Our story stopped where an anxious Kaadi called his fiancée’s line yet again but it was answered by a hostile stranger. Who is the new guy and how does Kaadi react to his appearance in the picture?



“Sorry.” Kaadi had found his voice. “Can I speak to the owner of this line?”

“Why? Dude, do I know you? Better not call this line again if you love yourself.” The stranger hissed and cut the call.

Meanwhile, Gladys, who was dressing her hair in a nearby salon, hoped the phone she had plugged to power in Stephen’s apartment was charging. It was her main line and had been off for a few days due to the terrible power situation in Mararaba where he stayed. Stephen was exciting but he was a struggling artist. Although she hadn’t told him yet, much as she hated it, this was a valedictory visit as she was travelling back to the east in a few days to welcome her fiancé, Kaadi, from Canada. He had studied engineering and had already secured a job with a foreign construction firm that had offices in Nigeria. In her view, although he was not as much fun to be with as Stephen, Kaadi was a steady, reliable guy: perfect husband material.

Kaadi, who had cooled down after sitting awhile in the joint and sipping the iced juice, was feeling hot all over again and nearly passed out after Stephen terminated the call. Nonso, embarrassment written all over his face due to the stares of the other patrons, came around to fan him with a plastic table mat.

“You wan* kill yourself over woman. Just say the word and I’ll get you a dozen of them. C’mon, man, pull yourself together!” Nonso put the iced juice to Kaadi’s lips. After taking a few sips of it, he was a trifle more composed.

“Maybe this is not what we think it is. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.” Nonso wasn’t buying it though.

“I think she has another number. Why didn’t I remember that before?” Nonso stared at him dubiously thinking, “As if that would have done you any good.”

He saw that Kaadi was still the same innocent lad that left Nigeria half a decade ago. He must have paid way too much attention to his studies, he thought. No sign here that he had learnt the ways of the world. Any pure 042 guy* would have decoded what’s going on right away, he told himself. He gritted his teeth because from every indication, a two-timer was about to rip his cousin’s heart apart, but the poor guy was busy clutching at straws.

Kaadi brought out a tiny address book from his wallet, found the number and began to key it in.

“You’re sure you want to do that?”

“Yes. The sooner this confusion is cleared up, the better for me. I’m all set to marry this girl, you know?”

“Why don’t you let me do the talking this time?” Nonso collected the phone from him and dialled the number. Once it started ringing, he put the phone back on speaker so that Kaadi could hear every word.

“Omalicha!” he hailed Gladys when she picked up.

“Nonso, my husband, kee kwanu?”*

“How have you been?”


“How is school?”

“Too much stress! I’m trying to clear my assignments before Kaadi’s return next week. You know now, I need to give him good attention after his years of absence.”

“I trust you. Are you at your place now?”

“Of course, I told you, too many assignments.”

“Ok, I’m around your area. I’ll swing by and take you out so you can cool your head a little.”

“No oh!”

“Why not?”

“I’m too busy.”

“I understand. Let’s do it this way – tell me what you want, I’ll buy and bring it to you.”

“Send me call credit instead or make me hear alert.”*

“You’re not in school then.”

“True. I’m at home helping my mum with farm work.”

“Ezigbo nwa! Jisikwa ike oh!”

Kaadi, whose feeling of alarm had been growing as the conversation wore on, didn’t stop on the verge this time. He slumped into unconsciousness forcing Nonso to cut the call and run for bottled water from the counter to revive him with.
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

Gladys has no idea Kaadi is onto her. The final segment shows their dramatic meeting. Don’t miss it ’cause it will be far from predictable.

*”wan” is pidgin English meaning “want to”
*”pure 042 guy” is slang for a streetwise Enugu guy, 042 being the telephone area code for Enugu
*”Omalicha!” is “Pretty!” in Igbo
*”Nonso, my husband”: By local tradition arising from Levirate marriage that was common in the past, women address their husbands’ relatives as their husbands. “Kee kwanu?” is “How are you?” in Igbo.
*”make me hear alert” means “pay money into my account”
*”Ezigbo nwa! Jisikwa ike oh!” literally means “Good child! Well done oh” or “”Good child! More power to your elbow!”

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