The fictional story that follows is for your enjoyment and inspiration. The protagonist, Tonia, is quite a character! Do read, comment, share widely and be blessed!


Tonia was anxious and depressed. Another Val’s Day was rolling in and she had no one special to spend it with, no one she could call her own. All her friends had something special lined up: Celia had travelled to Jos to be with her fiancé, Sochi would be skyping with her boyfriend in Hamburg, Chii had been invited to spend the day with the boy in Pharmacy she had been crushing on for months.

She had no serious relationship and no proper invitation, except Chioma’s plea to come to the Val’s Day Special planned by the Singles’ Fellowship at her church. Seriously? How can that be an option?

This was why Tonia hated the whole Val’s Day hype. It made folks like her miserable, folks who were single, waiting and hoping for love. On a normal day, she would get busy with lectures and assignments and justify her lack of a social life. The stress of school was too much to combine with “frivolities” if one wanted to earn A’s and B’s, without which one would be ashamed of the degree they get at last, she would reason.

But such concerns seemed hollow on Val’s Day. The day made her feel she was throwing her life away with misplaced priorities. I am TWENTY-FIVE, for goodness sake! And most of my classmates are in serious relationships. Some are engaged, a few married and in the family way already! Tonia was certain life was passing her by!

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She considered joining one guy who said he would go to the Motherless Babies’ Home in town to celebrate with the kids. But that was lame, in her view. You can show love to everyone everyday, true, but you don’t pretend that love of the less privileged is what Val’s Day is all about. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care for the less privileged.

Perhaps to prove it to herself, she decided to visit the orphanage on Val’s Day’s Eve and resign herself to her misery on the day proper. She dressed casually in a buba and iro with matching but simple gele. Then she withdrew ten grand from her account. She planned to spend five of that on her benevolence and the rest of the money on transport to the Home and her own needs in school.

Unfortunately, five thousand Naira couldn’t buy all that she wanted to donate. The prices of baby products were unbelievably high. A tin of infant formula with iron alone was over two thousand Naira. So she spent an additional three thousand Naira. At last, she had 20 cups of beans, a medium-sized bowlful of crayfish, a tin of baby milk, a bottle of palm oil, four tablets of baby soap, a tube of baby lotion, another of baby oil, a jar of baby powder, a dozen and half sachets of detergent, two bar soaps, six toilet rolls and a big packet of biscuits.

She wasn’t one to splurge, but considering her financial situation, that was exactly what her purchases amounted to. What was she trying to prove? Nothing! Who was she trying to impress? No one! To show her sincerity on the matter, she promised herself she would tell no one what she had done. More questions were harassing her, however.

How about praying and attaching the seed to something like, “Oh Lord, kindly give me a love that is just for me”? It’s a seed, right?

Hey, can’t I do a good deed without asking for something in return?

She thanked God for the privilege of having something to give and asked Him to continue providing for those children who had no parents to depend on. It occurred to her that they were the ones who were truly deprived. She had her immediate family and other relatives to support her, she was about to get a degree in Food Science & Technology. She even had a job waiting for her in her uncle’s food processing factory. She wasn’t old or ill, or anything else. It wasn’t too late for her to find love. She was just losing sleep because she wanted what other people had at that very moment. Time to stay in my own lane and be thankful.

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She gathered up her purchases and went to hail a cab. Who should pull up but James, the chief driver of the Amazing Youths’ Fellowship on campus in their 18-seater bus! Tonia and James had some history. They had dated briefly in her first year (his second) but he became so jim jim that she took fright and ran. He still tried to be friendly but she gave him the cold shoulder most times. In any case, her attendance at fellowship was not consistent because she didn’t “want to be sucked into positions there that could negatively affect” her grades.

“Abeg, go find your jim jim sisters and leave me alone oh,” she would often tell James, but he kept “popping up like a bad penny”.

“Where is my favourite sister off to today?”

“Hi Brother James! I’m waiting for a cab.”

“I can see that. Hop in, I’ll take you where you’re going.”

“No, thanks!”

“I insist.”

“Are you the one buying the fuel for the bus? Abeg, push off!”

“I won’t leave till you come with me.”

He was stubborn like that. So Tonia relented and heaved her bags into the back of the bus before climbing in beside James and telling him her destination. She detected approval in his gaze.

“What are you still doing in school?” Tonia asked. “Your mates left last August.”

“You know I can’t leave without you,” James replied with a smile.

He must have been joking but the sentiment warmed Tonia’s heart. He sounded more playful than his old uber-spiritual self, she noted.

“I had missing results in some courses. By the time, the confusion was sorted out, I had missed Batch A Youth Service List.”

“You’re sure you didn’t flunk the courses?”


“I’m just saying!”

They drove along in silence and Tonia realised that she had missed him. He was actually a nice guy from a good home, gentle and considerate. And handsome too! Why did he have to go deeper, deeper kwanu?

His presence made the visit to the orphanage more fun. They played with the kids, told them stories and took pictures with his phone.

As they were posing for a shot to be taken by one of the staff there, he drew her close and whispered, “You know I’ve been praying for this day.” She smiled and said nothing, hoping he would elaborate but he didn’t. In fact, he said nothing intimate again till he dropped her off at her hostel.

By that time, Tonia was feeling worse than she did at the beginning of the day. The enjoyable time spent in James’ company, his whispered comment full of promise had sparked hope in her. But the lack of a followup had deflated her. She was feeling irritated when she came down from the bus but she doubted that James noticed because he was making a call. She didn’t even wait to say goodbye.

I really must pull myself together! I’m just acting like a desperate woman. I am not an old maid, far from it!

The next day dawned bright and cool. The recent unseasonably hot weather seemed to have abated. None of her roommates were around, so Tonia refused to attend classes and locked herself in. In spite of her pep talk to herself the previous day, she cried her eyes sore. She was a wreck by noon when she decided to find something to eat.

She had a bath to refresh herself, wore a lovely green dress with a smocked bodice and a new pair of brown sandals with long tie-on straps. She had the practice of dressing well whenever she was sad. She wore an Afro wig that gave her a teenage look. Just what I need! She lined her brows, glossed her lips, wore bangle-sized hoops in her ears and shades on her eyes. Then she stepped out of the hostel smiling.

As she rounded the corner that would take her to the restaurant, she saw a familiar white bus heading her way and wanted to dodge. For what, kwanu! Instead, she held up her chin and moved on. The driver was James, as she feared, but he merely horned and kept driving. Tonia exhaled! Get a grip, girl! It’s only Brother James, you know, the brother you dumped several years ago.

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Twenty minutes later, as she was digging into her semovita with ogbono soup, a voice by her left ear startled her, “Help a brother, please!”

“You again! You scared me,” Tonia rebuked, picking up her hankie to wipe off the soup she had mistakenly smeared on her philtrum.

James laughed, plonked into a chair opposite her and rephrased his plea: “I’m so hungry I can faint. I actually came here to eat but I just realised I don’t have my wallet.”

“Likely story. But I’ll pay for your food as long as you don’t order anything expensive.”

“Thank you, mummy!” That sounded so good. A number of guys called their girlfriends “mummy”. This brother will not kill me.

He ordered what she was having and watched her as they ate.

Anya torch, allow me to eat in peace.”

He smiled and assured himself they would get back together again. After their meal, he invited her to his place in a BQ on campus. He had learnt to play the guitar. Wonderful! As he played her a song by Eben, she wondered what was happening. He was much more mature and seemed to have outgrown his hyper spirituality. And he was good with the guitar. He sounded wonderful too, like Steve Crown.

She stood up abruptly.

“I need to go.”

“So soon?” She nodded.

“I want to sing another song for you. It’s a song I wrote just for you.”

Her heart leapt. “Maybe another time.” What am I doing? Playing hard to get?

“Can I call you? You stopped picking my calls ….”

“Of course, you can call me!” God, you’re so good! Some brothers chose that very moment to visit and James could only see Tonia to the door. If her eyes were bullets ….

As she strolled to the road, her phone rang.

“Hey, it’s me. I’m right behind you.”

She turned and saw James trotting towards her.

“What about your guests?”

“I sent them away.”


“I told them I needed to see you off but that’s not really what I want. Today is Val’s Day and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend it with than you.” You couldn’t have said it better!

“Okay. But you need to go get that guitar of yours. I want to see if you’re really any good with it.”


As James raced back to his room, Tonia asked herself a salient question: “Could James, Brother James, be the love that is just for me after all?” Well, time will tell. But for today, at least, no more Val’s Day blues for me!

-The end-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2018

I hope you enjoyed the story. Let’s chat for a bit if you don’t mind.

Do you agree with Tonia that Val’s Day isn’t for showing love to the less privileged?

If you were James, would you reunite with Tonia?

What are the things you like about Tonia and the things you dislike about her?

Advise the sister, if you may.

I wish you joy and fulfilment in life in Jesus’ name.


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  • Henry

    If i were James, i will reunite with Tonia provided the sparks are still within.
    Tonia on the other hand is insecure, indecisive and desperate. She wants Love but scared she might get hurt and in the process cant decide if she wants James or not.
    It is said you are not ready to date if you need to. She should not be desperate for love, it will come at its time.
    Finally i disagree Val shouldn’t be spent in Motherless Homes. Val is about sharing Love and they aint left out though Val is centred on Lovers.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Nice one, Henry! It beats the imagination why a young girl will be in knots like this over love. You are sooo blessed!

  • Osere Theresa

    I disagree with Tonia, it’s just her thought that is speaking for her, and she trying to console her self about not having a date for val, Vals day is for showing love to everyone around you, even the less privileged, and as for James I will advice he reunite with Tonia…


    I totally disagree with Tonia. Val’s day is for showing love to the less privileged especially amongst others. Couples are always together and can show love to each other as often as possible, but Val’s day is one of the few occasions people remember the less privileged.
    Tonia gets worried over nothing, she’s so paranoid and confused. I think comparing one’s life to others is the biggest mistake one can make. Thanks for sharing ma, and Happy Valentine’s Day

  • sometimes in life we should try not to expect what others are getting at a particular time. maybe its the right time for them, not you. When tonia was about giving up; the guy she dumped in her first year “james” because of his spirtuality turned to be her romantic boo, on val’s day. hahaha well, when it’s time for love to locate u, all
    errors become right! Happy val, ma. Biko let my own
    james locate me …amen.

  • Okonkwo chidimma benita

    Val is a day to show love to everyone around you and not only about dates. Visiting the less privileged is also a way of demostrating love and care. However, Tonia is scared of being hurt probably again. I believe if there is still a spark between Tonia and James, they can give it a try.
    Happy valentine’s day everyone

    • Edith Ohaja

      She’s noticing the brother small small but she doesn’t want yo rush in yet, I think. Have a great day too, Benita!

  • Kalaowubo Rebecca Ibinabo

    No…I disagree with Tonia, Valentine is a day of showing love to everyone especially the less privileged because many of them haven’t felt loved. And I will advise her to pray to God because who knows James may be her true love after all. She may just have to give him a chance.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Abi oh! Thank you for your wise words, Rebecca!

    • Nwofor Gift Chinenye

      I don’t agree with Tonia.
      Valentines day is a day to show love to everyone including enemies?
      Truth is, everyday should be a day to show love but then, Valentine’s day has been made a special day to show and spread love.
      By the way, pls what does ‘Jim jim’ mean?

  • Theresa

    Wow!!! I feel James shld reunite wit Tonia if d connection is still der. I can so much relate about James being a ‘jim jim’ brother. Lols!
    The thing I so much like about Tonia was her trying to cut down on her own personal expenses just so she cld have enuf to give d less privileged, its not everyday one gets to do dis things. The fact that she was comparing herself to others didn’t really go down well wit me. I strongly blive that whatever is yours wld kum at its time.
    Tanx Ma for sharing, Happy Val

  • Joseph Jennifer Ezinne

    I’m trying to look at things from Tonia’s perspective. Our 21st century generation is funny. They all want to show off! Some people visit the less privileged only once a year(so they can take pictures for social media) and they can’t feed a hungry friend beside them! As an individual, you should visit the less privileged as often as you can. You could simply forget that 10naira and 20naira balance you receive from little children hawking along the road,leave it for them,that’s your own way of caring for the less privileged. You must not wait for Valentine’s day to come before you rush off to one motherless babies home to show yourself.
    Tonia is too young to think the way she is oh! 25 is lamenting.imagine if she was 35..societal pressure isn’t letting her rest. I think she needs to calm down and not re-unite with James! Please,he was Jim Jim,he is Jim Jim,He’s still going to be Jim Jim after they’ve gotten married.she’s a lukewarm Christian and that’s exactly what James does not need!
    Nice one,ma
    Quite long,yet entertaining.
    I did not mean to have such a long comment

    • Edith Ohaja

      I love your “long” comment. I think James is not so jim jim as before but I like the part where you said she needs to be more serious with God herself if she’s to be a true blessing to James. You are highly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • What an interesting read!

    Showing Love to the less privileged is a personal decision that one can take at any time.
    But really, once it’s Valentine’s day, most people have a way of ‘sharing love’.

    As for brother James, by now with Tonia’s reception, he should not hesitate to reunite with her. After all, his jim jim has reduced… (New word alert! Lol ??).

    Anyways, I admire how reasonable Tonia can be, she thinks about stuff before taking action. ??

    Sadly though, her indecisiveness has kept her mind in constant worry about things she has no control over. Like when she stood up to leave but deep down she wanted to spend more time with James. ?

    I think Tonia has priority issues, who knows if it’s the guitar that interests her most about her ‘ex – boyfriend’. ??

    Also, she is noticeably desperate, though she won’t admit it but those conversations going on in her mind? My goodness ?, they are just way too much.
    I wish this story never ends. ??

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! There’s a lot of pressure on young girls in these parts to get hooked. And even when others are not hounding them.on this, they harass themselves … Thanks for the comprehensive comment and remain blessed.

  • Eze,Nnenna Victoria

    Awwwwwnnnnn! That’s is very interesting. But then I think its always good to allow things you cant control to be. who knows what the outcome of this their reuniting will be..


    i think i understand Tonia’s plight a little bit. Imagine all your roomates having fun and you’re just the only one left in the room on such a special day and no special one to give you that special call. you might actually feel unhappy about it. well Val’s day is not actually meant for lovers alone as Tonia thought, its a day to show love to everyone around you especially the less privileged ones and thank God she did that when it popped into her mind.
    If i were James, i will definitely reunite with her if the spark is still there and thank God he is trying to be romantic because all this Jim Jim brothers always take most things to another spiritual level. sometimes you might just want to be playful and they are already karbashing. Tonia actually has the heart of giving and that is one thing i admire about her but she shouldn’t rush things sha, she should allow it to come naturally and it will last forever. Happy Belated Val, Ma. God bless you for this. it was joyfully enjoyed. lol

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    I totally don’t buy the idea of going to motherless kids home to celebrate Val. I mean you don’t need to go there to show love. Right where you are, you can be an extension of Love. And I think most girls are in the same shoes with Tonia and the earlier they begin to realize that love is not something to stress oneself about, the better for them.


    Having a val is not the issue but the problem is that we only show love to people during festive time which is good but not fully OK. show love all the time, let all that you do depict love and concern for one another. nice write up, MA!

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    Val’s day isn’t just about showing love to the less privileged. It is also about loving your parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, and reminding them of that love. Although, this should be an everyday thing not something to do once every year.
    I like Tonia’s sense of fashion and I think James should definitely reunite with Tonia. She’s very lovable.

  • Valeria Ogide

    Imagine being in the motherless babies home and waiting every year for Valentine’s Day because that’s the day most of the world remembers to show love and care. Also, we should stop comparing ourselves to people, all Tonia did was sulk and lament on how everyone around her is engaged or in a relationship. We should try to be happy without comparing our happiness to others. If only Tonia could realize how fortunate she was to have a home and have people who cared about her, Valentine’s Day would be a day for her to count her blessings.

  • Ishiwu victor c

    Many People demonstrate their love to their loved ones by visiting motherless baby or so bt d expression of love 2 our Loved ones should not be limited to aniversaries or Valentine’s day alone. jst as we all know dat it’s very easy 2 love sometimes, very easy 2 love often times but is very difficult to love everyday. If only Tonia knew d importance of loving everyday she would nt think of leaving James at d first instance dat is why she felt lonely cos she was desperate 2 be loved by d right person. Tanks ma for d wonderful story.

  • maduebo, ifunanya blessing

    What a touching story! i felt like crying when James was playing and singing those songs for her. Well, Val’s day is not for showing love to the less privileged only, it’s a day to show love to everyone dear to you. James knows what he wants in a woman and that’s the reason he can’t leave without Tonia. i like so many things about Tonia: her comportment, wisdom, maturity, and her love for her books. she is too serious, that’s one thing i don’t like about her. my advice for her is that she should balance the equation. that is, her academics and her social life because all work and no play will surely make her a dull girl.

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    Tonia is quite a funny fellow. I just hope James is the love she has been waiting for.

    • Edith Ohaja

      He seems bent on having her but I’m sure he’ll be needing a lot of patience to stay with her. Bless you, Victoria!

  • ibemma Ginikachukwu

    Most people feel that valentine day is a day that is set aside for just lovers and a day to visit the motherless babies home forgetting that every single day is supposed to be filled with love and visiting the less privileged should not be done once a yea. However, its a good thing that people observe the ”ritual”(even though some people use it to show off). Anyway, I dont really blame Tonia because it feels good to be with your lover on that special day.

  • Analike, Vivian U

    Hahahahaahahahahah I just can’t stop laughing…… Tonia dear, I just want to tell you that it’s normal tgibling like that when you don’t have a boyfriend, we girls do that a lot but sincerely it’s no big deal. But believe you me, a day spent with the less privileged, putting smiles on their faces and giving them hope of being happy in life is worth more than 10 hours spent gisting or hanging out with friends or even doing bible study. Who knows, Bro James might be the love you have been praying for… Maybe God has just answered your prayer immediately by providing him as ur driver for this day.
    I just wish I can continue reading to actually know if James is who she has been praying for

  • Ezenwa chinaza

    I laugh out loud.
    Well why not give him another chance dear Tonia, besides he has changed. The fact that u spent ur day with these kids at the motherless babies home is enough love dear. Maybe God is showing u love too. But thread carefully.
    Interesting story MA.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    Lol..Tonia dear, I know that feeling. celebrating val with no date could be depressing but trust me, that you don’t have what others are enjoying now doesn’t mean you will never get yours. Just chill sis. and seriously, I didn’t know someone else had a problem with these ‘over’ spiritual brothers. its a good thing James learnt to be sweet at last!

  • Ifebe June sobechukwu

    Hahaha… Silly James!…
    This story gives me chills and satisfaction. It’s really funny. This James guy is really good with words. If I ever meet someone like James… I would be laughing at every line he throws. He sure would be uneasy. Unlike Tonia who gave him the chance, lol am the opposite.

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    Love shown on Valentine’s day is not restricted to the opposite sex. It is even a more selfless thing to show love and appreciation to as many people as possible, as opposed toTonia’s rather self-centred desire to avoid being alone on such a day. However, she can be forgiven because going there the night before implies that love to the little kids can be shown on anyday and not just annually.
    Tonia is a classic example of the challenge of handling social and academic life and her coming to terms with it and trying to address it is admirable. If i were James I would get back with her if I truly felt anything real for her in the first place and would appreciate her playing hard to get which makes her more valuable.


    I must say this is an interesting story. I can’t say anything beyond this because the character played by Tonia was not complimentary to that of James character. Naturally, human beings will always like to be appreciated, loved, and admired by the opposite sex.

  • Ikwuakam Oluchi

    Great story ma,just hope for Tonia’s sake they reunite.Well,I believe val should be with anyone or group of persons who u think will be blessed just by your love.Though she did not visit the motherless on val day but that is a great act of love that could as well happen on val day.

  • Ezeme Evans Ejikeu

    wow! I know James will be patient. lol. The signals from Tonia are promising and she likes them. E go remain make nature balance the equation of bringing them back. captivating story ma’am, these are things that happens in real life. kudos

  • ugochukwu ogwu

    Eiyaa I totally agree with Tonia, Valentine day really makes me feel miserable…that’s by the way sha…interesting piece ma. Now love came from where she never expected or saw it coming. What a good lesson on patience

  • Vanessa Ezenwafor

    Tonia is rightly confused but I hope she’s not settling for him out of desperation.. James can still go for her if the ‘sparks’ are still there though. It could work
    I’m all against the ideology that val’s day is to show love to the less privileged. Love could be shown at any time of the year. It’s just a common thing that people tend to visit there mostly on the day with the claim of showing love. Don’t these less privileged need food and other things every other day? Or is there just time for them only on val’s day? I’m still not against going there still
    God help them and all of us too

  • Chinemerem Onuorah

    I smiled almost all through ?.
    Val’s day can be anything you make of it. There’s no rule book.
    Personally, I like James. And I know Tonia likes him too, but will pride let her admit it? No. I advice she should dobalè for love, it doesn’t kill to give it a try.

  • Ugwu Ifunanya

    I really understand Sonia’s worries, ofcus she’s only human, but the truth is everything that should be yours would definitely find you in due time. So don’t ever feel bad that you’re not getting something at a particular time, your life mustn’t move at other people’s pace. God’s time is the best, because no matter when he comes, He’s always on time!

  • Ene Kosisochukwu Zita

    First of all, I will like to shed more light on the notion “Importance Of Val’s Day” This is a day generally recognized as a day to show love. It’s a day to put smiles on faces irrespective of whom you are showing the love to. Tonia and James were meant to be. The relationship failed in the first instance due to lack of understanding and immaturity from both ends.

  • Onyibalu kosisochukwu Maureen

    Wow what a funny and wonderful story…the thing here is that I think Val’s day is overrated and misunderstood. Many people have done more that what st Valentine did for love but yet we don’t observe them and also, people have misinterpreted it in so many ways some see it as a day to have sex with their boyfriends, even some expect their boyfriends to propose on that day and some see it as a day to show off at the motherless babies home which I see as hypocrisy because helping d less privileged and showing love to one another should be done always and not only on Val’s day. For Christ sake let’s stop deceiving ourselves

  • Umoru Sadia

    I totally disagree with Tonia, Valentines day isn’t only for couples but showing love to anyone, including the less privileged. She needs to learn to love being alone, you don’t always need a partner to feel special

    • Edith Ohaja

      I love that, Sadia. Thete’s so much we can do to be happy and accomplish much when we’re alone. Many people need to realise that. God bless you!

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Wow! The igbo added to the story made it so cool and lively…it’s as if the Tonia is me seriously I have done this several times but thank God I’m a different person now, I live my life void of comparison…this story really made me cry…thumps up ma’am when I count my blessings I count you double because you have really helped in shaping my life…i can’t thank you enough

    • Edith Ohaja

      Awwww, I’m so encouraged by your kind words, Oluchi. All glory to God! May you continue to grow into the stature of Christ’s fullness in Jesus’ name.

  • Abugu Chinazom

    This is lovely.
    Tonia should just allow her heart to speak to her, holding back won’t do her any good.
    This happens sometimes, we at one point or the other in our lives, face situations like this; someone we’ve forgotten and possibly thrown in the trash can, suddenly begins to make us feel shivers down our spine….
    Goodluck James and Tonia, I know you’ll get back together in the end.

  • Jeremiah Chioma Juilet

    I LOVE JAMES. Seeing into Tonia’s head was so much fun. I wish guys/chykers knows hallf of what goes on in ladies mind…it will go a long way to help in relationship matters.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    Generally, Val day is about showing love and that should be extended to the less privilege.. If everyone reason like Tonia, who will visit the less privilege or are they not to be loved? Of course, they are.. Also for James, i will be glad uniting myself with Tonia. But Tonia should understand her person and know what she wants.

  • Valentine’s day is not a day set out particularly to show love to the less privileged. Everyone deserves love and should be shown some love, privileged or not. So Tonia was right and wrong. However, I like the manner she handled the emotions and pressure for a love/relationship especially during the Val…and it paid off. Reuniting with James was a perfect idea, she couldn’t have missed or ignored such opportunity, after all, the young Brother showed he had evolved into a romantic, non “jim jim” fellow. She could live with the regret forever if she didn’t go back to him. I expect a happy and better relationship ahead

  • ofodile chinenye

    lol……….i totally see myself relating to tonia. Sometimes we girls are convinced of what we want but we always want to play the role and act hard. i understand tonia’s sorrow about being lonely on val’s day, since most of her friends have catching up to do with their respective spouses and tonia is getting of age, come on @25 with no serious relationship, its actually a food for thought. Happy she is finally willing to see how things work out between her and brother james. Thumbs up ma’am. You did the story justice.

  • nnadi chinyere josephine

    wow beautiful story ma, well for me i do not agree with Tonia that val`s day isn’t for showing love to the less privileged because those people are the ones who are really left out and shown little or no love so at least on a valentines day which is the season the love should spread out to all and sundry not just our special ones.
    if i were to be James of course i would reunite with Tonia.
    errrmmmmm the things i like about Tonia are; she is strong, intelligent and a caring lady, i dont dislike anything about tonia

  • Euniprecious

    Interesting! But I disagree with Tonia on her ascertain about val. It’s a day to show love to all categories of people especially the less privileged because they don’t have any one to care and show love to them. If I am to be in James shoe I will renuit with Tonia even though she is claiming ajibo but she is intelligent,she has good heart although sometimes she thinks desperate.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    no no no, valentine’s day can be spent alone. people should learn to actually value “alone” time. It allows one to think and reflect on oneself. you are not a fraction of yourself, you are a whole and amazing person all by yourself. you dont need anybody to complete you or make you feel awesome. you can do that by yourself and for yourself. And valentine’s day shouldn’t be restricted to the opposite sex but even at that ,it shouldn’t be the only avenue to go visit the orphanage or motherless babies homes.

  • Ifebunandu Angela Chimerie

    I understand how Tonia feels especially when all your friends have dates for val and you feel left out
    #yup I’ve been there..
    However, she should understand that you mustn’t have a date to enjoy that day… Just show love to people who are around you
    She should equally get serious with God if she wants his blessings,life isn’t just about books.
    As for the Jim Jim brother, I think they look good together
    I wish them all the best
    God bless you MA

  • emekaobi ijeoma rita

    an interesting piece, i enjoyed it. tonia’s day turned out better than she hoped and brother jim might just be the one.

  • Maduabuchi Emmanuel Chidera

    Love should be showed on a daily basis and not on special occasion like Val day and the rest.I think James could still reunite with Tonia since embers of love is still evident.

  • Ulu Christiana Chinenye

    Interesting, val is a day to show love, and to be love in return. Visiting the orphanage home is also a way of demonstrating love and care. I love the way she decided to visit the orphanage on val’s day’s eve and resign herself to her misery on the day proper. I think if Tonia still have affection where James is, she should just open up and give itit a trial

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    The story is really thought provoking for me, in the sense that the moment we start crowding our thoughts with negativities then we are bound to be living in despair. Every girl at Tonia’s age or facing the same love life challenge would think the same way she did. But the beauty of the whole thing is being able to call the shots when these thoughts creeps in because they certainly will, especially if life is not happening the way you want it to. Finally, we shouldn’t wait on any special day to show love to others but we should make love part of our daily living.

  • ubah chisom mariagorathy

    Bro James and Sis Tonia, hmmm they are really cute together and showing love should be on daily basis not just because there is a day map out for it.

  • Onoh, Chiazo Johanness

    Love on Valentine’s Day isn’t just meant be romantic or just for lovers it can also be extended to oda people..people who need to be loved and d needless too, she was wrong about that too.
    My advice to her is that she shouldn’t just conclud that brother James.ia for and act to naive.
    Love does not just come on Valentine’s day it come anytime, anyplace and from anyone
    Kudos Ma

  • Ihezie Eberechukwu. C.

    Tonia’s desperation is too glaring and irritating for me. Love happens when it does. James may be good for her or not but I think we should stop concluding whether a person is good or not based on their spirituality. A spiritual person still may not be the one for you but I guess James is the one she wants so good luck to her.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    Aww nice one but Valentine day is a day for showing love to everybody not a day of boyfriend and girlfriend also we get over the notion that if we don’t have a boyfriend that we cannot have fun. Also on Tonia’s side James is the right one for her after all.

  • Onoh Oziomachukwu

    Me too! i dont really get the val day hype though
    Ah sister Tonia! there’s nothing wrong with going deeper, deeper kwanu! Lol.
    Well James seems to be a very nice guy and there,s nothing wrong with him reuniting with Tonia again. Nice story Ma’am

  • Nonike Victoria

    wonderful story! it made me remember my valentine. Tonia’s definition of expressing love is funny sha, there are a thousand and one ways to do so; i am glad she realised that later on. As for brother James, i really don’t know oo. Tonia my dear, patience is a virtue, your own man will come when its God’s time but till then, enjoy life.

  • So hilarious. but the truth remains that sometimes we just need to let go of ourselves and plan on how things will work out as love can happen in mysterious ways and places where we expect it not to. Also, we are too engrossed with our expectations hat we are blinded to see the realities within. i wish Brother James and Sister Tonia a wonderful outcome.

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    At 25, any single lady would worry herself to death. Especially when surrounded with friends who are in serious relationships and all. It’s not her fault really and God knows the kind of pressure she is going through. Her indecisiveness is a major problem though

  • Nnadi Daniel

    I think a chance of them getting back together is glimmering.

  • mordi ifeoma

    val’s day is for showing love to anyone and everyone, irregardless of the type of love. Tonia is just a young teenage girl that wants to be loved, there’s nothing wrong with being and feeling loved, as long as it’s with the right person, in the right way and for the right reasons. i think it’s necessary to play hard to get (small) it makes you feel good and in charge of the game as a woman, but don’t over do it sha ohhh because you just end up scaring the guy away. James obviously still has feelings for Tonia, so i think he should go for it.

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta

    In African voice..”what you are looking for in sokoto is in your shokoto “. I’m glad she was beginning to regain her senses before loosing her chance at real love. I can relate with her blue valentines in the past. It’s so bad…You feel so alone..And all but thats by the way…love has come knocking again on her door and I am happy her eyes are open to see it this time . It’s like a second chance for her. Lovely story!

  • Kat

    Lol, i guess Tonia’s val wasn’t a complete disaster after all. It’s beautiful what she did for the orphans. I believe God repayed her by sending James her way. So lovely!

  • Augustina Okpechi

    Valentine’s day springs up a lot of emotions so, I think I understand Tonia’s feeling but she shouldn’t use it to base so much.

  • Opara Stella Chidindu

    Vals day is a day to show ‘extra’ love and care to one another, but for some people, it is only during this special time of the year they show love, just because they intend to get something in return. Tonia had better get her head off the cloud. it will save her a lot of pain and heartbreak. Beautiful story ma’am. I enjoyed it!

  • udeh blessing

    Love can be shown to any body on Val’s day. desperation is not solution she,the solution is patience. people don’t know the value of what they have until they loose it. Tonia was looking down on James, but he may be the one, who knows

  • Shade

    Valentine’s Day, is a day for love regardless of all others days you think love should be shown. She needs to show herself love by letting it in.

  • Egwuonwu Priscilla

    Valentine’s Day is a day to show love. It shouldn’t and is not confined to lovers only. Tonia is amazing but she forgot this part of herself and allowed her problems get to her. James loves and always loved Tonia so it’s a perfect love story and a perfect vals day for them both because they realised how amazing they are and how much time they lost due to little issues.

  • Nwankwo anita

    Visiting the orphanage is not a bad idea. Its a good way to show love and care on valentines day. Valentine celeberation is not only for romantic relationships but everyone you find around you.

  • Opiri chidimma

    Val’s day is all about showing love to another, it mustn’t be going out with a guy for it to be called valentine’s day, so expressing your love to the orphanage isn’t a bad idea and Tonia should please let go of her ego and accept him, that may be what she has been praying for.

  • izunobi stanislaus

    She compared other people’s life to her own. That is where the mistake started from, why worrying about having a love on a val day because your friends have?…
    James and Tonia could still reunite though because the love is still there

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Showing love is neither restricted to Valentine’s Day nor to the less privileged. Everyone deserves to be shown love regularly. If I were James I would certainly reunite with Tonia. There is still chemistry between them and from my end the future is looking up

  • Ijeoma Okoroafor

    Self love comes first and one mustn’t celebrate val with a lover. And Tonia should consider James now, haba she’s 25 already.

  • Anowi chisom vivian

    This story provokes thoughts, well Valentines day is a day to show love in the best way you can even to the less privileged. As for James if he truly loves her he could try getting back with her, love is not something u find easily. Tonia is a kind, loving person even though she doesn’t know but she easily criticize people and easily jumps to conlusion.Tonia shouldn’t base all her happiness on a guy, she should be able to derive joy from other things.

  • Sefiya

    Thumbs up ma, This is a very nice and didactic short story. People like Tonia would only feel better if they learn so hard not to compare themselves to others and be patient, I learnt from this story that we shouldn’t give to impress or expect anything in return, James and Sonia should get back together since he’s not so jim jim like before

  • Chekuzo veronica

    Tonia is really principled, I was in the same situation on Val’s day but it doesn’t really matter as long as u get to show love to a few less privileged. hope she finds her happily ever after.

  • Akumambila ijeoma Winifred

    Actually,some are wolves in a sheep clothing. Some show love to the less privileged only to appear good in the eyes of people. I also queue in Tonia’s perspective, showing love does not only entail the less can be your enemies. I think it was destined that they will come back together, if she hadn’t gone to the less privileged that day, she wouldn’t have met James. ‘it’s fate’. The fact that she didn’t visit the less privilege as a seed to find love is something spectacular about her. Her exasperation from my own point of view was the fact that all her friends were already hooked up in a serious relationship, and that is an element of envy and jealousy. Anyway, the story ended abruptly,leaving us with the mixed feeling on whether they will end up together or not having seen the puzzle Tonia was battling with.

  • Emmanuel ujevwe

    This generations has shoved our heads in a box! We have forgotten the original idea of valentine to show love to people but the present society have made us so selfish to think about the ones we care about. Such amazing story ma

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    lovely piece ma, for me, VAL’s day is a day specially reserved for the expression of love in anyway, presenting gifts to children depicts love and should count on a VALS day too .
    she plays hard to get which singly pushes me to dislike her .

  • Akogu Juliet Aniema

    Val’s day is a day of showing love to everyone. Its not a day mapped out for special kind of people, its a day mapped out to show to to every one from the rich to the poor…I disagree with Tonia about her thought on val initially. Val is for all celebrate it with love and good mind..nice story miss edith

  • osuagwuchiamaka

    wow! i enjoyed the story from start to finish. well, i could still perceive the love between the two, and if i was James, i would still reunite with her

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    For me ooo, i believe that vals day is for showing love to the poor and less privileged ones, that is why every val a foundation i belong to seek out time to visit the orphanage homes here in Nsukka and outside it confines with the help of volunteers.
    Of course i will reunite with her considering the hand writing on the wall . You know some of these writings when missed is hard to find.
    She is kind-hearted and lovely but she can form for Africa
    My advice to her is that she should stop all these her forming and flow with what is happening in her life. Although she should not forget to put everything in prayer and ask God for guidance.. Nice one ma, i was intrigued through out. Its a fascinating story.

  • Nwosu Esther

    God answers people in different and mysterious ways

  • Egbe Ebere Blessing

    Well, in as much as couples are always together to shower themselves with love, I think it’s important to do something significant for your spouse. Showing love to the less privileged is important too because blessings come from that angle.

  • Ekwuru Jill

    There is nothing wrong in reuniting with her.. well as for me.. i like everything about tonia. The way she is intimate with her ides and how she reasons. No doubt every girl at some point, feels the same way. The way she cried about it, cleaned her tears and went out looking refreshed and extremely out of the situation. And also how she did not insert too much expectations on seeing james again.. this story is a lit ma.. i learnt from it.

  • Amaobi Precious

    Aww, that was sweet. Tonia should give brother James a chance to prove himself na. But women shaa, they like God-fearing men, but they don’t want one that “overdo” it. Lol. Its a very nice story. Besides, its high time singles stop beating themselves up about Val’s day. Really, there’s nothing there. It only adds unnecessary pressure and it isn’t good for them. Nice work again Ma. I totally enjoyed this story. I wish you can continue it. More of Brother James and Tonia.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Tonia wanted to have a relationship at the initial stage because her friends were already engaged. Though she was 25 didn’t mean she was ready for a relationship, Tonia’s relationship with James before was superficial it was based on looks. I think between the two parties there was a coming of age and their love was reignited. Their feelings are now genuine.


    What an interesting story ma, i don’t agree with Tonia because Val’s Day is a day to show love to all. if i were James, i would reunite with Tonia because no one is above mistake and it’s good to forgive and forget even though is hard.
    One thing i like about Tonia is her ability to think wisely and what i dislike about her, is her inability to decide about what she want. My advice to Tonia, is that she should always pray to God to help her make the right choice at all time.


    well, as for me, i think val’s day is not just for showing love to the less privileged, am not saying that they should not be cared for, but you could also spend val with your family or friends or loved ones. If I were James and I really truly love Tonia,i will reunite with her, well she is humble, nice, caring and dislikes are: she blow hot and cold sometimes and she love Comparison, she love comparing herself with others which is not good, i mean everyone destiny is different and each person is unique.

  • Ugwoke Onyinyechi Sylvia

    Val is a day to show love to everybody. It should not be only for lovers. Wow, this story is really nice. This James guy is really something. I laughed through out the story. ‘Help a brother indeed.’ He is behaving like a mosquito. I sense like around them, let them reunite abeg.

  • Ugwuanyi Cyprian Fulton Tochi

    Valentine’s Day is been mostly misconceived by our youths.
    St Valentine during his time whereby the then Roman emperor was still a pagan would be the last to hear anything like Christianity and because of this the Christian fellows will hide in the Catacomb to secure their lives. It was on this note that Valentine as a priest will Wed couples who are in love with each other to become a valid marriage for the Church.
    Valentine’s love is not jealous and as such we must seize the opportunity to help the poor especially those we are better when compared to…..

  • onyeabor ijeoma Rita

    Val’s day is not for less privileged, those kids needs us every now and then, they feed every day so they need us to sustain.
    Tonia is a nice girl it wont be bad if James reunite with her anyway, just that when they do, he should try to know those things that she doesn’t like, most girls are easy to get, just a pet name will mesmerize them all the days of their lives.
    Tonia is just my kind of person, most times i do things without asking for anything in return but sis Aunt Edith has in her previous post made us to know that praying for oneself is not presumptuous, i advice Tonia to always bring God into her everyday wish, for his direction

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    Whoo! It an interesting story ma.I think Tonia should reunite with James since both of them still have feelings for each other.

  • Nwagu Tochukwu

    Wow… What a touching story. Love can actually come to us when we least expected it. Well I don’t quite agree with her that VAL’s day is not a day to show love to the less privileged though we are supposed to be doing that on daily basis. If am James I think I would reunite with Tonia because it might be fate that brought them back together

  • Keswet mercy

    Lovely story, sometimes church brothers act so spiritual that they aint approachable, i hope they finally re united tho

  • Ugwublessingchinenye10

    Love is for all and should not be restricted to any season. I wonder why Tonia is playing hard to get and at the same time desprate to have a man in her life

  • igboecheonwu Prisca

    No I don’t agree with Tonia. Vals day is the day to show love to everyone. James loved Tonia that’s why he can’t leave without her. I like Tonia because she is intelligent but I dislike her because she is too serious. I can only advice her to balance her social life with her academics.

  • Ugo-ofoegbu Onyedikachi C.

    One must not hang out with someone on Valentine’s Day. If I am Tonia, I will just take myself out. What about that saying that says ” no-one can love YOU better apart from YOU”

  • Akwara Agatha Uchechi

    Vals day is a day to show love to those around us and the less privillege. Love can also come when we never expected and we shouldnt shun it but embrace it as one of the things in life

  • Chukwuma Chekwube Jennifer

    Val is a day to show love to everybody .st valatine teaches us how to love one another but we have change it to what I don’t know.

  • Otung Theresa

    Well we are to show love everyday to the less privileged. She was actually quite liberal in her spending i.e cutting down on her expenses just to satisfy the less privileged, she was knowledgeable of the fact that is not everyday we get to do this..
    I also feel that if James still feel the spark for Tonia he should reunite with her

  • Otti Augusta Uzoma

    Tonia seems to be much too bothered about her ‘loveless’ state, should I say it a coincidence James came at this time? Whatever. She’s gotten what she so needed and I’m happy for her.
    I don’t really agree with her view of Valentine day, Valentine’s day is to show love to all, the less privilege not exempted.

  • Ani Fabian

    Valentine is a special day to show love to the less privileged and also share in the pains of those suffering.left for me, i would adviced they both reunite.

  • Orji Chidubem Blessing

    I wonder why some people think or believe that Val day is only a day made for Lovers, even though i learnt that val day is a day that is meant to show love and affection to one another especially the less privileged. I totally disagree with Tonia about her view towards val day. concerning her encounter with James, I suggest they reunite again because the love is still there. lovely story!

  • Ezeh onyekachukwu c

    Many people are having the wrong perception of Val’s day. If you don’t have anyone to spend it with, remember we have kids at the motherless babies home who are looking for people to show them love. You can equally visit them.


    I sincerely enjoyed the story but Tonia’s point of view is what i wholly disagree on. Vals day is a day to show love most importantly the kind of love you would go home feeling you have done something very nice. You know that wondrful feeling you have when you achieved something great! In fact sharing vals day with orphans is one good thing. If i were James, I’ll certainly reunite with Tonia; now is certainly the best time since both of them are getting along fine. Well, what i dislike about Tonia is the fact that she sees shring vals day with orphans as not worthwile although her perception finally changed. One sweet thing I envy about her is that she dresses well no matter thefeeling and tries to cheer heself up; most people lack that courage but i sincerely like her for that. My advice for Tonia is to push forward with James and hope for better things.

  • Ogidi gift uzoma

    Valentine’s day is not all about going out with your boyfriend, lover or husband.
    Its also a day to show love to the less privilege. I agree with Tonia that valantine day is not for showing off
    Wonderful story ma.
    God bless you

  • Joana ushie

    Interesting piece ma. If I were Tonia, I would give James a second chance. There is nothing as constant as change. Everybody deserves a second chance.

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    Valentine day in my own opinion is a day we officially celebrate love with friends, the less fortunate in our society and families, it is not a day designated to lovers alone. Tonia’s fear is uncalled for because of the significance of Val’s day celebration. If I were James,I would win back Tonia’s love if the spark still exists. I would advice Tonia to quit playing with her emotions and give in to James if she loves him but if she does not, she should not give in just for the sake of the “tag”of being in a relationship.

  • Igwe Joshua

    I.think james should reunite with Tonia since the sparks was still there seeing Tonia’s desperate and loveless state. Val is a day of love for everyone and not only for the less privileged although they are not left out.

  • Onu Victor Tochukwu

    Rushing into a relationship is the worse thing someone should do. This wonderful article shows us that love should not necessarily be the love between the opposite sex, but also to the once who have no parents and helping those who are in desperate need for arms.

  • Agu Ginika R

    I don’t know why ladies are always bothered or not at rest when it comes to the issue of marriage or being in a relationship even when they know that they still have age on their side?
    They compare themselves with their peers.
    They tend to be desperate about finding love as seen projected by Tonia, but later on, the least of the guys she expected came around ie her one time love came back to her and if the Love is still there between them, I think they should continue. The Valentine’s Day should not only be for people who are in one relationship or another but should encompass or extend to the less privileged because it’s also a way of showing love to them.


    Val’s day is a day to show love to people is not a must that one will only spend it with his or her lover, to me you can use that day show love to the less previledge ones. I think Tonia and james were meant for each other and God used Tonia’s visit to the motherless babies home to bring them back together.

  • okoro nneoma anna

    I can totally relate this story with my life except, sadly, my own valentine miracle hasn’t occurred. But i think on val’s day we should just be happy and share love with everyone, it should just be a day we ignore our sorrows and coldness and spread God’s love. Nice work Ma.

  • Ezeh Blessing

    Lol. Tonia’s val wasn’t as horrible as she thought it would be. She got to spend time with the orphans,to show love to them. At least she understands that love is so much more than what she thought. God even answered her need for a partner by sending brother James. It was indeed predestined. Well done ma

  • uzoma chidera

    I believe Valentine is a day to be shared with everyone, especially your loved ones.
    James felt that chemistry between him and Tonia, that’s why he had to go back to her.
    Tonia was desperate to have someone on Val’s day because, her friends were out. I believe James was just the right one for her.

  • Having the ideology that val’s day was not a day to visit the less privilegdes was wrong by Tania, and i love the way she made up he mind to go visit them with the little she could afford. Val’s day is a day of love and care, is a very special day.Tania was in such a haste for relationship without knowing what God has in mind for her, who knows, maybe if she has not stepped out to go to the orphanage, James wouldn’t have picked interest on her again, i love as they gleefully came back together,, Nice one ma.


    Love is patient and enduring. May be Tonia was in so much haste to know James. It can be hard to endure but it pays off with good fruits.

  • lnegbu Benedict

    Most people have changed their mindsets toward Val’s day.Thanks to you who has reminded us the exact meaning and purpose of Val. though is all about love, yet it is love without expecting something in return. It is a genuine love and this writing reminds us that God or Nature has a way of doing things. We should not be hurry or rush life.


    Nice story ma. I don’t blame tonia for feeling that way, I mean all her friends are hooked up with a serious guy while, she has no guy to take her out on vals day. But in the end, she ended up with James as her date. It is good to be patient in this life, like tonia did, and not rush into something because you see that other people are into it and doing it.

  • Ogbodo somtochukwu ikemefuna

    She really didn’t mean dt val’s z not a day to show love to d less privileged .. No . .
    She only didn’t want to deceive her self with dt….d truth z dt ,she had a vacuum in her heart dt only a man can fill so to say. . .Val z a day 4 lovers and she wntd a lover of her own.. .and dt z Wot it meant to b.. If not 4 d abuse of love by pre-matured lovers
    Bt d idea to go and Show Love to d less privileged z wonderful .. I do dt with my sister almost every year on dt day. ..
    And advise all dz pre-matured lovers to find something better to do on dt day dn to abuse love

  • Akaniru Chioma Theodora

    In as much as we should love out neighbours as we love ourselves, Valentine is a day or a season of love. We’re meant to share this day with everyone but mostly our loved ones. James was the right one Tonia could spend her day with.
    Endurance is a very hard thing to do, but the end results of endurance are always fruitful

  • Bessong Faith Ada

    Wow! Another mind blowing story, I am trying to pick your flaws but I see its perfectly written.. Tonia is to blame.. Val is of love not of infatuation….

  • Ugama Gloria nkechinyere

    Val day is a day Maped out to spend time with our loved ones, give out gifts to them and to the less privilege. Ma what a thought provoking story you have here!

  • Nwogu Chiamaka

    I don’t agree with Tonia on her view about Valentine’s day. Val is all about showing love both to the privileged (your loved ones) and to the less privileged. If the feelings and love still exist, there is nothing wrong in reuniting with Tonia, if I were James. Tonia is so desperate in finding love which is very wrong. What an interesting story, ma. May God continue to give more inspiration.

  • Ezeorah Cynthia Somtochukwu

    I agree with Tonia that you don’t have to wait for valentine’s day before you show love to whomever you want to, it’s more like giving an excuse not to show love whenever you are given the chance to. James on the other hand, i won’t say he did anything bad by still going after Tonia, everyone deserves a second chance, including Tonia especially if he believes that she is the right person for him. Tonia, i don’t think she has any problem, everyone has what he/she likes or dislikes especially when it has to do with choosing someone you think is right for you.

  • Ayigbo Chineme Edna

    No, I don’t agree with Tonia that Val’s day isn’t for showing love to the under privileged. If I were James I would reunite with Tonia. I like the fact hat Tonia is a kind and generous person. I will advice Tonia to give James a chance again besides she said his behavior has changed and that he has gotten matured.

  • In as much people always want to show love to their loved ones or people they know,it is also good to remember the less privileged.

  • Ugwoke ifechukwu Melvina

    A lot of people have is miss guided motion about valentine’s day being only for lover’s , but its not. It is a day of love not just for couple’s, its a day when we are meant to show each other love and not having a special someone to share it with doesn’t mean you should be sad and depressed like Tonia was. I’m happy that she decided to give James a Chance. After all, who doesn’t like a guy with a guitar.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka Peace

    Val’s day is a day to show love to all including the less privileged, its just sad that they are remembered only on Val’s day. I don’t blame Tonia for being desperate for love its probably because of the things happening around her. If the sparks still exist between Tonia and James,why shouldn’t they date? After all they never stopped loving each other, James only became “Jim Jim’ and Tonia ran away.

  • Ndieze Kelechi


  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Tonia ?
    I like her, she seems to me like a person who derives joy in giving, most especially to the needy, which is a thing that is hard for some students to do, most of us would prefer using the money to buy food or clothes for ourselves. Yet, she’s quite indecisive, one minute she’s wishing and asking for love, the other minute, she’s confused. Therefore, I’d advise she gives bro. James a chance, after all, bro. James is no longer all that “Jim jim” brother.

  • Nwabuike onyinyechi

    Brother James actually like Tonia but i don’t think she feels the same way for him; she’s noticing him and his little gestures because she’s in-secured and desperate to have what her age mates already have. I believe if she could exercise a little patience and wait for her time, her own would actually come to her than reading meaning in everything James did.

  • Agugbua Miriam Chisom

    Christians should not forget what the real meaning of valentine is. Nowadays people turn valentines day to a day of partying and making out, but that is not necessarily what it is all about. Its about showing real love to people, giving, reflecting etc. People should learn the real meaning of valentine.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    This feels so real and awesome. This story touched me to the bones. Tonia feels just like most ladies do by considering James as too spiritual thus not being her type. However, God has his own plans for us. James is a very funny character, I love the way he does the chasing.

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    I really do like the giving aspect of Tonia.She should re-unite with James because the bond is still there between the both of them.Valentine is not just a day we show love to people of opposite sex who we are in a relationship with,it is also a day to show love to the less privileged and everyone around.

  • Ezugwu Ogochukwu

    Val’s day is a special day for love. Is a day we normally go out and have fun with our loved ones.
    I support the aspect of Tonia reuniting with James cause he is the right person for her.

  • Okafor chiamaka Miracle

    Vals day is a day of love, Tonia reminds me of some part of me, she is her own woman, she was able to take decisions that are positive. I see Valentine’s Day as a day we show love to everyone around not just the less privilege, love is a beautiful feeling, whatever it is that James and Tonia are feeling for each other it’s a beautiful thing. I love love nice post ma.

  • Edet Elijah

    Val doesn’t mean that it has to be celebrated with one specific person. Tonia being lost in her thoughts of finding who she’d spend her Valentine with found a remedy(the orphanage) not having the inkling that she’d catch up with a lost love.

  • Kalu Divine ogechi

    Nice story ma, I think what made Tonia feel worse about the Val and she not having a lover is because of the hype given to Valentine’s day and making one feel that if you don’t have a lover something is wrong with you, is love day so show love to people around you not necessarily your lover so her decision of going to the motherless home was awesome too…

  • Sunday Ezekwesiri Daniel

    This article got me laughing. Tonia is indeed a character, so dramatic. Well if I were James I would reunite with Tonia. There is nothing wrong with having an opposite sex as a friend. And from my view, is obvious that James is attracted to Tonia. As for Tonia I dislike the fact that she wants to date simply because she sees that all her friends has a man in their lives and that is not a enough reason to get into a relationship but I like the fact that she is plain. Thanks for this post.

  • Eze levi

    In the commemoration of love, we shouldn’t be blinded by erotic love instead we can look out to people who are in dire need.

  • Ezeudu Chioma

    Lovely story, every single lady out there faces this same dilemma every val’s day. I admire Tonia for being mature enough to make her own choices and doing things the right way. Val is all about love and the love she shared with those kids can’t be compared to anything..

  • Joseph joy

    Wow! What a lovely story ?.we all know that valentine is talking about ❤️ not love of the fresh but genuine love of God,as christians we should show love to everyone (is not only for lovers#valentine#)

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    Valentine’s day is a day to show love especially to the less privileged. It is not just a day of carnal love. It is also a day for families and couples to show love to each other. This however does not mean that it is only on valentine’s day that we should show love. Love should be expressed ever day. This post shows us the essence of valentine’s day.

  • Essien, Anietie Archibong

    This is quite relateable, single ladies every year panic and beat themselves over nothing especially on vals day,sometimes we just have to do our thing,go about our normal activities and love will find us,it is said that what was meant to be will surely be!

  • Essien Anietie Archibong

    This is quite relateable, single ladies every year panic and beat themselves over nothing especially on vals day,sometimes we just have to do our thing,go about our normal activities and love will find us,it is said that what was meant to be will surely be!

  • Essien AnietieArchibong

    This is quite relateable, single ladies every year panic and beat themselves over nothing especially on vals day,sometimes we just have to do our thing,go about our normal activities and love will find us,it is said that what was meant to be will surely be!

  • Nwele Euphemia Uzoamaka

    i don’t agree wth Tonia, the less privilege ought to feel loved too, but personally i don’t think there is suposed to be aparticular day to appreciate/celebrate love.

  • Although I do not really support the particular day picked out to celebrate love; I feel it should be celebrated every day, what Tonia felt is quite prevalent these days as those without someone feel left out.
    Thank God she at least made the less privileged ones feel loved.

  • Ezema Chidiebere Blessing

    My dear val or no val life continues some many people taught that val day nis a day of commiting all kinds of annoying sin that hurts God . it really means different thing to different people, i thank God there are still people that acknowledge it as a day to show love to one anther especially the less privileged, people in hospital and prison yard.

  • Alexis Okoye

    In life , one should always have an open heart despite all odds.Nevertheless, we should all be prone to giving people the opportunity to prove their worth in all spheres of life and most especially, in friendship because one might not have the spiritual eyes or tenacity to see beneath the waters, the capability of an individual involved until him or her is given the chance to act. Another element drafted from that story that we, as human beings don’t have, is the ability to endour and execise patience in all that we do, believing that things will get better as much as we are putting in effort to see ourselves through.
    Last but not the least, we should all be grateful to God, for wherever we find ourselves because whatever happens,happen for a reason as long as we all put our trust in God.

  • Onah Chiamaka Geraldine

    Valentine’s Day isn’t for couples alone.. It’s also a day to show love to one another especially the less privileged. Tonia realised this and she got what she wanted which is love. I think I’ve learnt that doing the right thing is always the best and not following the crowd..

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    Valentine’s Day is a day of love. It is meant to be shared with everyone, not just your loved ones but the less privileged.
    Tonia is quite desperate to hook-up., maybe because most of her friends are in a relationship and she feels left out..
    Glad she gave brother James a second chance.
    Wish them luck!

  • Nnamani Eunice chiidnma

    I feel love should be celebrated all the time.. Not only on Valentine day.. Show love to every one around you. Because val or no val, the heart knows where it belongs.??

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    Haha.. Her valentine’s day was not a disaster after all. Showing love to those in need, the motherless and orphans is a great deed of kindness. It does not need a special day or date attached to it to show such love

  • Nwosu chinwendu favour

    lol.. Her val wasn’t bad at all but is not proper for a young girl to be so desperate for love
    God bless you ma

  • Precious

    Hahaha… Silly James!… This story gives me chills and satisfaction.
    Val day is not only for the opposite sex..
    Val day is a day to show love to people
    The motherless children
    The orphanage home
    The prisoners and other less privilege children …

  • Dorcas Philip

    I agree with her…we could show love to anyone anyday- let every day be our Val’s day!…I like that she’s got self control, and how she concede feelings not showing it all out that she’s feeling giddy about him coming back.. Having a rethink before making decisions

  • Anyalewechi Chinaza

    Love should be celebrated every day,but the idea of Val’s day is also nice cos it reminds us of our loved ones

  • Onovoh Adaeze J.

    True love is often found in the strangest places and situations. It is not planned or organised most times. You only find true love when you find that one person that makes you smile always and can go any length for you.

  • Okorie Adaora Nneoma

    Love should be shown everyday. ……vals day inclusive …..Tonia got what she wanted which is LOVE which she also showed to the less privileged. …..This story is really so touching and interesting. ….

  • ukwueze oluchi

    I didn’t agree with Tonia by saying that Val day is not for showing love to the less privileged because Valentine is a special day mapped out to show love and care not only for your loved ones but also for those in need .

  • Morgan Joy

    Every tide has its waves. Its no use beating yourself up for what will still come. There is time for everything. Well done ma

  • Njoku Chineme Evelyn

    I don’t agree with agree with Toni because vals day is to a day where love is to be shared with everyone including the less priviledged and not just your lover.Tonia is just being paranoid and confused.

  • Chioma Harmony

    Vals day is a day to show love, it is not only restricted to couples, but others should be showed love regularly, we must not wait forbade designated time to visit the hospital,prison or orphanage.
    On the part of James and Tonia, I think they still have feelings for each other, they should just let things fall into place.

  • Martins Kingsley Tobechi

    I agree with Tonia because one should be able to show love to the less privileged at any time

  • Ugwu Gabriel

    For my own perspective val is a day to show love to everyone revolves around you and not only about dates.

  • Ezemobi Chika

    If I were James to say, I will make up with Tonia so far as the love is still there and I won’t blame Tonia’s insecurity and being indecisive and also wanting and desperation

  • Zita Paschaline

    valentine day is about showing love to everybody around you, its not just the way the world sees it. it is a misconception that it is only for romantic love(boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife). It is because of this that so many young people fall prey to bad persons on this day. Tonia is like that,she thought that valentine day will be a waste if she spent it in the orphanage and that is a fallacy,she may also think that James is the right man for her but she may be proved otherwise in the long run.

  • Nwamauzor Victoria Uchechi

    I still think Valentine’s Day is over rated

  • Nneji Mary Chinenye

    For me, I feel the main reason for Valentine’s Day has been forgotten, it is a day you show to love to everyone both the needy and less privileged not just your lover.

  • Sometimes, when we see most of our friends achieving some goals before us,we feel that our world is crumbling,not knowing that he who runs first is not always the winner


    I seriously feel Val’s days are for showing love especially to those who have barely no one to show them love like the lest privileged. To me Tonia and James would reunite together because i can still perceive love existing within them both.
    Thanks the story is really Educative and interesting.


    i cant beleive valentine is here! not that i will do anything about it except to stay in my house and eat my food like every other normal day.

  • Onoyima juliet

    Val day is not only for lovers. You can show love to the less privileged. Tonia dear I love your courage and may God reward you by giving brotherJames to you as a husband.

  • Ukaegbu Osinachi

    Valentine shouldnt just be celebrated on one day otherwise the whole joy of spreading love is wasted

  • Ekwe Success Chinenye

    Tonia and James still have some chemistry although Tonia doesn’t seem to agree.
    James is rather a nice,calculative guy?,because his actions show that he still wants Tonia back


    That is really touching but the truth still remains that Tonia doesn’t consider Val’s day very important. But what she could have done was to sacrifice that particular day for James only. Love is all about sacrifices whether that day or time is convenient for you.

  • Really interesting, but if am Tonia I won’t miss this God sent opportunity again.
    But I love this James; he is a good timer?

  • Nnachetam Favour Chinecherem

    This story doesn’t focus only on what Val’s day is all about, but on setting your course right. That’s why one should be close to God and to walk in his plans for you. We should know that we are not in competition with anyone.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    Valentine’s Day always comes with this hype and noise especially on campus where lovers are free to express themselves. It is only normal for a girl like Tonia to feel left out on that day. Visiting the less privileged is also a great way to spend Val’s day, although most youths are yet to discover that.

  • Onah Chimdalu

    We should not get sad or angry when we feel others have what we have not. God is not through with us,He is still working on us and will give us what is ours at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, Valentines day is not just a day to be with your lover.It encompasses showing and spreading love to people around us.

  • Oba Cindy Biobele

    Very nice story. Well written. I would highly recommend this story to a good number of my friends who suddenly feel they need love when Valentine’s Day arrives. The story really highlights the fact that valebtines day isn’t all about showing love to that special someone but also to those out there who haven’t really felt loved. Like the less privileged.

  • Ozukwe Miriam chisom

    Valentine’s day is a day of love so we need to show love to everybody on that day no matter who the person is. I just think Tonia and James should come back together. Love is natural we don’t force it to come. This story is nice and should be recommended to people who feel they are not love on Valentines day they dey should wait on God’s time for their own love one’s to come …..they should stop comparing them self to their friends who already have their own love one’s.

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    Wow this story really portrays a lot about me but it kind of gives me hope of finding love too. Have always felt left alone during valentines day and it has made me a kind of introvert,the feeling of not having someone to call your date on Val’s day is actually frustrating especially when all your friends are talking about how wonderful their Val’s day is gonna be. My Val’s day last year was also spent in a motherless babies home but with some classmates. Val’s day is a day to show extra love because for me for every day we spend on earth is a new opportunity to show love to everyone we truly care for.

  • Nnamani chisom linda

    Waw..interesting story ma …Val’s day is really a day of love we need to show love to receive love on such dayz. Buh its seriously not funny when u HV no one to share such special day wid well in the case of Tonia ah beliv she still feels sumtin after seeing James ah tink James is trying his best at getting her back wid sum tactics…

  • Ochei Anthony mkpulumma

    To me this story centers on desperate singles. But try to avoid doing things out of frustration because you saw your mates doing so.

  • Obi Chisom Vanessa

    A very common situation amongst ladies especially during their youth, and I wouldn’t really blame Tonia for going so extra because around the season of Valentine girls start bragging among themselves on what they would be doing and where they would be at that time.

  • Mbam Patrick chinonyelum.

    I absolutely and totally disagree with Tonia. Val’s day is mainly for rendering help to the less privileged. Tonia is quite a confused being who gets worried over nothing. Even if Valentine’s Day is not set out particularly to show love to the less privileged, youths of this century should be aware of God’s wrath, so as to minimize the way they practise immorality.

  • Ibekwe Vincent c.

    After Val’s day, love continues. It is not limited to Valentine day and also we are expected to extend our gift to people we are better than.

  • Godwin Grace Chinyere

    Wow!!! Love comes but in different ways! Most times we ignore the person holding that happiness we’ve been looking for and keep looking somewhere else. I just love the pursuit of Brother James, and I also like the terms he used! Thank you ma for this story, it got me smiling.

  • Ikechebelu Ginika

    As for Tonia, that a guy is jim-jim brother does not mean that he can’t show you 100% love ?

  • Ugwuja Deborah Tochukwu

    Valentine’s Day isn’t just about dates! Its also about showing love. Tonia’s desperation for a lover was highly incited by her inability to get a date for val’s day. James should try his possible best to reunite with Tonia. I feel that Tonia is indecisive, that she’s not so sure about what she wants.

  • Chukwuma Emenike Wilfred

    The story of Valentine depicts love. So it was not really necessary for Tonia to have been worried and depressed about her own special Val friend when she could care for those that really need her love (the underprivileged). Thanks, ma, the story is really interesting.

  • Nwannah Juliana ngozi

    James ND tonia would make a wonderful couple. Well young people especially ladies tend to think that if we are not dating or have a guy to go out with on Valentine’s Day then you are lonely but it’s not so. Tonia Sounds desperate ND it’s wrong. Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to everyone around you .we should try not to get desperate ND paranoid cuz our mate have something we don’t.. God bless you many

  • Ellanora

    All fingers are not equal,try loving your self cause the worst mistake one can make is looking at what others does. Things happen at it own pace. Tonia needs someone to love her but was scared to show her feeling even when James showed up again and for James he should unite with her since the love is still there

  • Epuechi Chinwendu Almira

    Valentine’s day is a day to show love to everyone around you especially the less privileged because they haven’t felt loved. It is also a day to love yourself and not only for couples; you don’t always need a partner to love yourself and feel special. I hope things work out between her and Brother James though but if it doesn’t she should pray to God about it and love herself and not compare herself to others

  • Theophilus Blessing

    I am almost speechless, well, atleast she got someone by her side on the deal day after the tears, so thanks to God.

  • Ukpai-uma Lucy

    I’m still on suspense here. Please what happened next? Well Tonia. Maybe she was just assuming her time is passing and probably not measuring up with her mates. Anything for Val’s day. They are important. Yeah the less privileged and not only that, If need be, help everyday.

  • Brown Favour Felix

    In my own opinion, I think val day is meant for everyone, be it less privilege, needed or physically challenges people. I have heard a lot of stories about father val, I just realized that his dying was not for a woman that he loved, but for the people He loved, which fore mentioned people are inclusive.

    Yes, bro James was really doing the right thing, by trying to unit back to the woman he loves so much, as he told her in the orphanage home, that he has being waiting for opportunity like this. So love linkers on irrespective of the time and resources waisted. true love can’t never die. So I will gladly do what he did

    For Tonia, she was just being a woman. Women get worry unnecessarily concerning the issue of being in a serious relationship and not, especially when their friends are there before them. mothers get worry for their children too when they reach the stage of marrying and no man docks on the door. So Tonia feeling was just the matter of nature and I love this part of her life.

    The only thing I may dislike about her nature is trying to have wrong perspective about those who are committed to things of God as the detriment of not doing well academically and in area part of life. The Bible says, except God build a house the builder is just building in vain. It also says what will profit a man if he gains the whole world and losses his soul.

    So we trying to be committed to the things of God should not be seen as the criteria to failure rather success.

    Because God is the source to our success as Christian and never our ‘too know or too study’ for it not of him that runneth nor of him that wineth , but it God who showed mercy

    Thanks mma, I am grateful.

  • Nwosu Victoria

    first, vals day is about showing love to everyone and anyone. less privileged, privileged, family and friends. it is about showing love however you can to anyone. it is, however, preferable to show love to the less privileged and the motherless children because, obviously, they need it the most.
    As for Tonia, love is starring at her right in the face but she chooses to be blind to it. she admitted James was now a changed guy, more mature and all that. if truly he is now changed? then why the whole hard-to-get thing?? instead of crying and being so desperate, being with James won’t have been a bad idea. thank you for this piece ma’am

  • Valentine is all about showing love to the less privileged and loved ones. Tonia idealogy about valentine day was wrong. I love the fact that Tonia have a giving heart and helps the needy. Tonia should give James a second chance , since he is already a changed guy he might be the long awaited love she has been waiting for. Thank you for this motivational story.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Extending love to the less privileged can be done at any day/time including on Val’s Day.
    So I disagree with Tonia’s assertion.

    However, I think Brother James sincerely love Tonia. If I were him, I’d leverage this opportunity to rekindle what we had.

    Meanwhile, Anty Tonia’s desperation is way too obvious that the blind can see it. lol.
    I think she should deal with indecisiveness and stop forming too hard to get as well.

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    This story is very lovely. At the begging Tonia felt so lonely and unfortunate too because it was Val’s day and she had no one to hang out with because she was not in any serious relationship, it was then that the thought of visiting the motherless baby home came, it wasn’t very fantastic to her like going out on a date but she later accepted and went. God has a way of blessing someone, just there on the road James showed up and this added spices to her visiting to the less privileged and also brought some other fantastic moment, making her to ask her self a question could James be the love I have been waiting for. My answer to that would be yes.

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    I totally disagree with Tonia’s assertion, that val’s day is not the day for showing love to the less privileged. Vals day is a day we show love to our loved ones, less privileged and also show love to people in need,but we have termed it as the day meant for lovers only, in order to suit our sinful nature. Tonia is a good person, it just that she seems too desperate for a husband. For James I think he should make the move, so far they both have feelings for each other.

  • Ugwuanyi Collette Mmesoma

    Wow! This story is just too interesting. I don’t blame Tonia for how she felt, it can be depressing and discouraging when your friends are in serious relationship while u are not. I am glad she later found someone to celebrate Val’s day with.

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    The story tells much about me but it however rekindles in me the hope of finding love someday. Have always felt left alone during valentines day and it has made me a kind of introvert,the feeling of not having someone to call your date on Val’s day is actually frustrating especially when all your friends are talking about how wonderful their Val’s day is gonna be. My Val’s day last year was also spent in a motherless babies home but with some classmates. Val’s day is a day to show extra love because for me for every day we spend on earth is a new opportunity to show love to everyone we truly care for.

  • Janefrances Nwaduche

    Lol.. Tonia is really a character! Notwithstanding, I like her because she is kind and easygoing; jeez and her thoughts is something else. I hope James will pop the question, one day. He is a nice young man and God fearing too. What else could Tonia be looking for in a man?

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Wow! Really nice. I understand Tonia’s feeling cause I’ve also felt it before. But truly God will always not allow his children to remain forlorn. James or brother James rather, is God’s will for Tonia and his not going for service with his mates or their coincidental meeting while she was heading for the orphanage was divinely arrange.

  • Ekwekwu Onyinye Frances

    Val’s day is a time to show love t people around you, not just your loved ones, the less privileged mostly are the ones in need if the love, as this is a way of telling them they are not alone.
    Tonai has a good character, as she portrayed in going to see the less privileged and not making it known. Brother James could be “the one” but time would tell.

  • Gabriel Chinasa

    Val’s day isn’t meant for couples alone its also a day we’re to show love to the less privileged

  • Ugwu Amarachi Matilda

    Val’s day is not only meant for lover’s but to all our loved ones, it is act of showing people love, the needy, the less privileged and the people around us. So I totally disagree with Tonia on her assertion that it is only meant for lovers. And yes, if I were to be James I would reunite with Tonia, seems she still have feelings for her.


    Val’s day celebration is not all about spending it with a fiancé, it encompasses sharing love with all and sundry and most especially celebrating with the less privileged.

  • Okere Jovita

    Spending valentines day with the less privilege is not a bad idea
    Valentines is a day to show love to your loved ones not only to your lover
    Is a day to make the ones you love feel special…
    So she did the right thing by going to the motherless babies home
    I also thing that James is exactly what she is seeking for….sign of love

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    I disagree with Tonia in as much that there is no particular date to show love but since Val’s day has been named out to celebrate love in a special way, why not celebrate with those that have no one to celebrate with them. I think James sincerely loves Tonia so he should do well to rekindle there love but Tonia’s desperation is too obvious give love a chance and it will come in its own time.

  • Okafor chidinma Josephine

    For me val’s day is all about showing love to everyone,people around this life don’t compare yourself to other people’s life.


    Girls can even roll themselves in dirt,starve themselves and feel depressed when they are heartbroken because of love ..some ladies imagine a lot about how their future husband would be like (over-hyped ) with out knowing that the love they are looking for is their close door neighbor…and he had been around all this while without you knowing. If Tonia is ready for marriage, I suggest she give James a chance.

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    Mostly Val’s day is just showing love to those within your reach, Which can be one or two persons depending. It must not be with a guy. But I ‘d say the only reason she felt that way was because her friends were engaged with guys and she was the only exception, which for me is normal for her to feel that way.

  • Joyce Jonathan

    Sometimes most precious gifts comes in unexpected ways,who knows brother James might really be the vals gift she wants and God has something in store for them.

  • Ebuka vincent

    Tonia and James has been destined to end up together, God just divinely arranged everything, their meeting before Val’s day, on Val’s day;was to bring them back together.

  • Thomas Rebecca Ina

    Awww, Tonia is really an emotional person, I think she’s a strong lady and it wouldn’t be absolutely wrong if they came back together. I mean, it’s obvious she’s happy with him snnce he has already over grown the only reason why they broke up in the first place so why not?

    • Chukwunodebem Madukaife

      I totally disagree with Tonia. Yes Val’s day is all about showing love but what greater love is there then to show God your love for him by helping the less-priviledged. She forgot so soon that that too counts on the day of judgement.

  • Joy Morgan

    This story just describes exactly how we girls are on val’s day and we don’t have a guy to celebrate it with.Its obvious Tonia and James still have a thing for each other. I found their harmless banter quite funny.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Lol, thank God Tonia didn’t waste her day, at least helping the orphans was a worthwhile thing.

  • Eze Chioma Uzoamaka

    With Valentine just around the corner, I totally understand Tonia’s point. However, I always maintain that you should wait for God’s timing and not base your life on everyone else’s. Such depressive state could lead one to make some silly decisions that will later be regretted. Valentine’s Day is a day to show love in any form it comes; platonic, romantic.. you needn’t be bothered you’re not spending it with your better half.

  • Chukwukanne chinecherem winner

    No…I disagree with Tonia, Valentine is a day of showing love to everyone especially the less privileged because many of them haven’t felt loved. And I will advise her to pray to God because who knows James may be her true love after all. She may just have to give him a chance and she should not be too desperate because God has plan for everyone.


    Please this story has to be completed ooo!
    Tonia is a nice girl but her inability to stand with her decision is quite alarming, she should grow up and take responsibility for her decisions… besides i like her sense of fashion

  • Ugwuanyi Charity

    Showing love on Val’s day is not limited. Infact that is the day we should show the less privileged how much we care about them and how much God loves them.

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    I really could picture the while scene… Sometimes what we seek far away could be right in front of us though. But, biko, Tonia, anybody could be shown love on Val’s day?

    • Udeh uchechi joann

      I don’t agree with Tonia, valentine is a day to show love to people , And always distance urself from things that will pressure you .

  • Ubabunike David Ogochukwu

    Valentines day means showing love to the people you love, it doesn’t really have to be to less privileged but there are blessings for that too, spending time with your family your love ones, exchanging gifts, thats what valentines day is all about not about dates

  • Otum Chiamaka Victory

    1. I didn’t like it when tonia was comparing herself with her classmates and friends.Comparing yourself with others can only make you not to see and appreciate the blessings in your life. As individuals, we should understand that our timing is different from God’s timing so, we should patiently wait on God.
    2. Tonia is quite an interesting lady, she knows what she want but she is just somewhat uncertain.

  • David Ezinne

    The truth remains that the two parties involved (especially Tonia) do not want to come to terms with the truth, that truth being that they still love each other.

  • Anayo chinonyelum Cynthia

    Youths of nowadays and their definition of Val’s day ,Valentine’s day is a day to show love to people not only boyfriends and girlfriends.

  • Adinde chidera Daniel

    It portrays Tonia’s feelings of anxiety and loneliness as Valentine’s Day approaches, highlighting her struggle to find meaning and purpose in the midst of societal expectations. It tells the story of Tonia, who reconnects with James, a guy she had previously dated. They spend time together on Valentine’s Day, sparking hope for a potential relationship.

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