Will Smith Needs Help And Needs It Fast


As I recall the now infamous slap that actor Will Smith gave to Chris Rock as he did a comedic segment prior to presenting an award at the 94th Oscars or Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in LA on Sunday, March 27, 2022, I can’t help but conclude that Will Smith needs help and needs it fast!

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith being a Hollywood power couple and sharing all the details of their life on the Red Table Talk show (which Jada co-hosts with her mother and daughter) and other platforms doesn’t mean everyone has been listening.

To assume everyone knows his wife is suffering from alopecia is arrogant as it has transpired Chris Rock had no idea.

And if Jada is so insecure about her hair loss, why not wear a wig as other people with balding issues from alopecia, cancer treatment or ageing do? Kimberley Klacik (who has the same condition) rocked wigs during her popular campaign for a Congressional seat in 2020.

I don’t believe Chris Rock meant to be disrespectful. He started by saying, “Jada, I love you.” On the contrary, saying that a lady looked ready to reprise Demi Moore’s role in the film “G. I. Jane” sounds like quite the compliment to me.

“G. I. Jane” reenacted the true story of a young female officer, Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill, who, to become a Navy Seal, went through the excruciating training refusing all exemptions on account of her sex. That meant shaving her head to be like the guys and participating in dangerous missions like other recruits. She ended up outperforming her mates.

To move from laughing at the joke to acting on his self-absorbed wife’s displeasure was immature, especially since Will has done quite a bit of comedy in sitcoms, like “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (where he often teased his uncle in the play about his baldness) and in his movies.

Like lawyers have privilege in court and can be merciless in examining witnesses to win their cases, comedians have the latitude to use a little bit of truth and colour it with their imagination and hyperbole to elicit laughs. They can’t be expected to shy away from potential material that offends the sensibilities of everyone or there’ll be no jokes left to crack.

As Stephen Colbert of the Late Show has said, the best way to hit back at a comedian is to not laugh at his jokes, not to physically assault him. Many comedians have rightly complained that Will’s action may embolden other people to hit comics who make jokes about them or their loved ones. With the pressure comedians are already facing from cancel culture, Will’s action must be condemned. It is just not okay.

In addition, Will’s misbehaviour reinforces the stereotype that Black people are uncultured, emotional and violent. It’s not a good look at all. The only saving grace is that Chris did not respond in kind. The poor guy was confused as seen in part of his response, “It’s a G. I. Jane joke!” He handled himself admirably and went on to present the award for best documentary.

Will Smith Needs Help And Needs It Fast

The irony is that in slapping Chris and repeatedly yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fu#king mouth,” Will has made her the butt of dirty jokes by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

This brings to mind Ricky Gervais’ blistering monologue when he hosted the Golden Globes in 2020. He highlighted the ridiculousness of wokeism that has overtaken the movie industry- the tokenism, diversity quotas and caving in to cancel culture. He also blasted the Hollywood elite for their insulation, hypocrisy and moral depravity, naming names and shocking everyone, but they sat through it all. There were a lot of stiff faces in the room but Gervais stole the hearts of the many millions around the world who watched the show.

Thankfully, Will has apologised to Chris on Instagram and hopefully, the many young people who look up to him will not see this mistake as something to emulate.

He is still that guy who is known for many good things like his wonderful work ethics- he shows up on set on time, he is personable and great to work with, he avoids drugs and alcohol that can mess up his mind and affect his delivery, etc. Altogether, he has a relatively wholesome image (at least compared to many other celebrities) and is seen as a devoted family man.

I hope that all these will speak for him at the formal review of the incident that the Academy has announced it will conduct. It will be a shame for him to lose his first Oscar which has put him in the revered group of Black actors who have won an Oscar for best male lead, comprising only five men.

But there’s still a fundamental problem- the nature of Will and Jada’s marriage- which has drawn an outpouring of jokes as seen in innumerable memes and some video clips, many of them quite brutal. (One of the most wicked by comedian Ryan Long and three colleagues is linked below.)

A lot of people are saying that open marriages, like theirs, are a mess and expose people to untold distress, frustration and humiliation.

Some have suggested that Will has been broken by his wife’s intimacy with other men, including his son’s best friend, and was overcompensating by hitting Chris. I’m inclined to agree with them. The way he wept in his acceptance speech for the Oscar he won spoke to deep issues that went way beyond what happened in that hall.

Towards the end of his speech, he said, “Love will make you do crazy things.” True, and that’s why I think he needs help- from himself and those who truly love him. He needs to be the man in his home and get the respect he deserves so that he doesn’t feel he needs to prove anything to anyone. The next time he loses control, he may hurt someone seriously and what’s to say it won’t the one he loves.

(I was thinking along these lines and I found just the meme for it.)

Meme on love will make you do crazy things💖

This post was first published on my Facebook page, Aunty Edith, on March 29, 2022. The version here is longer.

For more info, check out the following:

1. Warning: The language on the following video is very colourful.

Video: A Message to Will Smith from Jada’s Entanglements

2. Ricky Gervais’ Monologue at the 2020 Golden Globes

3. The slapping incident

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  • oforgu ifeanyi Augustine

    I pray Will” finds a sound mind(self-control). Chris sorry for the provocative Slap.

    It was clear to me that Will’ has been enduring alot, Chris actually received a fair size offer from Will Smith Temper

  • Chisom Onwuagba

    Will is into comedy, Chris is also into comedy and they have both used people as part of their fun but when it gets to your share I don’t think it seems fair to retaliate that way

    🤷Just saying my own

  • Patience Anthony

    Will’s action must be condemned
    Open marriages are mostly a mess.

  • Nora Nsan

    Will’s action shows loss of self control.
    And it shows that Will has been going through sone other mess before that time.
    But I pray he finds peace of mind.

  • Chidera peace

    Will’s actions were extreme, he also uses other people’s names in his comical talks.like he said,love will make you do crazy things😹

  • Angel Mandy

    There are numerous ways to handle issues like this, instead of flaring up and harming people around us.

  • Rejoice Ezeabii

    Will smith needs help indeed. He needs to learn self control.

    • Not laughing at a comedian jokes can be annoying though but Will went too far slapping Chris, anyway thank God Will apologized to Chris on Instagram so that people will not think it’s right to slap a comedian who makes joke of you or your loved ones

  • Ashamole Victory

    I personally think Will smith overreacted. I understand he was trying to defend his wife, but slapping someone on international live TV is not a mature way to act.

  • Egbue Precious

    Hmm what can I say I think Will has a point by hitting Chris but he shouldn’t have done that in public but sometimes violence is not always the solution that’s why I love practical people

  • Udeh Cynthia

    Will Smith over reacted,he should have control himself.

  • Okeke Tochukwu Patricia

    I can’t really tell anything from the slap because I’m sure the internet can’t give personal reasons to things done but I’m sure both Will and Chris are on good terms now.

  • Osuji enyinnaya darlington

    Will action demonstrated his inability to control his emotions, there would be a better to show his emotions other than giving Chris rock a slap.
    Am sure he needs to work on his emotions because our ability to control our emotions speaks a lot about us and shows that we are matured.

  • Wonodi Success

    Will lacks self control from his actions.

  • Okoro kosiso Mary

    Any man who loses self control like this won’t hesitate to beat his wife at home

  • Akamadu Oluoma Francisca

    I saw the video of the slap. Will was obviously offended by the joke.


    will smith needs to learn how to control his emotions.

  • Anyinachi Winifred

    I feel sorry for him some times but his actions were extreme; however, what’s the guarantee that being in his shoes,we will not do the same?

  • Summer Izuagba

    his reaction to chris commentary was unnecesary in my opinion.

  • Treasure Emone

    I’m sorry for Chris and I feel will smith needed to calm down 😂. I also hope he doesn’t taint the good things he has done with the slap he gave Chris

  • Mbakwe Rebecca Turning point

    Will really needs help because I don’t think what Chris said warranted that slap and I really like how calm Chris stayed after the incidence.

  • Eze Chidiebeube Judith

    I still don’t think he was wrong in defending his wife, he just did it in the wrong way and at the wrong time. A little meeting with Chris after the event would have solved the problem. Even as a comedian tho, Chris should know that it is very rude to make fun of people with their insecurities.
    Anywho tho, different beliefs for different folks.

  • Okorie Blessing Chigozirim

    He lacked self control. He should have known better.

  • Okoro Gift

    Having self control is an important aspect to emulate in other to survive

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    I feel like a lot of things are going on in his life and he needs to find peace and happiness again. His action was uncalled for.

  • Ebi osinachi mercy

    Truly I felt sorry for him after his speech, in my opinion I think he’s trying so hard to save his marriage and in the process he’s losing himself mentally…
    I mean who comes out publicly to say she cheated in front of her husband, “all this westerners and their lack of culture”what was she expecting, an hand shake or what..
    I’m glad he is coming out now to act,

  • Yahsown Dabere

    Though his action was extreme, just as he said ” love will make u do crazy things” an undisputable fact.
    He was driven by his emotion, which is humane.
    I just don’t accept the fact that he made such an act in the public.
    The most important fact lays on the point that he acknowledge his fussy act and apologized, which is a good startup to his redeeming grace on his pesty act.

  • This is just what usually happens when you let your emotions get a bigger part of you cause if it is the case, it blinds your rational mind.
    You find it difficult to think about the rationale of your actions and just can’t control yourself.

  • Nicholas Princewill Kelechi

    A lot of things could have prompted his actions, but nonetheless, he should have played mature

    • Kamsy Mbamalu

      Regardless of his reasons, he is not meant to have reacted that way. Will smith and Chris rock are in the same line of profession. It was an honest and not offensive joke and I agree with you ma. Chris relating Jade to G.I Jane is a praise.

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    Comedy is meant to be humorous and entertaining. But I am of the opinion that comedians needs to be careful with the kind of stories they use as contents. It could be embarrassing to use someone’s personal life as comedy, and watching everybody laugh over it may appear as though he is being mocked.

  • Itodo Amarachukwu Grace

    That was really an infamous slap 😔
    It good to always keep our emotions in check especially as christians. It is good we ask the holy Spirit for self control in times like this so that we don’t overreact and cause further damage. Thank God Will realised him mistake and apologized.

    Secondly, we should try to open up and seek help when we are going through a lot in life. This will help out mental health and enable us be in control of our emotions. Most importantly, we should pray about it.

    • Amara Ikwueze

      If I’m to say that slap was really unnecessary and it cost him a lot more than he imagined. He should have controlled himself no matter what was going on in his head.

  • Jane Odoh

    Self control is important

  • Okoye-azi Chiemerie Regina

    Chris Rock handled the situation very maturely and professionally.

  • Peace Agada

    Love will make you do crazy things not if you’re truly in control of your emotions as an adult. That’s why most times it important we learn to judge and criticise things Without our emotions, that will enable us react better to tension situations.
    Will Smith was stripped from a lot of roles and brand ambassadorship after that episode. Now he has learnt his lesson and I hope everyone will move past it.

  • Angel Mandy

    Love indeed makes us do crazy things, lol. I honestly think Will would have handled the situation better instead of throwing fists.

  • Chibudike Nmesoma Praise

    Will Smith has always been an actor I loved and still love watching. But that doesn’t make his actions right. Nevertheless, I pray that he doesn’t loose everything he worked hard for due to the state of his temperament at that time. People make mistakes, but they don’t have to live through the torment of their mistakes. I am sure, he definitely regrets his actions.

  • Okereke victoria chigemezu

    As a person you should have self control which makes you a more matured adult.

  • Nwosuocha Winnie Chidiebube

    Will Smith definitely needs help, but there a lot of ways to handle some certain situations especially sensitive ones and being violent won’t solve it but could escalate the whole situation. Also comedians should also be mindful of the type of jokes they make cause some people are really sensitive I know they are trying to make people laugh but still they should be careful. Anyways I like how Chris Rock handled himself after the slap.

  • Okwa perpetual chidimma

    The slap was loud and heartbroken, whatever that is going between the two doesn’t warrant that hot slap will got from Chris. Well, hot temper destroys things that’s why self control is very important virtue to have.


    Comedy is meant to be humorous, entertaining. But I think that comedians should be careful and cautious of the kind of stories they use as their comic contents. It could be embarrassing to use someone’s personal life as comedy and not everyone will be okay or cool with it . Watching everybody laugh over it may appear as though he or she is being mocked.

  • Muanya

    I kind of feel Chris rock joke on jada was a little bit out of character. In his recent comedy special he also did the same thing. Chris rock was the guy that cracked a joke about God making mistakes. Comedians should do better. I love the analysis of this commentary, thank you ma.

  • Ezenwa Miracle Joy

    You might be a public figure and lack control of your emotions. Anyway, it’s not the end, that’s why we learn and unlearn daily. At every phase of our lives, emotional intelligence matters a lot. He should be put on the check before he finally loses it.

  • Muanya

    Will Smith acted out of character, however this is not the first time Chris rock is throwing shades at jada. Will Smith should have been the bigger person.

  • Will Smith overreacted… He is an actor he should know what comedy entails.

  • Agwuna kamsiyochukwu chidinma

    emotional control is very important in the life of a person because when yo can’t control your emotions it will make u do something you will regret later and also embarrass yourself.

  • Akalugwu Ruth Chigozie

    Self discipline and control is really necessary for us to have as individuals

  • Igboka Valentine chidera

    Chris handled the situation in an excellent manner, in my opinion. He displayed composure. Will Smith lost his cool and responded inappropriately. Chris is a comic, so he shouldn’t have taken him seriously.

  • Onyiwalu ogechi faith

    Will smith action only painted his image black in the global society, I know he only wanted to defend his wife but his approach was not sensible and nice , he needs help I guess

  • Benjamin Glory

    Truely, Will needs help on how to control his emotions.

  • Uderika onyinyechi gift

    Self control and ability to keep our emotions in check is the greatest feeling one could ever acquire. Imagine someone trying their utmost best to rile you up but you are indifferent.

  • Agelege Edward

    Most definitely, that was an immature thing to do at a live event.

  • Marriages exposed to the world is always a mess. In all our actions, self control is needed

  • Utazi Ogochukwu Immaculata

    Wills action is not justifiable,self control is the goal to effective life style,we shouldn’t joke with everything

  • Ifechukwu Izueke

    Will acted Rash but the joke was not funny , everything should not be a joke , people’s pain and privacy should not be a joke to comedians .

  • Ezenwanne Chisom Akunna

    What Chris said to will’s wife was very provocative. I wouldn’t blame him for his actions but that shouldn’t have been done on stage.

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    : I feel like a lot of things are going on in his life and he needs to find peace and happiness again. His action was uncalled for.

  • Ugwu Ogechukwu promise

    Learnt to always put my emotions under check before reacting to any issue in order not to do what I would regret later.

  • Braide kenneth victor

    That slap was out of context and unnecessary..

  • Okocha precious

    Might be a public stunt or not but self control is important

  • Ezimora Reliance

    I bet Chris Rock didn’t see that slap coming. I agree with you about Will needing help. I feel like his family issues are overbearing for him even though he appears on our TV screeps with a bold face. This however has to be one event that will go down in the history of the Oscar Awards

  • Obinabo Chinelo

    Will Smith went too far. Self control is key

  • Glory Odogwu Chikaodinaka

    self control is one thing everyone should possess.

  • Abah precious

    Will should have controlled his temper and anger
    The slap was totally uncalled for
    He really needs help

  • Bibian

    An infamous slap that’d never be forgotten.
    I personally don’t buy the idea of making jokes about people’s conditions ( even though you consider it a compliment) neither do I appreciate the reaction of Will to such a joke.

    I’d love to add that Will already made his life a joke by entering into an open marriage with Jada. Already, everything about him is a joke including his wife.
    That very slap should be a cumulation of every joke that’s been made about him and his wife that he couldn’t beat anymore.

    Matters are always arising.

  • Francis precious Ifeoma

    Self control is very important, we should learn to always control ourselves so as not to go extreme.

  • Madukwem Ebube Sharon Oghenetegiri

    It is always good to keep our emotions in check. Don’t let it control you. And comedies are supposed to be funny but don’t use sensitive things to crack jokes because it can hurt another person’s feeling.

    • If comedians walk on eggshells, trying to avoid hurting people’s feelings in this oversensitive generation, there’ll be no jokes left to crack.
      Besides, if you read the post and understand what Chris was referring to in the joke, you’ll see it was not offensive, which is why Will join others to laugh at first.

  • Ezeagu Chidinma Annastacia

    Will’s action shows what lack of self control can lead to,but I cannot really blame him. I believe that there are certain jokes that are quite insensitive and shouldn’t be cracked at all. I understand that Chris was just doing his job but i as a person would’ve been offended by that kind of joke too. We all know the news about Chris’s marriage and his wife’s infidelity and something like that can trigger behaviors like that. I am not supporting Will but I’m only trying to see from his point of view in that situation. I was glad he apologized and I pray he gets fully healed

  • Rosemary

    Self-control matters a lot! We should always learn to control our emotions and not let it override us.

  • Onyenekwe Ihechi Prince

    Will Smith’s over-reaction truly shows he’s in dire need of help emotionally. It is good and advisable to take control of ourselves and emotions especially at the points of anger because its after effects can be regretted. Self-control is very vital.

  • Ezema ikenna Solomon

    Will Smith overreacted to the joke and showed his flaws
    Self control is important

  • Ejim Juliet Ifechukwu

    I’m sure Will definitely mean to be violent, he definitely loves his wife and didn’t think it was right to joke about her sickness. Maybe the sickness might be more severe than it is on people’s perspective. He was very wrong for losing control in front of everyone and needs to keep his temper in check.

  • Amah Victoria Chiamaka

    I believe Will is going through some trauma or something that does mean he should loss his self control but acts maturely.

  • Okoh Stephanie Chinenye

    In as much as we know that Chris Rock wasn’t aware that Jada Smith was going through a sickness which led to her being bald, I’m of the opinion that Will Smith was overwhelmed with emotions which led to the unexpected slap but I think we should try and control our emotions still.

  • Omolola Akande

    Wow! I still love the fact that he(Will Smith) was humble enough to apologise to Chris.

  • Ugwuagbo Chibuike Emmanuel

    It’s crazy how he damaged his reputation thinking he was defending his wife by hitting another person and actor at that yet he calls himself a man of peace

  • Agboeze somtochukwu Juliet

    I pray God grant us all self control in Jesus name amen 🙏.
    Thank you mah 👍

  • umeaku obianuju

    Self control is really important in our lives. I feel sorry for chris. Thank you ma.

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    Comic actors are the people that use their influence to expose somethings that ordinary people can’t.


    It was just a joke , He overreacted

  • Aniehe MaryJane Chisom

    I think something must have prompted his rash action, although it would have helped if he exercised some self-control. He should still seek mental help, by the way.

  • Anita Ilechie

    I believe Will wasn’t really matured enough or thought about the whole thing to have gone up to Chris and slapped him. Thankfully, Chris didn’t react otherwise.

  • Oke Sharon Munachimso

    Will Smith is a very nice public figure but he omce allowed his anger to take over him which could have ruined his life opportunity and all he had worked for. Let us pray that God gives is the grace to be able to control our emotions and anger regardless of the situation. Amen

  • Jesse Chioma Favour

    Will Smith would have acted maturely then, behind the scene he could speak to speak to Chris about his speech.

  • Oluka Faith Chikodili

    Self control is very important in our lives and I think Will lacks this gift.

  • Will went so on the edge and this shows that he lacks self control and would even do worse some other times if preventive measures are not taken.


    May God heal him and his family and may he find peace.
    One of our most loved black Award winning Actors.

  • Chimdalu Onah

    We shouldn’t let our emotions control us

  • Chukwumezie Udochukwu Emmanuel

    Thank you for providing balance to the issue. and thank God Chris didn’t retaliate while live. it would have been something else.

  • Ebube Leonardo

    We should be able to control our emotions.It makes us more matured adults. Love truly can make people do foolish things

  • Ekene Emmanuella kosisochi

    It was wrong for Will to do what he did in public like that.

  • Odo Faith Chinecherem

    Will Smith might have overreacted but on the other hand, I quite understand him. Come on, it was his wife that was being made fun of. Not justifying his actions but I might have also taken it personally if I were in his shoes. Just saying though.


    Aw this story about Will Smith defending his wife’s dignity at the Oscars, in the end he was banned for some years and his inconsiderate and ungrateful wife did not appreciate him at all, just like Johnny Depp’s case with his ungrateful, lying wife, men like will and Johnny deserve better 😓.

    • Etim Mary David

      What I see there is that Will Smith lacks self control, he’s lucky he’s not in Nigeria because he would have received times two of the slap

  • Ifeanyi Nwanegbo

    Irrespective of the spoken abuse, being a man and in public he ought to have held his emotions.

  • Okolie-Ekwuazi Zutem Nonyelum

    Self control is a virtue everyone must imbibe.

  • Oshen uke Gift

    I do not support the fact that will had to slap Chris, but I really love the fact that he later apologized. I know some people will say he did that just because many of his fans saw the act to be wrong but no! That’s the attitude of a man who is humble and takes correction. I admire him even more for apologizing.

  • Robinson Mercy

    I’ve always loved Will.

  • Odoabuchi Joy Ngozika

    Self-control should be a man’s daily bread.
    To eat more of it, especially on duty.

  • Pearl

    Will action was wrong we need to control ourselves in public .

  • Bassey Gideon

    It’s neccesary for Will to get help, seek therapy because he is battling with being firm as the man in his home.

    The entire thing has made known weaknesses many suspected he had and as such for the sake of himself and his family, he should go through a thorough self retrospection.

  • Ajomiwe Chiamaka

    This is just a case of “medicine after death”. May God help us.

  • Onogwu chinenye blessing

    He was just triggered by Chris statement but he should learn how to control his emotions

  • Chukwuebuka Joseph Uzochukwu

    After portraying hundreds of characters on the silver screen, it seemed like Will was going through his archives to pick the most appropriate to respond. I mean, he initially gave a light chuckle in response to the joke.

    That emotional response was not just unnecessary, but atypical of men of such high standing.

  • Mbah Adaku

    Will Smith’s head is one head I’ll love to enter,I just want to understand what goes on in there. He could have simply said “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth” without being physical. Truly love makes you do stupid things.

  • Dan Joseph

    Always control yourself no matter how hurt you feel.

  • Juliet

    I understand will was trying to defend his wife, be he should have controlled him self that moment, and handled the situation later.

    May God help us control ourselves when we find ourselves in situations like this.

  • Miracle Ogbonna

    Anger can damage relationships. When one lash out in anger, he can hurt the people around him, whether it be friends, family or colleagues. This can strain relationships and make it harder to maintain healthy connections with others. I believe that Will Smith was going through some issues that made his emotions to be fluctuating and out of his control. His actions which he later apologized for, I believe was out of anger, I hope he turns out good, he is such a great actor.

  • Nelly otoko

    It’s concerning to see a celebrity like Will Smith resort to physical violence over a harmless joke. While it’s understandable to feel protective of one’s spouse, it’s important to remember that comedians often use hyperbole and exaggeration for the sake of humor. Smith’s behavior not only reinforces negative stereotypes but also sets a dangerous precedent for others who may be tempted to respond violently to jokes they don’t like. It’s important for all of us, including celebrities, to learn how to handle criticism and disagreements peacefully and respectfully.

  • Gbatalibe uchenna Mildred

    Love without self control is very bad because you might eventually hit the person you love so much out of anger. Therefore, self control is very important in our lives.

  • Nwabuisi chinonso peace

    Will Smith should have really controlled his anger. Its understandable that he had issues he was dealing with. But his reaction wasn’t good at all he should have exercised more self control. I pray and hope he has resolved these issues though and is working more on his self control and temper.


    Self control is very important.
    I understand that Will was trying to defend his wife because he thought Chris wanted to humiliate her or make fun of his wife’s predicament before the public eye. But he went extreme by the way he handled the situation. It is essential that we think before reacting.

  • Ugwuoke Peace Amarachi

    Will really needs help indeed.
    He overreacted.

  • Okoewa favour

    When you lose control of your emotions, it will cost you a lot, I’m sure Will Smith felt the result of what he had done.

  • Anayo chinonyelum cynthia

    Always try to practice self control in pubic,most especially pubic figures.

  • Ori Marian

    The fact he later apologized is good of him

  • Angela Ogechukwu Odo

    We should know how to control our temperament.
    Secondly, we should not joke with other people’s problems especially when we know that it really hurts them.

  • Nwako Chikodili Scholastica

    This review taught me alot especially that
    open marriage has its consequences. Going intimate with another man or woman is not a thing to be proud of the worst of it is sleeping with one’s son’s best friend.

  • Edoriawhe Faith Avweruesuoghene

    This is educating. I learnt that open marriage can make a man loose his respect and crown as head of the home just like God ordained man to be.


    Controlling oneself is very important. yes smith is protecting his wife from humiliation. but he couldn’t have slap chris he overreacted.

  • Chinodebem Madukaife

    Will overreacted here. He should have known better as his line of profession deals with humouring with real life happenings with euphemism in a way to arouse laughter. Definitely will showcased a character of fatal indecision and uncalm.

  • Will Smith actions were unfortunate and definitely surprising, I still can’t wrap around how he sped up to the action, no one had thought of it, this is and was the start of his disruption in his career,a pity.

  • In as much will smith shouldn’t have slapped him displaying his inability to control himself m. Comedian should also know when to draw the line not everything is a joke . Love and light

  • Onyishi Henry Kelechi

    The incident involving Will Smith at the Oscars serves as a reminder of the importance of emotional control, especially in the public eye. Reacting to perceived slights with violence only perpetuates negative stereotypes and sets a harmful example.

  • Ozomadu Chisom

    The key point here is self control which is much more important cause smith didn’t control himself and he disgraced himself at the international live show cause of his wife

  • Kosisochukwu divine Ndulue

    Will’s action is very bad and we need to learn and know how to control our emotions in situations

  • Onah Celestine kenechukwu

    Exactly! Will needs help. He is in emotional pain and insecure. I am forced to believe that a lot is really going on underground in his marriage that the public knows not.

    Self control is always a virtue that is very important in every angle of life. And indeed, ‘love will make us do crazy things.’ Therefore, we should be careful how we love.

  • Nnadi Blessing Ngozi

    One should control one’s anger no matter how provocative the case may be. Lack of self control destroys what cannot be restored,self control is important to we Human beings even animals as well

  • Chukwuma Onyinyechi Maryrose

    Wills action was bad, he allowed his emotions take charge of him, imagine slapping someone on a live show, it’s appealing

    I feel sorry for Chris and what Wills did by apologizing to Chris publicly was the right thing to do. May we not be controlled by our emotions in Jesus name… Amen

  • Chukwunta Philip Ozioma

    Will should be calming down. Lol😆

  • Another example of why we shouldn’t let our emotions cloud our judgement. Whenever we act solely on emotions without applying logic, we tend to regret our actions later on. That was a gross mistake from Will Smith, an actor everyone placed on high pedestals.

  • Ogbu Chinyere Rosemary

    Personally, I think it is a matter of anger and self control, what is not good is not good.reacting in public is not the best action.

  • Ogbu Cynthia Nneoma

    Always control yourself no matter how hurt you feel.

  • Okoye Paul Ketachukwu

    In collaboration with the title i think he needs it because his behavior was harsh to his fellow Chris Rock over his wife it might be the guy didn’t know Will’s wife is suffering from the disease of which Will thought he’s mocking her wife with but slapping him at the stage isn’t called for.

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