Our short story stopped where the little boy decided to ask his mum when the time will be right for him to have a younger sibling. Let’s go with him as he makes what he considers a very important enquiry.


Saturday 5:50 p.m.
What a tough day this has been! And to think it’s a Saturday. My mum wanted me to study all afternoon. Just because I was asking her when the time will be right for her to have another child. At first, she looked so alarmed I had to look around to see if she had seen something or someone else.

Then she dragged me into the kitchen and asked, “Who told you to ask me that question?”

I said, “No one”.

Then she started washing plates and told me to read my English storybook. When I finished and asked again, she gave me a Handwriting assignment. But I kept asking and she told me to stop bugging her.


Why do grownups have to make things so difficult? It’s just a simple question. Why not answer so I can leave you alone? I think my mum is hiding something and I’m going to find out what it is. Think I’ll ask God how to do that.

-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

This is one smart kid. Now he wants to play Sherlock Holmes. Do you think he’s on to something – that his mum is actually hiding something and what could it be?

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  1. It was a really good read. I learnt a great deal. Bruno wanted answers which no one was willing to provide He was not ready to give up either. He kept bugging his mum.
    You are sparing with words. I appreciate that and look forward to the next episode.

    • Such kids are a delight to have around, but sometimes you need to be firm to rein in their excesses.

  2. the need for a brother or sister to keep company and do things together is what human needs. a little boy who is persistence and really wants what he needs

  3. Well, I feel she is hiding something from him and that could be as a result of his age, he is just six then it won’t hurt for her to tell him something or answer his question in a way he would not have to think that adults are always keeping secret rather than shove him away…. Love the story and I have fastened my seat belt to relax and enjoy as things unravel……

  4. Lol. This kid is really smart. The mum should pls answer instead of pushing him away. Who knows help might come through him…Running to the next episode…..Winks

    • Yeah, I guess that’s why they are called adults while the little fellow cracking his head is called a child. Lol!

  5. the woman shouldn’t have ignored her son like that, because Bruno will continue to wonder, or maybe she cant give birth again due to one problem or the other

  6. I actually don’t think the mum is hiding anything. Maybe the mother thinks she is to tender to ask that kind of question. Anyway shaa my opinion

  7. His mom is definitely hiding something, maybe something is wrong with her womb and she can’t take in again or something else. The main point here is that something fishy is going on.

  8. Hmmmm,this is getting interesting now. Is she really hiding something? Oh,the suspense is killing me! Let me go read the next part quick

  9. His mom is most definitely hiding something and he is a very smart boy for noticing that. At the very least he has a relationship with God and at the end if the day that is what will help him get through all trials in his life.

  10. So he finally asks his mother the question and she seems reluctant to answer. She must be hiding something. It’s a good thing Bruno is smart and knows something is amiss. But what could it be

  11. I think this kid is smart but the question he asked his mom sure did make her uncomfortable. She may have not given him an answer to his question because she felt he was to young to ask the question and wouldn’t understand her situation even if she gives him a reply.

  12. Inquisitive little boy. The mum shouldn’t have acted that way,she only made matters worst. There is a way to handle children. She probably should have said something like “very soon” or “when God wants to me to” just to ease the curiosity.

  13. The inquisitiveness of little children is so cute. The boy is very intelligent for asking questions as little as he is. He also thinks about talking to God on how to ask the questions next time which shows that he take God as his companion. I really love this story

  14. What a smart boy we have here, you know for one to learn you must ask question and the little boy case is not an exception. I think the mummy should answer his question rather than shove him which will not help the situation.

  15. I don’t think the mom is hiding things from him. What I think is that he is too young to be told the answer he seeks. I don’t really blame the young boy because it is an issue important to him and that is why he is anxious or inquisitive to know. He need a sibling and a play mate and the Mom is not cooperating, so, he needed to ask.

  16. The child’s curiosity could be from the playmate God had agree to give to him, (lol) perhaps he haven’t seen any, and since he doesn’t constantly talk to God, it’s then his mum, whom he thinks qualified to settle his unrest mind. Although, he is still younger to know about something like that.

  17. Adult are very good in hiding things from kids but kids know how to bug them to get what they want from them

  18. I don’t think the child is up to something, he just needs a sibling. I was once in his shoe when I was six years old. People were calling me last born but I needed a baby girl to carry and play with like my friends did with their little sisters. I asked my mother the same question this boy is asking, and her reply was”don’t worry, you will soon have a baby to play with.” But then, I didn’t know she almost nine months pregnant. Children are ignorant of how babies come about, they think there mother can just provide one for them whenever they want it

  19. This is very funny. The little boy is now acting like a detective. He wants to investigate the reason why the mother don’t want to give him a baby brother or sister to play with. Let us see how it goes.

  20. Maybe just maybe he can profer solution to his mother’s problem that talking him off will not help. The way the mother is going about it show she is hiding something. Since Jesus is his friend maybe he want to help the family through his little friend. I like the fact that he want to ask God how to ask the question to get an answer.

  21. This kid is smart. If his mum is truly hiding anything, she should take it God in prayer if it is too heavy for a six year old to comprehend, but I feel she is just amazed how he could think of the question he asked her.

  22. I think the mother is hiding something but she could have at least said something hopeful and polite to the smart son.

  23. The issue is bigger than the kid,he can’t comprehend it even if been told because he’s still tender for such information.
    But why is she taking pills???

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