There’s a stanza of a Negro spiritual that goes thus:

“Lord, I want to be like Jesus
ina my heart, ina my heart;
Lord, I want to be like Jesus ina my heart.
Ina my heart, ina my heart,
Lord, I want to be like Jesus ina my heart.”

Well, in my heart and everywhere else, I want to be like Jesus, and I imagine that is the longing of every other follower of Christ. But being like Jesus isn’t the easiest thing. Jesus was without sin. The Bible described Him as spotless, “a lamb without blemish or defect” (1 Peter 1:19). That is why He was chosen as the atoning sacrifice for our sins that we might be justified before God.

The journey of salvation does not end with accepting the finished work of Christ on the Cross and having his righteousness imputed to us. We are expected to live out what God has done for us by bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), exhibiting the character of Christ.

In this post, we look at some habits we can form that will help us reflect the nature of Christ. The post does not cover all the spiritual disciplines- Biblical practices seen in the earthly life of Jesus that foster spiritual growth, but links to articles that discuss them at the end.

5 Habits Christians Can Form To Be More Like Christ

1. Putting Others First

When we have a policy of considering the needs of others before ours as the Bible admonishes, loving and being kind to them becomes easy for us.

“3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” – (Philippians 2:3-4).

Jesus lived a sacrificial life. He did not prioritise His own safety, comfort, position or life. He laid it all on the line to reconcile us to God.

The world we are living in is a world that promotes self-centredness. People are all about, “my feelings,” “my truth,” “my rights,” etc. Very little regard is given to how the pursuit of all these my this and my that injure and destroy others.

If we are to reflect Christ to a perverted world, we have to shelve self and do whatever we can to help others before tending to ourselves.

This does not mean that we burn ourselves out or punish ourselves to cater for others. The Holy Spirit will guide us on how to balance taking care of others’ needs and self-care to enable us remain useful for as long as it pleases Him.

2. Living a Life of Service

This is related to the foregoing. Our natural selves want to be served and pampered. Jesus, on the other hand, came to serve. He illustrated this by washing the feet of His disciples even though He was their Master and admonishing them to do likewise (John 13).

Furthermore, when the disciples argued about who was the greatest among them, Jesus told them that the greatest among them should be like the youngest (who is expected to do most of the work) and he who rules among them should be the slave of all. He then used Himself as an example- He said He wasn’t among them to be waited on but to serve others (Luke 22: 26-27, Mark 10:42-45).


If we are too full of ourselves and always looking to push work to others, while doing nothing or very little ourselves, we are not following the example of our Master Jesus. Rather than shirking responsibilities and having a do-nothing reputation, let us be the one that comes to mind when there is work to do because of our commitment and earnestness in handling assignments given to us. And let us go beyond that, to fill the gaps when there is work that is neglected but vital.


Sometimes, we have the attitude that except we are paid, we wouldn’t do anything. Pretty soon, even what we are paid for receives scant attention and shoddy treatment.

How much was Jesus paid to travel all over Israel to preach? How much was he paid to teach His followers as diligently as He did? It’s not about payment, it’s about attitude. This can be seen in Jesus’ declaration that, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”- Mark 10: 45

3. Focusing on Heavenly Things

The world is full of temptations and distractions that can pull us away from the Lord if we let them. From media entertainment to social media interactions, hustle for wealth and fame, romance, interpersonal and group obligations, work pressures, you name it. While some of these things are necessary, if we don’t allow our relationship with God and pursuit of heavenly things to set the tone of how we handle them, they will unsettle us and pull us out of His orbit.

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:1-2.

If we allow ourselves to be sucked into worldly things, they will dominate our thoughts and confuse our values. Then, rather than represent Christ, we’ll be defaming Him, being led by our own conceit and whatever fad the devil is selling at the moment.

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak James chapter 1, verse 19

4. Being Slow to Speak

One spirit that muddies our witness as Christians and paints us as opposites of our meek Lord and Saviour is the spirit of anger. No matter how we strive to live peaceably, there will be situations and people that will aggravate and infuriate us. It is in those moments of fury that we often say and do things that bring a reproach to the name of our Master, Jesus.

If we can learn to wait things out before speaking, we will save ourselves from a lot of trouble and regret. In Numbers 20:8-12, Moses spoke rash words because the children of Israel provoked him. God said, “Speak to the rock and I will bring water out of it for the people to drink.” Instead, Moses screamed at the people: “Come here, you rebels! Let’s get you water out of this rock!” And he struck the rock. Water did pour forth for the community to drink, but Moses’ neglect of the divine injunction that made it seem as if he had the power to do miracles by himself cost him entry into the Promised Land. (Bible quotations have been paraphrased.)

To be more like Christ, we must learn to tame our tongue.

“We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.” – James 3:2

5. Practising the Spiritual Disciplines of Prayer, Bible Study, Fellowship and Evangelism

In addition to living a life of service (stewardship) mentioned earlier, we cannot reflect Christ when we are not engaging in the basic activities that we need to grow our spiritual muscles. We need to pray as the Lord Jesus did for counsel and strength from God to walk the right path (Mark 1:35). We need to feed constantly on God’s word, which is a purifier and light to dispel darkness from our path (John 15:3, 17:17; Psalm 119:9, 11, 105).

We also need interaction with fellow believers as iron sharpens iron and we need to share the gospel, for in so doing we demonstrate the power of God as Jesus did (Proverbs 27:17, Hebrews 10:25, Mark 16:15-18).


We are called to shine as lights in this dark world, to be like our Saviour, thereby convicting the world of its guilt as Noah did by living righteously in the midst of iniquity (Hebrews 11:7). We have the Holy Spirit and God’s abundant grace but we must form the right habits if we are to live out the nature of Jesus and serve as His ambassadors on earth.


Almighty God, help me not only to aspire to be like Jesus, but to discipline myself towards forming the right habits that will cause my life to remind people of Him everyday in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The scriptures used in this post are from the New International Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise stated.


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  • Ezeah Jennifer nnedinso

    Thats great, it is a stepping stone.

    • I would understand your comment better if you clarified What is a stepping stone? And stepping stone to what? Have a blessed new week!

    • Ozioma

      The message is crystal clear but like you earlier mentioned, difficult to follow in a world like ours. This is however, where his grace comes in, to sustain those that are willing. Thank you for this piece ma.

    • I love the section where you spoke about not speaking rashly… Most times people don’t think before they talk they tend to speak rashly and at the end of the day they end up regretting their actions.

  • Emmanuel Eze

    We must all endeavor to live out our faith but this is only possible by God’s Grace… Thanks for this, ma’m!

  • Nwoye Chiamaka Favour

    Truthfully, it is difficult to be like Christ. Forgiving those who wrong us, praying for others, constantly doing good, etc. But with the help of Holy Spirit and fellowship with the brethren as you said, it will lead us in the right path to becoming Christ-like . May God help and guide us so we can be like His Son.

  • Azoribe Blessing Amarachi

    It is never easy to be like Jesus it takes grace

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    The qualities of the spirits are difficult, I recall putting someone before myself so much that I began to resent her , I felt bad but couldn’t hide I was feeling.
    Though I believe this “Lord, I want to be like Jesus in my heart” is the asking, intending and not relenting.

  • Eze Goodness mmesoma

    We try our best to be like Christ sometimes it’s hard but that’s what he teaches us to be more like him

  • Nwaduche Oluebube

    Only the Holyspirit can help us to be like Jesus, and I’m glad He’s here to help us every step of the way..praise God

  • Williams blessing Ngozi

    Putting others before oneself is sincerely hard .I pray that God helps me become a better person.

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    The first point which is Putting Others First was rightly supported by that scripture which says”Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit(Philippians 2:3) I say this because even though most people want to put others first, they usually have ulterior motives for doing that.This writeup opened my eyes to a lot of habits i should cultivate as a christian.I pray for the grace to carry them out.Amen

  • Emmanuel Ejiofor

    Putting other people before ourselves even though hard, is one of the important qualities any person aspiring to be like Christ should first possess. Christ put us before him when he sacrificed himself for us in the cross. That is an example we should look up to.

    Thank you ma for this inspiration

  • It is not easy to be like Christ but with the grace of God upon us we will do our best.
    Thanks ma for ur words of encouragement

  • Igwe Chioma Esther

    This is a beautiful one. In addition to what has been said,there’s a trend that says “do you”a lot of people,even Christians use this word in the most inappropraite way. As Christians we are modelled after Christ and our actions should reflect Him alone and not be controlled by the flesh. We need to understand that we are being led by the Holy Spirit so whatever action is displayed,is one of the spirit and not of flesh.

  • Opara Oluchi Dorathy

    Putting others first and living a life of service is a difficult thing to practice, because at the end of the day it seems one is at loss.
    I believe with the help of the Holy Spirit it will be made possible to practice in Jesus name.

  • Ntiwunka Chiamaka

    It really takes a lot to be Christ like, but we ask for the grace that comes from the Father to stir us towards the direction He wants us to go, I believe that by practicing these steps we would become better christians.

  • Adebanjo Adenike Rebecca

    A genuine Christian must put others first, in whatever he or she does, though not to the detriment of themselves. A life of selfless service to people without minding if any benefit is attach to it. Living a life of legacy just like Jesus Christ.
    Accepting Christ as one’s Lord and Savior should not end there, but also be practicing spiritual disciplines of prayers, studying the Bible, fellowship and bringing souls to the kingdom of God through evangelism.

  • Isaac thankgod

    Gods grace we pray

  • Ajah Ugochi Agnes

    Firstly, Jesus was without sin. The Bible described Him as spotless, “a lamb without blemish or defect” (1 Peter 1:19). That is why He was chosen as the atoning sacrifice for our sins that we might be justified before God”. I will say it takes the grace of God for one to dwell in God’s words without sin. For one to avoid temptation and focus on heavenly things, one needs the grace of God. Everything drives down to the GRACE OF GOD. We need the grace of God in all aspects of our life. Mathew 6:21 says: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be”. I pray the grace of God help me overcome all manner of temptations that may beset me and set my mind on things that are heavenly and not vain.

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    Very inspiring ma’am. Yes,a lot of people think that imitating Christ is easy,but when we look at it ,it isn’t easy at all. The best part about living for Christ and like Christ is the wonderful blessings He has packaged for us.

    The number one way to me, seems harder than the others for people to keep to and this is simply because everyone wants to think of themselves first before anything or anyone else.
    I pray God will help us in this Christian race.
    God bless you, ma’am.

  • Sochi

    Thank u Ma for this writeup.I pray for grace to inculcate these habits because most times they sound easy but very hard to put into practice.

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    Personal, the first point is of much importance, everybody is looking out for themselves and would even go as far as stepping on others just to satisfy themselves. If we claim to be christains, we must always try to remember the kind of life Jesus lived. Thinking nothing of himself, even though he was God himself he put everyone else before himself.

  • Akwara Ndukwe

    Ma, sincerely if only we, the Christians can be able to cultivate the habit of these things discussed above, it will improve our spiritual life more.

  • We have to represent Christ here on earth and we should always pray in everything we are doing.

  • Ugwu comfort

    This is a good path to begin with drawing closer with our heavenly father makes us more righteous with him (God Almighty).The five habits of someone that claim to be a Christian is so captivating and inspiring especially the verse quoted Philippians2:3-4 cut my attention do things without expectation rather for the interest of both side party.
    Thanks ma’am.

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    Prayer is another way of being Christ like
    Whatever Jesus wanted to do he prayed.

    If you are not a man of prayer you cannot advance oo. Prayer is an investment in the spirit and I can proudly tell you that I believe in prayer

  • John adoyi

    Selfless service and prayer is the key to success.

  • Kelly Anwulika Bernice

    Being a Christian,I mean christ-like is not really a easy job,it’s takes alot of pain one condemnation from people especially those who u taught understand u. It’s only takes God’s Grace.


    Oh to be like him. God help me, let people see Jesus through me.

  • Obiosa Oluchukwu Reward

    No greater love than he who lay down his life for us. truely we have been justified through faith. but living without sin can only be by the grace of God.
    Thank you Ma.

  • Chilaka Vivian

    In all these things, the only way of becoming like Jesus is by a daily consistent personal fellowship with Jesus that His life can fully rob off our old nature so that we can become like Him. Trying to pick up habits will only lead one to frustration if there’s no daily burning spiritual altar of fellowship with Jesus.

  • Ezeh Loveth chinemerem

    Putting others before ourselves is so hard but as our father Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for us in the cross.with the help of the holy Spirit it will be possible to be like jesus Christ.

    • Amaugo, Stephanie Chidinma

      Thank you for sharing this Ma! Everything you shared is related to self-denial. I strongly believe that we can achieve all these by the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • Amarachi Juliet

    Being like Christ requires alot of grace from God. It is also the more reason we should pray to God to give us the required grace

  • Ibeh Lorretta Chiamaka

    This is really difficult, I ask for Gods strength to live a life that portrays Christ. Thanks Ma and remain bless.

  • Ekechukwu Francisca

    Building a relationship with God and rendering selfless service are the keys to being Christ like.
    Well said Ma

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    To live like Christ we need the GRACE of God that passeth all human understanding. I pray for this Grace to live a holy life that’s well pleasing unto his name, Amen.

  • Udop Reyner Ivor

    Be quick to listen and slow to speak is a very important guideline in the life of a Christian. Don’t just say things, think about the words first before letting them out.

  • We have turned back from God because of material things, pleasure of life and always in position to be valued and be on top as a leader and not servant without thinking why we are called christian “Christ alike “. But with help of this your teachings ma. I believe we will do what we’re required of as christians and friends of Jesus.

  • Udegbulam Favour Oluchi

    I need the help of the Holy spirit to keep up with these habits.

  • Aroh Anthonia Ifeoma

    Number one habit really got me. Most people who claim to be christians still have this “me first” mentality, selfishness. I was glad when you also talked about balancing caring for others and ourselves too.

  • OkaforAgatha Ifeoma

    To be like Christ, you must live a selfless Life by considering others interest, know how to live a sacrificial life, know how to approach people, don’t say any word when you’re angry.

  • Agbowo Emmanuel chiagozie

    While in haste to talk you say rubbish…”slow” gives you time to ask “is this what God wants?”

  • Ugwu Doris chinenye

    This points are correct I only have serious challenge in slow to speak. I only pray God helps me so I will be a good listener.

  • It’s sad that these generation doesn’t possess these qualities. God teach us and help us learn

  • Selflessness is one the problem most christian faces today. Everybody want to be like Christ but not practicing the way of Christ,no one is ready to sacrifice his/herself for another. Because they don’t think of heavenly rewards rather material things.

  • Onwudiwe rita oluebube

    Following the paths of christ takes perseverance and a willful spirit. I realised this two years ago and it changed my life totally.

  • Akpan Sarah Precious

    Thanks ma for this write-up..
    It takes only the Grace of God with the help of the holy Spirit to do all these things and live a Christlike Life. May God help us to be like Him

  • Eze Nelson Emeka

    It is not easy to live a Christ like life,you need the grace of God to back you up and lead you.

  • Ugwu promise ifebuche

    We need to endeavor to be like Jesus but its not by our mere strength…its by his grace. Being selfless is one of it

  • Olusola Esther

    It’s not easy to act like Jesus, it takes only a selfless, patient and grace filled person to act like Him.

  • Being like Christ is more like being selfless in our ur endeavors. It is not easy but by his grace ,everything is possible.

  • Obiora Miracle onyinyechi

    Thank you ma this is so amazing and also been humble is also a key way to be like Christ.

  • Victor Izuchukwu

    It’s not easy to be like the lord Jesus we still need his grace to be able to show the true attributes of a child of God in us. Thank you very much Ma.

  • Wakwe Stephanie Ada

    Thank you ma this is a good part in drawing closer to God it will bring us closer to him because he is the only one that can save us.

  • Wakwe Stephanie Ada

    Thank you ma, Being like christ is the best feeling ever it’s not easy to act or work in the ways of Jesus we all need the grace of God for salvation.

  • Chukwu Blessing Uzoamaka

    Wow wow one needs the grace of God to actually act like Christ…..because the thought of putting someone before you is something else honestly.Thank you ma’am for this

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    This is very true ma.
    We all want to be like Christ ,but are we ready to give up our bad behaviors?
    But by the grace of God .. we will be guided

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    This is very true ma .
    We all want to be like Christ,but are we ready to stop all our bad behaviors?
    It’s only by God grace. we shall be guided

  • Eze Chinalurumogu Success

    Putting others first, a heart of service and focusing on heavenly things. These ones stick more.

  • “Seek ye the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you ” . Jesus tells us christains “Christ -like ” that they is no life without him , all we need is Christ and nothing else . We should also make our neighbours or friends come closer to Jesus , but if we have a bad character then we can’t get souls for Christ

  • Felix Great Chibueze

    Being like chirst is not easy…. It just takes grace and the holy spirit for one to be like chirst
    Christain should pray for the power and grace to be chirst like

  • Living in Christ takes much sacrifice and discipline by asking the holy spirit for direction by studying the word of God.

  • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

    Being like Christ, is really a difficult task to do especially as humans. Jesus forgives, cares , loves and puts others first, while humans sometimes, find it difficult to forgive their fellow man. But, with the grace of God, we shall do our best. Amen.

  • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

    Being like Christ is really a difficult task to do especially as humans. Jesus forgives, cares, loves and puts others first, while humans sometimes, find it difficult to forgive their fellow man. But, with the grace of God, we shall do our best. Amen.

  • Ezugwu Samuel

    The message is clear but it’s so difficult for human,I mean living a life of service, leaving hustle for wealth and fame to look for heavenly things thus,it is only the grace of God that can help us,that’s what this write up is trying to tell us.

  • These five habits really helped me a lot. Imagine how sweet life will be when one begins to live like Christ. Paul said, in him i live, in him and walk and in him i have my being. This is my prayer

  • Akpom Chinazor Kamdilichukwu

    If we decide to be like Jesus and sincerely seek the help of the holy spirit it is very possible. It may not be easy but with his grace and his holy spirit with us every step of the way, we can achieve this.

  • Living like Christ should be the most desire for every Christian for it pays a lot

  • Onoh Chinenye

    Once again you’ve succeeded in making me look back to reflect deeply on things. Just a few hours ago, a friend came by to visit and she had told me about a business that she was planning to start and how she had borrowed money from another close friend who made her promise to return back the money with fifty percent of all the profit she makes in the next few days. Your first had point brought this to mind immediately and it’s a pity that there’s so much ignorance in the world today. To ask this greedy friend, “is it by cheating someone you consider a pal? Or is it by putting your own selfish interests first and suffering the efforts of another?” Imagine what it takes to live in a place where such cruelty exists, there’s no doubt that it would then become a normalcy for all and a character to emulate. Honestly, there’s nothing else left to say but that the will to not fall victim as perps to these listed points is only possible with the grace of God.

  • Asogwa Christian Tochukwu

    The Bible gives us assurance that we have all the knowledge and instruction necessary to live a christ-like life. It is not only our goal to be immitators of Christ,but to become a person that others can immitate.Thanks for the clear instructions ma.

  • Okochi Chinonso

    Selflessness is really an important virtue towards becoming like Christ. Great write up ma

  • Maureen

    Lessons noted. Thank you ma

  • Ossai Judith mmesoma

    Thank you ma for giving us a way to be more Christ like. This is good

  • Ikonne Vicory Ozioma

    One must have love and be selfless to be like Christ. God’s grace we pray

  • Eze hyacienth

    It is often easy to dedicate our life to Christ as Christian’s ,but very hard to remain in such dedication as required of us as children of God. May God always give us the grace to remain faithful to him ?.

  • To be like God is what we pray for but it’s not easy because of the sinful nature of the world but by his mercy and grace all things are possible.

  • We accepting christ as one’s Lord and savior should not end there,we need the grace to improve our spiritual life.

  • Alaedu Chioma Gloria

    In order for us to live like Christ, we need the Grace of God and also the help of the Holyspirit

  • Eze Goodness mmesoma

    Being like Jesus is something I know that will be hard not that is not possible but putting others first , praying always , putting our minds on heavenly things are something really difficult for the world to do where we have entertaining things to watch .We need God and encouragement to push through in Jesus name amen.

  • Nebo cynthia chinaza

    We pray and ask GOD to help us try our best to behave like him and show forth his lifestyle to people through us.

  • Ibrahim Mariam

    Very inspiring especially number 4which says we should be quick to listen and slow to speak which is one of the habit I would like to work on.tank u ma.

  • Obong Phebe

    In as much as a person has pledged allegiance to Christ it is necessary to follow his lifestyle and in our world today such Christlike behavior will always attract mockery but His grace is always sufficient.

  • Nweze Mary Chioma

    Na, I learnt that it’s not just enough to aspire to be like Jesus. There’s also a part involving our active participation. It takes discipline to truly live out God’s nature in us.

  • Honestly ma, if we emulate a little bit of the life of Christ, ourselves and the world would be a better place. May the grace of God be with us.

  • Ekeh Maryann C

    Selfless service, prayer, studying of God’s word and evangelism are indeed an absolute reflection of Christ.

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    To be good Christians or followers of Christ, we should be in the world but not act like the “world.” Its really tasking that it takes only the grace of God because without His grace, we are vulnerable and empty

  • The Lord will truly help us…… The point that struck me most was focusing on heavenly things….. When the focus of a man is on a particular thing, He is bound to keep to that path and it will be easier to live like him


    To be like Christ is to follow the footsteps of Christ, Jesus was humble through out His stay on Earth. Lord help us to follow your ways

  • Nwawulu Arinze

    Christ is the way the truth and the life, putting others first isn’t quite that simple as human beings our welfare comes first

  • Nwokedi Fortune Odinakachi

    Just as portrayed in James 1:19 “Wherefore, my belover brethren, let everyman be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath”, Being slow to speak is very vital in our quest as Christians to be like Christ! Just as we are meant to be slow to wrath.
    Although we seem to forget this most times, the Holy Spirit alone is our guide. May we forever work in his direction! Amen.

  • Emilia Edwin

    Leaving in Christ is leaving in responsibility. You don’t leave for yourself, you leave for others. You leave not to please earthly beings but to please heavenly beings. Nice one ma

  • Elijah Akuma

    The call of Christianity requires that we daily die to self and uphold the virtues of the Christ we profess. It is a call to be examples to others; care for them and seek for their good. May God help us play our parts aright in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Chisom Efobi

    Number three caught my attention Ma’am
    Focusing on heavenly things…. This is a very serious task, to be able to accomplish this, one needs God’s grace.
    As the scripture rightly says “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”
    For the night is dark and full of many terrors.

    How often have we tried being Christlike????
    I’m sure the answer will be numerous times, but still we end up the same way or even worse. I pray God gives Us the grace to follow him all the way.

    Other habits Christians can form to be more like Christ are,
    Being slow to anger
    Not judging others quickly

  • Chukwuma Ifeanyi Williams

    Christ was exceptional in his ways and it takes a lot of will and sacrifice to be like him.
    I pray for the grace to be like Christ and live a selfless life as he did.

  • Peter Chinecherem Nathaniel

    Indeed the life of Christ is not an easy life to live, but since we have chosen to be like him, we ought to try to be like him, even though it’s not easy, that’s why he gave us the person of the Holy spirit to be our guide. So as a Christian, Any time we want to act, react or do something, let’s always ask ourselves this question ❓❓
    “What will Christ do”

  • Chinenye Enwerem

    Very inspiring. If we can learn to wait things out before speaking, we will save ourselves from a lot of trouble and regret.

  • Adimorah perpetual

    Is by his grace for us to be able to be like Christ, especially when we are distracted with earthy things

  • Nwikwu chidera judith

    Following in the footsteps of Christ can be challenging especially in this our generation marked with evil. All we have to do is spread love and be our brothers keeper.

  • Igboka chidimma

    A life without Christ is not worth living. So we have to strive to be like christ in all our endeavors and this can be achieved by leading a holy life and spreading love across to others.

  • Amalu precious

    How to be like Jesus ” the prayer of every child of God”. This piece made me understand that accepting to be a Christian, means commiting one’s life to a lifetime of service and sacrifice ❤️. It takes God’s grace to be his disciple.

  • Odey-Oko victor

    This post has made me to criticize so many things i do that are not Christ-worthy of,I pray that the Holy Spirit will visit and arrest me. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Ezema Johnmartins Kelechi

    Being a Christian is hard in these days and time more especially with many of this distractions that glorify sinfulness. I only pray for God’s grace that will enable us live good life, not only for people to see, but which arises from the pure cleanliness of our hearts.

  • Chisom Efobi

    Number three caught my attention Ma’am
    Focusing on heavenly things…. This is a very serious task, to be able to accomplish this, one needs God’s grace.
    As the scripture rightly says “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”
    For the night is dark and full of many terrors.

    How often have we tried being Christlike????
    I’m sure the answer will be numerous times, but still we end up the same way or even worse. I pray God gives Us the grace to follow him all the way.

    Other habits Christians can form to be more like Christ are,
    Being slow to anger
    Not judging others quickly.

  • Dennis Lovelyn y

    I love this post, especially number 1.
    ‘Putting others first’ just like Jesus who died for us.

  • Okwa Ihuoma Jessica

    When we become more like Christ, the Peace of God reigns in our hearts. Yes, it is not easy to live like Christ, yet, we have the Comforter and Helper – the Holy Spirit, to strengthen and encourage us. Thank you Jesus

  • In five habit Christians can form to be more like Christ, I learnt that putting others first is one of the important ways to be like christ, this is not an easy thing though as a believer, we believe we are the daughters and sons of God . So we are like God, being like God involves putting others before us, focusing on heavenly and not worldling things… A good Christian should also have a good prayer life

  • David Nneka

    Thank you ma for this very educative article. In summary for one to be like Christ we should do to others what we want them to do to us.

  • Ugwu Bridget

    Being like Christ is a very big task, but with the help of the Holy Spirit , we can do it. Thanks ma for the insight.

  • Odumuko Oluchukwu Victoria

    Being Christ like is a journey. We need to make conscious effort to be more Christlike everyday.

  • Duru Gift Onyinyechi

    Wise saying Ma. I’m the light of the world,a city set on a hill that can’t be hidden. I believe if I follow this steps devoutly I can be more like Christ.

  • Agbo Peace

    These words are so encouraging especially that of putting other first In all we do, and living a life of service, these is actually what we Christians don’t normally do because we think its all about going to church but to be a Christian have many things we have to do and also some earthly deprivations, am pleased to be a partaker of these words ma

  • Uwadiegwu Mercy Amarachi

    To be like christ is not easy, it only takes the grace of God. For us to be like christ, we must deny ourselves some certain things….. By Putting other people needs first before ours, interceding on their behalf. To also be like christ, we must live the things of the flesh and focus on the things of God. With the help of God we can achieve all this.

  • Ekenworah Chidinma

    Being a Christian is not an easy task, we only need God’s grace and mercy to be able to love our neighbors as ourselves and be perfect in Godly things (spiritual life) may his divine grace be sufficient to all of us. AMEN.


    people who are always in a hurry to have something to say without necessarily listening to understand. That’s the part I love most.

  • Ibaro Harrison Chidalu

    May God give us the grace,not just to bear the title but also carry out the task. This is really helpful for anyone who wants to be a Christian in the real and strict sense of the word. Thanks ma’am!

  • Chinweuba Blessing Oluchi

    Christianity denotes “christ-like “life. The bible says”love not the world neither the things that are in the world,if any man loves the world;the love of the father is not with him. Knowing this,it should be our drive to living as true Christians.

  • Igwenagu Somtochukwu Osinachi

    Everyone wants to be like Christ and it’s actually easy to say that we’re born again Christians but maintaining and sacrificing our worldly acts will be a problem…. It only involves the grace of God to run the race.

  • Iyorakpo Dorathy

    The word “Christian” means to be ‘christ like’, in this vein we ought to act according to the doctrines of Christ. I pray God continues to help us.

  • Prayer is the key , reading our bible moves us closer Christ . We should be more like Christ , because by doing so we all will have an eternal life .

  • Nnochiri Chinecherem Nnabuike

    As Christians we should protray Christ. Though this is really difficult but with God’s strength we shall previal. Thanks Ma and remain bless

  • Nweze Somto Maryann

    It’s really difficult to be like Christ but with God’s grace and the help of the holy Spirit I believe God will guide to do things that pleases him. Thanks for the words of encouragement ma.

  • Okwuchi Kimberly

    It may not be easy but it is definitely worth it. May God help us to emulate Jesus and do things that are Christlike

  • Sunday Chenka Esther

    It seriously takes discipline for one to form these habits and work according to it in truth and in spirit especially in a time like this. May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen!!

  • Njepuome Nmesoma .O.

    Thank you ma for these very helpful tips
    I pray God gives us the grace to do things that are christlike.

  • To be like Jesus is really hard. From putting others first to living a life of services and so on, it can get tough to actually abide by all this things with the devil lurking around looking for who to lure into temptation but we pray that God almighty sees us through. Thank you na for this heart touching article.

  • Ugwu comfort

    Thank you ma for this great counsel. I pray that God Almighty helps us to keep this rules and also engraved it in ourselves and our mind too, to obey his words. Truly the love of God is the beginning of all wisdom.

  • Humility and servitude defines a true Christian but this does not mean that it is always easy. Your spiritual life must be up-to-date too. One of the most difficult things as a Christian is focusing on heavenly things with all the glitz and glamour of this world. Thank you ma.

  • Manifest Eja

    A life of selfless service is what every Christian should live.
    As Christians, putting others first is very important.

  • Ojobo somtochukwu praise

    Being Christ like is being totally exceptional from the world and things of the world. Christians ought to follow the footsteps of Christ, portraying qualities Christ portrayed. Thank you ma for this.

  • Iwuchukwu Samuel Ifechukwu

    Making the word of God one’s pillar, selflessness, dedication and truthfulness is the perfect way to live a christlike lifestyle.

  • Agbedo Ebubechukwu

    As a Christian, we should adapt to living a life of Christ, though it may seem difficult because Christ was and is without a drop of sin and we as humans sin everyday but we can attain this by devoting our time to God, praying to him and also rendering selfless services.

  • Ama Mitchelle Chisom

    Loving other people expressly in the same way christ loves us is the easiest way to be like him.

  • Ben-Egbe Nneoma Andrea

    It is only by his grace that we can be like Christ. Following his footsteps could be very challenging in this day and time. We only pray for God’s continuous guidance.

  • Okoli Ifunanya

    We have to trust God for the grace to live His life because by strength and will alone, it is impossible.

  • Victor Adimchimma Ogenyi

    Amen to that powerful prayer!!
    Number three really mean a lot to me. As you quoted “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:1-2.

    That settles it all. Thank you ma


    It’s not easy being Christ like in this world we are in now tbh because nobody cares anymore, regardless we must try to do good because our reward is great in heaven, I’ll try to put most of the things mentioned to practice myself, I hope God will guide me because seriously it’s not as easy as it seems, the world is too evil now unlike then when Christ was.

  • Lotanna mba

    We just pray that God gives us the grace to live by those 5 ways so that we can be like Christ

  • Emeka Richard chibuike

    This article has enlightened me on the habits to emulate as Christians in order to be christ

  • Onuzulike Chukwuebuka Prosper

    I pray for God’s strength to live a life that portrays Christ. I pray I conquer the sins of flesh and live by the spirit. Thanks Ma and remain bless.

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    Being a Christian is like being more like Christ .no one is greater than he who die on cross for our sins

  • Ubabunike David Ogochukwu

    This reminds of A Pilgrims progress, being Christ-like is very difficult but not impossible, Through Holy spirit.

  • Pearl Azuoma

    Being Christ like has always been my Ultima goal. And it’s not been easy. I’ve implemented most of these but still struggling with studying the word and fellowship. I pray for more strength.

    • Sunday chibuike

      To live like Christ we need the GRACE of God that passeth all human understanding. I pray for this Grace to live a holy life that’s well pleasing unto his name, Amen.

  • Eze hyacienth

    It only takes the grace of God for one to leave beyond human desire for material things . I pray for God’s grace to always call us back to order when we deviate from things that glorifies him ??

  • Jacenta ossai.

    As Christians, we should learn to start living for others and not for ourselves. It is not impossible to be Christlike.

  • Ezeagu Chidinma Annastacia

    Yes ma I agree that these are the way in which we can be live a Christ like life. But we can also admit that it is not as easy as it is painted to be,in the world these days,it is hard to be kind,people take your goodness for granted, it is also difficult to resist temptation. But God’s grace is what we should pray for so we can live a life of good example.

  • Francis precious Ifeoma

    It’s not easy to be like Christ, It only takes the grace of God. May God help us in Jesus name.

  • Ezeudogu Oluebube Mirabel

    Prayer is the key, reading the Bible moves us closer to God.Thank you ma.

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