Gbenga stood with trepidation before his bedroom door. It was not the fear of what might be going on behind that door that filled his heart with dread. It was the fear of what any negative discovery he might make would do to his marriage that had made him halt.

He stood there as if transfixed and wondered how he and Funke had got to this point – a point where he was playing private eye in his own house. They had been very happy when they got married three years back. Their relationship was built on trust in each other and a deep faith in God. He frequently swore that his wife would never cheat on him, that such a thing would be inconceivable to her. But his friends told him to save his oaths, that it was unwise to vouch for any woman (wives and girlfriends included) that you were not with 24/7. Such a position seemed extremely cynical to him.

Even his disclosure that he met his wife a virgin did not change their stance. Some of them suggested that a lot may have changed since that first encounter. He was horrified at the implication and attributed it to jealousy. They envied his special bond with his wife and sought to belittle it and drag him down to their level, he thought.

But Funke’s recent strange behaviour had given him cause for concern. She was making some long calls at night and she was hiding in the bathroom to make them. He knew because he had checked her phone after the last two occurrences.

To make matters worse, she had received a text message that morning saying, “I’ll like to come to your house this afternoon. Let me know when the coast is clear,” to which she had responded, “Come by 2 o’clock. Gbenga will be at work then.”

He detected this because he had formed the habit of checking her phone the moment she turned her back after he learned of her night calls. He felt ashamed about this but let his suspicion and curiosity call the shots.

He was devastated. There was no question of giving her the benefit of the doubt. She was holding a tryst right behind that door and it probably wasn’t the first time. Perhaps, his friends knew all along that this had been going on. Maybe, it was even one of them in her embrace right now! How foolish he had been, he thought.

A sound at the front door broke into his reverie as the clock app in his phone announced 3 o’clock and he turned. Upon retracing his steps to the living room, who should he see walking in but his wife!

“Wow, what a surprise!” she exclaimed in her usual cheerful manner. “What brings you home by this time of day?”

When he kept staring at her without a response, she asked, “Are you alright?”

Then she added, “Do you want something to eat?” moving towards the kitchen with the fruits she bought from the vendor down the street.

Gbenga remained where he was, trying to process what had just happened. His emotions were in a whirl. He was torn between relief and anger. He was also thoroughly confused. He had arrived early enough to catch her in the act, he believed, but she hadn’t even been there in the first place. Had he misread the whole situation or had she sensed he was onto her and rescheduled the rendezvous?



More importantly, what should be his next line of action? Should he confront her immediately with what he knew or should he bide his time to get more concrete evidence like the name of her lover and people who knew of the relationship? If he chose the first option, what would be her reaction? Would she deny the whole thing or flare up? If he chose to wait, would he be able to stand the suspense and act normal?

Realising that trying to weigh these options immediately would only make his head spin faster, he decided to play it by ear. Going into the kitchen to help his wife prepare lunch, he vowed that he would not allow any man to snatch her from him. She handed him a tuber of yam to peel while she checked the meat she’d brought out of the freezer to thaw before leaving the house earlier.

As she worked at the sink with her back turned to him, he couldn’t stop watching her. She stood at 1.62m. (5ft. 4in). and had a muscular frame because of her passion for playing soccer and lifting weights. She wore mostly knickerbockers and T-shirts, but today she donned mauve-coloured dungarees on a pink, short-sleeved shirt. He fondly dubbed her ‘my tomboy’ and although she wasn’t what most people would call beautiful, in his book, there was none fairer. As he gazed lovingly at her, yam forgotten, he strengthened his resolve.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Funke was visibly uncomfortable and made no move to open the door. However, upon the second ring, she marched out of the kitchen grumbling, “Stupid boy! Na now be your 2 o’clock?”

That didn’t sound good at all, so Gbenga decided to follow her only to see his errant brother-in-law, Kolade, sauntering into the living room.

“I thought I warned you not to come near my family again unless you repent?” he exploded.

“I have repented, Uncle, I have repented and cult boys wanted to kill me,” Kolade replied. “Sister Funke has been praying for me. She told me to come earlier so she can take me to her pastor for deliverance prayers, but I was held up in traffic.”
-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

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  1. What God has joined together let no man put asunder,love should be “built on trust and a deep faith in God”,love this piece!

  2. well a basis of marriage should be love and trust, any marriage without these is doomed to fall apart.

  3. God help us with the level of lack of trust in a relationship. A relationship without trust is like bird without feathers…..THE GREATEST AND MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN THE POT OF DATING

  4. Skepticisms, distrusts and misconceptions often disrupt the construct of marriage…he is very lucky he didnt react initially.

  5. Trust, the only grease to the keep any or engine (relationship) steaming (strong & on).
    Sorry for Gbenga, he never trusted his wife because of what his friends said… This reminds me of the bible passage, evil communication corrupts good manners.
    Dear friends, mind the friends you keep for their opinions sometimes makes you go out of your thinking box.

    • You’re right. Some of Gbenga’s friends were not believers and listening to them would have ruined his marriage.

  6. Waoh! Nice one. can a marriage survive without trust? imagine living in suspense all your days,tiptoeing into your home to spy on your partner, that’s absurd.

  7. This is indeed a masterpiece for every relationship and marriages alike,it’s suspense-filled, dramatic and captivating. Trust is a necessary tool for a lasting love….

  8. Nice story. Having been in a past relationship that left me scarred from trusting someone who seems a little secretive I can relate. It is hard to trust, especially when people put doubt in your head, but that is the key to any relationship surviving. Communication is the key to mistrust in the first place.

  9. Anyone in Gbenga’s shoes would be suspicious, I admired his love for his wife and I dreaded that she would cheat.

  10. chai! It got me badly. I wouldn’t blame Gbenga much, not after the contents of the texts on Funke’s phone. I think it was only wise that he didn’t act based on his initial suspicion, the story would have gone entirely differently if he did. The suspense is on point, the end had me laughing.

  11. i really like this post i always know relationship are built on trust and it is not always good to let an external talk about you family because they are always termed to tear it apart that is if the relationship is not strong and based on trust.

  12. I have learnt from this story that TRUST is everything in relationship.it is an advice to every married men and women on FIDELITY IN MARRIAGE.I hope to be faithful to my wife; so help me God. thank you my lecturer. I wish you more Grace.

  13. To be honest, events preceeding the eventual revelation of the truth, in my opinion, called for suspicion and investigation.Anyone whether Man or Woman could have done the same thing Gbenga did in such circumstances. The fact that trust is very important in every relationship is indisputable, but anyone who finds himself or herself in similar circumstance should carefully investigate because just as it might be false, it might also be true. Secondly, like Gbenja, we are to avoid unnecessary confrontation especially about something we are not completely sure of, but based on hearsay, rather we should carefully investigate to avoid pushing your marriage to implosion. Finally, the author, while conveying her message about Trust in relationship, uses powerful suspense to keep readers amazingly engrossed in the story. What a fascinating creative work!

  14. i particularly love the way he goes into the kitchen and his wife unceremoniously hands him the yam to peel while she does other things…a compromise

  15. quite evocative and inspiring…Emotion sometimes elicit sadomasochism but For me, i think it takes a lot of time and event to build a concrete trust, a good relationship must stand a test of time and event like this. But however, it is good to scrutinize information before upholding it and jumping into conclusion; hasty conclusion has cost so many of us what we value dearly. it is better we think first before we act because apologizes sometimes doesn’t go a long way in resolving the issue. we should also be aware of some friends who have be tainted with envy; thus becoming our enemy in disguise. Nice write up! I must confess… it triggers my congenital trait….cheerio

  16. Nice writeup…JESUS made us to understand that temptation will come our way but it wont b that greater than us…the man overcame the temptation…in marriages, temptation will come but what determines your strength is the power of holding on and having a rethink of your action before taking any step.

  17. Marriage indeed should be built on trust and love; issues in marriage should equally be resolve by the couple themselves so as to maintain that privacy, bond etc between them. Nice post Aunty

  18. marriage without trust will never last and in every relationship one person must be sacrificing for peace to reign

  19. Third party atimes, could be very dangerous especially in matters concerning marriage. Nicec one

  20. TRUST in any relationship is sure the flavour that drives it on and in most cases it has to surpass the love you have for that person in order for the relationship to work. Gbenga should have trusted enough and forget about the misleading of his friends cos I guess they’ve lost the flavour in their marriages too.

  21. what a disappointment… had it been that his suspicions were right, I wonder what would have happened… great story, aunty.

  22. trust is the main important thing in marriage. I love this story because it’s very educative. God bless you ma

  23. Nice one ma,this story has taught me to always make conscious efforts to avoid unnecessary confrontation especially about things i am not completely sure of.tnx for this piece ma.its suspense-filled,dramatic and captivating.I LIKE.

  24. Trust is needed for a peaceful and happy marriage. Male and female should learn to trust their partners. Nice one

  25. What God has joined together let no man put asunder. Relationship should always be built on trust not distrust. What a good story.

  26. well, i was not expecting that end( i thought his wife was cheating on him). its simple, partners should learn to trust each other to avoid misunderstandings.

  27. I couldn’t help but laugh at Gbenga’s silliness at the end of the story. Trust is an important ingredient in a relationship, couples and friends should understand that. Nice, interesting, intriguing story.*thumbs up*

  28. hmm-mm, so who was d person funke was telling that d coast is clear? if it was gbenga’s brother, then why didn’t he just come clean n tell his brother that he had repented.

  29. Now that’s one niece piece, I was on d edge all through until d end,well as for me i don’t really blame Gbenga cuz his wife’s actions were quite suspicious, but TRUST above all things nd good communication is d key….keep it up ma’am

  30. Trust is like a solid rock used to build the foundation of a relationship. Without it, it will fall like a HOUSE built on sand. Grace.

  31. trust is the bedrock of any relationship. even in your relationship with God, you need to trust Him for it to work out fine

  32. There is more to that story. She was really expecting him. Did any one notice that. Before the brother entered

  33. there is so much suspense in this interesting story, Gbenga’s patience was worth it. also there should be the existence of trust and loyalty in every relationship.

  34. We should learn how to trust one another. This should also serve as a reminder to those who are married, never to cheat on their partner.

  35. very interesting one, trust is a very hard gift some people in a relationship cant afford but it really pays a lot

  36. I like the suspense of the story, i must say. it is always good to pause and weigh our options before taking an action. One careless action might have probably end it all. above all, it pays to stand the test of time and it takes one in love with God to do what Gbenga did.

  37. Trust is the foundation of a lasting relationship.
    To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.

  38. It’s very important that we mind the kind of pple we keep around us (our so-called friends). What if that young man wasn’t patient enuf? Ah! God, Pls keep bad pple away from us. Amen

  39. hmm…what would have happened had he not waited to confirm his suspicions? patience is an important virtue we humans need. nice piece ma!

  40. Wow, I have learnt that I should not always believe in what someone tells me. Because sometimes they might not be the truth and can mislead me. Thank you ma.

  41. Any relationship without trust will surely come crashing down. Like the Titanic, it doesn’t matter whether such a relationship was strong or so intimate that separation seem impossible, what is sure is that an iceberg must will cause it’s collapse.
    No matter how much the world puts it that we need not trust any man, for man can fail at any time, the undeniable fact remains that we cannot live without trusting our fellow human beings for some reasons as the case may be…

    Again it is notable that we evaluate the things said to us by men. Though they may seem true, a fact in life is that there must always be exceptions to prove that all men are not the same and all happenings don’t occur in the same manner.

    Gbenga in the end proved to a real man, for it only takes a real man to maintain his cool in the face of a confrontation.

    Aunty Edith, you are wonderful and gifted. I just learnt a great deal…

  42. Trust is expedient in every relationship,we should try as much as possible to verify things before jumping into conclusion

  43. great story,really put me in suspense,i taught the person at the door would be her lover.thank God he chose the second option.

  44. It wasn’t really his fault that he acted that way. We are human beings with emotions and the ability to suspect. Actually, I think he responded to his wife’s action. Why would she make long calls while hiding in the bathroom? It’s really suspicious, and I bet anyone in the guy’s shoe will do the same, even worse. However, on the man’s side, he should not have discussed his wife with his friends, cos I think that’s what spurred his action.

  45. It’s a splendid piece….Surely, love would be meaningless and without value when trust is amiss. Besides, love is more than ideas or what anyone thinks, it has to be well defined if it must last. Well done, Ma!

  46. Even if I trust my wife, I would still check on her when I see dat kind of text. But all d same, the patient dog eats d fattest bone.

  47. A marriage is not free from peoples’ talks and thoughts.love makes a man and woman trust each other and who is a friend to a married person matters.thank God for the husband who had learn to be patient as a man while watching.

  48. patience is needed in all facets of human life no matter how bad a situation looks patience should take first place.

  49. trust really is the foundation of every relationship.

    love how you kept the readers wondering, in suspense until the end.

  50. As we always hear people saying; trust is the bedrock of every marriage. It is also important that people avoid third party in their relationship or marriage, do not let people or anyone be a mediator, not everybody like the fact that you are married happily or not

  51. most people cant stand the fact that you are happy so the best is not to listen or bring yourself to their level and the moment you begin to doubt your spouse the problem continues until you are able to rebuild the trust.

  52. You don’t let people steal ur joy or happiness by telling you all sorts of things. The moment you let them, it destroys ur home and life.

    • You’re right, Thelma! Some people talk thoughtlessly and we might take those things to heart, thereby welcoming trouble.

  53. Awww.. Doubts are termites in a relationship.. It’s good to trust ur partner and always put ur relationship in the hands of the Almighty

  54. Trust is essential in any relationship.Just imagine Gbenga raising his voice at Funke and shouting at her for cheating and later sees his brother in-law things would have been messed up by then….Trust is really essential for any relationship to last

  55. It was good that Gbenga didn’t confront his wife with his suspecision of her infedility. He gave her a benefit of doubt, at least to catch her in the act. In truth, I would have done the same if I find myself in Gbenga’s shoes.

  56. It is always better to trust your spouse even when you’re suspicious because most times lack of trust in marriage might just destroy the marriage even before you get to know it

  57. Gbenga was wrong for not trusting his wife and listen to the words of his friends. He would have caused trouble in his marriage and regret it forever but am glad everything turned out great.

  58. One thing I’ve learnt about relationships is that third parties, most often ruin relationships. Look how Gbenha friends put thoughts in his head meanwhile his wife was completely innocent. Lesson is to avoid the third opinion and know ur partner inside out, if there’s any suspicion, communication is the best answer.

  59. Lol.. This story is actually funny. Gbenga didnt trust his wife anymore that’s why he believed what his friends told him. We should always trust our partners or rather confront them whenever you are uncomfortable or having trust issues. Thanks for this story ma.

  60. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Gbenga shouldn’t have listened to the advice of his so called friend. There are some people who derive joy in causing chaos . Am just happy that he knows the kind of wife he married. Its always good to talk to one’s partner about any and all issue. Kudos ma for a wonderful story.

  61. Love should be built on trust because I personal believe that to love is to trust. It is the bedrock for any relationship. More grace aunty.

  62. A relationship should be built on trust, we cannot claim to love someone that we don’t trust. Although the doubts and disbeliefs sets in occasionally, with outer voices of discouragement, the ones we love still deserve our trust.

  63. relationship should be built on trust, we cannot claim to love someone that we don’t trust. Although the doubts and disbeliefs sets in occasionally, with outer voices of discouragement, the ones we love still deserve our trust.

  64. Seeking for advice from friends about
    our issues in our relationship can even help tear it apart. We might trust our spouse enough not to doubt them but some friends can be jealous and wicked enough to drain all the trust and believe we have in our spouse and refill it with doubt and hate.

  65. In every relationship, trust is needed. The moment there are doubts or suspicions in a relationship things tend to fall apart. Also, we should be careful of the friends or people we ask for advice. Some people advice others wrongly on purpose because they have inner negative intentions while giving advices. We should always think about the advices we are given before putting them into action

  66. ????? am sure gbenga must have been flooded with relief. I guess lack of trust stems from jealousy. What I mean is I don’t think he was really afraid of her cheating per se but he was afraid of her leaving him,of him not being enough for her. And I think jealousy is good in any relationship. It shows that the person loves u enough to be disturbed. But if the person doesn’t love u, he doesn’t care and thus isn’t disturbed at all but he may be angry not cus he loves u but maybe cus of pride. But jealousy is different it stems from love and hurt and fear not pride and it’s healthy though when it is too much it becomes obsession which of course is bad
    Am not saying that couples should go around not trusting each other ohh that one is worst cus u would believe anything someone tells u and mistrust is very dangerous for any relationship, but when it stems from jealousy, it could be nice u know

  67. A really suspenseful piece! A little seed of mistrust can grow into a tree of doubt and conflict. Thank God Gbenga’s doubts were cleared and his trust for his wife reinstated. A relationship without trust is like a building without a firm foundation, it won’t hold on for long.

  68. It’s totally unwise to make a hasty decision on any issue. Because your conclusion might be the opposite of your assumption. Let’s learn how to apply patience whenever things turn out. Imprudent decision is a sister to unalarmed destruction, let us face every critical moments with ease and calmness. Had it been that Gbenga jumped into his initial thought,he would have made a very big mistake of his life.

  69. Relationships are about trust, you don’t have to play detective on your relationship or you might end up destroying it. Gbenga shouldn’t have listened to his friends,they will destroy his marriage for him. This is a nice story(it teaches about trust).

  70. Wow! Marriage, relationships… Who to trust, who not to trust. Only God can help us. Communication is key. If you suspect something is going on, say it. Good one ma

  71. Hmmmm, this story left me in suspense as to who Funke was expecting. Turns out she wasn’t cheating and I felt relief and I guess Gbenga felt it too.
    Trust is definitely needed in a relationship because it helps to strengthen the bond between partners.

  72. Wow!!this is a lovely piece we shouldn’t judge people by what we hear until our suspicions is confirmed accurately, that was Gbenga’s first mistake and we should also strive to communicate in our relationships and marriages as often as possible in other to know what each partner’s feel and the reasons behind certain actions they take.

  73. well, well that was a tricky one. but come on, any one would suspect. the mid night calls, sneaking to answer calls, the text message to meet up by 2?? all signs were pointing at unfaithfulness. such a relief in the end. but then i feel when people are married, they should hide anything from each other. telling her husband that she was trying to lead her brother to Christ would not have been a bad idea.

  74. Trust is more valuable than love, because you cant love someone you don’t trust. Trust is the glue of life and the fundamental principle that holds all relationship. After knowing the truth, Gbenga knows beta than to ever doubt his wife ever again. don’t let other people opinion, world view and generalisations determine how you see and treat your spouse.

  75. TRUST! well sometimes we misunderstand things in a relationship because we fail not communicate with them. Gbenge would have started feeling that what his friends told him was true and as such had same issue with wife. I would advise that even if it appears so true that there’s no need for talk, still do trust your partner and seek to hear from them.

  76. While agreeing with the fact that every relationship should be built on trust, I still won’t blame Oga Gbenga.

    Truth be told, if I was in his shoes I’d have acted almost same way. The difference is that I won’t waste time to confront my partner.lol

    Like how can my spouse be hiding in bathroom of all places to take calls at night? Anyone won’t blame me if I become suspicious nah.

    You see ehn, its takes time to build this thing called TRUST but it can be broken in a twinkle of an eye.

    The suspense is this story is killing??. I was expecting Gbenga to catch his wife red-handed ?

  77. Trust is very vital in every relationship, you can’t be with your spouse 24/7. You should also not take issuea in your relationship to so called friends. Sometimes advice given may not be the best and as much as possible avoid third party in your relationships, e dey spoil things. Lol, the expressions on his face would have been so epic when he found out it was His brother inlaw

  78. So all those long calls in the bathroom were actually prayers. I understand Gbenga’s situation, when you suspect someone and you are totally overwhelmed or baftized by the suspension, even if the person is doing something right what you will be seeing is not even ‘bad’, you will be seeing ‘worse’.

  79. The key word here is lack of trust. Every relationship should be built on trust or at.least communication. He should spoken with her at least instead he was creating notions in his head.

  80. Okay now pause, what just happened? His brother-in-law sneaking into his house? His wife is at fault here. She can’t keep something that small cryptic from her husband. Sha sha I laughed oo.

  81. “I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust.

  82. For every relationship to work trust must be the ultimate and they should maintain absence of third party. Assuming Gbenga listened to his friends his marriage would have gone down the drain

  83. Trust is one of the most important keys to happiness in marriages today. It should be observed in alongside love and Peace.

  84. In marriage third party is not allowed
    Don’t allow your friends to mislead you in your relationship
    Don’t ever doubt your partner unless him/her gives you a good reason to do so
    Gbega was wrong about his wife Funke because he started thinking about his friends views about women
    They were just meant for each other

  85. Kai… to think his fears were finally not true. Thank God. He should learn to trust his wife the more.
    She is a sweet woman and it’s obvious she won’t dare to cheat on me. She actually made him suspicious though, but I am glad it was all for the best at the end.

  86. In as much as we can’t dispute the fact that trust is the bedrock of a relationship, i will not blame Gbenga for being suspicious of his wife because of her behaviour. The story is suspense filled. I was waiting for Gbenga to catch his wife red-handed lol. The is really a face slap.

  87. this is suspense filled. No relationship can stand without trust, yes! we can trust nobody but we have to trust someone at least our life partner.

  88. One thing that is learnable from Gbenga’s action is his patience. Imagine if he had approached his wife asking her whether she was cheating on him? his wife would have been disappointed in him for the rest of her life. She would have thought that her husband doesn’t trust her despite her faithfulness. I know that kind of feeling when you are doing the right thing but your friend don’t trust you. It can be deteriorating to relationships.
    So, it is good to be patient with issues like this until substantial evidence is available.

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