The last segment of the story stopped where Kaadi fainted when it became obvious Gladys was cheating on him. But to err is human, to forgive divine, right? So they could still patch things up. Well, let’s see.



When Kaadi came to, Nonso took him to his house to keep an eye on him. He told Kaadi’s parents he’d be “crashing”* at his place for a few days. Then he asked a doctor friend over to take a look at him and he confirmed he’d be fine once the shock wore off.

Kaadi spent most of the time sleeping even though he’d not been medicated along that line. What Nonso didn’t know was that he was not yet prepared to cut his losses. He was still in denial and preferred sleeping to facing the harsh reality of his fiancée’s unfaithfulness.

Meanwhile, Nonso was frantically trying to reach Gladys but her phones were switched off again. On the third morning, while Kaadi was in bed and Nonso had gone to buy some food, a lady came into the apartment unannounced. She had her own key. Going into the bedroom, she began to pick her stuff from the drawers and the wardrobe. Kaadi, who was facing the wall, turned to say “hello” to another of his cousin’s numerous girlfriends. He hoped that since this one seemed to live here, Nonso would be thinking of settling down with her. But he was disappointed when he saw her packing her stuff.

When the lady heard movement on the bed, she teased the occupant whom she assumed was Nonso, while backing the bed and continuing with her mission.

“Sleepyhead, what are you still doing in bed by this time? I know that work is never part of your agenda. Chief Executive Officer that never executes anything. Spending your dad’s money is enough work for you.” By now, she expected Nonso to grab her from behind for some horseplay but he was awfully quiet, so she turned.

Horror of horrors! It wasn’t Nonso on the bed. Kaadi had been wondering why the lady looked familiar till she started speaking. That voice was unmistakable and the look on her face when she swivelled round showed without a doubt that she and Nonso were lovers. And the lady was Gladys!

“Ewoo!” Gladys exclaimed as she fled the scene.

Kaadi now realised that their relationship was not salvageable but wished he had got this insight earlier and left before chancing upon the fact that Nonso was part of the dreadful mix. It was bad enough that Gladys was seeing some stranger but her liaison with his cousin as well, he felt, was just too freaky. His forbearance, which friends usually told him was legendary, was totally exhausted.

Moreover, he felt he needed time to process what he’d just discovered before facing his cousin. So he jumped out of bed, hurriedly dressed and left before Nonso could get back. When he got home, he told his parents he needed to go to Lagos, ostensibly to pick the car he bought earlier and report for his new job but in fact to put as much distance as possible between himself and the cheating pair: his smooth-talking cousin, Nonso, and his now estranged fiancée, Gladys.

But he reasoned he should take a final step to initiate his healing in the midst of grieving by making it crystal clear to Gladys that he was calling off the engagement. And that he did by sending her the following text message:

“Love that is not built on trust is a farce. I thought we were meant to be together, but the pain in my heart right now says otherwise. I’m baffled by how you can live by such a bizarre moral code. Forget I ever proposed to you and good bye.”

He told himself it would be a long, long time before he would love or trust anyone again.
-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

“crashing” is slang for sleep over
“Ewoo!” is an exclamation of alarm

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  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwwww! Too sad! Too many Kaadi’s in our world today end up becoming the Nonso’s and Gladys’ of tomorrow. I pray such people find true healing.

  • Edith Ohaja

    Thanks, everyone! Glory to God!

  • Edith Ohaja

    Thanks a lot. Will check it out.

  • oleru precious

    such a touching story

  • awwwww…what a heart touching story..nice post


    saying this is a wonderful story is an under statement. its really touching and inspiring. i just pray they find healing

  • Onuorah chinemerem

    Heiii!this is so touching.
    OMG!that Nonso is a beast,your own cousin and yet you parade yourself like you’re consoling him. Jeez, I hope Kaadi finds a girl worthy of him. As for Gladys…I reserve my comment.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    wow nice piece, keep it up

  • Barnabas Timothy ebube

    touching story….. But am disappointed in nonso how will he jus betray his friendship with kaadi. ?

  • Tobechi

    Is it true that most snakes in green grasses are the ones closest to us? I actually thought they would be one distant hater that just doesn’t like your face. I guess I am wrong. Kaadi needs that distance for his healing. Very wonderful story!

  • onoh oziomachukwu beulah

    I cant believe my eyes mehn.. that nonso did not try at all sha
    well kaadi will find a better girl later. Nice story ma

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Such betrayal. A touching story

  • mordi ifeoma

    what an inspiring piece of work, pray they find peace and healing. am touched!!!

  • ulu christiana

    waoh!!!, it is really very inspiring, I pray that they will find healing

  • odo chidera

    sometimes, it do happen like this.. but one thing for sure is that: it is going to be hard for kaadi to love and trust another woman

  • ubah chisom mariagorathy

    Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, I pray they find peace

  • nwosu esther chioma

    what a betrayal!

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    What a world…upon all the love and trust kaadi had for Glady’s,come to think of the cheater being his cousin Nonso..not fair. Nice story

  • Josiah Judith Enobong

    “Trust no one” even your best friend can be your worse enermy. Great story with ‘suspence’

  • onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    In this wicked world…no one is to be trusted

  • chinaza ezenwa

    We need to limit our trust in people

  • israel chinwe Goodness

    nonso is so heartless,and how could Gladys do such a thing to such a nice guy as Kaadi.

  • Chigbo ifeanyi James

    This is a wonderful story, its really inspiring and encouraging. trust will now be an issue for kaadi

  • ugwoke onyinyechi sylvia

    It is a wise decision he took, that kind of a lady will not make a good marriage.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    ehyaa..its a pity

  • chika udeorah

    Too bad she missed him, fidelity is another thing that sustains a relationship,instead of going around with other men,she would have waited for the one whom she was wearing his engagement ring.

  • Fidelis Favour Chiamaka

    I feel for Kaadi

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    This is the part i have to cry \\\CRYING!!!!!!\\\

  • So touching my heart is really broken from this great piece

  • This is it!!! such a great piece. so so touching.

  • so touching… being betrayed by someone close to you is really painful

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    I don’t just know the kind of words that will best express the way I feel for kaadi, because this is more than “broken heart”. is quite unfortunate that one’s relative can turn against someone. anyway, may God give us the grace to be faithful.

  • hmmm! ………”and the pot calls the kettle black”. too many deceitful friends these days. mind who you trust, its a wicked world out there.

  • Princess Jackreece

    This is really interesting

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    TOO sad…A person like Gladys could be described as a”snake in the monkey’s shadow”…interesting.gr8 job ma’am

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    kudos to kaadi for taking such a decision and not blinded by fetish love

  • Chioma Njoku

    often times, we condemn people for not loving or trusting others without knowing they are nursing their broken hearts thanks to those who do not appreciate love.

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    the guy is indeed a man of integrity but the lady was just a shame to herself and her people. she lost a wonderful gift for nothing

  • Aniah Favour Adaeze

    this selfish acts from women can really kill, well nice post ma

  • Aniah Favour Adaeze

    this is really heart breaking

  • Onyekaozuru Florence

    Nonso is a bad guy, OMG he was one of the devourer and was pretending to be cool, wow a very interesting story love the suspense and the climax, well ladies should try to be faithful if you are not ready do not accept the ring, instead of having a man’s ring and still walk around just give him the ring and be single…..

  • Benjamin Thelma

    Gosh!!!! This is too bad! Why all the pretence, Nonso?,, Gladys, you really stoop too low. You know dats his cousin and you still went for him including you Nonso. Remember what you reap is what you sow oooo

  • Deception, disgraceful, confusion and shame! Glady’s why ??????

  • Ezeme Evans Ejike

    This life ehh, many things happening that one can’t believe. Lessons learnt, don’t trust too much and always expect the worst. Nice story, suspense properly dished out lol. Nobody expected Nonso to be part of the problem.

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Tears rolling, what a betrayal of trust. Lust of the flesh is one dangerous sin that leads and leaves so many relationships and lives in jeopardy. Kaadi shouldnt give up on love but believe that love will still happen to him.

  • idoko faustina kelechi

    kaadi was very disappointed and heart-broken because the girl he trusted so much, fell in love with his own cousin.relationship is not something one would just wake up and venture into,it is a thing of trusting your partner,and as well love each other.

  • nwankwo gift nneamaka

    This is really a broken heart. Of all persons Nonso her boyfriend’s cousin. That lady is terrible. Kaadi please take heart that is life for you.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    oh, kaadi ?, poor kaadi…
    I wonder how long it will take him to heal…..
    for Gladys, God have mercy on her…
    then to Nonso, who I liked in part 2, I hate you now, you are part of the reason why people are advised not to trust anyone.
    thank you Ma, for this story, God bless you.

  • Njoku chiamaka Constance

    Wow! Am astonished, this is truly a heartbreak. She did not only cheat with strangers but also with your cousin. The trust on both Gladys and Nonso is broken and I don’t think anything will built it back.

  • Nwosu Victoria Onyinye

    This is one of the reasons why I am strongly against long distance relationships. Although I am not trying to say Gladys is right for being unfaithful. However,being away for five whole years???It takes a strong child of God to be that patient. I believe the couple should either travel together or stay back together .Temptations and trials in relationships are real. one can easily fall victim especially in the absence of the other.
    In general,this is a nice piece.

  • Nwanne Josephine Chidera

    I even thought Nonso was on Kaadi’s side, but unfortunately his precious cousin was the one dealing with innocent Kaadi. Just imagining how heartbroken Kaadi would be to see that the person hurting him is his own cousin. That’s betrayal of trust ooo

  • Nwanne Josephine Chidera

    I thought distance strengthens the love, but here distance betrayed the love

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    So touching, we have so many nonso in today’s world, May God protect us from such friends? take heart kaadi at list be thankful, girls like Gladys cheat even in marriage.. God bless you ma for sharing is educative story.

    • Amaobi Precious

      OMG! I feel like crying for Kaadi right now. I can’t even imagine the pain he’s going through. Really? Gladys, really? Even Nonso too? What a harsh wakeup call for Kaadi. I wonder how he will ever been able to trust and love again. God help him. This is such a wonderful story, Aunty.

  • Agu Ginika

    What a betrayal and unfaithfulness
    I just wish reserved creature like Kaadi finds genuine love that will materialise into a transparent and faithful relationship

  • Chinedu stanley

    Nonso is not a good friend for having affairs with his friends fiancee. That’s one thing about life, never trust anyone because it’s usually the least expected that ends up betraying others. Gladys too on the other hand is an impatient person for not waiting for kaadi to return before having affairs with his friend. I love the way kaadi controlled himself and called off the engagement. Interesting story. Thank u so much maamm.

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    Do not trust people so that when they offend you, you will always learn to say I am not surprised, I’ve always expected it. Sometimes those people we see as our friends end up being the enemies you have been looking for. But even at that we should not regret knowing someone in our life because good people will give us happiness, bad people will give us lesson. I think that by now Kaadi must have learnt his lesson that human are bent to disappoint but God remains the only being that is trust worthy.

  • Ugwu Chika Samson

    What can I say, it is appalling and terrible, that the so called cousin is among the pain kaadi is going through. If I were to make a wish, may the likes of Gladys cease to exist in our society . I mean she is such a disgusting fellow. Kaadi decision to leave their life for good is a best decision he took. I pray may God help him find a virtuous woman that will love and cherish him.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Kaadi did so well by forgiving and letting go. It’s so painful to come back to the country and meet a cheating fiancee. I believe that with his expectations, he had been faithful over there. But it was better he found out, than that the had gone ahead to marry her and then find out in the future. Time will heal his wounds.

  • Chah ugochukwu

    Jeez. I really thought it would all end with everyone happy and everyone knowing it was just a big misunderstanding. How and why on earth would she do that to a guy who really loves her? And only months I think to her marriage. This is when they say ur village ppl are following u because no girl in her right senses would throw away this kind of opportunity with a guy who loves u over someone who is just playing with u. And at least she should have given kaadi the respect he deserves by telling him she wasn’t interested anymore than for him to find out in this way

  • Agnes

    Ah! I wonder why women actually cheat. To top it all with his cousin! Well serve her right because she never really loved him. Its east to be committed to someone you dearly loved and looked forward yo spending your whole life with. Kaadi should consider himself lucky.

  • Ozioko Glory Oluchi

    This is heart breaking. It hurts when you discover that you mean nothing to someone who means everything to you. But kudos to Kaadi’s for taking a bold step to move on with his life. Gladys doesn’t deserve a faithful man like him.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    I’m in ‘sifia’ pains right now. ????

    Each episode came with it’s own heart break. I wonder how long it’d take Kaadi’s heart to be superglued. I don’t ever wish to find myself in his shoes.

    You can imagine the way I was busy making excuses for Gladys not knowing that she’s a green snake in green grass. Tufiakwa!?

    More so, Nonso is not even worthy to be called a brother. Like how can you be secretly having romantic affair with your own cousin’s fiancee and still smile with him? Kai! Nonso is evil!

    In addendum, this kind of circumstance can make one give up on love. I’m scared…. Will Kaadi ever trust or love someone again? Will he? ??

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    I can’t believe this!,so when Gladys called Nonso “my husband” on phone,she didn’t say so only because she is Kaadi’s fiance and will be married into the family.
    I really pity Kaadi,he is hurt by both his fiancée and someone he calls “brother”.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    I’m in severe pains right now. ????

    Each episode came with it’s own heart break. I wonder how long it’d take Kaadi’s heart to be superglued. I don’t ever wish to find myself in his shoes.

    You can imagine the way I was busy making excuses for Gladys not knowing that she’s a green snake in green grass. Tufiakwa!?

    More so, Nonso is not even worthy to be called a brother. Like how can you be secretly having romantic affair with your own cousin’s fiancee and still smile with him? Kai! Nonso is evil!

    In addendum, this kind of circumstance can make one give up on love. I’m scared…. Will Kaadi ever trust or love someone again? Will he? ??

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    I wish this story never ended like this. I wonder why good people ends up getting hurt. It’s a shame that Gladys can not remain faithful to kaadi. I hope kaadi will find someone to mend his broken heart.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    God! I did not see this one coming. In Jennifer’s voice Nonso is a bad child to think that he want to help Kaadi heal when he is one of his heart ache. This can make somebody give up on love. Just hoping that Kaadi will find someone that will love him and heal his broken hear. But Gladys what was going on in her mind sleeping with her fiancé cousin doing it with a stranger is not enough for her she has to add his cousin to the picture. Any way I like Kaadi handled the issue like a gentle man he is. Good ridden to bad rubbish.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    This is truly heart breaking. Even his own cousin that has been pretending to help him is also messing around with Gladys. Why did she turn herself to such a filthy rag? messing around with different guys and still engaged to innocent Kaadi hoping to get married to him. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage. Kaadi will certainly find the right person for him.

  • Okoloji kosisochukwu vivian

    This Gladys girl is not only a cheat but a whore. This is why some people find it hard to love or trust again because of their encounter with such people, and to think his cousin nonso is included, I really feel for Kaadi.

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