When I think back on the goodness of God upon my life, I get very excited. I want to share with you one of my testimonies. This one is about my securing employment after school.

(You may wish to see my other praise report: Wonderful Testimony.)

The year was 1988. It was the month of August. I had just completed my master’s degree programme at the University of Nigeria and was raring to get a job. I came home to stay with my parents and one day, we had a visitor. A family friend had called and she told my mum that her son, whom I’ll call Chike (not his real name) and who was just slightly older than me, had got a teaching job. I can’t recall where he was to teach but it must have been a very good job from the way his mum spoke. It was good news and we all rejoiced in her presence.

But there was something about the way she shared the news that rankled my mum. She wasn’t thanking God so to say, it sounded like she was boasting.

“Chike didn’t look for a job the way others do for so long and he landed this wonderful position,” she said or words to that effect.

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The moment she left, my mum joined me in my room and began to complain. My dear mum (rest her soul), was looking out for me and the woman’s seeming gloating made her think of my state. I was about the same age as this guy and I was looking for a job.

“I just want you to also get a good job soon. What did her son study to get that kind of job and you’re still searching?”

The young man in question had a Certificate from a College of Education and was on the verge of completing studies for a bachelor’s. See, my mum was not a bad person but we should be thoughtful about how we share our testimonies with others, especially those who still have the problem we’ve just escaped. Otherwise, we may cause them to feel bad, rather than blessed by our story.


“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I will get a job by February.”

I had no certain promise of a job for any date but the moment those words came out of my mouth, I knew they were prophetic.

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Early the next year, I was visiting some friends in Lagos when my parents sent a message that I had been offered a job to lecture at the University of Nigeria, my alma mater. I came home and on March 1st, 1989, I resumed work. My letter of appointment was dated February 14.

This was me back then, lol!

How did this come about? When I completed my master’s degree work, the then head of our department, Dr. Ralph Okonkwo, informed me that the department would love to retain me but there was no vacancy. Okonkwo, a very nice gentleman, did not assure me of a job but indicated he would make representations to the Vice Chancellor (VC) towards creating vacancies in the department.

I suggested that I would like to submit an application which would be kept in view to be called up when the desired vacancies were created. He warned me that he could not be sure what the outcome of his plea to the VC would be. But I insisted because communicattions in Nigeria in those days were not as seamless as they are today with mobile telephony. I didn’t want the story to be told that vacancies were created but I couldn’t be reached and handy persons were employed. Okonkwo agreed and kept his word. His efforts were successful, praise God! When my letter was ready, he used my contact address on the application to inform my parents.

God favoured me and He had prepared me for the miracle in several ways. He helped me to turn out as the best student which led to talks of retaining me. Before then, he had helped me to decide on the career I wanted which was precisely what I eventually got. Besides my department, I only submitted applications to the departments of mass communication in two state universities, preferring the University of Nigeria, which is a federal university. God graciously granted my wish and it’s that job that I’ve been doing to date.

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Our God is still the same: kind, loving and faithful. Do not envy anyone. Your miracle is coming. Just be sure you work hard to be ready and suited for it. And make up your mind what you want. Don’t run from pillar to post, dragging yourself in so many different directions. It’s easier to get an answer from God when your request, borne out of the leading of the Holy Spirit, is specific and constant.


May the Lord visit you according to your needs and give you the miracles that will bring you fulfilment in life in Jesus’ name.







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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. True. Most people boast when testifying instead of acknowledging God and encouraging others to wait on him. I’m inspired by this testimony.

    • Praise God! We should pick the edifying part of the testimony and ignore any chest beating involved. You are lifted, my dear!

  2. Now I know that the grace unmerited favour you have been talking about didn’t start today… Indeed God has been faithful to you.. One thing is to know what God has destined you to be, another is to go for it. had it been you didn’t get good grades, they wouldn’t have called you back and when you told your mother you were going to get a job in February, you didn’t just speak you prophesied and believed so it came to pass… My advice to people out there is to continue to speak in life to your dream job. don’t cry about everything and God will honour your words in Jesus name

  3. Great testimony, ma,most people especially young graduates find it difficult to diligently wait and hope on God for their dream job. Sometimes it may not be their fault. Things like pressure from parents and desire to help take care of their younger ones may cause people to do some certain things. Thank God for your testimony ma and i do hope and pray that i have a testimony similar to yours.

    • Amen. Our God is faithful. And His word promises that when we ask, we shall receive. It’s your portion too in Jesus’ name.

    • I have learnt something from here not to tell your testimony in a boastful manner. Rather acknowledge God for being the one that got us there.

  4. Very true ma. My mum always says that what you say is as good as how you say it. Sharing a testimony in this manner may end up tormenting people. This reminds me of a similar incident that happened to my brother while he waited five years for a job. In the end God surprised him with his own testimony.

    • He is a faithful God. It may seem to delay, but we shouldn’t lose hope. Our miracle will still locate us in Jesus’ name.

  5. We thank God for bringing you into our lives. Your testimony should serve as an example for those believing God for one thing or the other. They should have faith in God cause God’s time is the best.

  6. We thank God always for answered prayers. I have learnt a lesson here, i am fond of sharing my testimony or breakthroughs in a way that isn’t encouraging but boastful. I thank God for using you ma.God bless you

    • Praise God, our testimonies can actually be sermons that stress the faithfulness of God. Have a beautiful weekend, my dear!

  7. You are blessed, Ma. Thank God for you. For being not just our lecturer, but a Mum that teaches us the right path to take.

  8. Indeed God is a living God and waiting for ur own time is d best and this has also made me believe there’s power in the tongue

    • You’re right, Fatima. There is indeed power in the tongue. Showers of blessings on you in Jesus’ name.

  9. Amen to that prayer. As you’ve prayed for us, God’s miracles will never cease in your life in Jesus’ name. Wow! What a testimony. We must hope on God and put in our best in all we do. When we put in our best, we leave Him to do the rest.

    • Thank you for that beautiful prayer you said for me, Mariam. Yes, God does not support laziness. As you said, when we play our part, He works out what’s left for us.

  10. Very beautiful and graciously favoured. I receive such favour in Jesus name. We should rejoice with other people when they succeed but not be envious of whatever their achievements may be. Rather we should believe God for our testimony and focus on the Lord Jesus.

  11. a very big AMEN to dat prayer…sure we should learn to celebrate people’s success rather than to envy them.

  12. Indeed there’s no need to get worked up when we hear of the testimonies of others but instead rejoice with them as it’s an evidence that God is still on the throne and our own success story is just by the corner.

  13. This is just the hand of God….I shldnt fret because someone just moved ahead of me….God has wonderful plans for everyone… And…nice picture,I love the outfit(the shoe especially)

  14. I had a similar story but mine was when I finished my secondary school, gaining admission was not easy for me and my friends would call and say, “I just got admission oo, what about u?” my answer will be, “my brother, I just dey house oo”. but when God visited my case, d story changed….. How I got admission I can’t even tell. I believe that God’s time is the best time.

  15. you have truly been blessed with unmerited favor. one thing i learnt from here is that though things might not be working at the moment, in due time by the grace of God, they will sort themselves out.

  16. Wow, indeed God had a plan for u ma. God gave u a job that he would use u to be a blessing to many like myself. i pray i would share this kind of testimony in due time and I pray that as he has been using u to reach out to many, I would also be used by him. I tap into ur anointing ma….

  17. Inspiring! I sometimes forget to rejoice for the good news of others, and sulk that it’s not my own. We are such frail beings! How easily we fall into a trap- even by our own making. I like that you said: “pray, and then go after your goal.” I don’t think God often means for us to “pray. and then wait for the answer to drop into our laps.” Good points. Thanks for sharing more of yourself. and btw- your blog always looks sharp, and you look so lovely!

    • My beautiful sister, April, thank you so much. I trust that you’ve been fine. The Lord is your strength forever in Jesus’ name.

  18. What faith. And, what a godly outlook-your miracle is coming. I would tend to be like your mum. Thanks for calling this to my attention. God tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice.

  19. The world is full of those who believe that it cannot be done, but success has always been made by those who believe it can be done. May God grant you more grace to cultivate faith into your life to expect more testimonies.

  20. You are so right. God never honors boasting. He does honor the prayers of a believing heart and true faith. God bless!

  21. There are always blessings and unmerited favour for those that trust in him. he always makes a way where there seems to be no way.

  22. Amen!
    We should learn to celebrate people’s success rather than envy them because as we do, God will bless us too.

  23. God has different ways of blessing everyone. When your time comes, he showers you with his blessings. We have to learn not to envy people because our times of blessings are different. Nice piece, ma.

  24. Our God is really a true God. But one thing we should note is that He does things for us at the right time. You can never rush your blessing, it’s not possible. And also we should learn not to be boastful about our testimonies.

  25. I was once guilty of that subtle boasting during testimony. But then i realised God knows what happened. Plus He looks at the heart and knows how grateful I really am. So instead of narrating how one uncle abroad sent you fifty thousand naira, I’ll rather say “Thank you Jesus for your provision”. All the same, God is faithful. Indeed the darkest hour of night is just before day breaks. But in due time, the dawn will break

  26. With God all things are possible. One needs not brag or boast of anything regardless whoever, whatever, and wherever you are. God made you and as well plans for you.

    Thank you ma for the wonderful testimony you shared.

  27. God ahbors envy and warns Christians to avoid it. But this thing could be tricky sometimes. Even when you shouldn’t be you find yourself envious of something that doesn’t matter. I think the way out is contentment and absolute trust in God.

  28. This story remind me of when my brother was seeking for admission but Glory be To God who crowned his efforts with success. I ask that the Lord crowns my efforts with a miracle testimony too.

  29. envy is part of what makes us human. the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has. it has this energy which when channelled correctly will yeild positive result. in your story, it was evident that you transmuted your own envy to a good use. your faith of getting a job was steadfast, it was also the same envy that made you to suggest keeping your application in case any vacancy comes out.
    what am saying in essence is that envy has an energy that when used the right way will get you what you want.

    but many atimes people tend to use the energy the wrong way. when this happens, they start losing their joy, their peace of mind, and their time as well. and eventually they incur their very destruction.
    its not bad to feel envy but its bad when you let it get the best of you.

    • Hi Benjamin! Call it feeling challenged or competitive, but envy, I can’t say I agree with that one. You are blessed!

  30. When one is happy for another person’s testimony, God blesses him/her with greater testimony.

  31. Hadiza

    Isaiah 49:23
    Those who put their trust in the lord shall not be dissapointed(NIV).
    God’s timing is perfect..

    • Your teachings is well learnt especially “we should be thoughtful about how we share our testimonies with others, especially those who still have the problem we’ve just escaped. Otherwise, we may cause them to feel bad, rather than blessed by our story.” I thank God for having given you such testimony, for if not ,I may have not have met you.

  32. God’s time is really the best. When God opens our chapter, smiles alone will not be enough to show how grateful we are to him….God bless you ma for sharing this lovely testimony.

  33. With remorse i do envy people when they do get their prayers answered and it makes me feel guilty because somehow its not right but i am trying harder to overcome it and with your testimony and admonition i am going to strive harder to avoid it and wait for mine.But on a lighter mood Ma’am I love that your first pix.

  34. Envy makes one a photocopy instead of original. That someone else is succeeding dose not mean u are falling, after all we r not running the same race, it all depends on individual target, aim n objectives. We should all b ware that we possess our uniqueness in all ramifications. Good one ma

  35. Am encouraged that hard work still pays.
    But doesn’t it look like people are preferred these days based on connections i.e “who knows who” rather than personal qualifications?

  36. Am encouraged that hard work still pays.
    But doesn’t it look like people are preferred these days based on connections i.e “who know who” rather than personal qualifications?

  37. We all know how easy it is for us to get jealous of someone, even when our intentions are good. It is very easy for us to fall into jealousy in our society, especially when others around us are more fortunate. But, it is important for us to realize what is most important in our lives and what matters most. This is really a great testimony, and I enjoyed the pullout quotes you added to it. Song of Solomon 8:6 – Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD.

  38. Everyone in life has a purpose. Mine is definitely not yours. Just dey your lane. Move at your own pace [which should not be slow anyway]. People, share your testimonies to encourage others or get them to rejoice with you. Intimidating others with your testimony should not be your intention.

  39. Such a nice story. There is no doubt that God’s time is certainly the best.All we need to do is to have faith in him & also rejoice with others when they rejoice because our own blessings are on the way.

  40. true talk ma, most people testify with pride. i beleive testimony is given to acknowledge God’s intervention in our lives and not the other way round. God is always faithful to his promise.

  41. our God is faithful, he answers all prayers, may testimonies never cease in our lives and homes

  42. It was really God in action I must say, but then there is also need for one to play his part before God’s intervention. Thank God for you.

  43. In this present state of things; this story is really encouraging. Thanks for sharing ma, and may God do same for all who tap into your testimony.

  44. Nice one!! It encourages us to exercise faith and patience and to work towards what we wish to become.

  45. I’m happy you shared this story with us Ma’am.It has reinforced my belief that there’s nothing like faith and trust in God.He will surely answer when the time is come.Also,when you’re happy for someone else’s success,your own will definitely not elude you.This piece is faith-reviving.Thank you

  46. The message is simple, hard work, faith and hope, the three virtues to success. You had them and they urged you to your present height, i praise God for your blessings and at the same time tap from it.

  47. It is everyone’s dream to be successful, though, it is not easy seeing someone who you feel or know you are better than being more successful. God’s grace was/is upon your life. I hope to be favoured just like you.

  48. Wow.. I smiled as I read through the story. God is indeed great. He does things in marvellous ways. Indeed, His words are true that when we call upon him, he would show us great and mighty things that our hearts do not know. Ma, you are blessed, favoured and uplifted among all. The glory of the Lord is seen in you. Thank God for the wonderful testimony. Buckle your belt ma, the best is yet to come.

  49. all glory should be ascribed to our heavenly father not to man. I pray to share a successful testimony like yours someday. amen

  50. It actually boils down to the power of our words. Although there may be a delay, but I surely know God has the best to offer everyone that trusts and believes in him. That is why he said, ‘For i know the thoughts i think about you…….. to bring you to an expected end.’ I really needed this at this point of my life. Tanx Ma for sharing, you are highly blessed.

  51. Wow! This is a wonderful testimony. It is good to wait for God’s time because, his time is usually the best. Do not think that God does not know what you need. He knows but he is just preparing your miracle to come at the right time. GOD BLESS YOU MA, for sharing this testimony.

  52. Wow! Thank God for your life, ma. This post has taught me to trust God for the things I want him to do in my life.

  53. Hmmm on a serious note, I have never thought about how I give my testimonies but from today onwards, I will watch out and make sure the intention is not to boast but to praise God. Yes, before I forget, aunty looks cute in the picture and you are still looking really cute now.

  54. This is really awesome ma. it shows how persevering, determined and faithful one should be in expecting something from God. we should never envy anybody’s blessing but await our own because God has a special thing for every body. we should also be mindful of the way we share our testimonies or news to others.

  55. Determination is the key to success and always share your testimonies with others so that they will be encouraged.

  56. It is indeed true that a testimony wrongly shared can hurt a person’s feeling or make the person feel bad.This true life story draws our attention to the fact that God knows the best time to bless us and his own time is always the best. Do not be in a hurry but trust God and wait for your time of blessing.

  57. Wow! i am really touched by the story. Now i really understand why you love teaching. I also agree with you about not envying anyone because no one knows tomorrow. This story carries encouragement for the discouraged and hope for the hopeless.

  58. All thanks to God, He made everything work out well for you, I really admire your courage and faith in God, His time is the best.

    • Oh yes! It is the confidence we have in Him that He never fails us when we hold on to Him. May your testimonies abound in Jesus’ name.

    • This must be your first time on my blog, Hillary! You’re welcome and I pray the Lord grants your job wish soon in Jesus’ name.

  59. Yes. We should be careful of boasting during testimonies. I have several encounters especially during admissions and not getting a paid job after my masters but that is not the end of my story yet. I still thank God for His countless mercies and peace. God bless you more, ma. Your gratitude is seen in the way you receive strangers in your services. You make teaching so interesting. One confession, I used to check my grade in your own courses specially to know what I need to improve on. They spoke to me differently.

  60. First, that was the year I was born! Aunty, you are a bundle of God’s grace. I haven’t seen you for a long time but every thought of you challenges me to do better. Thank God I met you in life and destiny path.

    • Glory to God and thank you, Ifeanyi! We all need to strive to get better each day because none of us has arrived as Paul reminded us in Phillipians, chapter 3. You are lifted in Jesus’ name.

  61. God’s blessings to us manifests in some ways as can be seen in the different ways that God answers our prayers.
    Mummy has taught us not to boast in life as if our blessings are from our own power or might, rather we ought to give all the glory to God for He’s the Alpha and Omega.
    Mummy, we thank God for your testimony as we pray for God’s grace to enable us be thankful to Him. And to the one whom God has blessed, we are to thank God with him or her and also ask God to bless us. Thanks Mum.

  62. This is inspiring! Gods time is always the best…most people don’t understand this and because of that they have issues with trusting God. People should not allow pressure into their lives every thing will come at Gods own time.

  63. He is a God of Miracles and mind blowing testimonies, In this story I’ve found hope. Maybe God would grant my heart desires too?
    What you say here is true some people like dragging themselves everywhere with nothing specific in mind,
    I haven’t lived long but I’ve lived long enough to know that when we give ourselves too many options it creates room for failure

  64. First, congratulations Ma, your job as a lecturer is not just a miracle but divinely plan…
    As a person, sometimes unconsciously I make boast of what God has given me… I honestly pray to stop this…..
    It is indeed God that makest rich, provisions and promotions and not by ones efforts.. once again, congratulations

  65. God’s grace is really speaking in your life ma and most importantly I learnt that if at all we want to boast we should boast in God by returning all glory to him and not attributing to our personal effort

  66. This is better than the happy ending in Nigerian movies scenes, i can only say congrats Ma and hope mine comes sooner.

    • Thats very motivating … We shud learn not to envy cause if we get happy for others, we will definetly get our miracles.

  67. Wow! My role model, I can’t stop blushing. Permit me to say, your testimony is sweet! And I claim the grace.

  68. This is a beautiful story of trust, faith and hope in the Lord’s omnipotence.
    What struck me particularly was the confidence with which you announced the month- February.
    And who would have imagined!

    The Lord takes care of all our needs. We need only trust like children and celebrate the testimonies of others in genuine happiness for their progress.
    Also, it is sad that some people have the unkind habit of speaking of their progress in the presence of others who may not have struck fortune with an air of pride and haughtiness.
    This breaks spirits and shouldn’t be encouraged.

  69. Your testimony is a great motivation to me as a person . God bless you for always touching lives with your write ups

  70. Wat some fail to understand is that wen they rejoice over the good things God did for others, good things will come to them too. Also, people don’t have to brag abt wat they have because it’s God that gave it to them and he cn easily take it away too. Am happy about how patient u were even though u didn’t have the job, u waited for God’s time. It’s really awesome . Tnk U

  71. Reminds me of the Bible verse that says the kingdom of God is not in words but in power. Actually, when you spoke those words, they had in themselves the ability to create what you said. We are prophetic beings. I’ve learnt to stay positive and faithful to God’s words. I refuse to envy anyone! God bless you ma for sharing. It blessed me.

  72. Very true…when i was looking for admission into the university…it was hell for me,because most of mom’s friends would come boasting to her of their kids admissions ,,and it would be awkward ,,worst part is that some don’t even no how to relate the news in order not to make the other person feel bad.

  73. From the look of things, your mum (rest her soul) was already bothered and sounding that way may also lead you to depression. But am happy you responded the way you did. Little wonder the bible says,”those who know their God shall do exploit”.
    It is pertinent that we learn to be positive at all times and in all situations and not let the miracle of others make us think or feel less of ourselves.

    • Envying other people is very bad.We should learn to be happy for people’s success stories and also we should be very mindful of how we boast so that we won’t make other people feel bad and depressed.

  74. I have learnt something from here not to tell your testimony in a boastful manner. Rather acknowledge God for being the one that got us there.

  75. God’s time is actually the best and he chooses whom to bless and the right time to bless the person. Just as you said, we should mind the way we share our testimonies with others especially those who still have the problem you just escaped and this is so true because it may cause them to feel terrible instead of rejoicing with us.

  76. Are you sure this chike’s mother is not somehow related to my Aunt? Because this is exactly what Aunty Philo will do and more…

    Obviously, Mama Chike doesn’t know that table turns. If only she knew…..
    Why on earth would one rub their accomplishments on another’s face?

    Thank goodness you didn’t envy them but waited patiently for your turn.

    Meanwhile, permit me to say that your faith is bigger than avacado pear(not even mustard seed)lol. It was your faith and good work that saw you through.

    May God always send people like Dr. Ralph Okonkwo our way in Jesus name Amen…

  77. Amen, thanks mma for this wonderful testimony. He will do it even more, because God loves a grateful heart. I know God who has started anything in our lives is faithful to accomplish which he has started. I shall not be envious of anybody but continuously thank God for them.

    Congratulations mma

  78. God’s blessings are ever sure but it depends solely on Him for the best time to bestow it upon us and that is where our faith is required. Also, boasting about God’s favours to others tends to hurt rather than encourage. Very beautiful MA.

  79. Letter of appointment on a Valentine’s day, God is wonderful. Its not easy to persevere especially when you hear stories of your mates successfully passing through that same hurdle. At the end, faith and determination pays. God has different plans for us all and they are all for good and not of evil.

  80. Congratulations ma! This story is such an inspiration. This story shows that all things are ours if we can believe in God and hold on to his promises. Don’t envy anyone, and as a popular Nigerian slang puts it: dey your lane, have confidence in God and you must succeed. Cheers!

  81. What a nice, interesting and educating story. It is very good to be happy with other people’s progress, it somehow pave way for us too. I learnt a lot from this life experience of yours ma, it is better for one to be patient in life, and not to be so anxious because you have not gotten to the level your mates are. God’s time is the best. It is written in the scripture that weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning

  82. Our God is truly an awesome and he will always make a way where there is no way for his children. I am inspired by this.

  83. The Lord answers prayers in his own time, according to his own plans. We are grateful to God always for answered prayers. I learnt that testimonies are to be shared in a way that is encouraging to man and pleasing to God.

  84. Your story is interesting and the messages intended to convey is poignant. Like the popular cliché says, “God’s time is the best”. Truly, I’ve taken something helpful from this story. Thanks ma.

  85. We should never envy anyone or be jealous because of the things someone has. But rather, we should be patient and trust God for what he has for you is bigger than you can imagine. Thank you Ma for this post once again.

  86. Seriously, am just learning this one newly “to be thoughtful on how we share our testimonies with others, especially those who are still in the problem we just escaped. Otherwise, we might cause them to feel bad, rather than blessed by our story”. Thank you MA.

  87. Waiting for your own time to come is not always easy but I have learnt that in life everybody works with a timeline,I never understood it then but now I grab it better.Just because yours came late doesn’t mean you are late.

  88. Envy is of the devil, we are supposed to be Christlike and not supposed to have Envy in us because it is not of God. And God’s time is the best, we shouldn’t Envy someone because God has something better in store for us, and when we Envy people it would make do evil which we will end up regretting…

  89. I believe in speaking what you want into existence and believing with all your heart that it will work and I also believe that God’s time is best. Through steadfast faith, prayer and perseverance, you get what you want and even more. Thank God that the seed of hate and jealousy was not sown during the woman’s boasting.

  90. This piece is so encouraging and educating.
    I believe there is power in a spoken word. You promised your mum that by February you’ll get a job and it happened, your appointment letter was dated that same February, and it’s also good to know what you want and go for it,never settle for less.

  91. This piece is so encouraging and educating. I believe there is power in a spoken word. You promised your mum that by February you’ll get a job and it happened, your appointment letter was dated back to February, and it’s also good to know what you want and go for it, never settle for less.

  92. Wow,this is truly a very inspirational story. Being steadfast in prayer and having faith in God is the key to success in life. I pray after my 4 years in UNN,I’ll have a testimony like this in Jesus name. Amen

  93. All thanks to God! Is actually good to be happy for others in their good state other than being envy because God’s time is the best.

  94. May God be praised, we should understand that life is a personal race and not a competition,we should run on our own pace and not looking at others with Christ.God is forever faithful as long as we seek his face

  95. Ma! I must confess that this your testimony is a word of encouragement for those who are thinking that God cannot make a way.
    May God continue his good work in your life. I tab from your blessings Ma!

  96. I say a big amen to that prayer. Everyone has his or her own time zone, while waiting for our own time we should try and seek God’s help in fulfilling His purpose for us on earth. I learnt a great lesson from here not to be envious of people’s progress but rejoice with them and wait for God’s time.

  97. I learnt is good to celebrate people and be happy for them .God will never foresake you,you turn shall surely come.

  98. As Christians we should be happy for whatever God has done in someone’s life it adds to our lifespan, happiness makes one look healthier, even when your aged.

  99. Glory! Glory! Glory!. God is indeed faithful, He is a rewarded of them, that diligently seek Him. I bless the name of the Lord on your behalf ma.

  100. I discovered that when you celebrate others, others in turn celebrate you. Be happy for people who has made it in life even though you have not made it.

  101. That’s wonderful,we must learn to resist the temptation to be sad when we hear people’s testimonies, we should wait on God to give us our own testimonies

  102. God has a plan for everybody on this earth, and a time for that person to manifest, there is no need for envy. All you have to do is to wait for your time

  103. God crowned your effort with success, hard work pays a lot.thank God for giving you a job in UNN out of the other state universities you applied for,you have really been a blessing to the department and also to we your students.love you ma.

  104. My amiable loving lecturer…. The first time you came to our class I was wowed at how smart and approachable you are, am indeed delighted to read your job success story. One thing I have realised is pride is one thing, confidence is another.. We should always make use of the latter

  105. No matter how big your achievement is you shouldn’t boast of it instead use it as a blessing to others. Ma I am really amazed at your persistence towards getting what you want because, it isn’t a bad idea at all you’re really good at what you do, bringing new scholars up for a bright future.

  106. I want to say a very big thank you ma for sharing your personal experience. There is a saying that”this life na turn by turn make you pray for baba God make e reach your turn”. Patience they say is a virtue and when we least excepted things will turn around for good.

  107. Once again ma congratulations but all I can say from my personal encounter with you is that your job today is not a miracle rather to aid you touch and impact lives esp. among the younger generation,. You are blessed ma

  108. Your testimony is a beautiful one and full of encouragement too. Because things aren’t moving as fast for us as it is for others doesn’t mean we have been forgotten, it’s only being delayed, not denied!

    I’m also struck by your advice to be careful about how we share our testimonies and goodnews with people who are yet to receive their own testimony, they might just take it the wrong way. I will always keep that in mind.

    And yes! I love that picture of you in your younger days. You truly have always been beautiful 😉😉😉

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