Recommended Goal of the Year: To Be Closer To GOD

If I were to recommend how to live in 2024, I’d say that this is a year to be close to God as never before. It is not a year to be a Christian in name only.

You must make time for Him. That will enable you to know Him better and please Him more.

You can’t do that if your Bible is up on a shelf all week except on Sundays. God’s word should constantly be in your mouth and in your heart. Talking to Him should be a daily and, in fact, ongoing feature of your life.

Put Him in the saddle of your life. Understand His purpose for your life and what He yearns for in you in particular and the world at large. Consult Him before you make every decision. And accept His help for every activity.

Why do you need to do the foregoing?

First of all and most importantly, that is how you were made to function. When you give God His rightful place, you will experience a love that surpasses any you’ve ever known, a love that will constantly blow your mind.

Secondly, with God at the centre of your life, everything else falls into place and begins to make sense. Put simply, things begin to work for you as they should and your life becomes more meaningful.

But when you have a superficial relationship with Him, you cheat yourself out of the fulfilment and limitless adventures that are open only to those who have fully embraced Him.

Thirdly, if you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that we are living in terrible times when evil keeps getting worse. You can’t put your hope in people or the government these days. But you can trust God to forewarn you of whatever calamity is imminent and help you avoid or navigate through it, whether it is personal, local, national or international.

There has been talk of global cyber attacks and warnings of banking system collapse. Billionaires are said to be building bunkers beneath their mansions and people are advised to stock up on food and fuel.

For the Christian, rather than give in to fear, grow your intimacy with God and let Him tell you what to take to heart and how to respond. Most times, succumbing to panic exposes us to more danger than the things we are afraid of. Not every bad thing that’s predicted happens or gets as bad as was expected. Remember COVID and the fears that dead bodies will be everywhere, particularly in Africa. Well, we didn’t suffer it much and many of us still don’t have friends and family who contracted it.

Do not allow the enemy to blindside or traumatise you in this new year as he and his cohorts continuously hatch new ways to frustrate people and make their lives unbearable. Get closer to God and stay one step ahead of the dev*l and his workers.

May the Lord bless you marvelously as you heed this advice and have a spectacular 2024! in Jesus’ name. πŸ™

To help you get in the right mood for the year, I share a rousing performance of “Can’t Live A Day” (Without You) by Avalon.


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