I so love this story. I’ve been tweaking it since I wrote it some days ago and now I think it’s just right. Tell me what you think of it and stay ever blessed.


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Benneth’s heart was thumping. He needed to get to Julia as fast as possible. He had meant to spend the day by her side, holding her hand, helping her to make sense of whatever the day served and to take a decision on it. But being a supervisor in a growing wholesale business whose manager was the owner meant working long hours and not slacking at all. He hadn’t dared to ask for the day off because he knew the request would be denied, as it had been on previous occasions. He definitely needed to set up his own company. He was hoping to revive his late father’s food produce business once he’d saved enough.

Finally, at 7:20 p.m., he pulled up by Julia’s parents’ bungalow at Nekede on the outskirts of Owerri. The house was dark, so at first he thought no one was home. His heart seemed to drop to the pit of his stomach. Why hadn’t he called her before driving off from his office, he asked himself. And could this mean she wasn’t home? Would that imply she hadn’t returned from her appointment earlier in the day, the appointment he had so longed to accompany her on?


He stepped out of his second-hand Jetta car, fumbled in his coat pocket for his phone and dialled her number. No response! God please, let her be alright. He called again and she picked up.

“Hi Ben! Are you through for the day?”

“Yes. How are you? What did the doctor say? Are you still at the hospital? Can I …?”

“Easy, Ben! I’m not at the hospital.”

“Then where are you?”

“I’m home wishing I could teleport myself to your place.”

“That can be arranged; I mean, getting to my place, no teleporting required.” He cut a diagonal path across the lawn to the front door from his parking position as he spoke.


“I’m at your door.”

She squealed with delight. That’s a good sign, he thought. Next, she switched on the light and opened the door, looking fetching in a white T-shirt and a flowered wrap-around cotton skirt.

“Where’s everyone?” he asked as she ushered him into the living room.

“They went for the mid-week service. I was too tired when I got back from the doctor’s, so I decided to take a nap.”

He stared intently at her, so she answered his unspoken question. “The tests were inconclusive. The doctor referred me to the teaching hospital in Enugu. I will go there next week.”

Benneth was surprised. He had thought from her tone when he called that she had been given a clean bill of health.

“What are they querying?”

“Cancer, of course,” she responded like it was common cold. This was what he had feared and why he had wanted to go with her to the hospital. But even though she was to undergo more tests before a clear diagnosis was made, Benneth thought Julia would be more worried. She wasn’t weak or in pain, still the lump on her left breast that necessitated the hospital visit should have been enough cause for agitation. But she was so relaxed it just didn’t seem right.


“What can I offer you?” she cut into his thoughts.


“Why? You’re coming straight from work, aren’t you?”

“I think we should talk,” Benneth began. “I find your attitude disturbing. What you’re going through is life-threatening.”

“Whoa, we don’t know that yet!”

“But they are suspecting something. I’d like to help you process …”

“Ben, I’m not in the mood for that. I spent the whole of last week fasting and praying about this. And while I was at the hospital today, I did a lot of processing, alright? I just want to have a good night: you know, eat, watch a movie or loll around.”

“I’m sorry. I suppose I’m the one who needs help dealing with this.”

“I do need to talk about it too, but not tonight. Listen, my family will be coming home any moment from now. They will probably be expecting me to tell them everything that happened today. Recounting it all will be exhausting and so depressing. So please, can we go to your place?”

“Okay. Write them a note.”

As she went to get some paper and a pen, Benneth saw Julia on a hospital bed. She seemed to have been undergoing chemotherapy. Her head was shaved, she looked pale but she cracked a joke. He couldn’t make out the words but saw himself doubling over with laughter. Sitting nearby was a liitle girl that looked like Julia: fair complexioned, with lean features. The girl seemed about five years old and she was engrossed in a story book.

As the vision cleared, he found himself thanking God for the joy of knowing Julia and being a part of her life. For some reason, he wasn’t troubled about the revelation concerning her health. (Ironic, he thought, considering he had just accused her of not taking the matter seriously. He realised he was in spirit mode, his reactions not based on his intellect.)

He saw her health status as a prayer point he needed to address. Due to his job circumstances, he had been unable to pray along with her the previous week. Instead, he was worrying and hoping she would be told right away that the lump was nothing. A referral to a teaching hospital was not something to be ignored or consigned to wishful thinking, he told himself. At that point, he knew what he must do.

When Julia came out with her bag, she wanted to pin the note she had written for her family to the bookshelf in the living room but Benneth took her hands. Looking into her brown eyes, he asked, “Julia Uzochi, will you marry me?”

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“Wow, Ben, what a surprise!” She put her arms around his neck. “You’re not feeling sorry for me, are you?”


“Not at all.” She seemed unconvinced, so he added, “You are a child of God, my darling, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. You are not an object of pity. We will approach the health issue with faith, the operative word being ‘we’. We will remind God of His word on this and leave the rest to Him. We, together, two of us.” He emphasised the last sentence.

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“That is very sweet of you, Ben. I know I can always count on you. But why propose this very moment? Why ….”

Benneth cut her questions short with a kiss. He then explained: “We knew this would happen someday. I just think now is as good a time as any. I know I’m yet to get the ring and all that but just say yes already.” As she hesitated, he teased, “Come on, I know you’ve been dying to be called Mrs Igwe,” lifting her 5 ft. 6 in. lithe body off the ground.


“Sure of ourselves, aren’t we?” she responded looking down at his upturned, handsome face.

“Pretty much.”

“Well, Mr Benneth Igwe, you’ve got yourself a wife!”

He then set her down. They hugged, kissed again and settled down on the sofa to wait for her family and share the good news.

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Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017


Hello! Would you react in the way Benneth did in this story or would you be more calculating if you faced a similar situation?




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

212 thoughts on “A LOVE TO COUNT ON (SHORT STORY)

  1. Awwwn…what Benneth did is soo sweet…he did not abandon Julia when she needed him the most but stood by her side and even gave her an extra pillar of strength by agreeing to spend the rest of his life with her with God by their side
    Aunty Edith, this is a good one, keep it up…

    • Thanks a lot, Jane. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, glory to God! You are so right about people receiving strength from the love of precious people in their lives when they face challenges. May we be like Benneth to those who need us and may we have some Benneths to stand with us in times of trial in Jesus’ name.

  2. That’s inspiring not only to the new family but also to everyone who loves loving. Thanks to one I look up to in literary writing. God bless u, ma.

  3. Quite interesting; educating as well. True love stands firm in all situations, as depicted by the fellow in this piece.

  4. Benneth truly loves and understands what true love means. This type of situation is when to know the position of people in a relationship. Very inspiring, ma

    • Yes, Emmanuel! Some relationships collapse when one of the partners suffers ill health or some other misfortune. Enjoy a beautiful weekend and God’s endless favour in Jesus’ name.

    • Hi Angela! Love is indeed beautiful. This is actually the end of the story. I’m happy you found it engaging. A fabulous September to you and your family in Jesus’ name.

        • I just wanted to do some sort of commentary on people’s response to their partner’s challenges. Recently, April Clevenger Boyer published a guest post on how relationships suffer when someone gets ill. This story is an encouragement to people not to throw in the towel because of such an eventuality. I did one like that before titled “Love So Strong!” In that one, the girl in the story was born with a chronic ailment. Sending my love to you and your family. Cheers! ❤️

  5. Yes, Edith, I love April’s posts and her choice of guest posts too! I’ve even had the privilege of having her choosing me to share a healing story at her beautiful blog, which I truly enjoyed. I believe your story was so sweet to me, because I have suffered so much chronic illness over the years, not only for myself, but also watching one of my children greatly suffer. All the illness was extremely hard on the marriage, yet The Silver Lining was in making it through the trials together with God. I’ve written about this also, because as hard as it is, there were blessings also. We became even closer as a family because we relied on each other and loved on each other. Best of all, we had to completely rely on God, because there’s only so much doctors can do. I’m so glad we did, because we now get to share about how Jesus gave our son a miracle healing! Recently my husband had to travel for business, and found that his new client’s son, has the exact same incurable disease my son had. The client was shocked to find out that our son is now cured! My husband was able to witness to this desperate young man, because we surrendered our trial to God and let him walk us through it. Now we can be a source of hope to the sick, because Jesus is The hope who lives within us! Amen! Blessings to you, Edith, in Christ! ?
    Here is some of my journey with chronic illness; I touch on my son’s illness here, but plan on writing a more detailed account of it in the future to help others with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Prayer is truly miraculous!
    I believe your short story is going to touch more hearts than you imagined, because people are living it. Everyone needs an encouraging read when they are suffering with sickness. Love you, sweet sister in Christ! ?❤️

    • Wow, I’m thrilled to hear your testimonies. Our God is indeed omnipotent. And I’m happy you are now using your testimonies to give hope to others. Continue shining the love of Christ my beloved sister and may God multiply His blessings on you and your family in Jesus’ name. ❤️

  6. Benneth is really a child of God with a strong faith. First of all, because of the faith he has in God, he was able to put the situation under control and secondly, the love he has for Julia has a strong foundation both spiritually and physically. Am really inspired by this, at least i now know how to spot “true love”. Thank you very much for this ma. More grace!

  7. An interesting story. Really true love always stands firm no matter the conditions. True can be found but it’s very difficult to do so.

  8. I need a man like Ben! I absolutely need all that love! Aunty Edith is an amazing writer, this story messed with my imaginations oh.. Lol! He actually proposed to a woman he knew that she was a few inches close to her grave.whoa! That’s some bravery! Not everyone’s gon do that though! Well,he apparently loves her so there’s no need for calculation again.imagine if he left her for someone else,he still wouldn’t be comfortable there.Love is just like that all the time. The imagery in this story is strong!!!!!! Nice one Ma!

    • You know there are many guys like that out there. I think you find some of them among the saved. Those who know how deeply they have been loved by God and are walking in fellowship with Him are able to love others in selfless and mind-blowing ways.

  9. u are amazing ma. when I read stories like this, I am encouraged that somewhere out there, there is someone who loves me even more. am so happy for them and with God by their side, they would live long.

  10. It really takes deep amount of love for someone to propose to you in such a critical condition. such good men are hard to find. the story kept me wondering when i will get my own Mr. Right. lol………..who doesn’t like good thing?
    i can’t just wait for this love to find me,……………………….i’ll be waiting right here………………………………..

  11. This is beautiful. A heart touching piece. Ben has proven to be a real child of God, he actually chose to be with her especially when she needed him the most. God’s love is wonderful. Nice story ma

  12. True love stands firm no matter the situation. what Ben did was so sweet… he didn’t abandon her in her situation. rather he showed her more love. and i know that God will surely heal her

  13. Awww, so touching! This is what i call love. Benneth is a lovely guy whom i will love to have as a hubby. I can’t wait to get this kind of love. And i trust that with this kind of faith, Julia will be healed.

  14. Wow!!! this story caught my fantasies. Love is a feeling that can throw one off balance. Getting married to her was the only way of being around, since his company refused granting his request to go on leave.
    I feel Ben did all the calculations he needed when Julia went into the room to get a writing material. He believes that things wouldn’t get so bad and God can always do a new thing.
    Love is when you take away those reasons why u should not, and find out u still care for the person. Never say no if u still want to try, because love comes to those who still hope, believe and have the courage to stand by that person who makes u simile no matter the situation.

  15. To be honest, I will think of the future and the ‘What if’s ‘ and the fact that he proposed when she was sick . But Benneth handled the situation well …..

  16. Wow!! Dat kind of love z rare these days… I love how Benneth handled the situation, some men will run away in dis kind of situation… Dat z wat is called love… Am inspired… Keep it up ma.

  17. Ben loves Julia unconditionally even in the midst of sickness…. Such love can never die or be destroyed…. He is ready to take her in for better or for worse….nice writeup…Bless u ma

  18. wow! a story so touching and full of love so true and faithful in the midst of a life-threatening challenge. i really admire Ben for his unfaltering and courageous love for Julia. unlike most people who would have been calculating in such a situation, he chose to be source of strenght,joy and happiness to Julia instead of abandoning her, thus giving her the courage to move on in the face of her unspoken fears about her health challenge.

  19. this is just a description of the love God has for us. ben really loves Julia because it takes only true love and understanding for a man to do this. this is Agape love that God expects us to show and not the other love.it is not an easy task but with God all things are possible this is inspiring ma God bless u

  20. Woow!! What a lovely sweet story.Ben did the right thing by not leaving her at that point, I pray God will heal her so they can spend more day’s together as couple.

  21. Its touching! Its unbelievable!! Its wonderful,bawesome and lovely!!! A man who can lead you to God is all you need as a woman. That was FAITH personified and LOVE practicalised. God make all men like Benneth, please Lord, you’ve got to do this!!!

  22. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! That was a fabulous thing dear Bennett… But let me ask, how many of our men will do not without considering the situation at hand? How many men will volunteer to fight a health battle with a lady all in the name of love? I believe there are still good guys out there Hut the issue is how many can make sacrifices for there girlfriends and lovers
    Well, I still congratulate Bennett on that wonderful bold step……. I am already crying and imagining the scenario
    It’s really touching ???

  23. Whoa! That was so inspiring. Ben is indeed a child of God, there is no denying that. Julia is so lucky to have come by such a man whom I believe is the dream of every girl!
    I love your imaginations ma, keep it up! More of God’s grace on you.

  24. I am encouraged by the faith of Julia. Sometimes, you just have to believe in God and trust him because there is not a problem one passes through in life that is permanent.

  25. Ben proved himself to be strong,courageous and honest…The love between the both is pure and true and i believe God is with them till the end of it.

  26. I love this story, it’s so romantic and heartbreaking because of Julia’s illness but love is not just about words rather actions,,showing and caring,the ability to love that person no matter what happens,benneth and Julia are just the perfect couple made for each other,one thing I admire about Ben is the relationship that exist between him and God even though he had a busy schedule at work ,he still trust in God and pray in his heart.

  27. There is nothing as sweet as having a man that fears God as a spouse. Ma I sincerely wish to be like you in your imaginative way of writing.

  28. Wow, this is unbelievable. i mean this kind of love just makes you happy. with Bennett’s love and behavior, I’m sure they’ll get through this challenge. nice story, ma.

  29. This is an interesting yet touching story, I enjoyed reading it! God bless Bennett for taking that decision, it shows he genuinely loves Julia but ma’am if I were the one, I would give it more time and be more calculating rather than reacting the way Bennett did.

    • Julia’s never-give-up spirit is commendable. She knows the God she is serving. In whatever situation we find ourselves, we should always thank and believe in God cause when there is life, there is hope. Her faith prompted Bennett to want to tie the knot. Let our actions and reactions be a motivation to others.

  30. An average Naija man would forget this babe and get himself a healthy woman to marry. This is brave, it’s true love.

  31. interesting and educative ma. love in time of problem or challenges is love indeed. Benneth stood by her side when she was facing health challenge. He really did well for not all men can do that, knowing that she has health issue will make many to stay far away from her, which is bad.

  32. I would also panic like Bennett because cancer is not a sickness to joke around with. Bennett really loves her because not all men will behave the way he did

  33. What a love to count on.Ben is really a true lover.Most people will run away after knowing that their lover is suffering from such sickness which is likely to take her life very soon.Julia is a strong woman too that is ready to fight as long as she has God by her side .This really requires faith and courage .

  34. Wow…so romantic, I was practically crying as I read the story..Ben is a true lover, he didn’t feel Pity for her but saw d bright side to her story…I wonder how many men can go ahead wit a girl whose days are probably numbered.. Ben is a real nigga, I love his character

  35. Awwwwwwww…this is what I call genuine love, that in-sickness-and-in-health kinda love.
    But sadly enough, guys like Benneth, just like securing an abroad Visa in Nigeria, are hard to find.
    Nice one ma!

  36. I couldn’t help shedding tears as i read this story, its so touching and at the same time inspiring. I tap from her optimistic mind that everything will be fine.

  37. Theirs is true love. Even at that moment of weakness , Julia decided not to let her problems become bigger than her becuse she believed in God as the author and finisher of her faith. i also praise benneth for his courage to stick with her even during her time of problem and been her consolation in the faith and love of christ.

  38. Wow…this is soooooo touching I wish them well this is a rare sight in Nigeria, getting married to someone you know might not be alive to bear you children. It’s a rare but beautiful sight

  39. Ahan! they didnt go to his house again?. lol
    Aww very nice story about lovers sticking through thick and thin. I love, I love!

  40. This is an interesting piece. Benneth is a man who really knows what he wants and when to do things.True love they say, conquers all. Beautiful story!

  41. This a kind of love that’s lacking in our society today, this reminds me of the love the bible talks about in 1 Corinthians 13; a selfless love. Inspiring story….

  42. There are a few good men like Bennett Julia needed him at that time of her life and he was right there .its a beautiful story.

  43. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage, nice story ma

  44. Bennett exhibited what true love is all about not giving thought to the health turbulence that is an obstacle to his happiness. When we show love undaunted to our loved ones in their challenging time we give them fortitude, hope, will power and strength to live.

  45. Oh my God! this is love unconditional in action. it is the work of only the Holy spirit. For Julia to be so calm about cancer?wow..very lovely, inspiring story ma.

  46. wow, this story is really touching and inspiring. it just serves as a reminder what faith in God and true love would do to a relationship. really commend Bennett for believing in God and in the love he has for Julia. we need more of these type of men in the world today.

  47. love is very powerful ma. It can make u do things u think u can never be able to do. This story is very touching and straight to the point.
    The thought and the image of what he saw promted him to propose to her, he doesn’t know how else to express himself and he didn’t want her to be left alone.
    Since love existed between them before now i don’t think there is anything wrong with the marriage thoughts
    They will definitely be fine…if not for their love for each other but for their faith in God.

  48. The power of love can never be underestimated, it will push you out of your comfort zone to think or do that which you see impossible at the initial stage…nice writeup, ma. it’s straight to the point and understandable.

  49. Absolutely love the story line!! I just wonder if Men like Ben still walk the streets today. A love so pure. Thank God for the revelation he got and the strength of his fiance, Julia. Even the devils weapon (cancer) couldn’t separate the duo. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

  50. Wow, I really love this story. It’s one of love and commitment, joy in the midst of challenges only provided by God’s love. This story brings to mind a song I used to sing since childhood …Who knows what miracles you can achieve though hope is frail is hard kill….

  51. Wow, men like Ben are hard to find these days. Love is our strongest weapon in this world, un disputable. It can make you do the unthinkable. I love this story, very motivating and inspiring!!!

  52. I would definitely react in the same way but along the line, we realize that God has a way of bringing peace and happiness to our lives irrespective of what is happening to us, health wise.

  53. Wow this is what i call real love”so romantic”, I was practically crying as I read the story..Ben is a true lover, he didn’t feel Pity for her but saw d bright side to her story. its a very nice story Ma

  54. Benneth is such an amazing guy; this is faith. The story is beautiful and entertaining; is just appealing. If i were in the relationship with my partner and along the way, such issue came up and it came out to be cancer; I would love,pray, stand by her and react the same way as Ben in his rare love . Am sure most ladies will dream for a good man as him and most readers full of love imagination. This story is well organised and thrilling . No bad taste but capturing with the use of simple language.

  55. This is a very inspiring piece, here is someone who might be having a terminal illness and she is not bother but has left everything to God, yet some of us would have little problems and feel like the world is resting on our shoulder. I would like everyone facing one challenge or another to join the faith of Julia and believe that God will always make a way when there seems to be none.

  56. awwwwwnn this kind of love is a strong one, for a guy to already know you have lump and going through some serious health issues, yet he goes ahead to propose and ready to fight the sickness together, isnt that Divine? Chaiiii they can do it with God’s grace

  57. I love this story, it is motivating, love is such a beautiful thing, it makes us happy some times but it even brings greater joy, obviously Ben’s are scarce now but God’s grace sha, that’s all it takes

  58. Wow.. Bennet, let us be realistic here, I as a person can’t do what Bennet just did.. What? Proposing to a girl in this condition. It shows that true love still exist.
    They both have faith in the Lord and I know that the Lord never forsake his people, thee good lord will surely save her from her sickness

  59. Men like Ben are very hard to find Julia should be grateful to have such a man that wants her despite the medical report and still believes in God’s intervention.

  60. Gboza for this kind of Love! There is nothing true love cannot do,it is full of misery buh is beautiful..it does exist but hard to find

  61. First, I think the kind of Love existing between the Two is Rare. Benneth’s Love seems genuine and Spiritually Motivated. This reminds me of how Joseph, Virgin Mary’s Husband, wanted to throw his wife away, but an angel was sent to him. Benneth’s vision is a confirmation that His Love for Julia could be a direct arrangement by God. Proposing to her in midst of cancer case sends a message. Lovely Story, Ma.

  62. Oh my God……this is what we call love ,even in her condition Ben was able to stick with her and even remembered Gods promise to his children in the bible to help strenthen her faith…..how many guys can build a relationship like this…..what a lovely and wonderful story….

  63. This is the type of thing one will see when love is founded on Genuine feeling, and mutual understanding among partners. This type of love between Ben and Julia is difficult in real Life though exists. For someone to propose to you with full knowledge of your health challenge bespeaks of true love and sincerity of purpose. Beautiful is at also that Both Ben and Julia are good Christians. This is awesome!

  64. trying so hard to hold back the tears!!! kia !!! men like Benett are very rare to find still trying to imagine how elated and uplifted julia must have been. this is what i call true love…. it knows no bound….thank you ma for this wonderful story line..

  65. Wow, Benneth has done so well. And for him to accept the girl, regardless of the health issue is so nice of him. May we always find someone like Mr. Benneth.

  66. Bennett is indeed the male version of virtuousness, standing by the side of a sick person no matter who the person is to you is indeed a huge decision to make and Bennett have indeed exhibited his pure love for Julia by standing with her even with the health issues she is battling with. Wish for a love as this

  67. This is really serious. is very hard to find this kind of love nowadays. Benneth really tried by proposing to Julia not minding her health situation. most men will wait till they know if it is something they can handle if it is not, they will leave you and look for another person.this story is really interesting

  68. This love is true, it is genuine, it knows no bound, men like Ben are rare, accepting to take it upon himself of getting married to a sick person. It’s all good.

  69. Wow this story is wonderful. And a good step taken by benneth. left for some people they would leave her after discovering she has cancer even if her chances of surviving is high.

  70. Cancer? Wow! The use of that is commonly dwelt on my modern writers.
    The plot where by a Guy falls in love with a terminally ill girl has become somewhat cliche.
    Nice, but cliche and more in the line of a modern day sappy romance.

    • I disagree that this is a cliché, especially in these parts. Our people are calculating in love as you can see from the other responses. And I wonder what you consider a sappy romance. There’s nothing sappy about drawing on your faith to stand by a loved one during a difficult time while most people will cut ties with the person when the going gets rough. Learn to be less cynical and dismissive. You’re way too young for that kind of mindset. This is the time of your life to get inspired and believe in the best possible outcomes in life’s trials. God bless you!

  71. Well, it’d be really nice if such a love really did exist in our time.
    This generation are not so concerned with those kind of love, ours is more artificial and unreal at most.

  72. This is really what love should be like. Bennett is indeed a good man and I wish them luck. We should as well learn how to invite God into whatever we do

  73. Bennett is a very loving man. This kind of relationship should be promoted where God is placed at the center of everything. I believe that Bennett didn’t just propose,it was God working through him and it is nice that he didn’t fight that decision. This is really a love to count on.

  74. Even a blind man can feel that this is a love love. haaa! men like Ben are so rare to find among men. Men like him can only be seen painstakingly. Nice one

  75. The name of the story is perfect, it rhymes; even tho this type of love is actually hard to find nowadays. This generation is concerned with what they will benefit from the relationship rather than actually being with the person for love.

  76. Love knows no bounds, men like Bennet are hard to come by this days. The love he has for Julia is genuine for him to take such decision of marrying her notwithstanding what she was going through at the time .
    Nice one Ma.

  77. This story presents a picturesque of what true love looks like. Love that accepts all forms of discomfort/disformity, imperfections. Love that clings on even when hinges seem broken. Love that nourishes.

  78. d story reminds me of ur poem
    “a bleeding heart”
    I think dt d kind of heart Ben has. ..
    It’s true love and I only pray it’s last(dts z a miracle on her health )
    Such a man deserves d best

  79. what a man Benneth is…what a love!
    only few persons would react same way Benneth has done…
    God bless all Benneth who have put smiles on the faces of all Julia
    what a story! this story brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you Ma for this wonderful piece.

  80. True love never abandons no matter what or no matter the challenges life has to offer,it always stands such challenges and pain.This story paints what true love is,Benneth proposed to Julia at this time of her life when most men will abandon her.This story depicts the kind of love Christ has for us.

  81. Honestly this story Is truely telling us what true love is. For in sickness and in health .Nice one MA .

  82. Lovely!! I admire both partners. They did not act paranoid or get scared because they had trust in God. I admire their faith and the fact that they seek God together, always. Most importantly, I admire Ben because he stood by his partner even when she was facing a major challenge in her life. I hope she gets better. What a sudden marriage proposal!! This is true love indeed.

  83. This is truly a love to count on ooooooo… Well if I’m faced with a similar situation, it’s to hand it over to God ooooooo becos I know me worrying over anything won’t change it, I actually did love Julia’s resolve….. Kudos to Ben for taking that bold step to stand by her… I hope their FAITH wld see them through …. Much love

  84. True love stands firm in all situations, Benneth truly loves and understands what true love means. He always stands by her I hope their faith will see them through amen..

  85. True love is sacrifice, Benneth didn’t hesitate to prove his love, Julia, even though he knows about her health issue, if you find true love. it will always be with you, even in your time of weakness, your love will stand stronger by your side. True love is a strong commitment. Interesting story ma.

  86. Awwwnnn!! This is so sweet!.
    True love is kind and caring. It never dies, never withers away no matter any challenge or circumstance. True love knows no bounds.
    Men like Ben are rare. His love for Julia was strong and genuine. He never let her feel the pains of her ill health alone. He stood for her and had faith in God that everything will be fine. This is great!

  87. Wow! This story is very interesting and touching. I love the fact that Julia did not allow her present condition to weigh her down. She had prayed and fasted to God believing for a change of story. She didn’t even bother to ponder over what the result could be and Benneth is a nice and good guy. He loves Julia so much and he is willing to give her all the support she needs.

  88. Ben Is scared of losing Julia and wants to hasten up marrying her. Well his reaction is that of one in love and wants to share both in her pain and happiness. Men like him are scarce

  89. This is what i call true love. When someone is willing to go through thick and thin with you, that person truely loves you.

  90. Ben is really a child of God whose love for Julia was very strong in every way…..Its rare to see men of this calibre who can stay with a woman they claim to love through thick and thin…..

  91. This story is very touching. It teaches us to approach life challenges with faith and optimism. God is always there for us. Well done ma.

  92. There is nothing as sweet as having a man who fears God.Dat kind of love z rare these days… I love how Benneth handled the situation, some men will run away in dis kind of situation… Dat z wat is called love… Am inspired… Keep it up ma.

  93. Love should be built on God as the center, trusting Him to guide and direct.
    They trusted God and had everything going well for them. A canal man would have dumped Julia.. .who wants to marry a sick wife?
    Nice one Ma.

  94. True love is patience and unrelenting. This depicts the kind of Love God has for us. Despite our unfaithfulness He first loved us before we loved Him. God bless you ma!

  95. This is inspiring because despite her condition, Ben still loved her;he reminded her of her state in Christ.

  96. Wow………. This is really true love I wonder if this kind of love really exist now. Love and prayer really solve all problem. I really like this one thank you ma for this piece.

  97. Bravo I didn’t even know that was the end of the story I was so engrossed and wished for more. Ben is such a darling proposing at that point in time is actually the most sweetest thing to do, that singular action would take Julia through the hurdle of that sickness. I so wish to know the end of this story…….. Buh am already concluding the story in my head. This story really portrays the title ” A love to Count On” because it truly is. Love, strength,trust,togetherness and loyalty is really all that matters.

  98. Amazing. If we had more people like Benneth, the world will truly be a better place. love conquers all. Benneth’s love for Julia wilł help her withstand the trial she’s facing.

  99. Very interesting one, ma. Ben is indeed a God-fearing man unlike men of nowadays who will just end the relationship at the mention of that illness. Instead, he hoped on God and made her problem his own also. Love conquers all!!!

  100. Wow! This story is quite interesting and educating as well.It is a moral lesson for young people to know that love is for better for worse,for richer for poorer and in sickiness and in good health as in the case of Bennett and Julia

  101. True love is like a candle whose flames can never be extinguished. But the question there is, can you find this kind of love in our generation today?. What Benneth did was so touching and is not that common with lovers of nowadays. Love is indeed very sweet and beautiful, that is if you fine the true one just like Julia. As for Julia, she should count herself lucky and blessed to have found such kind of love.

  102. It’s so interesting. Benneth is a true lover that every woman dreams of having as a life partner. Circumstances makes people to change their hearts decisions, but Benneth is too courageous, that is why he didn’t allow circumstances to affect his decision towards the young belle Julia. He actually proved his love. Such a man is indeed a someone to count on because of his fidelity qualities.

  103. What a way to propose, Benneth has proved himself eligible enough to be counted on such a man isn’t ready to sacrifice his love for any illness acute or chronic. I will, but say that God’s revelation and intervention was also a contributing factor to Benneth’s decision.

  104. Love is a beautiful thing especially when lovers believe in “Always And Forever”. Julia and Ben are a perfect example of an ideal couple.

  105. If all guys were like Benneth, we ladies would never be scared to love and be sincere in life. ..His action shows that he is a true man.

  106. Oh! This is the kind of love we need in this world. Love that can stand obstacles. Love that will always be there. Love that will stay in time of need. Love that gives hope. Love that is synonymous to the love of Christ. Love that will stay forever. I love this ma!

  107. True love never dies, no matter the circumstances. Being with someone that loves you, is the best gift you can ever get. Great story!!!

    • As a child of God, you should be fearless of anything no matter how difficult it is. Notwithstanding Julia’s life threatening illness, she prayed and hoped in God. She believes that the illness would not take her life.

  108. this is really an interesting story. True love always stand firm no matter the condition. if you have the right partner in any relationship, you guys will go a long way in maintaining it. So love this story ma. Love is really beautiful.

  109. Love conquer all, I really wish to find a man like Ben who can love without measures and can never be stopped by any circumstances not even death

  110. This story displays the true meaning of love and faith. Julia had faith that God will take care of her situation. She did not bother herself thinking of what to do when she knew that God was by her side. Benneth on the other hand was supportive, he surprised me by his actions I never thought that he would have done what he did but that teaches us a lesson that we should not forsake people because of their present situation instead show them love, show them that you care because you wouldn’t know where yours will fall in tomorrow and who might be of help to you.

  111. What courage he has. people that stand by you in times of difficulty are those that truly love and have faith in us. Benneth has shown he has unconditional love for her by not caring about her health condition or even having it in mind that along the way she might even die. may God give us the strength to stand by our loved ones always.

  112. Aaawww..
    I really wish the story didn’t have to end there.
    It is when challenges come that you really know how much love you have inside of you,
    It is amidst challenges you find out those who really love you and how much they do.
    This is true love, and it is worth emulating.
    I’m touched ma.

  113. awn! benneth isa good example of a perfect man that every lady would wish to have. i pray when it’s time i find someone like him in jesus name.he is God fearing, caring and down to earth.

  114. Wow! This is so sweet. I found my myself fantasizing on meeting the dream man too.

    Julia is really lucky and blessed with a man like Ben. His kind is so rare and this goes to show that love goes beyond whatever obstacles.

    He proved his undying love through the proposal and that alone warmed my heart. I hope I find my Ben soon.

  115. uhhn…uh so touching! they are really in love coupled with faith. they will move mountains together. i just love their attitude towards the cancer issue.

  116. The way Benneth acted shows that he truely loves and cares for Julia. He didn’t discriminate or leave her to pass through her battles alone. I also liked the fact that he is prayerful and he decided to leave everything in the hands o f God. I believe he made the right decision asking Julia to marry him, because I believe that together they can face the problem head on. His love is commendable but the question is, how many would do that today?

  117. We all should learn from this. Bennett didn’t give excuses or procrastinate or outright abandoned Julia when she needed him the most. Instead he stood by her by proposing to her despite what the results might say. He loved her that much. That is what we all are to do to those we love even to our enemies. That’s the christian thing to do. How I wish this story was more common in real life

  118. The story is the definition of true love, despite knowing her condition and the fact that she might die sooner or later he still decide to spend his life with her. What a love! Very Rare to find

  119. Chai. Love is beautiful! I love love. Nothing beats agape love. There’s nothing as beautiful as being surrounded by people who love us. The love shown here is same with the one Christ showed to us when he died for us. In this world of ours, its difficult to find people who will love us despite our condition. I wish we could have more Benedeths in our world today

  120. Benneth’s character portrays a Godly man
    Julia accepting his proposal is to have a reason to keep on hoping for healing from God

  121. True love endures all Benneth proposal show that he truly loves Julia despite the fact of her present situation.

  122. Ben proved supernatural love and even in difficulties he strongly stood! I love the way he showed his love.

  123. Hmm! We should always love someone no matter what the future holds: bleak or bright. To answer your question: I will react the same way Benneth did because we ought to love others,just as Christ loved us. I love this story mum.

  124. Agape love.
    What a sweet love!
    That’s so lovely of Ben.
    Julia should count herself lucky for having such a lovely and God fearing young man as her fiancee…
    Believe me I learned from this.

  125. I must Confess, this story is very touching. I was moved by what Benneth did. Love indeed Conquers all. From the story one can say that Benneth and Juliah are very much in love with each other so I think Benneth did the right thing. If I were to be in his shoes I would do the same as long as the love is there…. Just like Benneth said; the best thing is to remind God of his words and then trust that he would do what they ask of him.

  126. This is a lovely piece. God can actually use people to change our conditions no matter what we go through. Bennet is an evidence of his grace and mercy and has used him as a pillar to uplift julia in her condition.

  127. These kind of love is rare today. Benneth serves as a challenge to everyone out there including ladies. Love should not only be there when everything is fine, it should also stay in tough times. That is what true love is

  128. Awwwn this is just a rare love. I must say this is the true definition of love. How can he propose at this critical moment? It seems odd, but at a closer look it is genuine. Oh God help us single ladies to find such true love in our time. A man who fears and loves the lord. A man who won’t just love of us for the looks alone. I must add also that faith in God is a beautiful thing. It helps us move unthinkable things out of our lives. Living by faith and not by sight is a goal!

  129. This is so nice! I like the fact that Ben stood by julia’s side, not letting go of her because of her situation, and also the fact that the both are Christians.There’s nothing as good as having a man who is a Christian as husband or having a lady who is a Christian as wife.I like this. God bless you ma!

  130. A friend in time of need is the best friend one can ever think of, Julia is very lucky to have someone like Benneth who loved and stood by her not minding her present condition. Of a truth people like Benneth are scares in our present generation.

  131. Having those who love you all the time by your side is very very necessary because it makes you feel protected and ready to move on in life.What Benneth did for Julia in the above story is what a true friend should always represent.We should not love only our partners or spouse but all around us.

  132. This is worth reading. Bennett’s love is worth emulation because it didn’t show signs of faltering at the sign of an issue. they will definitely make a very lovely married couple. I pray Julia finds the healing she needs so she can lead a happy life with Bennett.

  133. OMG…i love this story its so romantic and heart melting, love is indeed something so strong and i pray that i find mine too just as Benneth did. I’m so proud of him for showing a very good example of Love,trust,humility and faith. Such an inspiring story Ma God bless you.

  134. Finding love is good, finding love that supports you in all circumstances is even better. This is a typical example of casting all your cares on the Lord and having faith in the fact that our lives are in His hands.

  135. I don’t believe this kind of love still exist. Benneth was really a darling,he had the potential that every woman would want her man to have . His reaction towards the news about Julia’s health was really amazing,I don’t think men of nowadays would do that instead they would run and leave the woman. The love that Benneth had for Julia was really genuine and Julia on her own side was so confident that God will deliver her potraying total trust in God.

  136. When things get real, you Will know who is real for you. Benneth’s bold step to propose to Julia despite her critical condition shows that he’s real for her and his love for her is not at all under quest.

  137. When things get real,you Will know who’s real for you. Benneth’s bold step to make a proposal to Julia shows his sincere and unending love he has for His girl. Not even an illness can place limitations between them. that’s cool ma.

  138. Oh my gosh!!!! This is true love,Uzochi is so lucky to have a man like Benneth, who will stand firm even in the midst of obstacles,deepest fear and misery.You know nowadays,is quite rare,sometimes I wonder if true love exist,love nowadays na for mouth ooo,lol,but it does exist.It would be lovely if we emulate Benneth.

  139. In every situation we find ourselves, we should learn to thank God and not let fear make us forget we have a mighty God, who performs wonders.

    • This is such a romantic story, Benneth showed that he truly loves Julia notwithstanding Julia’s illness.

  140. This is sooo sweet?????…i feel what she needs most now is nothing but love and support from family and friends….unlike some others…they would abandon julia at that moment…together if they pray in faith am sure that God will see them through???

  141. This is a true definition of unconditional love. The kind of love Christ has shed abroad in our hearts and expect’s us to express to one another. I love the character of Ben , his a role model. Also their faith in God is worth emulating.

  142. Some relationships fail when one of the partners suffers ill health or any misfortune. True love is unconditional and it knows no bounds…nice one ma

  143. A true love indeed?. So so happy right now. Goddd!!!! a beautiful relationship. When she is weak you just there to go through with her. Very beautiful? . Of course I would be there for the wedding. Lol

  144. ?????
    This story brought me to tears.

    The kinds of Benneth are rare to come by. There’s nothing like having someone who got your back through thick and thin. I truly like the fact that he propose to her out of pity. Now that’s what genuine love is all about. A perfect example of the God’s love.

    However, I really admire Julia’s strength. Even in distress she was able to encourage herself and put herself together. Many would have given up on life or allow depression to creep in but she Julia did not. That’s indeed worthy of emulation.

  145. I love this story . Well it heart breaking to know that Julia has cancer and Benneth proposing to her knowing her condition. This is rare kind of love. Well, it is not about length of life but depth of life. Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things. Either fire nor wind can erase Benneth good deed.

  146. Not sure of the health status of Julia, Benneth still proposed. Wow! This is true love, not relationship built on strong health, money or other material things but a relationship built on true love. Young men and young ladies take a leaf from Benneth and build your love life on true love.

  147. They saw the upturned situation in a different light and with spirit, faith and zeal, they moved in with it. Worrying over a situation won’t get us anywhere, rather why don’t we approach God and commit it all to His hands, besides He is the Alpha and Omega afterall.

  148. Wow…what a lovely story.. indeed Benneth has proven his love for Julia and definitely, their marriage will be centered on god and his words. May we always be a reason for people to be Happ and embrace true love..
    I love you..aunty Edith..

  149. Wow,so sweet,true love conquers all,no matter the situation true love supercedes evey stumbling block.true love heals the heart, it gives hope,it looks Beyound physical,mental and health challenges.true love do exit,though its rare to find men like Ben who are willing and ready to go through the journey of true love.

  150. True love is unshakeable no matter the condition,true love can make one psychologically free, nice one aunty I appreciate

  151. Oh no, not cancer please?.
    Julia is so strong, she is calm in such a difficult situation,I love her spirit.I wish I’m like her,despite knowing that God is always in control, I still panic over little things.
    I wish Julia and Benneth gets married and live so many years together. Their love is so strong.

  152. Yea!! If actually I should be Beneth, I would do the same for me to secure my love and make her feel special because from what I am seeing, Julia really need someone like him who cares for her health and life. This is really love to count on Ma. You’re blessed Ma!

  153. Kind of relationship we should be promoting. Bennett should be a point of emulation to every young man out there.
    We need friends who are ready to stick with us through thick and thin and even more not just for beneficial purposes
    There’s more to life.we should also try to include God in everything we do,he has to be the center of it all.

  154. Bennett is truely one of a kind. Other men in his shoes probably would have abandoned Julia; slamming the door right behind them. But he never left her, plus, he even proposed to her. Nevertheless, I hope Julia gets the miracle she’s praying for.

  155. What Got me captivated in this story is faith, with faith God will redeem you from any situation, and send a helper and a consoler to u in time of difficulties, I pray with faith we all shall be redeemed by the blood of the lamb and may his healing hands be upon us .. Thanks ma for this story..

  156. Julia is very lucky to have such a wonderful partner who loves and support her
    Benneth is a good Man who knows what he wants not the kind of Men who run away from the slightest problem

  157. By Ben’s act ,he has actually given her a reason to live..
    He’s a rare gene, for him to propose to her in that condition shows he truly loves her deeply.

  158. I was not expecting the proposal but what do you know love is unpredictable, their love and faith in God is a virtue worth imbibing its so refreshing you don’t see that everyday. I particularly liked the way Julia approached the whole situation in a positive manner, their relationship is set to last forever if they can keep up their love for one another and also their faith in God, I just hope it wont go all Topsy turvy

  159. Wow..this story did made me emotional,even in her present predicament he still loved her and wants to spend his whole life with her…may good love find us all Kudos ma!!!

  160. This story is so captivating. She is a really lucky girl. This is a good example of what love should be all about. It is really a love to count on.

  161. This story reminds me about Mary Magdalene’s love for Christ. The love was so strong that she made her security officer at Jesus tomb. What manner of love is this even till death, she still loved him. Thus, Ben did what some men of this generation would have called a taboo. Also, what I loved again about Ben is when he said “. We will remind God of His word on this and leave the rest to Him. Honestly, it touched my spirit. I even feel like speaking in tongues. But let me hold my spirit. It takes one who is drunk in the spirit to make such a statement. Let me tell, Ben understands his scripture well because he knows that through marriage one can obtain favour from God. (Proverbs 22:18 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord) Probably favour of healing for his fiancée. To be frank, I pray that God will raise people like Ben to institute Christians marriages – there we can find true definition of love. God bless you.

  162. Congratulations to them both.Julia is really lucky to have gotten a man like Ben oooo. while I read this, it seemed as if I was seeing a fairy tale movie. Truth be told, I forced myself to believe Ben isn’t a Nigerian and even if he is, am sure he wasn’t brought up in Nigeria.
    Well, I am really happy for her. Ben is a Christian and a loving man at that.

  163. Hmm, as a natural person, it’s normal to be worried and scared. But knowing the kingdom we operate from, fear doesn’t exist here. So, yes I think I would act that way if I was faced with that kind of situation.

  164. Reminds me of the saying “Love conquers all!” Julia has been highly favored by God to have Bennett and Bennett has shown real commitment by sticking around when she is in dire need of him. A very inspiring and educative story.

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