Here are 12 quotes that show that God is dependable. These quotes were composed by me and are Scripture-inspired. Some of them illustrate some posts (inspirational and motivational articles, stories, poems, etc.) which you may click their titles to read for elucidation.
Also, graphic versions which vivify their import are available for some of them. Click on the indicators for these to view.

1. The mills of God grind slowly, so an English proverb says. But they do grind and you have the best flour afterwards.

(From “Be Patient Wnen God Delays”)

See graphic version.

2. When everyone else deserts and fails us, we know we can count on God.

When everyone else deserts and fails us, we know we can count on God. Click To Tweet

3. Don’t accept anything from the devil. Everything you need is in God.

(From the poem, “Wealth and Fame”)

See graphic version.

4. The best investment is the one you make in people because no matter how they turn out, God will still reward you.

5. The God of the Universe is our God and He is forever faithful.

(From the post, “Our God is Faithful!”)

See graphic version.

6. When a storm is raging against you, dear believer, don’t worry about when it will cease but know that God is with you and will help you to weather it.

7. God is my anchor in a shifting world and my hope for tomorrow.

(From the poem, “Thank You, Lord!” and the post, “The Anchor Holds”)


See graphic version.

God is my anchor in a shifting world and my hope for tomorrow. Click To Tweet

8. You cannot be forgotten in the dust and the dunghill when God has promised you a throne of glory.

(Used in the post, “You will Ascend Your Throne of Glory”.
Inspired by 1 Samuel 2:8 and alluded to in the stories, “Dust to Dunghill? #1” and “Dust to Dunghill? #2”)

9. We can bank on every promise that God makes to us.

(From the post, “God’s Word Never Fails!”)

See graphic version.

10. Who is willing and able to turn things around for us when we’ve blown everything to pieces? GOD!

11. God proves Himself faithful when we put our trust in Him.

(From the story, “From Bait to Catch #14”)

See graphic version.

God proves Himself faithful when we put our trust in Him. Click To Tweet

12. The world is a dangerous place, but those who have placed their lives in God’s hands can be confident that whatever they face, He will stand by them.

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Donmunez

    First to comment!!!
    I love number 12,its a good reminder.
    God bless you Ma and a happy Sunday.

  • Demola Adeleke

    Indeed, our God is faithful. His promises are always true.

  • Kelechi chukwuma

    God never fails to keep to his promise… If he says a thing it will come to pass

  • Uzor, Ogechukwu Juliet

    Thank you Ma for sharing this piece on God’s faithfulness. It’s a topic I love to talk about always. Personally, I have learnt to depend on God’s faithfulness and it’s good business.

  • Chukwu patience

    They are so inspiring n spirit lifting. Meanwhile they assure us dat we have an ever-loving n caring Father. Of course in Him we have no regrets. More grace to you, mum.


    What a wonderful write-up, ma. That no. 6 has lifted a big burden off me. May God strengthen ur elbow for more inspirational write-ups.

  • Ezeigwe Martin

    Nice quotes. I love number ten.

  • Anioke eberechukwu somadina

    Tank u, ma. Indeed the faithfuliness of God is beyond our imagination and even in our unfaithfuliness, he is still faithful.

  • Anioke eberechukwu somadina

    Tank u ma for that piece. Indeed the faithfuliness of God has no bounds.

  • Powerful quotes and I wish you could make booklets of your quotes…

  • Chukwuekezie Nneka Quindaline

    I believe in God and he will never desert me when others do.

  • Nwachi Peter

    God is the last hope of those who believe in him. Truly, He never forsakes those who trust him. May God give us the Grace to keep on having faith in him because He is the chief magistrate of our hearts and lives.

  • hadiza

    Thank you ma!!
    This is so inspiring. It reminds us of God’s unending faithfulfulness towards us even when we are unfaithful..

  • Monye Gift Onyinye

    I really want to come to that point where I can count on God with all confidence, knowing that He’s with me when others aren’t.

  • 12 points out of the unlimited faithfulness qualities God shows to us. An indication that he is God, our primary care giver within whom we find contentment and never to seek out. I pray that we become patient long enough to be satisfied by the goods that come out of the bag of God’s faithfulness.

  • Chioma Onah

    Nice piece Ma. It’s fulfilling to know that we always have God on our side. We should always trust in him and never despair. After all, when God is with and for me, who can be against me?

  • Nedum Igbo

    Even in our unfaithfulness he REMAINS FAITHFUL

  • Ogbu Ezichi

    These quotes are very inspiring and I am glad I’m reading them now. None address me personally like this: “When everyone else deserts and fails us, we know we can count on God.” It gives me hope and offers so much consolation and faith.

  • Ilediegwu nkemakonam joy

    Am a living testimony, his faithfulness is always dre .if there is a man to pray there is a God to answer,

  • Lillian Ogbobe

    Like Nke said.. I am also a living testimony of God’s faithfulness.. . He is my anchor in this shifting world.. .

  • Deborah

    Thanks aunty i learnt here to always help people for am doing it for God not man

  • Okeleke loveth

    No 2 really touched me. God is always with us even when our best friends desert us.it feels good to know that someone cares and it is even the best when the person is God.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    He did it for Abraham; He made him a blessing to all nations of the earth. His promise to Abraham cam to fulfillment many years after his (Abraham’s) death. He did for Isaac; He did for Jacob, to mention but a few. He is the God that never lies; He never fails. We, as Christians can hold God by His words. His promises, to us, He swore must come to pass: it must be fulfillment. For it is written: “…Heaven and earth shall come to pass but My words remains the same”.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen and amen! Bless you, Chikwado!


        Since the day I had the knowledge of God, my life changed beautifully and I thank God. I started to be more patient, started to count on God and trusted in him. 100%, God is forever faithful.

  • Isaac Nwanneka Oyirridiya

    The lord continues to be faithful irrespective of the situation we find ourselves

  • Kat

    Inspiring quotes ma’am,my personal favorite is number seven because he has proven himself my anchor and solid rock.It is because of him that my hope is alive today


    God is my anchor in a shifting world is the boom. It has thrown me off my feet because it’s really inspiring. No matter the perils of life, God is there as a strong tower of refuge.

  • Man may fail you but God is true. Always hear me when i call, he doesn’t count my inequities but calls me love. My God is indeed awesome.

  • Njoku Chiamaka Constance

    These quotes are reminders of God’s promises and faithfulness to us.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    This are life nourishing quotes …….God bless you

  • Mbagwu Henry Ugochukwu

    These quotes will do more good when i paste them on my wall at my lodge to serve as Day boosters when i wake up.

  • ojimadu kingsley

    God indeed is wonderful and faithful. man may fail but God will surely answer. he doesnt count my iniquities but loves me. This is wonderful. thank you, ma!

  • Ogidi gift uzoma

    This is so inspiring and spirit lifting. God bless you ma

  • ushie joana

    indeed.God is the very one we can turn to in times of trouble becuase He never fails

  • Abonyi Chisom Eucheria

    our God is always faithful he never forsakes us. he is ever ready to help us, all we have to do is to reciprocate the love he has for us by also being faithful to him. ma, thanks for these lovely quotes.

  • Emmanuel Gerald

    This post emphasizes on the need to stick to God at all times and never give up on HIM because he has been faithful and will always be.

  • wow…….I love these inspirational quotes. I wish they never finished. So lovely and thumbs up, ma! Your posts are always motivating.

  • John Chimuanya

    Beautiful quotes ma. Our heavenly father is indeed the peresonification of faithfulness and love.

  • uche akwara agatha

    my comment is simple. God is everything. Minus him, nothing stands, fullstop.

  • Hmm! How I wish that you will go ahead in coining more of the quotes. I love this… Aunty Edith, God bless you. Amen.

  • Emmanuel Ujevwe

    I am solely drawn to quote seven. it reminds me that i have an anchor who is greater than the greatest.

  • Iroegbu Amarachi

    This post is awesome as it gives us an insight on God’s personality.Indeed He is God and He never fails us.

  • Agugbua Chisom

    God is truly faithful and his faithfulness lasts forever.These quotes about God’s faithfulness are true.


    Our God is faithful. Even when we are unfaithful to Him, He is still faithful. Man may fail us and disappoint us but He never fails because all you need to do is to believe in Him. Nice one, ma!

  • Amaobi Precious

    This is nothing short of awesome! The quotes tell us that God is faithful and is nothing less than that. He is always faithful and we can’t deny that fact. Both in the good rimes and in the bad times, God is always there for us. When it seems no one stands for us, God is still there. When it seems accepting the hand of the devil is the better alternative, God is still there. When the enemy raises a great storm that threatens our very esistence, God is there, holding us, our anchor. Remain blessed always, Ma.

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    Ma, am really speechless by the effect these posts are having on me as a believer as I read them. You post inspires me a lot and gives me hope when my spirit is downcasted. Aunty, God bless you for all the work of the Lord which you doing through your blog. You are a blessings to us your children in the department and God will always keep you and prosper you for us.

  • Oleru Precious

    God is truly faithful. When I look back in time and remember what God has done for me, I just look up into the heavens crying and asking God what I did to deserve such love

  • Abugu Nkemjika

    These quotes are so motivating and lift the spirit, they also remind us of an ever-loving God who is always available whenever we call on him. All we need is just to trust him.

  • Sandra Oweka

    Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord!


    GOD is a faithful father. HE is the only one that can not abandon you when the whole world have. All the Quotes listed here is what my FATHER is and many more. He is the only one that no matter how terrible our sins are, as long as you have ask for forgiveness, he will forgive. GOD works more when we put our faith and trust in him and as well worship him. HE is the provider, giver, sustainer and many more. HE is worthy.

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    It baffles me how some people doubt the Love of God .. God Love keeps me going, it is his Love that makes me wake up every morning feeling healthy… It is his love that I can type here… God loves makes me bold and Confident…
    There is no Love like His.

  • Eze, Nnenna Victoria

    God is always there,we are the ones that are not always there for him.

  • Akwara Agatha Uchechi

    You cannot be forgotten in the dust and dunghill when God is there for us. God created us and he knows us just as a father knows his child. He cant forget us when we need him. He is always there for us.

  • Ndieze kelechi

    God is ever faithful. He keeps to words. Instead of his word not coming to pass, let the heavens and earth pass away. What he promises, he accomplish.We don’t give up or give in to the foolishness of the devil. God is always there for us.

  • Ugwu Ikenna

    I love number 11. God can do anthing for a man that trusts Him completely. Praise God

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    God never fails, he has never and will never. Just as it is said, his mill grinds slowly but it actually produce the best flour. So his delay is actually not his denial, he’s just designing the best for you. I love the number 1.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    Glory to God! Our faithful father. I love number 7. It is just what I need to remind myself daily of God’s presence and guidance in my everyday life.

  • Happiness Saturday

    We should never let the devil manipulate us with earthly things. We should always look to God.

  • Inspiring quotes ma. most times its difficult to keep having faith when it seems anytime you pray its like his ears are closed it takes his grace to keep having faith in such a situation

  • Onah Chimdalu

    He is indeed a faithful God and he is too big to disappoint those who trust in him

  • Okere Grace Onyinyechi

    “Don’t accept anything from the devil. Everything you need is in God”.Talking about breaking free from the devil and his lies.

  • Uzor Victoria

    God’s faithfulness is the one constant in the equation. He is the Rock on which we stand.

  • Anabude oluchi

    Looking closely at point three, devil does not give anything free when he gives he uses the left hand to collect it. And anything belonging to him gives pain but God who rules the affairs of men have everything we would ever think and things from God gives/add no sorrow

  • It is impossible for God to turn his back on us, even when we are going astray, he patiently waits for us to come back to him. He never disappoints, ever trustworthy.

  • Olawole Ebenezer

    “You cannot be forgotten in the dust and the dunghill when God has promised you a throne of glory.” Great article ma’am.

  • During Joselyn Amarachi

    “The mills of God grind slowly but they do grind afterwards, you get the best flour”.
    My favourite of them all. People ask why are you not where your mates are? I feel this is the perfect answer. Knowing this, I have hope that whenever it clicks, it is clicking real big.

  • Duru Joselyn Amarachi

    “The mills of God grind slowly but they do grind afterwards, you get the best flour”.
    My favourite of them all. People ask why are you not where your mates are? I feel this is the perfect answer. Knowing this, I have hope that whenever it clicks, it is clicking real big.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    “You cannot be forgotten in the dust and the dunghill when God has promised you a throne of glory” ?? word

  • Nzubechi Victor

    God is ever faithful
    We may not understand his methods some times, but they are always for our best.

  • Nwankwo Chinonyelum Gladys

    One thing I never doubt is God’s faithfulness. We can always count on Him and He is always coming through for us. I’m happy I came across these qoutes, Thanks a lot, ma.


    This is so inspiring and full of motivations thank you mummy

  • His works can be delayed but can’t be denied

  • Aroh Anthonia Ifeoma

    One really needs to write these quotes down to take a look every morning. What really got me is the fact that he’ll be with me in the raging storm. A lot of christians think they shouldn’t be passing through hard times because they serve God.

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    God will only be your anchor if you surrender your life to him. If you let him take Control.

  • Have learnt to depend on God’s faithfulness because God never fails to keep to his promise

  • Ibe Favour Kalu

    The ninth quote for me: “We can bank on every promise that God makes to us.” Thank you ma for the quotes.

  • Anarah Chisom Chigoziem

    Even if we forget about everything… We shouldn’t forget about God’s promises. Infact, His promises are everything, so we shouldn’t forget about anything.

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