Violence usually begets more violence. Wrong handling of tense situations can easily escalate them into prolonged internecine conflicts. But whatever the issues, war in Africa, or anywhere else for that matter, hardly benefits the combatants but those who feed the frenzy to sell their weapons.

A word is enough for the wise!

This poem addresses the current army occupation of Southeast Nigeria. Click To Tweet

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The spectre of war is looming over us
The oppressor is in a “show of force”
But the victims get more resolute
As most legislators choose to be mute

The python’s dance is in reprise
Democracy fizzles before our eyes
IPOB and the army at daggers drawn
Our freedom and safety slowly burn

Protracted conflict can spring from this
So let’s say “No” to the threat to peace
Somalia, Libya, the DRC
Such horrors may we never see


Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

War in Africa mostly benefits outsiders who feed the frenzy to sell their weapons. Click To Tweet

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Lord, grant wisdom to your people and quench the current thirst for blood in Nigeria in Jesus’ name.


Hello! Do tell me how you feel about what is happening in Nigeria now and drop a prayer for the country in the comments section.


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

146 thoughts on “LET’S STAND FOR PEACE (POEM)

  1. “Lord, through all the violence and confusion, that PEOPLE inflict, I KNOW that you hear the prayers of those who look to YOU for salvation, guidance and answers! Thank you Father, and I pray for mercy, grace, Your comfort and peace to fall thick on Nigeria…. wisdom and courage for those who stand for you and live to serve you…..Your will be done on earth as in Heaven. In Christ Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.”

    • Amen. Thank you so much, Tammy! We look to the Lord for He is our Ebenezer and our refuge in times of trouble. Have a blessed week, beloved!

  2. Oh! God of justice, love and peace, You rule all over the nations on earth. Power and might are in Your hands and no one can withstand you. Lord!! Nigeria is in Your hands. We ask of you not to forsake us in this difficult time. Please Lord, restore peace, unity and love back to our country for Nigeria is your own country. Amen.
    I forever stand for peace.

    • Amen and amen in Jesus’ name. Our God does not sleep or slumber. He will help His people come what may. Bless you, Chinenye!

  3. God will be with you…I know what’s like to be in a country where confusion seems to prevail…. that’s the situation in Kenya following the annulment of the presidential results. I just pray that God heals our land and our people from stupidity, sycophancy and tribalism. I also pray that the spirit of the tower of Babel may hover around the enemies of our countries and plans to destroy them will not succeed

    • Amen, my sister. It’s amazing how people can aloow themselve to become pawns and endanger the lives of millions thereby. We look up to God Almighty. May His counsel prevail and evil return upon the heads of the wicked in Jesus’ name.

    • Thanks a lot, Alice! Our region is besieged but the violence has occurred in cities where the secessionist movement is very active like Aba and Umuahia. The Lord is on the throne.

  4. There are just two beneficiaries in wartime: Those who produce weapons of war and those who sell them. Fellow Nigerians, let’s say no to every form of violence, it doesn’t bring any development to the nation. Peace is the only option. Let’s join hands in praying for this country and for good leadership. Thank you, Ma

  5. Nigeria has gone a long way history. She has been known as the most populated country and the giant of Africa.
    hmmm! what is happening in the country is very bad, most people can not feed their families because of those in charge of government positions. if those in charge are being affected with things happening in the country, they would have looked for ways to help the country and not their families alone.

    Nigerians, it’s high time we woke up from our dream and face reality. If there is no white collar job in the country, get something doing to subtain your life, family and loved ones ooo! Lord just as you said in the bible, we should seek first the kingdom of GOD and any other thing shall be added onto us, Father with this help us to succeed and make it as a whole in Jeans’ name, AMEN……

  6. The earlier we realise that resorting to violence as the solution to the many problems we are faced with in this country would only cause more harm than the already existing ones, the better for all of us. Let’s all embrace peace instead and hope that God comes to our aid soon.

  7. War helps no one. Both the oppressors and the oppressed. No matter how things are, let’s stand for peace. Looking at it from another angle, this is a sign of end time! Nation rising again nations, brothers against brothers. Lord please save us!

  8. war destroy cities, it has a long time effect on people. we pray that God brings love and peace among men to see each other as brother regardless of tribe, so that we will grow both mentally and physically.. amen

  9. peace is the key to all our problems in this nation Nigeria; those agitating for war truth be told have never tasted violence; from the story my dad told me “war is nothing to pray for” relating to Biafran war that occurred in his childhood. May God help us all, peace is all i pray & wish for.

  10. “The python’s dance is in reprise,
    Democracy fizzles before our eyes”

    It’s not funny the violence this sects are causing us; the funny part is that most of the victims are the innocent ones; they cry for war, the innocent falls victim. Peace is all we seek and peace we shall have, by God’s grace.

  11. why violence when we can all swim in the ocean of peace. It only takes understanding of each other and tolerance. A peaceful mind believe me is the best for us all, lets keep preaching peace

  12. nigeria, my beloved country. this days this statement is an irony. our country has turned to a big joke where everyone including the young has given up on these hide and seek games. well, i pray that nigeria will one day wake up and discover that it has not utilized its God-given potenial and that it will awaken to this call and begin to source for ways to stay relevant, i pray that we have a new breed of leaders who are not there to expose their hunger and greed but serious about development and national integration. and with all faith i can muster, i say Amen.

  13. i stand for peace because my God is a God of justice and peace, He rules over the earth and beyond. with Him we are covered.

  14. conflict is something which we are now known for, from boko haram to IPOB and other organisation in the country. we need to work together in order to move our beloved country forward and we can’t do it without one another. how too start, by first treating our neighbors like family.

  15. Just like the bible, he who kill by the sword dies by sword!
    Violence begets more violence …
    This poem to me, is not just addressing Africa and other continent, but us as individuals, that make up the whole.
    #peace is a better element for conflict resolution, than violence.

  16. War only brings destruction of lives and property. Let’s say no to violence and embrace peace wholeheartedly.

  17. We pray and cry for peace. We want no war but peace. Christ is the Prince of peace. May his peace reign supreme in our lives and country.

  18. It is unfortunate that everybody seems to be quiet about the Northern Clampdown on the IPOB members, Peaceful Movement.They have left Insurgency-ravaged north east where such operations are needed to hide under the cloak of Security to carry their evil plans of silencing the east. Herdsmen attacks are not talked about again. The presidency has maintained suspicious silence on the endless deadly herdsmen attacks across the federation. The FG is biased and we understand that they are pursuing evil agenda. My worry, However, is that relevant bodies in the East have kept quiet surprisingly. I stand for peace, but if Peace cannot Work, Let the marriage be broken; let there be divorce.

  19. I always pray for Nigeria, I don’t like what is happening in this country, there are violence of different kinds in Nigeria, physical, religious, economic and political violence. God please in your infinite mercy resolve the troubles of Nigeria and give us peace.

  20. peace will only sound abstract to anyone who has never witnessed the evil in violence. it is also confirmed that moments of crisis are pleasing to most people who are interested in capitalizing on the misfortunes of others for gains. Africa is not left out in this quest for peace. we need to choose peace over violence. the evils of the Nigerian civil war is still evident and war or crisis should be eradicated at all cost. let peace reign for it is the cheapest way to progress.

  21. Nigeria is a peace loving nation though we are facing a trying moment now but I know that we will come out of it soon. And it can only be achieved when we the citizens states doing the right thing.

  22. nice write up… simple words! now talking about Nigeria, , everyone needs to seriously pray for this country

  23. Violence they say profited nothing only those who have not witnessed pains war’s comes along with will foolishly glamour for one. we need not bath the street with the stench of a brothers blood nor hang the neck of a sister in the street in other to pass our message no matter how agrieved we must be ,we should always remember that dialogue is the best option to settling dispute and not war. long live our great country!!!

  24. Indeed, violence gives rise to more violence. As in the case of Boko Haram, when they started killing the igbos and Christians, the igbos attempted fighting back, but they (the insurgence) boosted out more violently. Peace should forever reign in Nigeria! Amen…

  25. Violence helps no one. Violent people need to get new means to solve their problems. This applies to individuals and groups. Violence leads to waste of human lives and resources, causes havoc in the environment. Indeed peace is preferred.

  26. Lets stand for peace because its the way forward,,war will us no where for it will only bring destruction,loss of life and property and set backs in development.We should show love to one another not minding your tribe ,skin colour ,class,achievement or your religion.Without love war prevails

  27. We live in a society where the rate of violence is on the increase such as the likes of Boko Haram, Fulani-herdsmen, Suicide bombers and the rest of them the bloodshed in our beloved country is way too much. This is not what it is supposed to be like lets all stand for peace.

  28. The earlier we realise that violence is not an option or solution the better for us. We have to embrace peace and hope that God comes to our aid. Amen

  29. Nigeria is our country. With recent violent acts going on and the muteness of the current administration, one is meant to question their credibility. I for one dont encourage the violence and evil going on in the society and seeing people engage in it is heart breaking. The earlier we realize that the violence path we are heading towards would only harm us, the better.Our pledge to Nigeria should always ring in our mind and also pray it reflects in others.

  30. Yes! I stand for peace too, we need to continue to pray for peace to reign in our country, and other countries because the lives of our people are at danger. The weapons of war is dangerous and pierce every heart of men by the destruction it cause in effects . No violence or war is a healthy fight only dialogue can be considered peaceful .

  31. I stand firmly for peace too. Let us drop our weapons. Violence will only beget more trouble for us, more blood shed, loss of dear ones, properties. Let us come together in prayer. Let us dialogue.
    Two wrongs will never make a right. Never!!

  32. violence is never a solution to conflict, rather dialogue and effective communication can go a long way in achieving peace. say no to violence.

  33. Viiolence is not the best approach to peace. it does not create peace, it is not the best way to resolve conflict. God is faithful. Nigeria as a country has gone through so much and we have survived it,God will continue to see us through . alll we pray for is the absence of bad leaders, corrupt Government officials and absence of ethnic rivalry which is one of the major challenges we are facing now. we have to be positive, regardless. there would be a change. God will do something for us.

  34. Violence is not the way to resolve issues. I always say God bless Nigeria. I pray he sees us through and make us a peaceful nation

  35. war is never and would never be a way to solve things. you can never do a thing in a bad way and expect any thing positive. Nigeria has corruption in its grass root and only God that can save us.

  36. Lord Jesus, you’re the supreme leader of the whole universe, please initiate in our leaders the spirit of your leadership so that they will be able to rule us with your love.Well done ma.

  37. Amen and amen. Nigeria and it’s people need peace. All this violence is getting us nowhere. Your poem , though comprising of just few stanzas, basically says it all. May we live to see better days.

  38. Nigeria’s peace lies in the hands of the citizens. It is our decision to choose what we want: peace or war. Peace is the best decision because when there is war, we suffer and those outside benefits. Peace always is better than war because we need each other to survive.

  39. Violence begets violence. Being violent will not stop wars instead it will be increased. Let bring peace to our families, friends and relations and also to out country Nigeria. Let peace reign and through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ it will surely come to an end. This can be achieved through constant prayer and committing our country Nigeria before Him..

  40. We should learn to integrate and live peacefully as has been. Violence can never be a convergence point for settlement rather dialogue should. As a country, we need to face what we are avoiding to move forward.
    Peace we pray, peace we get. Amen.

  41. We suppose to stand for peace because our God is God of peace and justice the rules over the earth and beyond.

  42. Indeed we should stand for peace and be ambassadors of what we profess and deviate from all malice and hatred and say no to war. This poem is a sounding preaching to these Python dancers and IPOB scramblers. Let’s all adhere to the saying united we stand divided we fall ma your poem itself is peace

  43. united we stand, divided we fall. In order for peace to reign in Nigeria, there must be peaceful co existence among its citizens. peace cannot be achieved through violence therefore, am pleading with Nigerians to accept that we are one and also pray and ask God to restore peace in Nigeria.

  44. Shall we continue revenging? Should it be a tooth for a tooth? No. It would be worse, worse than before. Peace is our apron. It is the solution we have chosen. Our gentle approach to the problem shall bring back Peace. A slap for a slap would cause double pains. But a peace for a slap would heal the pain. Nice!

  45. Peace is capable of building coexistence in Nigeria. To our brothers, I say peace, peace lead your intents. No longer violence for violence. It shall not help any land. Put peace shall lead us safe.

  46. I feel so sad concerning what is happening in our county (Nigeria).
    Tribalism and nepotism is obviously seen in all sectors in our county.
    Take a look at how Fulani herds men are massacring people and our so called president pays nonchalant attitude concerning the issue.
    IPOB agitated for their freedom through peaceful negotiation, it was termed terrorism.
    Let us embrace peace in our county
    Let us maintain one Nigeria.
    May God help his people in this country. Amen

  47. No nation will ever benefit anything good from going to war. Instead, there will only be chaos, blood shedding and alot of innocent souls will lose their lives. Father, you are the Prince of peace. I pray that your peace will always reign in our country, Nigeria.

  48. Violence indeed begets violence, and more violence… Its an endless circle. What ever happened to the theme song on AIT? “We are one, let’s live together”…deception?
    Its time we realize that violence wouldn’t help. Let’s sing that theme song again and sing it with so much truth. Let’s stand for Peace!!

  49. We clamor for peace, war is depriving in its nature. it deprives one family, it deprives others shelter, it deprives happiness, it even deprives one its state of mind. It is certainly not what one would even wish for his enemy. I believe in peace and love. Nicely articulated Ma’am.

  50. Protracted conflict can spring from this
    So let’s say “No” to the threat to peace
    Somalia, Libya, the DRC
    Such horrors may we never see
    I really love this stanza, peace is what every country needs, also for development peace, love and understanding is needed. #i stand for peace. Wonderful post ma.

  51. Let’s stand for peace. Violence begets more violence, there are better ways of solving issues. It’s only God that can deliver Nigeria.

  52. War has never been the best solution to the resolution of crises, it devastates. Peace should be enthroned as the only solution/option to the resolution of crises.

  53. Let Nigeria say no to violence and hatred. It’s a terrible thing for citizens to constantly be at each other’s throats. When will things change? Will they even ever change?. I pray this country will stand for peace and harmony one day because that’s the only way we’ll progress. Inspiring poem ma

  54. Yes we know that early men had to fight for their freedom, again there is a saying that for you to have peace you must prepare for war, yes we’ve heard all that but this isn’t ancient times, The setting of the 21st century has made dialogue a better way of conflict resolution, the linens of war is heart aching and we certainly don’t clamor for it. dialog is the best fight in moments of conflict, where everyone is a winner. On the rock of peace we stand!

  55. When wars happen,innocent victims are the ones whom we should think of first.we should say no to every sign of threat. And embrace peace instead!

  56. War is not the best option to end a conflict, a peaceful dialogue will surely end conflicts without harm to lives and property. I agree totally with this poem.

  57. Only seeing a war movie can give me unrest
    Not to talk abwt me withnessing one.. .
    God 4 bid. .
    I stand 4 peace oo

  58. Peace is so special, it protects lives and properties. Our lives is too important to us, no normal human will prefer war to peace. people should embrace peace because it contributes to long life. whatever the problem is, hand it over to his Almighty God, he knows the best. He will surely see us through.

  59. Nigeria really need God’s intervention…….because if we are to engage in war in this 21st century,we are not going to survive it because of the dangerous weapon in use now.

  60. Ma i pray that you live long, so that all the dreams and talents that God has entrusted on you will not be cut short,may the lord continue to give you the knowledge from above Amen

  61. Our country is full of trouble, which until God intervenes before it can end, because since 1963 Nigeria have been hoping to be change, because every four years a new government will promise to change something from the constitution, or from what others had done and landing us into more confusion. our problem, I believe has a final bus stop which is Gods intervention not military innervation.

  62. With peace we don’t have toreach out to other nations for help .where peace reigns is filled with joy. with peace we can work out our differences and put an end to all the hate.It’s time to build a new Nigeria. enough is enough let’s give peace a chance. together WE can.

  63. Where there is peace,there is joy harmony and development.We gain nothing in killing our brothers and sisters and destroying of properties.all these keeps us revolving in a circle and not to move forward,let us stand firm and say no to war rather let us go for dialogue.

  64. The God that created the universe is a God of peace and justice. He is filled with love. He rules over the whole nation and power and might is in his hands. Our country is filled with violence and corruption but only he can save us and give us peace. Our God will destroy our enemies.Amen

  65. There is nothing that destroys a nation like war and hatred. For a country like Nigeria, who is still trying to patch up the broken pieces in her nation and also trying to develop her nation to meet up to world standard ; war is the last thing she needs now. Let’s all say no to war and embrace peace, no matter the Ethnic difference. God help us.

  66. There’s this unexplainable calmness that fills your heart when you’re peaceful. Violence is never an option

  67. Speak kindly, It’s amazing how a little kindness goes a long way to create a peaceful relationship. love genuily, sometimes we forget how powerful love can be in building up our country. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ‘”love will cover a multitude of sins.’” (I Pet. 4:8) also forgive quickly. Don’t waste time nursing a grudge. This little things can prevent violence.

  68. I love this poem so much, I pray that Almoghty God will in his infinite mercy restore peace and sanity to this great country Nigeria.

  69. happenings in Nigeria are much, but in view of restructuring, Fulaniheards men, and Bokoharamic issue, l think peaceful resolution would only be the perfect panacea for everyone.l pray that God in his infinite mercy grants our leaders the eyes to see beyond the purview of their actions

  70. Why people long for disunity, i don’t get. Peace is always a million steps away from war. This is what we should uphold.

  71. There is no gain in conflict,conflict begets loss of lives and properties,people do see war sometimes as a solution to certain problems but from experiences we see that war just worsen the current problems.

  72. We pray to God for this our dear country Nigeria that He would keep it from any form of war and also for the entire world.

  73. Nigeria belongs to all of us….a nation without God cannot stand. We must say no to tribalism and nepotism, we must unite in order to restore our country and above all, we need to place God first.

  74. Its only God Almighty that can come to our aid. May our good lord restore peace, love and that spirit of togetherness irrespective of our religion and culture. Wonderful poem

  75. War is the one thing Africans should pray against war is indeed the worst thing that can happen to a nation, we need to embrace peace and unity that’s the only solution

  76. War!!!!What is it good for absolutely nothing
    It’s aftermath is bad, I stand for peace, God, grant us peace and love in our society Amen.

  77. We are supposed to stand for peace because without peace there is no progress, we are advised to drop our weapons of warfare because it’s the masses and our country that suffers, there is a saying that when two elephants fights it’s the ground that suffers. We should think about our children and our future, because warfare only brings death, starvation and everything that is negative but peace brings positive developments and we are advised to embrace peace.

  78. No war or conflict, has ever been resolved by creating another war. Peace is the only solution to a national crisis as this. Without peace, a nation cannot grow. Peace is the basis for national development and unity. So yes, I stand for peace because it’s the way forward.

  79. The things happening in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. I have never believed in violence because is not an option.
    I sincerely pray for God’s direction in our country

  80. Peace is essential in all areas of life therefore, let come together and talk about this problems in order to pave way for peace to reign. I stand for peace, do you

  81. There is no need to panic God is with us war shall not prevail although the condition of our country is very frightening but God is in control.

  82. It is no more strange that people are been gruesomely massacred every day in the country. Violence has become the other of the day. In this perilous times we call on God the only one who can grant us refuge. But we should also play our various part in harnessing peace and unity.

  83. I pray for peace in Nigeria. The rate of violence is becoming alarming. May God’s peace reign over us. Violence does not pay in any way.

  84. peace is the best option I think Nigerian have for now. We need to be united so that our country could stand and prosper. United we stand and divided we may fall, and so i chose peace.

  85. Violence has never stopped any problem,as we keep praying for peace across the country, we shouldn’t forget that there is unity in diversity ,We should do away with tribalism and favouritism because these are things that beget disunity and disagreements on the long run which most times end in violence .

  86. Bless you ma. It is pertinent we pray for peace in our country Nigeria. Things are getting worst, people are dying daily, ethnics against ethnics,religion against religion, even war between political parties and we are deceived in the name of democracy. God help and restore peace back to Nigeria.

  87. I believe if Nigeria is peaceful, then being United won’t be a problem, if we accept our diversity then we will soar in greatness

  88. Both visible and invisible conflict exist in Nigeria, not only in the government, also among the citizens. Pray God grant peace to us.

  89. Aunty peace means progress.. Thanks for this poem I will use it as a pledge … I am proudly Nigerian

  90. Holy God, i ask you show your manifestation in Nigeria. Please bring the peace of our Lord to every individual in the land and cause us to be happy and let the prayer of our aunty be answered.

  91. From my own opinion I don’t think there’s anyone who like the situation in Nigeria, I pray that God will bring us a good leader, and the people too need to change their mentality cos we now believe that you have to do something illegal to make money, may God bless Nigeria

  92. War is disastrous. We should have learnt our lessons from the Biafran war that shattered many lives and left the economy dead. It took a lot to repair some of the damages. I pray that thre will be no war and that those behind this evil plans of war will be brought to book in Jesus name…Amen

  93. Nothing good can come out of any war.it destroys a country,it’s leaves the young ones dead.it causes famine.i pray for a war free Nigeria and any one who is trying to insulate war shall meet the judgement of God Amen.

  94. I also stand for peace. Violence begets more violence but when we employ dialogue in resolving the issue, we accomplish a lot without shedding unnecessary blood or cutting the lives of innocent people short. May God help restore and preserve this country as violence is becoming the order of the day.

  95. It feel so bad to see that war and aggression is seen and accepted by high population of people in the society as the best way to confront situation of such nature (Federal Government and IPOB). Even for a right or wrong course, I believe that total submission to God’s will is the best, rather than situations that may necessitate several attacks and killings. I pray that God almighty will never allow us to witness such incident as “Operation Python Dance” in Nigeria and beyond. Nigeria will be a better place one day. I stand for GLOBAL CHANGE AND PEACE, amen!

  96. Amen. May we not see that worst of the situation. Peace I also preach and as you rightly said, wrong approach can escalate matters. We as a country need to come to a resolve and settle our differences once and for all. It just has lingered for too long a while.

  97. There can be peace in Nigeria only when we awaken the spirit of brotherhood. Nigeria is an interesting place filled with good people. We need to overlook the tribal differences, the minerla resources in other parts we do not have, the chances others have in the government we don’t have. With this I pray that God almighty showers us with peace everlasting in Jesus name amen.

  98. Peace is really a driving tool towards national development; if only some ethnic groups in Nigeria will understand this.

  99. According to Karl marx the history of society is based on class struggle, the haves and the have not, the Rich and the poor e.t.c War and violence had never solved any problem in the society. The great French revolution of 1789 and many others are typical examples. Therefore, peace is the only means of solving our grievances.

  100. “One love, one love… One love keep us together. War cannot keep us together, discrimination cannot keep us together, religious crisis can not keep us together, political crisis can not keep us together. All we need is peace and joy”. Those are the lyrics of a song I know, and i strong believe its the truth.

  101. The peace of the Lord will continually abide with us notwithstanding the current tribulations.

  102. War is an unnecessary evil that needs to be avoided at all cost . War is also a futile attempt to enforce your opinions on another party because all it does is to promote hatred between two parties and jeopardize the unity and safety of the citizens of a nation. I think people should use the energy they put into war, to help improve their country rather than further destroying it. Leaders shouldn’t seek to divide a nation by asking to be another independent nation but pull their heads and resources together to strengthen ties with the states and ethnicities that make up a nation. Then and only then, would we achieve National Development with Peace and Unity in the package.

  103. If we want peace we should work for justice By peace we mean the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, without violence, and creatively, a never ending process.

  104. True!. There are no winners in war; history has taught us so, except for those who benefit it by selling their arms to the conflicting parties. The scars tend to last a long time on generations to come. May it never be our portion.

  105. This situation of the country is really degenerating day in,day out. The country may look helpless but with God everything is possible. I believe in my country and I pray that God sets us free from chaos western intrusion and set backs in Jesus Name,Amen.

  106. It is only in times of peace that we can progress as a nation. Let us all pant for peaceful coexistence with one another. It quite unfortunate that our peace as a country is being undermined by those who were supposed to maintain it.

  107. With God, protection is for sure. With faith, peace shall stand and out shadow the ravaging violence. Amen.

  108. War does not bring about the end to a problem instead it triggers more killings and fighting. I pray God makes Nigeria a peaceful nation because it brings everyone together and even helps a nation develop.

  109. Violence is never the answer. Our God represents peace and as his creation we should all stand for peace. I stand for peace!

  110. What makes us backward in development is the zeal for competition. If we put all hands on deck, and kick against violence we will be counted as one of those nations that matter but as long as we continue to fight each other, we will be trample upon like a footmat.

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