Though, your prayers may not be granted immediately but believe that he is waiting for the appropriate time to fulfill it. we should also hope in GOD, for when u hope in him your life will be so interesting. I really love the poem bcos its so inspiring. Kudos to u Ma

  • ushie joana

    A very good message that prepares us about our journey of life


    Life is full of struggles but when we trust and hope in God life will be much easier for us.

  • Odo Collins Nnaemeka

    This poem really inspires me because ever since I was born, God has been so kind to me. Although sometimes I do face some challenges, but due to the fact that I have patience, trust and pray a lot, I have been able to conquer it all with the help of God.

  • Ugwuaneke Grace U

    .one thing i learnt from this poem is to hold on to my faith and cling to God no matter the situation,God is a merciful father and will surely come to my aid at the due i cannot thank you enough for inspiring me once more.


    This is a tonic for depressed and lethargic souls caught up in the doldrums of life. There is a silver lining in the dark gloomy skies. Thank you ma for the inspirational works


    This is a very good message that talks about our everyday life with God. still waiting, trusting and hoping on God for more of the things we need.

  • Morgan Joy

    I feel this poem is talking to me.I feel inspired. I do not regret reading it.


    By giving your life to Christ, you need to trust in him and always pray, then hope that he sees you through your daily life.

  • This poem is inspirational and is certainly like refreshing water for a weary one. Good one!

  • fon cvyril

    Put your trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will forever reign in your life


    It is good to wait on God for his miracle because he is the only one that can do all things.

  • Chioma Ezeudu

    I love this poem because I feel like the writer was able to view life from two standpoints: standpoint of God the creator looking down on us during our pains and standpoint of a true Christian during the time he or she is passing through hardships. the writer was able to do this by using words like Wait, Trust, Pray, and hope. these words to me are exactly what God demands from us anytime he looks at us during hard times. He looks down at us and sees us hurting and says, “wait, I have something better for you, just trust me, keep praying and hoping”. Another standpoint these words, Wait, Trust, Pray, and hope describe, is that of a good Christian who willingly decides to wait on God, trust God, Pray and still place his hopes on God especially during moments he sees himself passing through valleys and shadows of death. Generally, I will say that this is a Good poem that portrays the character of a good Christian and God’s expectations from us at the same time.

  • Juliet

    I’m not going to rush things. I will pray and let him bless me when he wants to.


    Trust in the Lord and He will never let you down. GOD BLESS YOU MA.

  • Egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    This is an inspirational one. We should always trust, hope and wait on the Lord because in his own time, he will reward us bountifully. Halleluiah!!!

  • Nwokolo Chidera Mirabell

    those who wait on God will never be dissapointed

  • Akpali Francess

    What an encouragement. More power to your elbow!

  • edet elijah

    Its one good thing to know that we have an undying hope that he is always there for us.

  • Ezeugwu Echezona Emmanuel

    God had already shed His glory on our ways. All we have to do is to trust and have faith in Him because He has never failed and He will never fail. Thank you so much Ma for this wonderful poem

  • Ezugwu Ogochukwu.A

    Put your trust in God for he will never let you down

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    I will keep holding unto God until He will come through for me.


    This poem gives the lesson of faith and trust in God. Though challenges may arise but our level of faith will determine our escape from them.


    This poem shows an example of the relationship between man and God.

  • Nweke jane

    No matter the obstacles always wait quietly for the lord

  • Ewurum John

    This post strengthens our chemistry or bond with God who is actually the creator of all. And it shows the necessity to always ask, knock and seek for what ever we want.

  • Ezema .u. peace

    This post strengthens our relationship with God , and also teaches us to have faith in God. am really blessed , God bless you ma.

  • uzor Victoria NKeiruka

    This short piece talks about hope and faith in God,because he our father is always ready to answer to us when we are in need no matter the obstacles he would always come to our aid.

  • Nwosu Chinwendu Favour

    Trusting in GOD is indeed the best thing to do because he will surely see us through no matter how big the problem is .GOD bless you ma for this wonderful post

  • Ozoadibe Chidera Fortune

    This poem shows us how important we are to God and his relationship with us.


    This poems reveals to us that it is good to hope in God. When we hope in God, his steadfast love preserves us by his mercy. We are called upon to hold unto God till he comes through for us. The poem is really encouraging. It gave me a strong assurance!!! God bless you, Ma.

  • Nwanne Judith

    this is a positive confession of one who surrounded by trouble but clings to a faithful father who will bring a better tomorrow.

  • Njoku Chineme Evelyn

    This poem is very inspirational as it shows hope and good life we have in Christ Jesus. it also shows that we need God for the better things in life.

  • Ewa-Ifeanyichukwu Chidinma

    I believe trusting in God and having absolute faith is necessary in life. One with God is majority, because in him we MOVE and in him we have our PEACE.

  • Ndieze Kelechi precious

    Some say prayer Is the key but I like to think is faith that is everything

  • God will surely answer payers no matter how long it takes.

  • Akogu Juliet Aniema

    Wait upon the lord and he shall renew our strength. this is the exact words i want to hear now. so inspiring.,,Thanks ma for this write up.

  • Abugu Chinazom

    As humans, facing one problem or the other is very inevitable. We only have to trust, hope and pray, that everything gets better soon. God bless you ma for this!

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    The poem is basically about trusting, God waiting on Him and praying without ceasing God in His infinite love and mercy is always ready and waiting for us just a little prayer to God he moves mountains on our behalf.
    God is our hope and refuge we ought to trust Him endlessly with our problems .

  • Joseph Edidiong

    Awesome poem with beautiful rhyme. Patience, hope and faith is all we need. Don;t give up. Keep the faith alive. Thank you ma for these words of encouragement to my soul.

  • onyema chinonyelum cynthia

    sometimes i grow impatient and confused, but never will there come a day i don’t wait, hope and trust in the Lord, God Almighty. He listens and He will answer when He know’s right.

  • Emeh Akachukwu Esther

    God’s time is the best..those who wait on him eats the best fruits

  • Nwafor Uchechukwu Judith

    This poem is so nice, it is like a food to the soul
    It covers most of our basic need.

  • Ugwu Kosisochukwu Ifunanya

    Trusting and waiting upon the Lord is the key to a very successful life.

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    Ma your words of encouragement melts my heart, thank you and may God bless you.
    Truly! It is good to hope in God, when it seems like the whole world is against us or we feel we had it all,just hope on Him and pray to Him.

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta

    My life…will live it to the Glory of God. My life is Gods making and I owe it to Him to be faithlfull in servingbhim and trusting Him above all else.

  • Ikebuaku Ezinwanne K

    Clinging to him without wavering is the deepest desire of my heart just that sometimes it seems as though I want my own will to be done
    But recently I started learning to cling to him even when it seems to be hard for me


    I want more of you jesus, the more i know you is the more i want to know you lord.his love is all i long for, God is great.

  • Sunday Francis C

    This poem talks about the 4 main points on our stay in life and if we are to live the life of Christ. we hav to wait, pray, trust and hope on God and his teachings. We have to hold on to God.

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Wait on God, pray to Him with full trust and hope. He will always answer. Our God is awesome and caring. Blessed be His name forever, Amen!

  • Nkwere PraiseGod

    Yes, of course, As Christians we have to live a life of patience, trust , hope and prayer as this will fascinate our stand with God. Thank you ma’am for this inspirational piece. God less you!

  • Maduabuchi Ebube Deborah

    I pray I hold you with all my heart, I pray not to deviate from you so that in the last day I will be able to be among that will meet and see you face to face…..o lord this is my prayer….. Really love the poem


    Waiting and hoping is the prerequisite for accomplishing our goals.(this I have always known).

    Waiting and hoping in God, gives us the goal that is best for us (this I know now).

    God bless you ma for adding to my thought.

  • Anazodo Helen

    This is my life desinged by God, he only has the key, waiting only in his grace, trusting in him, darkness i shall pass over, praying for him to see me through.

  • Akwara Agatha Uchechi

    Waiting for God’s love. We wont have to wait so long. He is with us all the time. There is a bond between us and God which can never be broken. Christ has redeemed us and we can hope in him.

  • Joshua igwe

    My life reflects my trust in God with all commitment praying and waiting for my God never fails for with him am more than a conqueror

  • Akuma Victor

    I wait on the Lord my comforter, I trust in God because I know he’s there, I pray to the lord because he is my only God, to whom I owe everything and entrust everything to, I have high hopes and faith in my God because I know in his time, he will make all things possible.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka Peace

    This poem is encouraging. We believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that joy comes in the morning. That’s our faith in Christ.

  • Ezeh Blessing

    Of course he’ll come through for anyone who has faith in him. Such a short but meaningful poem. It’s just like my own life too,trusting and hoping in God,from whence my help comes. Beautiful job ma

  • Very inspiring. Nice one ma. Trust and hope are virtues we should have as Christians.I pray thee Lord to increase my faith so that l will rejoice in the end

  • Essien, Anietie Archibong

    From time to time,we christians and even spritual leaders need words of enciuragement as there are trying tmes which one might consider relaxing.this is a good encouragement!

  • Odo Collins Nnaemeka

    God doesn’t disappoint those who believe in him,so trust in him and be save

  • Nwele Euphemia Uzoamaka

    He’s has never let me down. God is our peace in the mist of the storm
    The light at the end of every tunnel
    The oxygen we take in, our HOPE

  • Precious

    am blessed with this..
    God bless you ma’am

  • Okorie Flora

    So inspirational and touching. God is love, he will turn all our darkness to light and will lift us up

  • God is everly faithful and His mercies endureth forever Amen.

  • He is an ever loving father. A very meek father who is also a friend. His words pierce through my ears:”come ye who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” I’ve held unto these words for as long as I can remember. This is really heart warming. I’m assured through this poem that He’s here for me.

  • Eze Nnenna Uzoamaka

    Christ is my hope of glory, my light.
    I live my life with the knowing that in everything I do, there is hope…. Christ is that hope. . And because he is, I keep pressing on….
    Thanks ma , for this poem

  • Epunam obianuju

    Christ is our hope of years to come. Nice poem ma

  • Short but very inspiring poem.Positivity is always the best way to live .Having hope,praying and trusting God will help one achieve a positive lifestyle.

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    No matter my struggle or challenges in life I will always hope in God. Nice poem!

  • Joseph joy

    We so much trust and believe in our parents as they always provide for us,
    Imagine having such faith and trust on God, we’ll conquer all our challenges

  • Eze martins Tochukwu

    Patience, hope prayer and trust this is the qualities that God want us to have because this will enable us receive his blessings and also improve how we relate to our follow human being.

  • God’s help comes in it’s time. He never fails. He’s ever faithful. He’s always near. i pray we all will have the patience to hope and believe that God’s time is the best.Thank you , Ma.

  • Adeke Chukwuka

    As long as we are alive, we must definitely hope for one thing or the other, either from God or from man. When there is life there is hope

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    No matter what the problem is, it is eminent to understand that, God will never let us down.

  • I look to God because he is my author and finisher of my pays best to wait for the lord and you will never regret it.

  • Chima ella

    Hope for his goodness and have faith in him,He will never fail to fulfill his promise

  • Aleke Juliet C.

    Thank u ma. God is our strength and our strong hold; he will never let us down.

  • Theophilus Blessing

    So short, positive and trenchant. Inspiring and altogether motivating. It is encouraging. So let’s all trust, pray, hope & believe that he will do it.

  • Eunice

    Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I know definitely that every darkness in my life must surely turn to light.
    God bless you ma for this poem

  • Obiemeka favour chukwugozie

    God is just enough for me. I keep hoping in God because he is just enough.

  • Chinelobi Treasure Oluchi

    I love the line that states “praying that I will cling to You without wavering”… Oh Now, that’s the point I want to get to with God.

  • Odeh faith elakeche

    There is hope for the living, trust God and he will never let you down I Know fully well that every darkness in my life will surely turn to light!


    I love this poem.
    In all your ways acknowledge God and He will make your paths straight.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    And I pray for the spirit of steadfast to never weaver and to never give in easily to sin.

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    Our hope in God cannot be disappointed. We should always have this fact at the back of our mind. He cares and he loves.

  • Okafor chidinma Josephine

    In all things it is better to hope than to despair

  • Nwannah Juliana ngozi

    I believe and i know that as long the lord liveth,there is light at the end of the tunnel.tank u ma for reassuring me.

  • Duru Joselyn Amarachi

    I wait on you,trust in you and hope in you Lord. That you bless, change, transform and remould my life as the Potter does to the clay.
    This life you have given us o Lord, is yours but literally ours. Help us then to live it for your glory.
    Nice one ma.

  • I believe that as long as Jesus lives, I CAN FACE TOMORROW.. When you hope in the Lord, you ll have no fear about tomorrow.. Because he holds our future in His hands .

  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    I’m hoping to see God face to face some day.
    Nice poem ma.

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    For me, hope in Christ is the strongest pillar every Christian should cling on. Is only Jesus that knows what our tomorrow will be like. We have to put our trust in Him and He will visit us at His perfect time.

  • Vincentia Charles chisom

    Waiting, trusting, praying and hoping are great qualifications to get God’s attention and receive from him. Only that this time I’d rather choose to Believe instead of hoping.


    Wow just in few lines ma you powerfully captured the totality of life’s reality, this is incredible. Thank you ma

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