FEELING ALONE THIS CHRISTMAS? Here are tips on what to do

Christmastime is traditionally spent in the company of family and friends. It is a time of joy and laughter, eating special food, giving and receiving gifts. But not everyone has family and friends to visit or welcome. Some of these have never really known what it’s like to be surrounded by loved ones while others have lost those they had to death and broken relationships.

There are also those who are alone because of distance from those they would have loved to spend Christmas with. And there are those in the awkward position of being surrounded by “loved ones” they feel disconnected from. Essentially, they are in the midst of company, but they feel all alone.

However the feeling of being alone has arisen, I want you to know if you’re a child of God, that technically, you’re not alone ’cause the Lord is always with you (Matthew 28:20). But there are a few things you can do to have a great Christmas.

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If you choose to be alone, not because you’re feeling terrible and woebegone, but because you just want some alone time, you can:

1. Stock up on your favourite food and drinks. Cook what you love or buy it prepared. Take time to savour the taste and thank God for His provision.

2. If you love to read, get some good books in the genre you love and have a feast during the holidays.

3. Ah, movies! I love movies. You can rent or check out the offerings on TV stations you have access to.

4. What are your hobbies? Do you love writing? This could be a perfect time to start, move along or complete that book, craft or whatever it is you love to work on.

5. You could also use this time as a personal retreat, reading the Bible and having quality time with God in prayer. You may choose to just worship and praise Him or you could add inquiries on directions for the new year, etc.

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If you really don’t wish to be alone, here’s what you can do:

1. Pray for invitations. Those could come last minute to attend Christmas eve service at a church, visit a neighbour on the day or have an outing with an acquaintance.

2. Even if invitations don’t come, look around your neighbourhood for events you could attend. Church services, as I mentioned earlier, camps, concerts and theater productions. Such events may give you opportunity to mingle with other folks and not feel so alone.

3. Is there somewhere you could volunteer? A homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, food bank, church? Do you have a little money? Perhaps, you could buy some gifts (they don’t have to be expensive) and hand out at train stations, bus stops and parks, if it’s not against the law where you live.

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4. Look out for someone else who’s alone in this season: at work, in church or in your neighbourhood. Invite them over for a meal or snacks. Or you could help them with something. Ask them what they need and see what you can do to ease things for them. An elderly person may need help with grocery shopping, shovelling snow, fetching water or chopping wood. Someone may need you to help them call their relatives. I know approaching people requires some courage but you might be surprised who would be blessed when you prayerfully do this. Don’t feel bad if one or two don’t accept your offer though.

If your situation is one of disconnection, you can do the following:

1. Focus on the reason for the season, our Saviour Jesus, rather than the detachment or aggravation you might be experiencing.

2. Apply the scripture that says to consider others before yourself (Phillipians 2:3). Make an effort to be interested in what they are doing.

3. Genuinely inquire about their welfare. Do more of listening than talking. You may be surprised at the points of convergence you might discover.

Whatever you do, don’t feel sorry for yourself this Christmas. Know that God loves you and He is always with you. That is why the prophet said of baby Jesus, that his name shall be called Emmanuel, which means God with us (Matthew 1:23).

So there you have it. Have yourself a very merry Christmas and a new year filled with hope for bigger and better things. Merry Christmas once again!

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  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Thank you ma for this post. To me Christmas is always a great time to celebrate with family and friends and also a time for me to reach our to the less privileged ones in the little way that I can. I also love this season so much because I have enough time for my quiet time with God and not having to meet up every day with my morning lectures.


    It feels good to know that someone is talking about what you are currently facing at the moment.
    I lost the two special families i would have loved to celebrate this xmas with to death and the other to broken relationship and right now am stuck in the middle of loneliness.
    Well, I feel better talking about it and I pray that Emmanuel abides with me and as many who are passing the same phase with me.
    I think my options are already outlined in this post. i have decided to focus on the reason for the season just like the writer said and get myself some good and interesting books/novels which i hope will be worth my while.
    Aunty Edith, am indeed blessed to come across this post, you are really saving lives. Kudos to you ma!

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta

    I read this just in time! My Christmas would have been the worst because I was actually wallowing in loneliness and thanks to your life saving post Ma, I have no reason to continue that way. My house is so bland without the presence of my endearing mother. She makes Christmas memorable for us (my siblings and I) no matter how little she has, its always the best. We lost her some months back and it has not been the same.
    Moving around the house without her warm smile and soft laughter is heart wrenching. Looking at her pictures on the wall makes me nostalgic… Wishing she can just talk to me…but o well…life has to go on right?… Well I am taking your suggestions and I believe it will turn out great. So there… Thank You so much my beautiful eloquent Lecturer… Do have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year!!!

    • Edith Ohaja

      So glad you found this helpful. Sorry about your mum. I know how it feels. Although mine left 12 years ago, she’s still fresh in my heart and your comment nearly brought tears to my eyes. I agree with you that your Christmas will still be special with God’s help. His presence brings inexplicable comfort and great joy. See you in January. ❤️


    well said, i believe that in whatever situation we find ourselves, we have to behave in a way that will glorify his name. Just like the writer said, Emmanuel; GOD IS WITH US, he is always there and never fail.Christmas is a time of laughter, happiness and joy but if all these are eluding you then you try and create them following this blessed write up. Good Creative work. please permit me to call it “Situational Recipe” Merry XMAS to you MA

  • Akabuike chisom

    This post has just talked about my lifestyle during festive periods. I love staying alone during such periods. It helps me concentrate and have a rethink on how my life has been, and it helps me put things right between me and God because he is always first and would always be. Kudos ma, your words enlighten the mind. Merry ? Xmas!

  • Caius Precious Chinwendu

    number one oooo….fooooood!!!!!! Each year i’m ever grateful to God for making it possible to spend Christmas with my family and loved ones. It’s a miracle.And i never, ever miss out on food. Bless u mum and i wish you a merry merry xmas.

  • nnadi chinyere josephine

    wow, ma i feel like u wrote this piece just for me. this Christmas is really boring and i have no company.
    thanks for the tips ma, am sure gonna make do with them.
    have a merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance.

  • Henry

    This was my attitude towards Christmas. But this year, i found myself visiting and ‘chawing’ in places even at that of strangers.Not because of the crave to have delicacies down my stomach but to feel the love that comes with Baby Jesus.
    However i guess most stay alone because they are cash strapped and dont want visiting so as not to be percieved as beggars. Thanks Ma.

  • Mokogwu Josephine

    Nice one there. Some persons feel lonely this Christmas season. These tips will go a long way to help them. They show u can be happy within yourself with the little you have.


    We are often confused on what to do and what not to do during this festive period. This is because we are faced with numerous activities. But here comes an article that looks more like an eyeopener to everyone. One of the tips which says, “If you love to read, get some good books in the genre you love and have a feast during the holidays” seems to be directed to me. This is what I love doing most this period. Thanks for your concern and prayers.

  • Kat

    Really inspiring aunty.These are some really great tips on how to be happy this season. Thank you so much

  • victor chukwudi udeh

    Well written post. What I cherish most about Christmas is the fact that as a student, I get a little break in this period. l see it as an opportunity to see and merry with my old friends, not just because of drinks and food on the table. I also see Xmas as a time to give Almighty God glory and thanks for HIS Free Gift of LIFE. thanks ma

  • Okeke, Miriam Nzubechukwu

    I think Aunty is personally talking to me. I have been caught with the tip that says, ”You could also use this time as a personal retreat, reading the Bible and having quality time with God in prayer. You may choose to just worship and praise Him or you could add inquiries on directions for the new year, etc”. Though I never tried it, but I think I would do now. Thanks!

  • Oleru Precious

    This is really interesting. Your writing has a way of changing my perception of things. I enjoyed this piece and God bless you Ma

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Ever since dad died, Christmas has never been the same in my family but this year we decided to put all that behind us and celebrate the reason for the season… Keep touching lives MA… Merry Christmas!

  • Theresa Osere

    Although my Christmas celebration was splendid with friends and family, these tips are applicable to me on other days. Thank you, Aunty.

  • Ewa Chiamaka

    This is quite interesting. with or without that special one, Christmas can still be interesting. God bless you, ma!

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Most times, I love being alone because it helps me mediate on so many things and the tips here are very helpful to me. I can apply them and try to have fun and be happy. Thanks a lot, ma.

  • Eme Samuel Ewa

    I’ve been alone and I’ve been receiving spiritual nuritshment from your posts.Those students who traveled are now looking for means to come back. No money, wao! Thank you and God’s grace.

  • Wonderful tips from u ma. And yes! it gives me pleasure to be in the midst of my loved ones cx that’s what Christmas is all about; visiting, sharing, loving, laughing, celebrating etc … Nd for those who weren’t opportune to be with loved ones as a result of distance or maybe u want a moment alone ?guess those tips were helpful? Of course, it should be, cx every aspect of livelihood weren’t left out……

  • wow. nice tips there. I didn’t feel lonely one bit, I have my family members, church members, distant relations, and others who might have used the tips to make my Christmas memorable.

  • Jeremiah Chioma Juilet

    I understand that part about being around “loved ones” you dont flow with. for me it’s novels and movies all the way.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    How I wish u called me on phone when posted this because I was actually alone but to the Glory of God I used it well. Loads of assignments, what else!

    • Edith Ohaja

      How I wish you checked your mail, you know, the benevits of subscribing to the blog. Glad you got some work done. You must feel relieved now.


    What a memorable Christmas to remember. Surrounded by loved ones, family members, old friend and I meet new ones. All thanks to God.

  • thelma Ideozu

    Wish I had seen this post back in first year when I spent a lonely Christmas in hostel here in school. Haha! These tips are great because they are realistic and doable. So I’ll keep them in mind, just in case!

  • Augustina Okpechi

    Life overflows with activities, choose that which suits you best

  • Victoria Nonike

    i sure will keep these in mind. Great post ma!


    This is a very interesting tips about Christmas season and its activities. It is always good to have God and his word in everything we do here on earth. Bible said that his word shall not depart from our heart rather, we shall meditate on his word day and night. God bless ma.

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    Thank you ma for the tips I will definitely make good use of them this Christmas
    my Christmas is usually boring all we do is cook and sleep but this year’s Christmas will be different my siblings will definitely get to know about these tips as well.

  • Maduabuchi Ebube Deborah

    Just came across this post now……. Well is really nice because this post I know that I can’t apply it only during Christmas period but anyday I feel like I am alone,these tips is really going to be helpful to me,because I am not the type that used to stay alone because it makes me think some things that weighs me down atimes but am glad I have read this tips now cos I know that its going to be a great help to me…….ma I really appreciate u for this wonderful post

  • These tips are full of life. Goodbye to boredom.


    Xmas period is a period who people are free and chanced to explore with friends and families and even neighbours. As stated in the post, I think it provides an ample opportunity for reading books which are not necessarily among the list of recommended texts for students.Students most times do no get to read books like Novels as much as they should because of load of work for each semester. One can also have a quiet time with God as well. Meeting Old and New friends after a long time. The post provides tips, as can be seen, for different levels and kinds of persons. All Thanks to Aunty!

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    Yes, some people actually feel lonely during the Christmas either for one reason or the other but I truly know that these tips will go a long way in breaching that loneliness and make one feel the real reason for the season. One of the most viable things is paying visits to either people in loneliness or friends.

  • Ani Chiamaka Theresa

    Good tips ma!!! Now I know wat to do during Xmas, whether i want to be alone or mingle, I now see the best way to do it, Christmas is always a good time we enjoy especially when we make amends wit God and be in a state of grace.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    Christmas is a great time to rejoice because z d day that d savior of d world was born… People should not feel alone… Such an interesting piece



  • onyema bright

    christmass becomes boring thats only if we decide it to be. just as the writer has graciously outlined some basic principles we could consider while trying to change the mood around our christmass i would also cheap in this if you actually know the essence of celebrating x-mass there is no way you could be bored during times like this moreover christmass comes with different celebrations attatched to it ,so i see no reason why someone should be talking about boredom during seasons like this.

  • keswet mercy

    Sometimes Christmas in my house could be boring, our family members would travel to the village and we the children would be left at home but i make my Christmas celebration a memorable one, visiting friends and going out is part of it…..Christmas celebration comes once in a year so why not enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Joseph Jennifer Ezinne

    For me,No.5 is the most important! You cannot go far in life if you don’t read your Bible. It is very important to do so. I’ve started reading the bible this year and I hope to finish in no distant time! God bless you ma

  • Ugwuanyi Cyprian Fulton Tochi

    Christmas season is a time and an opportunity to get more closer to God so that one can welcome the Lord of all glory with a clean heart.
    Just like John the Baptist preaching about repentance to the people of Israel, Prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight….. We as Christians ought to do same especially during Christmas.
    Whether we are lonely or not been at peace with God is the most important thing.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    wow this is very educational i love it, at least i wont be bored during the next Christmas, have learnt things to do when i feel alone.

  • Kalu Miracle Ama

    Christmas is a season of celebration, but we shouldn’t because of loneliness do what might displease God. We should always be of good conduct in every situation we find ourselves, remember that God will always be there for us, He never fails.

  • Reuben Empere

    Very good and relatable write-up ma. One can even entertain thyself if alone, and it’ll still be as fun

  • osuegbu prisca

    These tips can really go a long way. Atleast there wont be any boring christmas anymore, i would have a lot to do and places to visit. I would make my christmas a very memorable one. Thankyou ma for these tips.

  • Onah chiamaka Geraldine

    Nice tips to ease oneself off during Christmas guess I’ll try these out…Thanks Ma for sharing this with us

  • Amachukwu Amarachi mercy

    I love this passage, it is a specific guidelines to use for festive season and not only Christmas, am definitely applying this in every holiday season I find myself, am so happy I read this, I always feel alone even on festive periods but this tips have shown me the road path to happiness and making new friends, it has shown me the need to socialize and still be happy. This Easter period from my own perception of this reading, I will go to church make new friends, visits families and motherless babies home, I will also meditate and get deeper with the scriptures.
    I will read ms Edith bolg, do my hair and buy new clothes. This passage is spectacular.
    Kudos MA

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    Thanks a lot ma for this post. I know that there a lot of people out there that the worst period of their lives is the Christmas period. I have a friend back home who happens to be an orphan house girl. I feel bad for her because this period brings with it lots of painful memories because this was the period she lost her parents to a car accident. With this post, I can help her enjoy the festive period even though it may be difficult. Thanks a lot, ma.

  • Anowi chisom

    To most people Christmas is going to rekindle relationships with relatives, this piece has given me a new light on how to spend my Christmas. thanks ma for this knowledge…..

  • Ugwuoke Kenneth Ekene

    Whenever we hear the songs” “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…” or “We wish you a merry Christmas…” it reminds us of the festive season, Christmas – the period in which Christians commemorate the birth of the Christ. This, to some, is the period to visit their extended families, and friends. To some others, it’s the worst period in the calender. It might be because they can’t afford the requirements of a well-defined Christmas celebration. Hence the always lonely during the period. But, thanks to the guidelines above…

  • Obetta Collins Odinakachukwu

    A friend of mine once confessed his hatred for Christmas. According to him, Christmas is the most demanding period in the year calendar. As I understood, Christmas, for him, is all about buying goodies,and traveling to the village, to see the extended relations. But, let us look at Christmas for what it is – a period that calls for love. It’s all about showing love to those around you. It can be celebrated anywhere, even in the orphanage. You mustn’t buy the goodies,and you mustn’t embark on that travel. Besides, Buying goodies for people, or even traveling to see them does not necessarily mean you care or love them.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    Children rejoice when the year calendar makes it to September – the first “ember” month.the intense of their happiness increases when the calendar runs down to December – the last month of the year, and traditionally, the month that harbours Christmas celebration. They rejoice not because there’s something special about the season, but because of the goodies they stand to get from their parents. Surprising,most adults also join in the revelry. A friend once told me that he rejoices at Christmas season because the year is about to come to an end, and he deemed it necessary to return all glory to God. That tome is what Christmas is all about: fun, love and joy in the preparation to say farewell to the year and welcome a new one. That should also explain why most people travel to the village during this period: they simply don’t want to stay in another man’s land and welcome a new year.

  • Alexis Okoye

    Christmas is all about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and we thank God for that.
    If i am feeling lonely during Christmas , i will take myself out and treat myself like a baby.
    Thank you for this message.

  • Egbukwu ogechi

    Waooooh Christmas!!. It’s all about extending love to other people for the celebration of Christ birth.. And we thank God for that grace.

  • Ezeh onyekachukwu c

    One with God is majority. I believe that one who trust in God is never alone. Even when you realize that you are not surrounded by love ones, just know that the love of God is the highest.

  • Thank you ma for this post. As Christmas approaches slowly.i will keep these tips in mind.

  • Ewurum john

    Wow this is beautiful, thank you for such outline as I have wiser things to do in this year’s christmas


    In so far as there is life, there are a lot of things to do in such festive period, am grateful to God for someone like aunt Edith, who have given a great insight on ways to avoid a totally boring season. I enjoyed the part that has to do with lending a helping hand to those really needs it, like the elderly one. The most important of all is that God is always there with us in our boring seasons, being with him by meditating in his words wont be a bad idea.

  • Nwabuike Onyinyechi

    Christmas being a festive period, is a time to spend with your loved ones, family and friends. I’ll keep this in mind and try them out this Christmas.

  • Precious Gold

    Perfect! This is good advice. Although, people are not always alone on Christmas. But if I find myself spending it alone, I will write. I love writing. I will write, whatever it is I can think of. And I also will stock up on food and drink and movies! Voila! My Christmas is set.

  • Ugochukwu ukamaka Alice

    Thank God for these tips , at least Christmas will no longer be bored for me again; I known what to do and it’s now left for me to practice them and see how it works.

  • Steph

    Yesss.. Jesus is the reason for the season….this is a good read…..Even in all we do to make sure that we don’t get bored this season, we should make sure that Christ be glorified in all we do.

  • Oma

    Christmass is season of joy , a season you spend with family friends in love.
    I have a friend , she most times don’t always tune into the whole Christmas joy and celebration so ma, am going to share this post with her especially for this years christmass because I won’t want when am happy and she is not at least from all the ponts you listed above I believe she can find something that she will be doing in this forth coming christmass.

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