“You know the saying, ‘When it rains, it pours.’ It seemed that more problems lay ahead. … Chizaram was bewildered. Could it be she didn’t hear from God? Instead of moving into a throne of glory as the scripture she received promised, she seemed to be moving from the dust to the dunghill. What exactly was going on?”

In the first segment of this story, a young woman, Chizara, comes out from her morning Bible reading feeling rapturous because of a promise she believes she received from God. But contrary to her expectations, things begin to go haywire for her and her family. This second segment shows how everything eventually turns out.


Upon their return, Nnaa refused to go to school again. He would kick up a fuss every morning insisting he wanted to go to DeLores’. Chizara always managed to force him into his uniform and escort him and his sister to their decrepit kindergarten. However, on one fateful day (two weeks later), he was so determined to resist that Chizara nearly fell in the struggle and she cuffed him on the ears. Nne, who often watched the two in amusement, got angry and tore her frayed uniform in sympathy with her twin.

“You children will not kill me this morning,” Chizara declared and went to borrow a needle and thread from a neighbour to salvage the mess.

Seeing that his sister got off without a smack, Nnaa tore his school shirt too and dropped the shorts in their half-full potty. When Chizara came back and saw what her son had done, she became wary, reasoning that the devil might be planning a tragedy if she insisted further. She therefore let the twins be, wondering why everything was going topsyturvy in her life.

You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” It seemed that more problems lay ahead. That evening, Obum came back shortly after resuming work with a sack letter in his hand. The expatriate manager of the facility where he worked, who had just returned from a two-month vacation abroad, said his request for leave was not approved before he left and that he was not even entitled to three weeks which he had spent. Obum’s explanation that his supervisor said he could leave, that the application was a mere formality and his plea for the manager to deduct whatever he deemed fit from his next paycheck fell on deaf ears.

The next day, Obum rejected Chizara’s advice to go back and beg the manager again. Rather, he told her he was fed up and they would leave for the village later in the day, for good. Using the half salary the company gave for his services in the preceding two weeks, he made arrangements with a brother in the church who owned a commercial bus to move them down by 3 p.m.

Chizaram was bewildered. Could it be she didn’t hear from God? Instead of moving into a throne of glory as the scripture she received promised, she seemed to be moving from the dust to the dunghill. What exactly was going on? She ran to their church and told their pastor of the latest developments. He too was baffled and wondered why Obum would take such a crucial decision without consulting him. He, however, prayed for journey mercies for them and asked her to find a Bible-believing church her family would be attending once she got to the village.

Chizara was disappointed! The man of God had no word of comfort for her, nothing to clear the confusion or reinforce her faith.


“Eeh, Jehovah! I no kwadi n’igwe eh? I gbara nkiti k’ihere mee mu n’ ezi n’ulo m? Gbata nu osu bia nyere m aka. Papa ime elu igwe, atukwasiri m gi obi. Agharipulanu m oh! Meere nu nwa gi ebere. Jehovah! ….” (“Eeh, Jehovah! Are you still in heaven? Are you keeping quiet so that my family and I will be put to shame? Father in heaven, I put my trust in You. Do not disappoint me! Do be merciful unto Your child! Jehovah! ….”)

Chizara didn’t care what anybody thought. She continued wailing and praying loudly as she went home.

But if God was listening, there was no sign of it. So they packed to the village as scheduled. The children loved it: playing with their cousins, climbing trees and eating fruits they had never seen before. Obum got a little money sometimes from labour jobs he could get at construction sites in the nearby town while Chizara did the same from weeding people’s farms. Later, they got their children into the Community Primary School which was just a playgound since the teachers hardly showed up. They also did some subsistence farming.

In the midst of all these, Chizara got pregnant and had a baby girl whom she called Okwuchi (word of God). It made no sense to her husband because the baby’s birth was not prophesied but Chizara explained that the full name was “Okwuchi g’emezu” meaning “The word of God will be fulfilled”. Obum respected his wife’s faith, so he said, “Amen”.

One Thursday evening, about fifteen months after Okwuchi was born, the village erupted in jubilation. News had come that a protracted land dispute between them and a neighboring village had been finally resolved in their favour. Obum wondered why the villagers were screaming about gaining some hectares of land.

A few weeks later, some people approached the elders of the village to purchase the land for building a university. The villagers resolved they would be better off selling the land than getting into another tortuous case over it in future. Negotiations began and in less than two months, money had changed hands. Obum was never part of the process because he was too busy eking out a living for his family.

But when the money was shared, the formula used was to give a lump sum to each family to split among its sons as it deems fit. Since Obum was his father’s only son, he alone received three million naira. When he ran home and told Chizara, she thought he was mad! But when he showed her the cheque, she broke down and cried.

Obum opened a current account with a nearby bank and lodged in his cheque. Right now, he is making inquiries on where to purchase welding equipment and on workshops to let in Okigwe, the closest big town. That is where they plan to live and get their kids into high-quality schools.

Chizara is toying with the idea of completing her O’levels, at least, before looking for a shop but that would have to wait because she’s in the family way again and the scan shows she’ll have another set of twins. She plans to name them Ocheze (Throne) and Ebube (Glory), for God, in His faithfulness, is making good His word to take them from the dust and the dunghill to a throne of glory!

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

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  • Ndukwe Catherine U

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