Hi! I actually posted this third episode shortly after the second but it accidentally got deleted after it had been read and got quite a bit of reaction. I’ve been trying to see if I could get it back from Google Cache but that didn’t work. I apologise for the mixup and hereby repost it.

The last segment of this story ended where recently engaged Obinna and Tonye were planning to go out for a quiet celebratory meal. Obinna, in his narration, hinted that a tornado (he actually said “bulldozer”) was about to hit them. Let us see in what form it comes. Will be delighted to read your impressions of this episode and the entire story and request that you share it across social media. May God deliver you from all manner of confusion and help you to discern His will in everything concerning you in Jesus’ name.

In Episode 3, Obinna explains the tornado that hit him and Tonye and his resultant confusion. Click To Tweet


When I came out of my room, Tonye asked me to give her a few minutes to brush her hair. I strolled to the front of our compound. No sooner had I come out of the gate than a Hummer Jeep parked in front of our building. In the passenger seat was a tall, handsome young man I recognised as Godwin, Tonye’s elder brother, who had brought her back after the Christmas break.

Too soon for a visit, don’t you think? I wasn’t ready to meet the in-laws yet. The driver, I noticed as he disembarked, was a stocky guy, a little shorter than me (l’m 5 ft. 10″) and bulkier. He had the arrogant look of someone who had made some serious money a little too soon. While Godwin came over to say hello because he recognised me from his last visit, the guy was priming himself by the side mirror of his vehicle. I too ignored him.

Realising that this visit will throw our plans for the afternoon askew, I sent Tonye a quick text as soon as the visitors crossed the gate: “Ur bro, Godwin, is here. Wl b in my room.”

Call it fear, call it wisdom, I figured that Tonye and I had got to where the rubber meets the road in our relationship in just a matter of hours. Introducing me as her fiancé to fellow corps members at the lodge was one thing, but doing the same to her elder brother was a totally different thing. Would she have the courage to do so? Did I want her to do so? Was the whole thing not moving too fast? As I mulled these questions over in my mind, I didn’t know that bigger problems lay ahead.


“Tnx. Dnt go aniwia,” Tonye texted back.

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I decided to soak some Ijebu garri and drink, to partially assuage my hunger while waiting to see how things would unfold. Then I picked up an old Sidney Sheldon novel I had borrowed from a student on campus and was soon lost in the espionage and intrigue as the plot took the protagonist to major European cities.

About an hour later, a pounding on my door jolted me back to reality. I couldn’t imagine who could be doing that. I rushed out before they break the lock and incur me unnecessary expense.

“Is this the rat you are referring to?” shouted the stocky guy who came to visit Tonye.

“Boma, calm down …,” Godwin was saying.

“How old are you, corper?” the guy screamed. “Do you think that marriage is a joke? Who gave you the ba#ls to propose to my woman before me and confuse her?”

I was staring like a deer in the headlights. What was I to say? “Sorry” didn’t seem appropriate and I wasn’t really sorry.

“You’re making a scene, Boma,” Godwin said, trying to pull the guy away from my door. All the while, I was wondering where Tonye was and why I couldn’t come up with a clever or forceful retort. “You brought expensive gifts, wads of cash and a diamond ring. I don’t see any competition here. It’s just youthful exuberance,” Godwin continued.

Undeterred, the guy resumed his yelling: “I will deal with you, I swear. If you finish your service year without any problem, know that I am not BB, Boma Briggs. I will get some boys to teach you a lesson. I will make sure you get an extension. I will so deal with you…”

By this time, Godwin was dragging him away and he stormed out of the compound. Godwin went to Tonye’s room and a few minutes later, they joined the furious fellow and drove away.

You can see my present predicament. If my colleagues made fun of me before, now they have enough ammunition to flatten me out, having watched the whole drama. But that is the least of my worries. I’m not even afraid of Mr Briggs’ threats. What I want to know is the status of my relationship with Tonye. I want to know what possessed me to propose to her early this morning.

My next door neighbour, Bimbo, says it’s witchcraft, that enemies of her family saw that she was about to be settled and pushed me to scatter it. The guys in my compound feel that Tonye does not love the guy BB and tried to use me to deflect his advances. A sister from our fellowship who came to visit me shortly after said the man must be a cultist and God used me to stop Tonye from marrying him. But have I really done that? It’s 9 p.m. and Tonye is still not back and I haven’t received so much as a word from her.

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And how about my heart? If I’m to believe the sister’s perspective, then I’m not really meant to marry Tonye. But the way I’m feeling now, it just seems like I will die if I don’t. I’ve never felt this way in my whole life. Which brings me to my initial question: Who engineered this whole thing – God or the devil? And what am I supposed to do?

-The end-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2018

The best answer when confused can be found if we pray and listen closely to our hearts. Click To Tweet


Hi! This is my favourite part, where we talk about the story.

What do you do when you are confused?

Who do you think was behind Obinna and Tonye’s engagement: God or the devil?

What advice do you have for them?


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  • Vanessa Ezenwafor

    Haaaaa.. This one is big wahala oo
    Well, when I’m confused, I pray. I pray for directions and intervention. I think too of possible solutions should in case anything go wrong.
    Lol.. Love is from God. God is love. I feel whatever is between them is God using Obinna to work. The devil has no say
    I advice them to know what they actually want
    I advice Obinna particularly to find out what’s wrong, know what inspired him in the first place. This seems like an obstacle
    Find out
    Just find out

    We’d await more episode ma..hehehe

    • Edith Ohaja

      Bless you, Vanessa! Glad you enjoyed the story.

      • Onuoha oluebube Jessica

        It’s a good story….it’s never a good idea to jumb into conclusions….when I have something I am confused about, I just pray to God to help me make d right decisions I will not regret later. I really enjoyed reading the story. God bless you.

  • Chinemerem Onuorah

    First, where in the world is Tonye!?
    I always suspected the haste with which she agreed to that proposal; e no pure at all ?. I pity Obinna, and I hope he comes out of this unhurt. I can’t wait for the next episode. Nice twist, ma.

    PS: their texts annoyed me – I hate abbreviations. Young people, Ahn! ?

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! I’m afraid this is the end. The story was about the day’s events and Obinna’s perplexity about them. You can contrive a possible ending based on what you have read so far. Have a lovely March and stay blessed.

  • Joseph Jennifer Ezinne

    Wow. Awesome work,ma! I’m impressed. It’s your birth month already. I think God was behind this engagement. Already,it looks as though the short fellow is arrogant and proud. He’s not just right for tonye. Everything happens for a reason,whatever we do is prearranged by God, maybe tonye and Obinna are destined to be together,and this is fate’s own way of making things work.
    When I’m confused,first step is to pray. God speaks to us in different ways. We don’t have to hear a still small voice in echo’s to know it is the voice of God. Sometimes,we call it premonitions. Some of us will say “something touched my mind to do this” that’s God speaking to you,and he is not an author of confusion.once you hear from him,things can never go wrong! Happy new month, Aunty Edith!!!

  • Ofodile chinenye

    Wow! I look forward to seeing how events unfold in the remaining part of the story. I can clearly understand obinna’s insecurity about the proposal, I just hope things don’t get ugly from there. More power to your elbow ma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It ends here, my dear. Abundant grace to you in Jesus’ name.

    • Onyia Queendaline Ngozi

      Whenever am a bit confused, I try as much as possible to see or think out something from different views. When I come to a conclusion, I pray to God for help to sort out issues.

  • OMG! This is serious!I can’t help but pity obinna at this point in time. i never saw this coming, nd with the way boma is behaving no reasonable girl ‘ll want to settle with such a loud guy. The only thing left for (obinna nd tonye) is to seek the lord, through; serious fasting nd prayers with total commitment, then listen to their heart closely am sure God, will speak to them.

  • Eze, Nnenna Victoria

    Hmmm! This one is big confusion. Am feeling very bad on behalf of Obinna. Chai! He must be feeling very terrible. But thank God he didn’t reply BB. I don’t think the BB guy is a potential husband sha.

    • Edith Ohaja

      With that kind of behaviour, BB certainly didn’t recommend himself. I love the advice you gave Obinna and Tonye. May God always help you see your way through any difficulty you encounter in Jesus’ name.

  • Chigbo Godspromise E

    Woa, this is real trouble for our lover boy Obinna, but come to think of it, Toyen did not even text back to let him know she is alright, could this be that She is interested in Boma?. But no girl in her right senses will want to marry someone like Boma with all his loudness.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I think that’s why he’s worried – that he hasn’t heard from her. Boma lost control and my thinking is, if he can shout at another person like that, one day he will do the same or worse to whoever marries him. You are blessed!

  • Ishiwu victor c

    Wow! very interesting story. But I think there is a very big problem here because such threats don’t just fade away, so I suggest Obinna should be very careful while rocking his boat of love with Tonye although it may be God’s plan for them to marry but in such cases it’s very difficult to predict what happens at last because love is not just by mouth but also the courage to withstand the predicaments behind it.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Very true! Walking the road to romantic bliss can be like running a gauntlet. May God grant you victory in your own challenges in Jesus’ name.

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    First of all, love is a beautiful thing; if Obinna proposed to Tonye it is so because he has feelings for her(positive feelings); therefore it is Godly. My advice for Obinna; as he is confused now is for him to take a deep breath; no need for panic since what he feels for Tonye is mutual. They started on a good note and not even BB (Boma Briggs) can stop that. Love answereth all things.

  • Josiah Judith Enobong

    No need for panic; Bobby Briggs’ threat cant put an end to what has already started; if truly Tonye is in love with Obinna. If Obinna feels they are moving too fast I guess they should take their time, courtship before marriage. If truly it’s meant to be it’ll be.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I think so too. Even if they will be together, they would still need to get to know each other better. Have a beautiful March in Jesus’ name.

  • Nwamauzor Victoria Uchechi

    Wow this is serious, just after proposing then this. Thank God it happened sooner, story could have been different and worst, who knows

  • Mefoni Modey

    Nice one,I really enjoyed the story. But tonye shouldn’t have gone with her brother, she should have resisted. Her leaving with her brother could either signify that she is an indecisive person or she doesn’t really care about obinna… Poor him, I hope he gets over this soon..

    • Edith Ohaja

      Or it may mean that she just wants to respect her brother. BB is no stranger to her. He called her his woman, so he must be the boyfriend she told fellow corps members she had in PH. I think she knew what she was doing all through. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    The situation with Obinna is quite a serious one. I never supported the idea of proposing because he was moved to. Now he isn’t even sure anymore whether the impulse came from God or the devil. Funny Bimbo says its witchcraft.. Lol. Personally, I feel Tonye just didn’t like Boma hence her reaction to Obinna’s proposal. Maybe she just wanted to use him as an excuse not to marry Boma. Obinna should just try to put her behind him especially now that Boma has already threatened him. Meanwhile, nice work ma and a happy new month to u.

  • Ezenwa chinaza

    This is not a small matter ooo.
    Obinna should just put it in prayers. I hope Tonye is safe wherever she is. But does Godwin really want his sister to settle down with that kind of guy (Boma) all because of the money? Gone are those days where family members choose spouse for their wards so he should better let Tonye live her life. Finally this is a great story MA. Can’t wait for the next part.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It av finish oh, lol! More stories will come and I bet there are many on the blog you’re yet to read. Have a favour-filled month in Jesus’ name.

  • Chekuzo veronica

    Haha more trouble ooo BB does not love her joor or that’s not the right way to go about these things. loving how it is all turning out

    • Edith Ohaja

      The poor girl must be torn. I’m thinking that her dream makes sense now. You are lifted, my dear, in Jesus’ name.

  • Amarachi Deborah Ugwu

    The Bom guy off me sef, aaaahh how can you claim to love someone and not even make a move, and now he is threatening the innocent, now its funny in a way,
    Now my guy is confused, but i think Bom is just making noise, Tonye already accepted the corper, she has the final say bikonu, well let me chill here and wait for the next episode, i just hope that Bom wont try anything funny at all.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Nice alias for the guy, Bom! This is the final episode, my dear! God’s grace in all you do in Jesus’ name.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    wow, i actually feel for Obinna, must be heartbroken right now. And Tonye did not get back to him to let him know whats up. BB sounds like the kinda guy that would pummel his wife if she dares argue with him. When I am confused, I talk to the Holy Spirit, He knows everything and His response comes in diverse ways. From the story, Obinna had clear intentions for Tonye but i didn’t really trust Tonye’s moves. God directed it, according to the sister, to save Tonye from future wife battery. This is march, and its a beautiful way to start the month: a suspense filled, interesting and relaxing story. Happy new month, ma. Countdown to your birthday officially begins. You’re blessed.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you so much, Precious! It’s always good to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. I appreciate your kind reminder of my birth month. May the month be special for you in every sense of the word in Jesus’ name.

  • Nwosu Esther

    Lol this is funny though, wondering what pushed him to propose to her. Well, if he loves her and she feels the same way and God’s hand is indeed there, they have nothing to worry about but to pray harder.

  • Ugwoke Onyinyechi Sylvia

    Initially, I knew something was wrong somewhere. Marriage is a life time commitment, you don’t just rush into it. But this BB guy ehee, let him leave Obinna for me ooo. He shouldn’t hurt him. Obinna also should be careful. Tonye should come and clear our doubts about her now. Nice story, ma. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! BB sounds like a nightmare. Thank God you enjoyed the story. Have a sweet March in Jesus’ name.

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Boma is really a big wahala oo! Plus Tonye on her path did not try. It’s quite unfortunate that Obinna had to get caught up in the middle of this . I was more heartbroken than Obinna when I found out that the story had come to an end. Ma, you’ve been doing great things in our lives. Happy Birthday in advance. Keep being a blessing to us!

  • Amaobi Precious

    Oh no! What sort of suspense is this? Please the next part. Honestly, I can’t answer for him whether God or devil is behind what’s happening. Doing things on impulse sometimes can be triggered by God’s Spirit in one. It might be so for Obinna. I suggest he avoid every rumors from his neighbors and seek God the more this time. If its really God’s plan for them, then things will sort out itself soon. And he’s already feeling for the lady. Feels like dying if he doesn’t end up with her. Hahahhaha. God’s wisdom to you now, Pastor Obinna. Very interesting story, Ma.

  • Akogu Juliet Aniema

    Wow…it is really necessary to ask question and seek consent from God before doing anything in life…mam I really enjoy your story and I really rate this story 80%

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    ”love”, the driving force behind most crazy actions humans take, but with caution and prayers the apparently ”crazy action”, becomes a decision you’re ever glad to have made.
    Obinna! proceed with caution.

  • Ugwu Amarachi Chinemerem

    First of all “Happy new month ma” this story is just the perfect story to begin a new month.
    Tonye already accepted the corper, is it not her life? Well I believe the heart wants what it wants, even that which is bad for it. Marriage takes a lot of strength and commitment. Love isn’t enough reason to get married, it takes a lot of God’s opinions. When I get confused, I confide in God for clues and he ends up giving me solutions. Isn’t he so sweet? This episode is nice. Neeeeeeeexxxxxt!!! ! !

  • ohakwe oluchi judith

    finally, finally the story ended…i don’t know whether it was God or the devil that initiated that relationship of theirs but from the look of things it seems God has an upper hand in it…
    BB is really a bulldozer and cannot make a good husband, i feel for Tonye but she should come out of her hiding place and make her choice once and for all…

    i love the way the story ended, it was unpredictable far from what i had in mind….tot it will end like normal Nollywood movies.
    kudos ma’am and happy new month..

  • Odiase osazee

    When a man is confused, he should talk to God through prayer and also talk to a mentor who can advise him. In the issue of Obinna and Tonye, I don’t think it was God or devil that was involved. What I think is that it was their choice to be together because their know what they want in a relationship.

  • Its always a pleasure to read stories like this one because it is mind blowing, suspense filled and makes me think about situations like this. ?These things actually happen to ladies and most times, it is hard to make tough decisions. Sometimes, the one with the ‘diamond ring’ may be arrogant while the poor one exudes humility. This is where prayers come in. Whenever I am confused, I don’t take any hasty decision. The goal is to avoid any regrets so I take my time, ask the Holy Spirit for help, evaluate the situation and allow God to take control. I think God is behind their engagement because it all happened so fast and before they knew it, Boma came to visit. God is trying to stop Tonye from making a huge mistake of marrying an arrogant man. Tonye and obinna should continue with their love life (whenever they release her?) but carefully. Happy New Month Ma and more blessings as you ‘March’ into your Birthday.

  • Analike, Vivian U

    The bulldozer was quite a name for what actually happened. Who would have thought that something like that was about to happen? I guess our lover boy, Obinna, is now wallowing in grief and pain and the worst part of it is that he doesn’t even know what prompted him into proposing in a short time like that. But if I should summarize the end of the story, it will be that they later got married (who doesn’t like happy ending) but I just hope this is not the end, plsssss.
    Finally, I think it’s time Obinna gets back to God in prayer to see what is really happening because only he can offer a tangible solution to this problem.
    I just laugh at BB for he knows no woman in her right sense will marry him except for the cash and I just so much pity Tonye. It must be really hard and heartbreaking for her.

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Wow Boma really got me scared here, thought he was about to commit murder lol. When ever am confused I seek directions from God because only he can take away the storms. Also it’s high time Obinna went to God in prayer to know God’s actual plan towards the step he is about to take.

  • Ndukwu cynthia chizoba

    loll indeed a bulldozer. very interesting story . it sure made my day.

  • ogwudu onyinyechi linda

    before you get married,you need to seek God because He is the master of all things ,by the way tonye is after his money

  • ogwudu onyinyechi linda

    before you get married,you need to seek God becos He is d master of all things,anyway,tonye is after his moni

  • Ugwu Kosisochukwu Ifunanya

    I pray that Pastor Obinna will not forget his first love because of this new love and that he will be able to balance the two love, considering the difference in their view or belief in God.
    Unbelievers can seriously keep believers accountable especially in fasting periods. I had a similar experience in this last matriculation ceremony….
    İ look forward to this bulldozer and how the lovebirds will handle it

  • Ugwu Kosisochukwu Ifunanya

    In times like this, the best person to turn to is God, the Almighty. He alone has the answer to every of our questions, if only we can pay the price of waiting upon Him….
    Am a great fan of happy ever after but, Ma, I love the endings of your stories because it always leads me into reflection.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m really glad to hear that because it is my goal, to make people think, rather than answering all the questions raised in the story. Have a swell March in Jesus’ name.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    Wow! Very interesting… i wish this story will have another part so we can know the fate of Obinna and Tonye.. Anyway, whenever i seem to be confused, i say a short prayer, then i sleep. Also, i have always believed that whatever happens, has the mark of God.. as such, things will definitely be normal. And i believe every woman, including Tonye, wants a man that cares and has good character. And i think Obinna is more confused because it is difficult to imagine a woman settling with that kind of person.
    Finally, my advice is for the two to resort to prayer and settle it amicably… (This is really great – from 1 to 3).


    well, when I am confused ,i run to God almighty for intervention and I pray for to him to direct me because when you are confused ,it’s like the world is like a tornado ( upside down),hmm, well I think it is God, he want to use obinna to separate tonye from boma briggs, besides to be honest,the guy is not cool, he is so hot tempered, well I advice them to come together to discuss and settle the matter in a peaceful way.

  • Peace onoja

    why is this ‘pastor’ finding it hard to even pray. He should stop listening to his thoughts and neighbours and go to the only one who has the answers to his multiple questions. Well done ma!


    This story is becoming more interesting. when ever am confused, i just prey to God to help me to make the right decision and sometimes, i ask my friend for advice.
    I think that Obinna and Tonye’s engagement was just God’s plan. Obinna and Tonye should just take things easy. they should just pray over their engagement and if it is the will of God, they will certainly get married.

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    Whenever I am confused, all I do is say a little prayer to God or talk to my elder sister. Their engagement is now at stake I will never advice Tonye to marry Boma he is so loud and arrogant there is a possibility he will yell at her when they are married .
    Obinna should just pray about the situation after all there is nothing else he can do about it.
    such things happen to ladies confusion in picking a particular partner and I feel that’s what happening to Tonye now she is confused and doesn’t love Boma but the best she can do to prevent herself from getting married to arrogant Boma is to accept Obinna’s proposal. The neighbours reactions are the result of their quick decision they ought to have said nothing about their engagement to anyone until they are fully prepared emotionally and financially.

  • Onoh, chiazo Johanness

    The end kwa!
    Ma to me the story is just starting ooo… Nnaeeee i feel for obinna oo.
    And am worried about Tonye, i wonder what happened to her.
    I think now is d time for obinna to calm down and turn everything to God and avoid acting impulsive for now see where this one landed him.
    Nice one ma.. Buh m still waiting for part 4

  • onyeabor ijeoma Rita

    oh! my Goodness, ma please this story should have continuation biko, i really want to know if obinna will win this battle.
    well when am confused i pray to God for direction, but sometimes he is not quick in answering, i decide to do anyone that comes to my brain at that moment, but in this situation obinna should pray and ask God for direction, he shouldn’t make hasty conclusion rather he should wait and here from Tonye before taking the next step of action.
    i dont know who made obinna to propose to Tonye but i guess its God, maybe he wants to teach him a lesson from it. but one thing i know is that it will surely end in praise.

  • Maduabuchi Emmanuel Chidera

    When am confused I pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit. I pity Obinna,he has been confused since the first episode,how would he propose without praying and hearing from God, anything not built on the foundation of God always collapses.am still wondering why Tonye has not called Obinna, is she trying to break the brother’s heart. This story teaches a lesson for all, we should not rush into things that were not well thought out less we make a huge mistake. Thank you Ma, for sharing.

  • okemiri ifunanya diana

    When am confused I think of m future:-):-:-)I think the devil and money problem is Wat is trying to break the relationship but if he loves her he will surly stick by her no matter what,also he should try to know if tonye really like him.

  • Keswet mercy

    The BB guy should hv taken a different approach. I hope things eventually turn out fine for obinna

  • Ugwublessingchinenye10

    When confusion comes, prayers and advice are the best solution. it seems that Tonye accepted Obinna because of the bulldozer she has as suitor. Am glad that Obinna is not filled with fears because of Boma Briggs threat. But he needs to be careful in order to accomplish his desires.

  • mordi ifeoma

    Well at this point am confused myself. oh my God! i wouldn’t want to be in this couple”s shoes. as for whether if it is God or devil that is behind their engagement, i really don”t know but i do know they moving too fast. i will advice the both of them to go their knees and seek the face of God before they both make the biggest mistake of their life.

  • Ezeh Blessing oluchukwu

    The best thing to do really when one is confused is to pray and listen to our hearts. It is indeed painful to lose the one you love, I feel for Obinna. He has to pray and trust in God as nothing is difficult for Him to do, if they are meant to be together Tonye will come back to him, as destiny can be delayed but can never be denied.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    Here comes the need of GOD”S intervention especially in a case like this. obinna needs to report the situation to God, I believe that since HE is the one that instituted marriage, HE will definitely tell him what next to do.

  • Ezeorah Cynthia Somtochukwu

    Well, whenever I’m confused, I actually ask one of my friends to check out what’s confusing me and if their response clears the whole confusion thing, I follow their advice. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I don’t ask for Gods guidance. It’s just that sometimes you have to get someone to do the thinking for you. As for obinna, I guess meeting the in-laws isn’t what he’s ready for and that’s why he thinks he rushed into proposing to Tonye. My advice for them is that they should take things easy. I think what they are going through now is a phase that newly engaged couples go through.

  • Emmanuel Nancy o.

    Hmmm!! Such a great lesson to draw wisdom from. firstly it’s really not too appropriate to rush things mostly in a relationship, get to know each other better, before making a big move….God bless you mummy Edith your stories are so impactful and educative.

  • Chisom vincentia charles

    Intriguing masterpiece. Where was Tonye sef?my advice to obinna is this;take a deep breath,go down on your knees and pray.your future is predetermined by your actions.God is the giver of peace and the solver of problems. Pray to him and wait for his reply.Listen hard you will know when he’s speaking to you.I don’t know how he(God)does it but the results are fantastic…

    • Anigbo Chisom Annastesia

      ?? I can imagine Toney in a luxurious lounge drinking expensive champagne and chicken alakata while Obinna is worrying to death, lol. Really his compound people are right to say that his village people are at work. ? ?. But then, sometimes love can’t be explained not even what it makes us do

    • Anigbo Chisom Annastesia

      Obinna would have wished he didn’t propose to Toney at the first place. And to think that Toney even went out with them concludes that he, Obinna has always been alone all this while. I wish it didn’t end like it did. Moreeeeee???

  • Whenever am in a big trauma like my brother Obinna. My prayer to God is Oh! Lord,if it’s not your will, let it slip through my grasp and give me peace not to worry about it. Every incident in this life is for a purpose. Weldon MA!

  • osuagwuchiamaka

    woah! i wasn’t expecting it to end this way. what a big problem he has incurred upon himself. on the other hand, i think Tonye had her motive for also accepting his proposal. she must have seen him as an opportunity to keep BB away from her.

  • ubah chisom mariagorathy

    Obinna should actually seek for an advice and believe in God for things to work out the way he wanted.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    Wow! Very interesting… i wish this story will have another part so we can know the fate of Obinna and Tonye.. Anyway, whenever i seem to be confuse, i say short prayer then i sleep. Also, i have always believed that whatever happens, has the mark of God.. as such, things will definitely be normal. And i believe every woman, including Tonye, wants a man that cares and has good character. And i think Obinna is more confused because it is difficult to imagine a woman settling with that kind of person.
    Finally, my advise is for the two to resort to prayer and settle it amicably… (This is really great – from 1 to 3).

  • Okoye Chukwuebuka (Decency)

    Wow!!! Finally all my suspense has been erased, this is really a bulldozer! Lol.
    Obinna my dear, you asked, what you should do, at the end of the first episode you decided you were going to pray and seek direction from God but you ended up singing and sleeping off with happiness. Now is the time, you must seek the face of God and try to talk less but concentrate and listen more to hear from God, the dilemma you are into right now he knows about it and your dilemma is God’s utmost most Clarity! Let him direct your footsteps and decisions. He will also protect from harm.

    Thank you Ma’am!

  • ugochukwu ogwu

    Obinna proposed to Tonye it is so because he has feelings for her. My advice for Obinna as he is confused now is for him to calm down and remember that love is actually from God so as to know the feelings he has for Tonye is completely permitted before God

  • ijeoma Okoroafor

    I pray this ends in happy ever after, me I don’t understand again, why does BB want to spoil show ?

  • chidera

    Well obinna should take heart but should not give up cause if tonye truely loves him she would come back. There should be another chapter

  • Ugwuaneke Grace U.

    seriously what is this Tonye girl up to?is she confused to make her decisions or what.now i can see the bulldozer of a boy friend but yet to understand her view towards all this,hope more is coming ma’am.

  • Kalaowubo Rebecca Ibinabo

    In times of trouble, pray.We have a Father that is eager to listen to us…so Obinna dear do not fret.

  • Okorie Adaora Nneoma

    Wow…. This kind matter na Gobe!…. I think Tonye needs God’s guidance in her decision making so that she does not end up making the wrong decisions…. Obinna also needs prayer to know what he really wants….

  • Ewa chiamaka

    This is a very complicated issue. where in God’s name is tonye sef? she just disappeared into thin air. i feel God made their love possible and it’s now left to Tonye to decide who she wants.


    He loves Tonia but he is confused if its truly Gods plan or that of the devil. Prayer for me is the solution, if God says yes, it will only take time but he will direct you on how to solve your problem if only you will have the patience to allow him plan your marriage for you..

  • Somto Duru

    Marriage is a huge deal to start with
    It’s not child’s play and before embarking on such life decisions
    You should talk to God
    This is really nice ma
    Thank you ??


    Everything in this life happens for a reason. No need to fight over something, if it is really yours no matter the noise and shouting from BB it will still come to pass because God has ordained it. Woaw!!!

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Chai..Obinna must be hearbroken and humiliated now. though it seems like he brought all this upon himself by proposing without thinking.
    on the other hand Tonye should have told him what was going on the whole time and not leave him shattered like this.


    I was so eager to see the concluding part of this story and when i came to the Blog and couldn’t find it i was wondering what went wrong. thank God it was re-posted. All i can just tell Obinna is to put his trust in God and He will make everything beautiful in His time. i believe they both love each other. And for him not hearing from Tonye might be as a result of her trying to settle the issue with her brother and BB.

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    This is delightfully intense. If I were in Obinna’s shoes and just as confused, I think I would equally be as quiet. Tonye must have a plan up her sleeve and with how this is going i think God is protecting her from her hostile finance. Obinna should give them room to settle their differences for his own sanity and safety.


    Yes, I agree that it is possible that God predestined Obinna and Tonye to marry and again, I agree that it is possible, in fact, very much likely that God wants to use Obinna to end Tonye’s relationship with the arrogant bully, Boma. (Even though i wouldn’t enjoy being used in that manner). But Tonye was supposed to have, at least, explained to Obinna about Boma before then. Secondly, if a woman does not want a man, she knows how to assert that. Some people especially women tend to leave some doors open in case the preferred/expected door closes. That must have been the case of Tonye and the bully, Boma. For Godwin, Tonye’s elder brother to have accompanied Boma to Tonye’s quarters is an indication that her family is aware of their relationship. (Although I know the impact of money on humans). Or could she be under threat/pressure from family members to marry him against her wish? Part 4 of the story may throw more light. Continue Rolling the Pen, Ma.


    LOL…………….. Am really laughing out loud out here for the fact that he (Obinna) doesn’t know what prompted him into proposing to Tonye.
    Well, what i basically do when i am confused is to quietly lay my head down and pray to our gracious God, asking him for direction. So, i will advise both of them especially, Obinna, to pray and ask God to direct him in this state of confusion.


    I really do feel pity for obinna because he is in a state of confusion. Now I understand why he asked himself that question, whether it was God or the devil? It seems like he is really interested in Tonye and Tonye, I still don’t understand her motives. Her sudden acceptance to obinna’ s proposal and then, she informs the guyz in her lodge, her elder brother and that Boma guy about it. I’m beginning to think that the guys in Obinna’s lodge might be right about her not liking Boma.

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    Wow…it’s getting intense. I really don’t think that Boma guy was making empty threats. Obinna shouldn’t dismiss it as nothing. And concerning his confusion, I think the right person to direct him is God. Hopefully, Tonye knows what she’s doing.

  • Nwankwo Anita

    God engineered it all the way!!!?Obinna should pray to God for intervention bcus just as he engineered everything in d first place he can still make his marriage with tonye possible but if not,he should have d conviction DAT sumtin greater lies ahead.

  • onuoha diana

    this story is one that kept me pondering, who decides our fate God or the devil? i believe that we sometimes attribute some situations to fate when actually it is God’s will. i think tonye and obinna are really meant to be. as for Briggs, i don’t even like his stocky nature and now he is causing a scene like a child. he is definitely not a husband material.

  • Onyeka pamela chiamaka

    Wenever I am confused I normally pray and Read good books in the case of Obinna I think he should take tins easy if Tonye is meant for him the relationship will surely work

  • Ugwu Ifunanya

    Even following your heart might be hurtful atimes. The best to do at times like this is to pray to God for answers because he knows best.

  • Onwuania adaora p

    My advice to Tonye and Obinna is to pray to God and hope that BB will not do anything evil by attacking and stopping them from getting married.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    This sounds so real. But I think Obinna seems to have abandoned the life of a christian-Prayer. I have not read about him praying recently. Do we say he is changing because of Tonye? Nice one, Ma. Keep up the good works!

  • Joseph Edidiong

    Wow! Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that makes us question our initial motives. In situations like this, it’s best we go back to God and seek direction and guidance but at the same time, this pretty much explains why we should live our lives in line with God’s plans and purpose for us. To align our desires and wills in line with His.
    My advice to Obinna is, he should take a break and spend time alone in the secret place with God s.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    Making hasty decisions are very bad, we should always pray for Gods guidance in any decision we make, assuming Obinna did that he wouldn’t be confused . Great story

  • Stephen Rosemary Ibibo

    I feel for Obinna really, but truly the best thing to do when confused is to pray to God and listen for his guidance. its a very interesting story Ma

  • Onyema bright

    What a twist to an anticipated happy ending between Tonye and Obinna.anyway that’s the reality of life I won’t at this point blame Tonye or Obinna.There must have been a reason why B.B was so arrogant to Obinna and I think Tonye has a big skeleton on her cupboard for her to have gone with B.B. and never sent even a text message after the embarrassment B.B had dished out her proposed fiancé Obinna.what a nice twist in event .this is so mind blowing !!!

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    The truth is choices or decisions made out of impulse is always an irrational choice and sometimes we get to pay dearly for it. I truly pity Obinna and i wonder his next action. Things like this begins to make a relationship have a very shaky foundation. I just hope tonye is bold enough to make her choice, stand for it and be true to her dealings with obinna.
    Nice twist, ma! You never cease to amaze me in your write-ups?

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    Dear BB, you have to take it very easy! You can’t get it that way ok?. But that silent display from Obinna is that of maturity. He should just be patient a bit and watch when and how to take the next steps. The truth is that if the duo have been destined to be together (let) no Boma Briggs (will) put asunder. Ma but the episodes would have continued.

  • Ene Kosisochukwu Zita

    Please ma, this should be a penultimate episode. Whether Tonye eventually goes with Obinna or with BB is another story untold. And it will be interesting to know how Obinna is able to handle whichever circumstance transpired in the end. I must say this is a lovely series so far, and it’s commendable ma.

  • Lawrence Ernest Enyi

    Seriously oh my brother, in accordance with the will of God, He has used you to save Tomye from eternal predicament. Wonder the kind of woman she would have been if married to BB. Stay strong brother.

    Confused? I just pray and hand over everything to God. After that, I try to sit down and talk to myself.

    So, Obinna, try and do same. As for Tonye, do not be moved. You have the right to say no or yes to anybody no matter what.

  • Abugu Nkemjika

    It is never right to jump into conclusion, hasty decisions can actually destory and most times I wait a little to find out the reason behind an action. She is not confused on whom to pick, in my opinion it is her life so she should have a deep thought before making a choice. She should know better and also seek for God’s help.

  • chidera odo

    Double edged sword!!!..
    If I say that God used obinna to save or deliver Tonye, what if obinna now lands into trouble? ? is it still God doing?

    I can still say that every disappointment is a blessing.. I also believe that nothing happens happens without the approval of the most high…

    The speed at which Tonye accepted that proposal wasnt that normal, I feel she just used “my man” to save her head from what we don’t know..
    But I believe that the Lord that brought Obinna to this will still find a way to take him out of it….

    To me the only solution is prayer…..

    P: pray

    ..but MA, I beg of you. Just make this one to end like a Nollywood movie. Please we want season 2

  • Egwuonwu Priscilla

    Hmm. This is getting more intriguing. I still want to know if Tonye is part of the whole saga or if she is just helpless in telling BB no to his marriage proposal. I feel bad for Obinna and I feel he should talk to God because God never lies.

  • Valeria Ogide

    A wonderful story MA with lots of messages in it. When I’m confused, i reflect and ask God for the right direction .


    Ma, a very big thanks to you.this story to me is to exemplify the need understanding who whoever you will take as husband or wife. imagine at the first sight of Tonye Obinna proposed to her as if they are to make friend which can last just a moment. hmmm, this marriage that only death is a major factor of separation. obinna make sure you are not regretting of this marriage ok! it is what you caused your self.

  • Stephen Rosemary ibibo

    Interesting story and touching story too, I believe that prayer can solve anything,all u need is to believe in God and he will direct u in making d right decision concerning marriage

  • Osere Theresa

    Whenever I’m confuse, I cry, in the process I pray for Gods direction on what next to do, about Obinna and Tonye’s case, The devil has played a big role in creating an impossible scene for Obinna, he was lust over Tonye, I will advice he makes things right now before its too late by telling Tonye the situation of things and his reasons for not being able to marry her.

  • Chika Divine Umunnakwe

    What do you do when you are confused? I pray and ask the Holy Spirit for His direction.i go to study the word of God too bcos most times after such state. i see the word that speaks about my situation and i will have this special peace. I also seek the help of friends and mentor depending on the issue that i am confused about.

    Who do you think was behind Obinna and Tonye’s engagement: God or the devil? This is a difficult question for me. If it ere God, He would have communicated with him in a way He relates with Obinna or God could have given Obinna the strength to ask Him when he said he was going back to pray after the proposal rather he found himself sleeping, acting bold and he lost his peace.. The devil gives us ideas quickly knowing human finds it difficult to WAIT! For me, the devil has presented a feeling, an idea, a proposal and a lady to Obinna.

    What advice do you have for them?

    Both of them should be honest and return to the fountain. They should both confess what prompt them into such step. Tonye can’t just dump a big guy like that. If she can’t settle with BB bcos of his character then she should discuss with BB, leave in peace and build honest relationship with Obinna. Guys don’t enjoy wasting their resources!

  • ike ruby olachi

    The signs are everywhere for Tonye to see,if she had doubts about Boma, I guess she has facts now.. His temper is out of control. In this state of confusion Obinna and Tonye seriously need divine intervention and guidance.
    Nice twist to the story.

  • Abugu Chinazom

    Nice ride to this point…
    Little wonders, Tonye quickly agreed to the engagement. Well, whenever I’m confused, I turn to God in prayers, because in him is every right choice. Judging from the story’s end though, I think God is behind the engagement, probably to save Tonye’s future from Boma!
    I shaa advice them to take things slowly, pray more frequently and allow God to decide for them. But for the main time, Obinna, runnnn for your dear life, till you’re sure of your safety, cause there’s every form of violence in Boma’s actions as described in the story.
    Nice piece ma.

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    Lolllll… habaaa! ma, this one is a real comedy with a good laugh. look at me initially saying it was God at work in Obinna’s marital life. Right now, I can only say this was engineered by the devil. i really feel for Obinna considering the fact that this is his first experience with love. in as much as this story has given me a good laugh, i sure wish it had ended with the “happily ever after”. kudos to you, ma.

  • Ani Chiamaka Theresa

    I think Bona z jhs making an empty threat cos if Tonye doesn’t like him, he won’t force her to marry him…love z a beautiful thing when u are wit d right person… .let them jhs seek d face of God to direct them in all dey do

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    Very awesome story ma. Well my own take on this is, everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. God have a reason for bringing Tonye and Obinna together, he also has a reason for bringing short Boma into the picture(LOL). Also,life is too short to Start laying blames or thinking of what others are saying. If Obinna is really in love with Tonye and wishes to marry her, he should man up, with his chin high and go for it.

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious

    This BB guy doesn’t seem to be a potential husband. She should not be confused, she should sit back and think of what she wants first of all and then know what decision to take.
    Also without God all the things we strive to do will not come to pass, she should pray and ask God to direct her so she will not make the mistake of choosing the wrong person.

  • Atudume B. Chinwendu

    Normally, when am confused, am always mad, now what I do, I try to come down and reconnect every thing that caused the confusion. But in this contest, it is best to give the person space, get on your kneels and seek God’s opinion. If all thing be equal then things will still fall back in place. My advice for them is if they both love each other, its better the join forces and fight the third party because love concerns all thing.

  • Ifebe June sobechukwu

    What i keep wondering is how do you hear from God?. Or is it after praying we think of a solution and claim we heard from God? Do those that hear from God hear his voice in actual sense?… Am quite confused. This Boma guy is very fierce. From the initial description of him, I just knew his type. Personally, I have had an experience with such a person. In almost the same scenario with the same intention.

  • Godwin Maxwell

    No no no….The story can’t end like this ooo
    It left so many unanswered questions in my mind..
    My man obinna don enter gbege be that oooh.
    But I think the relationship will survive only if the girl (Tonye) is feeling the same way he is feeling….
    This is an evocative and entertaining story..
    Love it so much..
    Nice work Ma

  • covenant

    I didn’t expect the story to end so soon i was really enjoying it.
    If it’s the work of God then i guess these are trials to stop their marriage but if it’s not that of God, then the devil really planned for him this time.
    well I don’t know whose work it is but I would advise obinna to pray before taking any action again in life because the spiritual will always rules the physical.

  • Catherine Ndukwe

    Honestly, if BB of a guy marries Tonye, am just wondering what the marriage will be like. People do behave as though marriage is by force because now I understand why Tonye accepted Obinna’s proposal so quick. For Obinna, I just believe this is the right time for him to forget anything about marrying Tonye if he is not on equal footing with BB. But all the same, he needs to seek the face of God in all these.

  • Chigbo ifeanyi James

    Please this shouldn’t be the end. This story is really cool and interesting.. In my opinion there are some life decisions that are not meant to be jumped into.. Marriage being one of them. It is important to cancel out most flaws detected and ask for God’s guidance in the one’s you can’t help.

  • Chigbo ifeanyi James

    The end??
    That shouldn’t be the end. What a captivating story. One thing I know is before taking a life long decision. All factors should be considered. Dealt with, we should also pray to God to guide us in the ones we can’t handle or help ourselves with.

  • Eze Valentine Chibuike

    Hahahaa! Obinna, you’re a mumu o! See how this man is carrying marriage like gele. However, if he’s very mch still interested then he needs to play his card right. The macho madman forming Balotelli there should rest jare. Godwin just said some real nonsense when he stated all the stuff that madman brought. Love sha don confuse Obinna.

  • Ugwuota Delise Philomena

    life is funny it is not all about the starting point but how God was able to see you through. marriage is sweet when God is involve…. I love this, it is life changing…. ride on mum

  • PROF. Ezeike Justin

    Love is not a coincidence, it started from somewhere and from somebody. The basic thing there is that if u want your foot stamp to remain do not drag your feet. There not like jumping into conclusion. The reason why we make mistakes is that we build blocks instead of bridges that connects to heart.

  • Ekeh chioma Jennifer

    Lol…..Obinna don bash 9ja oyibo man car. Chai! Its well sha, she is yours and yours alone. Your proposal was led by God and not devil, therefore you shall finish service and have the needed materials to make a family. As for the threats, thank God that you ain’t scared. Just forget BB mata, him dey work according to him height.(malt bottle) lol…… Don’t worry obi your fiance will surely return.

  • Akpan Agnes

    Haaaaa like music legend Fela would say this is double wahala for dead body. Lol God help obinna ooooo

  • Akpan Agnes

    I think it’s a bit too early to know if it’s God’s plan or d devil’s. We should probably wait to know if u would get that extension or get battered by “boys”. Anyways I believe in keeping what I want irrespective of the consequences.

  • Sunday Francis C

    i just get why Tonye accepted Obinna’s marriage proposal in such hurry. BB is just too unbearable and i guess no girl will gree to marry to marry him if he continues to put up such act especially in publics. The story can’t end like this oooo. I need to know what really happened to the love birds and how the overcame BB…..lol

  • Aneke Modesta Chinemerem

    The answer to the question as what I do when am confused is nothing but to pray to God to have his way over the issue or problem. I think God was greatly behind the engagement, it might be that God wants to save Tonye from going into marriage with a roaring lion(BB) because a responsible man is meant to understand that marriage is not by force, it must be agreed by both parties but that is not the case between Tonye and BB. Both of them are not compatible because if they were,the engagement nor marriage would have being done before she met Tonye. My advice to both Tonye and Obinna is that both should pray persistently for God to perfect what He has started.

  • obis obis… haha. marriage no be beans oo.
    it’s much more. thanks ma’am for such wonderful inspiration

  • Nnadi Daniel

    An exciting spin off from the second edition.

  • Gideon kosiso

    This kind of threat and outburst from BB would make my heart pound for days. But Wisdom was used to back up the temptation. Two people cannot be mad at the same time.

  • Nwogu Chiamaka

    What an interesting story, I enjoyed it. When am confused in making some decisions in life, I usually invite God into the situation and he has always been helpful to me. To me Obinna was used by God to reveal the other of BB to her. If Boma think he had everything on earth what stop him from proposing to Tonye? I don’t think he is a serious minded person.

  • ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    This is really an interesting story. but i keep wondering the reason why Tonye accepted Obinna’s proposal. if it is love or another thing. i pray that this proposal is God’s doing and nothing else

  • Eze ifeyiwa edith

    Actually,marriage is not just what we will just enter without basic consideration,i believe prayer should be involved because God is the best director of whatever we are doing

  • onyema chinonyelum cynthia

    love does not just happen in a day, its has to start from someone and lead to somewhere. jumping into love is like swallowing a hot food-it could hurt you.

  • Emeka-oni Ijeoma Rita

    omo see gobe!! i always suspected tonye, the way she accepted obinna’s proposal was too fishy and where was she when B.B was attacking obinna. i just pray obinna comes out of this strong

  • Ma why, this story would have continued, well, Good things does not come easily as we thing most time, my advice to Obinna is not to give up nor listen to his friends but to seek God’s face in this situation for he is the only one that has answer on the best thing to do. If Tonye is really his wife, if she really love them and God is in support of that, BB or whatever he called himself cannot do more than a died rat and he will have a testimony to share.

  • keswet mercy

    Love is actually a beautiful thing but then it is not all rosy and perfect it comes with it ups-and-down. This is actually the rough part they are going through in their relationship the most important thing is that they should be strong for each other it is now they really should pray over the relationship and ask for the answer from God because it is he alone that can give them the solution to their issue they have at hand

  • Attamahchidiogogeorginah

    Marriage is not by force and sometimes material things are not criteria .I will say that this fight that obinna and Browa Briggs had ,made him realise how much he loves Tonye


    Ma am really not happy the way your love story ends.there is more to this story.what happened to tonye. I want more ma.how did it all end.although I had known from the beginning that love wasn’t real.

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    Ok nah, finally gotten to this point, it implies that God is with them, I wish them both all the best.
    Whenever I get confused, I pray to God, In Him lies the greatest choice.

  • Ikebuaku Ezinwanne K

    I’m imagining myself in Obinna’s shoes
    I think the right thing to do now is to try and forget about all that happened and focus on your service. Step upon step and precept upon precept. After marrige then we’ll know what next.

  • Nwokolo Chidera Mirabell

    “Neither man nor woman is complete without the other. Thus, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, men and women, mothers and fathers work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strength”. -Sheri.L.Dew. To achieve a healthy relationship, the two parties involved must be prepared for the journey they are willing to take. I feel like Obinna and Tonye are not ready to get married, for the former its because he constantly questions himself why he asked for tonye’s hand, and the latter is because of the way she hurriedly said yes, like though she was trying to escape something or someone. I wish both of them the very best.

  • Agada chinenyenwa lucy

    Nice one ma ,I can say that marriage is not a childish game rather is for better for worse, so whenever suitors begin to seek our hand in marriage, first thing is to commit every suitors coming around in the hand of God .whom ever one God chooses for us will be because if you marry the man not meant for you ,there will not be peace between both of you .

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    The best answer when we are confused can be found if we pray and listen to our hearts closely. Obinna was in a state of dilemma, not knowing what next to do. Can’t wait to see the next action unfold. Well done ma.

  • Orji Chidubem Blessing

    well, i cant really say whether this relationship was initiated by God. In this state of confusion, all that is needed in obinna’s life is nothing but prayers because i believe that when one seeks for God’s help in this kind of situation, God is always there to direct his or her path. Kudos to you Ma….. I really enjoyed this piece, cant wait for the next episode

  • Obidigbo Ifunanya Nino

    This is a wonderful short story and a very interesting one at that, we should always learn to resist any temptation and also involve God in all our activity. No marriage is perfect but working together, showing love and commitment will go a long way, appreciating each other also, marriage is for better for worse. i look forward to read another interesting story from your blog ma.

  • Ezeh onyekachukwu c

    Wow! What an interesting story. Am really sorry for Obinna who was embarrassed and also heart broken. I think before you propose to a lady, you have to know the circumstances surrounding her.

  • Agu Ginika R

    Hmmmm! This is a serious one…
    As I was reading, I was looking forward to what would become Obinna’s fate…. total confusion. Anyways he did the right thing by being calm, though he did that out of nervousness. But wait o! Where did the kind Tonye go to with the guys sef and why didn’t she come back till it was late?
    Hmm… Ladies sef…
    Anyways that way it is not really advisable to rush into relationships without much clear verification but prayers can still sort things out, Obinna should look up to God. The BB guy does not suit the husband material that Tonye needs… An interesting one, can’t wait for the continuation of the story, Ma.
    God bless you Ma.

  • Euniprecious

    At times, one does not know his or her capability until something or power beyond your control push you then you will see your self doing what u you never think is possible for you. For obinna and tonye I wish them well. But MA you kept us in suspense.


    The end? I can’t believe my eyes ohhh… Please ma don’t leave us hanging we need to set our minds at peace! But let me attend to the questions. If am confused I’d call up a very good Friend and pour out all my frustrations before the person says anything. It’s how I ease myself and after that I’ll then listen to the person. Since the story has made us believe that Obinna is a spiritual brother I’d say he is being led by God but sometimes our emotions mislead us and leaves us believing it’s God all the way. My advice for them is if they really love each other then they should go ahead and da*n the consequenes that’d follow.

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    Who engineered this whole thing_ God or the devil? And what am I supposed to do? Am equally confused at who engineered it but I believe you were too hasty in your decision,my advice to you right now is to seek God’s intervention to know the root of all this and also know the possible action to take to address the situation.

  • Otti Augusta Uzoma

    The end? Anyways Obinna just needs to pray and be realistic about this issue, i mean you don’t just wake in the morning, propose to a girl and expect to live happily ever after. If he still can’t figure the purpose of their relationship then he probably needs to be counselled.


    Am really sorry for Obinna, the poor boy is in a critical situation now, he can only get the solution to his problem from God because he is the only one that knows the answer to everything. God bless you ma

  • lnegbu Benedict

    Having gone through the post,l must say that in life, especially in marriage and friendship, what matters most is what l as an individual want. If actually Tonye is fulfilled, satisfied and happy with Obinna’s engagement, then God is behind such, for God in His perfection provides us with goodness but if not, it is from the devil, for evil is the deprivation of good.

  • Ogbodo somtochukwu ikemefuna

    the truth about it z dt engagement z not a joke or play. ..4 obinna to ask 4 marriage not a relationship or something z something serious.. And d feeling of z either her or no other z a confirmation dt he has seen what he wants in a woman /marriage …
    Now ,4 d girl to agree z another confirmation dt she doesn’t love BB. . So therefore .. .
    The whole thing z genuine and in my opinion z God’s plan to test their relationship.. .BB z only reacting dt way because his rich. ..If obinna was also rich..d story wud hv bin different. . And marriage z not abwt money.. .It abwt Wot u want. . And obinna has obviously seen what he wants. …Hope God wud give him d strength to stand dz test.. D real question z, Doz d girl really love him ??

  • Akaniru Chioma Theodora

    The end of this story kept me in suspense. One can never know his ability or capacity in life until a power beyond him pushes him to do so. In the life we’re living now, you don’t just wake up and propose to a girl and you want to live happily ever after. I wish Obinna and Tonye well

  • Udeobasi Ngozi B.

    I knew this would not lead them anywhere good. Just imagine what has happened. Every foundation laid on sin doesn’t last. The foundation of their engagement was a bad one. Proposing to a woman immediately because of what you saw (that’s lust). and accepting to marry a man immediately because of one stupid dream you had which you are not even sure if it’s from God, Devil or just your thoughts.
    And even if they acted impromptu, they should have at least given it time to pray and know each other well. But no, they went ahead to make it public and even involved their family. I just wish I can meet that Tonye of a girl so that I can at least give her some money to buy sense cuz she needs it. lol!

  • okoro nneoma anna

    Too much drama for a day, Ma you didn’t quench our thirst, i still want more. i hope tonye’s motive wasn’t deceitful.

  • onu victor tochukwu

    what we the youth don’t really know is that love and marriage is not by force. if Tonye don’t love BB there is nothing he can do to make her love him instead it will lead to unhealthy marriage if he finally succeeds in marrying Tonye which is the major cause of the high rate of divorce in our society.

  • Ugwuda Mathew Ejike

    Wow!beautiful work ma.i am impressed. I think God is behind this engagement. It looks like the short fellow is arrogant and proud.he is wrong person for Tonye everything happens for a reason, whatever we do has already known by God,may be Tonye and Obinna are destine to be together,and this faith on way of making things work. While am confused in the first place is to pray because God speak to us in different ways but what matters is for u to identify your calling.

  • Ugama Gloria nkechinyere

    The issue of marriage needs time, is not something you propose at first sight, if so, it is no longer love but lust. I knew it won’t lead to anything. Nice post.

  • ologhofor sampson

    In this situation, we really need Gods intervention in other for us not to take the wrong step and its important to note that marriage is not by force but something of true love. bless you ma.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka Peace

    I was not expecting the story to turn out like this. There was a very big twist. Obinna’s situation is very complicated but Tonye was very wrong by not telling Obinna about her relationship with BB. Was it God or the devil that pushed Obinna. I’ll say neither. He only acted on impulse. Well,whatever is meant to be will be.

  • Nwabuike Onyinyechi

    Haa!!! This one nation double wahala oo…. I believe the guy should pray to God and ask for direction and guidance. To show him the rightful path to follow and not to let him fall into the one that leads to destruction.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    Wow! Am still captivated and in suspense to know the unfolding event in the story. I really wonder how Obinna will pull through this one. But let me ask, “where did Tonye disappear to?” Lolz

  • Agugbua Miriam Chisom

    There is so much complications and wahala now. I don’t even know if it is the devil or God that is orchestrated this occurrence. All I know and believe is that Obinna is in a really deep trouble. I hope he finds a way to get out of his trouble.

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    From the look of things Obinna and Tonye are really meant for each other that is why obstacles are on their way in form of BB trying to stop their union.Boma Briggs should better leave the both of them alone because it seems to me that God has destined them to be together.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    No way Ma, there should be a part 4…. please ?… anyways, BB (Boma Briggs) seem to me a very dangerous man, those threat shouldn’t be taking lightly as Obinna take them to be… what a day, in Obinna’s life, I can’t even predict or say who actually engineered this whole thing, whether it’s God or the devil, because from the very beginning I thought this whole proposal and engagement thing to be a joke.

  • Gerald

    I was simply held spell bound while reading this!
    I actually think the lady had genuine feelings for Obinna, but he should have monitored his feelings and the young girl, more closely, in order to really ascertain if the waters where clear and calm enough, before making a leap

  • Okafor chiamaka Miracle

    Honestly this is a hard nut to crack. In this situation, obviously Obinna would be confused and the best thing to do is to hand it over to God so as to avoid doing or saying things that we may regret. He’s the Gud of all flesh nothing is too hard for him to do. I believe this cup will pass away, nevertheless let his will be done

  • Eze levi

    This story shouldn’t end here oooh. I think Tonye’s feelings are genuine but I don’t know why Africans still depend on their on family to choose their life partner for them.

  • Ezugwu Ogochukwu

    This is one of the reasons why you need to know someone’s former relationship before going into a relationship with the person, especially someone you wants to marry.
    Actually this story didn’t end the way I expected .

  • Ezeudu Chioma

    wow, what an interesting story… I think that Tonye has to take time to think about what she really wants and who she will like to marry before she makes the wrong choice .BB was too arrogant but the calm reaction from Obinna helped together with Godwin.

  • Sunday Ezekwesiri Daniel

    Wow what a world. Threatening a man because of a woman who probably do not love you. Even after his so called wealth he could not keep his supposed woman. That is a shame to Boma. Well as for Tonye I have always suspected that she was hiding something. The decision of who to marry is left for her. As for Obinna if it is the will of God for the marriage to gold it will. When I’m confused about something I think of possibly solution to solve the problem and of course hand it over to my maker.

  • Theresa

    Wow!! A very interesting story but I sha did not like how it ended… Well when I’m confused, the first thing I do is to talk with God (Pray) then later if I still feel disturbed I talk to my Mum…
    I can’t categorically say that it is God that spoke to him oooooo, but come to think of it sef, even if it was God he shld have waited for confirmation before approaching Tonye, it is marriage ooooo.. I jus hope everything ends well for them and that Boma guy shld jus shift….. To he#l with him and his arrogance… Tanx Ma for this

  • Njoku chiamaka Constance

    Ma, you have a way of keeping your readers in suspense even when the story ends. Acting on impulse is not encouraging, now see where it landed the poor guy to, he can’t even say nor does he know if it was really God or satan he heard from. Don’t like how the story ended.

  • Essien Anietie Archibong

    Gone are those days where family members choose spouse for their wards Godwin should better let Tonye live her life. Obinna and Tonye should know what they really want.obinna particularly to find out what’s wrong, know what inspired him in the first place.

  • Thus is all a bit confusing considering that Tonye did nothing to help the situation but still left with the guy. I think Obinna should count his losses and let go, so he doesn’t have more problems.


    Prayer is the key, the only solution is prayer. Obinna should be courageous enough to ask God for his directions. Because our God will never fail nor mislead us. Whenever we are confused in life, we should always remember to call on HE that knoweth everything. Nothing is too big for the lord to do, he should not be afraid of neither the devil nor any human being, but only Almighty God whom we serve.

  • Ezema Chidiebere Blessing

    You will never know what you can do until you make a step towards that, obinna did know that upon how he is been let down by those people around him that the girl is the dream of those boys has considered him special. Obinna did tell himself that he can do it, it happens to some many people, each time they wants to do something they keep on some many doubtful questions.

  • Onah Chiamaka Geraldine

    Haa.. Can’t wait for the next episode. Whether the relationship was initiated by God or devil is what I can’t tell.. All I can say is that Obinna really needs prayers to sort out this whole mystery. On the side of Boma, threatening another man because of a woman who doesn’t love him is very bad and uncalled for.

  • Kalu Divine Ogechi

    Well at this point I can only suggest that obinna wait on God because that’s where all the answers to his questions will come from because the spiritual controls the physical, and judging by the fact that right from the beginning he wasn’t so sure of what he was entering into and the way it all played out at the end… nice one ma

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    Interesting!!This is awesome.
    Obinwa is really in a serious problem following BB’s threats, Tonye’s whereabout, and multiple suggestions from people. Well, no need to panic. Running ? To God for intervention and direction are best options.
    If Obinna and Tony’s are really meant for each other nothing would come between them. Love conquers all.

  • Nnamani Eunice chiidnma

    It is always good to be prayerful and commit whatever step you want to make into the hands of God. It is always good for one to make the decision about who he/she wants to marry. Parents should allow their children make that decision.

  • Nwosu chinwendu favour

    imagine life with somebody like Boma, I rather stay single than seeing my self under the roof of a man I don’t love.

  • Precious

    OMG! This is serious!I can’t help but pity obinna at this point

    It is really very good and important to put whatever step we take in life into the hands of God
    If Obinna and Tony’s are really meant for each other nothing would come between them. Love conquers all.

  • Jumping into conclusion is a bad idea and you might regret doing it, before one make any hard decision in life one should consult the holy spirit and then any other experienced personnel in the field that has gone through something similar to that

  • Anyalewechi Chinaza

    Marriage and Love is not a coincidence, it started from somewhere and from somebody. The basic thing there is that if u want your foot stamp to remain do not drag your feet. There not like jumping into conclusion.

  • Onovoh Adaeze J.

    This last part got me confused and surprised. I just hope the whole thing was engineered by God.

  • Ndieze kelechi

    BB is a funny guy. Does he think threats can do anything? We it all depends on Tonye-the girl. Obinna should not rush into conclusion.Get your feet established, know what you want and go for it.

  • Ukwueze oluchi benedette

    Wow, what an interesting story .what I have to throw hear is for Tonye to pray for God to direct her on what to do because when you are in a state of dilemma you will be confused but God has the final say.

  • Chineme Evelyn Njoku

    Confusion is always bound to happen to people and when it does, we should always seek God in prayers and he will always direct us on what to do. Tonye and Obinna are meant for each other and boma should really backoff because he is causing a lot trouble. Now i know that love conquers all

  • Nwankwo Amanda

    Jumping into conclusions is the worst thing anybody could ever do, you want to know why? Because you just might be wrong. God knows best as it stands, always run to Him in times of situations like this and He would come to your rescue

  • Egbukwu ogechi

    This is really an interesting story, we shouldn’t jump into conclusion because we think we are following our instincts..most times, our instincts disappoint us.

  • Martins Kingsley Tobechi

    When l am confused, I try to pray to God and look forward to a mentor who can advice me

  • Nwamauzor Victoria Uchechi

    Wow! Wonderful story. I believe everything happens for a reason but in all we should put God first

  • Ngbede Emmanuel

    The best answer when confused or in a similar situation just like obinna’s is to listen to our hearts, be silent, keep calm and try to understand what is going on, and also I know obinna would be too confused and would need some explanation from tonye.

  • Obinna should pray, asking God for direction.

  • Marriage is like a bound of covenant.. Which is not supposed to be rushed into..that is why marriage counseling is advisable… And also putting God first in the Union


    a very captivating read madam, though i feel that guy should have stood up for the girl he professed to love and try to get her back.
    but it was pretty rad!

  • I think tonye doesn’t like boma, but she is being forced to marry him that’s why she accepted the proposal quickly so that the relationship will grow and maybe she may get pregnant and will end up not marrying boma

  • Okoye Uchechukwu Joyce

    woah….Love is really a complicated feeling but i think Obinna should leave the situation in God’s hands and wait for his divine intervention…beautiful story ma

  • Osinachi Ukaegbuy

    This is an interesting story ma,you really have a creative mind

  • Ekwe Success Chinenye

    This is getting interesting because the atmosphere is now getting tense ooo

  • Enwerem Beatrice

    Even love comes with its own challenges. and relationships that work are the ones we put in work. they can also make it work or be wise to know if to let go. a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

  • Captivating story. When purpose is not recognized disaster is inevitable

  • Marriage is not just what we jump into without thinking vividly. Obinna didn’t think well before engaging Tonye. That is the cause of his problem now. Also Tonye’s brother, Godwin, should understand that this is 21st century where everyone has the right to take decision on his or her own on what to do in this life. I advise Obinna to take heart and look unto the Lord for if Tonye is his wife, she would surely come back to him.

  • Ugwoke Benedeth

    This story is very interesting
    And the major theme is built on true love
    And that is why obinna was not able to give up on Tony easily.

  • anabude oluchi m.

    it is crucial to seek and listen to God in any situation we are found in because he will give us direction which will prevent us from taking the wrong decision in life as is seen in the story, they did not wait to listen to what God have to say. and also we should avoid applying our human knowlegde especially in marriage and other things we do because the wiseness of men is foolishness to God.

  • Ibekwe Evangeline Chinaecherem

    I feel bad for that guy, he doesn’t deserve this ill treatment in the name of love. Tonye should please release him if she is with Boma. But if she is still with Obinna, she should then prove her love to him than putting him in a confused state.

  • ikpechukwu stephnora chinonyerem

    This is really wow a confused moment or question of your life will u marry me only prayer can answer that question because love is really a life and decision word that if u are not careful you fall into the wrong way
    i really enjoyed this short story because i was feeling like the confused one at that moment the question was asked
    indeed love comes softly sometimes if u need an answer to some questions like this you need to pray and know the right answer

  • Ekwe ifeanyi daniel

    The question of whether God or devil engineered his proposal that early morning was answered by angry Mr Briggs who knocked recklessly on his door and confronted him.Tonye has alot to explain. Interesting.

  • Abugu faith Chinecherem

    I don’t know what to say, I don’t know if it is God or devil, I don’t know what they are supposed to do. But like I saw after reading the story “the best answer when we are confused is to pray and listen closely to our heart.

  • Abugu faith Chinecherem

    I don’t know know if it is God or devil, I don’t know what they are supposed to do, but like I saw after reading the story that “the best thing to do when you are confused is to pray and listen closely to our heart”. I think this will solve the problem rather than looking for who to blame because you never can tell if it is God or devil.

  • Sugbaza Benjamin victor

    Mr brigg appears to be like those men that would surely lay hands on they wives.Maybe God really used him to stop Tonye from marrying that Mr brigg.

  • I think tonye doesn’t like boma, but she is being forced to marry him that’s why she accepted the proposal quickly so that the relationship will grow and maybe she may get pregnant and will end up not marrying boma

  • Ukpai-uma Lucy

    Well I am speechless. I would advice that Obinna should take it easy on himself and keep praying.

  • Nnamani Sylvia onyedikachi

    In this state of confusion.. I think obinna should seek the face of the lord on this in prayer to be able to know what step to take next. Qui Sera Sera as what will be will be if it is the will of the lord tat he would end up with tonye it will come to pass

  • Ochei Anthony mkpulumma

    Obinna should should fight for what is his and don’t allow that man to take her away from him.

  • Nwoye Chiamaka Favour

    I can’t help but pity Obinna at this point in time. I commend his silence through Bomma’s threats. We should seek God first before making any decision and most importantly wait for his answers. I wish it was longer??

  • somethings are just inevitable in this life. Some people wouldn’t want the best for you and that’s life. The saying :”if everyone likes you, you have a serious problem. “-anonymous, stands true in this situation. My candid advice to Tonye and Obinna is for them to pray and listen to their hearts, if the relationship can stand the test of time it would survive despite all odds. Besides it’s them against the world.

  • This is what people undergo in this day and age. once you’ve made a little money, you then feel like you own the world without caring about hte people, relationships and spirits that are broken in your wake. i might be no wizard or guru, but if you ask me id say that tonye doesnt truly love boma and i am pretty sure he knows that, however he uses his money and influence to intimidate obinna .

  • Ukpai-uma Lucy

    Well I am speechless. I would advise that Obinna should take it easy on himself and keep praying.

  • Wow, Obinna seems to be in a lot of trouble. He is really in a tight situation…. I advice he prays about it cause God is the only help he needs, Boma should work on himself, because he is so lucky to be one of the get rich quick people doesn’t make him a god.

  • Onyekachi confidence chimamaka

    Hmmm Obinna this is serious! All he has to do is to be patient.Boma of a boy or man should get a seat and sit down he is not the first to make money.money is not all

  • Abah Okpe Gabriel

    So intriguing, I believe Tonye doesn’t love Obinna and I advise Obinna to follow his heart and not his mind because the mind can fail you but the heart never fails. He should also keep praying to God for divine direction. For Boma, he should go and sleep because he is not the first dude to acquire wealth.

  • Money is not everything, Obinna should not allow Boma to take her love away from him. I really pity Obinna

  • Onyia Queendalene Ngozi

    One has to be patient and follow his or her heart cause the heart will always never fail.

  • Okibe Mercy odinaka

    When one is in a state of confusion, I advice you pray and ask God for direction, and I advice them to seek God and know if it’s His will that they be together and if He approves it then they don’t have to be afraid of anybody .

  • Hmmm…the situation is quite complicated, BT I can say that at this point all obinna need is to pray for God’s intervention and directions, it might actually be a sign from God that Tonye is not the right person for him and it might also be a kind of temptation/setback because nothing good comes easy….can’t wait to know Tonye’s reactions/reply when she comes back….God bless you maa for this didactic story

  • Okere Jovita

    One thing that you need to know is that, if someone is poor today it does not mean that he will be poor tomorrow;so Obinna should pray to God for direction. As for Boma he thinks he has arrived simply because God have given him that position,anything can happen tomorrow.

  • Nnakee Chisom

    Wow interesting story, I hope they end up together

  • Oma

    Wow nice story.
    What I do when am confused, I run to God in prayer and I listen with a keen attention after praying , sometimes after praying and am not settled i do meet any body higher than me and explain things to them and possibly I might get desired results..
    Marriage is not a by force affair ,for tonye to agree to Obinna instead of Boma that means she followed her heart . I know also that the owner of that institution called marriage is God and so I know it is God that is behind everything .
    My advice to them is since Tonye has accepted to marry obinna ,she should tell Boma no matter what and she is not even suppose to go out with Boma if at all she have some regards for their relationship .


    When confused, I stay to myself, reminisce on what seem to be the cause, it’s origin and maybe something can come out of it… but if not, I might just have to involve a trusted friend or someone who is more knowledgeable on the matter. Hmmmm… God or the devil, I wouldn’t pick any, all I would suggest is that Obinna follow his heart and not consider reactions from the side. If God has something in store for them, He would put it in their heart.

  • Ikwuakam Oluchi Francisca

    Pls ma, can it not just end here? Looks to me like Obinna has finally fallen in love with Tonye, hmmmnnn. I wish them luck anyway but he really still needs to get back to God in prayer to know exactly what God’s plan for him concerning marrying Tonye really is, he’s a believer and so should be able to hear from God.

  • Okoro nneoma

    I wonder where he and tonye stand now, it’s sad that he had to go through that much embarrassment without any explanations.does this mean tonye goes back to BB? This is all too much for one day though, but the advice is to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom to follow things up because marriage is a very big decision to make and you don’t want to make it with the wrong person.

  • Abah okpe Gabriel

    If you observe the story sequentially you will notice that everything happened for a reason, why did Obinna propose to Tonye that very morning? Why the visit that same day ? This question of obinna got me thinking “where is tonye” Tonye was no where to be found, wasn’t she supposed to follow BB ND Godwin to the room and at least try to calm the situation? My advice to obinna is that he should just be calm and allow Tonye to give a clear explanation of what transpired or rather the whole drama. He should also pray to God for divine direction and guidance for God himself is love and he gives love. Thank you ma

  • Chioma Agbaraka

    It’s weird how events you don’t plan for eventually happens and you play along with it all. To think Obinna has already started having a strong stance on Tonye is baffling, but where is Tonye?
    Why is it at this stage when Obinna is sure of his decisions? It’s heartbreaking when you can’t reach out to the one you sincerely love.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Phew! It happened just as I suspected!
    Poor Obinna experienced the good, the bad and the ugly all in a day. I really feel for him. ?

    Even Tonye that gave him high hopes disappeared into thin air. That’s really bad!

    I hope he resorts to prayer because that’s where he can find solace.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    The best thing to do when you are confused is to give it all to God in prayer. When am confused, I pray. It’s quite confusing, whether it’s God or devil that was behind obinna and tonye’s engagement. My advice to them is this: they should pray to God for guidance. This story is interesting and full of suspense.

  • Onyia ujunwa sandra

    It is written in the Bible that we should seek the presence of God whenever we are confused, in this situation Obinna should pray to God and know if Tonye will be his wife or not.

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    It will better if Godwin goes to God in prayer. Taking decision about marriage is something we have to be carefull with. We don’t have to rush into marriage. We have to be sure that God approves the marriage before we go into it.

  • Oba Cindy biobele

    Wow. That took an unexpected turn. God is engineering this beautiful love story. Tonye should just settle down and pray. Lol. He said he’s not worried about Boma ? He should. Some men like to keep to their threats. Anyways, prayer is still the key.

  • As we all know, love is a beautiful thing but we should never rush into marriage because it is a life time commitment. Making decisions hastily is not good as it most times leads to regret… Obinna should ask God for a sense of direction as he always answers. Thank you ma for this wonderful story

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    When am confused, I do pray to God for direction. I would say that God is the only one behind the engagement between Tonye and Obinna because I think that what he feels right now is nothing but love and the Bible made us to understand, that God is love. So my advice to them is that they should not loose hope because this is just a trial which they will overcome, if they don’t loose hope

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    I do consult God in prayer when am in a state of confusion for his direction. In my own opinion, I would say that nobody was behind obinna and Tonye’s engagement , they failed to listen to their hearts,they allowed their feelings to control them.my advice to them is that is to go pray and also listen to their hearts first before embarking in any marriage thing.

  • Clifford Ndujihe

    Well that was catastrophic, who would have expected that, I guess I like the way obinna just kept quiet and let the so called BB do his ranting.

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    Thankgod Obinna didn’t end up with a broken head or jaw,that BB guys is so hot tempered and dangerous,I guess that’s why Tonye doesn’t want him.
    Obinna should be very careful, he needs a confirmation from God before insisting on marrying Tonye lest he ends up fighting for what does not belong to him.
    Tonye may not belong to BB but that doesn’t mean she belongs to Obinna.

  • okoli Ezinne

    this is a very serious issue and the only way obinna can solve this, is to ask for God’s help and grace.

  • Okoli Ezinne

    whenever the situation is complicating, I seek for God’s intervention so I hope that obinna does same.

  • Joy emeka

    Thank God obinna is a born again Christian he did not retaliate or fight back, but tonye on her part is confused why will she accept to marry obinna when she already has someone who is going to marry her, the problem here is that what pushed obinna to propose


    “….what pushed me to propose to her…” that’s a serious situation. Whether God or devil, that’s what I don’t know. But I hope Tonye is not using Obinna so as avoid BB _Boma .Marriage is an eye opener so I suggest Obinna she decide what he wants Exactly.

  • Ugwu Amarachi Matilda

    Wow!! This is real trouble,Obinna must have felt terrible when Boma yelled at him. But where on earth could be Tonye? Why has she not come to clarify Obinna. What I can advice Obinna to do, is to talk to God in prayers so that he will know if he can go on and marry Tonye or not. What will be will always be. If God has destined both of them to get married no man can put asunder not even Boma of a guy. So, Obinna should pray and seek for Gods intervention.

  • Awforkansi Kamsi Salita

    Lol ? I love the subtle Comedy in this story and this should be the best time really talk to God. He planned on doing that earlier and slept off. Tonye too has a lot of explanation to do…80% of things not properly planned never end well. Nice story ma.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    I think it is certainly God, he has his plans for both of you.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    When confused, I turn to God in prayer and I think that’s the only way Obinna can resolve the predicament he is in right now. Why is this thing happening now when Obinna is in love i feel for him. Please Tonye where are you? come and clear things for Obinna he is in a confused state.

  • Okafor chidinma Josephine

    Nice story MA, but before you get married or accept his proposal you need to seek God because he is the master of all things.

  • ify queen

    This Boma guy why you won come spoil show for my brother now, anyway no matter what I still believe that Obi and Tonye will end up together Boma is just a trial they have to overcome

  • Okoloji kosisochukwu vivian

    I knew this will end this way,it was too fast,no proper investigation was done,no counseling and no prayer yet. I believe tonye has a say in this.

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