One year stretches out 365 days before us: days to love or loathe, worship or worry, yearn or yawn. There will be countless opportunities to choose in the days to come. Should I be angry or should I see the humour in that exasperating situation? Should I give up or should I try again in that difficult quest? Should I hold on to God or should I give in to despair?

Every year and every day for that matter often comes with a mixed baggage. There’s usually some good and some bad, some triumphs and some mistakes. Everyone, no matter how privileged, encounters a little bit of both. At the end of the day, what matters is how you take it.

Every year comes with a mixed baggage. What matters is how you take it. Click To Tweet

So in the new year, what I think is the best resolution to make is to be positive no matter what. You know, the glass half full approach. Let’s look at a few scenarios. I move for a new job, far away from my family and friends. That means I get to make a whole new network of connections – friends, neighbours, work associates. My health is threatened. That moves me to learn more about spiritual healing and the ailment, information that I can use to help others in a similar situation. My finances are less than expected. That teaches me to depend more on God’s favour and provision than on myself.

But nothing says that any of these things will happen. I may not be transferred after all. I may remain strong as a fiddle and I may make more money than I anticipated. But as I said, something else might happen. Whatever it is, hand it over to God in thankfulness and trust that He will work something beneficial out of it. He can turn the darkest situation around. Remember Joseph, sold as a slave to Egypt and imprisoned over there? That was his passage to becoming the Egyptian prime minister and saving his entire family from famine (Genesis, chapters 37 to 50).

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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28 (KJV)



He’s interceding for you at God’s right hand (Hebrews 7:25).

Write down the good stuff, the things that warm your heart each day. Take a look at them on the dreary days and believe that more of those cheery stuff are coming. It’s gonna be a good year, a year of proving God and finding Him faithful. This reminds me of some lines from one of Andrae Crouch’s songs, “Through it all”.

“If I never had a problem, I’d never know that God could solve them
I’d never know what faith in His word could do”

I wish you a very happy, hopeful, new year. Don’t forget: Keep you chin up. Be positive every day.

I wish you a happy new year. Don't forget: Keep your chin up. Be positive every day. Click To Tweet




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. New year is always a thorough and thoughtful time. It is thorough in the sense that it’s a period of making and taking decisions. How we begin a new year matters a lot. This is because a poor beginning might lead to poor result at the end, though not all the time. I was impressed when you opined thus, ”be positive no matter what”. There is one thing I have come to understand about being positive. It would lead to positive result even when one is wrong. This post certainly arrived on time, to help us dot our i’s across our t’s. Nice one, Ma!

  2. Wow. So motivating

    He’s interceding for you at God’s right hand (Hebrews 7:25).

    I love this

  3. I know that He is faithful to His promises. All that we need is to surrender and hand over all our problems to Him. He is always able to bless us.

  4. Thanks for that wonderful inspirational note. He is always there for us, even when we go astray he keeps on protecting us. I pray God help us to keep a positive mind even in the middle of storms. Thank God for his grace. Happy New Year in advance MA.

  5. Personally, l am inspired by this piece that you thoughtfully composed for somebody like me, Ma. In fact, l learned many lessons throughout the whole post. l promised myself to be positive no matter the situation in 2018, in fact, it starts now. thanks, ma!

  6. This is indeed inspiring… every new year we make new year resolutions that we don’t even keep to. Resolutions like ; no more partying e.t.c. Forgetting to make better and more inspiring resolutions. So this new year, I have decided to be positive, faithful to God no matter the situation. Thank you for this wonderful piece Ma… Happy New Year to you Ma.

    • It’s not always easy to maintain an optimistic view of things but God can help us so that we are not overwhelmed by the bad things we may encounter. I wish you and your family a fantastic new year. ❤️

  7. I really enjoyed this piece. It really got to me, I always want to trust God more than I do in my life presently. Trusting in God will be my best New Year resolution.

    • Lovely, Precious! Being positive entails trusting in God who can turn every negative thing in our lives around. Bless you!

  8. “Every year comes with a mixed baggage what matters is how you take it … have a positive outlook.put your trust in God and don’t let anything steal your joy…” these pieces made my day… Happy new year in advance, MA.

  9. Aunty, you have really been a blessing to me this year. Thank you, ma, for your time spent to create such a tremendous piece. It is just like a compass to me. Happy new year!!!

  10. We should all try to make good use of this coming year.. its basically posting less, doing more. comparing less, reflecting more. complaining less, praying more. discussing less, accomplishing more. God will see us through.

  11. 2018 is here!!! Glory to God Almighty!!! New year is always a time to reflect on everything that happened during the previous year, the plans and goals you made and how many you achieved, then of course, make new goals or as some would call it “resolutions”. making resolutions for the new year is one thing, sticking to the plan is another. i believe when u write down stuff like this, it should be between you and God. Take it to Him in prayers and pray that everything works according to His will. don’t just write them down and sleep and expect a miracle to take place. also be positive that a new year will always be better than the previous!!! Bless you Ma and Happy 2018!!!!

  12. I can’t stop reading your posts. They have given me a positive outlook in the way I reason in life.Thanks a lot. God’s grace.

  13. “Whatever it is, hand it over to God in thankfulness and trust that He will work something beneficial out of it. He can turn the darkest situation around. ” These words really got to me. The best new year resolution one can make is to trust God. The previous year wasn’t that good and this year will not be too. But just like you said ma, we have to learn to take the good with the bad and trust God because, with him, it will all work out for good.

  14. Thank you so Much ma for this . New year resolutions are vital to pave way for a more fulfilling year. It is vital to be positive and not many know when they have become negative. Either in words or actions. It is very important to kickstart this new year with positive thoughts,plans and declarations. Thanks again ma. God bless you.

  15. Making Positive New Year Resolution is wonderful but the awesome part is following it up, working towards it and achieving it. There must be genuine commitment to work towards it.

  16. Is easier said than done but it’s only the grace of God that will help us moving. oh! Lord I need your abundant grace to follow .

  17. I’m a big sucker at sticking to my new year resloutions.. but these mentioned here look quite obtainable, God help me. just need determination and grace.

  18. This is a good piece to revisit again and again as the year goes on. Faithfulness is never easy but always rewarding!

  19. Writing down my new year resolutions for this year have really helped and kept me in check this year I must say, both in my physical, social and spiritual life. And I must say that the atmosphere has really been right for me because I only choose to see the promises of God towards my heart desires.

  20. I think most times, people make new year resolution to break them most especially is its not committed into the hands of God…Nice piece to start the year with!

  21. On my wall. I’ve something like ‘Say something positive today, that’s how faith and Grace work’. We should always put on joyful spirit despite what’s going on.

  22. Always have a positive mind set and aim higher…this post is an inspirational quote…I love love.

  23. A wonderful piece! depending on God for even your existence is key to a happier, more rewarding life.

  24. Being and thinking positively is the best. It implies leaving everything in God’s hands and believing that in whatever situation we may be in, he will always make the best decision for us. Having a negative mindset can be very unhealthy for us.

  25. I could believe the story was talking to me. Optimism, positivity and hope are the best feeling i believe every christain should have. Having positive vibes yields the best result because you cast your care, burden and trust in him and He never fails.

  26. Positivity brings about good tidings. Worry most times do not bring the best results. So it is really an awesome resolution to speak the language of Love, peace of mind and of course, positive vibes.

  27. I agree strongly with you, Ma that the best New Year resolution to make is to be positive no matter what. No matter what you face, what others tell you, no matter your fears spiritually, physically, financially, academically, health wise and otherwise, always have a positive outlook to life. It goes a long way in helping you accomplish things that are beyond your own imaginations for God has not given us spirit of fear but His spirit of courage and boldness to do mighty things.

  28. This year, I too have resolved to be positive no matter what life places before me. I have chosen to hand over everything to God and just like Carrie underwood, ask him to take the wheel.

  29. I wish I saw this post earlier.. I wonder what I was doing. This is a nice post needed to usher people into a new year. so much wisdom and understanding in it. Thank you Ma

  30. Being Positive means that we should be expecting better results even they are unlikely; refusal to allow a bad situation to dictate our existence and very essence of our being. However, New Resolution should be matched up with action. There must be genuine action to achieve it.

  31. What a good way to begin the year. Hope and expectations brings reward. Thank you ma. Wish I had seen this earlier.

  32. Yes, I am a winner, with God, I conquer all, I have made this resolution to be positive, to be optimistic about success and be ready to count my blessings and name them one by one for everything that surprise you is what God has done….interesting and engaging ma!!

  33. personally i don’t think one has to wait till every new year to make a resolution. we are supposed to make resolution everyday of our life. we should always apire to remain positive and put our trust and hope in God everyday of our lives.

  34. It is very necessary for everyone to have positive New Year resolutions. The essence is to guide them each day. But remaining committed to them is what matters. That is why we need the grace of God. Thank you ma for this.

  35. Wow!!! Such an interesting piece… D best new year resolution is to love both ur friends and ur enemies.

  36. Rightly said ma. Lord Jesus is the foundation, pillar and peak of my existence. Sure ups and downs will come my way but In Him i’m whole

  37. The piece reminds us that God is the author and finisher of our faith. We should start and end each day and our daily activity with God. There lies our new year resolution, any other thing is an addition. God first .!!!

  38. This is very inspiring ma. With this one can be able to face the new year and put ones life in order. Also this has taught me that one with God is majority that on can actually put everything in the hands of God and remain happy all through the year, allowing God to do his work and we do the little we can.
    God bless you ma.

  39. Positivity is the to key to overcoming all challenges life have to offer, am not a fan of making resolution at every dawn of a new year but i believe so much in one thing that my key to achieving my goals in life is centred on my ability to look beyond my present challenge and look towards grasping with two hands that which the future has to offer. and the only way one could do this effectively is to put on the helmet of positivism and the shield of faith..

  40. Sometimes I wonder why most people who is always eager to make a resolution every year derail from it before the middle of the year and when much thoughts is put into it, I discovered that most resolutions are made outside the premises of God which is the reason why it doesn’t last. While making a resolution ensure Christ is in that agreement and see to it that you don’t forget Him while keeping to it.

  41. Stepping into the new year without any plan is disastrous! I can’t try that.not taking your plans to God in prayer is worse because you’d not achieve anything without God! That’s the truth! Thank you ma for this piece

  42. New year, new resolutions, we need to set actualizable goals and plan for the new year because if we fail to plan then we plan to fail.
    I agree with you ma, For we do not have a high priest who is not touched by our infirmities but we have one who carefully intercede to the father on our behalf;making sure that our needs and desires are made known to the father.
    Thank you ma for always reaching out to us in one way or the other.
    May the good Lord reward your immeasurable sacrifice.


  44. this year, i promised myself thatn i wont engage in any shabble with my room-mates no matter the provocation but it is not working. after reading this i am sure the best thing is to make a commitment to God and leave him to handle me aright. i have to understand that what matters most is joy from God and not the worries of life. if there are things that needs to be done, he will do it to his glory. thank you ma.

  45. i have decided to look at the bright side of life and stop saying all the time: can’t you see buhari is in power. i have chosen to see life as beautiful and refuse anything that threatens my peace of mind. i have decided that 2018 will find me hopeful and positive even in the face of crisis and problems. i have decided to thank God for today and tomorrow and always.

  46. In Nigeria, people will always make new year resolutions which they rarely keep. by the middle of the year, they are same or worse as they were last year. this piece completes my thought on new year resolutions, i insist on keeping a positive mindset and appreciating God for everything he has done and not give in to the devil’s desire of being unappreciative and cantankerous. no matter how slow or fast the year runs, the joy of the lord will be my potion.

  47. entering a new year without any plans is not a good way to start the year, we have to remember that it is only by his might that we are able to make him so we should be able to make him priority in our new year resolutions.

  48. Truthfully, my new year resolution is to smile and be happy, 365 days to be successful, happy and smile.

  49. Thank u ma for enlightening our spirit. We should always look for the things that make us happy dis year

  50. thanks ma for that word. to be positive is the ultimate thing.i pray to be able to sieve out things i don’t want and remain in my positive thought which will yield better things

  51. New year as always said comes with new things, fresh plans and whole lot of it, but the problem always lies on the individual’s target, which means that someone has to avoid targeting things that are within his/her reach and also have hope in God.

  52. New year resolutions are good, keeping to them is better, we should not just make resolutions but also do our best to meet up

  53. New year, new things,new beginnings it is a time we reflect on our past year and try to change most things we did wrong so new year resolutions are important to most people including me because I try to do new things and not go astray in anyway so as to please myself and others around me

  54. New year is that time when u decide to reflect on your past, decide what’s best for your feature and know which actions or habit to drop to make you a better person. New year eve, I commit the whole year into God’s hands and I tell him what I want to achieve that year. with this wonderful piece you have enlightened me on things that will help me have better new year resolutions. Thank you very much ma…..

  55. Best New Year Resolution… What could this mean? I guess, take your time, reflect on your past life: how has your lifestyle in the past cultivated into your development? Have you been far away from path of truth? Have you been in enmity with your creator? Also pray God to assist you be the better you,and pray, the New year would remain favourable to you

  56. The best New Year resolution,to me,is simply to get rid of those lifestyles, those actions in the past that has contributed nothing to my personal development and my relationship with my God…

  57. Thank you so much for that inspirational message.Problems and challenges that we encounter in life makes us want to know God the more and more also, seek for Gods wisdom.

  58. God is about to start a new thing in our lives I pray this year will be a year of undiluted blessing and praise. AMEN

  59. I love your idea of always seeing the positive side of any situation this has really inspired me. I see this as a daily resolution and by God’s grace will live by it.

  60. A lot of people make new year’s resolution, though after a few months, they forget about it. It is paramount to note that any decision made without God can’t last. So, while making resolutions for the new year, we should consider God first and ask him for guidance. No matter how difficult or impossible a new year resolution is, with God, we can maintain it till the year ends and longer.
    I was greatly inspired by this write-up and I would apply it while making my next year’s resolution

  61. Okechukwu Timothy
    That is true.being positive and having it at the back of our minds that God is always there for us,because his thoughts for us are of good and not of evil to give us our expected end. He provides for the birds of the air,is now us made in his image that he will not provide for.

  62. New Year, New resolutions.
    Most people make their resolutions on the first day of the year, but they remember to keep to them even before the middle of the year. Each year we anticipate for positive or good things but most times it end up not turning out the way we want, but even at that, we should not be discouraged but always entrust every year we find ourselves in, in the lord’s hands to always decide for us and take lead for us.

  63. This really got me. Sometimes we find ourselves making new year resolution without fulfilling it because of one problem or the other. God help us all.

  64. I believe we can achieve all that we aspire in a jiffy only if we trust in God, surrender and put him at the cutting edge or frontline of all ambitions.
    This really inspired me ma

  65. Good resolution often help in achieving a good purpose in life. For we humans to succeed we have to live a principled life. May God help us in maintaining our new year resolutions.

  66. It tells us that each beginning of the year comes with a baggage and people like making new year resolution and at that time ,it may be good or bad but whether good or bad ,we should not give up ,we should hold onto God because what matters is how we take the baggage being given to us

  67. This is very inspiring. I was thinking when I saw the title of the post, that its going to be a list of how we are to make new resolutions. I never expected this. The best resolution is to remain positive. I’m going to remember it. Thank you, Ma.

  68. Having a positive outlook, putting your trust in the lord and not letting anything steal your smile from you is enough to run one through the year. God bless u ma for this eloquent post.

  69. Many people engage in this new year resolution at the beginning of every new year but the main thing there is on how to follow the new resolution. Some people will follow the first day and second day, then forgets about it the next day but we need to involve God first before before embarking in any decision in order for him to guide us through.

  70. The new year always brings people to make promises that they can’t keep and this is indeed terrible . People should always learn to make genuine and real resolutions they can keep so as not to stray away from the plan. Thank you Ma for this piece because it is indeed an eye opener.

  71. It’s very important to be positive. So I’d try to be positive this year in all I do. But I’ve two questions Ma. How can I be positive? Is it through daily declarations? What if what I’m being positive for turns out to be negative at the long run?

    • If you feed richly on the word of God, it will help you to be positive. Don’t declare things carelessly, rather declare what you have received from God in prayer. Then no matter what happens, know that God is working out everything for your good. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  72. As difficult as things may be, am going to try to live my life on positivity. I will speak the positive, act positive and live positive. For the remaining part of this year, nothing will take my joy away.

  73. New year is that time everybody decides on new things or continue with the old activities in a new way .
    Before I make new year resolutions, I pray for God direction so that what ever decision I take he will help me to abide by it.
    And even in the cause of the year things are not going as planned I will never forget this,’ I should not let anything take away my smile.

  74. There’s something I do say to my, ” I do not know what the future holds for me, but I know my future is secure cause its in God’s hands “. Just like Joseph was taken from the PIT to Portiphers house, from PORTIPHERS to prison and from PRISON to the PALACE. God will transport us to whatever good place we want to be in life. It just have to pass through a process. Just like before a beautiful butterfly is seen, it must metamorphose from a catapiler. START EVERY NEW YEAR WITH NEW HOPE.

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