You’ve probably noticed how most every lady looks like a beauty queen in their pix online, thanks to over-the-top makeup and photo edit tricks. Guys are also giving them a run for their money in this regard these days. We even see this offline at some events. You can hardly recognise some people due to how dolled up they are. It’s nice to put some effort into personal grooming and look good but I feel we shouldn’t overdo it, except we are taking those pix as glamour shots for a modelling portfolio.

One lady once criticised my pix online because they are not studio shots. I laughed. Not that I have anything against studio or professional photography but why would I spend time, effort and money to take such pix when I’m not trying to build a pin-up image? Everyone takes good and awful pix. I don’t share the awful ones, so I think I’m trying in this putting your best foot forward business. But the pix I share are selfies or amateur shots taken as occasion demands.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my students in 2010. There was this picture editing software photographers were using that made our people look like they were moulded from chocolate, smooth but wax-like. Not wax-like like Madame Tussaud’s but the kind where it was obvious something was artificial. I asked him why he would allow anyone to do that to his pix. And I told him that in future when he will reminisce about that time of his life, he will have no true reminder of how he looked. He was unconvinced and said he liked the outcome he held in his hands (the pix in which he looked like a mannequin).

So, what’s your view? Do you prefer retouched pix or the plain stuff?
(Remember we are not judging, just sharing our points of view. After all, in this as in many things in life, it’s different strokes for different folks.) But first, enjoy the poem.


Dim the light in the background
Shed on me a flattering glow
Hide my warts and blackheads
Make my skin lustrous and silky
Add some dazzle to my eyes
Paint my lips in scarlet
Frame my face with stylish tresses
Fit me up with designer wear
Help me to strike the perfect pose
We are in cyberspace
Everyone here is flawless
And I will not be less

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2018

Photo of model: Pixabay

PS. Note that the use of a white model is not a commentary on my view of beauty. It’s the closest free picture I could get to the words in the poem.


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  • Okemiri Ifunanya Diana

    This is a good point, ma’am, but i will say it’s not bad for one to edit his or her picture but overdoing it is what is not acceptable because some people can edit their picture in a way that even if you compare the picture with the real owner, you will not believe it’s the same person. no offense but this is common with the girls. I watched one program which required three females. The company wanted light-skinned ladies for employment, so they sent their pictures online. Behold when they showed up, the manager was speechless because there was no relationship between the pictures and the girls. I know sometimes we want to belong but you have to check to know if it will suit you before you go ahead.

    • Edith Ohaja

      That’s a funny story, Ifunanya! Imagine wasting the poor manager’s time! You are blessed!

  • Emmanuel ujevwe

    Personally, I will pick plain photos because it keeps things real. I’m not judging but I think people use these effects as a shield to hide their true self because they might think the society may not accept them the way they are. It all depends on the person’s self-esteem. “Everyone is flawless and I will not be less.” This goes to show the level of insecurity most people have these days. An amazing poem, MA!

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right, Emmanuel! Many people have a very high need for other people’s approval or to join the latest trend. It can be fun though seeing what someone can be transformed into. But at the end, I want to see the real person, warts and all. I think God has made each of us beautiful in different ways. We just need to see that beauty in us.

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    True talk, Aunty Edith; as for me, I like clear, clean picture not that of a mannequin (well, I’m a male) referring to that of the feminine gender where you see obvious shots of over-the-top photo shopped photos; if it is to be used for modelling portfolios as you described in the poem, no problem. But we should put out pictures that describes us as we are, i.e close to what we look like. Thanks.

  • Josiah Judith Enobong

    Well, as an aspiring model/fashion designer, I choose high definition shots when it comes to profession. But in real life, we should take shots and edit them lightly so as to achieve a clear, clean shot which resembles us in real life. Most times I see some make ups and shots online I chuckle because most people are now abusing the whole make-over of a thing, even those that don’t know how to; well what can I say when almost all the girls in Nigeria are now claiming to be makeup artistes even without certification.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! The fact is that the super models whose names are recognisable, the ones we see in reputable fashion magazines, etc. don’t even use excessive makeup during their photoshoots. It’s only in special cases that they pile on the paint. God’s grace with your modelling aspiration, my dear!

  • Ishiwu victor c

    Just as modern ways overshadow traditional ways, so it affects our trending looks nowadays. Everybody wants to look attractive and cute forgetting to appear real in the eyes of the beholder. I think I agree with the writer to reduce the height and rate we paint ourselves.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail

    Am waiting for more, ma.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail

    I love ur poem MA it made me smile

  • Chisomebi Iroezindu

    I agree with you a little ma. Apart from professional reaaons, i think its still ok to touch up one’s looks “a little”. Though some young ladies prefer over the top make up and they leave the crowd wondering if they are masquerades.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Well, if you read the Intro, that’s exactly what I said. It’s the excesses use of makeup that I wrote about. Bless you!

  • Ofodile chinenye

    Choi…..unfortunately I fall victim to this. Most times I always want my pics to come out looking picture perfect, but I don’t go over the board with so as not to make it look too artificial….natural pics are also nice and I try them out sometimes. But the edited ones make you look so different that sometimes you forget that its your image in the pics….happy Sunday MA!

  • Sefiya

    I enjoy playing around with different photo filters and editing simply because they’re a part of the fun. Removing a giant pimple or two isn’t a big deal to me either, So I don’t judge anyone else who may have done the same to their pictures. We all want to look beautiful. I don’t see it to be bad although too much of it could be a mess. YouTube blogger Gina Shkeda set a great example when her makeup-free selfie went viral on Twitter in March. When a user praised her for “waking up” beautiful, Shkeda admitted that she had some help in the beauty department with microbladed eyebrows, lash extensions, and lip injections.

  • Joseph joy

    Nice one ma….inspired

  • chineme Njoku

    I use a lot of snapchat filters and i don’t do it to alter my beauty but mostly for fun turned in to habit . But i wouldn’t cake up my face so much and feel too happy about it because it is totally uncomfortable . So makeup should be applied moderately to enhance your beauty not to give you an entirely different look.And as for the editing apps used, i personally feel one should minimise the way she /he edits because you will definitely meet the peope you are deceiving one day and will leave them dissappointed. I have fallen victim to this severally and i see reasons why the person is hiding his/her real apperance.


    What an interesting poem ma, well for me, I like the both, It depends on my feeling at that moment and except for some occasional reason like birthday and so on. My view is that people should not over edit their photos because it will make them totally look different from their real self

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    It has become difficult to identify people you have seen their picture and their real face when you meet them one on one. This piece is amazing MA. God bless you

  • izunobi stanislaus

    Most people i know edit pictures to get plenty of likes and compliments on socisl media. As for me, the only time i take studio pics or edit my pics is on my birthday apart from that i dont think is necessary to edit a pic that u are keeping on your phone or uploading online because that unedited pics of yours that you dont like is the real you, lol

  • Miracle

    Lol!Nice post Ma! I’m not against Makeup but I prefer it mild. Unless it’s a special occasion, I’d rather not go all the way with my makeup

  • Sunday Ezekwesiri Daniel

    Most of us feel insecure these days that we edit our photos until we cannot be recognized anymore. Nowadays, Young ladies apply makeup in a way that u can’t differentiate between them and arm robbers. I’m sorry ? if anyone feels insulted. No doubt we ought to look good but we should do it in a reasonable manner. To be honest I’m a fan of makeup but it should be done in a mild way. And of course our pictures must not always be edited at least we must have those that are plain to enable us display our natural beauty. May God help this generation. Nice article Ma.

  • Charles chisom vincentia

    Picture edits should be kept at minimum. Not when one is an amateur yet wants to make His/her picture look like that of a professional.#teamwelikethewayweare nice post ma.

  • Kat

    I personally agree with you on this one though i’m a little bit on the fence. I think we shouldn’t over do it every single time. I mean why try to be so perfect and flawless in pictures when in reality you’re not. Fine i like taking pictures when i’m all dressed up and pretty but i also throw in some normal pictures of plain ordinary me too. When you use photo editing apps and filters all the time,trust me,no one will be able to recognize you as you are in real life. Lol, it’s actually quite embarrassing really. Just be you because anyone who thinks you’re truly beautiful would still think so with or without the filters. Exciting post about a most exciting topic ma’am. Simply lovely

  • Chioma Harmony

    I’ve always believed on going natural, although I get criticized, I just believed that making up should be for special occasions or should be done once in a while. What happened to the natural beauty God has adorned us with?
    It was very thoughtful of you to write this MA.

  • Edet Elijah

    I prefer natural pictures taken to edited pictures. I have a girlfriend who sometime took a picture and edited every existing blemish she had on her face. Unfortunately, she had already won herself a guy who liked and the went on a date, on their meeting date, the guy was shocked to see her because she was different from the picture he saw. After the date he never called anymore. So, most times its preferable to take pictures naturally without editing.

  • Nwankwo Amanda

    For me, I go with the mood. If I wake up feeling like editing then I’ll do it.

  • Akaniru Chioma Theodora

    MA, I want to specially thank you for this post because we’re living in a world where what we see only is directly the opposite in reality. Most people can’t post their pictures without editing them, and thanks to “SNAPCHAT” I can’t even differentiate my friends when I see them.
    Editing your pictures aren’t bad but over doing it, is totally bad

  • Eme Samuel Ewa

    As for me photographs should be a matter of choice.only that ladies give more attention to their pics.

  • Nwankwo gift

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who had something like this in mind this poem is highly exceptional because this is what happens In our everyday life. Especially when it comes to selfies both folks are major culprits (guys and ladies). It is everywhere. Although I think it’s more for the ladies especially in the makeup aspect. Most of us can’t pose for a picture without putting on a heavy makeup and this is because we have lost self confidence and we feel that for the world to appreciate us we have to look like who they expect us to look like and not what God has made. Actually people tend to admire you more when you are on little or no a makeup. Some of us these days can barely recognise ourselves because we hardly appear natural. The main cause of this is could be attributed to the Social media. Just because we want thousands of likes and followership we tend to put on awful makeups to impress If only we can start appreciating ourselves the way we are I think there won’t be needs for some of this so called apps which are off no benefit to us!!!

  • Wow! This just catches the latest trends in our society today especially in the social media. Most people especially the female folks want to have the assumed better look online. This line, “Hide my warts and blackheads” captures it all. Many people nawadays want to look good; beyond their physique. I am not saying that looking good is bad but rather, the way this is taking the minds of youths nawadays is alaming.


    this is really a mirror of what is trending in our time at present. this is a nice poem. thanks

  • Applying of makeup and filters to our face and pictures isn’t bad but much of it is bad.
    It makes us see our natural features as imperfections buh we are images of our creator, therefore beautiful the way we are.

  • Nwamauzor Victoria Uchechi

    Studio pix or no filter pix, every lady is beautiful just the way they are.

  • Okwor Donald

    The kind of photo editing and photo social apps that keep inventing in our society is quite appalling. These applications come with super filters that turn you from your real self to another thing. Too much make up these days is also becoming a norm, maybe it is change in society. For me, i dont even near those stuffs.

  • Personally, I will say that editing pics is not wrong, but overdoing it is actually wrong, you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you look like or who you are, you should be proud of who you are and what you look like.

  • Martins Kingsley Tobechi

    Hmmmm.! This is really tiring ma. I personally do not encourage the act of artificial paintings girls and women do. The reason is because they try to thwart natures original outlook. Even though this is not an objective issue, l think one should not discomfort herself or himself in trying to look like others.l personally conclude that from the poem, one would only see pure lies within lines of lies

  • We should do not things because everyone does it. We should simply live our own lives, and not following the crowd. I found out that these days, people go for studio pictures simply because it appears perfect to them in as much as it hides their true image. We should also maintain moderation in whatever we do, even if we are to apply make-up, let it be moderately.

  • Even if we will emulate others,, let it be from the good part not the bad form of the person

  • Ngwoke Peter Chinaza

    I really like this write up. Conformity is a serious thing I hate most in life. One needs to be him/herself, yet many always try to do things in the name that they see others doing them. But when it comes to what pertain to our creator (God), they will not do it. People often emulate those things that do not add value to their person. The word of God says, “I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:12-13). We should conform with that which pleases God. Thank you so much.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail.

    Yet after everything the perfection seems to be missing. We should look at our natural self and learn to appreciate it, and call that person u see in the mirror every morning perfect, Because we’re beautifully and wonderfully made. Artificial perfection lasts only until u wash ur face beware.


    Natural beauty is indeed the best. Just that this days most ladies like going for the trending things and they feel as if without the make-over they are not beautiful. Without considering the health repercussion of it and this made them have low esteem.

  • judith

    What a captivating poem, the point is I like both and do both strictly on occasion. but in several occasions where the usage of these filters are high by the individual they tend to build a fantasy and unknowingly dislike their real face which is without the filters they presume the beauty isn’t there.

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    Looking good is nice no doubt, but when it goes to the extreme end then there is a problem..when one cannot match you with your picture, then there is a question mark.

  • I am a fan of edited and plain pictures but I do not over edit


    I feel as though the poem is talking about snap chat and photoshop apps, it’s kinda funny but it’s true. everyone wants to look good. in the word of P-square”Nobody Ugly oh!”

  • Onyejekwe favour kosisor

    every one wants to look good but what’s the use of its all fake stuff. nothing seems to be real anymore. I prefer being plain

  • Awaka vivian

    I really don’t feel photo editing is wrong, just a bit of it,not so much that we look sooo unreal or like barbie dolls commonly with the ladies. Editing photos makes our images closer to being perfect,not perfect anyways

  • Onoyima juliet

    actually, it happened to me. When a friend of mine edited her pictures and upload it on facebook. I was like,is this really her? When I saw her days later,i was unable to believe it. I prefer the plain photos.

  • Editing photos is not bad but overdoing it and looking like a moulded chocolate just like u said is very bad.

  • Ifediora mmesoma

    Always editing pictures is not good because people won’t even know your real face. I think it’s good to edit pics once in a while

  • The world is filled with people aspiring to be what they are not. Many live artificial life,encouraged by the social media. IT takes a lot to be natural these days. What I ask myself most of the time is,” after the paintings are gone,what have you got to show again?” Its not bad to make up but very bad to make over and depend on the beauty it gives. I would have loved the poem to be longer Ma. Its such a nice piece.

  • Idika Uloma Sophia

    There is this lady I know who always appears on make up, until the day she got married. After sometime, I started seeing her in there house again. Why? Because her husband realized her real face and sent her packing. OK, looking good is a good business. But over doing things is very bad. Try to look natural cos God has already created us in His image and likeness.

  • Enwerem Beatrice

    The struggle for perfection amongst us females especially is something else. i however am a fan of edited pictures, just don’t lose yourself in trying to fit into another person’s picture of you.

  • Eze Bethrand Chinemerem

    Edited pictures have really caused so many harm than good in our society, it has painted wrong images of various people and has led many persons astray.
    To me I prefer unedited pictures as it displays you as you are.
    Nice poem Ma, I have really been refreshed

  • Nkpozi miracle

    I don’t think editing pictures is bad in fact I like editing my pictures, What I consider bad is too much of it to the extent of a dark skin person looking white. Just a simple touch is OK.

  • Ewa ifeoma

    I don’t think it’s wrong to edit pictures but where I have a problem is when they are over edited. They make us look fake and has led many men and women astray.

  • Anulika Iwoba

    I can’t help bit laugh at the subject matter.
    I recall during my matriculation, my parents didn’t recognize me because of my elaborate makeup.
    And all through the occasion, my father’s eyes betrayed his suspicions??
    I completely agree to your take on the issue.
    Makeup is cool. In fact, I’m a huge fan.
    But ladies should do well to keep it moderate with exceptions to glamorous model shots.
    At least, for the purposes of recognition.
    The poem is simply apt!

  • Okechukwu Obiora

    For me I will prefer the plain stuff because you can’t use someone’s edited pix to find the person if he/she is missing. An edited picture does not make you the finest human being on earth. Just be yourself. Thank you for this post ?

  • joyce

    You are right ma, editing photos and using all sorts of beauty cameras is now the trending thing, making some pictures look so fake.

  • Chinalurum mbaegbu

    This reminds me of the dilemma we went through trying to explain to Chioma’s grandmum that she has not joined bad Oh, Chioma is a friend of mine and she has a strict, beautiful and old-fashioned grandmum.
    On our matric day, her scrutinizing look kept piercing our innocent souls as we waited for the next rebuke from her. Our makeup was wayyy too much, especially Chioma’s.

    Hey girls, I’m a great fan of makeup, but it depends on how it looks on you. Some look like beautiful dolls when they wear makeup, I love that look.

    Though my face is all natural right now and most times.

  • it is good to edit pictures but it should not go out from its natural content to look as something else. I once saw an old friend of mine, who left the village after our primary school on facebook . she looked so fine in that picture and when she came home for Christmas. I saw a different figure. people are not supposed to edit their pictures until it moves out from the original source.

  • chidera

    I have nothing against edited pictures, as long as there is still some sort of originality, and as long as it doesn’t look fake,over-the-top as you said

  • Nobody is against taking studio shots or even taking pics with your phone and editing them. What we are against is over editing. Like my brother will say ‘you will see a girl’s picture and be amazed, when you see her real life you will shock’. Pls let’s try to be natural once in a while. Nice post ma’am.


    Human beings are insatiable in the sense that they can never be contented with what God has done in their lives. If you are dark or fair, appreciate him and stop complaining because you are a unique creature of your own alone. We should learn to be natural because to much of makeup all the time might even make your face look older than your real age.

  • Okibe Mercy Odinaka

    Some people are afraid that the society may not accept them the way they are and thereby going on excess make ups to appear good and acceptable but so artificial. Sometimes one’s real face is barely recognized, that’s why a guy sees a girl and
    on social networks and picks interest because of the beauty but seeing her physically he doesn’t recognise her again and he runs away. We should try as much as possible to look natural.

  • Ogbodo Hope Chizobo

    For me I like taking pictures without makeup but once in a while we can makeup but it is not good to over do because in your old age it may disfigure the face

  • Chigbu Pamela Chinwoke

    Applying too much makeup or over Editting pictures may be as a result of peer group influence. Example, when there is a clique of friends made up of three girls, another girl may want to join which will make her in doing this in order for them to notice and initiate her

  • Nnaukwu Emeka John

    I don’t really like my pictures to be edited. It seems to me that people who edit their pictures do it out of inferiority complex. It is good to be original.

  • Ochei Anthony mkpulumma

    To me I prefer the plain photo because I don’t normally have time for myself talk more of having time to Edit a photo or going to studio and spending a huge amount of money just to take pictures

  • Ogbuka Amarachukwu .Deboe

    To me ma, I think life and things are interpreted according to ones environment and exposure. I am trying to say that anything one thinks he or she can do to be bold, beautiful and courageous enough should be encouraged.

  • Nwatu chetachukwu Francisca

    Nice poem MA. I choose plain pictures but sometimes I do like edited pictures but not being addicted to it. Nowadays you might even see your old friend or classmates on the way but you won’t be able to recognize him or her just because they moulded their faces. At least, take plain pictures for memory purposes and for clear identity.

  • Nnachetam Favour Chinecherem

    I think low self esteem propels the ladies to deviate from originality. There should be a way to instigate self love in most ladies, that will help tackle the issue of fake identity.

  • Alex

    Everyone was beautifully created by God, but due to one thing or the other(can be accident or for fashion’s sake), some go extra miles to do surgery either to add or reduce what God has implanted in them. One thing we should know is that we’re beautiful and unique in different ways.

  • Being Natural is the best
    Even if you want to edit picture, do nt do it to all ur photos, coz there will be a time your grand children will see ur pix nd couldn’t recognize you

  • Igbokwe Jennifer

    One reason we take pictures is to remind us of certain times and events in our lives. Photo editing comes with its beauty but that doesn’t mean every one of our pictures must be edited.
    The issue of makeovers is another topic of discussion. We are created in our own special and we ought to appreciate that fact.

  • Everyone wants to look a little more attractive in order to appeal to the opposite sex. It’s okay to want to look more beautiful but I agree with the author that we should not over do it.

  • This days the social media sells due to the emotional impact it creates on its users. That’s why it will be hard to see people unwilling to follow the new trend. And forgetting to maintain the needed values.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Typically, majority of Nigerian girls are always artificial, girls will so make up to that extend that they will make away their face. today if uve not taken studio pix,ur ntin the league. i honestly do not see reasons why people enjoy doing things that takeout their natural self. being my natural self in pix is my greatest delight.

  • modupe

    inferiority complex is the main reason why most people do it, people should learn to appreciate their look, being aritificial does not pay

  • i love this poem so much i really love the ways poems are presented in this blog

  • Onah Chimdalu

    Its okay to make up and look good but it becomes a problem when we over do it or make ‘make ups’ our priority.

  • Agbo Onyekachi Obumneme

    The truth about makeup is that it has made differeciating beautiful girls from the ugly ones difficult because every girl is now beautiful but it has also given way to fake identity which is inconsistent with Africanness when it comes to beauty.

  • Anekwe Paschaline

    I don’t see anything wrong with applying make up or even Editting pictures. The problem lies in overdoing it. You can’t just leave your face bare without a touch of make up just because you want to be natural or original.

  • Ezeibe chiamaka

    I personally think There is nothing wrong with a little photo editing. But When every of your picture is over edited that people can hardly see the resemblance between your real self and your pictures then there is problem.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Editing picture is not bad. I think the problem is when it is being Overdone.

  • Ossai Chidimma

    It’s true we are beautiful and we don’t necessarily need added features to make us beautiful, but once in a while I think one deserves to think or feel like Beyonce.

  • Chidinma

    As for me, I like been natural. Most people are more beautiful than when they add all these make up. It is so unfortunate that people fail to realize how beautiful God have made them. What are we even making up? Are we trying to say that God did not take His time to make us up? Well, most times I don’t blame people, what is worrying them is inferiority complex, and watch those people that add those make up and the worst, those that over do it, when they start aging, the negative effects will be on them. I like this post, Ma! Ride on!

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    It is indisputable fact, these days people like being fake. Fake in appearance ,fake food, fake simile, fake way eating and.fake style of talking.We need to be ourselves. Just got

  • Ugwoke Benedeth

    Editing picture is not bad but it shouldn’t be done at all times because when that happens people will find it difficult to identify the real you.

  • Joseph Chizoba kingsley

    Kudos to the photo editor manufacturers. Some ugly ones are now at least manageable, but the problem is that this has caused a lot of problems whereby someone you see online is not what you see in the real word.

  • Ezema shedrack okwudili

    Editing is not all bad but we should know that our originality remains the best

  • Udosen Agnes

    i can not but appreciate the work of art and the intellectuals that made it be……… i am thrilled when i see people transform from what theyuse to be to something you called ‘perfect’. Although I am no fan of make up i love it natural and if HE said we are
    beautifully and wonderfully made why change it? its a beautiful poem and a perfect description of the 21st century girls after all ‘who wan carry last’

  • Ezema onyedika Kingsley

    Edited photos are not bad.I think it is what pleases one. Anything that caught your attention you stick to that.

  • Ogbu chinwike Samuel

    To me editing pictures is very bad. People should learn to believe in themselves

  • Cynthia ihekwoaba

    The way you dress, that’s how u will be addressed. Looking good is not bad, but it should be moderate and we should not be carried away with looking good that we become unsatisfied with the beauty God gave us (naturality). Nice poem, ma.

  • Wonderful post. Its better you be that natural and wonderful person God created you to be than the artificial person the world wants you to be.

  • Onyinyechi

    Nice poem! Some women look like masquerades. I prefers being natural. Anybody that doesn’t like you when you are natural will not also like you when you paint.

  • Obi Chukwunonso

    Many people now hide under the shadow od make up. nobody wants to look natural anymore. nice one our amiable lady.

  • I concur with you a little mama. Aside from proficient reaaons, I think its still alright to improve up one’s looks “a bit”. In spite of the fact that some young women lean toward over the best make up and they leave us thinking about whether they are ekpo

  • Ekwuagana Fabian Ikechukwu

    Personally I like things being natural, not just the human face or anything, but everything being natural, I see it as original and unadulterated. Am a guy and ladies that come out naturally are the ones that attract me mostly.

  • You are on point ma!!! Natural is bae!!! Makeup is bae too buh moderate…. The way we girls paint our face now is disgusting… A girl will apply make-up dah will change her face to d extent dah ppl dah know her won’t recognize her any longer bc of d paint.. No matter what!! Even on ur wedding day,, apply moderate makeup,, so ur guest won’t b looking for u on ur wedding day…..bc dey may not recognize u again… Lol…

  • I think you are not wrong either because I believe there should be a sense of moderation in whatever we do because the hard truth is that steady use of this makeups makes the skin get older

  • Anabude Oluchi m.

    Nice one here i think there should be a sense of moderation even though you want to wear makeup because the hard truth is that wearing makeup all the time tend to make the face grow old faster

  • Orakwue Kosisochukwu

    we live in a world were “FAKE” is now the other of the day, nobody likes when you show them your natural attitude or face.

  • Chukwurah Nnenna Chisom

    Am totally not against make up but I prefer it neutral. Some people are insecure of what people think about their look, this makes them go over the top make up mostly to please people. Nice write-up ma

  • Ugwoke Jennifer chinecherem

    Thank you Ma for this wonderful write up, but for me Ma I don’t like taking pictures .i feel happy seeing ladies with mild and natural make up, I really enjoyed the poem Ma.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    Taking a studio pic is quite good but overdoing it to the extent of changing our looks to another thing is bad. Natural beauty will always ring first. Have we forgotten that God created us in his image? He looked at us and was pleased with what he created. Why change our image? We should learn to appreciate God’s work by appearing natural and the way he created us. This is a nice poem ma.

  • Okoli Ezinne Juliet

    Looking perfect is everyoneeveryone’s dream especially girls which is not bad. the problem there is the way we try to achieve this.Using beauty cameras and editing of picture is mostly found among girls which practically means we really don’t appreciate God’s handiworkhandiwork.
    In a nutshell is not bad to edit but like the bible said too much of everything is bad

  • There is evident difference btw use and abuse
    Looking beautiful is worth something, but overuse is wrong.

  • Mbam Patrick chinonyelum

    It is already an axiom, that things being moderate is preferable than excess. So this didactic poem is mainly for male and female counterpart especially the trending ladies of this 21st century (slay queens) to try and minimise their makeup , so that there will be a dichotomy between them(girls) and masquerades. May God help this generation. Amen. Thank you Ma.

  • Chukwuma Emenike Wilfred

    Next thing to be said ,make ups are not utterly ridiculous but what matters is how it’s been applied by our contemporary ladies that calls themselves “Slay Queens”.Thanks ma for this post and I pray this message will be passed across to our contemporary ladies.

  • For me I prefer a piece that is retouched a little bit to make me more beautiful, cute and attractive.

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Lol! “Perfect me” On the internet nobody is flawless. It is not wrong to retouch our pictures but all things should be done moderately…nothing in extremes.

  • Nwosu Victoria Onyinye

    People should learn to be confident about the way they look.everyone is beautiful in his or her own way….There is no need to edit pictures.True beauty lies within and not on the outside.

  • Eze vivian

    I prefer plain pictures, it makes you look unique, simple, natural and also note that the kind of pictures or the things we post or expose to the public really tells a lot about our personality

  • Nwalutum Chisom Doreen

    Makeup is unique,but it’s good to use it moderately, most people abuse the use of makeup and this doesn’t determine the level of one’s beauty .

  • Willie Albert Zikiye

    Perfect me: is a twelve line stanza poem with a free verse and enjambment. The Poet talked about how modern technology had changed the real appearance of individuals in this present day. He went further and affirmed that “we are in a cyberspace, everyone here is flawless and I will not be less.” My opinion is this: Individuals in this epoch, despite the rapid growth of technology should learn how to project themselves (their real appearance) if not, it will cost them something that is unimaginable.

  • chah ugochukwu adiensa

    lol.. i still remember those days when people put minimal make up, that is, people used to hide the fact that they make up but nowadays, it seems to be the order of the day. Of course make up is not bad on its own,its the excessive use of it, and this thus confuse people, people dont recognize you when you are not on make up.

  • Emmanuel Steve Sunny

    It is really rare these days to find one or two girls free of makeups. Most girls spend fortunes on makeups and studio photos and beauty salons much that they emerge like moulded mannequins than proud creations of God. Personally ,I’d prefer the plain stuff.


    That is what happens when the youth of our generation try to keep up with the trend,technology and fashion.We should keep good memories of our real facial appearance and whole part of our body.applying all this stuff have their side effect in will be most delightful if we show our children our pictures without it being fake.We should channel our energy to good use.

  • Ezidimma odinakachukwu oluchukwu

    Moderate makeup is what every young lady should give herself. Most people over edit their pictures maybe because of pimples on their faces. Not that editing is bad but a bit of it is enough. Most people even prefer the use of SNAPCHAT. This app edits immediately. People should learn to look natural and beautiful.

  • Nnamani chisom linda

    Most people when they want to post online pictures they usually what to look good and fyn most if them make up take studio pics which will make it bright but everything is by choice u either decide to look natuarl or artifical buh its really good to be ur self dan hidin under the effect of makeup and editted pic

  • Erilem Happiness

    “Improving” ones look was never a bad idea but “changing” ones features with makeups and photo apps shows lack of self confidence also signifies inferiority complex …One thing about makeup is if u do it more often people get accustomed to that flawless look so when you take it off u appear really uglier than u thought u were at first… Allow people get used to your natural beauty they will appreciate it more because it lasts forever…

  • AKUPUE vincent

    Disguising yourself in order to look like a foreign masquerade is just an equivocal way of telling God that you don’t like the way he made you. Everyone should learn how to be himself or herself . Telling the world that you’re pretty or handsome whereas you’re not means a “fake life” . It’s better to be yourself, let world know who you really are. Whoever that will hate you will still hate you no matter the rate of cosmetics you’re putting on.

  • Onah Blessing Chioma

    To apply make up is not bad,but applying it to an extent that people around you can barely recognize you is a sin.I call it ‘disfiguring’ your face.Leave yourself natural as God created you.

  • Sophia

    Everything in moderation……. What matters more is the beauty of the heart

  • Applying make up and Editing picture is not wrong but heavy makes one to look older than her age, but sometimes you go natural is good to be natural we are fearfully and wonderfully made in Gods image someone that loves you will always do Whether you paint your face or not.

  • Ellanora

    Everyone is perfectly made. It’s not bad to be you but the question is why do you want to be who you are not. A clear picture tells/reminds you who you really are.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Am a person who believes in natural beauty. If you don’t have it, then you simply do not have it. Whenever I hear the word MAKEUP, I feel its for people who feel incomplete in themselves, so they try to make up for they do not have. Its my opinion anyway. If you must do the makeup thing, please be moderate.

  • Everybody applies make up even the the cream you rub is one of them.But what scares me is the way people are passionate about it which is too bad.