Carolyn was certain her husband was avoiding her. It was 7:20 p.m. and he was not yet back from work. The firm he worked with closed for the day at 6 p.m. and the drive home took less than 45 minutes even after accounting for traffic. He could only stay away for so long, she calculated. In the next hour or so, he would definitely be back.

As she put their baby to bed, she rehearsed her arguments. She wasn’t giving up her quest so easily. What’s a little aggravation and irritation if it will move John to do what he should have done without her prompting, she asked herself. She thanked God for making her see his account balance on the phone quite by accident. She had then mentioned it to her friend, Prisca, and her reaction had been “instructive”.

“Two million plus! Who keeps that kind of money in ther account these days? If kidnappers don’t come for it, the dwindling value of the Naira will turn it to toilet paper before you know it!”

So she had come up with a “perfect” idea. They should use the money to purchase an SUV! Driving around in her husband’s God-knows-what-date Toyota Corolla had passed being an embarrassment, it was now an unbearable torture which she had vowed to put an end to.

John, on his part, loved his Corolla and maintained it well. He didn’t see the need for a new car, let alone an SUV. But every family in the church had an SUV, well almost every family, and they had sown seeds for new levels. What better way to announce the new level than to “launch” an SUV! She had it all figured out and had broached the subject but, for some reason, John had refused to hear her out.

He warned her not to fantasize about that money and came close to accusing her of worldliness. But she was going to make him see reason even if they had a falling out in the process. For her, it was either the SUV or burst the peace in their home! She had made the mistake of lowering her standards by marrying a “struggling” young man, but obviously he wasn’t as hard up as she thought if he had that much money stowed away.

She wished she had a job and wasn’t dependent on John for everything. Perhaps, he would have paid better attention to this and other suggestions she made. But it was no excuse for him to disregard her. She had compromised on too many things as it was – managing in cramped quarters (a two-bedroom flat) on the outskirts, rather than in the heart of town or a pricey suburb; living without pipe-borne water and constant power supply. The only thing that was constant where they lived was merciless mosquito infestation.

It was a far cry from the circumstances in which she was brought up. Her family was “loaded” as they say in the popular venacular. None of her family members had been to her house and they looked at her with condescension. She needed that SUV badly as a proof to them that she and her husband were not nearly the wretched of the earth they presumed they were. It would show them that they were doing fairly well, considering ….

The phone had been ringing but stopped before she “excavated” it from her purse in her knickknack pouch in her bag. She went back to her mulling. Considering the state of the country’s economy, buying an SUV would make a bold statement. Plus, the pastor never seemed to include them in any committee or greet them quite as warmly as those couples that came to church in big cars. That had to be fixed, and fast!


The ringing of the phone interrupted her thoughts once again. It was John. Wonder what hackneyed tale of an excuse he wants to give for being late again, she thought.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?”

“Of course, I’m okay. Why aren’t you home?”

“That’s actually why I’m calling. A sister in the church lost her husband this afternoon.”

“Oh my God! Who, who ..?”

“Calm down, darling! I doubt that you’ve met her. The family’s only been coming for a few weeks. Thing is, some of us are over there right now. Brother Patrick will join us soon. So I might still be a while coming home.”

“No problem, take your time. But isn’t there anything I can do? My heart goes out to that woman even though I don’t know her. Can’t I join Brother Patrick and come to extend my condolences at least?”

“Sweetheart, the baby. Plus, … I didn’t mean to tell you this but the man was in an accident. I can’t give you the details, I can only say it was far from a pretty sight, so the family called the pastor to bury him right away. He in turn called a few of us to assist. Tomorrow and the days that follow, church members will spend time with the family, then you can come.”

“I see. Be careful driving back, okay?”

“Yes, I will. Love you!”

“Love you too!”

The moment she dropped the phone, Carolyn was on her knees. Every plotting for an SUV was swept aside as she put herself in the shoes of that woman whose husband met a gruesome death without warning. She shuddered as tears escaped her eyes and her calling took over. She was an intercessor and she spent the next 90 minutes praying the Lord’s peace, strength and comfort upon that woman and the rest of her family.

The trip the next day to condole with the bereaved family pushed all thought of purchasing an SUV further from Carolyn’s mind. She had thought she was needy but this family lived in a hovel in a slum that made Carolyn’s neighbourhood seem like Victoria Garden City where her parents lived. For a start, there was no road to the place. They parked their cars in the care of security men at the nearest company and then walked about two hundred metres before meandering the greater part of their way through irregular paths between shacks.

Some of the shacks were put together with tarpaulin, some with cartoons, planks, a little of old zinc, sacks, raffia and the occasional mud wall. Even the “roofs”were made with the same odds and ends. The smell was rank, what with excrement, refuse and dirty water everywhere. It was inconceivable that human beings, families, lived in such unsightly, unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Smoke emitted from here and there: these people were not afraid to light fires in such crowded conditions with highly flammable materials all around.

Carolyn regretted joining the group for the visit. John had urged her to wait till the family resumed church but she had angrily responded that it would be wicked of her to miss such a chance and reopen the wound when the people have started healing. He gripped her hand firmly as they picked their way to see the family. She had to stop at some point to barf in a paper bag.

“Morning sickness. Pregnancy,” John lied to onlookers, who nodded their understanding.

What Carolyn saw in that one-kilometre walk coupled with the woe-begone expression on the face of the recently widowed woman made her weep so much during the visit. Talk about crying more than the bereaved. Literally. Her only contact with the woman was to empty her purse into her palms (a little less than five thousand Naira was there) and to offer a few tear- choked words.


The whole experience so traumatized her that she stayed in bed the day after. Thankfully, it was a weekend and John could take care of the baby with the help of their neighbour who minded her the previous day. That night when John joined her in bed, Carolyn had something to tell him.

“You know, it is good to have money and all the comforts of life but it is not good to shelter your children so much that all they know is affluence. I thought my marriage to you had acquainted me with lack and deprivation. I had no clue …,” she began to sniffle.

John wanted to take her in his arms but she motioned for him to wait.

“Not just yet,” she mumbled. “I didn’t know that … I mean, it’s horrible, it’s nauseating what those people are steeped in. How can they survive it, John? How do they live, day in day out? And here I was, breaking my pretty head over an SUV. God, after what I’ve seen, I feel like I’m the Queen of England and I haven’t a care in the world!”

“Her Majesty, the Queen! The title does become you,” John teased.

Carolyn’s face broke into a smile.

“I’m sorry I was giving you a hard time, John. You can do whatever you like with your money.”

“What money will that be, my sweet?”

“The two million in your account.”

“Well, it’s true what the Bible says, ‘Take a look at money and it will vanish.'”

“No! You didn’t lose it!”

John laughed and replied, “No, I was just pulling your leg. But the money wasn’t mine to begin with. It was wired by Arthur for the roofing of his house in the village.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“Of course not. Here,” he said, extending his phone, “check the last text message from my bank. I’ve sent the money to the contractor.”

“Wait, the money belonged to your brother!” John nodded. “You knew, did you, that you had no money and you allowed me to lose sleep planning on how to get a new car!”

“I did warn you not to …” He hadn’t the chance to finish because a pillow landed on his head, the first of several times before he grabbed one and Carolyn, laughing, jumped off the bed and ran to the living room, with John in pursuit.
– The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016


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153 thoughts on “EITHER SUV OR BURST … (SHORT STORY)

  1. Wow! This is a wonderful short story that married people and singles who will be married someday should read and learn from it.Thank God that Carolyn eyes were open before she could have destroyed her home. when we say we don’t have anything worth owning , look around and see people who are ready to accept want you have with joy …

    • You’re right, Chika! Some people are fasting and doing prayer vigils to get a fraction of what we have and take for granted.

    • Sometimes, the pressure to show others that God is blessing us too or that we are doing just as well as them can be so great. But we need to get with God’s programme for our lives and let others run their own race for our God makes all things beautiful in Hus time for each and everyone of us. You’re blessed, Ugo!

  2. hahaha! nice story. we should learn how to be contented with the little we have, sometimes what we want is truly not what we need. kudos

  3. this is indeed an inspirational and motivating story.one need to be contended,value and be satisfied with what he or she has.

    • Sometimes, those who strive the most for more aren’t even those who have little but those who are already swamped with stuff, literally!

  4. what an amazing story.one need to value,be contended and cherish whatever she or he has, no matter how little it is.

  5. Nice one ma
    I learnt to be contended with the little I have
    Half bread is really better than non
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  6. Aunty,the lessons from this story are enormous. Most times life doesn’t give us what we want. Again, in spite of Carolyn being blunt with John, the couple has a way of settling their differences. It’s a big lesson for married and would-be couples. It’s always nice for couples to handle issues in their closet. It prevents discomfort in the family.

  7. Sometimes we feel lost in the crowd and try to show off to sttract attention. it is good to be contented with what you have while praying for your desire.

    • The painful part is that the people one wants to impress msy still keep looking down on him or her after they’ve gone to all the trouble to …

  8. Women and material things; she almost destroyed the happiness in her marriage because she saw a few millions in her husband’s account… Thanks for that Condolence visit.

    • Yes, thank God indeed for that condolence visit. But my dear Onyekachi, it’s not only women that can be materialistic. Even though I used a woman in the tory, the lesson is for everyone. You are blessed!

  9. Very motivating and enlightening story, we should be contended with what we have, bearing in mind that some people do not have quarter of what you have

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  11. The position which you are in today and feels is nothing. Someone somewhere is awake day and night just to be in that position even if it is half way. So be contented with what you have and always be thankful to God for as little you may have while you work harder for a better one.

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  15. Omg…this is an amazing story. I must confess you are a master at this. This story is addresses a promient issue in the life of young couples. Aunty, I am glad Carolyn came to her senses and realized all the trouble to meet up with society is useless.

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  24. There is no better teacher than life. Carolyn thought life was tough or hard for her until she peeped into another’s world. We must learn to appreciate and thank God for every situation and work and pray for the better. But again, I see humility in everything she did after that encounter with the bereaved woman. Life is not always what it looks like. as they say, all that glitters are not gold!

  25. Carolyn did what any other woman in her shoes would have done but thank God her eye opened right before it consumed her and their home .

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    On the other hand, we should always be contented with what we have, it pays

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    Anyway I won’t pretend cos is in us but we have to inculcate in us the spirit of contentedness as a Christian woman, cause I Tell you,it pays

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    We should learn to be content with whatever we have rather than yearn for me.

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  35. (Laughing out loud). This is a lesson to us that material gain is no need to loose sleep over. There are people who lack so much yet are so happy. True happiness comes from within and being content. A good lesson to learn Jere.

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  38. what a lovely ending. being satisfied is the key, if not one will end up getting to heights and not being satisfied.

  39. Life is not a bed of roses, people should take life to be pages of a book which on each chapter it presents before us, it’s really a good story that every couple should read and emulate.

  40. This story proves the adage dat says”you dont know wat u have until you lose it “but I thank God she realized how faithful and blessed she is by God

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  42. Couples should learn how to settle their differences no need for neighbours to hear it and let what you have be enough for you, the one you don’t have yet will come at the right time. BE contended

  43. Wow! This is a very interesting short story. Every single and married person should read this.. thank God that carolyn’s eyes were opened to see beyond her thoughts and not destroy her home. When we say we are worth nothing yet, look around and see people you are better than.

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  45. We should learn to thank God always,because when you think things are bad for you, you will see people who are worse than you…An advice for us ladies…we should learn not to jump into conclusion as it can cause trouble in our marriages.

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    Please, let’s count our blessings.

  48. We never know what we have until we see those we are better than.
    And is always good to clarify facts before conclusion, communication is very important in every relationship.

  49. The story is touching in many ways, it teaches us many things. Carolyn is a vain woman which is mainly as a result of her upbringing. It so much affects her life that she managed to somehow associate it with being a good Christian.
    People should think and access the situation before they act, look past the surface to see before passing judgements.
    The story taught me that people should stay true to who they are, no matter what people do, say or how they treat them. It also taught me to stay firm in my faith.

  50. It is good to be contented with what you have and not look elsewhere. Carolyn heeded to someone outside who wanted to cause havoc to her home.. But thank God who wasn’t far, He caused her to see other people whose situation can’t in anyway be compared with hers, and so thought her a lesson. Let us be grateful to God for whatever level we are in presently cos, if not for Him, it would have been worse… Great piece MA… More grace

  51. Contentment is key, in a World like ours, we should strive to live within our bounds and not try to impress people. I learnt a lot from this piece.

  52. This teaches us that no matter the situation that we think that we are in, we are far more better than someone else. Just thank God for the life he gave u then He will add every other thing that He thinks you need.

  53. experience is the best teacher. when you think that your condition is worst you will definitely see someone that his condition is more worst than yours that will make you praise God for the things you have.

  54. Aawwnnn…and it was a happy ending!..
    Lesson learnt: be grateful with what you have and where you are- striving to be better off is no bad at all,but there’s a huge chasm between “greed” and “ambition”

  55. Another wonderful piece from Aunty Edith. It is not good for one to kill his or herself because of material things of this world; sometimes, the people we think that they are living better than us may be suffering one challenge or other. Let us not wish to be like those other people we think are doing better than us, because it is possible that the reverse is the case. We should learn to be contented with what we have and appreciate God for His numerous blessings upon us.

  56. Wow!
    Very nice piece indeed, when we cry about life, we should just remember that we are better than some people. Appreciate God for the little you have.

  57. Great write-up Aunty Edith.Most married couples need to read this.If only all women can be as considerate and goodhearted like Carolyn,most marriages will still be making sense

  58. When you feel the world is falling on you, look around and see lots of people you are far much better than people who wish they could be where you are today and yet they are thankful and you that has somthing you can feed on is not satisfied that is why they say “we should be contented with what we have” no matter how small because there are people out there who don’t have anything people who don’t know their left to right. This story displays exactly what is happening in the world today where everybody wants to belong, everyone wants to be counted as happening people which is not right. Let’s focus on the present and most important things in life and achieve them and forget things that don’t add value to your life at that moment.

  59. if you want to be happy in life…quit trying to impress other people. It just doesn’t work. It has never worked. It will never work. You might be able to impress a few people. You might even be able to impress a lot of people.Thank God she realized her mistakes on time.

  60. Most people have a desire to be liked by other people. It’s built into our human condition to want to look and feel important to others.

  61. This natural tendency to worry about others opinions will continue throughout the duration of most people’s lives .It is wrong for Christian to live as if there are competing with others one should contented with God’s provisions

  62. Thank God that Carolyn realised that SUV isn’t all that mattered. At last she discovered that she really had the best.

  63. What a wonderful story, the only sad thing is that many couples would not be able to read it. it equally servers as n eye opener to those going into a relationship, while it is nice to be an independent wife or husband, it is important to keep your family affairs to yourselves, Carolyn started troubling herself after she disclosed her husband’s account balance to her friend. We should all be guided.

  64. A really lovely story. Carolyn realized the mistake in her actions and retraced her step by apologizing to John. She realized that the car she wanted wasn’t all that matters in life and she felt sorry and apologized for her actions of disturbing John to buy an SUV. Whenever we realize the mistakes we’ve made, we should always learn to apologize

  65. 3points from this story
    Be contended with what you have
    Vanity upon vanity is vanity
    Thank you Aunty

  66. captivating story indeed! I learnt about acknowledgement/admittance of faulty,forgiveness, sympathy towards the sorrows of others and most importantly contentment. Am glad Carolyn was able to come to the realisation that she is very blessed by God. Finally, i think financial independence is something everyone should try to attain in order to meet their personal needs or wants.

  67. We are by nature insatiable, we will always crave something bigger than what we already have but we shouldn’t let the things of the world dictate our happiness and relationship with God.
    In all circumstances give praise to God.

  68. It is only when we come in touch with the ‘bottom of the bottom’ that we appreciate God for where we are.

    The story under review makes a world of sense as well, given that it is from the realization that we are better off than many that we begin to lend helping hands to the ‘truly downtrodden’.

    Thanks for this amazing story. It’s highly didactic.

    • Glad to hear from you, Chikwado! Seeing people of lower status can help to keep those in the middle or upper classes grounded. When one is complaining about his salary of a hundred thousand and sees someone thanking God for the ten thousand they earn, it changes the former’s perspective. Abundant grace to you where you are now in Jesus’ name.

  69. Oh! God, the story got me almost crying.
    Like the saying goes, “if you think your life is the worst, come out and see those you are far better than”.
    I’m glad Carolyn learnt her lessons fast enough before things went wrong.
    But wait, how could she think of an SUV as a better way to invest money? Hell no! It is only but a liability and will even cost more money for maintenance. Money in the bank is far better than one used to buy a car.
    Life is not a bed of roses, everyone has challenges and the earlier we learnt to live with ours without imitating others the better for us all.

  70. Oh! God, the story got me almost crying.
    Like the saying goes, “if you think your life is the worst, come out and see those you are far better than”.
    I’m glad Carolyn learnt her lessons fast enough before things went wrong.
    But wait, how could she think of an SUV as a better way to invest money? Hell no! It is only but a liability and will even cost more money for maintenance. Money in the bank is far better than one used to buy a car.
    Life is not a bed of roses, everyone has challenges and the earlier we learnt to live with ours without imitating others the better for us all.

  71. Lessons learned: be contented with what you have, do not listen to negative advise from friends or anyone at all and what ever situation you find yourself in, your case is still better than a thousand and one cases.

  72. I always enjoy reading your piece Ma. Morals apart, the creative build and the standard English are enough to command rapt attention. Thank you very much

  73. Awhnn. What an ending. Atleast the both understood everything at last. I was suggesting that Carolyn buy a Gold and keep, considering its value in the market. And also her husband was being stingy. But anyway, I am bemused and glad at everything. Definitely Carolyn knows she is better than some people now. Thank God

  74. Reminds me of the tale of a child who was crying because his dad refused to buy shoe for him, then he came out and saw someone without legs. He learnt his lessons.
    Life is not a bed of roses and every single person has challenges to face.
    We shouldn’t use other people’s lives as yardstick for measuring our success. It can be deadly

  75. We should all be grateful to God no matter the kind of storm we are facing because most people has gone through hell in life.
    We should bear this in mind that “All things worketh for those he loves ,those called according to his purpose”.Am happy Carolyn
    visited the poor window and saw her predicament.I think God thought her a lesson from that visit.Praise be to God!!!

  76. What a wonderful story! Most times we don’t know how lucky or blessed we are until we have a glimpse of what someone else is going through. It’s good that every once in a while we remember how God blesses us and thank Him even though we’ve done nothing to merit His blessings in our lives. Thank you Jesus and God bless you ma.

  77. It’s an interesting story ma. Before we murder ourselves over a particular situation or condition, let us think twice. Believe me,you will see every reason to praise the Lord. Successful life is not measured by the luxury life we have but how happy we are with ourselves no matter our condition. God bless us.

  78. Being happy is not about having much,but in being content with little. We shouldn’t be like Carolyn who lost sleep because she wasn’t contented with what she has. We should know that there are people we are better than out there. We should be thankful to God for the things we have,especially, for the gift of life. I love this story! It’s didactic.

  79. Contentment is truly a virtue. People who are not contented fail to realize that they are better than others and what they have is seriously prayed for to have by others.

  80. We have to be content with what we have. It is not good to look at how others live their lives and how they run their homes. Even if the money belong to Carolyn husband, he must not spend it on ostentatious things to show how rich he is. In addition, things that happen around others are met to teach us lesson.

  81. Wow! What an interesting story. We just need to be contented with whatever we have, no matter how little. Some don’t even have at all yet they are happy. Thank God the experience Carolyn encountered was able to open her eyes to understanding life better.

  82. When we live in ignorance of other people, we tend to forget or not even imagine the worse image of those living in the slums worse than us. Every of our lives is a living testimony. That life alone should be a reason to thank God daily .

  83. “The only thing constant where they lived was merciless mosquito infestation” that part got me laughing out loud.
    Now to the content of the story. Carolyn thought Sport utility vehicle was all she needed to survive little did she know that there’s more to life than that. Not as if she doesn’t have a car but just because she wanted to impress people out there. Simply put, her quest for recognition made her lack peace of mind.

    However, we often complain about trendy things like shoes and all, meanwhile some people’s legs have been hanging in the hospital bed for months or even years.
    Just the way Carolyn visited the poor widow and her perspective changed, I think we should always visit hospitals or even the less privileged as this will enable us appreciate what we have and be contented with them.

  84. We don’t know what we have until we see those who are worse than us. I grew up in a home where I had everything and most times I wasted food and accessories and complained a lot and one day my dad took us to an orphanage and I wept my eyes out and since then I appreciated God for what he gave me

  85. Comparing oneself, beauty, wealth etc
    With another is one mistake people make in life. We should remember that all hands are not equal and be satisfied with what we have. Nice post ma.

  86. Wow I love this post, l learnt that we should always appreciate the Little we have no matter what life throws at us. Thank you so much ma.

  87. I thank God that Carolyn came to her senses after the phone call from her husband because many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness. Contentment is a good virtue

  88. This is a lovely story…..In life we should be grateful for what we have and not trying to prove to people to make names because there are more people suffering more than we think we do and are praying to get a little of what we have just to be a bit comfortable and keep pushing in life

  89. We should all learn to count our blessings cause if we take a minute to look around us, we will find out that we are really living like ‘The Queen of England’.

  90. This post is just a complement to my daily thoughts. You know, God has made all things equal but we humans are so blind to see it. Whenever we are faced with situations, we always think that we are the worst people on earth even our status or parents’, background etc. But, there are a thousand and One people you are far better than. Even the one whose condition is more critical than yours still has someone or people who he is far better than. So in this world, in whatever situation you find yourself, give glory to God but pray for a change or an upliftment.

  91. Wow!! What a lovely story .. In any situation u find yourself give praise to God, because u don’t know people situation out there.. Thanks ma for this short story. I will show it to my sis,who newly got married..

  92. This is a story with great lesson. Being contented with what you have is very necessary. Life is not bed of roses!! Thank God for Carolyn..

  93. When we think we have it bad,some people have it worse.we should learn to be grateful for all what we can afford and what we get. Contentment is an important key we should imbibe in us as Christians

  94. It’s good to always be contented with whatever we have. Our condition can never be the worst. When you look left and right, you’ll discover that they are people out there, who are seeking to be like us.
    Thank God she realized that before time.

  95. Contentment is key. I am glad Carolyn finally saw how truly blessed she was. It’s okay to yearn for more but not too good when it’s out of “what people will say”. People will definitely talk, so no need pleasing them. Be true to yourself. God who sees the heart of men will reward you.

  96. The thing about trying to please people and assure them that you ‘re up to standard is that sometimes those people you are trying to please are even dealing with their own issues to notice yours or maybe they are also putting up a front just to pease you too. Live a life that you can afford and don’t go broke trying to reach standards you cannot afford. Some of the things we consider as not valuable are worth more than gold to other people. Value what you have before you lose it and dont put value on irrelevant stuff.

  97. Discussing our family outside can bring coarse in our home because that person you are discussing it with will give you a bad advice that will destroy your home just like in the case of Carolyn. It is also good to be contended with what one has. Appreciate God for what you have and he will bless you with more. Thank God Carolyn recognize her mistake and ask for forgiveness from her husband and to think that the money that was causing this commotion was not there own to start with.

  98. Carolyn and earthly possession. Set your sight on those things which can’t perish.seek ye the kingdom them every other thing is yours.we should be thankful and contented and cut our coat according to our size.we should not take for granted all the lors has done for us.as other might be aspiring to be in our shoes.

  99. The way we make little things matter; sometimes we fail to see how privileged we are. praise God the way things went; this story is very emotional, and I learnt a lot.

  100. Most times we forget how lucky we are especially when comparing ourselves with others. Imagine Carolyn dreaming for SUV when others are living in slums. There are people who cannot afford three square meal in a day… Let learn…. Aunty Edith nice short story with embedded morals more power and inspiration IJN amen

  101. We should learn to be contented with what we have. Some people don’t have as much as we do so we should be grateful. This story has a lot of lessons to learn from it.

  102. I caught myself smiling at the end during the pillow fight.
    I think that was God’s loving way of correcting Carolyn in her error.
    Lastly,John is so sweet and gentle too.

  103. I must confess this is what am experiencing somehow in my marriage… Am so confused now ma… I can’t actually share all my experiences here. I’ll come around. Thanks.

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