I first posted this poem on Facebook in February 2015 amidst the fears surrounding the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. And today, as our country turns 57, I want to use this enlarged version to wish my compatriots a happy but thoughtful independence celebration. I also implore our friends around the world to join me to pray for Nigeria. Glory to God!

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For Nigeria, I pray

For Nigeria, I pray for peace
I pray that hate and strife be quelled
I pray that threats of war be stilled
For Nigeria, I pray for peace

For Nigeria, I pray for truth
I pray that our leaders will do their work
I pray that the followers will cease to mock
For Nigeria, I pray for truth

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For Nigeria, I pray for justice
I pray that evildoers be punished
I pray that oppression be vanquished
For Nigeria, I pray for justice

For Nigeria, I pray for hope
I pray that a better tomorrow will come
I pray that we see our economy blossom
For Nigeria, I pray for hope

For Nigeria, I pray and pray
We stay united, proud and strong
We prove the doomsday prophets wrong
For Nigeria, I pray and pray

Amen!!! In Jesus’ name.

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For Nigeria, I pray for peace, justice and the fear of God to pervade her land. Click To Tweet

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

145 thoughts on “FOR NIGERIA, I PRAY (POEM)

  1. Seriously, Nigeria needs God’s presence in every sector… With the present set of leaders, all the poor masses get are their (leaders) preposterous utterances which are not in any way helping matters.
    The setting of this country make the masses to look schizophrenic…
    seriously MA, this is a good post and at the right time
    May God help us and see us through in Jesus Name

  2. With all the sense organs of mine, I love this poem. For Nigeria, I pray for Peace, Truth, Justice and HOPE!!! Yes HOPE. Shakespeare cannot be any better. I really love it!

  3. Indeed we need to pray for this country. So much is going wrong which need to be salvaged. Hopefully, the leaders will learn that someday they’ll no longer be there to do business as usual. Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing. Hopefully, Nigeria will change.

    • That is my heart cry. And may God raise up intercessors for Nigeria across the length and breadth of this nation. He is still a prayer-answering God.

  4. truely!!! brood of vipers. As Christians,we will always say there is lifting when they say there is casting down, because God has our back. God will always see Nigerians through and I pray Nigeria will turn out to be a better place one day


  6. truly we need to pray for Nigeria, i love that line that says thus “i pray that followers will cease to mock” we the followers should not always condemn our leaders or nation rather we should pray that our leaders have the divine wisdom to take us to the promise land. this is really a wonderful piece, kudos ma.

  7. we will always pray for our dear country. we do not have any other place to call our own. love, unity and peace all the way forward. pray that God heals our land. as Christians, its our duty and role to stand in the gap on behalf of our country.

  8. Amen! And I pray that every word articulated in this poem would come to pass in no distant time. May God bless and protect us all from the troubles of this world.

  9. ForNigeria I pray we care for ourselves.
    For Nigeria I pray we stop discrimination.
    For Nigeria I pray we stop nepotism and God fatherism.
    Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Thanks ma for the wonderful prayers

  10. I pray that our prayers be answered.
    Nigeria our country needs it bad, and if d leaders should emulate praying and working am sure Nigeria will be better

  11. Nigeria my country, my home sweet home. There’s no place like home. Lord please we need answers to these prayers. Thank you Ma for this prayer

  12. For Nigeria I pray, I pray for God’s blessings, favour, unending mercy to see us all through.
    Indeed Nigeria is a great nation & it takes only the strong to survive; many people prophesy too many negativities on this country; politicians have made promises, with nothing to show for it; many of them have looted our economy, drenched our resources only to enrich themselves and family in Nigeria & abroad, many of them have secured properties abroad, lands in Nigeria with nobody living there; and houses with a different name written on the certificate of ownership. Many prophets have prophesied bad things upon this nation; nevertheless we will never give up, we will keep pushing and will never stop. This nation is great, Nigeria is great. I believe.

  13. Nigeria is great; Nigeria is a land blessed with so many minerals/natural resources. Notwithstanding several prophecies and curses laid upon this land, we shall survive, from all the evil deeds of her leaders, we shall survive, from all the plans and negativities conducted on this land, we shall survive. Billions and millions have been embezzled and taken abroad, many have been taken from her treasury unaccounted for, financial crime commissions have fought and are still fighting all to no avail. An average youth in the street can’t even boast of a job even with all the qualifications; degrees and masters from institutions of higher learning. Nigeria is great, i believe, Notwithstanding several prophecies and curses laid upon this land, we shall survive.

  14. AMEN. i also pray for diversification of economy and employment opportunities. may Nigeria remain great and may justice reign in Jesus name

  15. Amen I pray same prayer for Nigeria
    Nigeria is a country God loves and I believe He will hear us… We also need to put it into practice as well for God to know that we have done our own part.

  16. i have nothing else to say Aunty Edith, you have said it all. all i would say is Amen! Amen! and Amen! God bless Nigeria.

  17. Amen! i believe Nigeria will be better someday-not perfect as we all expect but better than it is now. it will indeed blossom.

  18. prayer is something that we the citizens of Nigeria need in all the activities going on in the country it is only prayer that still unites us even with all the confusion. god has his plans for us we just need to a little patient with him.

  19. Amen and Amen to this wonderful prayer…..Nigeria really need peace,too much of blood shed,innocent live wasting everyday,people suffering everyday,war upon war,corruption from both the government to down to citizens,hunger is now our second name…..O lord I pray you listen to our prayer and come to our aid…..

  20. This is wonderful Ma, this is the type if prayer all Nigerians should keep on praying for the betterment of the country because prayer will always be the key

  21. Countless Amen to ur prayer ma…Nigeria truly needs to be a place of peace, love, joy and harmony and not a place where disunity, choas, violence is thriving,, bless u ma

  22. Nigeria is my country and I’ll always pray for her well-being. May the God of light shine his light on all sectors of my homeland, Nigeria. Amen

  23. Nigeria is my heritage from God and I so much cherish and love my country, I pray that God will appoint our leaders by himself, those that will offer selfless services to the country and help in uplifting the economy.

  24. Nice one ma, people keep on saying Nigeria is doomed forever, but on seeing this poem, there was an excitement within me, that there are still people praying and hoping for the betterment of our country. And I decree that the prayer of the faithful shall never be neglected. In Jesus name! Nigeria shall rise again..

  25. If u asked me about the future of Nigeria before this poem I would have said Nigeria is doomed to never rise again but after this poem…I see there is need to pray and dedicate this country to God because with God everything is possible

  26. on a more concerned not, our country need prayer, we should make that as a daily affair in praying for our country, pray for religious leaders and against corrupt leaders ,enough shedding of innocent blood. This country would be a better place if only we would stand up and pray for it irrespective of our religious views be you a christian or Muslim.


  28. I pray that God listens to your prayer for our dear country. i also pray that indeed the citizens will not sit by and mock while the government do very little for the masses. i pray that one day the challenges before Nigeria will lead to her recognition globally. that peace will reign and that crisis and ethnic strife will be a thing of the past. this i pray in jesus name, amen.

  29. I echo a loud amen to that prayer, Ma. i pray that indeed justice will be part of our values as a nation. that we might begin to take each other as brother and shun anything that wants to break us apart. i pray that truth be told and that we will learn accountability and the essence of telling the truth to ourselves and people connected to us. and also we plead for peace that bloodshed will be a thing of the past and that Nigerians can sleep at night with both eyes closed.

  30. Prayer they say is the master key. We have prayed, we pray and we will keep praying for Nigeria. It might take a gradual process but I believe that one day, our prayers won’t be in vain. Prayer has been sustaining us in this country and I know that the God who answers prayer will never desert us. Amen!!

  31. For Nigeria i pray that there will arise people who are interested in pushing the nation forward and ushering in an era of growth and development. i also pray that we will be blessed with leaders who are interested in public affairs and not in propagating one agenda or the other for their family members. God help us in this country so we will not all run away to other pleasant lands.

  32. Through subsequent prayers dry bones shall live again…I trust that Nigeria could be better if we join hands nd cater for one another stop corruption and elect leaders with the potentials we need.

  33. Nigeria will not be the refuse dump others refer to her as, our light will shine brighter than ever, better things are in store for our great nation. We’re not giving up on our country. It’s ours to handle and love.

    God bless Nigeria!

  34. A very loud amen to to this prayer. I pray Nigeria becomes better, produced good leaders that will put the interests of the people first. I pray corruption is reduced and tackled. I pray for justice to prevail in all circumstances and for everyone. Thank you for this poem.

  35. We pray that things get better in this country. We pray for Nigeria to become strong again, that our leaders become incurruptible. We pray that job employment be created for our ever growing youth in the country. We pray that God help us all.

  36. I’m touched by your poem ma’am. I’ll join you. I’ll join you to pray for Nigeria, her leaders, her followers, her economy, her justice, her land, her peace. I’ll join you to pray and pray. It’s a lovely poem aunty. May God bless Nigeria. Amen

  37. A big amen to this prayer.Nigeria is my country and I will continue to pray for the love, peace and development of this country. It an interesting work. God bless you ma.

  38. Our dear Homeland shall be well. We shall see rest again. War shall be averted. And so we will reap the fruits of our land

  39. Amen to that prayer. We hope, we trust in God to bring eternal peace in our land. A peace that wealth cannot give us. I wish Nigerian a united stay. A state of many nations, I wish you eternal peace.

  40. I pray for peace, unity, a strong and blossoming economy, and good leaders in Nigeria. Lastly, I pray that our country Nigeria , will rise and become great again.

  41. Amen! For Nigeria I pray for love. Love will see that all our prayers are answered. For Nigeria I pray for the enthronement of the rule of law against state of anarchy.

  42. Only God can transform Nigeria.
    I pray and looking forward to seeing a better Nigeria one day one time. Amen.

  43. I so love this poem. Its heart breaking, this country of ours . this country of ours that is on a fast track to destruction. Our so-called leaders only seek to lead their bank accounts. We all pray for Nigeria because it’s only prayers that can save her now. We all want a peaceful and great Nigeria but we also need to do our parts as Nigerians. Thank you, ma, for the encouragement.

  44. We really do need the prayers and God’s intervention in this country because of the corruption, especially among the leaders. We need God to grant them the wisdom to govern this great country.

  45. I just reechoed a reverberating AMEN to the supplication above, ma.
    It gladdens my heart when i come across citizens with goodwill for Nigeria.

  46. It’s a good thing that nice people like you remember to pray for Nigeria because the truth is that the country and her citizens are really in distress. At least this poem will inspire people to constantly pray for nigeria,to pray that God heals her of terrible leaders and suffering economy. I believe there’s still hope for Nigeria. Good job ma

  47. I pray for love.I pray for peace.I pray for transformation. I pray for unity and for a blossoming economy.I pray for good leaders.I pray that war shall be averted.I pray that God helps us through these tough times and towards the forthcoming general elections.The sleeping giant must rise in Jesus name.Thank you aunty Edith.

  48. this should be the prayer of every nigerian now because this country needs it .i pray for peace and the spirit of oneness for this country in Jesus name

  49. I pray for a Nigeria where the legal system, the educational system, the political system and the economic system will be restructured, amen.

  50. Amen. This is the kind of prayer Nigeria need today. We pray for peace and harmony and may all the evildoers punished and may justice reign, also may our land be fruitful.

  51. This poem should be on every citizen’s mouth. Not just chanting but actually praying the prayers. I actually see the poem as good prayer points for every citizen. So to people that don’t know how or what to pray for Nigeria. Here is a great guideline

  52. Prayer is one the thing a country cannot do without….with it a country can attain greaater heights

  53. Amen to these prayers. I pray for peace and harmony in our country; for oneness; for truth; for justice that evil doers and corrupt leaders be punished. I pray we see the great days we pray for. Nigeria is in God’s hands. Amen.

  54. What a nice one ma,we all should pray for our country Nigeria,for peace and harmony to reign.In a country filled with corruption,confusion,and tribalism as the order of the day.It is only God that can save us.

  55. United we stand, divided we fall, I pray for God’s grace to be bestowed upon we the residents of such residence, to maintain peaceful co existence amongst ourselves.

  56. This is the imagery that comes to my mind when I think of Nigeria these days… It’s a country on the path of self-destruction but seems to be unaware of the damage it is doing to itself.
    I pray for God’s grace in Nigeria, for wise and knowledgeable leaders, I pray against political thuggery and violence
    Let peace and unity be our watchword…Amen

  57. All this country (Nigeria) needs is Prayer, If our leaders can be God Fearing and willing to serve and the people are willing to obey and not mock their leaders, because leadership isn’t an easy task. A better Nigeria. I pray

  58. As we know Nigeria is blessed with good climate, abundant natural resources but are not blessed with good and able leaders,someday I pray they will take Nigeria as private workers take their businesses,nice one aunty Edith

  59. For Nigeria I pray that all your prayers be answered, we need a better Nigeria for the younger generations.

  60. Our country seems to look like what can never be changed from its bad situation to good. But since the heart of a king lies in the hand of the Lord, indeed and in truth l forsee a great change through a warm and heart touching prayer which will help foster a good philosophical country where the opium of the masses will gear towards egalitarianism

  61. Many Nigerians say nothing good about the nation than to curse her. Let us always pray for a better Nigeria and also help in making it better in our own little way.

  62. Amen. I pray for our leaders that God would give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding of which He rendered to Solomon so as to lead this country Nigeria, to avoid more chaos and for the well-being of our country Nigeria.

  63. Nigeria is a nation loved by God but He says, “If my people shall humble themselves and come onto me… I will answer them and also heal their land”.

  64. Nigerians need prayers more in this year because everything is going wrong in every sense of the word.

  65. For sure we have to petition God for this nation. So much is turning out badly which should be rescued. Ideally, our leaders will know that God exist. Ideally, they’ll make the best decision. Ideally, Nigeria will change

  66. Truly, Nigeria needs God-fearing leaders. With the present arrangement of leaders, all the poor masses are bound to suffer.
    The setting of this nation make the majority to look schizophrenic… genuinely MA, this is a decent post and at the ideal time May God encourage us and see us through in Jesus Name AMEN

  67. Amen! May the sovereign hand of the lord cause this nation to experience great changes that will last. Amen! Also, let us do our part by electing men filled with the fear of the lord, so that the people will rejoice (prov. 29:2)

  68. Nigeria is a country blessed by God……. prayer is the key to every situation. Nigerians should learn to pray, to see the positive side in Nigeria…… An optimistic mind is a fulfilled mind so, a positive Nigeria is a fulfilled Nigeria .

  69. Nigeria is a better place to live,God has blessed us with mineral resources and good weather all we need is love for one another irrespective of your religion, tribe or personal interest and other countries of world will come and seek advise from us.I LOVE NIGERI

  70. Honestly, Nigeria needs our prayers and God’s intervention, so much is going in every sector of the country. The killing, the insecurity and so on. running away won’t solve the problem, since the situation has swept us off our feet, I believe is time we go on our knees. So for Nigeria I pray for PEACE. Amen.

  71. I love this poem, ma. I join you to pray for peace,truth and justice in this country. I think that is what Nigeria needs most now. Nigeria is a country blessed with mineral resources by God. But looking at how things are going now, its as if things are turning upside down. We really need to pray for this country seriously, hoping and believing for things to turn better.

  72. Honestly, Nigeria needs our prayers and God’s intervention. So much is going on in every sector of the country. The killings, the insecurity and so on. Running away won’t solve the problem. Since the situation has swept us off our feet, I believe is time we go on our knees. So for Nigeria I pray for PEACE. Amen.

  73. Prayers? Well, churches, mosques, even traditionalist have been praying for a better Nigeria but it’s getting worse by the day. But, I suggest we all stand and fight for our unity and peace. Nice poem ma, hope God hears you.

  74. True, the level of prophesy that is said by doomsday prophet is so alarming but just like you said prayer can avert all negativity about our nation.

  75. I believe in prayer, but one thing that annoys me with Nigerians is that it’s all we do. An instance is the tanker that exploded on a Lagos bridge some weeks ago. After that explosion,some will tweet out a prayer, post a video on Facebook with a prayer caption, some churches will observe a moment of silence, my Rev. Father will say “for the souls of the faithful departed…”, the ones that passed the bridge a few minutes before it exploded will have thanksgiving in church with big smiles (forgetting that some who were related to people not as lucky are probably in the crowd and are close to tears/already crying). When we pray, we should back it with ACTION. God works through humans. He will not stretch out his hands and arrange things. We pray for Nigeria’s economy while importing goods from abroad. Is it the angels that will buy Nigerian products?. We throw rubbish on the floor, and complain about how dirty the streets are. Will God will send spiritual cleaners to clean it up?. We watch injustice happen to our neighbours and turn a blind eye, then pray afterwards for God to protect our families from injustice. Most of our leaders are crap but we also contribute heavily to our misfortunes. IF WE DON’T TAKE ACTIONS TO STOP THE EVIL IN NIGERIA, IT’LL BE ANOTHER PERSON’S TURN TO CRY WHILE A TESTIMONY OF SURVIVAL IS GIVEN IN CHURCH. THEN A PRAYER WILL BE SAID FOR THE UNFORTUNATE ONES AND EVERYONE WILL MOVE ON. PRAYING THEY WON’T BE THE NEXT VICTIM.

    • Powerful. I totally agree. Prayer alone isn’t what God expects from us. Right and timely actions matter a lot too.

  76. Really touching piece, Nigeria really needs a change. Our country is dying by the minute so this poem comes at a time when different prayers are being offered on this same scenario which is peace and unity. Great poem. Very easy to understand.

  77. O great Nigeria, great giant of Africa. God has smiled and made it possible for all the living to acknowledge this day.Greater things we ask and pray for our country, Lord!

  78. Nigeria really needs prayers.. I’m sure God inspired you to write this poem, it is really awesome.

  79. Amen I pray that this lovely poem and prayer of yours be a reality. Our country is falling and is needed to be saved from all these tribulations.

  80. For Nigeria, I pray for good leaders, I pray also for a better tomorrow. for my country Nigeria I pray for peace, unity and a corruption free Nigeria.

  81. Being patriotic is a virtue. We should always love and pray for our dear Country no matter what. Nigeria is the only nation we can truly call our own.

  82. In our country Nigeria,we pray for God’s favour and mercy.I pray and believe that our prayers will be answered for a better Nigeria and peaceful nation.

  83. Amen and amen ma.
    I equally pray God helps us see Nigeria in a better way, stop pointing accusing fingers, and do away with condemnation.
    Nigeria will sure get better.

  84. Nigeria need prayer today more ever, we must first plead for forgiveness of our own sins of omission. It is the sins of the priests and the sins of the leaders that finally bring a nation down. Top of the list is the sin of prayerlessness and lack of intercession for the peace and will of God in our land.

  85. The best thing for us to do as good citizens of our country, Nigeria is to put our minds together and pray for a better Nigeria instead of pointing accusing fingers on our leaders, with prayers God can intervene for us. The earlier we realize this the better for us.

    Nigeria is land filled with milk and honey therefore we shall have peace justice and the fear of God
    For Nigeria to move forward we need God and good leaders Nigeria will flourish again whether the bad leaders like it or not AMEN

  87. Despite the fact that Nigeria is a religious country, our leaders and politicians still put the country in a mess. I will always pray for Nigeria my country, because I have no other country except Nigeria. Of a truth for Nigeria, I pray.

  88. I pray that the grace of God be upon this nation Nigeria for without God we can do nothing. May God’s mercy and abundant grace be upon the citizens of this country. for the plans He has for us is for good and not of bad.

  89. What a beautiful poem. There is nothing prayer can’t do, only if we have faith and be diligent in all we do. All hopes are not lost. Prayer plus diligence and unity is the way forward.

  90. Admist travails and crisis in the country, there is nothing prayer cannot solve. I look forward to the day, northerners can go to church and return to their houses alive.. Look forward to the the day project moneys would be used for the initial target and not to warm some officials’ bank account,i look forward to the day police officers wouldn’t hold a car owner on the road despite having all his/her papers !

  91. Thank you ma for this wonderful piece. I pray that this supplication be answered. Nigeria is a great country blessed with a lot of natural resources that many greater countries of the world don’t have but today, little or nothing has been achieved and I pray God touch our leaders and change their mindset about leadership… God bless Nigeria.

  92. I love this poem ma, I pray for Nigeria all what is prayed in the poem. Its not too late for our dear country to move from bad to best.

  93. …for everything worketh for good. If things turn out good today, we bless God; if not, we will still praise him.

  94. May God give wisdom and understanding to our political leaders to govern our country in the proper order. Nigeria is a country God has blessed. I pray that let His will be done in this country.

  95. Prayer without work is vain, we all pray good for our country but the question is, how well do we work to actualize it?.

  96. Thank you for this great poem. I pray that God manifest the good things he has for this country and also give us good government and enlighten citizens who believe in this country and will stand up against the government when they are wrong.

  97. I know one day Nigeria will be a better place to boast of. God should give us a leader that will turn this country around and make it to rise again so all the hardships and sufferings in this country will end. I know our prayers, will be answered one day. Thank you ma for this inspirational post.

  98. I don’t know why I’m particular about the poems that are for Nigeria… Nigeria is a blessed country,that’s the only reason why we are still standing, all we can do now is to keep praying that God takes us out of the hands of the oppressors we call leaders.

  99. The situation of thing now in Nigeria really needs our prayers. so many things are going wrong in every sector of the country. so for Nigeria i pray for peace and good leaders

  100. The situation in Nigeria really needs our prayer. so many wrongs is going on in different aspects of the Nigeria. so for Nigeria I pray for peace.

  101. For Nigeria I pray for peace and unity and may God rescue us from the hands of our selfish leaders and may Nigeria be Blessed. “Oh God of all creation grant us our request in Jesus name”

  102. Nigeria! Giant of Africa! Yes…Our tomorrow must be greater than today…For Nigeria we pray for unity, peace and progress in Jesus name, Amen.

  103. Nice poem MA, I pray that good governance should emerge. May God enthrone someone that will lead us with the fear of God.

    Your good works shall never be forgotten, Ma!

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