Hi! Our short story serial stopped where the kid was planning to do some detective work. Now, let’s see how the sleuth business worked out for him. Have fun!


Saturday 08:10 p.m.
It’s bedtime again. Still haven’t figured out how to get my mum to answer my question about when the time will be right for her to have a baby. No chance to talk to God yet.

The house is unusually quiet. Why? My parents cannot be in bed yet. Tomorrow is Sunday and they don’t go to church. I think I’ll spy on them, find out what they are up to.


They are not in the living room or the TV will be on. I tiptoe to their bedroom and place my ear against the door. Nothing. I knew they wouldn’t be in there. It’s too early. Then I hear voices from the side porch. I get as close as I can and try to listen. Looks like my mum is crying. No need to hide anymore.

I come out and my parents go, “Bruno, you’re still awake!”, “Do you need anything?”

I look from my dad to my mum standing farther apart from each other than usual and I ask, “Is everything ok?” Wrong question.

“Mum, why were you crying?” Better.

Even though she is still wiping the tears, she says, “I wasn’t crying. It’s chilly out here. I may be catching a cold.” Really?

“That’s right,” my dad adds, “we had better be turning in,” looking directly at me.

I’m not having it though. “This is not fair! Tell me what is happening.”

My dad looks surprised but insists, “Go to bed immediately, Bruno!”

I run to my mum, who says, “Leave him alone.”

“Suit yourselves,” my dad replies, angrily walking into the house.

My mum invites me to sit beside her on the wooden bench. She puts her arms around me and says, “About the question you asked me today, did you talk to your father?”


“So he found the pills all by himself,” she continues, more to herself.

“What pills?” I ask. “Is anybody sick?”

“Never mind,” she replies. “Let’s go and take a cocoa drink. With biscuits.” I hesitate. Still no answer to my question but cocoa is not a bad idea any day, so I race her to the kitchen.

-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

There’s trouble in paradise here. Do you think this kid can unravel the mystery and help his parents?

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    • If Mum refuses to answer, perhaps, a little digging of our own won’t be out of place? Lol! Beautiful day to you, Sir Osita!

  1. She’s taking pills to stop herself from getting pregnant…that must be it! Oh…that boy talks too much

  2. Bruno ran to MUM for protection.they are always ready to defend their babies. Due to that little act, I therefore forgive her for not answering Bruno’s question before.(why is she taking pills to stop herself from conceiving?)

  3. the boy never rested until he did what he thought of but being a little boy he could not really understand the event before him. faithfulness in all things matters

  4. Bruno although lonely is a very smart kid, I think I already love his character, well I believe that this saying is true ” mothers are closest to their sons” well a son can always talk to his mother and that’s what’s is happening but then am held in suspense at the mention of the word “PILLS”. is she taking pills so that she wont get pregnant or what? Oh well, moving to the next episode. can’t wait am dying to know what’s happening cause am kinda lost…..

  5. .. .Wow!!!! the suspense is too much ma. Yes help can come from Bruno as earlier said.. But wait ooo….What’s the pill for??? Can’t wait to see as events unfold. Catch ya in the next episode

  6. Oh! Now i know for sure that something’s not right. But what could it be? I really hope Bruno finds out what it is soon enough. I also hope he’ll be able to do something about it and get the little sibling he so much desires

  7. I thought something was wrong with her womb or body. I didn’t even think she’d be doing something like that. Hmmm, what is she planning to tell Bruno now

  8. This kid is overly curious. Why was she taking birth control pills?? The story just gets interesting.

  9. Something isn’t right and I think the kid’s question might have a link to the problem. I pray that the kids imaginary real friend (GOD) helps them and that things become better in the family.

  10. Interesting. Mothers are wonderful and caring. Even with tears in her eyes she still embraced her son, pretending to be okay. I can’t wait for the next episode, to know the secret behind this tears.

  11. The boy never rested until he did what he thought of but being a little boy he could not really understand the event before him. faithfulness in all things matters

  12. Bruno is very observant for noticing that things were abnormal when the house was quiet. Also, he was smart to have noticed that things were not normal when he’s mum was crying. His inquisitiveness to also know what was transpiring between his mum and dad shows he’s very smart

  13. This device called suspense want to get to me but my wall of resistance is high and well fortified.

  14. I think Bruno will find out because he has set all his mind to this course. This is what happens when one is determined to do something, all your thought processes will be “How do I get this thing done? And the more you think about it and give it more of your time, you will achieve substantial progress. So, I believe that Bruno will find out if he continues with this determination.

  15. Lolz, its disturbing to have this kind of child around .. Although, one never feels alone when he\she is with him.
    The pill, in question….. I don’t think the woman would answer him what it’s all about. But, in another hand the boy won’t stop asking. Anyways, the mum might be trapped by his charming curiority and may reveal it to him. I assumes.

  16. Hmmmm… Suspense. I pray the husband isn’t violent. The way he said suit yourself and stomps off seems rude.

  17. If he continues to disturb his mother with the question, I think her mother will open up to him one day. And through his prayers (talking to his imaginary real friend)he can profer solution to whatever the problem may be.

  18. If he continues to disturb his mother with the question, I think her mother will open up to him one day. And through his prayers (talking to his imaginary real friend),he can proceed solution to whatever the problem may be.

  19. So this young boy is still persistent about finding out the reason why the mother don’t want to have another baby. Wish he understands that it is not the mother’s fault.

  20. So mom is taking pill to avoid getting pregnant, what could be her reason? Bruno is a smart boy. Noticing that there is a problem when the house is unnecessarily quit when television is meant to be on shows he is observant. His mom should know that she has a smart kid there and open up to him.

  21. Hmmmmmm, is it that mum is taking pills to avoid getting pregnant? Why would she do so without dad’s consent? Bruno is a smart kid, God can use him to unravel what is going on between his parents and to settle it.

  22. The issue is bigger than the kid,he can’t comprehend it even if been told because he’s still tender for such information. He should just go ahead and pray.
    But why is she taking pills???

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