To Singles- Prophecies on Marriage and Soul Mates


Hi, everyone! Let’s talk marriage for the singles among us, specifically prophecies on marriage and soul mates. There is this erroneous impression that some people have about marriage, like there is only one person meant for each of us.

I’ve seen people put up with nonsense under the notion that they were prophesied to or saw someone in a dream as their wife or husband and they hang on even when there is no indication the relationship is going anywhere. Others feel they have found their forever love and decide to stick it out.

To illustrate, some years ago I heard Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church tell the story of a young man who claimed that God told him Oyedepo’s relative was his wife. Years later, he told the bishop he was still waiting because he was convinced of the revelation he had. Oyedepo told him to stop wasting time and move on with his life since the girl had married someone else.

Even if you’re certain of the prophecy you received or your heart feels helplessly tied to someone, if the person decides otherwise, don’t embarrass yourself by clinging to them. Especially for sisters, if a man is not convinced to marry you, don’t lose sleep over him. God will give you someone else that will be more of what you need than the former.

In fact, I don’t advise any sister to be in a hurry to marry any man that is not excited about her or that feels trapped by a prophecy/revelation or the advice of senior brethren approving their union. That sort of thing can lead to verbal, emotional and physical abuse in future.


To Singles- Prophecies on Marriage and Soul Mates

Remember, no one is your wife or husband until you guys are married, so it makes no sense to call anyone that even on the basis of a thousand revelations or how much your heart is set on them.

I repeat for emphasis, don’t be suckered by the idea of soul mates or “God said you’re my wife” to waste your life for anyone. God has enough people that can complement your life, help you fulfil your destiny and make you happy. If you’re led to one and for some reason it doesn’t work out, open your heart and receive another wonderful person from God.

It’s not that I don’t like the fabulous idea of having a soul mate, but in real life, things don’t always work that way. Don’t put yourself in bondage by hankering after the fantasies sold by the überspiritual and romance novelists.

I notice that the soul mate thing is common in paranormal novels like the ones where werewolves that live for thousands of years are given only one chance at love with a human mate and in the event she dies without being transformed to their immortal nature, they’ll forever be lonely and destructive. These novels paint a picture of perfect mates, where the two characters are matched in every detail and their lovemaking is so passionate and out of this world. That is a nice storyline for entertainment but it’s not real.

If things work out between you and your prophesied or “once in a lifetime” love, fine. If not, remember that, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24:1 – KJV). If one relationship fails, go for another and marry if you wish to. If, God forbid, your spouse passes away, after mourning, ask for another if you want to and God can make you just as happy or even happier than before.

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May God grant every single who is trusting Him a partner that they can live peacefully and happily with in Jesus’ name.

Would love to read your reactions to this discussion about prophecies on marriage and soul mates. Cheers!


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  • Obangham Mbang Etiowo

    Thank you so much Ma! God bless you so so much for this. I took two things from this. First “If a man is not convinced to marry you, don’t loose sleep over him. God will give you someone else that will be more of what you need than the former”. Second is “God has enough people that can complement your life, help you fulfil your destiny and make you happy”. A VERY TIMELY PIECE!

  • oforgu ifeanyi Augustine

    This piece marks the kind of mistake most people do make. I will like to address a special note whereby a man makes promises of marriage to a Lady just for the sake of copulation. All this amounts to disappointment and demoralizing the concept of love

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