The work of covering newsworthy people, places, issues and events and crafting accurate and balanced stories from them is at the core of journalism. This work, called reporting, has sadly become an all-comers’ affair in this digital age. Anyone with a smart phone can gather and disseminate information in the name of news. But trained journalists know that it takes more than a good phone or other digital devices to report the news properly.

Reporting is an intricate process that requires special attributes- some innate, some acquired through training. For instance, a good reporter should have what is professionally called a nose for news, that is, an ability to detect news possibilities where others do not and ferret the stories out. The latter takes curiosity and persistence, both of which can be natural traits. However, how they can be applied in knocking on the right doors, asking the right questions and collating the information gathered from a variety of sources into a coherent and fluid story is largely a function of training.

Part of that training concerns the different approaches to reporting. Not every story is handled in the same way. Some stories by their very nature lend themselves to one approach while others would require another kind of treatment. In the same vein, all stories do not have the same goal and these varying goals necessitate different handling for them to be actualised. In this series, we shall examine different methods of reporting to identify the following:

• Their characteristics
• The communication goals and roles of the media they seek to accomplish
• Their popularity/availability in Nigeria’s media landscape.

In this particular post, we shall look at the traditional method of reporting called straight news or objective reporting.

Straight news reporting
Straight news reporting is the earliest form of reporting in journalism that requires the reporter to submit a concise and timely report of the day’s events with no embellishment or editorialisation (insertion of the reporter’s personal opinions and biases). In other words, using the 5 Ws and H (news elements), the reporter is expected to answer the questions:
• What happened?
• Who made it happen or who did it happen to?
• When did it happen?
• Where did it happen?
• Why did it happen?
• How did it happen?

As many of the answers to these questions as can be discovered are quickly assembled to send out a report that is as contemporaneous with the event as possible.

Characteristics of a straight news story
It concerns important matters. The most important news of the day come in straight news fashion, When reporters say “breaking news,” it is often straight news. Stories about politics, education, the economy, etc. that people cannot do without. When the government announces a tax hike; when a major trade union, like the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), announces it is commencing an industrial action; when a pandemic hits; reporters rush to submit straight news stories. This method of reporting does not cover fluff like who is dating who, what flavour of ice cream does the president or Speaker of the House of Representatives like or what did a business mogul buy his wife for her birthday? That could be why its output is called hard news.

It goes straight to the point. It does not begin with any preamble or building of context. It is not written like the conventional essay or story that uses description to paint a scene or builds an image in readers’ minds before launching into the meat of the narrative. It starts with a summary lead that gives the story in a nutshell by answering some or all of the 5 Ws and H.

It is written with the simplest language possible. That is why it is said that you do not ‘purchase’ when you can ‘buy’ in news writing.

It is very timely. It is usually the first account of every important news you will hear before it is elaborated upon through other methods of reporting.

It is precise because it does not make room for vast amounts of background or interpretative information.

It is called objective reporting because the reporter is expected to detach himself from the story and report only the facts of the event. Any opinions in the story must be strictly attributed to properly identified sources and these opinions should be diverse enough to prevent a charge of promoting one view over others.

It is written in the inverted pyramid order. This means that the basic facts of the story are presented in the first paragraph (the lead), followed by a bridge that explains the circumstances surrounding the lead, a further explanation of the lead, background and secondary information, with minor details at the end of the story. It is the opposite of the usual storytelling style that picks up gradually, building to a climax.

Goal of straight news reporting/Role of the media it serves
As earlier said, straight news focuses on crucial matters that affect most people, information about which they need to make vital decisions. That is why it does not dance around or adopt a suspenseful style. It tells the reader immediately what the story is about from the headline to the first few paragraphs. Anyone who wants more information can read the rest of the story. If they’re still not satisfied, they can search for more comprehensive reports outside straight news.

The major goal of straight news is, therefore, to provide information- help people to be aware of what is happening around and beyond them, some of which affect their lives directly or indirectly. In other words, straight news enables the media to perform their surveillance function.

Popularity/availability of straight news in Nigeria
Straight news is the major method used to report news in Nigeria- in daily newspapers, on television, radio and the web. Other methods of reporting, although present, cannot compete with the sheer volume of straight news churned out everyday.

This is not a uniquely Nigerian situation but are there things about the Nigerian situation that could explain the preponderance of straight news?

Review Questions
***Find three straight news reports in any Nigerian newspapers and dissect each of them into the various parts of the inverted pyramid as listed above.

***Pick two front-page stories from any national daily and assess how they reflect the characteristics of straight news stories identified above.

***Write a straight news story on a major event that took place on campus or its environs.

***Adduce reasons for the popularity and wide availability of straight news reports in Nigeria.

Further reading:
Nwabueze, C. (2015). Reporting: Principles, approaches, special beats. Owerri, Nigeria: Top Shelve Publishers.

Uwakwe, O. (2017). Media writing and reporting. Enugu, Nigeria: Cecta Books.

Ohaja, E. U. Feature writing simplified. Enugu, Nigeria: El ‘Demak. (Chapter One distinguishes between straight news and features in detail, thereby explaining its characteristics profoundly. It also has an example of a straight news story.)


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      Thanks for the vote of confidence but if I can teach you more here than the short time in the classroom, I’ll be satisfied.

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        It’s quite interesting to know that straight news story does not require individuall biases.

        One is required to just observe the five Ws and H

  • Chinecherem Stephens

    Our reading culture is dead. Not many Nigerians have the time nor the patience to read anymore, so if the news has to get us, it must be packed in the headline or the first two of three paragraphs, otherwise, we may never get round to sitting down and reading the entire story, which when it happens, will leave us in the dark about what’s happening in our country.
    Media houses understand this Nigerian situation are often very direct, hence the prevalence of straight news reporting in Nigeria.

    • Great answer. Our reading culture is unbelievably poor. They say if you want to hide something from a Nigerian, just put it in a book, lol! The longer the story, the less the readership. That may be why straight news stories which are skeletal gain more attention.

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    Thank you for this incisive piece on straight news reporting. Like you rightly said, journalism is fast becoming an all-comers’ affairs. While the truth still remains that all journalists are writers, not all writers are journalists. The journalism profession is a noble one but the incursion of quacks and interlopers into the profession is a big challenge. Your article is very apt and enriching. I have gleaned a lot from it as a journalist myself. Keep them coming. May your ink never run dry. May your ideas flow ceaselessly like Rivers Niger and Benue! Thanks ma. From my observation, your approach to lecturing is such that would make your students learn a lot from you. Kudos and keep up the good work. Have a great week ahead.

    • Delighted to hear from you! Your language is impressive. I don’t say that lightly because we’ve seen so much deterioration in standards at all levels of education. Looking forward to reading more from you and remain blessed!

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    A typical Nigerian has no time to go through all of the news story. Some of them read just the headlines from the newspaper stands and go their way.That’s why in a straight news story, even the headline summarises the story although it is not more explanatory than the lead.
    This I think explains why straight news stories are very much in Nigeria.

    I really appreciate your efforts in taking out time to teach us on this platform. Only a thoughtful person could do this. May God reward you abundantly?

    • Yes, most people are in a hurry, they’ve got no time to read long stories. This is very evident online where they scroll past anything more than a few paragraphs.

      Amen to your prayer. And may God promote you in Jesus’ name.

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    A very educative exposition as always — basically straight news reporting is the core of factual information dissemination from which other forms of soft reporting like editorial and feature writings are birthed from. Thank you as always for your in-depth exposition with a level of simplicity that too easily positively influences ones love for reading.

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    Straight news reportage has continually remained our oldest style of news presentation especially in Africa and precisely in Nigeria because people have lost the zeal to read and generally people just want to be abreast with the 5ws and H of the story at a first glance..

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    This is as straight and to the point as the whole subject matter. Glad points could be broken down and explained. I do have a question about using 2 paragraphs for the lead. It gets confusing especially where there is a lot to summarize in the lead and the unwritten rule of writing hard news lead allows only for a few words in a single sentence paragraph. I see hard news stories where the lead is up to two paragraphs but it gets confusing on how to follow through and not derail or go against what should be the norm.

    • As you rightly said, the norm is one sentence but if there’s additional compelling information you must get to the reader at once, you add a second sentence. I once read this example from a book:

      “Fifty-three workers fell to their death when the scaffolding collapsed at a construction site
      …. Eight of them were from the same family.”

      Not sure I got the figures right but I’m sure you get the idea.

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    I am currently a 300l philosophy student.

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    Thank you ma.
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    It’s a wonderful piece, Ma.
    I look forward to seeing more.
    God bless you!

  • Almost every Nigerian is always in a rush, that’s why they want something concise and brief to go through before going about their daily lives; this applies to people that just want to be aware about what going on in the country or society. We still have some people that don’t care and they just go about their daily lives like that. There is this saying that goes like this, “If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book.” Thank you, Ma, for this write-up. I pray for more grace upon you.

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    Straight news reporting can be fun to report, where the issue comes is framing the lead in a way that makes it concise and yet customary to the house style as I learnt during my internship. Thank you, ma’am, for the breakdown.

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    Comprehension most times becomes a challenge to most readers who are not extensively versed with vocabulary and densely used Dictions, Reading can actually be discouraging when most of our great lettered African Writers tries to make a show of their rich and intimidating vocabulary, with the intension to portray an air of Superiority, they end up making a mess and a Caricature of the essential aim of Communication.

    The core aim of language is communication and the very reason for communication is to relay an information and this can never be realized without appropriate comprehension. when there is Gap in communication due to Ambiguity of language, it without doubt,poses a big problem to the reader.

    “Why buy when you can actually purchase” may seem a rhetorical question but it is a truism that should guide our native writers, the principle aim of writing is to pass across information and not to impress or make a show of your level of learnedness.

    I appreciate you work because it is concise and comprehensive, and I opine that you encourage other writers on the need to avoid mbiguous terms and to write concisely.

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    The act of reporting is not for everyone but everyone currently wants to disseminate information without checking out facts and those stories are usually one sided
    Straight news story is truly the best option in Nigeria because we have lost the zeal to read
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    One thing I appreciate about your texts and articles is how concise and comprehensive they are.

    Reading them is always an interesting and refreshing experience.

    The inverted pyramid style is what makes it possible for all these men who usually rally around newspaper stands to discuss daily national news by just glancing at the newspaper headline and lead without actually buying and reading the full news story. Lol

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    To be honest, whoever can’t overcome the hurdle of understanding how to write straight news stories and fully grasp the intricacies doing same, he or she has got no business being in the journalism business.
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  • I think one reason why the straight news is prevalent in the Nigerian society is because of the Nigerian audience. We are always curious about the latest occurrences especially in government or political arena, always looking for the latest breaking news to talk about. Moreover, the average Nigerian is always into one endeavour or the other and have little or no time to start reading a pile of interpretative features. So for the latest, they just flip through the pages, get the headlines and maybe read lead and sometimes the whole story because it is usually short and precise and boom we have got another breaking news to talk and think about. Thank you, ma, for all your wonderful efforts in our lives. You are blessed.

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    This is reporting and straight news writing made easy, with exceptional lucidity.
    Well delivered.

    Apprehension here is without effort, understanding flows naturally.

    You ‘ve done a very good job worthy of emulation.
    It’s a privilege to be your student. I always have something to take home each time i come by.
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    Thank you, ma, for this elucidation.

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    People post any type of stories and any how without minding if it is worth reporting.

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    I am highly elated ma, having gone through this knowledge filled lecture on straight news reporting,for me this master piece implies back to the board on straight news reporting, Thanks so much ma for your motherly care,more grace of God ? to you. The reason why straight news reporting is thriving in Nigeria is mostly because most people do not have all the time to read a full story and as such reporters try as much as possible to present their news stories in a concise and simple manner.Another reason why straight news is taking the lead in Nigeria is basically because straight or hard news stories is always on point,laced with important issues,if allowed to give it another name,it would be “SeriousBusiness” for the fact that it does not beat around the bush, Thanks once again ma.

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    • Yes. In the US, for instance, advocacy reports are common even in the mainstream media (MSM)- i.e reports on important matters are slanted according to the ideological leaning of the journalist and the outfit he works for.

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    Yes, I think there are reasons for the popularity or greater number of using straight news reporting in Nigeria. This comes from situations in Nigeria or situation report in Nigeria. The bad situation of daily insecurity occurrences in Nigeria (crime, kidnapping), bad situation of economic recession, detoriating education and health sector and politicking are reasons for the preponderance use of straight news reporting in Nigeria. Just as it is being said that straight news reporting is serious in nature and concerns stories of politics, education and economy, these Nigeria situation are serious and a crucial matter to human and Nigeria as whole. So, reporting them always come in form of straight news reporting.

    Also, use of straight news reporting is greater due to the situation of political/government negative interference In objective reporting in Nigeria(media houses just report news), therefore indept,interpretative or any other form of news reporting is not an option in Nigeria.
    God bless you mom.

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    Personally, I like to write straight news stories. I got acquainted with writing them a lot during my internship.

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  • Ma I really understood, love and appreciate this particular write up on straight news. Like you said, It is only a well trained journalist that knows that it takes more than a good digital device or smart phone to write a good straight news story. We are now in world where everyone claims to be a journalists on a social media platform, but If your take you time to evaluate and criticize there work base on this standard straight news, you will realize that It lacks so many characteristics which includes, being precise, going straight to the point, focusing on important matter’s etc most times there sources are not credible enough..
    Ma thank you for educating and reminding us, through this write up, that as journalist’s who are undergoing training, that we still have a lot to offer to the society. Moreover, Ma, your ability to pass on knowledge through write Up’s, have given me an in-depth knowledge and a clearer view on this straight news story and how best to achieve a successful straight news story following the characteristics, illustration’s and explanation given on the write up.

    God bless you Ma, I really appreciate your caring and love to educate and guide us, academically, morally, politically etc on this platform in any given opportunity… Thank you so much ma

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    From this post, I have learnt that the earliest form of reporting used in journalism is straight news reporting.
    Which is more related to straight news reporting? Is it the investigative or interpretative method?

    • Sweetie, they are all related as they are all methods of reporting. Go over their characteristics and see their similarities and differences again.

      • Chukwu Joy Chioma

        I will do just that ma.

        • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

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    Is Accuracy important in Straight News Reporting since the news report must be timely too?

  • Ugochi

    The audience is too impatient to read dull park news. The use of the inverted pyramid is an important feature in straight news reporting. Journalists are also advised to abide by the 5Ws and H news elements when reporting as they form a guide to every news. Thanks, Ma.

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    I will need to do some research to know more about the inverted pyramid order.

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  • Ekechukwu Francisca

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    I guess that this is the type of reporting used in (newspaper, radio, and television) industries

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    A reporter must also be conversant with summary writing as that will really help in writing a straight news report, since it requires precised form of writing.

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    This is educating. Thanks ma.

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    Nnaji Ozioma Faith

  • I learnt something, all journalists are writers! But not all writers are journalists!
    That’s true.

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    And I want to ask a question . Back then when I was in secondary school ,they usually write up news from punch every Friday and read for students on the assembly after which the will paste on the notice board .they did because we couldn’t get access to Newspaper because it was a boarding school . And I will always read this news which the have pasted on the notice board because of the way the heading of is captivating but I found out that most of that the heading and the body is every of the news is different in the sense that after reading the heading I will expect to see a full details of what explain the heading but to my disappointment I only see fill detail or nothing at all . And I think that is one of the major reason why people don’t like reading news because they know that the won’t be full details pertaining to the heading and that is one disadvantage of straight news .

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    But I want to ask please ma what did you mean by you do not ‘purchase’ when you can ‘buy’ in news writing.

    • Check the words ‘purchase’ and ‘buy’. You can see they mean the same thing but one is simpler than the other. Now read the sentence again with that in mind.

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