The Story So Far:
Right after moving into his new place, Ebony’s neighbour shows up and insists on cleaning the dusty apartment for him. Suspicious of her motives, Ebony attempts to pay her for the service later but she is shocked and doesn’t touch the money.

This episode recounts their encounter the next day. They spent quite sometime together. What were there they doing and how did it go? Some humour awaits. Here we go!



The next morning, I was woken by loud banging on the front door. I thought the house was on fire, only for me to rush out in my boxers to see Mama Chinonso looking like “Lord, have mercy on me!” Nobody had the right to look so good this early, I thought.

“You plan to sleep all day?” I was speechless. “It’s 8 a.m. Don’t you have to go to work or something?” I was still stunned by her looks and hadn’t recovered my voice. Her light skin had a lovely glow and she was shapely, too shapely!

“I wanted to make sure you were alive,” she said, with twinkles in her brown eyes, “and to tell you I’m going to the market. Are there things I should buy for you?”

“No, thanks!” I was now feeling self-conscious, wishing I’d spent some time at the gym rather than peering at my laptop 24/7.

“Think again. Curtains? Water containers? Mopping stick? Cooking utensils? Food?” Her inspection the previous night had revealed much.

“Alright! Since you seem to know all I need, make a list but don’t exceed ten thousand Naira.”

“Okay,” she replied and merrily walked back to her apartment. I gazed at her and absolutely loved the view. I doubt that any other guy would have reacted differently.

“D#mn,” I exclaimed.

I think you deserve to know exactly what she looks like. She is 5ft. 9″ or thereabouts, with some neat curves, which would look bad on someone of a shorter height. She has a high-bridged nose (like mine) and perfect dentition (the kind the Bible describes in the Song of Solomon as “each with its twin”. We used that love stuff from Solomon to toast* girls back in JSS*. Weird, right?).

She also has pale pink lips, lovely legs and best of all, masses of hair (not wig or weave on). With the number of girls I’ve had, I can tell the difference between the purchased and natural stuff from a mile. I later confirmed that she’s biracial (half Nigerian-half Greek) but, if you ask me, whoever contributed the Nigerian part was dulling*, making her look more like a Mediterranean than a Nigerian beauty. (I’m a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to female beauty, regardless of its origin.)

The moment I entered my flat, the red flag went off. What was I doing, I asked myself.

I hardly know this woman. What if she hasn’t enough money for her own shopping and is planning to cover it by skimping on my own purchases? Besides, how wise is it to let her shop for me? I’m certain prices will hit the roof when traders see a supposed Oyibo* woman.

I quickly brushed my teeth and pulled on jeans and my green “I love Naija” tee-shirt. A tap on the door and she met me putting on my sneakers in the corridor off the living room.

“Going somewhere?”

“I thought that since I’m free now, I’ll accompany you to the market in my car. You’re right. I really have a lot to buy. Carpets, a decent mattress, the things you mentioned and more.”

I kicked myself inwardly. If I bought all that, I would be spending thrice the amount I told her earlier. I never intended to squander money like that. But I continued, “It won’t be fair for you to shop for it all alone and move about in a taxi. The least I can do is carry them for you and be your chauffeur.”

“That’s very sweet of you.” You think! Although I had a policy of never hooking up with married ladies, I wasn’t too sure how things would play out with the beauty in front of me. But I was open to all possibilities.

“You’re just like my husband.” Oh-oh, that’s not good! “He usually accompanies me to the market.” Now, why would a guy do that? “It’s a good sign, you know, when a guy is patient enough to shop with a lady.” I perked up again. Could she be referring to us?

“Your girlfriend is a lucky lady.” Not what I was expecting to hear. “Do you have her picture around?”

“There’s no one at the moment,” I lied. The truth was there were several girls but I really didn’t know what I wanted with any of them beyond the usual ….

“No problem. In fact, it’s better you wait till you’re sure you’ll be committed before getting into a relationship.”

“That’s what I’m doing,” I lied again. I felt a desperate urge to agree with Mama Chinonso on everything and impress her thereby. Whether it would be enough to get us to where I was fantasising was yet to be seen.

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I’d started out hoping to ensure she didn’t steal from me but I’d ended up lusting after her. But she failed to notice my subtle moves: brushing my hands against hers, smiling till my facial muscles ached and winking at her often. At some point, she said, “You smile an awful lot, you know! It just doesn’t seem right in Nigeria of today.” Then, “My pastor would love to display you on the pulpit as an illustration of the countenance to wear all the time no matter how bad things are.” We both laughed at that.

As we shopped, I was impressed with her bargaining skills. She was well known in the market and spoke Igbo throughout. We conversed easily as the day wore on. She asked me so many personal questions their answers would be enough to write my biography. She said little about herself (for instance, I learnt she was a teacher) but she spoke about her husband every chance she got. In fact, that was why I eagerly answered her questions. I had no interest in learning how nice and loving her husband was.

So, a day after moving where I hoped I would be left alone, I had succumbed to the charms of another female, this time, a married one!

To be continued
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

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*To toast a girl is slang for to tell her you admire or love her
*JSS means Junior Secondary School
*dulling in this context is slang for slacking or not doing well
*Oyibo is Igbo for white


Do you think it is wise of this lady to give Ebony so much attention?

Would you be kind enough to advise Ebony at this point on how to proceed in his relationship with her?


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  • Amoke chinasa

    Very interesting piece,this is a true example of a write up that ardent readers follow from begining to end with galloping speed.

  • ChikaWrites

    This is good. I am wondering where Mama Chinonso’s husband is.

  • okereke chukwuemeka Matthew

    I think she is crossing the line here. And I am about to see a motive which is bad. It is wrong to give such attention to someone u don’t know, at the first instance it was good of her helping him out the day he packed in but showing up again to do his shopping is at the core. My advice to him is to tred with caution because with his thoughts, he is about to fall into the fire which will burn him.

    • Edith Ohaja

      The woman seems to be a very confident and guileless person but Ebony, na waa! One needs to be careful with a guy like that. Thank you, Chukwuemeka, and remain blessed!

  • Mike Peters

    Set the water on fire…let there be a raging storm!
    Let’s see how things go between them…me sha wan see the end of this matter



  • ifeoma mordi

    Pls where is mama chinonso’s husband? I think whatever happens, she started it, how can she be throwing herself at a young man like that….. Na wa oh

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! Is she actually throwing herself at him? I guess it depends on how one looks at it. Bless you, Ifeoma!

  • Nonyel Praise

    My guess is that woman is lonely and just needed to relate and the arrival of ebony provided that opportunity. She maybe an outgoing type who most of the times mislead men unknowingly and they are misjudged. It is not good to be seen shopping with a married woman in the market. People will easily read meaning to it. Ebony is trapped already cause his heart isn’t pure. A man of high moral character will resist her unusual interest from day one. This is an appearance of evil and both should flee. Thank you ma. Blessings

  • Chioma Onah

    I hope this play boy gets played. I mean a situation where he gets badly beaten at his own game. For the lady, I think she is nice to a fault. I look forward to the next episode Ma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol, Chioma! I’m glad you’re following the story. The lady does seem like an angel. God’s grace in all you do in Jesus’ name.

  • Ezeigwe Martin

    Ebony is being faced with the same reason that made him move out of his former apartment. Mama Chinonso’s care towards him is getting out of hand o. Why checking up on him that early morning? She should leave the dude alone. Trouble de sleep, iyanga de wake am.
    As for Ebony, he better discard the thoughts he has in mind in order to avoid trouble.

    • Edith Ohaja

      “Trouble de sleep, iyanga de wake am.” Lol! Seriously though, very soon, the matter will come to a head. It usually does in such situations. You are highly blessed, Martin, in Jesus’ name.

  • Isaac Nwanneka Oyirridiya

    Am in suspense
    can wait for the next episode

  • Evans Ezeme

    Ha! qettinq more interestinq. wherever her husband is, he should come and posses his possession o. Maybe she’s just beinq kind and Ebonyi, is seeinq it throuqh lustful eyes.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You seem to have decoded it correctly. Ebony needs help. He needs to learn to control his passion. Thank you, Evans. You are blessed!

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    She’s probably trying to be nice and homely but Ebony’s experiences with women is not letting him see it that way, I’d say he ought to work on his mindset :)) lovely piece

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right! Ebony’s mind is messed up. It needs serious renewal. God’s grace in all your endeavours, Nathalie!

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    The Story is getting more interesting. Both Ebony and Mama Chinonso need urgent help. Mama Chinonso is overstepping the limit of reasonableness. Her perceptible desire and desperation to establish an unholy relationship with a woman maniac like Ebony is absolutely daffy and unreasonable. She has been successfully disgracing herself. Ebony, on his part, is an enigma. For him to have miraculously escaped onslaught from his female friends in his former residence and returned to yet a bigger trouble-bound affair is inexplicable. His readiness to pander to her whims just to impress her is ridiculous. If both are not careful, they will soon realize the difference between White and Black. Let the pen roll on!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glad to read your views, Chinagorom. I think the way Mama Chinonso is being judged is the reason many people, especially women, are not as nice as they would love to be. It’s easy to be misunderstood when people presume your niceness for being too forward and ascribe improper motives to you. It may have something to do with our culture. You are lifted, my dear.

  • Nice! really loved it
    i hope to see more

    • Edith Ohaja

      Well, I’ve posted two additional episodes so far. I’m glad you’re following and enjoyig the story. You are sooo blessed!

  • Interesting story, but Ebony should control the thoughts he has towards mama chinonso before he would be carried away emotionally.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My brother, I’d say he is already carried away. Like you rightly pointed out, we need to control our thoughts. Otherwise, we can get into serious trouble. Bless you, Osas!

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Sorry to say, I pray that God don’t allow me to marry this kind of woman. The husband has lost her to Ebony, judging from what am seeing. It’s is not right at all to lust after another man after marriage. Ebony, on the other hand, as expert will handle her well for the glory of the kingdom of darkness. It’s a free gift from the devil.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! You’re kidding me, right? You really don’t feel the only reason one will be nice to a person of the opposite sex is because of lust. Bless you, Emmanuel!

  • Chinwe Anakwe

    Ebony is a lost cause! Run Mama Chinonso, run! Good job bringing up your husband into the conversation. That handsome neighbor of yours is not pure ?

    • Edith Ohaja

      Honestly, Ebony is bad. The woman is not taking his hints, she’s talking about her husband, yet he’s concocting evil in his mind. Thanks for your comment, Chinwe! You are sooo blessed!

  • Mbadugha Ifeanyi

    Hahaha! Things are getting interesting. I love the introduction that tells first time readers the story line and makes others that already know dive into the story. Ebony should “lock up” coz im thinking mama chinonso has ulterior motives.

  • Ezenwa chinaza

    hmmmm. I like that woman. considering that she talks about her husband every chance she got to remind Ebony she is taken. Ebony should better tread cautiously because no amount of fantasies can manifest in real life.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, I like that too. It’s good to let people know your status before they start getting romantic notions about you. But it appears our guy, Ebony, has chosen to be deaf. The pull of the flesh can be quite strong but with God’s grace, we can overcome it and live right. God bless you!

  • chigozie mbah

    I agrre with the quote on the graphic. Since the lady is married, he should back off.

  • it’s realy quite interesting, i have come to see the advantages of keeping a leash on one’s emotions.
    most times, it might appear that things otherwise viewed as wrong feel right. when such feelings arise, we need to look to God for assistance.

  • Ugwoke Melvina Ifechukwu

    Mama Chinonso is being flirtatious. Ebony in a terrible unstable sexual emotions. And this could be very dangerous for both of them. This because the issue of adultery is a serious one. I thereby recommend a therapist for Ebony.

  • Njoku Chiamaka Constance

    Mama Chinoso must love her husband to always talk about him at any given chance.
    She’s indeed a carefree person with an optimistic view of life.

  • Nobele

    had it been Ebony managed to tell Mama Nonso that he doesn’t want to buy anything, he wouldn’t have lusted after her. liking the story more and more.

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    Why do I feel Mama Chinonso is clueless? She is being nice and failing to note that Ebony is hitting on her.. Wwawww… This is very good… Nice work Ma

  • Ugwuoke Blessing Nnedinso

    Its obvious that two of them are engulfed in lust. Marriage is a scared institution but Mama Nonso doesn’t seem to care. As for Ebony, he is treading cautiously but from the look of things, he will soon succumb to the desires and lusts of his heart. Nice piece. I love the suspense and thrill of the story.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Blessing! Think you missed something. The woman didn’t acknowledge Ebony’s subtle moves by his own admission. She also spoke about her husband at every opportunity. What does that tell you? Even Ebony saw that he was hitting a brick wall with his flirtations where she was concerned. You need to pay closer attention when you read a story like this. Also, follow the graphics. What you don’t grasp in the text, you can’t miss in the graphics. Bless you!

  • Mamah Daniella Chinenye

    Beauty is a divine gift. Ebony was moved by the beauty of Mama Nonso. But even in the absence of her husband, she never waved off memories of him. the story is quite fascinating.


    I think Mama Nonso is being too nice and her over niceness is sending wrong feelings to Ebony. I suggest she curtail it because its not healthy for them both. Nice piece Ma.

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna

    Ebony better check himself before someone else does it for him. mama chinonso is not even helping matters by assisting him with every single thing and unconsciously painting an illusion in his mind

  • nwokeocha precious chidubem

    i hope this play boy gets played.
    cant wait to see what really happened at last.

  • Okechukwu Confidence

    Very engaging… My food burnt on fire when I was trying to finish the story. Lol

  • Anyalewechi chinaza victory

    Ebony portrays the character of any Nigerian man [fear of being duped], although the lady had no bad intentions but was only trying to be nice.

  • I think Mama Chinonso is a very nice person and might not realize the type of person Ebony is. Ebony had better steer clear of her although I cannot help but wonder what kind of man her husband is as she constantly brings him up. I can’t wait to see where this leads.

  • John Chimuanya

    Ebony should not see everything that crosses his path in a skirt as a potential ‘sex experience’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juliet Onyinye

    Now, here is a really engaging, intriguing and suspense filled story!


    Ebony should try and accommodate the lady without any hidden agenda. From all indications, the lady is so caring even without minding that Ebony as a bachelor may be nursing a different thing in his mind.


    The story is interesting but Ebony should try to control himself because mama Chinoso is only trying to be nice and nothing else

  • Juliet

    We are too slow to control our emotions. Thats our problem.

  • Chioma Ezeudu

    Guide your heart with all diligence because out of it comes the issues of life. I feel like the writer did a good job at addressing female innocence with her character, mama chinoso. Mama chinoso a nice woman decides to innocently help a neighbor she thinks does not know his way around and he starts flirting. Like, can’t a woman help a young boy without him desiring to have her?!!! I also like the character of Mama chinoso as the writer portrays her to be a nice wife with good bargaining skills and I admire her ability to also talk about her husband at any given opportunity. I love her naivety and I think the writer did a good job at creating it.

  • Ngbede Emmanuel

    One’s imagination can get him or her into a messy situation

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    Ebony is actually falling for mama Chinonso even when he knows she is married,hmmmm this is very interesting oooh.God help him.

  • Nwosu chinwendu favour

    Learning to control your emotions can be one of the best skills you will ever develop in your life .


    The story is very interesting but Ebony should control himself.


    The neighbor, Mama Chinonso is a married woman and has her boundaries. Ebony should try to control his emotions and know how to act around her, but i must say that mama chinonso is being too nice. From the description looks like she is indeed an attractive and pretty lady, hard to resist though. Thank you, ma.

  • Edith, I am going to confess to you that I read this second part of the sequel (with out even knowing about the first part….) one day when I was browsing your sight! I was SPEECHLESS and did not know what to comment. I laugh as I share this with you. Reading your preface, and part one, really helps me to enjoy, and sit on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what happens next! More creative and wisdom delivered from Edith !! I love it ! (Hugs from across the ocean for you dear sister)

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glad you’ve seen it in its context, Tammy. An unbeliever cannot be thinking and talking like a believer simply because a believer is writing the story. That is not convincing. These are the struggles people have, even some believers. But it is a story of redemption. God does not give up on people and neither should we. We need the grace to hang in there though because the ways of people of the world are vastly different from ours.

  • Nwankpa Udego Pretty

    Interesting story but both of them should be careful not to fall into temptation.


    Nice! I love the suspense.
    lets find out how it ends between the two..

  • Fidelis Favour Chiamaka

    Brother Ebony, she’s married. Ebony should know what is right from wrong. The fact that he is single is not an opportunity for him to have lustful thoughts.And Mama Chinonso is being too friendly, too nice to someone she just met. I hope they don’t fall into temptation

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    i believe that a guy who is a playboy and used to being surrounded or chased by ladies will never take a beautiful lady’s kind act for what it is. i still maintain that Mama Chinonso is just a good and nice beautiful lady. any way, i cant wait to see where this story is headed. its captivating and suspense-filled.

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Ebony man calm down, she’s someone’s wife, if you proceed with your intentions, you’re in for an ill fate.

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    Huh? Boo! That’s how it starts and when it finally happens, Satan will be brought into the matter. “Ndi be anyi si na ewu na ji adiro ano” if this is courtesy, this kind is dangerous. Mama Chinonso should be very careful or she will end up leading Ebony into temptation. I rest my case!

  • Udeh Favour.M

    OMG.. see this guy oh after being unnecessarily paranoid at first and now he’s falling for her. I pray mama chinoso brings him back to reality.. for crying out loud, she’s a married woman.. smh

  • Oleru Precious

    I just hope things don’t go wrong because Mama Chinonso is behaving too kind

  • Opara Stella Chidindu

    It is not wise for mama Chinonso to give Ebony so much attention because she is a married woman who should focus more on her family. I think Ebony is diving in too deep without even realising it. He should learn how to distance himself from her before it is too late.

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta.

    Indeed not every longing of our hearts should be pursued. This guy is just plain sick. Lusting after a married woman who presumably is genuinely helping him. I can’t wait to see the karma that befalls him so he can learn his lesson.

  • Jeremiah Chioma Juilet

    Its a love story playing out. whats wrong, i thought she was married and wasn’t she raised in Nigeria, how is she so free.
    See whats shes causing in the the young boy’s head. Ladies have got to b e careful

  • Onoh Oziomachukwu

    Well i dont think it is wrong for the lady to give him much attention its just that he will begin to read meaning to the attention, which he is already doing and we cant blame him for it

  • Chekuzo veronica

    Hmmm the lady has got guts, she should just be careful shaaa or she will bite more than she can chew

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    Hehe..from ensuring she doesn’t steal from him to falling for I like the fact that she talked about her husband every chance she got, that way Ebony would know that there is no chance for him atall

  • Onoh, chiazo Johanness

    Hmmm… He has been faced with what he has been trying to avoid. And he has no plans of fighting the temptation…let me read on and find what happens next

  • Onoh, chiazo Johanness

    Hmmm..he has been faced with the same temptation he has been trying to avoid and he has no plans of fighting the temptation.
    This is really interesting..let me read on and find out what happens

  • Ene Kosisochukwu Zita

    It’s good to admire a married woman who is charming but, bad when your imagination starts going rogue. In other words, temptation is bad only when it comes with failure to overcome, which is already imminent from what I’m seeing in the relationship. Ebony (Ikemefuna) seems drowned before you even say Jack Robinson. The next episode will shed more light.

  • Onyeka pamela chiamaka

    She might be harmless but she is passing the wrong signals. I advise she take a backward step

  • ene esther

    LOL. The play boy is trying hard to impress a married woman. Hmmmm, I wonder what is going through his mind, I hope he remembers that. I like the fact that she tries to bring up her husband every chance she gets.

  • Chika Divine Umunnakwe

    The story is simple and clarity speaks. Is a short and interesting story. It is descriptive and illustrative. The use of dialogue and quote is well presented in the story. The lady is a kind lady by nature and she is just being honest and showing love as expected by her master (Jesus). Too much attention is not welcoming as anything excess becomes wrong but love demands giving people attention.

    Ebony should not abuse such an honest relationship. Not all desires of the heart should be granted. Ebony should discipline himself as you see his relationship life; he is a man of lust forming relationship without commitment and lies. Ebony needs to withdraw his lust and teach himself that such woman is not a flirt but a help and so he should utilise such relationship for his good.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    They are getting too close and it is becoming very suspicious.Both seem to be falling for each other. Anastacia seems to enquiring about her relationship status while Ebony appears patient and ready for her. Anybody has course to suspect them judging from their closeness.

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    Hmm… I hope Ebony doesn’t do something stupid. Besides, I think it’s in Mama Chinonso’s nature to help. She’s just trying to help a clueless bachelor. Get your mind out of the gutter, Ebony, You’ll scare the poor woman away.

  • Osere Theresa

    Really from frying pan to fire, Ebony is confused if he’s lusting for her because if her kindness or her beauty, I wonder how he will control himself from loving her because she’s a married woman who talks about her husband a lot that is she loves him that much, my question here is where is the husband at this point?, let’s see how part 3 goes if my question will be answered

  • Maduabuchi Ebube Deborah

    Ebony Ebony…. OK oooo,mama chinonso am still wondering where your husband is that you always have time to revolve around ebony. … good to help people oooo but are u sure your own is not becoming too much to this young man……..see ebony I can see the way you are now talking about her shape,her beauty and all pls and pls,remember you said you dnt do married women,dnt fall my hand oooo and besides not everything that fancies you that you will go for,I believe that there are lots of fine girls already in your life, can you kukuma pick one as your personal person and leave mama nonso and her kind gesture to avoid stories that touches the hrt……..

  • Interesting…
    I just pray that ebony controls his lust, to find more about mama Chinonso. Since she hardly say much about personal life, and ask too much questions. Furthermore the reason behind her being caring and helpful.

  • onyema chinonyelum cynthia

    first, Ebony should circumcise his heart and know that not all his lustful desires can be fulfilled. also, i think the lady is harmless but she is definitely sending the wrong signals.

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Hahahaha Ebony’s perverted mind… the woman is shapely shapely. I think this woman is really going overboard with this her attitude of a good neighbor. Ebony should really take cautions and be careful not to let his guard down again.

  • Peace onoja

    Wow! Mama chioma is a character to emulate. Her carefree attitude is what I find interesting the most. Quite hard to find someone like her.

  • ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    Mama chioma is really going overboard. as a married woman, she is not suppose to get too close to other men apart from her husband because it can ruin her marriage. not that she should not talk to her neighbors, but she should do it in a moderate manner. not going to a guys room to do clean up for him. the husband will not be happy with her if he find out.

  • Ndudu John

    Ebony should just calm down and avoid building castles in the air about this married woman. It’s not just right. He should take her niceness on a platonic note.

  • udeh blessing

    in as much as she wants to help Ebony,she should know her limit because he is a young man and she is also a married woman that has a home. am not against her help ,but they should know their boundary. Ebony should not have such thought in mind so as not to lead themselves to sin. there closeness can actually lead them to lust,they should just have limit.

  • Anowi chisom

    well, mama chinoso is just trying to be hospitable and help her neighbor fix in well into the neighborhood. ebony just has a dirty mind, he doesn’t know the difference between being nice and being seductive. she talks about her husband constantly to remind of her marital status. ebony should know that she is a married woman and accord her some respect.

  • ozulumba chikodili

    Like i replied in the last episode, people are born nice. With the caring attitude towards Ebony, one would think she is shooting her shot but she is a married woman for crying out loud, not all women are the same. And am wondering, where is her HUSBAND!!!!!!

  • caius precious chinwendu

    She might actually have good intentions for Ebony and maybe just a nice woman but i think he is interpreting the message. He is trying to put her in the same place he puts the other girls he goofs around with. I hope she doesn’t fall cheap though.


    Basically, the short story narrated above is interesting and I’d rather advice Ebony the luckiest guy to play the game safely since love is inevitable and inescapable event, again it is also the duty of the adult or married woman (Chinonso) to limits her level of helping hand to avoid unforeseen incidence in the cause of helping the young man; because the guy being a bachelor is open for an unpredictable temptation. The story is brief and cute.


    I Think it is not bad the lady to give Ebony some much attention, because she thought he was just trying to be a good neighbor to advice to Ebony at this point is that, he should take things easy,because it is not good to rush into something fast . They say the patient dog eat the fattest bone.


    Right about now, i think it is wrong for Ebony to give mama chinonso so much attention, i mean, the woman is married for the record in case he forgets, giving her too much attention will make him attached to her, which obviously isn’t good.My advice for Ebony is to stay calm and he shouldn’t go after his intentions.


    I think there is nothing wrong for Ebony to give mama chinonso so much attention but he should always remember that she is married and there is no hope for him, I Don will advice Ebony to respect his neighbour and not to proceed his intentions towards her.

  • Joseph jennifer Ezinne

    It can be deduced from the way mama chinonso talks about her husband that her intentions are nothing short of clean. she means no harm, although she’s causing a lot of harm unintentionally. being nice to the wrong people is just a waste of time. they would misinterpret you so much so that you would vow never to be nice again, especially all these fresh boys. He needs mind renewal. he should leave the young woman alone and not lure her into his web.

  • Akogu Imelda Chidiebere

    I don’t agree with the woman’s closeness with ebony. She is married for God’s sake let her give room for young ladies who are his type. And married women who flung themselves at young guys are they doing this with good reasoning at all ?
    I hope Ebony will keep his decision not to have anything to do with married women.

  • Egbo Benjamin Chigbogu

    O dikwa riski.
    Well, mama Chisom seems really virtuous, I appreciate that, bbut some boundaries need to be maintained.
    Ebony would certainly woo this one.

  • Orji blessing chidubem

    If anything happens, I would blame mama chisom the most.
    First of all your married…what was she thinking hanging out with a single young man(what if the husband noticed them from the previous night? I will fight oo if am the man) it’s totally wrong cos no matter how good she wanted to be,there are certain circumstances that should hold her back.
    Although we pray for the grace of the lord to see us through all day
    But I must warn,this flesh is weak oo
    And the human heart can be tricky sometimes.
    Ebony is already seen as an opportunist and a Casanova so his own case is going to be hard to tackle at this point lol.

  • Otti Uzoma Augusta

    maybe mama Chinoso is just this type of person who gives attention to everybody but this doesnt mean she is leading Ebony on. Ebony should also known that not every fine girl that comes his way must be his so he should get a hold of himself besides she is married.

  • Ezeudu Chioma

    Ebony should be careful in the way he let’s his imagination go. Mama Chinonso is married and by the look of thing’s she’s just friendly and nothing more.. Just wanting to help out a new neighbor.. He shouldnt act on his feelings atall.

  • Onovoh Adaeze J.

    What on earth is Ebony thinking. It is normal to admire a beautiful woman, but not when thoughts starts running wild. He should consider the fact that mama Nonso is a married woman abeg.

  • Okorie Adaora Nneoma

    Ebony’s admiration for mama Chinonso is turning into lust forgetting that she is a married woman….. Mama Chinonso on the other hand should have limit to this her kindness to avoid stories that touch the heart

  • izunobi stanislaus

    At the previous episode I thought it was just an innocent clean up but now I think she is going far with this……she doesn’t know him for crying out loud so why would she come so close to him like that?

  • too short ma is there a sequel to this story? i want more! and i think he should just take caution and will it be right to say there is something immodest about her modesty? who knows unless it has a sequel. this is a goood story line

    • Edith Ohaja

      It’s a six-part series, my dear. You just read Episode 2. Navigate the blog for the other episodes or check under Series in Categories. Cheers!

  • Not every call of the heart should be answered, some need to be ignored. Admiration is a good thing which should end in terms of attraction without dirty imaginations.

  • For me I think she is over stepping the boundaries of being nice and all, though I don’t yet know what her motive really is. As for Ebony, like you said, ma, not every admiration should be accommodated.

  • Queeneth Nnodim

    Probably Mama chinonso has good intentions and Ebony is the one misinterpreting her actions because of his past experiences with women. But I still wonder where Mama chinonso’s husband and children are? And why does she have so much time and care for a total stranger? Is so weird. There must be something behind all those good actions of her towards Ebony. Can’t wait to find out.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Hmm. Wahala dey o
    Ebony is now lusting over mama chinonso. He better be careful before he land into a big problem. Cheating with someone’s wife is a very serious issue. He better avoid one o. Mama chinonso looks like a carefree woman sef . Doesn’t she have her own family to take care of? how does she has time for meeting Ebony when she should be with her husband and children or even working?

  • Oma

    Some one will be on his own temptation will start looking for him, ebony should be careful in as much as the woman won’t have anything in mind , but the way she is giving him attention is a broad way for ebony to do anything, anyway nextttt.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    The familiarity level is on professional level, love the build-up of the story and it makes me nervous of what will happen next..

  • Ochei Anthony Arinze

    The game is now changing to the next level
    But I still don’t understand the lady’s intention.

  • Joseph joy

    Her intentions might be clear, because checking up on your neighbors ain’t a bad thing to do, but the young man is now seeing it as a signal to dig more, I advice he withdraw because he’s dealing with a married woman and such act can put him into trouble.

    • Ezekiel Stanley Chinedu

      I think, Mama Chinonso is over stepping her boundaries.
      What is her business with Ikem, letting the young man abort his resolutions. Let her divert her attention towards her son Chinonso.
      I have this feeling that mama Chinonso’s husband is either dead or he travels a lot…

  • Uko Iniobong

    Gush! This guy handsomeness will eventually put him in trouble. To over cute is a big problem and to over ugly is also a problem. Am not sure that Chinonso father is alive.

  • Chah ugochukwu

    Ok so I get that the woman was very beautiful but the fact alone that she was married should have scared the guy off. I mean this is lust in the purest form and if not checked could result in undesirable results. He was supposed to avoid her like a plague till his desires were checked not follow her to the market and be fantasising. People have little regard for sinning these days

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Mama Chinonso is overdoing her kindness. She should let the new tenant have some space. I know her intentions are very honourable and motherly but her constant stay with Ebony is causing troubles she’s unaware of. Ebony, on the other hand, lacks principles. Admiring a woman is cool, we all do it sometimes but letting imaginations run wild is not pleasing at all.

  • Okalishi Oliver

    Ebony is not worth leaving with people. He needs special attention and counselling. He is a frustrated human being by trying to have an anal knowlegde of a married woman.
    Was he not the one that said he needed to be alone because of girls in his previous apartment? I think he is very confused with life. He has not really explained his mission.

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    Now am dissapointed in Ebony. Why would he or any man have lustful looks on women especially married ones. I feel that she is trying to be nice to Ebony and he is taking it as “something else” .

  • Heriet

    Mama chinonso is too nice
    I think she wants something from Ebony
    Ebony should say away from her since he can’t keep away from beautiful women
    Great post ma

  • Ibe favour kalu

    A married woman? Ebony should be careful in his relationship with her or he will be doomed. Yes, the woman is beautiful and should be admired,but ebony should flee from his lustful attitude towards her. Lust corrupts both the body and mind.

  • Quite interesting … Can’t wait to see what happens next, cause I think mama chinonso has an intention and Ebony is sheepishly falling to it

    • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

      To me, Mama Chinonso is only trying to look out for Ebony. She might not have any hidden agenda.

      However, I think it’s dangerous for a married woman to be that nice to a single guy because everyone would blame her if things goes South.

      It’s quite obvious that Ebony already started nursing feelings for mama Chinonso. I thought he fled from the other apartment so as to put his life in order. So why can’t he control his thoughts about this woman.

      To think he doesn’t like how she often mentions her husband in their discussion sef?
      He should better go for deliverance abeg

  • Añulika Iwoba

    Things just got interesting.
    A married woman?
    So much charitable deeds for a single guy!
    I absolutely disagree with such attitude.

    The base instincts will always awaken at every sexually suggestive move, so yes it’s only natural that Ebony would begin to feel attracted to mama Nonso.
    But you pointed out in perfect words how necessary it is that we do not heed every urging if this instinct.
    Some are to be disowned as soon as they stir up and here, Ebony should see that he doesn’t begin to view a married woman in the light of lust.
    That must be avoided at all cost.

  • Achugwo Larissa

    i wonder what mama Chinonso is looking for sha. If ebony was a female, it might not look so suspicious. She’s probably just trying to be nice, but then again she night be looking for something else. guess i’ll have to keep reading 😀

  • Mark Favour

    Well, its not wise for her to give so much attention to Ebony but I think mama chinonso is only trying to be a nice neighbor to the new tenant. She is only ignorant of what lies in Ebony’s heart. Besides, she’s married and obviously loves her husband. I don’t think she is expecting anything from Ebony.

  • Okibe Mercy

    Seriously, Mama Chinonso is going extra mile in her way of caring, if Ebony is felling in love with her, it seems to be what she wants from him. Even as a single lady that has nothing to do with the guy, that kind of caring is looks suspicious not to talk of a married woman.

  • okoye paschalmary

    I’m not one to rush into saying that something must happen between this two, but for sure something is fishy. I wonder where mama chinonso’s husband is. Interesting story.

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    Na wah o,Mama Chinonso is unknowingly tempting Ebony,but I believe she only trying to help, Ebony is looking at her large heart, he is only looking at physical features with an erotic mindset…
    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Cynthia

    Nice story ma.
    But to mama chinonso.I think are good behavior towards Ebonyi is too good for a human to do,because this world now, people will turn your good to evil. All the same ma, am enjoying the story

  • Ugwuja Deborah

    To be honest, I don’t think it’s wise for Mama Chinonso to give him so much attention. Mr Ebony who wanted to stay on his own has now fallen for a married woman! Oh, I’d love to see where this goes.

  • Heriet

    Dis is clearly infatuation
    She is married so Ebony should look elsewhere

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    Ebony she is someone’s wife
    Don’t take advantage of her nice nature
    Ebony should know boundaries

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong if she has good intention towards him but if it is otherwise then it is wrong of her considering that he is a married woman. Ebony should steer clear a married woman since he is trying to mend his way.

  • mary R

    It’s obvious he lusting for a married which is very dangerous. Ebony has many flaws lust for women and money and also he lie a lot. I just pray that God will help him from his sinful acts.

  • Janefrances Nwaduche

    I just have few questions.. Why is mama chinonso so friendly with Ebony?..Does she act that way towards every new tenant?.. where is her HUSBAND?..And what’s with this Ebony guy?.. she’s married for crying out loud. I just hope they don’t do anything, they’d regret.

  • Andeshi Monica

    Lol… Poor Ebony, he’s stuck, he has no hiding place now from Mama Chinonso’s beauty and she is making matters worse with her overly nice attitude and gestures. Still hoping that nothing stupid is going to happen though.

  • Chukwu Stella

    i don’t think it is wise for Mama Chinonso to give Ebony so much attention, whether her intentions are good or not,its just not right, because as expected in such situations, Ebony is already having funny thoughts and imagining a lot, she should reduce the level of attention she’s giving him. am still surprised that nothing has happened yet.

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    Ebony should just be careful and thread with caution. She is a married woman so there should be limits. Mama Nonso might have hidden agenda and motive and might also just be a nice person naturally. I just hope she reduces the niceness before she gives Ebony the wrong signal.


    Ebony please beware of Delilah and Jezebel if our time oh,remember how David glee a scandal that would have come between him and his creator,you both are playing deadly game,the story is educative of the struggles we face as men.ride on ma.

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    Am actually loving this story
    Ebony should know there are limits to certain things ooo Mama nnonso is a married woman and might just be playing nice with hidden agendas. Well lets just see how it goes

  • Vincentia Charles

    What ever you are thinking Mister… Stop thinking it. Like I said on the first episode, this is creepy. The lady being nice and helpful is too rigid. she could at least be fluid in her advances or should I say approaches.

  • Iyorakpo Dorathy

    I feel mama nonso is causing trouble for herself, because as a married woman she’s supposed to know her limits with ebony. This coming to his house to ask if he needs anything is uncalled for! Anyways I can’t wait to see the end

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