Faith is the key to having a great relationship with God. We don’t see God physically but we trust that He lives and that what the Scriptures say about Him is true.

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” – Hebrews 11:6

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We, therefore, worship Him as our Creator God, we call on Him in difficulty and we praise Him for the blessings on our lives. Some people have proven Him so much that they have become examples to the rest of us. Whether dead or alive, their story inspires and encourages us to hold fast to God and thereby overcome whatever life throws at us.

Hebrews, chapter 11 presents a parade of such faith stars. Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham …, they were just as weak and mortal as the rest of us. But they withstood great trials and walked above the craziness of whatever age they lived in. They knew God personally, not by proxy, they cultivated a relationship with Him. They were, therefore, able to communicate with Him and obtain specific promises pertaining to their situations. And even when circumstances mocked the essence of those promises, they held on believing that “he who promised is faithful.” – Hebrews 10:23 (ESV)

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Even at the end of their lives, some of them had not seen the fulfilment of the promises but in their hearts, they were certain it was just a matter of time before God will execute His word. – (Hebrews 11:13) What an incomprehensible, ludicrous way to live, when viewed through the lens of our time!


But that is how I want to live my life. I long to know God so intimately that I am more certain of what He wants to do in my life and through me than the air I breathe. I want to apprehend Him so closely that physical and material circumstances do not deter my walk with Him. I yearn to accomplish the things He has destined me for, by His grace, come what may. And while in this body and out of it, I want to be in that glorious procession of those who are recommended and emulated for their exploits of faith.

Yes, I want to join the parade of faith stars – no longer doubtful of God’s goodness and love, no longer wobbly in my walk with Him, no more guarded in my response to Him, no more balking when He sends me out. I want to be a manifestation of God’s faithfulness to my generation and posterity.

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Glory to God, this is also His wish, in fact, His design for me!

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” – Revelation 4:11

This was the reason He made me, made us. When sin barred me from His presence, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for me and heal the breach. He then filled me with His Spirit to guide and teach me. And everything else He made is hankering for my attaining the heights He planned for me.

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” – Romans 8:19

My life can only be truly meaningful when lived like a faith star. So help me to join the parade forthwith, dear Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


The scriptures in this post are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise stated.

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

123 thoughts on “I WANT TO JOIN THE PARADE, LORD!

  1. Great! I want the world to keep beholding His light in me. And to run this race to the end, where my crown earnestly awaits. Don’t want to be a baby anymore. Good reminder.
    Thank you, ma’am.

    • Always remember that you are not to do His work by your own power. Have faith that He will work out His good purpose in and through you as we are promised in Phillipians 2:13 and, I believe, the grace to accomplish it will come. Receive that grace even now in Jesus’ name.

  2. Here is an irony, for you. Gideon, Moses, Sarah and many others would probably laugh at the idea of being included on such a roster. However, God has a very different view then we do. In spite of Sarah’s doubtt, she believed God for the promised son. . Of course, didn’t take long.

    The key is, it is what you do in spite of your doubts. Will you choose to believe God and act on it.

    • “The key is, it is what you do in spite of your doubts. Will you choose to believe God and act on it.”
      This is so true, Barry, so true! May God help us to do just that in Jesus’ name.

  3. faith is the greatest master key to unlock someone’s potentials.

  4. I want to be part of the Lord’s parade and do what he wants from me without complaining or backbiting.

  5. Faith is like magnet which draws miracles from God, but how do we beat the doubts in our hearts? this is where i believe we need the power from above… just as we saw in the scripture about peter on the sea, the moment he started doubting what was happening, the story changed….

    • We need to fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus like Peter did initially. As long as we are doing this, we will be fine.

  6. Wow!! What a great privilege we have in God dat we have been enrolled into His family. Glory b to God in d highest. No matter what the situation may seem like, we are happy and glad to be on d list of His own.

  7. The Lord is my solid rock. I’ll keep on praising, glorifying and trusting God even when I don’t understand what he’s doing cus he works in mysterious ways.

    • Wise choice. That’s really what it means to be a follower of the Lord Jesus. May your humble devotion to Him continue to be rewarded in ways that will marvel others in Jesus’ name.

  8. I want/pray for a living faith that will be true to the end. “for without faith, it is impossible to please God”

    Weldone ma, more grace.

  9. Doing God’s work requires total commitment and hunger to do his will. Once one’s faith is activated doing his will comes easy. Lord I pray for more of your grace to join the parade.

    • Good point. When we are not walking, God’s commands seem too tasking and vice versa. You’re highly favoured in Jesus’ name, Micah.

  10. Thank you very much, ma. This is indeed an uplifting message for all who have always loved the things above and want to contend for the faith till the end. Our prayer still remains that we would never miss heaven after the pain we pass through. Amen. Remain blessed!

  11. As i live my life here, i ask God to imbue in me the grace to believe and have faith in him. you know,many a times life throws at us things we can’t carry, burdens that weighs us down. but with faith in God, those burdens are made light.

    faith is what makes us true christrians.

  12. Faith is one of the gifts I keep praying to God to give me, because it’s wonderful when you read about people who use faith daily and it brings miracles into their lives. Oh Lord, I need such in my life. Thank you aunty Edith for this write up

  13. I also want to be part of the parade. As the Bible says, only thru faith do we overcome the world. Well written piece, ma. God bless u

  14. Thanks for this beautiful piece ma! Faith is a thing of maturity and maturity comes with a deeper understanding. Once you key into faith with the understanding of how it operates, things start to work your way.

  15. Everything about our relationship with God is all about Faith. If u are not a patient type, it will be difficult for you to work with the Lord. So, have Faith in God and see yourself excelling.

    Thank you ma.

  16. Faith is one thing a believer cannot do without. By God’s grace, I am pressing to join the parade, too. I only pray that God helps us to exercise this faith even in the toughest situations. Amen.

  17. This is my earnest prayer. To have a stedfast walk with Him. To have a faith so strong and immovable that whenever He calls me home to glory, I may have not just a crown but stars on the crown too.

  18. After going through this, I felt like entering the convent just to go serve him. if u have him, u have it all. no one is perfect, but den we pray for his constant love in order to work according to God’s will.

  19. True talk. Faith is all we need to run this heavenly race we are in. It has always been my earnest prayer to KNOW God more than i Know myself.

  20. I definitely want to be part of the parade of the lord cos John 15:5, we can do nothing without the lord…jesus watched to see where the father was at work and joined him, so who are we not to be part of the parade?

  21. I also want to join this parade and win souls for Christ.. Because a life in our saviour Jesus Christ is worth living, and faith is the key.. Thanks for this piece ma

  22. There are times it can be very difficult to have faith bt it is something we have to ask God to make part and parcel of us and also to know how to apply work to our faith.

  23. My life can only be truly meaningful when lived like a faith star. So help me to join the parade forthwith, dear Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Bless you ma for this. Thanks.

  24. This is one of the reasons Christ referred to His kingdom as as hidden treasure. This treasure is not meant for passers-by or temporary seekers but consistent, committed and willful friends of Christ who are ever ready to join the parade of faith. I love this parade an sure, am a member

  25. Sometimes faith is difficult to hold unto but let’s Gods faithfulness be a reminder to us because he never fails

  26. But what happens when it seems your faith is waxing cold? Though you may want to join in the parade but your mind keeps telling you that those little things you know about God’s loving kindness ain’t really true!

  27. I think most believers have a desire to be known for great faith like that list of people in Heb 11, but social media today demands that to be “great” we need a following and I think that Christians are no better. I go to a large city church with some “big name” people who preach and lead worship and the people who are star struck by them really bothers me. I just see them as using their giftedness in a way that God intends, but is really no better than the lady who serves unseen in the nursery or the man standing in the rain helping park cars. As long as we do what we are called to do, when we are called to do it, in the way we are called to do it then we will be “stars” in God’s eyes… and as you said, that’s all that really matters. Thanks for your post and desire to serve the Lord!

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting and making that important point. It is not fame or the size of our ministry that makes us faith stars. It’s being where God wants us to be, doing what He has called us to do no matter how humble. You are blessed!

  28. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Perhaps no other component of the Christian life is more important than faith. We cannot purchase it, sell it or give it to our friends. I am happy I read this, and I totally agree that it creates a stronger relationship between us and God

  29. Thanks a lot Aunty Edith for this great reminder on faith work with God. This is
    a very beautiful piece.
    Once again, thank you ma’am

    • As devoted Children of God, we should always have faith because it helps with our relationship with God. Thank you Ma for this post and I pray this post helps people who lack faith to always have faith in God

  30. God please I also want to join this Parade of faith stars. I want my faith to be stronger than the way it is now. I yearn for you Jesus.Help me to glorify you through my actions in Jesus name.. Amen

  31. Faith is the greatest key to having a good relationship with God… Faith makes the impossible to become possible. .. May God grant us the faith he blessed Abraham with nd Christ’s disciples so that we will serve him better. .

  32. You are right ma,as for me Philippians 1:21(To live is Christ and to die is gain ) has become my daily bread, cause i need to be enlisted at the end of my journey on earth. That is what matters to me.More grace ma.

  33. One of the posts and graphics I like so much is “I want to join the parade, Lord!” It is really inspirational, educating and motivating one especially remembering how God was faithful to the promise he made to our forefathers. I learnt that to serve God, one has to believe in him for he can do all things and be sincere and truthful in all things you do, he will bless you abundantly.

  34. I pray God gives me the strength to accomplish that which he has created me for and I’d love very much to join the parade of God..

  35. According to this scripture, it said “we are justified by FAITH in God. For us to join God’s parade, we have to have faith in him because that is the only mean he draws us close to himself. Ma this post is inspring. Kudos!

  36. Faith is the key to having a good relationship with God and without it I think it’s not going to work out, so we have to build up a strong faith and be able to do his work.

  37. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. For us to join in the parade of God, we should have total hope and trust in Him because He works in mysterious ways. Nice post, Ma.

  38. Faith is the key to every successful human being ,so when we pray to God without faith it takes time for God to answer our prayers, so therefore​ when we seek God we must seek him with our body and soul .i pray God gives me the heart to seek and believe he will grant me my wish Amen.

  39. God Almighty is really worthy of our praise for sending his son to die for us which no man on earth can do.

  40. As for me,I have joined the parade,though not an easy one,but it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and loses his soul.this faith we are talking about is a gift from the holy spirit not by our might because left alone to us we can easily deviate.

  41. yes, faith is needed in having a good relationship with God but at the same time , we still need loyalty and obedience. Our faith is made better by our works, to say we have faith in God is not enough, we need to prove it by our actions.

  42. Faith is the only or main requirement for a sustainable relationship with God. It really counts. Nice One, Ma.

  43. Faith strengthens the relationship between God and man. When we have faith in him, he is capable of doing anything for us

  44. we humans have a lot to do with faith the way we eat sleep and wake up with chores lined up for the next day ,as Christians we need it most especially from our God who can n will see us through everything life will throw to us

  45. Praise God! I too want to join the parade, Lord. The parade of believers who held unto their faith in God that nothing else matters. They stuck to God in the good and bad times. I also want to believe in God and have such strong faith. Never shaking, not wobbly, not doubtful of His goodness and ability and definitely not shrinking when He sends me out to showcase His excellence to the world. I want the world to see the beauty of Jesus in me. Let His will be done. God bless you, Aunty Edith!

  46. I know i can do exploits when i join God’s parade but what is stopping me is wat i’m not sure of. Maybe i need the right mentor and also God’s grace

  47. I’d love to join the parade and rejoice in the lord, being part of the lord’s crew is a blessing and nothing can beat that in this world. Halleluya!

  48. Faith is one of the indispensable attributes that is attached to human beings because one with faith it seems or is presumed to achieve many things.

  49. Faith is the most important thing in any religion. Yes! I just said that. The first element of a religion is belief. What characterizes our lives as Christians is our ability in having and sustaining faith in God and in his son Jesus Christ.

  50. Faith is all we need to strengthen our relationship with God.
    Lord, God I will join in thy parade, help me to stick with you in both good and bad times.

  51. Lord pls, give me the strength to join the parade like stars on earth for you. A life full of faith and will always want to serve God, closer to Him more than physical materials. We need to learn and be transformed by this great interesting and inspiring article for our spiritual growth.

  52. Oh Lord! I want join in your parade please do not live me behind.
    With faith, i want to stick with you through thick and thin

  53. I want to know GOD, to walk in HIS path because HIM alone is the moving train. GOD give me the grace and the strength to join your PARADE, to worship you, adore you and be faithful to you. Let me never depart from you because I am nothing without you

  54. It is our sins that separate us from God. This is an inspiring write-up and i believe that anyone who has been wobbling in his faith in God will find this very useful.

  55. I also want to join in the parade of faith and never been doubtful of my God again just like Abraham who was willing to give up his son even after many years of not having a child from his wife, because he believed in God and his faith was never moved. To him, if God could give him a child in his old age and ask for it back, then he will surely provide another son for him. This is the kind of faith I need to profess, the faith that overtakes any thing the world may throw at me. Thank you Aunty Edith for this wonderful piece

  56. Most times it gets hard trusting and believing God, this is the moment faith comes in to play. According to the post, faith is that thing that makes us to constantly believe on God. You can’t be a true believer if you don’t trust and have faith in God.

  57. I long to hold you so tight Jehovah.
    My spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
    May our faith in God wax stronger in Jesus name.
    So inspirational. Bless you ma.

  58. Lord, give me the grace to join the parade, IJN. An inspiring post ma. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  59. Oh my heart leaps for joy for i believe that this parade will bring eternal life, all what it requires is total commitment,faith and Gods absolute grace to march in this outstanding parade.
    I pray that for as many that are willing to join this parade be granted the perfect grace and encouragement to join the parade.

  60. Lord, help me build strong faith in you, that i may join these faith legends. Thank you for this piece ma

  61. This looks to me like a promise being made to God. It is a resignation to walk in his light amidst the trials and temptations of this world. I only hope that many more would join in this parade of the Lord’s people.

  62. Faith is really needed in having a sustainable relationship with God but in the same vein, we need to prove this faith with actions because Faith without good works is dead

  63. Faith is highly needed to sustain a good relationship with God. It is the key to success, it is the substance of things hope for and evidence of things not seen. we should have faith and hope in God because he works in mysterious ways

  64. Wow!!! Ma’am this has really motivated me to live my life for Christ . I love your faith. I pray that God will help me to join the parade.

  65. Well written ma. This post has clearly said that without faith, we can’t know God. God bless you ma.

  66. As Christians and devoted children of God, faith is one of the key attributes we most have. Worship without faith a pointless and a complete waste of time that is why faith and worship go hand in hand . we should always trust and have faith in God in all situation. Thank you ma for this wonderful write up.

  67. Your personal relationship with God helps you to cultivate strong faith in him that no matter the circumstances you’re not shaken by it. God is too faithful to fail,help me Lord to join the parade.

  68. Just like I was taught in catechism, “Faith is believing without doubting whatever God has revealed”. I’ve also chosen to join this parade o. In fact, I’m already putting on the armour of faith. With God by my side. And that I strongly believe.

  69. Join the Lord’s parade and you will see the beautiful things he has for you. We should all learn to believe in God in our bad times and have faith in him. Thank you ma for thus post.

  70. I have already joined the parade and am among the singers,lol.Faith in God is a necessity for every christian.it is not always easy believing, sometimes my mind tend to discourage me but I always snap out of it and keep believing that he would make a way.

  71. We should always have faith in the Lord for he is our fortress and our rock in whom we stand. He will not let us fall. He will protect us from burning flames of the wicked. He will guide us all through the days of our life,for he is Lord. hallelujah

  72. I want to know God so intimately that I am more certain of what he wants to do in my life and through me than the air I breathe… The above line got at me so much because it simply had all I want. Pls father, let our hunger for you be satisfied.

  73. I want to be part of that parade,i don’t know what’s holding me back, I find myself in slumber to things about Christ… I go to church but I know that’s just a starting point…. Is God’s grace am asking for.

  74. Sure ma.Indeed I was blessed. In my walk with God, I earnestly yearn for a closer life with him. Strong intimacy and great fellowship daily with Him. I believe He would help me.

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